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SwaRon||VruShan AT #75 - Diamond Jubilee Celebration

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SwaRon - the epitome of love...a guy with golden heart ...a princess who has kept a shield of arrogance on her face ...just to protect herself from the ruthless outer world...she denied his love ...he never gave up on her...he saw the simple lovable girl behind the Diva...she half opened the doors of her heart for him ..with time he became the emperor of her heart ...the fairytale story of love who are real yet dreamy..

When love takes human form looks just like SwaRon...If Swayam is the heart...Sharon is the heart beat...Swaron, the heavenly pair, the Saga of love which made us believe in love, which introduced us to love. Many of us learned loving LOVE through SWARON the ultimate fairytale. Talking about the actors Shantannu the magical Maheswari, who made the character of Swayam, the ultimate lover boy alive on small screen. Vrushika the vivacious Mehta, who is portraying the character of Sharon; the Diva with so much conviction ..a 360 degree turn from her real self ..they make the fairytake dream-like characters of Swayam and Sharon together known as SwaRon alive on our Television screen...

Shantanu and Vrushika fondly called as VruShan ...their heavenly portrayal of SwaRon...their sizzling onscreen chemistry which can burn the small screen...their off-screen bonding can lighten up your entire day...their explosive on screen chemistry was just a reflection of their off screen bonding...VruShan's journey as SwaRon completed almost 9 months ...On-screen  they have depicted different facets of they have created examples of friendship and professionalism ...their dedication and hard-work spell bind us even during the worst  phase of SwaRon...they surely made us love SwaRon -the magical pair even more with their unique charm and sizzling chemistry ...

After 9 months of VruShan as the fairytale pair SwaRon and 74 threads of love,excitement,affection,craziness,smiles,tears...Today we are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of our AT which celebrates the magic called VruShan and SwaRon. Congratulations to each and every SwaRon and VruShan fans not just the one who come on AT on reaching this milestone.Who made this AT an witness of their infinite love for VruShan wala SwaRon...This moment is really something to cherish and worth celebrating. So everyone lets take a few moment out for this momentous occasion. I welcome every SwaRon/VruShan fan to celebrate this 75th AT with us.

Credit : I would like to thank Shilpa, Deepika, Swathi , Mihi and Sanskruthi for the hard work they put in and that too in such short span to make this occasion special. Thanks.

And also to all the members of AT too for contributing the ideas for 75th AT celebrations

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SwaRon || VruShan Appreciation Thread - 75

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

- Martha Graham

Shantanu Maheshwari

Shantanu Maheshwari was born on the 7th of March,1991. After completing schooling from St.Joseph's college, Kolkata he shifted base from Kolkatta to Mumbai and completed his graduation in commerce from HR College of Commerce and Economics.
Coming to his dance, he was part of Anurag Dance Centre, Kolkata and from an early age he learnt the basics of dance from his mentor Anurag Mohta. In Mumbai, during his college days he became part of Street Soul Dance Crew. Fellow D3 colleague Macedon D'mello and D3 choreographer Nimit Kotian were also part of the same crew.
Shantanu has won many duo popping battles with Nimit K. as part of SSDC. He also won first place at the Nokia IndiaFest solo competition 'Footlose' in 2011, and his college team/crew were the champions in the group dance category.
Shantanu is not trained in any specific dance form but his talent and passion to keep growing and trying new things has made him perform his best in a variety of forms over time, from hip-hop to folk dance, bringing versatility in him as a dancer. He is known as an outstanding popper but enjoys dancing Bollywood routines the most. He idolises Govinda, Javed Jaffry and Prabhu Deva as dancers.

He was spotted at Nokia IndiaFest, 2011 by the Cinevistaas casting team who were looking for talented dancers for their upcoming show D3. After a series of auditions, he was roped in to play one of the lead characters, Swayam.


Swayam Sekhawat

Swayam is a simple and selfless guy, with many hidden qualities and brings them out accordingly, when the time needs his talents because, he believes, talent is not for show-off and doesn't want to see the failure of others that drives him to succeed. His world starts with the girl, Sharon and revolves around her. He is deeply in LOVE with her and she is THE ONE, who brings out his talents either directly or by indirectly and can make him happy. Besides a great lover, he is GREAT dancer, a GOOD sportsman, a BEST friend, BEST brother and the BEST son. His never say die attitude, never ending optimism and calmness which he maintains in case of adversity is a lesson to anybody. It doesn't means he is flawless. No he is far from it. But still one can't get a character more inspirational and motivating than him.

Vrushika Mehta

Vrushika Mehta was born on 18th February. She originally hails from Ahmedabad but stays in Mumbai where she is pursuing her education from Tolani College of Commerce. She has won many college level competition including the prestigious Dance Mumbai Dance - 2011 (duo) hosted by Terence sir. She joined the cast of D3 to play the role of Sharon Rai Prakash after series of auditions after Sneha quit the show. Although contemporary is her strength but she has shown her versatility and talent in various dancing style over the period of time including bollywood, hip hop, folk and even classical.


Sharon Rai Prakash

Now if Swayam is almost like from a fairy tale then Sharon is totally antithesis of him. Sharon Rai Prakash is the most enigmatic character on D3. A Dancing Diva - she is not like the usual character we find in other show which falls under the category of black and white. She defines grey. She is complex, she is real; in short she is someone relatable. She does not follow the set trends she sets them. It's always the case of expect the unexpected with her. As a character she is such dynamic that she had never let the proceedings get mundane.  Over the period of time she had evolved and matured into one of the most amazing characters. She had even calmed down in comparison to the her fiery avatar in which she was introduced but still it doesn't mean she has lost her sheen. She is still the same dazzling diva. She is the best USP of D3 after its dances and as a character she will always keep one intrigued. She is almost like a mystery no matter how much one solve there will be always more to find out.

