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Vani Rani Monday Sep 23rd Written Updates

Episode 173


Bhoomi tells Angu.. I will do every duty as your son and satisfy all your needs. But please stay away and let me live peacefully. I cannot be selfish anymore. He falls at her feet and begs her to walk off. A shocked Angu walks off with teary eyes. ClapClap Bhoomi pleads Surya and Gautam to resume Operation search Rani. Bhoomi says I too will search and am prepared to die to bring her back.Shocked Only way Vani will survive is uniting her with Rani.Star  Please search and bring her back. Gautam says whether you say or not we will do it. Thumbs Up Gautam and Surya walk off. Bhoomi stands crying and praying. Shocked Dancing

Gautam and Surya (G & S ) on search mission. Swami in search of a work. G & S meet Point and polmabufy - Rani and Co not found and the reason for their walk had to shared with the people we interrogate. It is pathetic to share such matters. Cry Gautam wonder if they left the city. Points says not possible. Surya wonders why Vani asked Rani to get out. Point says Vani called me immediately and asked me to arrange for a house through Manager. But that flopped since Swami got to know it was Vani's help and he refused too accept it. G & S feel they might some clue from shops nearby that house. The trio drive off. A coupe stranded on a road coz their car breaks down. Their small baby crying out of hunger Cry  (enna amma .. Yenga ponalam should carry something for the baby to eat nu theriyatha.Dead ) . The couple fight. Swami volunteers to help. He repairs the car successfully. The couple thank Swami. That guy gladly pays Swami Rs.1000. Swami refuses to accept it saying will not accept money for help.Clap That guy thrusts the money in Swami's pocket and drives off.

Swami buys food with the money earned and returns to the temple. He gives the food to Sara, Thenu and Rani. Rani asks what's all this. If we come to temple we should pray and leave but not eat Tiffin like this. Why are you thinking like this. Sara Thenu and Swami (STS) are confused (So are we viewers ShockedDay Dreaming) .. Rani tells Thenu and Sara come lets go home. (OMG.. she lost her senses..  CryCry ) How long do we sit here. Come lets go home. STS shocked. Rani continues, Akka would have come back from court by now. If she is not served hot coffee immediately she will get a headache and scream at point. She starts walking. Swami asks Sara and Thenu to eat and runs behind Rani. Rani asks where is the car. Where did the driver go. Call him. On the way back, I need to buy Rava for the making kichadi. Surya asked me for the same. Swami shakes Rani and asks what happened Rani ma. I am scared. Rani says don't panic this time I will ensure that correct amount of salt is added. Mama also likes it. We need to go home. Swami says are you not aware what happened and how we landed here
. Rani says why didn't we bring Sara and Thenu along. The kids join them. Rani is surprised that Thenu and Sara have come. Kids are worried. Swami announces that Rani has forgotten everything. Rani says I haven't forgotten anything next week onwards Thenu exams and Wednesday after that Surya birthday. This time lets not cut cake and celebrate. Instead lets make Kanchipuram idly. Rani continues on how to make that idly. Swami bursts out crying.. Rani what are you talking. Sara joins the oppari session. Swami says first eat. Rani says we should go home and eat. Swami says first eat, then we can go home. Rani asks Thenu and Sara if they ate. Both reply Yes. Rani asks if Selvi ate. STS are shocked. Rani continues I packed Lemon Rice for akka. Wonder whether it was good or not. Please call point and verify. Thenu drags Rani to eat. Rani says who will eat at temple. I have lot of work at home. Swami and Sara break down crying. Swami says she has forgotten everything and remembers only the good times we spent. We need to meet a Dr ASAP. Rani eats and other look on.


