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Fettered Affection~thread 2~chp 36 p.107 30.5.14

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Thread~ 1

Thread~ 2.

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                                    Mishal Raheja as Dutta Patil

                        Fettered Affection ~ Chapter 21

                   "anything is better than lies & deceit".Tolstoy  

In his preoccupation, he forgot to collect his wallet from his room.. he realized that when he felt the inlaid side slit pockets of his Pathiani shirt. He bit his lip and almost shook his head, a  bit in love which in a way could be held responsible for his forgetfulness.

He was not one to intrude on  his mother's social or otherwise talk sessions.. one could say, he left her to it and often than less wished not to be embroiled in her affairs. But, with some stealth he did give this babaa another look ,as it were, and dug his feet on the shining smooth magnolia tiled floor..

He couldn't help but overhear Babi's sharp voice, although he headed towards his wooden steps, "dekho babba humnien ap ko isliye bulwaiya hai, ke pata kar sakien ke meri bete ka ye lagaan ka meil  thek rehe ga ya nehi?

Then Dutta slowed his pace and with his back to them he lingered.. as Babi , continued,"mujhe tu bahut chinta hai.. she said candidly, paused and then continued, "ye jor thek ho ga? zaat bhi farak hai..  ye log malik log aur hum rehe maachroon ke zaat, naukar zaat basti wale?

To Dutta's surprise his mother to joined in for reassurance,"haan hamien bhi apne bete ke chinta hai,  lagaan ke baat hai is liya bahut  soojh bhoj dekhne parte hai.."Dutta mused, so much faith in such people ,that's how they  earn their livelihood,  he assumed knowing his mother she would give some dan to this man.

The babaa  said within  Dutta's hearing distance,"ap dono ke liye humare ya kehna hai  ke Nakusha beti  Dutta ke surakhsha kowaj  hoge!  Dutta  ko buriye se baachane ke taqat  rekhte hai! he said prophetically.

Both women, raised their hands ,and chanted "Deva re Deva!, and AS went as far to say, "hum jante the isliye humien phele din se, jab humne Nakusha ko dekha,  laga ke ye milan dono ke liya thek ho ga..".Dutta ,caught on and griped if you knew AS than what was the point in approaching this outsider.

But what Babi said , began to rattle him a little.." maa hoon tu kuch aur batien ka bhi dar lagta hai..",yet in time his own mother tarried Babi from saying any more and Dutta had heard enough!

He charged towards Baji's room taking huge strides and barged into what looked like a family emergency sitting. A wound up Kala Tai was  giving vent to her anxiety, "little did I know that Babi would be so quick on calling upon a prohoit!. Baji sounded off, "hope kuch ulte seedhe baat na kar de Bhao ke matalaq". Leela too chipped in," haan ke  she is doubtful..

Dutta gripped the door post to Baji's room and clenched his jaw, slowly swirled his neck and contracted his eyes dangerously... so that's why ye kali gori is showing attitude.

Arghhh bas! He hammered the door post.. is ghar mein kya ho raha!hai? haaan Dutta.. sab ko pata hai ke woh lardki wale is shaddi ke liye nehi razze hain sawai mere! He came into the room slowly clapping his hands, and giving his sided head a dangerous nod, "bravo! bravo! some bloody family, some sisters! and some friend.. he jerked back and pointed an accusing finger at all," sab ke sab fraud ho tum! chote! salle actors ho tum sab! you hide things from me! those things that have got to do with my life not your bloody lives! what did you think if I found out that I would disintegrate? mar jaye ga  ye Dutta?  he banged the table in Baji's room ,nehin !he brushed his hand aside vigorously, kabhi nehin! jail ka chakkar laga ke aya hai ye Dutta koi zoo nehi! He growled and Baji mumbled under his breath.. more like jungle se aya hai tu Bhao!