Together they are known as :

Swayam and Sharon : SwaRon


Vrushika and Shantanu : VruShan

Credit for the all the edits used goes to : Poorvi, Ishita, Vidisha, Roop, Jenny weasley and Rahul.

And credit for layout goes to Sudha and for write up : Sudha, Nandini, Sahasra, Joyee and Shishir.

Do not use without permission.

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1. This thread is to discuss Swayam and Sharon (Shantanu & Vrushika) only.

2. If you are not a Shantanu-Vrushika fan PLEASE DO NOT POST.

3. Please do not compare any actors on the show or off the show. No direct or indirect bashing of anyone.

4. Please do not compare Sneha Kapoor, Ex Sharon and Vrushika in the AT.

5. Please do not bash, do not be sarcastic and do not bash in the name of constructive criticism. Be sensitive to other members and treat them the way you want to be treated.

6. Using abusive language, name calling, bashing and plotting against other members will not be allowed.

7. No quoting more than three times.

8. No chatting. Keep your personal chatting to the minimum.

9. Discussing other characters/couples/actors is not allowed unless in relation to Swayam-Sharon or general episode discussion.

10. We want this thread to be friendly and more than anything FUN!!! Please keep to the spirit!!!

11. Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be reported to the Mods/Dev team immediately.

-Edited 08/23/2013
-D3 DT.


Enjoy and Have Loads and Loads of Fun!!!!

This is an "Appreciation Thread". So please let the positivity flowing!!!

 Any mods / members have any complaints / suggestions / requests, feel free to PM me or muskurana

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Members List



Members who wish to be added in to the list like this post and you will soon be added and once you are added please refrain from liking this post in future AT's.


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Sahebaan, kadardaan, meharbaan ...Dil thaam ke baithiye kyun ki

Ab aapke saamne tashreef la rahi hain Vrushan OS ki azeem fankaara

Mallika-e-Husn, noor-e-nazar

Mohatarma Sanskrutiii !!!!!!!

Toh aaj ham gano ke saath maifil jamayenge  , har member ko ek song dedicate karenge aur aur 75th AT ka jashn manayenge . I noe half of u must be thinking mere ham dam saathi mere rabbits kaha hai ? actually tannu n vrushi di ke saath voh bhi baari baari hospital ke chakkar kaat rahe hai , bimar hai bechare so aaj mai apne saath layi hun jhamure ko .Monkey Emoticons

Toh bol jhamure nachke dikhayegaMonkey Emoticon

Aree kaise naachega jabtak aake haat challenge isske pair chalenge  ...toh sablog talliyannMonkey Icon

Aab bol jhamure naachke dikhayegaMonkey Emoticon

Toh shur se shurvat karte hai uss member se jo subha ki pehli kiran ke saath AT ka subhaaramb karti hai , voh bhi gaano ke saath

Swathi di

Tum ho toh, gata hai dil Tum nahin, toh geet kahan

Tum ho toh, hai sab hasil Tum nahin, toh kya hai yahan

Tum ho toh hai, sapno ke jaisa hasin

AT ka  samaa...

Jo tum ho toh, yeh lagtha hai Ke mil gayi har khushi

Jo tum na ho, yeh lagtha hai Ke har khushi mein hai kami

Tumko hai mangthi

Yeh AT !Monkey Emoticons

Next in line is the person jiske kaaran ham hai , yeh jashn hai the nirmata n founder of AT

Shishir bhai

AT banana wale kyat ere man mein samaaayi , thank u ki tune AT banaaayi

Tumhe thank u ki tumne AT banaaayi !Monkey Icon

The repoter , the thread maker  , one of the regular seniors of AT

Shilpa di

Duniya mein logo ne , dil aapne phir thaame

Aayi hun lekar mai next week ke spoiler saare

Mujhko pehchanlo mai hun kaun ...Monkey Winks Yoyo

One the most hyper innocent person on AT jiske jaane ki dhaamki sunke mere dimaag mein yahi gaana baja

Chandu di

Tu Hi Re, Tu Hi Re Tere Bina Main Kaise Jiyu

Aajaa Re, Aajaa Re, Yu He Tadpa Na Tu Mujhko

Jaan Re, Jaan Re, In Saanso Mein Bas Jaa Tu

Chaand Re, Chaand Re, Aajaa Dil Ki Zameen Pe TuMonkey Icon Yoyo

Meri sabse sabse sabse pehli pari , par baad mein pata chala shez a fighter

Charu di

Ramayiya charu charu charu didi Ramayiya charu charu charu didi

Duniya bura mane toh goli maro , darke jeena hai koi jeena yaaro

Yaaro e sada jaan karo fida dushmaan ko yeh bata do dushmani hai kyaaa !

Aabtak bajayi hai , aage bhi bajate raho ...Monkey Winks

Yesterday I was talking wid this person

Me : aye bhai hua kya ? oh bhai hua kya

Bhai : jaa shilpa ne bulaya hai

Me : aare par bolona bhai hua kya ?

Bhai : jaldi bhaag AT ke bare mein bolna hai

Me : samjho ho hi gaya !!

I noe kinda lame but this person out here has always been holding a strong stand for all his sisters and vrushi offcourse  .aake AT ka world famous bhai .Monkey Emoticon

Amit bhai

ek teraa saath  hamako do jahaan se pyaaraa hai

tu hai to har sahaaraa hai

naa mile sasaar teraa pyaar to hamaaraa hai

tu hai to har sahaaraa hai

wild thoughts , super analysis guess who

bhavika di

Main Khwaabon Ki Shahzaadi Hoon Har Dil Pe Chhaayi

Baadal Hain Meri baatein Bijali Meri Analysis

Bijali Giraane Main hun aayi

Kahate Hain Mujhako Hawa HawaaiMonkey Icons Cici ( I call her bhavi di though )

Innka naam lo toh ek hi word dimaga mein aata hai angel , indded an angel for all

Deepu di

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen

Utar aayi AT mein, jaise chaand utarta hai

Kabhi haule haule dheere seMonkey Winks

Chashma entry ,haste smilies , rolfing msgs , total masti packet , lungi dance loverrr !!!

