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UP back as a communal cauldron after 21 years

Twisted. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
* Religious riots have jolted western UP after 26 years, barring the aftermath of Babri demolition in 1992.

* Army has been called in to enforce order after 21 years in the state.

* Shia-Sunni clashes rocked Lucknow this Ramadan after peace since 1997.

* Faizabad of Ayodhya fame, that escaped riots even during Babri demolition, witnessed riots last October.

In the notorious world of religious carnages, the Akhilesh Yadav regime has hit many a controversial first.

The riots have been coming thick and fast just when the state was shedding the tag of communal cauldron. After all, the state's 75 districts across 2.4 lakh sq km even passed the most edgy of moments - Babri title verdict in September 2010 - without a stone hurled.

Just why has UP become so vulnerable to sectarian violence after decades of peace is agitating political leaders and observers alike.

A K Varma, political scientist from Kanpur University, said, "Samajwadi Party competes for Muslim votes with secular parties like
Congress that leads to aggressive policies which are prone to misuse by some elements." The fingers seem to point to the Samajwadi regime.

UP has been on the mend for decades now, for some very good reasons. Ayodhya campaign and the aftermath of Babri demolition had tapered the religious rage while the advent of Mayawati as a permanent feature in power politics added a constant.

The dalit czarina realized she could not match the "minority politics" of rival Samajwadis or the "Hindu rhetoric" of BJP. She chose to carve a niche as a no-nonsense law and order person.

That she ascended the Lucknow throne four times in 12 years, thrice with
BJP as partner, helped check the emotive issues. Samajwadis, all this while, could come to power only for three years in 2003. The power dynamics did not give a free rein to parties eager to stoke the religious fire.

If Mayawati has been the balancer, the state took a turn for the worse after Akhilesh took power with a robust majority last March with clashes breaking out in small towns with unerring regularity. He looked all at sea.

Some suspect a deeper reason than incompetence. The looming shadow of the 2014 elections, seen as Mulayam Singh Yadav's last stab at prime ministership, has led to calculations on how to decimate the "secular" Congress, it is felt.

A religious polarization helps BJP and SP, squeezing out moderate outfits like Congress, BSP or even RLD. Samajwadis have suffered because of good shows of "secular" rivals. If so, the state could be staring at a bleak countdown to
Lok Sabha polls.

The communal cauldron may be simmering again even as caste cauldron develops a crack.

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Twisted. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 31 July 2011
Posts: 46856

Posted: 09 September 2013 at 9:19pm | IP Logged

A Fortnight's Storm

While the situation in Muzaffarnagar remains tense, here's a look at the chain of events that sparked clashes in the area.

August 27

Communities clash after three youth from two communities are killed at Kawal Village.

August 30-31

Villages tense.

Govt falls to rein in radical leaders & rabble-rousing politicians from both communities.

One panchayat organised on August 31 demands action against killers of two youth & removal of Shamil police head for alleged one-sided action.

Bhartiya Kisan Union announces Mahapanchayat on September 7 at Nagla Mandaur, 20km frm Muzaffarnagar city.

Supported by 18 khaps its called the " Bahu Beti Samaan Mahapanchayat ".

September 2

Voilence spreads to Shamil district, claiming one. No note taken.

September 3

A fake video & provocative social media post push cops to register case against BJP MLA who uploaded the video. No arrests.

September 4

Community leaders boycott meeting called by district heads to enforce peace. Protests rage.

September 5

BJP call for a strike, violence continues in pockets.

September 6

Senior cops, including DGP, visit Muzaffarnagar, appeal to Mahapanchayat to call off meeting.

District administration imposes prohibitory orders under Section 144, restricting number of people who can assemble at a place.

More cops deployed in Muzaffarnagar.

September 7 

Mahapanchayat sees reportedly over 1.5 lakh gather from UP, Haryana & Delhi, brandishing weapons. Leaders make fiery speeches.

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-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

Just wanna say,if a crime is committed by any person is just a small incident...but if that criminal is blamed for this act, then its called communal act.

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Bazigar Goldie

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Posted: 10 September 2013 at 9:16pm | IP Logged

Social media rife with inflammatory material in Muzaffarnagar

Even as the Uttar Pradesh government blamed the circulation of a fake video on social media for aggravating communal violence in Muzaffarnagar, inflamattory and communally inciting material continued to be spread widely on social networking sites and applications.

Newspapers reports, morphed with inflammatory headlines, were widely circulated through various groups on Twitter, Facebook and other mediums of social media on Monday. Two widely circulated posts were picture clippings from the reports of Hindi daily Dainik Jagran's Muzaffarnagar edition. A report dated September 9 was morphed with the headline, "Musalmano duara Hinduo ka katleam jaari (Muslims continue to slaughter Hindus)."

