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Arhi FF: InTense Love Thread 3 - Part 12 l PG. 88l (Page 88)

hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2013 at 4:06am | IP Logged
ye hamesha jagda hi kyu karte he..

go ahead to change title.. as i only matter with story.. it will be rabba ve for me.. lol.
but this one is also nice..
awesome updates.

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deepika45 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 October 2013 at 4:22am | IP Logged
nice update

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misscrazyfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 October 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
loved it yaaar
next update pls

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chandu07 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 October 2013 at 12:15am | IP Logged
rabba vs 4 next...

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..Sugar_ArHi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 8:04am | IP Logged


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Part 12

He drove his car in full speed ignoring all the signals and the traffic rules.. His anger was pumping in him and the inner devil in him wasn't leaving any chance to provoke him more.. He clenched his fist in frustration.. The way she provoke him was echoing in his ears.. In sudden he brakes his car and banged his fist on the steering. His red blood eyes moist when she taunted his MOTHER for giving birth to such monster.. He placed his arms on the steering and hid his face. He shut his eyes gulping the terrifying day in his life.. The day he lost his mother and become orphan..


"Maaa..." He shouts in fear seeing a lady early 40 lying lifeless on the floor.. He run to her and placed her head on his lap and hold her hand assuring her that he is HERE..

Nargis: "Chotte.." She call softly fighting with her breath.. Pills was lying on the floor and a bottle was rolling when her hand grips was losing.. He knew what his mother attempted to do and that really break his heart.. He shouts for his maid calling them to help his mother.. But before that his mother stopped him.. "Chotte.. I don't have much time.. Let me say what I wanted to.. Before its too late.." He was weeping badly seeing she was giving up..

Arnav: "Maa.. Don't leave me.. I only have you and Di in my life.." His tear fell on Nargis cheeks. She caress his left cheek and continued..

Nargis: "Promise me you won't hate your father.." His eyes popped out.. He was stunned seeing her still asking this from him.. "I knew chotte he did a lot of mistake but he is still your father.. Doesn't matter how wrong or ill he is you can't change the fact.. Don't hate him Chotte. Maybe I'm wasn't capable for him and that the reason he find for some other girls but I won't blame him.. I will love him for the rest of my life even up there I will pray for his well being.. I wanted to meet him Chotte.. For the last time.." Arnav was lost of words. He loves his mother a lot and she...

That was the horrible day in his life when his mother died on his lap and he couldn't do anything.. He was just staring at her and that's when she closed her eyes and leave him forever..

Flashback end


"Maa.." he called softly yet painful voice.. Alone tear rolled on his cheek.. He has never shed his tear unless it was for his mother. He loves her a lot and he can never hear a word against his mother.

"Your mother might be regret giving birth to you.. [PAUSE].. I know you are dying to sleep with me.. But I'm least interested in you and your body. Last time you have slapped me once but this time you will only regret.. And I meant it Khushi.. [PAUSE] Just give me one percent of yours and I will give you hundred percent of mine.. LOVE me Khushi.. Just once.."


He hurriedly opens his eyes and then he realizes he had hurt her again. He left her at the lonely road and she was new to this place. He started his car and turns the vehicle on the opposite direction. He drove as fast as he can to reach her. Once he was nearing the place, he slow down the speed and looked out from the mirror but that's when someone dumped into his car and he brake in hurry before it pass on her.. He jumped out from the car and rushed towards the person and that was shocked for him seeing Khushi crying in pain when she fell on the ground as he hit by his SUV.. He walked towards her and holds her injury hands and elbow. She lifted her gaze and saw him the person which she less interested. But at one side she was happy seeing him as she will be SAFE.

He didn't utter a word and tied a handkerchief on her elbow and made her stand. She was turning behind for everyone seconds that when she saw those bikes come in their direction and her hands was trembling. He caught her hand grip tight and looked in her scary eyes. He turn behind only to find four youngest and two bikes. 

Arnav: "Did they did anything to you..?" She nodded a NO.. "Are you lying..?" She again nodded a NO.. "Get in the car.." She again nodded a NO.. He holds her wrist and took her towards the car and made her seat. She was still shivering under his hold. "Is it paining..?" He pointed towards her wounds.. She again nodded a NO and he was surely pissed off.. He doesn't understand why she wanted to lie and hide her pain. He cupped her cheeks and made her face him.. "Lock the doors and don't come out. If you did then I'm not going to spare you.." He was about to move but her soft voice made him turn and looked at her..

Khushi: "Where are you going..??" He smirked..

Arnav: "You still care for me..?? Even after my unforgivable deeds..??"with mock voice.. "If you remember my words of THAT NIGHT then you will knew what am I going to do now.." He locked the door from inside and walked towards the goons which were waiting for him.

Khushi was in dilemma not understanding what does he meant by his words on THAT NIGHT..?? He had said a lot and which words of his she have to mark..??

Goon 1: "Ehh.. Hero.. That girl is ours.. Give her to us and leave this place.."

Arnav: "She is mine.. I can't give her to anyone.." He was damn relax and his voice didn't reflect his anger.

Goon 2: "Then wait for your turn.. Let us have fun with her.." He smirked realizing what they asked from him.

Arnav: "I can't wait nor I can share her with anyone.. Because she meant to ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.." They were shocked to know the person standing in front of them is Arnav Singh Raizada?? His face wasn't that clearly to been seen as the place was quite dark.

Goon 3: "ASR.. We.." been interrupted in between..

Arnav: "I will forgive you but for that you have to do something for me.." They were confused but still wait for him to continue.. "I have never given this opportunity to anyone but today four of you are the lucky one.."

Goon 2: "What we have to do..?"