Vishu di

Moochhon ko thoda round ghumake

Anna ke jaisa chashma lagake

Entry mein smilies milake

Aa jaao sare mood banake

All the vishu di fans don't miss the chance

Do this

Lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance !!!!!!!Monkey Icon Cici

Her works make u drool , her hugs r ufff , the didi maker machine guess who

Hershey di

Kacchi karaari jawaani kunwaari hoon

Meethi supaari main haaye tauba

baatein kateele jo laage to chheele

Jiya baari baari mein haaye tauba

To le mauka, le kar sauda

Dil tera de de to badle mein de doon main

Jadoo ki jhappi le ja tu abhi

Milungi phir na dobaraMonkey Icon


One of the most humble n loving personality on AT always being there as , meri so called aapi

Sadaf di

Kiska Hai Ye Tumko, Intezaar Main Hoon Na

Dekh Lo Idhar Toh, Ek Baar, Main Hoon Na

Khaamosh Kyun Ho, Jo Bhi Kehna Hai Kaho

Dil Chaahe Jitna, Pyaar Utna Maang Lo Ho

Tumko Milega, Utna Pyaar, Main Hoon NaMonkey Emoticon Cici

The cutest dog hater ever , kriyam lover .

Sneha di

Kutte paas aaye , yun kaat jaye

Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye

Aabtoh mera dil kutto se darta hai

Kya karu haaye injection dukhta hai ...Monkey Icon

Like a teacher , like a boss like namii di  ...

Nami di

 Papa toh band bajaye

Principle khud ban jaayein

Keep quiet rule banaye

Har pal bas yeh chillayein

"Idiot ho, tum gadhe ho

Abhi tumhe knowledge nahi

Humse panga lene wali abhi tumhari age nahi hai"

Whatever-whatever we do do do...

Papa toh band bajayeMonkey Icon

Sweetheart  of AT when she left she left us all crying  , only one meet was enough to make a bond wid this di .

Sakshi di

Dil hote jo mere seene mein do

Doosra dil bhi main tumhe deta todne ko ...

Dilkash thi woh shaam pehle pehal

Jab ke tumse mili thi nazar

Aisa chakraya ki ab ye na jaanu

Ke jaaun tto jaaun kidhar

Ho sakhshi di tum samne thi pal

Ho sakshi di Agle hi pal thi ojhal

Ab kya bataaun main

Kis haal main hu mai

Yahaan-wahaan bas apna dil aur hosh dhoodta hu mainMonkey Winks


Next in line is my didilog !!!!!

Anushka di

Jhalle, pagle, jungle

She is like this only

She is like this only

Aadhe tedhe nautanki

She is this only

She  like this onlyMonkey Icon Yoyo

My my her sweetness will paar your heart , as sweet as her name

Sweet divya di

Bholi Si Surat

Aankhon Mein Masti, Door Khadi Sharmaaye, Aye Hai

Ayeee Haiii

Ek Jhalak Dikhlaye Kabhi,Kabhi Aanchal Mein Chupjaye

Ayeee Haiii

 Meri Nazar Se Tum Dekho To sweet Nazar Woh AayeMonkey Emoticons

The confused , the devil  bolo kaun ?

Sneha 2

Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai

Seedhe AT ki yeh tedi hi chaal hai

Golmaal hai sab golmaal hai ...Monkey Emoticons

Mera intro inse samrat n gunjan ke pic ke saath hua !! I don't noe her much but ek song toh banta hai na

Pragya di

Hachal ho dil mein mile jab hum tum

Suhane AT mein mile jab hum tumMonkey Icon

Now mere sweet sixteens or hone waale sweet sixteen ski toil ...


DISTRACTOR !!!!!!!!! para para para paraMonkey Winks Yoyo

AT mein ...logo ko ...dhoka kabhi ho jata hai

Jabbhi yeh ...picture dale... Sabko distraction ho jata hai


Phulo ka taro ka sabka kehna hai , ek hazaaro mein aysi behna hai

Shantanu mein isse apna bhai dikhta hai ...

Phulo ka taro ka sabka kehna hai .Monkey Emoticons Cici


C-A-T cat mane billi issko sab kitty bulate hai toh kya huaaa

C-U-T-E cute ...cute mane pyari isski baatein hi itni pyari hai toh kya huaaaMonkey Emoticon


Koi inhe pyar kare koi jaan nisaar kare

Dekhke inko toh kehte hai log bhala

Bade minya bade minya chote minya subhanallahMonkey Emoticons Yoyo

Priya di

inki yeh masti inke yeh nakhre

pagal deewane hum bikhre bikhre

darti hai kya unko tu chakh re

aur main bolu tujhe kya

mithe jaher pe thiki najar

yeh di toh hai bindaasMonkey Emoticons

chotu sakshi

Woh Pehli Baar Jab Ham Mile baato baat  Jab Ham Chale

Hogayi aap toh meri didi, Hai aapki age kya maine jaani !Monkey Winks

Ek aur person who is one of the most awesome VM makers n poem writers in the forum

Shrutika di

Aapke VMs dekhke mera yahi haal hota hai

Tik tik vazate dokyat dhad dhad vadate dokyat

Kabhi shuru kadhi khatam

Sampate VM jhokyat

 Tik tik vazate dokyat dhad dhad vadate dokyat...Monkey Icons

Next in line is pic is cutest ever  thodi emotional si yeh didi

Diya di

Te aamo mithi aamo tu chav hai tu dhup hai

Te aamo mithi aamo tere jata nahi yeh noor hai ...Monkey Icons Yoyo

Vrushan ke liye toh sabhi pagal hai , mujhe yeh thodi extra pagal lagti hai ...

