OS Amarprem - Chapter 50

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                 here's link to Chapter 49.
Chapter 50


                                                           Sumitra saw Chandu coming n standing next to Krishna ... they seemed to be talking something ...  she tried to wave at chandu , without alerting the guests ... To her good fortune Chandu had looked up in the direction of the kitchen corridor, his face troubled... Chandu walked towards the corridor, curious ...'what happened ma?' he enquired , concerned at her worried n scared expression ... come to my room...I will explain...' said sumitra, tensed...

                                                                          Meera moved closer to Krishna , watching in growing envy as Krishna now was looking at Pratigya ... She knelt on her knees , running her hands up his legs to distract him from that witch , taking the liberty of dancing as an excuse ...angad fumed in anger n jealousy , gnashing his teeth ... Pratigya, who was looking at Krishna in shock , turned her face away in revulsion as she saw meera n what she was doing ...Krishna didn't even feel meera's hands on him as his focus was solely on Pratigya ... Krishna smirked at Pratigya in anger as he saw her turn her face away , misunderstanding her reaction completely... he thought she turned her face away in reaction to his words...he released her waist  roughly in anger n stood up swatting meera away with his leg as though she were a foul fly on his shoes ,not even glancing at her, raising his hand to stop the music... meera reeled across the floor, panicking , hoping against hope that she won't be thrown out for this ... The guests looked at Krishna , confused ...gayatri watched him intently ... Pratigya who had swayed a bit as he released her , looked up at him in confusion n anger ...' let me introduce u all to my ...mistress...' Krishna said, loud n clear , laced with mockery , gesturing his hand towards Pratigya ...

                                                             Pratigya stood up , shock n anger at the humiliation  overwhelming her ... the guests inhaled collectively in shock thinking at first he was indicating meera n then realizing that it was Pratigya he meant... gayatri felt like fainting ... Meera looked at pratigya, venom in her eyes ... Sajjan looked around , shaking his head in exasperation ...  Pratap looked shocked... Krishna smirked at pratigya, pushing her  towards the centre of the hall...' why don't u introduce urself properly ... mistress, ...' he taunted , throwing the ghungroo at her feet ...'u r going to dance, here , now!...' ...Pratigya looked at the gunghroo in horror n then back at Krishna, trembling in anger n humiliation ...n disbelief ... her head felt like leaden with iron ... she couldn't see properly as the room around her began to spin , n she tried hard to remain standing ...even through the haze of anger n shock , she could feel hurt...hurt? Why though?... Who is he that his words n actions r affecting her so much !!!! ... Krishna sat down on the couch leisurely , trying to enjoy her pale face , but feeling frustrated with himself that the moment was gone when he wanted to see her all shocked n humiliated n now all he wanted was to hug her close to his chest n tell her that he was joking... N he didn't mean any of the words he said ... N watch her smile... no!...  he gritted his teeth as he ordered ...'music !'... as the song chikni chameli...' filled the room, Pratigya snapped open her eyes, which she didn't remember closing, grimacing against the now growing knot of pain n hurt n anger in her chest...

                                                      She almost opened her mouth to shout at him, but stopped immediately as she remembered manjula's words ... there was someone in the house who works for her father ! ...who will report her every move to them! N if she did any mistake , her mother will suffer ... No!!... so? R u going to dance in front of this...this... beast ! ... no ! not in her any life time... never ever...! n that too in such a demeaning way! Like that...that... Pratigya struggled for words to define meera... she could hear whispers all around her  ... n some suppressed chuckles ...which seemed to die down pretty quickly as krishna swept his eyes across the room , his jaw set... she looked at him , her eyes turning red from the effort to keep staring at him... n in anger ... she smiled , her lips stretching painfully ...'Good joke , Mr. KST... Take a good look ... I am your wife... whom u married n brought here just minutes ago, in front of the whole world... n not ur mistress whom u bought or picked up from market'...  krishna stared at her , his eyes turning hard ... there were shocked whispers all around as the guests expressed their surprise n shock ... meera stared at pratigya as though she was seeing a ghost ... gayatri looked at Pratigya in shock n disbelief, as she indicated the music to stop ... the girl is going to spoil everything !...