However, the original headline read: "Dangiyo ko goli marne ka aadesh (Shoot at sight orders against rioters."

Another report of the same daily, dated September 8 was also morphed with a fake headline and widely circulated on Facebook. The original headline read, "Panchayat se laute do logo ki goli mar ke hatya (Two killed on their way back from Panchayat)." Its morphed version read: "Muzaffarnagar mein Musalmano ka aatank, Hinduo mein Khauf (Muzaffarnagar terrorized by Muslims, Hindus in fear."

Several posts and pictures giving exaggerated numbers of the dead and inflammatory comments were also being circulated on social media.

This comes even as the State has blamed social media for the spread of inflammatory material and blocked a fake video of violence in Muzaffarnagar district. However, before it was blocked, the video became so popular that its snapshots even made their way into the pages of some Hindi dailies.

Police have lodged an FIR against BJP MLA from Sardhana constituency of Meerut district Thakur Sangeet Singh Som and 200 others in this regard. They have been booked under Sections 420 (forgery), 153-A (promoting enmity on religious grounds) and 120-B (conspiracy) of the IPC and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act.

The video, which was being falsely circulated as the lynching of two boys from a particular community in Muzaffarnagar, has been sourced to an incident in Pakistan. The original video is of 2010, when a mob lynched two youths to death in Pakistan's Sialkot.

UP Home Secretary Kamal Saxena admitted that fake videos about communal clashes were being circulated through social media to disturb communal harmony. "People are trying to spread rumours to disturb communal harmony through social media and using fake videos to disturb communal harmony in the state," he said.

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Bazigar Goldie

Joined: 01 July 2013
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Posted: 10 September 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

Fake Pakistani Video used by BJP MLA and Hindutva forces to fan communal riots in Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar: Muzaffarnagar district is under grip of communal insanity, according to official figures till now 19 people including a journalist in the line of duty has been lynched to death. This riot is not a spontaneous reaction to some flare up, but a result of well organized campaign to fan communal tensions.

It all started with the killing of three youngsters in clashes on August 27 in Kawal village over eve teasing. Two youths belonging to Jatt community Gaurav and his cousin Sachin of Malikpura village attacked Shahnawaz of Kawal village with knives after he passed lewd remarks on their two female cousins. Shahnawaz suffered serious injuries in the attack and died in the hospital. Shahnawaz's relatives and his local villagers caught hold of Sachin and Gaurav and killed them in mob beating.

Going by the track record of Khap dominated Western UP those killings was not a unique case in the region. But tensions did flare up as predators and teasers were from different communities.

But this didn't end here; political strategist found potential of dynamite in the incident and started to prepare the ground for the explosion.

Fake videos of killing of Hindu youths by Muslim mob while they were protecting the honor of their sister' were circulated through mobile phones and internet. The horrific video showed men in beards and traditional Muslim attire killing two youths mercilessly.

That disgusting video is originally from Pakistan of infamous 2010 killing of two brothers in Sialkot Punjab province by lynching mob who misidentified them as dacoits.

Fake video was edited to incite the passion to illustrate typical bearded Muslims killing helpless innocent Hindu boys who were just trying to protect honor of their sister.

The video spread like wildfire and shared by many people, shockingly including local BJP MLA from the region. BJP MLA from Sardhana constituency of Meerut district Thakur Sangeet Singh Som shared the video on his Facebook profile asking people to see what is going on in Muzaffarnagar', 500 local right wingers distributed it immediately (he has removed it now after a case was filed by the UP police).

That Pakistani Video clip was so popularized in the district that even widely circulated Hindi news paper like Dainik Jagaran in its local edition printed the screen shot image of that Pakistani video clip and showed one of the boy lying on ground in blood surrounded by an apparent Muslim crowd, appallingly without even cross checking the authenticity of the video.
That print news item of Jagaran with screen shot image of Pakistani video came as a blessing for hate mongers who then started widely circulating the forged news item to weight their claim behind the Pakistan Sailkot killing video to present it as Muzaffarabad, Kawa killing clip of two Hindu Jat boys.

Sensing trouble police immediately tried to block the video clips from the internet and filed FIR against the BJP MLA and other 229 unidentified persons for sharing the video was registered. They have been booked under Sections 420 (forgery), 153-A (promoting enmity on religious grounds) and 120-B (conspiracy) of the IPC and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act at the Kotwali police station in Muzaffarnagar.

But damage was already done. According to ADG, law and order Arun Kumar, "A fake video related to murder of two people in a village was uploaded on the internet. We blocked that particular video but unfortunately the CDs were circulated in the village."

Such was the determinant plan for communal riots that even after blocking the video on internet, fringe groups distributed CDs of that fake video.