Deeksha di

Tere khwabo mein jo aaye

Aake tujhe ched jaaye

Use kaho kabhi saamne toh aaye (hope aapko aapka shantanu copy paste jaldi mile )Monkey Winks Cici


N now the new bies of AT

A mad tannu lover  , new hai but kab ghul mil gayi pata hi nahi chala

Ammie di

Ho tere ishq mein doobi rahun

Din-raat yunhi sada

Mere khwaab se aankhein teri naa hoye juda

tera naam mai haathon pe apne likhe baar haan

Aye kaash ke aisa bhi din laaye woh Khuda

Tu hi mera mera mera

Tu hi mera aa aa..

Tu hi mera mera meraMonkey Icon Cici

AT ka sabse chotu packet ...


Chaand sitaare phool aur khooshbu yeh toh saare nazaare hai

Taza taza kali khili hai ham usske deewane hai

Hmmm hmmm hmmm...Monkey Emoticons

Isski spamming speed ka koi tod nahi , isske blooper mein koi jhol nahi super active new member


Dekha Tuje Toh Tasalli Hui

3 mahine mein sizzler banna mushkil nahi

Haan Blooper tere toh  acche lage

Kya Hai Tera Bhai Koi

Jaa Diya Chal Leja Mera first res tu

Pehle  karna ek victory dance tu

Are Jab Tu Bhadkti Hai Dil Pe Chale Goliyan

Hey Dhishkiyaon Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom DoomMonkey Icons

Aaj kal yeh AT pe bahut dikhti hai , new bie toh bass naam ke liye

Rinku di

Mera mann, kehne laga

Paas aake na tu door jaa

Roz aao AT pe ...

Zara dil mein apne basa...Monkey Icon

Nancy di

Meethi boliyaan sun lo aasamani rango ki

Meethi boliyaan bezubani  lamho ki ...Monkey Icons


Aur issike saath yeh maifil apne anjaam pe pahuchti hai par ek aakhri gaana ham sabki dosti ke liye

Beech raat ko jagayeMonkey Winks

Vrushan  ki baatein banayeMonkey Icons Cici

Hamesha  AT pe late hi ayeMonkey Emoticons

Fir bhi blame kareee ( kaha thi tu !!!!!!)Monkey Icon

Bina kuch kahe jo dil ki baat samajhleMonkey Winks

Jabbhi mile ek tight hug zarur deMonkey Icons Cici

I wish tere jaisa dost ! I wish tere jaisa dost ! I wish tere jaisa dost ho sabko mileeeMonkey Winks

      Monkey Icons   Celebrating 75th bond of vrushanship !!!!!!!!!!!!Monkey Emoticon

This is sanskruti signing off for now hope u enjoyed the show...Monkey Icon

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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VruShan ...the explosive on screen chemistry is just a reflection of their off screen bonding...the friendship and comfort zone they share ...undoubtedly she introduced us to  a new Shantanu...we never knew he can be this lively...caring...naughty prankster surprises we SwaRonians wait for VruShan IVs as much as we wait for SwaRon scenes ...i always loved on screen characters but VruShan charm made me love them..they made us fall for the onscreen chemistry and offscreen bond...we wait for VruShan IVs just like we long for SwaRon scenes...we remeber their cute antics during interviews just like those intense and romantic lines of Swayam and Sharon...they breath life into SwaRon with their unique charm...that makes them special 


well i really dont know what attracted me to swaron

they were just magical
i didn't even realize when i was addicted to this couple

so addicted that i keep on dreaming about them ..
keep thinking songs on them..
keep thinking what will happen next ??

i think this is what the swaron magic is Heart
i can definitely say that swaron are the most unique and romantic couple ever created in this television industry
and not only swaron but swayam and sharon individually are very unique..

i love swaron / vrushaan a lot
hope these guys keep on creating magic on screena nd off as well for coming 5-6 years...
love you guys..


a mad swaron fan


What attracted you to SwaRon and VruShan...hmmm...i really dnt knw how to answer dis question...i guess it wiltoughjob to specify what exactly attract me abt them...LOLlets start with i mentioned abv difficultto specify few things as i loveeverythingabt dem...LOLder and care for each other...passionate dance...anger...sweet short everything related to dem..LOLdey wer d sole reason why i hadbeginwatching D3...every timedey r together itz simply magical...Embarrassedcouple made in heaven...Embarrassed
cuming to Vrushan fstthink i should mention is abt der acting skills...d way deyportrayswaron character...idon'tthink anyone else would have managed to do it so perfectly...Smiledey completely justify der thing would b der bond dey share der cuteness..der friendship...d way dey talk to each other... ( tannu teasing vrushi...correcting hereverynow den...vrushi cutely obeying his on her faceeverythingshe sees a chocolate ) dey bth are simply adorable...Embarrassed
i guess i can just go on writing abt dem...LOLlove u swaron and vrushan ( our fivestar boy and chaklet girl )Embarrassed


swaron...swayam and is not just a name or character for me...its the life for many thousands of fans who started believing in fairy tales after watching this unique and most romantic jodi romancing in TV...romance thru eyes...romance thru gestures...romance thru caring...romance by hurting...romance in jeolousy...romance in fights...romance in dance...romance in friendship ...this is what swaron are ...they don't need intimate closeness to showcase their love...they don't need cozy dinner to prove their love...they don't needs long drive to make sure to get sum time together ...

They are unique and their love is unique...a simple jogging can b turn into a PT...u don't need reason to spend time with ur partner...

a simple chai can b so romantic is taught by them to us...

Ppl ask me wat attracted me towards can I say them wat attracted me towards them when I myself don't know when where and why I got addicited to this jodi that I set my phone wallpaper on phone ring is of pehla nasha...I started drinking tea...I started loving dance...I spent my free time either discussing swaron or writing abt them .. 

I started getting involved in the fight with ppl who bash them...I made friends who support them...

This is the height of a addiction towards swaron of me...

so my friends I can't say wat attracted me towards swaron...

just can say swaron are part of my life now...


