Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS ARSHI|Apartment #302|Day 4 link pg 12

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DAY 3:
"Faire ou Mourir"

Do or die! "Faire ou Mourir" as the French call it!

This is how Khushi Kuma- no... Khushi Raizada felt standing outside Shantivan, Arnavs house and now her "sasuraal" (in laws home) .

It took her one whole week to find Arnav, as far she knew Mr. Raizadas security was as tight as of any presidents and his mukarrab e khaas (right hand man) Aman would not let any information get to her.

She had gotten to work the minute Arhaan and she had come up with a plan. She had grudgingly told whatever that had happened between her and Arnav. After a good scolding from her step brother who was unluckily few months older than her she had quietened him down and later gotten into scheming and plotting! Scheming and plotting had been there hobby since kids and now this new project was as fascinating to them as a new dress or a toy car when they were kids. That night Khushi slept feeling a new, she felt her heart would come out of her chest, she was married to Arnav, her Arnav! This took her back to day 3 in Paris.


*Paris... Day 3*

Arnav and Khushi woke up really late that morning, breakfast time had already passed, while Arnav kept thinking how Khushis life was back home, Khushi kept remembering her mother. There was ease in the environment, between them that morning. They had mutually agreed to have lunch straight away and went in the hotels lobby for some light lunch.




"You seem so lost, whats the matter?"

"Why do you call me sunshine?"

"Sawaal ka jawab sawaal nahi hota!" (an answer to a question is never a question in itself)

"hehe, its nothing... Its just the conversation we had yesterday, I was thinking about my mum"

"hmm... she must be a beautiful woman"

"Oh she was... how do you know?"


She had suddenly gotten so happy over her mothers mention that she didn't notice Arnav was trying to flirt with her. Only when he burst out laughing did she understand his meaning. That brat!


"Whatever ok! I know im beautiful!"

"I never called YOU beautiful sunshine, I said your mum must be very beautiful"


Aarrgghh! What was wrong with this person, why was he so tedha (clever).


"OK OK! You got me hotshot!"

"What NOOO! First eye candy, then handsome now hotshot! You are pathetic at nick names"





"AM-  forget it! I always win in such games... what should I call you then?"



That was the first time she had heard his name...


Arrrnavvv... she could actually feel the way his tounge must have rolled to pronounce the R and V!

Damn he was sexy!


The way he sat on a chair as if he owned it, made her heart flutter at the thought! His arms a perfect mixture of skin and muscle if only she could reach out and touch them for real. The way he hooked his finger under his chin made her hungry eyes travel north to meet his now skeptical eyes which made her come back to earth.


"What?" she asked breathlessly

"Were you checking me out?"

"Was not!"

"Was so"


"WAS SO!!"



She was about to tell him her NAME!! what happened to remaining strangers! And with the kind of fantasize she was having about him she would never risk telling about her details at all!!


"Khushi gu??? Khushi what?"

He understood she wouldn't tell him her name, there was something that stopped her and it irked him as if she didn't trust him. That afternoon they got indulged in discussing what to do in the night since the entire day was spent in the hotel.



She had not told him her name as she knew he would never want to know such a girl whos father was "The Shashi Gupta". She was well aware of her father party animal nature and how he did his business. She did not want to risk being hated by him or judged. And now she stood outside Shantivan decked up as a bride feeling jittery, if Arhaan was not holding her upright she would have collapsed any minute. What had her destiny planned for her now...

(extension )

Manorama Raizada, Raizada's very own James Bond!

She had done everything in her to spy on her poor husband just so his "affair" can be caught.

No, the poor man is never caught with any woman, neither does he talk to women other than the ones in his family and work, he wakes up- goes to office-  comes back and spends time with family. Family being his sons Akash and NK. Now the question is why does hir wife suspect him of an affair?


According to  our Manorama, Ekta ma from star plus says "no man is loyal and there are always some or the other evil people planning and plotting against your family". So while her inbhestigason (investigation) she found a beautiful bride and a mysterious man standing near their door.


"Aap kaoon?" (who are you)

Delhi ki bus!! (delhi's bus)- thought khushi.


"umm.. aunty wo.."



Now this girl came into instant dislike under Mano's eyes, who the hell was she to call her AUNTY.


"Ma'am, Arnav hain?" (Ma'am is Arnav there?)

"Arrnav se milne awat ho, aisan banke?" (you came her to meet arnav.. decked up like this?)

"Mean Arnav ki bb..bbbii..biiwi!"  (i.. im.. im arnavs wife)



Sooo Ekta shtyle!!


That moment Manorama understood this was the very evil she had been looking for since years. This girl was here to snatch their happiness, she was here to break them and get all their money. This thought made our very own Delhi ki bus scream in agony!


"NAHIII!!!" (NOOO!!!)


Arhaan and Khushi stood as statues not understanding what to do next, it was obvious Arnav had not told anyone about the wedding otherwise someone or the other would have contacted Khushi and since his plan was to keep it a secret, for khushi it was "desperate times call for desperate measures" and she had to open this truth infront of their family.


Next in vision came a beautiful woman who was wearing a turquoise net playsuit with black stockings and was addressing the Delhi ki bus as MAAMI (mothers sister in law) and her name happened to be Anjali. Beautiful name and a beautiful girl thought Arhaan. He took an instant liking towards her innocent eyes, long straight here, girly avatar yet a confident demeanor.