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Tuesday Sep 24th Updates

Episode 174


Swami polambing to Sara that Rani has forgotten everything and decides to meet a dr ASAP.  Sara consoles him and assures I will take care. Rani eats and others look on. Rani finishes. Sara asks if she needs something more. Rani says sapdalamnu sollitu why didn't you guys give me anything to eat. Give me something to eat. Thenu and Sara shocked. Thenu cries. Sara thalaila adichikittu cries. At the other end, Vani's condition worsens. Dr trying his best to treat Vani. Bhoomi, Surya and Gautam RKO (Round katti oppari). Gautam again threatens Bhoomi, ammakku ethavuthu aachu.. appanu parka matten. I will kill you. Surya drags him away.  An upset Bhoomi sincerely prays.  Star                               

Jo's home, Angu poalmbing to Jo.. my son changed..
He begged me with teary eyes to walk off.. Jo feels this is yet another drama.. Angu says No.. As a mother I know when he acts. In teh past, if I couldn't recognize, he would tell me upfront before the act or after it. His tears were real this time. I have lost him. He has started feeling guilty for separating Vani and Rani. Jo still feel Bhoomi is disturbed coz Vani is sick. She says he is the only hold for us. We must not let him go off. Angry DeadPoo walks in and thuppufies them. Clap Poo scolds Jo.. I thought you would reform after you saw your hubby touch death and come back. But I was wrong. You possess a rotten brain. Are you two not ashamed of all time thinking of spoiling someone lives. Angu screams shut up, don't talk as if you know everything. Poo says I know, you were polambing about losing your son and my mom advising you not to let that happen.Angry If Jo faces this situation tomorrow.. Won't you suffer. What did Vani do to you. Why this revenge on her. She has been respecting you along inspite of the tortures you give her. Thumbs Up Didn't you see how amma suffered when her hubby was lost and found. Can you imagine what would have happened if my appa was lost forever. Thumbs Up Jo says don't talk beyond your limits. Do you know how my brother is suffering there inspite of pouring out all his earning for them. Poo says this is the joke of the day. LOLLOL You have bought a house in his money and torturing them constantly. Clap No one there is like that. Who are you into interfere in their personal problems? Thumbs Up Even though Vani and Rani didn't talk to each other. They had a good understanding and were leading a very happy life.Thumbs Up Instead of enjoying their beautiful relationship you have separated them and enjoying on that. Enna jenmam.  Clap  Soon you guys reap for the sins committed. Clap Jo screams. Poo says I am not scared of your attams. Hug My education and good character will save me. I have every right to question you. If my timid appa can beat you and walk off, it will not take a minute for me to walk off. Dancing Don't dance too much. Angu raises her hand and says what do we do if Swami steals and runs away. Poo says don't talk rubbish. You need not give me details about Swami's character. He will beg but never eye someone's property. Thumbs Up Moreover, Gautam has shared all details with me. Dancing Your son has gone one step ahead of you in stooping low. Dancing Only consoling factor is he is trying to change. Smile Don't spoil that. Angu says don't talk, just get into your room. Poo says I will go but please make sure that you will not be sent out of this home. Party I don't want to trouble my ailing father. If Bhoomi's change is true, you have no place in that home. If such a situation arises here, imagine your plight. My mother will choose me over you. Better mend your ways. Illata I will tell appa. Poo walks off. Angu and Jo are shaken.

Selvi apoligizes to Kali for overriding him and walking off to search her mom. Kali taunts her. did you find your mother.. it was just a waste of fuel, time and loss of a days collection. Selvi says I searched for them, coz I had a responsibilty as a daughter and had a belief that I will find them. But my fate was otherwise. But I will not stop with my attempts. Kali taunts some more.. why wasn't the gr8 gautam, who could finish me off too without a trace, not able to find them. Selvi says he is trying his level best. he is torn between a critical mom at hospital and missing amma. I have come here to seek your help. Kali says I hate you and will never do anything that will please you. Selvi says I accept my fate as it is.  I know your strength is the auto's you own. Only you can help me. I shall print flyers of my missing family members. Please permit me to post them on your autos. Even if one person gives some info I will be able to trace my family.
Kali thinks.                  