Hmmm what attracted me to swaron That is one of the most easiest yet the most difficult question.Easy beacuse I know exactly why I fell in love with them and Difficult because it is diffcult to list all the reasons.Well I will start with the most prominent one.They are the most
Sui generis couple ever.Their love story is something that I have neither heard or seen.A simple boy madly in love with a fiery Diva.The majnu boy adores  the diva with her flaws and is hopelessly in love with her.A Diva who is not easily charmed yet somehow falls a victim to his undying and eternal love for her.I love swaron beacuse somehow they wanna make you believe in Love...
I love Swaron because well they are Swaron.
When Sharon left I was disappointed.I was apprehensive whether a new girl would to proper justice to sharon and Swaron.I was ready to give up on the show and accept the the fairytale I love has come to an end but somehow I hust got over the inhibition and decided to give the new girl a chance.
And I am so glad that I did because Vrushika came as a bright light enlightening the Swaron story which was lost somewhere in the Darkness.Seeing Vrushan as Swaron for the first time I was not that happy as the chemistry was not their but then I thought That lets give it some time and so I did and thats when I got too see The swaron I was hoping to see again.Swaron scenes in the coming episodes left me wanting for more.Each swaron scene whether emotional or intense or comic or romantic or even a simple eye lock was captivating and had me hooked.I loved the roller coaster ride of their relationship from anger to angst to friendship to Deep and Consuming love...
I love Swaron because they are meant to be

Vrushan well Vrushan came as a pleasant surprise for me.I love their comfort level with each other.But what makes Vrushan different is their Innocence and the childlike nature.Vrushika and Shantanu are two creatures that you just can't help but fall in love with and I am no different.Love them both for Giving me the Swaron I love...


unka pehla nasha ...unka pehala khumaar...unka pehla promo ...unka pehla iv 
pehli baar jab unhe ek saath off screen dekha something went through me n my heart said yes they bound to be together , they r ment to be wid each other .

phir najane mere dilko kya hogaya , abhi toh yahi tha aabhi kho gaya
hogaya tha mujhko vrushan se pyar sajna laakh karlu mai innkar sajana ...
naye swaron se itne jaldi connection hoga kabhi socha naa tha , i thought it would take some tym but i couldnt resist the fact that yes m in love wid them itne jaldi .

unki yaadein mujhe raato ko satane lagi , yeh khalish jo thi voh khamakha nahi thi , kyuki mere man mein vrushan basio sawariyo ree , maula mere maula mere se zara zara dil behekne laga ,unse naina lage piya saavare , nahi bass mein aab yeh jiya saawre . roz unhe dekhte hi dil mein dholi taro dhol baajne lage , judne lage lage do dilo ke jab kinare uddne lage ishaqzade ,fir kya tha mai aur mere vrushan os ke ki line lage , din raat vrushan pathc up ke baare mein sochte hue hui chokri javan re !!!!! mera man rukne ka naam hi nahi leta ,man yeh saheb ji han karta bahane naina nawab ji na samjhe ishare dheere dheere mere os badhte gaye dheere dheere logo ko bhate gaye re saibooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

toh aisi thi meri aur vrushan ki filmy daastan LOL


swaron:  ab kya kahu unke bare mai, bohth kuch hai bolne ke liye...
swaron : is really a different lovestory which make everyone fall for them...
swayam : the majnu boy who is rich but still down to earth n lives a simple life...
sharon:  the diva of d clg, still has a golden heart...
and their complicated lovestory...
they have faced all d up's n down's before getting to relation, they aggreation,love,passion everythng make their lovestroy perfect Heart
after getting into relation their trust,love everythng increased day by day n made us fall for them again n again...
swaron has become very imp in my lyf...
love them sooo much

vrushaan, hayeee shaan Day Dreaming *back to shaan land*
shantanu maheshwari, i love n adore him since d day i saw him in d3..
he made me fall for swayam from day1...
everytym i c his dance i wish he is with me Blushing *sign i know aisa kuch nahi hoga*
m sooo proud to b his fan, he really works hard to bring a smile on our face...
his smile ufff mardalaaa Embarrassed
after being a star in tellywood, he sooo simply i just love it...
bohth kuch hai shaan ke baare mai likhne, his charm,dance,smile *control niki contol*
love u shaan Heart

vrushiii our DIVA...
i love her smile n dance...
she is sooo cute n sometms a kid tooo...
she made me fall for sharon crazily...
she is a baby doll...
she has faced n facing negativity but still she is strong enough to face them...
love u vrushi baby Heart

haayeee they are sooo adorable together...
perfect in eachother arms...
they dance is sooo perfect that v cant get from their dreamland sooo esily Day Dreaming
it was really a treat to watch them offscreen or onscreen...
their mastii n confort level * kuch toh khichdi paak raha hai dono ke beech Wink*
totally i love vrushaan alot Heart...
i vl always love them n proud to b their fan...


well first of all congo for 75th AT...Party
ok nw well i was always attracted to swaron as i really love their passionate chemistry n their fairytale luvstory...i luv swaron like anything...Embarrassed
nw coming to vrushan i luv thm...they are too adorable...well muje swaron scene ka itna besabre se intazar nai hota jitna vrushan iv ka hota h...LOL...but its true...Wink
whn they are together i feel like m in heaven...i luv hw they both adore each other...Tongue
all in all i luv passionate swaron...which actually attracted me...n vrushan ke adoreness ne muje unke taraf attract kr this is my story...Embarrassed


yeh dil dadakta hai sharon sharon kehta hai
tum aane wali ho sunkar bechain hamesha rehta hai
kho betha hu hosh mere tere dil ki haan sune ko 
kya hoga mere mere dil ka jab tum mere samne hogi


With these lines VruShan as Swaron entered my heart.

I still remember how I got attracted to this beautiful love story.