Dutta kicked a chair in Baji's room and stands before Kala with a mixture of tears and anger, he grated, "you to Tai!  kept this from me, you know what you lot!, he said as he swayed his arm , it's not the content I am worried about its the context!! concealing  information from me telling lies on top! acting as if everything is normal! where as  in reality every thing is a cover up! areee tum sab Dutta ko ride pe lajaoe ge!  before that  I'll make music for you! loud blaring music! chalo mera saath tum sab ke sab neeche! NOW! and he pushed Baji before him! who nearly fell flat on his face and cranked his neck and complained, "Bhao! yaar tu mera peeche kyun par gaya hai.! Dutta glared at him with narrow eyes! woh isliye  Baji ke thuhje maine apna dost mana! I expected you to alert me! and you didn't!! he bellowed..

AS and Babi looked up in alarm as they saw Dutta in the lead  at the main stair case raving and ranting. He literally dragged the rest of his sisters and Baji down and imposingly walked and placed his hands militantly on his waist. In haste Babi stood up ready to leave and Dutta roared, "koi nehi apne jagga se hila ga jab tak main nehi bole ga!

He confronted his mother," is ghar mein har baat mujhe se kyon Chupaye jati hai?  kya ap ko mujhe pe bharosa nehi hai?  ap ne bola jail ja Dutta! mein gaya.. and his voice faltered as his eyes welled up, "tu ye baat ke mausi kush nehi is risthe sa ap ne kyun chupai! Babi frightened ,mopped her brow  and defended, "mera woh matalab nehi tha! Bhao ap aache insaan hoo bahut ehsan hain ap ke hum par". Dutta stopped her with a show of his palm. Bas! Kuch nehi suna mujhe! Ap se koi gela nehi hai mujhe! gela hai apne maa ,bhai aur bahnoon se.. tum ne thek soocha apne beti ke liye! main thekh nehi hoon us ke liye! haan ab main ye ristha  na manzoor kerta hai! he yelled.

All present stood shocked. Baji bowed his head to Kala and AS, best not challenge him now till he cools down. Dutta then full of quiet rage turned to the purhoit! " ayeee tere ab koi zaroorat nehi! yahan koi lagaan nehi hoga! aur kiya bola re tu?  woh lardki mera surakhsha gowaj hai? ghalat! Dutta na hamesha apne hifazaat khud ke hai!  samjha ab  tu ja! He roared and pointed to the exit!

Naku walked in and her face fell as she heard and saw his rage!.His family rallied around him, giving some form of consolation but it was clear that he thwarted their efforts by raising his palm up in the air at them , shaking his head,with firmly fixed frigid eyes he stunned their further moves..

Babi ,extremely shaken makes herself scarce towards the annexe..

Dutta deliberately attempted to give Naku the cold shoulder, as she tried to approach him in a  composed manner.. she walked towards him and he folded his arms behind his back and growled, "aagar tu mujhe apne ghisse pate professional type bashan de ge, calm down ,take deep breaths, tu I am warning you main nehin suna ga! so don't waste your breath! waise bhi you are  like the rest lairsss! He roared.Naku stopped in her tracks clearly snubbed, her  great big green eyes brimming with tears. He sees and pointedly firmed his mouth, and gulped, nehin iske acting will not work!, rooh ye dhoohie , tera ye dhoong nehi chalien ga ab mujhe par Naku! and he paused and dangerously eyed the rest too, and tum sab bhi sun lo! don't mess with me! Dutta not interested! and he turned and stalked out of the house in a big huff! while all looked on utterly shell shocked at the turn of events..

AS wept silently and Kala put her arm around her mothers shoulder, protectively,"Kala kiya soocha tha aur kya ho gaya hai? she sobbed. Kala consoled her,"pareshaan maat hoien AS, Bhao gussa mein hai.. thanda ho jai ga tu phir baat kerien ga  use," but AS, was adamant, "pun humien sirf Naku chahiye as our bahu.."Kala tried to reason with her mother,"AS shant ho jayien , zayeeda fatoor maachai, ye na ho ke Bhao bilkul laagan karne se he inkar ker de.!. She turned to Baji,"tu aisa kar Baji go with him.. he needs you more than anything else.. go!. Baji nodded ,"ho Tai , I was going after him any way, let's hope he hasn't gone far. He dialled Dutta's number but it continuously came up as non reachable.


