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Here's link to chapter 51
Chapter 51

                                                   Pratigya came out of the bathroom , drying her hair, wearing a simple salwaar ... her eyes were bloodshot n puffy with lack of sleep n incessant crying... she hung the towel on an adjacent rope, glaring in dislike at the mangalsutra on the floor n gasped as she looked at the mirror... There was a note stuck on was a typed n printed note... She crossed the room in tentative steps n took it with trembling hands...

                                 'he threw u out of his room in just a matter of secs... ... looks like u love ur body more than the life of ur mother... so we think we will begin with one dosage of drug per day for ur unfortunate mother... get him interested in u quickly ... u have 2 days , staring from today... if u fail , the dosage will be increased to 2... PS : wear ur mangal sutra ...n put on some sindoor... u r a wife now! Although we know what u r exactly, but that's our secret, right?...n ur behavior to the rest of the people in the house must not include talking to them, for whatever reason , that is if u want ur mother alive...  the warning won't be repeated...'

                                                  She looked around , horrified , clutching at the note... she ran towards the door, which was half opened n looked along the corridor, for any sign of anyone... no one was there ...shock n fear choked her... oh no! her mother ! ... she felt like fainting again...she had no phone means to talk to her mother!... n this note?! She looked at it , panic filing her ... there was someone here to monitor her every move... it must be them who put this over the mirror... but who? ... she started as she felt a hand on her shoulder ...she looked around clutching n hiding the note behind her to see sumitra ...relief spread through her as her eyes brimmed instantly ... I...who...' she stammered ... how r u now?' sumitra asked , caressing her shoulder... fine... I am fine... Pratigya said , clutching at sumitra's hand along her shoulder with her free hand... Sumitra smiled at her ... Pratigya began  thank u so much ...thank u for...'  but stopped short as she heard ma sahib who came at the other end of the corridor n ordered for rakesh ... rakesh ...! Hurry up! Krishna will be leaving for mumbai in about 3 hrs... arrange his breakfast n send a maid up...' Pratigya blanched ... what? He is leaving in 3 hrs...! she gulped in panic... the note said she had 2 days to keep her mother alive !!!... no! ...he must not leave ... she must do something...she should not let him go!...! Oh what was she thinking ?  revulsion seeped inside her at herself... She looked at sumitra , her face horrified as sumitra looked at her in confusion ...

                                                          Pratigya blinked back her tears as she said again thank u so much for last night sorry... just... Slipped from my mouth...auntiji..' She stuttered , reeling in confusion at why she called the woman as ma although she felt nothing wrong in it...  sumitra smiled at her again ...'its...ok dear... U can call me ma...' She didn't know why she was saying like that to this girl ... Pratigya found herself relaxing when she saw the old woman smile... my name is sumitra...u r Pratigya. Right? said sumitra , her eyes caring ...'yes, maji...   Pratigya said, trying to keep her voice normal although she was feeling faintly with tension... sumitra , noticing this , asked do u want something ? did u eat?' ...'no!   nothing ... er... maji...' Pratigya stammered , her head feeling heavy at the thought of how much less time she had ruin her life ... to let that devil use her for his pleasure... to save her mother... ! what is it?' sumitra asked , concerned ...Pratigya looked around to see many maids n servants walking around the corridor , their eyes on her...oh no! what if anyone of them was the informer !!! what if they see her talking with this woman ... no! ... nothing...' Repeated Pratigya turning n going inside her room , closing the door n leaning against it, tears running down her eyes as she panted ...she mashed the piece of paper in her hand, feeling helpless... she must do something or else they will torture her mother!!!...  her eyes fell on her suitcase ... slowly, hating herself , she approached it n opened it with shaking hands ... she took out a saree from it, her face contorted in disgust n self loathing as she started to undress in front of the mirror, never looking at it... she didn't know how to wear a saree but managed, recalling how sumitra had helped her that day... She put the drape over her chest in one layer , after trying to get it arranged neatly n failing ... Her eyes remained vacant through out , feeling like a common wh**e , the pain in her chest intensifying ... She could also feel her head getting heavier as she hadn't eaten anything since last night... but she gritted her teeth , forcing her mother's face to occupy her mind... She walked towards the corner to retrieve the mangal sutra n put it on , feeling nothing ... now she needed sindoor, she mused like a robot, her feet guiding her towards the door...


                                                                      Sumitra who had looked confused at the way pratigya went to her room n closed the door, went to her room... she was feeling bad for the girl , an unexplainable warm feeling when talking to her... But ... But... she was also confused by her behavior ... she started as she heard a knock on the door... yes?' she called ... her eyes took in the beauty of Pratigya as she entered her room , looking nervous like hell but oddly detached ...'oh! U look so beautiful ...n u remembered how to wear it, all by urself ... said sumitra , unable to stop herself...  The girl didn't seem to hear it... u have a ...i mean...sindoor...' pratigya asked , her tone n voice, both dead, her eyes vacant... Sumitra looked sharply at her, her heart racing ... oh! How badly she had hoped for this day... when her bahu will ask her about anything ... But it was all causing pain ... rather than happiness... the tone of the girl's voice n her dead eyes was freaking her out... why do u want it?' she asked , her eyes studying pratigya ...'I ...I am a wife pratigya trailed off, fighting her tears ... Sumitra got up from her cot, sighing ...  she opened a small cupboard rummaging inside n took out the family sindoor box... She opened it n held it towards pratigya , indicating to take a pinch ... She watched as pratigya put a small pinch of sindoor on her mang , her eyes closed in ...pain... before she could ask her anything Pratigya turned on her heels n went out ... Sumitra looked on in confusion...