Local right wing leaders giving weight to the fake video gave a call for Mahapanchayat defying prohibition orders and created law and order situation. Elders of two religious groups were invited to sort out the simmering tension between the two communities. Police said a bus headed for the mahapanchayat was stoned near Basi village, resulting in injuries to six people. As news spread, people of both communities pelted stones at each other.

In that Mahapanchayat meeting literally called to discuss the issues arise through fake videos, four people were killed and five others were injured in passionate stone pelting.

From then on fake video and images has already done their job, whole district in now under fire. Dozens killed, scores has injured with army called in to control the mob fury. Five companies of PAC and five of RAF and police have been deployed in Muzaffarnagar.

But the menace doesn't stop here right wingers is circulating those fake pictures of Pakistani video with Hindi text to incite passion of Hindus. Several FB pages related to Hindutva organisations and individuals, and on other social media like Twitter the video was vigorously shared. This could have repercussions in other parts of the country as well.

It appears more than clear that Muzaffarnagar communal riot is a well orchestrated plan to polarize western UP for Mission 2014.

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Forever-KA IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 April 2009
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Posted: 10 September 2013 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Interesting chain of events. This looks like a case of "raanjhana hua main tera" gone wrong.
On serious note I think BJP MLA being caught with his pants (or pajama) down could hurt Modi's chances. From what I understood from that other topic created by Ass was that he is managing economy well and pomoting himself as moderate and has dry cleaned his image.
However such incidents could hurt him. He should condemn such acts in all its shape and manifestations.
Just my take.
Bazigar Goldie

Joined: 01 July 2013
Posts: 2282

Posted: 11 September 2013 at 11:09pm | IP Logged

Muzaffarnagar: 'Love jihad', beef bogey sparked riot flames

"Desh, bahu aur gai ko bachana hai toh Narendra Modiko lana hai (Bring Narendra Modi to save the country, women and cows)" - this was saffron slogan that stoked the Muzaffarnagar fire, causing the deaths of 37 people since last week.

Summing up in one breath all that a man holds dear - land, cow and women - the line added to the earlier VHP bogey of "love jihad", an alleged plot by Muslim youths to woo and convert Hindu girls to Islam. And given that the riots apparently started with the molestation of a Jat girl by a Muslim man, it made the volatile communal cauldron of western Uttar Pradesh explode.

The idea was not new. Sangh outfits have used it to good effect in Mangalore and Kerala, pushing even Kerala's Christian organisations to pick it up.
"When the society could no longer bear the love jihadists, the corrective movement in the form of Bahu Beti Bachao mahapanchayat came into being," said VHP chief Ashok Singhal.

What he was referring to was a version of the slogan - "Bahu Beti Izzat Bachao" - coined at the Jat Mahapanchayat of September 7. Cases of molestation had been on the rise in the run-up to the clash, said locals. And the bloodshed began soon after the mahapanchayat ended.

The alleged molestation case, though, was the proverbial last straw. Rumors of cow slaughter, fuelled by the Sangh Parivar, had already frayed tempers.

"Incidents of cow slaughter and reports of police inaction or biased action led to a situation where people were feeling agitated," said Meerut-based RTI activist Sandeep Pahal.

But independent data to substantiate molestation and cow slaughter stories are hard to come by, usually because the police rarely register these cases, said a local journalist.

Whatever the method, it yielded the desired result. "It's a clear Hindu versus Muslim issue now. The damage to the social fabric is irreparable," said an aide of Qadir Rana, BSP parliamentarian from Muzaffarnagar.

brilliant solution by someone for all these love jehad cribbing LOL

  • '

The internet is overwhelmed by the BJP supporters. Modi is making waves.

So instead of "cribbing and crying" about "Love Jihad by muslims", every BJP fan must swear by "Love Dharmyudh" and each Modi Fan Boy must marry a muslim girl and then convert her to hindu.

Give Tit for Tat, Modi fanboys ! Don't howl.

Marry a muslim girl for the sake of Modi.

Imagine if all Modi fanboys marry muslim girls and convert them to hindu, then there will be no muslim girls left in this country to produce more muslims. Then your problem will be over. You will not have to worry about "Love Jihad".

na rahega baans, na bajegi baansuri !

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Bazigar Goldie

Joined: 01 July 2013
Posts: 2282

Posted: 11 September 2013 at 11:15pm | IP Logged

Where Sangh spins narratives of victimhood, belligerence

VHP leader sees conspiracy to expand Muslim population, using Hindu girls as machines'

Love Jehad' is the new technique, says a grave-looking Chandra Mohan Sharma. But it is a difficult art', picked only after madrasa-conducted training.'

"First, good-looking Muslim men are identified. They are given neutral names like Sonu and Raju." These boys, Mr. Sharma says, are then given jeans, t-shirts, mobiles, and bikes and taught to behave. "They stand in front of schools and colleges and woo young Hindu girls. The first few times, our girls snub them." But then, he says resignedly, they fall for it. "This jehad is about pyar se fasana - entrapment through love."