It was this promo which made me curious to watch D3 again as I left D3 way back but then one day when I was scrolling the channels, I saw this promo.

That innocent look on Swayam, that angelic beauty Sharon- Everything seemed to be a perfect tale.

But when I started watch it again, I realized no it's not a perfect tale, it has its own ups and downs, but they made me realize that this is what you call the beauty of a relationship.

After so many hurdles and inhibitions, finally they became one and that gave me immense happiness. I never got so attached to any fiction characters earlier but they made me fall in love with them which I couldn't deny. They are not like those daily serial couples. Everything about them is so unique, that is why they are Sharon and Swayam (Our SwaRon).

What do I say about VruShan. They are the one who made me fall in love with SwaRon and D3.

I was never a SwaRon fan as I don't why I couldn't connect them to well, but when Vrushika came everything changed. The whole SwaRon equation changed.

Shantanu and Vrushika have such unique chemistry which is not only beautiful on screen but also off screen. I can watch their interviews again and again and still never get bored. They both are so conformtable with each other and that's the best thing. I want to give a lot credit to Shantanu for the same because the way he takes care of Vrushika is so perfect. He feels his responsibity towards her and even she rely on him for everything. She actually feel her right on him. Their mutual trust is which I admire the most and make them a very special couple off screen. Shantanu keeps pulling her leg offscreen and she makes those cute faces.

These days with current track being going worst for SwaRon, the only saving grace is VruShan and their cuteness. Seriously if VruShan would have not been like this, then I would have quit D3, but I still watch this show for them and even when D3 will get over one day, I am going to be VruShan fan forever.


SwaRon... It was Swayam who attracted me towards SwaRon!!! I started to watch the show for Shantanu and fell in love with Swayam Embarrassed I liked SwaRon because of Swayam and later the uniqueness in their love got me attracted more to SwaRon. 

VruShanEmbarrassed I really dono when I started to really love them..  I liked their pair in the very 1st IV!! they looked good together.. They complimented each other look wise, height wise and everything!! They looked like a picture perfect jodi!! but it was their IV's which made me love them. Their down to earth nature and innocence.. They brought a smile on my face every time they appear together on screen!!!  I really cant put it in words as for why i got attracted to VruShan, but i LOVE them a lot and i have never loved any off-screen couple as much as i love these two!!!Embarrassed


in one word if i have to describe them,
then it has to be

i think after raj n simran
frm DDLJ
swaron is the only couple that attracted me..
bcz normally love stories went off like bouncers from my head..
bt swaron's uniqueness n wow factor addicted me..
what i feel for swaron
i cant describe in words..
its smthng that one can only feel..
its a kind of magic fr me..
the more i write abt them
d more i feel their intensity, love n passion..

i just cant thank enough them fr giving us swaron..
they put soul in swayam n sharon characters..
i can just say that i am as mad abt vrushan,
as i am for swaron..
whenevr i saw them on screen or offscreen
a wide smile apperas on my face..
i dunno why bt they have a magnetic personality which no one can ignore..
just like swaron scenes, i wait fr their IVS..
i love them, respect them and adore them..
bcz they r simple yet WOW..
their dedication, hardwork, dwn to earth nature..
everything is amazing..
onscreen or offscreen..their chemsitry is
bang on *touchwood*

so i love swaron n vrushan
bcz they 
stand out in the crowd
n they are just


Waise i exactly don't know when how where i got attracted towards swaron..
Its also really very very difficult for me to express my feelings for them..
The first n main reason for me to be a huge huge swaron fan is only n only SWAYAM aka SHANTANNU MAHESHWARI..
without him i can't imagine swayam or swaron.. 
I am sabse first swayam.. Swayam is d character who attracted me towards the show n towards swaron as well..
First Wen i saw him dancing acting i was totally mesmerized..
From den on started my journey with swaron n swayam..
Now toh its like swaron r my life if dey laugh i laugh if dey cry i cry if dey r upset i become upset..
They r so so much connected to me as if dey r a part of me..
Coming to vrushika i liked her in her first interview i found her cute bubbly n childish..
I had doubt if she can play sharon as she was little kiddish n bubbly type of gal..
But am really amazed d way she has portrayed sharon.. 
I actually don't know how to express my feelings rite now..
So just wanna say dat its just cos of swaron am here..
Dey have made me do things which i would have never done in my life or never thought of as well..
Swaron my swaron Hug


Being a huge SwaRon n VruShan fan I thought writing about what attracted me to them would be a minute's task but right now I'm unable to recollect or put it down in words. It's just their impactful screen presence that's sufficient to sweep you off your feet! For me it was always Swayam who pulled me towards SwaRon more but wid Vrushika's entry things changed. Now I'm equally attracted to Swayam and Sharon both and also relate to them. 
Is it the Yaadein sequence or the aasthma relevation or the emotional breakup or the cute romance or the intense Tum hi ho n Khamakha? It's difficult to choose any one from the many wonderful scenes VruShan as SwaRon gave us. And when I thought this was the best they surprise me wih even more powerful scenes. We witnessed the most beautiful confession ever in the history of D3 and the post confession romance added to the excitement! All I wanna say is each and every moment SwaRon have given us be it love, hatred, hurt, sentimental, romantic, pure ignorance.. Every moment attracted me towards them. So thank you VruShan thank you for portaying SwaRon and giving a new dimension to the SwaRon story! :)


i started watching d3 because of shakti as i was a big fan of her
but but but someone caught my attention and that was sharon...
i was like what a bad girl she is...allways keeps insulting everyone(i still cant believe i thought this thing Dead)and other side swayam who was totaly different from her...
i loved his character...(he is the person who thought me to bee cam in every situationEmbarrassed)..
i was watching all old episodes of d3...
i got attracted to their BG TUNELOLyaa..thats rright..
the tune was simply suited swaron perfectly...