Arnav: "HIT ME.." They frown their brows.. "This is the golden opportunity and don't miss it.. I have my own reason for asking this and I don't find the needs of informing any of you.. But if you didn't react in next 10 seconds then I swear I will break every bones of yours and not even a doctor can join them again.." He threatens them and that's when a single punched hit his face.

Khushi jumped from her seat seeing him been beat by those goons and she couldn't even hear any of his discussion.. He was standing quite far from her.

The goons started to be more violence and hit him brutally on his face and body. And to her surprised he didn't even replied even a signal punched..?? She was being restless and that's when she decides to come out and help him. The moment she open the door a serene voice stopped her..

Arnav: "Don't you dare come out from the car.." He shouts in between getting punches from the goons. She locked the door and cried bitterly.. She doesn't know what she should do and why he was doing all this..?? Her mind was pouching his words and she couldn't remember anything right now. Even her brain wasn't working properly. She closed her eyes and start praying..

Khushi(Folding her hands): "Devi Maiyya.. Raksha Karna.." Her tear rolled on her cheeks and suddenly a soft voice whisper in her ear..

"I will burn this world if someone try to take my love from me.. I will ruin the life of the person who touch my love.. I will turn in to beast when I saw my love is crying.. If I knew I'm the reason she is crying then I will harm myself brutally just to give the same pain to my body and heart for the paid of my loves tear.."  Her eyes popped out and the last words was ringing in her ears..

Khushi (To herself): "Did he really loves me..??" It was too hard for her to digest that the beast falling for her..?? "His words.. And why is he hurting himself..?? Was he hinting me to remember his words of THAT NIGHT...??" She was puzzled and she still couldn't able to joint any of the dots.. She looked in front and there she saw him lying lifeless on the road and those goons was nowhere to be seen.. She rushed out from the car and run to him. He was trying to stand but he wasn't able to.. She seat on the ground and looked at his face carefully.. There were only bloods and some blue and black marks.

Arnav: "You happy now..??" He winked trying to bear the pain he was having on his skins..

Khushi (angrily): "More then everything.." He smirked..

Arnav: "I expected this answer.." He was again trying to stand but the next moment he fell on her laps and rested for a moment..

Khushi: "Why..??" Her voice was fading and her tear rolled down..

Arnav: "It's a punishment for me for giving you pain.. I shouldn't leave you alone here.. I was wrong.." Yet he will never apologize.. She thought..

Khushi: "This is not the answer I'm looking for..?? Why you want to punish yourself after giving me pains..??" He wiped her tear..

Arnav: "Crying Princess your Prince Charming will never let you cry.." That was such a confuse phase which he thrown on her and let her find the conclusion.. She wanted to joint all the dots but it was too hard and seeing him hissing for every minutes she brushed those thoughts and was helping him to stand but he stopped her as he have something to tell her.. "Maa.." She looked at him and his eyes moist.. "You was right my mom shouldn't give birth to me.. She should kill me the day I was born in this world.. It was better as I don't have to go through all this in my life.. I love my mother more than anything Khushi but she was selfish.. Just like my father but still I couldn't stop loving her but the same love which I have for my mother I can't share with my father.. Because of him I lost my mother and because of him my mother decided to end her life.. She died on her laps but still she was asking about HIM.. Not even once she asked about me and tell be to be strong in fact she wants me to forgive my father.. How can I forgive him Khushi.. I saw my mom crying every night just because of him.. She consider him as her GOD and day night she prayer for him.. But during her last breath.. [PAUSE] She didn't even thought of telling me only once that Chotte maa jah rahi hai.. apne khayal rakha.. Maa tumare saath hogi hamesha.. (Chotte Mom going now.. Take care of yourself and Maa will be always with you..)" His tear rolled due to the grief he was having within him.. "She never think about me not even once when she decided to end her life.. She didn't even think that I will be lonely.. But it wasn't her mistake too.. How long she can take her husband's betrayal..?? I love my mother a lot Khushi.. I begged you please don't cursed her.. Just tell whatever you want to me but don't bring my mother in between us.. Let me leave with those memories which I have with her.." She sobs hearing his words.. He was in deep pain and she..

Khushi: "Arnav i.." be kept his finger on her lips..

Arnav: "Don't say anything.. Let me sleep.. I'm tired.." He was about to close his eyes but she didn't let him..

Khushi: "Don't close.." Her voice cracked..

Arnav: "I'm not going to die that soon.." He said jokingly.. But that only made her cried harder..

Khushi: "That's the reason I hate you Arnav Singh Raizada.. You are only thinking about yourself.. What will be Mahi's and your Family condition after seeing you like this.."

Arnav: "Aur tum..?? (And you..)" She was numbed and she didn't replied anything.. That's when few men come and helped her to make him seat in the car and she drive his SUV to the nearby hospital..

To be continued..

I'm announcing that i'm going to change the tittle of this story to Intense Love. But dont worry i will still give some rabbaVe moments and rabbaVe will always belongs to arshi.

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flutterlashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 8:05am | IP Logged


Wonderful updateBig smile
arnav remembered his past..
i was literally crying seeing arnie cryingCryCry
her mom did sucideOuchShocked
loved it he took turn back and saved khushi..
ohh god that was so intense wen he hurt
himself by those goonsCryCry
he told khushi how much he missed his mom...
brilliant updateClap
m glad u turn this ff into a intense oneEmbarrassed
well wriiten Star
loved itHug

Edited by flutterlashes - 04 October 2013 at 1:23am

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hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Awesome super duper updates...
love it...
yar i love this monster...
it will be rabba ve for me always...
this title is also good... I like it...
love this line my crying princess wala...
u make me remember crying princess...

Edited by hiralhk - 03 October 2013 at 11:44am

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arshividi Goldie

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Mind blowing update pavin di

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