Dutta drove his black jeep like a road demon. His lions tensed hard every time he compressed either the gas or clutch pedal. With a twitching jaw his palm twisted and wrenched the gear stick in anger till once or twice it cranked noisily   .. his lips feel apart and his lips dried up a bit as his hair blew back wards from his smooth wide forehead. He gripped the steering hard till his knuckles paled.. how dare any one have second thoughts about him! jante kiya hai Naku ke maa mera bare mein ? only that I gave them refuge, he is sick of being reminded of that! iske beti se shaadi buna chata hai, koi devta nehi buna chate! he moaned inside.  No he didn't know where he was heading!, but this he knew he had to get out of that place he calls home, mera gharrrh! he roared as he wrenched the gear stick in anger, bit of a cheap joke! home, is where one lives with family! but here his family stabbed him in the back!... Saab!..her voice.., he cranked his neck aur tu na bhi kali gori! drama kerti rehe tu mera saath ! he poked his heart mera saath! tune ye bhi nehi soocha ke what traumas I had suffered in the past! but all the time you avoided me , hurt me, made me think why? why? you had turned cold!!... ab tu bahut pyar ke se nafrat kerta hai tere se main! He palmed his stubble cheek coldly..

His phone rang and he put on his hands free .."namaste Supriya ji! how come you phoned? whatever she said interested him and  he replied, "see you then shortly! and ended the call. Supriya rang back Naku, "yep he's on his way..."


Dutta entered the mental health and support services building.Funny but on this occasion his feet, his mind, heart ,soul and complete body package in totality were in favour of this meeting with the shrink. He stood before reception, his hands in his pockets,"Dr. Supriya, if you please.The receptionist queried," is she expecting you?".With a yank to his neck he replied coldly, "she called me, so let her know Iam here, Dutta Patil!".A slightly put off reception mumbled , "sure sir.."

He waited and looked around for a bit, its odd that she should ring today of all days.. khaien use kali gori ka kam na ho.. his thoughts were interrupted as the consultation room door opened and Supriya stood there holding the door dressed in a black and mustard tiger print sari.."come on in Dutta!"she invited and he stopped a moment as he waited for her to move out of his way..

Once he settled before her across the desk, she asked the standard , question which hinged doubly on either sheer politeness or on one's mental health in this case. Dutta sat relaxed with one long leg crossed upon the other.. and simply replied, "hot !bothered ! and screwed up!. Supriya noted that he became uppity and wound up when he spoke those words..."ok tell me about it whenever you are ready," she encouraged. Dutta rested his arms on her desk and said with a furrowed brow,"woh Nakusha haina, meri Aye ko pasand hai tu ristha manga mera liya, but her mother had doubts so they turned me down Supriya! they showed no consideration for my stormy past, bas showed insensitivity!.. Supriya  nodded and asked him, "you said your Aye likes her, why.. don't you like her?. Dutta pulled back his arms from across the table and rested one them on his leg and the other he folded ,and grazed the stubble on his indented cheek.."I don't mind her .."he said sorely with  bruised pride. Supriya, moved a bit of her flowing black glamorously styled hair with her folded  index finger, "look Dutta there's no point in giving such a flippant answer, either you love her or you don't", she said coldly. But Dutta too was not going to flex himself easily,"mujhe nehi pata I need more time, waise bhi mera mood nehi hai ab ye shaadi kerna ko jahan people are having second thoughts about me!.Supriya by now could ascertain that this stubborn mule of her patient will not budge.. may be he needs to talk.. so she goes into a listening mode.

Dutta tells her, "if you ask me Supriya I feel I have made a fool of myself.. not so much enraged at others but at myself.. greatly disappointed with my discerning senses.. and it's not that I lack alertness, being an inmate has toughened me over the years.. so where then were my bloody alarm bells to warn me Dutta beware! sadak seedhe nehi hai.. road diversions! Possible delays hain! he banged his fist in his palm, hugely agitated.

Supriya leant forward towards him across the desk and he stiffened slightly, unknowingly, without wishing to be rude.. she slowly pulled her palm back , gulped and continued,"Dutta your problem is you are your worst enemy , where ever you find a loophole where you have messed up, you tend to engage in self emotional battering!