                                                               Pratigya walked through the corridor , not knowing what she was doing n where she was going ...she entered into the hall, looking around ,fearful n nervous ...she saw ma sahib sitting at the centre of the hall, sipping morning tea... she saw a maid climbing the stairs , holding a tray n her breath quickened , heart racing ... she felt like killing herself, as she deciphered her feelings ... she was afraid, disgusted at what she was about to do, revolted at him , tensed for her mother... but she was also feeling that stupid feeling of excitement , of seeing him again, of being near him... that treacherous part in her can't wait to show herself to him, in a saree which she had managed to put on herself...she can't wait to see his reaction...his approval... she closed her eyes , wishing to die... What's happening to her? ... she strode towards the staircase , n climbed the stairs , her heart beating in her mouth ... Ma sahab looked at her , sideways ... pratigya stopped the maid half way up... I will take it...' She said, feeling strange , her tone dead... the maid looked horrified n glanced back down at ma sahib ... but ma sahib ignored them, sipping her tea as angad phoned her... pratigya took the tray from the maid's hands a mixture of pleading n apologetic look in her eyes ... The maid watched nervously as Pratigya climbed the rest of the stairs ... she looked around , reaching the landing ...last night's events came into her mind, n she pushed them off with difficulty , as she walked to his room, trembling ... In revulsion ...n excitement ... she stood in front of the door to his room, taking panting breaths , as now her heart was on overdrive , her hands trembling around the tray ... She pushed open the door with her foot n entered , her heart skipping ...



                                                                           Chandu looked around in confusion as he neared the pandit's house ...he had decided to check at the pandit's early in the morning.. there were people swarming around n a police van n an ambulance ...oh no! so the pandit was indeed dying when he called!... Damn ! he should have got there last night itself, thought chandu fuming ... the inspector who came outside the house noticed Chandu getting out of the car n came to him swiftly ...' chandu ji , I was about to call u ... he's ur family pandit , right? ...he slipped it seems ...n fell over his wooden statue broke n pierced him , by the looks of it... we r getting the body to mortuary ... no relatives'  Chandu nodded grimly as he walked forward can I have a look? Ask them to stop the procedures... ' he asked , gazing along the veranda ... ofcouse sir, this way' said the inspector , leading the way... Chandu looked closely around the room while indicating the inspector to send away the docs n constables ... he looked grimly at the body n the overturned statue ... The phone lay toppled over the body ... no need to track the last number he dialed ... he called at our haveli...' Said chandu ... the inspector nodded in curiosity ...'we want an autopsy ...get it done...n inform me as soon as possible...' Said chandu , turning to leave ...'do u suspect any foul play, sir...?' Asked the inspector , curious... yes , for the time being...n keep it hushed , u know what I mean...' He added , looking at the inspector ...'yes Sir...!' Nodded the inspector , suddenly tensed...



                                                             What? He threw her out ? ! I want her then...giver her to me...I ...' shouted angad excitedly to the phone... shhh...shut ur mouth u fool!!!' barked gayatri into the phone, looking around for the sign of anyone... she is for him only... its only a matter of time, before his lust dominates his stupid anger n the girl breaks down infront of our threats...' okey then' said angad fuming...'once u get these files or whatever, can I have her? ... gayatri rolled her eyes as she said okey ...okey... We will talk about it later... now, r u sure u have managed not to leave any tracking evidence at that pandit's house? ... ... how many times I have to tell u, I have taken care of all the things !... said angad irritated ... hmmm, okey then I have to plan... Krishna is leaving for mumbai in 2 hrs n that bitch will have to make herself useful as soon as possible... I still can't believe how she disobeyed him last night even when knowing that her mother's life is in line!!!...I have managed to scare her , but I can't trust  her to continue our game... I will have to talk to her father!!' muttered gayatri into the phone as she hung up , seeing sajjan climbing down the stairs...