                                              krishna chuckled , his voice cold...'wife? its pathetic of u to believe it ...!... u wish !... u r to me a mere mistress , n u will behave like one ! accept ur position in this home quickly or ...learn the hard way ... I don't want my guests to be disappointed ...i was keeping that thing for the right moment...' he looked mockingly at the gunghroo...' now a pure dancer will need a pair of gunghroos to dance ...but u r just...a mistress... n for ur kin, one is more than pick it up n dance! ' he snarled ... 'I will not !' shouted Pratigya ... how dare u talk to me like that! dare u demean ur wife in front of the world !... how dare u malign my ghungroo in such an environment full of ... lowly people... n alcohol...disgusting !... I will not do what u tell me to do... bec get that right n clear Mr. KST , I am ur wife ...! not ur mistress'... she was panting by the time she finished as she walked towards the stairs ... 'u really don't want to disobey me, mistress...n don't do the mistake of going away from here ...bec, then I will have to make u come back here , again...'... krishna said, his tone dangerous... Pratigya ignored him as she climbed the steps, trembling in anger n fear... blood rushed in her head as she prayed to keep conscious as she felt his piercing glare on her ... relax, Pratigya! ...u haven't let him win...u haven't let him maul ur honour n dignity in a way he had hoped... 

                                                              Krishna watched in growing anger as she climbed the steps up... the guests looked uncertain n immediately burst into hurried whispers as krishna ran up the stairs two at a time, his face hard... Sajjan sighed ...'i guess, that's it then...' ... the guests immediately fell silent as Pratp looked at sajjan in anger n then at the general direction of the top of the stairs ... 'Thank u for coming n attending the party ... i guess its time to rest ...'... sajjan continued , his face inscrutable... the guests , taking the cue , silently went out ...meera walked to her room , while angad walked out to his car , after nodding at Gayatri...' u should talk to krishna .'... Pratap rounded on sajjan , as soon as the hall was deserted, except for him n sajjan n Gayatri ... Sajjan looked at him, his eyes cold..,,,,,,,,,. 'for what ? for treating a greedy , vile girl the was she deserves ? no...I won't... n u know very well , Pratap bhai , i don't generally interfere in his matters ... n what he does with his new toy isn't by concern ...'... Sajjan snapped as he turned to climb the stairs ...'what r u saying Sajjan ? this was the same girl whom u rescued from ur son that morning! What happened now? Just bec she is a greedy n scheming girl , doesn't mean that she should be treated like a mere wh**e in front of the world... bec, whatever she is... she is now the bride of Thakur family ...! n krishna did wrong in ...' Pratap began heatedly ...Sajjan had turned in his direction , thinking over ... that point seemed valid... whatever she is , she is now their bride ... n even though he was sure no media will ever come to know of the reality of what happened just now, n was sure that no guest will dare mention it ever in his presence, there would be unwanted whispers around...'ok...I get it... now , I am tired ... I will talk to him , tmw...' he climbed up the stairs ... Pratap looked at gayatri n went into sumitra's room... gayatri stood at the bottom of the stairs , tensed, her eyes on the gunghroo ...she looked up in curiosity as she heard a distant door snap shut...


                                                                 Pratigya who walked blindly along the corridor , frantically looked around... there were many rooms n she tried them, trying to get in n lock herself in ... but her hands were trembling so hard n she gasped in panic as she felt him behind her...krishna was beside himself in anger ... she had the audacity to talk back to him ! n she humiliated him infront of those people...n she had done the stupidity of disobeying him! ...n on top of that she had tried to ascertain her position as his wife the bride of his! ... she dashed forward , almost running in her heavy lehenga ... but he caught her by her flying hair behind n pulled back , her neck almost snapping as she moaned in pain ... how dare u?' he hissed in her right ear , his teeth gritted together in anger ... Pratigya tried to get free, her trembling hands clawing at his grip , as she struggled to breath ...'leave me...' ...'leave u?... leave u?' he snarled , tightening his grip in her hair as he pulled her along the corridor ...Pratigya kicked out , her feet hitting his right foot n his grip slackened a bit ...she pushed him off her as she ran , along the corridor ... krishna was behind her in a sec as he pulled her by elbow n thrust her into his room, which was near ... she fell on the floor, moaning in pain... krishna shut the door with force ...