He turned his head towards her, with a vulnerable expression,"in short take it from me your psycho therapist, don't be hard on your self.. you are far from picture perfect like any body else. He lowered his eyes and studied his nails ,as she carried on, counselling him, "try to concentrate on the positive points in your  self and then build on them, in fact I advise use them as healing agents in low moments of your life. Dutta looked lost ,and replied, "so much negativity I have seen, in my life, being wronged, chastised, and then rejected...

Supriya, interjected, "yes I have heard all that before Dutta! now tell me where you were wronged, did you correct it? where you were chastised ,did you  submit to it and learn from it? and where you were rejected! did you turn it around into being accepted?.. tell me Dutta did you do all such?

Dutta felt he was being cross examined in court, and curtly replied, haan! Supriya smiled at his one liner, and then continued, "ok, if you can come out of such battles victorious, then I don't see why you can't deal with yet another battle on the home front.

Dutta turned his head ,towards her and with narrowed lion like eyes, replied "because this battle is with people I loved and trusted! and they betrayed my trust, concealed things from me, kept me in the dark! fooled me! I would say assumed things about me and have to say totally misjudged me! so they are in the wrong! I am justified in my anger against all ..!he roared.

Supriya, pacified him,"yes Dutta your anger is justified, they misjudged you but they a were only looking out for you.. how you would react if you found out , nothing something big as WW. But as minor yet important for a mother to feel anxious about her daughters future husband... besides Dutta don't forget no one was out to get you, they are family and like you people.. who are a mixed bag of good bits and bad bits both..

Dutta was by now getting fed up of his ear being bent and he became restless by shaking his crossed over leg..  Supriya said it finally so what have you decided then..

With a stiff neck and in a pompous manner he declared to her,"ye shaadi nehi ho sakte!

Supriya could wring his neck.. Dutta how old are you? and he said.. mardoon se un ke age nehi pooche jate.. Supriya ignored his trite joke and said clearly, "now you listen to me Dutta Patil! you cannot give up so easily, where is your fighting spirit..don't you want the girl? then defy the mother! challenge her? make her convince you?

 Dutta growled with a wave of his palm, "nope me not interested !mujhe nehi karne kisi sa bhi koi baat.

Supriya, reminded him calmly, Dutta you have come here, I am the professional I give advise", she paused,  blinked her eyes and then continued, and my advise to you Dutta is that you need to speak to Naku about this marriage matter, listen to what she has to say.."Dutta said mockingly, hummh ,that is if her mother lets her talk to a man like me..

With that he suddenly got up to go,"look Dr, I am grateful that you saw me today.. sorted me..thanks."As he turned to leave, Supriya called out, "how's your work coming on Dutta?".He became still for a moment, and facing the door he responded, "yeah its going fine, main chalta hai... and stepped out and closed the door behind him.


Naku was crestfallen after the way events warped into something beyond what she anticipated. She didn't have to venture far for someone to pin the blame on.. Saab..? bina sooche samjhe bol parte hain..but this internal grievance against him she rejected straightaway.. woh meri Aye.. and she ran crying to her room and sat on the floor by the edge of her bed.. one arm laid across the bed and she tried to suppress her muffled sobs..

Babi entered the room and sat on the edge of  her daughters bed and leaned over her to kiss her.."maat rooh meri beeche.. mujhe pata hai sab mera kasoor hai ke tera ristha bune se phele he biger gaye.. her voice shook as she  wiped her moist face with the palms of her hands..Naku still stayed in the position she was sitting on the floor and spoke to the wall ahead.. "haan Aye kasoor tu hai tera.. saf saf na bol deti, Saab pe ungli uthane ke kya zarorrat the?", Naku said with calm frigidity. Babi, felt a shock wave! her docile, proper ,obedient Naku blamed her.. Babi, pulled Naku's shoulder and said,"kya bole re tu chorri.. mera kasoor hai? haan! mera kasoor ye hai Naku ke main nehi mangte ke aage chal ke thujhe tension ho..? kya kam kerta hai Bhao? thujhe pata hai kya Naku?..Naku , stood up sharply and held her mother by her shoulders with tears in her eyes ,"aye mujhe nehi janana Saab kya kertien hain! Babi, screamed , ab tu bole ge ke uske zaat se bhi thujhe koi nehi farak parta? bol Naku!, Babi screamed annoyed.  Naku shook her head,"nehi aye zaat se bhi nehi..".Babi fumed and pointed out, "aur ye bhi nehi ke woh dus baras jail mein tha!" Naku, burst out crying, "Aye tu ye kyun nehi samhejhte hai  ke teri Naku, Saab  ko pasand kerti hai bole tu pyar kerti hai main..and she cried and embraced her mother. Babi ,too shed a few tears and admitted,"meri baache tune phele kyon nehi batiya mujhe ye sab..ab kya hoga Naku? Bhao na tu sab ke samna is ristha se inkar kar diya meri beeche.. kya hoga ?? Babi cried helplessly. Naku, parted from her mother and put her arm around her shoulders.. and made her sit on the edge of her bed.. " aye ,tu chinta maat ker abhi , ju hona tha woh tu ho gaya hai.. ab waqat par sab chor de."