"What do you mean by you're my brothers bride?" asked the girl.



Khushi knew nothing about Arnav hence she was confused how he was related to these people.


"You don't know this much that Arnav Singh Raizada is my brother and you call yourself his wife. Why are you here?"

"Listen im so sorry but its true I know nothing about your brother but im Khushi and I have no idea if he has ever mentioned me but-"



It was time for bhangraaa (Punjabi dance) - thought Anjali. HELL SHE KNEW WHO KHUSHI WAS!!! The only girl my brother had mistakenly fell in love with and had spent 2 years into finding her and here she was dressed as a bride claiming herself as Mrs. ASR! Life couldn't get better for Anjali, her only unfulfilled dream came true.



She rushed to hug Khushi who was utterly confused on the behavior these weird Raizadas had. One refused to even acknowledge her while the other was bone crushing her. What was wrong with them?


After an hour of meet and greet Khushi and Arhaan got an entire idea of who was whom. The delhi ki bus is Arnavs maami, who has two sons, Arnavs mother and father died in a plane crash leaving Anjali the youngest and most pampered and Arnav the eldest and responsible one behind. Binding all these crazy people was one woman,Deviyani Raizada, their naani (grandmother) who had taken the kids under her custody after her daughter died. All in all everyone knew who Khushi was and Khushis side of the story was also told to them.


"Naani ji, ab aap ke ooper hai agar aap mujhe accept kerna chahti hain ya nahi." (grandmother, its upto you if you want to accept me or not)

Khushi might be very young when her mother died but she had been raised nicely even after her death. The room instantly got filled with silence and everyone kept moving their eyes from Khushi to Naani. After a good 2 minutes Devyani spoke.


"Welcome to the family bitya" (welcome to the family daughter)


The sudden uproar of happiness was like divali ke patakhe (firecrackers) . the house help was ordered to prepare sweets and everyone stood up to hug eachother. Anjali did feel that Arhaan had been giving her some extra attention since the past hour and might have just hugged her slightly more tighter than normal! well... Who doesn't like attention and in Anjalis case she was a spoiled brat.. SHE LOVED SUCH ATTENTION! So for our very own Mr. Arhaan it was a GO! Sign from Arnavs jigar ka tukda (piece of heart) .


During this ruckus arrived the Raizada men, Arnav, Akash, NK and Maama ji!



Arnavs one word though spoken softly made the entire room fall into silence, not even a single pair of eyes fail to not look at Mr. Raizada and was expecting grave anger any minute.


*Paris 2 years ago*


"Now that I know your name khooshi, decide where to go tonight"

"YOU- you manipulator!! You trapped me into saying my name."


She crossed her arms on her chest bringing the conversation to an end and Arnav knew better to not throw salt on her wounds. Now that her identity was out she probably thought he would mean harm to her but he himself was Arnav Singh Raizada. But since she didn't know he kept quiet about it.


"ok fine im the bad guy, now will you please tell me where should we go tonight?"

"umm.. clubbing?"

"ok, club it is!!"

"I want to dance and drink the whole night!!!!"


Khushis happiness was brought down by Arnav with his next question.


"Are you old enough?"

"what do you mean by that!! Im 26" she said proudly which made Arnav look at her in surprise since she didn't look more that 18*




Damn this woman! Her tantrum was bringing them in attention and that is the last thing he wanted. Newspaper headline, Arnav Raizada with his tantrum throwing girlfriend, brining both of them in spotlight.


"will you keep quite! People are looking".

Even this didn't calm down Miss Kumari and she had to be dragged out of the lobby.


That night Khushi drank and danced but what happened after that she doesn't remember, all she remembered was that after that night she was treated with much more sensitivity from Arnavs side. Only Arnav now can solve her mystery regarding this.




"what are you doing here?"

Arnavs calm demeanor was a facet knew all the people present in the room.

"Bhai you found Khushi and you didn't even tell us. Im so happy for you"

Arnav stopped Anjali from hugging him which meant he wasn't done yet.

"I asked something Khushi!"


The question was met with another silence.


"As far as I know, Miss Gupta and I had a deal where we signed a contract which states I will transfer her company back to her and she will repay me my 50% share price in the given 3 months we are held in matrimony. Again A CONTRACT. So now tell me Khushi Gupta, why are you here?"


Never had she ever witnessed this side of him, he was aloof, indifferent and ruthless. All these features made him look more lethal and dangerous.


"Arnav bitwa, we were planning about your marriagewa!" (son we were planning you marriage!)

"  Koi shaadi nahi ho rahi, mean or Khushi shaadi nahi kerenge" (there is no wedding, khushi and I will not marry)


With his final statement he went to his room, leaving a newly wedded wife, her brother and his entire family to gawk at him.


A helpless Khushi looked at the sad faces around her, it was a battle lost before having a fight and she wouldnt let that happen. She would fight and fight well.


Just wait and watch Arnav Raizada, mean bhi Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada hun!


And the look of sheer pleasure was evident on Khushis face, none knew about her plan of action but they still had faith in their new bahu (daughter in law).




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Really amazingClap
Loved itHeart

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Nice part...waitin for ext

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haha give me 15 minutes u little brats Hug

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oh wow thats cool! never read this before

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love the story and Arnav and khushi are married anyways loved it and plzzz update soon

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