the PEHLA  NASHA tune made me fall in love with swaron's story...
each and every scene made me fall in love with them more and moreDay Dreaming
i started loving this unique fairytale...i started feeling curious to see more swaron scenes...i got completely mad behind them...i started searching about them when i get free time...i started bunking tuition'S  for  themLOL...they drived me crazy...(still they are driving me crazy)
these was my SWARON story...

now what to talk about vrushan???they are simply perfect...
when vrushi entered i was like okk...but her amazing dance moves killed me in yaadien and khamakha and most importantly her chemistry with shantanu...
i got clean bowled by vrushan's offscreen pics and video of HYDRABAD PARTY...
i was like.Shockedthey look so adorable...
and their first iv which was regarding valentine day made me crazy for them more than swaronTongue

vrushika is the best sharon we could ever have...

keep rocking my sweeties..
love you both...Hug

congratulations for 75th AT...25 TO GO MORE...Cool


the yaadien dance!!

i almost had left d3 by then..but the yaadien dance just won me back!!
and then the intense romance between swaron...
the line...agar ek line mein sab kehna hai toh i am forced to say I LOVE YOU!!
hayee...that was so awesome...sharon come back was a revival for the show!!
and swaron keep me falling in love with them in every scene!!
then vacations mein full time computer mein bethna...and then VruShan!!
uff..hayee inki cuteness!! the first iv was just magical..the cute bond they share...and their friendship increasing each day...their cuteness again stole my heart...completely in love with their real and reel char..
the khobsurat moment...the maula mere dance...the confession ahyee...the chai date...
and one more reason this At...Wink
meeting eople crazy for swaron made me more crazy..
abhi toh routine ban gaya hai epi katam aut aa jao discuss karne AT par!!
everything about swaron and vrushan makes you addicted to them...
mujhe toh iski lat lag agyi!


To be frank one thing that attracted me to Swaron story ...or rather i should say one person is...Swayam...He is most unique...decent...and( im not able to describe) character i have ever seen in fictions till date... No wonder every girl wants a guy like him...and later i loved Sharon she is relatable unlike most of Tv leads...

And Vrushaan... Shantanu tho hai hi...cute ...honest and so down to earth guy...and vrushika ek pyari si pari... i just love them...SmileSmileSmile Their simplicity amazes meSmileSmileSmile

I hope we will celebrate  75th AT  celebrating Swaron love and our love for Vrushaan 


First of all i would like to congragulate each and every one associated with this AT for comming such a long way. This is the first time i am apart of AT celebration as i joind after 50th AT. So i am very excited to be apart of this 75th AT celebration.

Now comming to...

What attracted me to vrushan
well well wel...
It all started when i saw this angle like khubsurat girl walking down st.louis main hall stairs waving in such a cute way to the camra rather to us. And that anger expression of mine slightly changed into smile(was angery coz sneha left) she came and stood right next to our lover boy shantantu maheshwari, yes it was vrushika mehta our delicate doll and chocolate gal vrushi. that was the moment when i was completely mesmorised by her and their magical pair of vrushan. I knew from that very moment that these two are going to set D3 on fire with their new born sizzeling chamestery. Eversince than i started following vrushan as religiouslly as swaRon coz i find thm no less attracting than swaRon. Their iv's just makes my day and the beautiful pure friendship bond that they share as vrushan is just to die for, the comfert level and trust they have in each other just make me go awww. I love vrushan more than anything i love them like hell yaar.

Dedicated to swayam and his deep love and affection for sharon(current situ)

*fana ho jayengy, aur tum aansu bahaogi
Hamare baad hum jesa kahan se lao gi
Hum jesa phir khak koi pyar kare ga tumhe
Phirogy dhoondte lekin hamain harguz na paaogi

Its high time sharon realise how important swayam is in her life

For sharon(current situ)

*bas yahi aadat uski mjy achi lagti hai
Udaas kar k mjy, khud b khush nahi rehta

We all knw how much swayam hurt himself whenever he hurt sharon

But guys not to worry coz "jab safar muhabbat ka ho aur man chahe saathi ka saath ho tu khushiyun ko humsafar banna hee badta hai" and we all know how much swaron love each other so soon they will be together.InShaAllah.

Finally this is for all ma AT friends...i love u guyz alot...

Bane chahe dushman zamana hamara

Salamat rahe dostana hamara

Na bichre hum mar k bhi dosto

Hamain dosti ki kasam dosto

jab koi poch tu kehte hain hum

Aik dooje k dil main rehte hain hum

Nahi aur koi thikana hamara

Salamat rahe dostana hamara

Congrts once again
(Ammara khan aka ammie)



swaron true love for each other...which is eternal...their dance...the way they madly love each other
swayams love for sharon is the thing i love the most

their cuteness
their chemistry
the way they complement each other
what nottt everythinggg i love everythingg about them


Honestly speaking ...I never liked swaron

I never understood what love story would they make...
I use to hate Sharon like anything before...
N I felt so sorry for swayam ...n even felt irrated on the fact ki he loves her so much n she treats him nt even like her servent...
(I knw after reading this u all ppl will b making plans to kill me ...par wait the best is yet to comeWink)

Initially I was a KR fan ...I use to watch d3 only for them..
Then when kria's character ended ...I stopped following d3...
But I use to catch up some epi ...

Fortunately I wanted the dance camp epi...n I felt gud Bcoz of swaron
But the Sneha quit the show...
I also stopped bothering n watched d3 very less..

When the promo came ...that Sharon is going to be back
I became very excited ...I wanted to knw who is she how is she n what will happen next when swayam meets Sharon n all...n the promo line where awesome which made me watch d3 again

After then I started following d3...
Swaron were not that a big deal for me...
But I loved the yaadie sequence ...I just loved it ...
N after khamakha...I turned into a die heart swaron fan

I think Vrushika' s entry made me fall in love with swaron...
I always admired shantanu ... He was always handsome adorable n his personality rocked..
The intense love had me fall in love with them...
N it was amazing to c how swayam made Sharon fall for him...