But Babi, was not going to sit back, she would try her utmost to retrieve this sorry situation,"Naku, ab main thujhe ijazzat deti hai ke tu Saab ko samjha ,baat kar un se, apne pyar ko wapis jeetna hoga thujhe Naku..jaise thuje thek lage, meri baache tu kar,main nehi roke ge thujhe..

Naku took a deep breath, and thought, now that would be no easy task, seeking an audience with him after the earlier show down.. and she turned to look at her mother, who had thrown arms before exhaustion and now lay fast asleep on her daughters bed.. Naku moved towards the bed and lowered her finger tips and lightly felt her mothers toes, and tearfully thought..I know you meant well Aye, but look at the  disarray you have created  for me... don't know if I'd be able to restore order in my life...


Where else would she be, then? to appease her aggrieved love.. the pantry of course! to prepare his evening meal for him.. Kala came into the kitchen , and so did Roops who put her arms around Naku's dropping shoulders,"look don't take to heart Bhao's raving , he loves creating special effects! , underplayed Roops. Kala,  joined in with a more graver tone,"Naku, you have only known him for a while, we have lived with him most of our lives, he gets like this when he can't get what he wants straightaway, he reckons he's the man around ,so nine out of ten he's right, although he too ,knows full well that he's far from it..I mean like always correct!, but you don't lose sleep over.. just give him time, in the meanwhile, act normal, us ka khayal rekh jaise phele rekhte the.." suggested Kala, and Naku, let out a sob,"woh tu thek hai, pun if he lets me...Kala felt her elbow, "shh, Naku, give up on Bhao is what you mustn't do, hum sab, including AS , sab tera saath hain, pasand kerte hain thujhe abhi bhi..chahi tere Aye kuch bhi bole.." soothed Kala.

Naku, nodded silently , as both her Saab's sister left, it was consoling for her to note that his family were behind her.. she paused, though wasn't sure if it was useful to have them supporting her, after all he perceived in the first place, that all of them keep things from him.. so to him it may seem that every one including her are ganging up on him. She sniffed, sadly ,but like Kala tai said , must.. not lose hope and despair, and so with that she set his tray up with, his food.. and with fingers crossed headed towards his room..


Demurely she came up the wooden stairs holding the tray. But she was stopped by a militant faced Baji," aree rok! kadher ?", Naku calmly replied, "jane de Baji  mujhe , please I have to talk to him..she urged.Baji , irritated sounded off, "dont you think its a bit late Naku? there has been a gap somewhere for things to go awry"! and he lowered his head and bit his lip, "waise bhi he's just back from god knows where? mujhe nehi pata what mood he's in..

"ise koi nehi roke ga aaj!! A loud growl came and both looked in the direction of the voice.. there gripping the door posts of his open door, stood a grim grey faced Dutta. His eyes travelled to his best mate, "Baji let her come..", mockingly he cocked his head at Naku,"get in!"..

Refusing to move out of the way, she walked into his room carrying the tray,  under the arch of one sinewy arm.. he moved his head slowly , as she went past.. her specific fragrance getting to him and annoyed he moved his head erect , and muttered, kali gori!, jhotti..