                                                                                 Pratigya suppressed a gasp as she entered the room... it was big n lavish ... n she could see residues of candles n flowers n petals all over the floor n carpet ... She didn't remember seeing it all last night... she looked at the king size bed , her heart fluttering stupidly ... the sheet seemed dragged down to the floor , sending all the flowers scattering across , the curtain of flowers surrounding the bed seemed broken ...n he lay face down, away from her , sprawled over the bed , the white silk sheet only marginally covering up to his hips...he looked magnificent...she couldn't help but gaze at him , her eyes travelling over n down his back... It seemed , no! ... Pratigya felt all the air leave her lungs as she realized with a jolt that he was completely naked underneath the sheet ... her hands trembled around the tray , shocked , her eyes widening wildly ... she wrenched her eyes away from him as blood rushed to her cheeks along with a stupid ridiculous tingle now shooting down her body n it was only then she noticed his discarded clothes along the floor... oh! What's happening to her...? She is in a room with a naked man ...him!...n instead of feeling disgusted or revolted , she is blushing!!!!... n more over she had forgotten how to breathe!!!... she tried to calm herself down, closing her eyes tightly ...but his image still played in her eyes...


                                                  Run! ... go back this instant ! her mind screamed at her, but she couldn't move...even an inch... she cursed herself for thinking to come to his room in the first place ... ! she opened her eyes slightly trying to locate a table so that she could put the tray on it... Or else she will break it...n he will be awake...! Her hands were trembling like anything...! she found a nearby table n willed herself to walk across to it , forcing herself not to look in the direction of the bed...but ...but, she could feel an increasing urge to look again at him, n she gritted her teeth , cursing herself...  she placed the tray of food tentatively on the table n paused for a moment to catch her breath ... ... N then she ran , flat out towards the door, her heart thundering ... She stopped short as she reached to open the door... her mother's face flashed across her eyes as she pulled at the handle... no!... the note! ... They had given her 2 days time to make him interested' in her...! n from what she heard downstairs he will go to mumbai in about 2 hrs... she had 2 hr to save her mother!!! ... She sagged to the door, her hands trembling, tears brimming in her eyes as she bolted the door... oh no! pratigya! What r u doing? her mind screamed as she turned to face the room... Stop thinking about urself, Pratigya ...there ur mother will be writhing in pain due to drugs n u r concerned about ur ... ur... honor...! nothing ...nothing is as valuable as ur mother's life... its ur rescue ur mother from that evil hell... That's the only thing that matters to u...ur mother's freedom...!... she tried to take deep breathes to stay calm ... She only needed to awake him... he will do the rest... ! she thought, feeling disgusted at herself... She opened her eyes , feeling helpless n detached... she brushed away her tears as she looked at him...

                                                       Last night's dream came to her mind n she stared at him, feeling odd... the way she had thrust her face more n more to his wandering mouth!!! ... too horrible ! too...good... ! good? She felt a jolt as she remembered how good she felt ... how happy she felt when he was kissing her...when he was kissing her tears away...when he was hugging her more n more closer to him...when he kissed her forehead, her eyes!... She stared strangely at Krishna... why did she see him like that? As if he was sorry for what he did to her? Said to her? ...why was she imagining him in all kinds of wrong ways?... Why is she so pathetic n helpless in front of him?...she shook her head to clear the thoughts about him n walked forward, amassing up all her courage... no! what r u doing? ! don't ! Pratigya... her courage failed as she neared the bed, trembling in fear ...n that wretched anticipation n excitement ...she felt that treacherous part in her going almost giddy with shyness n excitement!  she turned n skirted around the bed towards the windows, her heart  fluttering madly...n she felt self loathing as now only she could of think was his reaction ... what will he say if he finds her in his room? What will he do? ...NO! ... She closed her eyes n opened them in anger n fruatration... she saw broken mirror pieces across the floor near the table n looked up to find the large empty mirror frame...she looked at it curiously n then back to him... She must awake him... but how? ... her eyes fell on the curtains n she pulled at it automatically, letting the morning light fall into the room, directly over him...


                Hope u liked it...part 2 coming soon Embarrassed




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hope that letter mash warning letter came into Sumitr'a hand...& she handover it to Chandu...might be possible that he won't read the letter properly but  he got more suspicious that something is wrong somewhere...& that alert him to keep close watch on Pratigya & that case Angad can,t harm the pratigya...

so prats is in Krishna's room..poor girl suffering too much due to this ma saheb...i want to kill her...Angry...we know that krish is going no where..if he moves than may be prats too acompany him...Day Dreaming...

so dhanya where r u sending for them for their hollimoon...i m sure whereever they will move they will fight there...LOL

well first come prats awake him & what  will be his reaction to c  her in his room...Embarrassed

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wow di nice update...Day Dreaming. waiting 4 k's reaction and ur part 2 update soon...ClapEmbarrassed

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Dhanya another wonderful updateClap

Really want K to know the truth about P.  Chandu will probably be the first one to figure it out.  I just can't see them in so much pain and hurting each other so much, but makes for a gripping story.

Like how P intitutively called Sumitra ma, caught herself and Sumitra gave her permission to call her that. 

Waiting for your next update hope K won't be too angry, I think he might be.

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Awesome update Tongue I'm excited to read next part how will p stop k going  interestingWink
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I'm all into it... waiting for the next alwayz...LOL
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nice update dhanya don't know where all this misunderstanding gotta sorted out eagerly waiting that day to come Embarrassed

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