I agree I didn't like swaron before but now I not only like but love them to the core of my heart Heart


 "Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
Chun liya Maine Sun liya

Pehla nashaPehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata..
Pehla nasha Pehla khumaar"
This song is magical. It reminds me swaron.
The guy with endless love and unlimited patience for the one whom he loves beyond any boundaries..whose happiness and comfort means everything for him.. He is an inspiration for all the guys to show what actually a pure and true love is..
A girl, arrogant and full of attitude.. just to protect herself from the ruthless outer world.. but a guy enters her heart unknowingly changes her being.
Swaron the epitome of Love. L-O-V-E. SwaRon define this 4 letter word.The most unique and most amazing love story ever. The most unique and enticing couple which made me to turn into the veriest of phangirl who can't help but think about them all the time.This story has stored in it the amount of love like hatred, hope, sacrifice ,care and understanding in it which makes us fall in love with it again and again..

Swayam-oh to tum chahti ho ke mai tumhe rose dun?
sharon-Maine kb bola?
Suna suna hariprasad ne bhi suna ke tumne bola tumhe mujse rose chahiye.

this is the scene.. i fell in love with swaron


Vrushan.. I dun think I'll be able to list the reasons as to why I love VruShan.. inka to naam lete hi chehre pe smile aa jati hai..  They lift up my mood, they make me happy.. They're wonderful human beings which is clearly visible from their offscreen ivs.. down to earth, fun, loving, adorable, cute.. Not to mention they're a bunch of talented people!!  i think its impossible not to Love them.


"SwaRon? You all means Swayam-Sharon!? Right!
Suna tha kabhi kisi pyaare se ke jab pyaar hota hai tu sab badal jata hai..

Lekin jab pehli nazar main pyaar hota hai tu mushkil ho jati hai baba.. Everything change.. like wesai hi jesai mujhe SwaRon se ek nazar.. ek jhalak main hi pyaar hua tha. No one needs a reason to love them because they are what is called 'Love', the divine love, right? Swayam ki intelligence or Sharon ka attitude, Swayam tha majnu aur Sharon ka Diva! Jahan Swayam pani tu ek taraf Sharon aag! It was beautifully weird to see that a girl who claims to hate a guy can only get handled by him, without even knowing! He was the water who always soothed the fire!

Their intensity may be attracted me more becaue i first saw Haye rama on YT eventually and from that time they are the only who rule my mind and my heart! I tried to give chance to other couple of the show thinking may be they will be better but the answer was 'No one can be better or even close to SwaRon'.. they had and have this power on me! SwaRon is played by Vrushan now.. Ha!! My and our Vrushan.. cutest and sweetest Vrushan.. deadly combo and hilarious paring with lots of beauty in the pair! Our tannu was always the best but to enhance him more, we got a gorgeous lady in our SwaRon pack who is Vrushika! Her acting stuned me when i came to know that she is just 18 is start because she acted so maturely that it was almost unbelievable for me! Vrushi and Tannu made me fall in love with SwaRon all over again.. Like how innocently and naturally they play the roles Swayam and Sharon that it seems so surreal, like they live in those characters. They played so beautifully that we didn't take time to fall in over with them and the roles all again! I always loved SS and they are the one who attracts me to love them more and more!

I love them and SwaRon, so entirely much that it hard to explain!"

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Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf

- Rabindranath Tagore

SwaRon Creations

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Swaron Writers who have their own galleries:

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Kankshita(Savage) & Nidhi(Sawyer_Tom) : The Chaotic Concoctions Gallery

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Nehal's Gallery : DESIROUS ZEAL!!!!

Deepika(deep_Tanha)'s Writing Index : Deep Thoughts

Rutu's gallery :Concentric Cerebration Gallery

Pratik(pratik54000): My Imaginations

Megha(megsy)'s Gallery:Megsy's Gallery 

Passionate Reveries

Marium's Gallery :Tempting Tales

Himani(OceanicRockStar)'s gallery :Nostalgic Reminisce

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--NishaGoyal--: Rhythm of divine love chords

Nivriti(NocturnalBeing) : My Codex and Chronicles

Aruba(sweetcherry95):Cupcake Gallery

shahnaz (-shenz-)  :Chaos Magic Artistry

Amit(Swaronvrushan):*My SwaRon Writing Index*

Tanvish (Smartypantstanu):
'Saga of Love': SS Writing Index

Harshita(cenation123):Felicity in love

Individual Write Ups

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Jiya (act12)


Short Stories

SwaRon SS: Come and Heal Me


Swaron Os:-   U Me Hum

Swaron and the gang Os :- Mission Swaron

Swaron Os:-   Blessed To Have You

Aditi (gupta.aditi20)

Sharon OS  : Angry tigress

SWARON SS: Unpredictable sharon



OS SWARON : Perfect new year night

OS SWARON : Cool breeze and coffee

OS VRUSHAN: Is this love


SwaRon OS- ...Incomplete Life To A complete One...

SwaRon OS- Jhalandarr Ke Sikander

SwaRon OS- The Most Awaited Moment Ever


Short Story


SwaRon OS: Spots of love

SwaRon OS: Hum adhoore bin tumhare 


Members interested in having their work feature here can PM me  and we will arrange for posting your works in the AT.

As and when the AT ends and we create a new one, we will be adding more new works. For now thank you Deepika for collecting all the works at a place. It was really helpful.

P.S - If your work has been mentioned here and you think your work was just for TanHa wala SwaRon and you do not wish your work to be mentioned here then also PM me.




Zara Zara Behekta Hai -


SwayumSharon: Halo -

 Remaining siggies and avis could be found in D3 creation gallery -

PM me if you have any work in these three category which you want to be feature here :)

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To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Important SwaRon Pages

Swayam's Fanpage on Facebook


Shantanu's IF Profile

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 Vrushika's Fanpage on Facebook


Vrushika's IF Profile

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