Baji heard ,and said, "did you say any thing Bhao?", Dutta felt the door posts and growled, "you're  hearing things and he turned towards, his  room, and saw as she bent and put the tray of food on his centre table. Full of himself he folded his arms, "kyon aye hai mera kamera main?"she levelled up and with slightly lowered lids replied,"woh apne bola tu main aye..".He bit his lip and jumped in fast, "pun kyun aye tu?, he snubbed her. She looked at the food, "Saab khana le kar aye ap ke liye Naku.. she said gently and she knew full well what his reply would be,.."nehi kahna mujhe tera haat ka khana, so uthe is and ja !.Naku, dug her heels in,"look Saab why are you  being difficult? and for your information I, have not made this food meri aye has cooked it!". Dutta clapped his hands,"that does it! even more no! will not touch it! jaise maa waise beta! logon ko ullu bunao! He yelled.. Naku clasped her hands, "please Saab, don't go against my aye, she thinks the world of you!".He reeled around and raised his palm at her his eyes flashing dangerously, ghup! ekdum chup! ye sara tamesha  teri maa ka kiya hoya hai! beta impression deti hai ke ... aur maa bolte hai Iam not good enough for her daughter!

He moved towards her ready to grip her by the arms, but  cranked his head and let them drop.. "I told you before too, humra koi jor nehi! tu kahan aur main kahan! bas dukh ye hoya ke teri Aye ne ye dekh liya but you didn't! instead you led me on Naku...meri bhool I took you seriously! .. he curled his fingers, visibly disturbed and shook his head... haan had I know that your mother had doubts ,I would have told my mother, I am not willing for this marriage or any for that matter! and another thing for your mother and you! he warped his looks, like the devil himself.. "and I can be dangerously violent too! once a killer always a killer! So baach ke rehena  Naku baach ke rehena.. koi pata nehi tujhe kis baat sa tap ka doon!. He bent his head forward.. "mera gusse sa tu already mil chuke hai ,what limit it can reach? now that! you and your maa dont know! but Dutta janta hai!! he carried on like a mad man.She almost burst into tears and he shook his finger, no ... this time tere saline waterworks will not work! so don't even try it! he roared.

Infuriated, she replied, "so you have a bee in your bonnet that meri aye ne kyun, questions raise kya about you? so you wanted to have the upper hand in refusing me! she almost raised her voice.

Fuming this time he gripped her shoulders,"areee you tell me one thing straight, did you tell your mother that you like me? want me as your life partner??.Naku turned her face and his hand on her shoulder, almost touched her forehead, and she bit her lip and then slowly moved her face to look up into his flashing lion like eyes.. she fumbled, with tears in her green eyes.."no, Saab, phele nehi batya, pun ab bata diya hai.."she confessed and he loosened his hold on her shoulders and let his arms fall to his side," hummhh, thought so , only its to late now Naku, I have suffered humiliation, before all , actually worse, since every body including you were on this ,that your mother was planning to refuse.. he paused.. and twitched his jaw.. "so mera pas is ke sawa koi choice nehi ke elva that I too should now refuse your hand in marriage"...he said and slowly walked away from her on to the terrace.. and looked at the full moon sullenly, his spirit was heavy laden there was no doubt.. only wanted companionship with himself.

Naku tiptoed towards the terrace, she saw his tall imposing frame. His head held high, his two strong arms held behind his torso.With great strength, she deterred herself from running and clinging to his back, offering a million apologies, but she knew.. his hurt was too raw momentarily,she will gradually have to win him over, one more time.. and she turned and left..


His mobile rang and he pulled it out of his pocket.."oyeee Dutta where are you man? missing you terribly! long time no meeting do diloon ke!,howled Jeera on the phone.Dutta  for once smiled, he was actually pleased to hear from this git!. "Humm me fine, kaise yaad kiya?.Jeera blinked his eyes and thought, qayamat hai ye, aaj Dutta showing impeccable manners, kuch tu lotecha hai.. but soon after the lion roared,"aee Jeera open your gob and bak ju bakna hai mera kahane ka time hai! roared Dutta and Jeera laughed like a hyena,"cool it.. batata hai, kam hai, pun ekle nehi jaye ga  tu, tera mehbooba bhi jayea ge tera saath. manzoor hai.."asked Jeera. Dutta tilted his head and scratched his stubble with his forefinger, and replied,"why not? waise sher ka kisi ka khoon pena ka dil hai..   and a satisfied Jeera ended the call..