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Wednesday Sep 25th Updates
Episode 175

(Johnny Johnny)

Selvi Selvi
Yes mama?
You want me find your family?
Yes mama!!
Divorce Rajesh,  I'll find your mummy
Forget it mama!!! Hahaha

Kali's House

OK she did not say hahaha, but that was the gist of what had happened in last night's episode. Scene continues with Selvi pleading with Kali to get his auto drivers carry posters of her family at the back of the autos. She says if someone manages to find her mother, then her periamma can be saved and Kali would have the puniam of saving two lives. Kali of course is contemptuous and tells her yevankku vendum pavam or puniyam? That going to cook rice? Now you know my strength, right? If I can do this for you, what will you do in return? Selvi stupidly asks what do you want? Just tell me and I will do it. Kali says divorce Rajesh. Selvi looks shocked.

Kali says why are you shocked? (So true...we viewers knew that this is what he would have asked. Manga Selvi didn't, apparently). This is nothing new, is it? You know this is what I wanted right from the beginning. You just say yes and no matter which corner of the world your mother is in, I will bring her for you.  Selvi, the ignorant loosu that she is, says I don't believe this. (Why? We did and we do) All right, I am someone else's daughter but isn't Rajesh your son? Isn't his happiness important to you? Kali goes ballistic. When you leave him,, that day will be Deepavali for me...then he will see how much his father loves him. I was worried that he would never see his father's love, but now you have given me that opportunity,

Selvi tells him he is going to be disappointed and defeated because that will never happen. The marriage is only one part of their lives. Sethalum unga mathiri mosam ana appa irrkathu, sethalam Rajesh mathiri nalla purushan kidaikka mattan. She tells Kali that they have not had intimacy and Kali looks shocked at first and then starts smirking. Angry Selvi tells him Shenba knew and she was so happy and jumping for joy in front of her and thought that she could use that to split them up. She asked a small favour from Kali but did not expect his response. Kali screams that she should have and again goes on that either he will chase her away or she will leave. Selvi says she will die as Rajesh's wife and Rajesh will die as her husband. The world is big and there are kind people out there. Somehow she will find her mother and save her periamma. Kali will regret what he said and his words will come back to haunt him. She apologises for disturbing him and walks off. Kali walks up and down thinking.


Morning. Everyone is sleeping but there is no Rani. Swami wakes up and finds Rani missing. He goes looking for her and finds her cleaning the entrance of the temple, preparing for kolam. She sees Swami and tells him to go buy milk as she wants to make coffee for Saravanan. Swami looks so shocked and speechless. Saravanan comes and Rani goes on as if she is at home. Saravanan gets angry (idiot) and drags her to the temple and shows Thenu sleeping. Saravanan and Swami tell her what happened and Vani threw them out of the house (which was for a reason but they dont seem to see that). Rani does not believe them and says her akka would not have done such a thing.

Thenu wakes up and sees the drama in front of her. She gets distressed on finding that something is wrong with her and goes to Rani and hugs her and cries "Amma, naan Thenu ma". Rani says yes I know and hugs her back. Swami and Sara are sobbing uncontrollably. (Prepare the tissues. Cry)


Bhoomi calls the police and asks them to look for Rani and family. He asks them to keep it quiet and promises to send a photo of the family that he has in his mobile (Intha mathri ellam panni irruthu irukere, ahpah yean da nee eppidi kevalama nadanthu irruke?)

Mano and Poonkodi walk in. Mano asks his mama why he separated V and R. He cries when he sees Vani in that condition. P and the boys discuss what to do next. Gautham suggests that they should complain to the police. Bhoomi, like a child, says I have already done it. Both Gautham and Surya stare at him. Surya walks off. Bhoomi says if the police cannot find Rani, he will take out advertisements in the paper. Gautham too walks off in disbelief.

Bhoomi cries to Mano and Poonkodi and tells them that couldnt he change? He wants to find Rani, return her to Vani and go away. Then he thought to redeem his sins, he wants to live with Vani in happiness. But the kids dont want to believe him.


Once again Radhikaa rocked as Rani. Seriously, like you all said, it was unexpected. She does not act mad or crazy, just that she has forgotten that part of her life. Brilliant acting. Clap

Prithvee too stood out in his role. It is not easy acting with Radhikaa and hold your own part but he did it very well. It was heartbreaking to see the shock and despair on his face. Manaas (Saravanan) needs to improve - his crying was put on. But Thenu (Neha) was excellent. 