                                                         ' what? Ma, U mean to say that krshna is in danger ? n the girl is also in danger ?' asked chandu, shocked...' yes , chandu beta replied sumitra, nodding in concern n panic... I think angad is up to something... I don't know what panditji has to do with it , but I think his life is in danger ...u should...' she stopped abruptly as they head a distant door slam shut... They looked at each other, concerned ...just then Pratap entered the room, his face looking grave ...'what happened ?' chandu enquired , feeling uneasy ... he told what happened n chandu n sumitra stared at him in shock ... 'oh no, I don't know if the girl is good or bad...but pls stop him from harming her... ...pls...' said sumitra , frantic ...' come lets go...' said chandu, walking out of the room...


                                                           krishna bend, pulling her up by her hair again ... what r u doing krishna? Don't be a coward ! ... she is just a mere thing! U r using force against such a wretched creature ! shame on u...I don't care!!! ...'...aaah...' she cried out as he threw her at the side wall... n to his deranged anger , he had put his hand behind her head to cushion her head against the wall , just like earlier at her house , as he pushed against her , pinning her to the wall...n his hand hurt badly... he immediately grabbed her hair , to make it look like as if he was only meaning to cause her more pain... he breathed heavily through his nose , trying to regain his composure as he gritted his teeth in frustrated anger on his own inability in not being able to stop his treacherous hand from cushioning her head... Pain n anger filled her body n mind... n she could feel a heavy feeling her chest...why was he hurting her? Why was she feeling hurt? ... she opened her eyes to look at him, red, as hot tears started to brim in them... his angry stare was frightening ...krishna felt an unknown uneasiness filling him as he watched her face, full of pain ... n to his frustration , he was feeling like something was clawing at his chest... 'u r going to dance mistress...' he gritted out , his other hand blocking her hands , which were beating him ... 'I will not...' she managed to gasp out , looking him in eye...' don't make me drag u through to the hall, in front of all... trust me, It won't be pleasant ...mistress..' he said , his face inches from hers...

                                                 'I am not ur mistress! ...' she shouted , struggling against him... ...'oh yes, u r... dream on girl ! but u will never become a wife for me... u r just a mere slave ! to fulfil my needs n fancies ...!'... he snarled ,as  he drew his nose along her right cheek , inhaling deeply ... Pratigya struggled to breath, as she choked u don't scare me... u repulse me...'... krishna laughed , pushing against her , this time laving his tongue sensuously across her cheek...he found that allowing his burning need for her to take over him was fuelling his plan to humiliate her further...SLAP...Pratigya pushed him off with all her might , her cheek burning as she slapped him across his cheek...'hands off me, u coward ! ...manhandling a woman n trying to prove ur manliness by using force!!!...I have never seen a more pathetic man than u...! ', she screamed...krishna drew back a bit, his face turned sideways , his cheek burning ...he slowly turned his head , smiling dangerously as he deliberately smacked hi lips, savouring her taste, his eyes glinting ...'hmmm... delicious...' Pratigya turned her face away in disgust... she could feel only anger now... ...

                                                         krishna shifted his weight to his left, cocking his head ...'coward !  me ?'...  he said, his voice dead clam ... he grabbed her by her chin as he pulled her to him, his face inches from hers, contorted in anger... ...' u shouldn't have done that , mistress...!!!... i kidnapped u, I admit it...but I brought u to my home, gave u food n ...n clothes...n send u off to ur pathetic father ! n I was pretty clear about how I wanted u ... as my mistress! ... but u? u went n tried to lie ...! n that too about ur so called honour ...! that I had tried to rape u!!! .' she struggled in his iron grip, going pale , as his eyes roved over her face ...he sounded genuine!!! ...ofcourse she had done it!! ...not really done it, but ... was it the reason why he was so adamant on humiliating her!...her head!...he was trying to put the whole blame on her!!! ... he was after her body from the word go!!! ...krishna continued, tilting her head even more backwards, making her cry out...' if I am a coward , then what r u? u r such a shameless s**t who would lie in front of the world about ur so called dignity!!!!...n u want to be someone's wife!!... U n ur pathetic father wants money n power ... n so u were trying to blackmail me with such a ... disgusting , demeaning thing...! n u thought when I agreed to marry u, u won !!! ! ... u r mistaken !!! ...n now, u r going to pay for that slap...!!!! ...'... he pinned her struggling hands behind her back as she struggled to get out of his grip...