Dutta went inside the food was still there.. yehre cant take no for an answer.. he uncovered the plate and had a few bites..Naku stood plastered outside his door and with a relieved smile she moved away from the door and run down the corridor..   

He walked towards his door, and thought he saw a dash of color.. and shook his head, shukar hai nazar nehi aye kali gori..mare ge mera haathon se ek din.. he twitched his jaw.. completely off her.. Bajiii!.he yelled. Within seconds Baji turned up. Dutta put his arm around his shoulder.. "look us Jeera ka phone aya tha, wants us to do a dirty job! I said yes.."he said firmly.

Baji looked at Bhao's face,"how dirty? Bhao...Dutta replied, "as gory as can get" and he went towards his wardrobe, bent down, and reached out for a shoebox, carried it to the table, set it down, and gently pulled out a pistol.. Baji's eyes popped out and Dutta pressed his finger against his lips..sshhh..with a glazed look, his cold palm slowly spun the cylinder of the revolver.. chaal Baji let's take her out  and give her some fresh be continued Hamlet53. 6.9.13


Precap: she caught a rear view of him as he furtively walked past her, something did not seem right, thought Naku.

 Dear readers, thank you for all your congratulatory messages on thread I always maintain, the running of that thread was not possible without your individualistic flavors of wit, humor, poetry, chatter, emoticons, screen caps, videos, and above all your fantastic comments, which inspire me to annotate them.. Its always a good feeling when ventures are done together, a great feeling of oneness.. So shall we continue our ventures one more time then? all aboard please.. and lets do it!!  much love, yours forever hammie.


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congrats for new thread no long comments friends
dutta heard about babi rejection so roaring like a lion

giving cold shoulder to nakku

aai sahib crying

supriya trying to knock some sense into dutta

nakku confessing her love to babi finally babi said something right

kala roop consoling nakku
nakku meeting dutta and dutta scolding

baji giving dutta dirty task

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Hammie.  Firstly congrats on this brand new thread, may this  bring new vigour n loads of joy,  Happy Writing ! Approve

But Are you for real?  Big smile What a superlative start to the second thread,  im spellbound by the intensity of the update.. Clap

Dutta has come to mean dard to me.. Ouch  Nothing comes easy to this man.  Just when he begins finding a hold on his life, there,s another hard fall shattering his trust in himself n his trusted ones.  

The accidental bumping onto the truth has pushed him backwards n he,s once again left suspecting his own ability to judge people.  As if it wasnt enuf babi rejecting him, his family sheilding him from the truth has singed him more.  

It was not as if he would slip into some coma if the truth had been revealed, it was silly n preposterous to assume he needed to be protected from the bitter truth Angry   cmon, he,s no pussy, he,s seen worse times in life n fully capable of handling adversity.  Im totally with dutta n detest bein mollycoddled by all n sundry.  

Luvd his tirade against his family n making sense too,  haan you can call me overly biased for dutta, but he,s a man who,s like an open book n when things are withheld from him, its naturally demeaning to him.  Bravo dutta, was cheering him when he says "jail ka chakkar khake aya hu, koi zoo nahi" LOL  N these minnows doubting his capacity to soak up rejection, haina dutta?   Baji bearing the brunt of his rage lol.. Was amusing him being pushed n shoveled, as ever i gues... The eternal punching bag in a way Tongue

He,s takin AS headon then turns the heat on to the hapless purohit,  WAY TO GO BHAO, how can a girl who hides behind soot be the suraksha kavach of the mighty dutta LOLBrilliant !     More hurtful words for naku,  but she asked for it by not comin clean.

Haaiinn ??   AS stealing dutta,s words n is chanting "mujhe naku chahiye"  LOL...  I thought this was dutta,s prerogative.
Hmm, he,s reflecting how kali gori had played a game of hide n seek, so now its payback time, is he convincing himself to hate her, lol.. 