Bhaboos (Kali) was brilliant as the contemptible, merciless Kali. His looks, his demeanour, the way he delivered his dialogues - no easy feat but he grabs your attention. Poor Bhaboos - in real life, he is nothing like that but he always gets this kind of roles.

The plot is very good - totally unexpected. Rani's  memory lapse was something we did not foresee. We all expected Kali to make that demand, but any other serial Selvi would have agreed, Kali would have made her promise that she won't tell Rajesh, she would make Rajesh's life miserable, Shenba will take this opportunity to be sympathetic and caring, Rajesh and Selvi will separate etc many times we must have seen this kind of story? But here, Selvi throws Kali's "offer" back in his face. Well done.Clap

Cant waif for the next episode.

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Makkalz: Apologies. I had spent quite a considerable time watching the episode (at least three times) to get as much information as I could, but the system crashed and I lost everything. Angry So I am giving something much smaller but it would have covered the gist of it. Besides, it might actually encourage some of you to watch it. Wink
Episode 176
Thursday 26.09.2013
Baa baa black heart
Why are you so cruel?
Yes sir, yes sir, I am no fool
Play with her mind, drive her mad
 I am Mental Kali and I am baaad
Continues from yesterday where Surya and Gautham have walked off. Bhoomi is still polamburaning to Mano (Sivaji Mano)  and Poongodi (Maha Lakshmi) . He is sad and frustrated that his own sons do not believe him. He does not blame them but says can't a man change?  His love for his mother caused him to chase his brother away,  he admits that. He asks Poongodi "At least do you believe me? Do you believe your Mama has changed? Do you see the truth in my words?" Poongodi just says "Yosikkiren, mama" and walks off. Clap
Bhoomi continues with Mano. Tells Mano that you can live as an orphan without anyone, but you cannot live when no one trusts you. He says he is yearning for his Vani to get up and talk to him.  What is the point of his status, his wealth, his hard work? Not worth anything when his own kids have thrown him away. He goes on in this same vein. Blah blah blah.  Mano does not say anything, just pats him on his shoulder and asks him to look after akka and walks off too. Clap
Swamy in the Sun
Swamy keeps walking in the sun. Confused At one point, he gets so tired that he leans against a car to rest. Immediately the driver yells who is learning against his car? Swamy walks off then to a workshop and asks for a job.
The boss (the village headman in Sivasankari) conducts a really weird interview "Oon thol-ay partha mechanic thol-u mathiri teriyile?" (So Barack Obama vanthu velai ketta koodupingalo?). Swamy begs and cries and cries and begs. Boss asks him to repair a car - Swamy passes with flying colours (and a scratched hand). Boss says you are appointed. Swamy very hesistantly asks for an advance as he needs to take Rani to the hospital. Predictably, the boss yells at him and tells him off and orders him to go to work and maybe he'll give him Rs 200.00 at the end of the day. Swamy shuffles off in dejection.
Kali's House Angry
Kali is watching the telly. He is bored (it is the news, mentally challenging for him). He sees Selvi (Nikhila Rao) walking in and immediately switches off the telly and takes the newspaper. He pretends to read out loud a piece of news about a man who committed suicide with his wife and children. Selvi stands there looking stunned. He calls the "man" all kinds of names and throws the paper down in disgust and walks off.