The bespectacled joint general-secretary of the Meerut division of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which covers all of western U.P.', he points out with a wee bit of pride, is wearing a grey safari-suit. We are sitting in a small office next to the Khatauli railway station, off the main highway, in Muzaffarnagar district late on Tuesday afternoon.


"Look at police records. Out of 100 girls who elope, 95 are Hindus who go with Muslim men. It is rare that Hindu boys get Muslim girls." This, the VHP leader says conclusively, is proof of a conspiracy to expand Muslim population, using Hindu girls as machines. We need to protect the honour of our daughters, bahu aur beti'.

Ignore this as meaningless rant at your own peril, for Mr. Sharma was at the "mahapanchayat" on Saturday. The protection of our women' was the common theme in many speeches, as video recordings of the event, shown to The Hindu, reveal. There is now recognition that this event added to the agitational mood, added to the insecurity, and eventually led to clashes and violence.

"On August 27, a Muslim boy teased a Hindu girl," Mr. Sharma resumes, "and that is the root of the tensions. Tell me, which brother can accept this?" While this is now a widely accepted version of the trigger for the violence, Muslim elders in Muzaffarnagar town dispute it and insist that it was motor-cycles colliding that provoked the initial fight between young men. The fight was later given a communal colour.

Playing the victim

The patriarchal narrative, which dominates conversations with Hindu extremists across towns of western U.P, is then seamlessly linked to the narrative of victimhood.

A narrow alley off the Surajkund Road in Meerut leads up to the Bharat Mata Mandir. On the first floor lives Sudarshan, VHP's regional organisation secretary. It is early morning. A plump man, he first reads the local editions of Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala, puts up news clippings on his Facebook page, brushes his beard with a comb after a bath, and then turns to have a conversation.

"At each instance, this government has batted for Muslims. In the first FIR, why were parents of the Hindu boys who were killed named as culprits? They were not even present. Our simple demands were unheard," he says.

Mr. Sudarshan insinuates that when Muslims first attacked' Hindus after the panchayat, the latter had sought police protection but were rebuffed. He reels off six incidents from the neighbouring Shamli district, where he alleged that a Muslim police official was partial.' "He even said he was a Muslim first and an IPS later. The government - led by Azam Khan - patronises such people."

Balraj Singh, Bajrang Dal's U.P. chief, says there is a deeper conspiracy.'

"Like in Kashmir, Muslims want to take over the State. They want to take over Hindu property, and Hindu women through love jehad," he says.

With the State government asserting that Hindu extremists had circulated a fake video to depict the August 27 incident in order to inflame Hindu passions, Mr. Singh turns it around. "Muslims had circulated it because they wanted to spread panic, fear, so that like Kashmiri Pandits, we would leave our homes."

Politics of aggression

Mr. Sudarshan says that what happened after the mahapanchayat "was a Godhra." "And what has happened after that is the reaction on the lines of post-Godhra in Gujarat. Hindus did not sit back." The Bajrang Dal leader, who has traces of a red tika on his forehead, then says, "Victory will be ours. The Sangh's work is to unite Hindus, to protect our temples, women, cows, Ganga, our religion."

Reminiscent of Atal Bihari Vajpayee's speech in Goa in 2002, soon after the Gujarat riots, where the then Prime Minister had said Muslims tend not to live in coexistence with others,' Mr. Singh said, "If out of 10 people, I have fights with eight, the problem is with me. Why is it that Muslims fight with Jats, Gujjars, Dalits, Brahmans, Thakurs, and Kuswahas? Why can't they live in peace?"

But it is here, with the reference to castes, that the politics behind the riots slowly reveals itself.

One Sangh activist, who insisted on being anonymous, told The Hindu, "For the first time, Jats and Muslims are fighting each other. This is a great achievement. Jats have begun thinking like Hindus first. If more Hindu castes fight with Muslims, it will be better for us. BJP will benefit." Muslims, this activist added, needed to be taught a lesson, for they thought they ruled U.P. under Mulayam.'

Mr. Singh offers a candid take. To save your caste, you have to save your religion first. This message has gone out. This has happened for the first time in many years."

But while the broader Sangh Parivar is keen to project itself as the protector of Hindus in general, and Jats in particular, against Muslims, they are ambivalent about taking full credit, perhaps in a bid to escape culpability.

Mr. Sharma in Khatauli says, "It is natural that we are involved since we talk about Hindu rights. But the Sangh does not have shakhas in all villages in the district; our organisation is weak. This is a spontaneous upsurge." Other political leaders, however, rubbish the suggestion that over a lakh could congregate for a meeting without organisational support.

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