What a twist hammie you gave, bringing in sups,  luved it thoroughly,  that was a master stroke.. Thumbs Up     SIC,, once again its setup by naku..  ok, ok whatever, im waiting to see what he has to say to the sexy supriya.  He,s almost guessed if naku had any role in setting up this meeting,  YES YES dutta i was screaming LOL  

Hammie you are in full control of the plot i thought,  words just kept flowing at full speed n hitting the sweet spot everytime,  yeah, thats a tennis phrase... Wink
Once again enjoyed his candid tete a tete, well almost cause he was not sure if he wished to accept his strong feelings for naku,  oooh poor gadha,  just like naku flip flops this fella oscillates between bein a sher n a gadha every few minutes...  Kamaal ki jodi banaya rab ne Big smile

Supriya was bang on asessing him,  but why did he stiffen at her slight leaning towards him,  its as if he fears for his chastity with supriya around ROFL...  Haye,  one woman man Wink     The discussion was more like dutta moaning n supriya,s soothing words a healing touch,  this part was beautifully written hammie, actually the whole thing.

Come again? PigLOL  "mardon se age nahi poochte" ??  ooh God, this man is such an adorable gadha..   But Hey wait, where is your manners man?  not a charming patient now is he,..rudely cuts short the meeting.  Baat khatam meeting khata

Finally naku confessing to babi, but what a quick uturn babi makes,  no wonder naku has mastered the same trait lol... Now both mother daughter duo will woo dutta,  should be fun.   Pantry queen knows best way to a man,s heart is thro his stomach, but will it work with dutta, i doubt, not with his appetite..  But he,s a weakling when it comes to naku, she has cast her magical spell around him, yet he has  scathing words in store.. It felt as if he,s screaming on the inside for naku,s love but faking revenge outside, Tit for tat, grow up dutta, yaar he,s enjoying her misery Evil Smile

Haye haye, dutta ka majnu missing him dearly lol.. Mehbooba ke saat ?Shocked  N i take it as the pistol,  oh no! A hurt sher seeking to taste blood n as they say a wounded animal is more dangerous.

Hammie, the long wait was more than worth, n we couldnt have asked a better opening for the 2nd thread.  It was a gripping update with a wounded sher at his best,  Fantastic effort hammie,  you truly deserve all the adulation n pampering.. I know its a herculean task managing 4 threads n it takes a heavy toll of your precious time n energy.  
But this poor reader can only Thank you for everything Embarrassed  dilse.. Heart    
Take care, God bless you

Hammie here,s a vm depicting a hurt dutta n i luv the song too, hope you enjoy it... 
Credit: mustafic

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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congratz on completing a thread and starting a new one Hammie!!! Keep Rocking ! 

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twinkle-star IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 2:28am | IP Logged




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mirage123 Goldie

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hi hamlet
congrats for new threadClapfab start of new thread...dutta know's the truth heart broken...feelling sad for him...naku spoke the truthSmileprecap got me worried...naku tc of dutta pls ud soon
hamlet thanxs for giving beautiful storyEmbarrassed
Free Congratulations Cake Stock Image - 6120941

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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hi hammiee
new thread...Clapi 'm sure many more to come...yes had beautiful memories of 1st thread...i 'm sure will carry on with our masti on new thread...u r truly gifted ...amazing writing on different threads...thanks for making forum worth a visit...its for u creative guys ...its still breathing Smile
as always ur amazinggg hammieee

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Hi hammiee

Mein AA gai...wah! Naye jagah...mein PN mein jaise nakusha phele baar expression de rahe given on walking into new thread...Big smilehammiee first thread first UD...loved it

Dhamakedar ud...the pataka was dutta ...match stick babi ,AS & baba...LOLnaku is suraksha the inspiration you imbibed from LTL...I really like it's like back to LTL with difference

Dutta couldn't take the rejection & of course more of dhoka...nobody inform him...naku's entry & she wasn't spared either

Naku finally confessed ...her unconditional luv for him...doesn't care what other thing abt it...lekin damage is already done

Sups session didn't had much effect to does his anger

Terrace part was good...Smilenaku did clear the air ...stubborn dutta couldn't give...marriage is a no for the time begin ...naku manalege...I hope finger crossed...

Precap seem dutta caught in cross fire ...naku ka suraksha kawach kab kaam aai ga...didn't wanted the UD too end...

Hammiee u r busy with different thread ...but plsss SS & FF ke liye bhi time nikal Na...

As always Ur amazinggg hammiee

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