Predictably Selvi runs and takes the paper and flips from page to page. Meanwhile Kali is hiding and watching her, smirking and gloating. (Great acting by Bhaboos). Shenba (Sree Devi) calls him and he shushes her. Then he goes to her and tells her that Selvi is coming and asks Shenba to play along. When Selvi comes out, the evil duo continue with their mind games, and Kali tells Shenba that not only he read it in the papers but also saw it in the news. A man, holding the hand of his wife had jumped into a river, together with two of his children. Only one daughter was not with them. Selvi runs off and switches the telly on. Both the evil uncle and niece are laughing in enjoyment. Angry Selvi can't find anything and just sits there sobbing her heart out.
Selvi's mother-in-law Sura (Sangeeta Balan) returns to the house and finds Selvi sitting on the sofa weeping. She asks what happened and Selvi tells her what her "mama" had said. Sura yells for her husband and asks him whether he said that Selvi's mother had committed suicide. He denies saying that he had read in the news that a man and his family had committed suicide and Shenba exaggerates the story further. Sura of course see through their game and tells Selvi that they are doing this to irritate her.
She then turns on Kali and yells at him. Way to go, Sura. Calls him all kinds of names and insults him. Kali tries to yell back but Sura shuts him up "Neeyaelam oru manushan ya??" etc. You guys have to watch this scene. Both Kali and Shenba's faces were priceless. Sura takes Selvi away.
Temple Cry
Rani is sitting quietly, lost in her own world. She looks so child-like and innocence . Thenu (Neha) is sitting next to her. Sara (Manaas) comes over and Thenu tells him that she is scared and she does not know what's happening. She says "Mundhi elam Ranima pesuna, kettukonde irrukulam, ahnah ippe pesu thongunna bayama irruku". Why is all this happening to us? We are good people. Suddenly, Sara hears a voice, it is his friend. (Habba, at last, someone has found them).
His friend forces him to tell the whole story and then asks him to follow him to see a finance company man who will give him a part-time job. Sara tells Thenu that he has to go out for a short while. Thenu says ok but asks him to come back quickly.
Episode ends with Thenu making her mother to sleep on her lap and stroking her. 
1. Once again, this episode is filled with great moments. Both Poongodi and Mano's reactions to Bhoomi, Kali's mind games with Selvi. Sura's retorts against Kali. Thenu's worries and the questions she asks. I am glad that Poongodi and Mano reacted the way they did and not accept Bhoomi's change of heart straightaway.
2. Dialogue. Poongodi's simple "Yosikkiren mama" to Thenu's references to Rani and Sura's attack on Kali in Chennai Tamil was brilliant. Though it was the workshop boss's dialogue on the skin that had me ROFL though unintentionally, I am sure.
3. The plot is moving at a nice pace. There were no dragging moments in this episode although I felt like giving Swamy a hefty banana leaf lunch so that he has thembu and talks louder. Sara is forever crying. Honestly, I have never seen a man cry so much. I think more surprises are coming vis-a-vis the storylines.
4. My review won't be complete without mentioning Radhikaa's acting. Absolutely fabulous - although I am not sure whether "Nadigai Thilagam" is appropriate for her as I think the old actresses deserve it more. But seriously, she was just brilliant. Smiling, quiet, lost in her own world, oblivious to what was happening around her - your heart wrenches as you see the way she sits there and just looks around with a small smile. Little Thenu was also good. She has a lot of promise, that girl. Doesn't overact as Baby Shalini.