                                                     'using force on u, who me? ...u pull me closer that day  n then play games by turning it on me in front of my father! ...! U try to seduce me at ur house n invite me to do as I please , blocking my way n closing the door of ur room!!!...u feed my desire again n again shamelessly n when its time to play the next part of ur stupid game , u turn the whole blame on me...!  n I thought u can't stoop further low!...but ofcourse , I forgot...u r a woman!!!.. what do u think of urself, eh? That u r the most beautiful thing in the world n KST just can't keep his hands off u !!!! ' he snarled as  they looked fiercely at each other ... Pratigya couldn't believe her ears... he is the one who was groping n kissing her , trying to use her for his pleasure n he is putting all the blame on her!!!!!...typical men!...' u r pathetic...!' ...She hissed at him, their faces inches from the other...' Really ...?'... Krishna smiled dangerously, closing the distance between them... he didn't feel like kissing her right then, for the first time since he met her...the only emotion he could feel was anger ... but he won't let her away too easily ...not after her arrogance!!! ...she turned her face away as her eyes widened in fear...' lets see...' he murmured , brushing his lips across her left jaw as he said 'go on! ... Begin ur drama... ! go on...push me off...! N as usual make it look like I am forcing myself on u or something !'... ...pratigya gasped , willing her body to obey her now screaming mind ...

                                                   he chuckled , just to humiliate her further as he started kissing her, placing open mouth kisses under her jaw ...but he couldn't feel the usual rush of desire now... that feeling of thirst was missing ... He felt a complete void as his mind shut down ...n he felt horrible... choking...Pratigya was too feeling the same... it was as if all her senses were cut off...she couldn't feel his body pushing against hers nor his mouth under her left jaw...only a horrible feeling of nothingness...but her mind registered what was happening as she pushed him off her , her face contorted in disgust ... Krishna straightened , trying to smile through the new weird void ...' see, trust u to continue ur drama ...but not anymore...! ...' he said, anger n frustration returning in full force...'get out !!!...' he grabbed her by hand n was about to push her away to the door when the door opened...' krishna !!!! leave her...! 'said Pratap n sajjan from the door way, Chandu n gayati behind them, sajjan reluctantly though, after chandu had called him...

                      hope u liked it Embarrassed


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omg...what a pratigya didn't dance & left the party...
they r hurting each other...or krishna hurting prats..i think its over now...

relax that Sumitra told the truth to chandu...Hope he will try to find out the truth soon...& will set his eyes on Angad so that he can't harm pratiya...

well now i think pratigya & krishna both need to take rest & use their mind...Pratigya need to be watchful to find out the gaddar in this house...& krishna need to be careful & find out that something is there which is disturbing Prats...& Chandu need to act fast now..that whom want to harm even Pratigya too Why...if Pratigya is also involve in this plan than why she is in danger...hope he told that to Krishna & KST try to find out the truth...

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Another Great Update and a lot dramaClap

Oh my feeling so bad for Kriya. Cry

 I'm glad that P didn't dance and gave K a fitting reply.   But now they have hurt each other so much because of their stubborness and anger.  They are denying and not realizing what they really feel for each other instead they are causing so much pain to each other.

Good that Sumitra got a hold of Chandu and told him what she knew, and Sajan came and stopped K from hurting P further.

Hope everything will be okay between them, they have said so much to each other in their anger.

Update soon

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Hurting eachother ... well thts wht happen when u fail to figure out the real feeling for eachother... Hope everything turns gud for Kriya...
 Ur writing is so very gripping, hats off...

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Woww woww dhanya Dii outstanding update Thumbs Up
Feeling so bad and Hurt for kriya Cry
Waiting for next to c Wht happen kriya r hurting each other badly Cry

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Originally posted by simmi.friends03

omg...what a pratigya didn't dance & left the party...
they r hurting each other...or krishna hurting prats..i think its over now...

relax that Sumitra told the truth to chandu...Hope he will try to find out the truth soon...& will set his eyes on Angad so that he can't harm pratiya...

well now i think pratigya & krishna both need to take rest & use their mind...Pratigya need to be watchful to find out the gaddar in this house...& krishna need to be careful & find out that something is there which is disturbing Prats...& Chandu need to act fast now..that whom want to harm even Pratigya too Why...if Pratigya is also involve in this plan than why she is in danger...hope he told that to Krishna & KST try to find out the truth...

Thanks dear...

Krishna is going ti be really mean with convince himself that he care a hoots about her

. n she will begin try to despise him n will hurt him just to make herself believe that he means nothing to her...

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nice update di...Claphope chandu will find out the truth... and waiting 4 that day when they  both realise their love 4 each other...update soon...EmbarrassedBig smile

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