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Monday Sep 30th updates

Episode 178


Thenu searching Rani and Sara on his bike searching Thenu.. RR finance owner Rajendran worried that Sara is yet not back with collection amount. He calls the concerned party and gets to know that Sara has collected the amount 2 hours back. Owner's suspicion is fuelled by another worker Venkatesan.. Panam and bike both pochhu .. Rajendran calls his inspector friend and updates all matters. Inspector vows to help.  

Dr checks Rani and tells Swami and Mahalingam . I need to talk a lot to Rani to conclude what the problem is. We need to scan and do lot of other tests too. Memory loss varies from person to person. It can be amnesia, Alzheimer or so on. Swallowing few tablets cannot solve this. Rani has forgotten the episode of coming out of her home. Swami says she is talking about the happy times and fighting with me for bringing her to temple and talking about walking out of home. Dr says she feels you are absurd by talking about things that she has erased from her memory. We need to be a big support for her and help her. Rani walks in and says something wrong with him talking unrelated tings. Wonder why he has kept me at a temple. You are a good Dr. Please make him realize the truth and send us home ASAP. I need to go before akka comes. Dr says admission is required for further action. Rani jumps in asks is he so serious that he needs admission.. LOL ROFL (Rani.. your inncocene while saying this.. mind blowing.. indha timelayum super comedy.. ) Dr says first admit, tomorrow lets scan and decide next step. Mahalingam gives money and asks Swami to pay up and finish admission formalities while he takes car of Rani. Swami hesitates to take money. Mahalingam says Madam is like my sister; I have the rights and duty to help her. Rani asks you came to meet my sister why roaming around with my hubby and that too till hospital. Mahalingam sends Swami and stands enduring Rani. Swami busy with admission formalities, Point, Surya and Poo walk past him. They do not see each other.  Cry


Inspector spots Sara and slaps him for swindling the collection money. Angry Sara says I did not steal, was searching my sister. Inspector does not let Sara explain. Round katti they beat Sara and try to push him into the jeep.Cry A tired Thenu spots Sara and runs towards him. Clap But before she could reach Sara, police whisk him away in their jeep. Shocked Thenu sits down crying inconsolably  CryCry                       

At the station, Sara is beaten black and blue by the inspector. Sara does not divulge his family details but promises that he did not steal. He cries that I am not able to bear the pain. Inspector not bothered, abuses Sara and beats him till he faints and walks off saying will come back for more. (pathetic scene.. Firstly, please do not show such violence. Definetly it does not add sympathy. It only increases the fear amongst common man about police.)

At the hospital, Poo asks Gautam if he checked at the station regarding Bhoomi's complaint on Rani Search mission. Gautam in kaduppu says I don't believe that guy .. aparam how to believe on his complaint. Wink


Thenu spots a scary looking mottai (scary BGM too DeadDead) and seeks help. OuchThenu says I am lost. I want to call my home. Can you please lend me your phone.Cry That guy gives the phone and Thenu dials. Mottai stares at Thenu while Thenu is desperate to reach someone. OuchOuch   


Please don't forget to hit the like button. Do share your opinions too.


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Vani Rani Written Update - Friday, 27th September 2013

R.R. Finance - owner/manager explains the difficulties of collecting money & asks Saravanan to collect vatti & asal from someone called Sakthivel. He hands Saravanan Sakthivel's address & company bike key for a week. Saravanan informs him about his mother health & says he will start from work from tomorrow. Manager isn't happy & Saravanan's friend advises him to start work today. Saravanan apologizes & manager says he will decide his salary after the first collection.

Rani wakes up & Thenu leaves her to get water. Thenu turns around & Rani is missing. Thenu goes looking for her inside the temple & then outside - no sign of Rani. She asks a man standing on the roadside about her mother but he answers he didn't see anyone. Both Rani & Thenu are shown walking & at one point Thenu's standing behind Rani facing the other way... Thenu walks away.Cry

Mahalingam comes to get his vehicle & the owner calls Swami to come outside. Swami comes out holding a spanner & Mahalingam's shocked. Mahalingam informs the owner about Swami & that his wife's sister is Vani, criminal lawyer. Swami says he's a common man & he needs to work here to support his family. Mahalingam asks him to explain what happened & Swami recalls what happened. Swami says he cannot work thinking about Rani & Mahalingam asks him to come with him to take Rani to hospital. 

Saravanan sees Rani walking & calls her to stop. He stops her, asks her where she's going & where's Thenu. Rani says today's Friday & that Thenu's at school. Both come to the temple & Saravanan starts looking for Thenu & asks people whether they've seen her. Outside, one beggar informs him that Thenu followed her mother out of the temple. Saravanan tells Rani to wait & goes outside. He sees Swami coming with Mahalingam & informs them about Thenu missing. Swami goes inside to ask Ran but she questions him about Thenu.Cry Mahalingam asks her if she remembers him & Saravanan breaks down. Mahalingam suggests taking her to hospital. Swami asks Saravanan to look for Thenu & he will take Rani to the hospital with Mahalingam. 

Thenu runs into a mini lorry & screams "ammaaa!!"



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