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Balika Vadhu Times #13 *Complex web of relationships*

Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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::AT BVTimes Office::..

Don dashed into the office n relived to see khushi n suchi are sticking to their lappy n doing works for NL. She took a sigh of relief that her busy shedule didn't hamper NL preparation! Suddenly she noticed khusi with popcorn bowl. She was stunned working hours n popcorn!Confused

She peeped into khusi's lappy screen n stunned to know khusi was enjoying BV scenes instead of helping in NL...Shocked

Don- kaamchor...instead of doing NL work..u r doing masti...Angry

Khusi heard the familiar voice...took a look but didn't pay a hoot n again got busy watchingTongue

Don- tujhe sunai deraha hai naa khusi ki bachi...Angry

Khusi no ansLOL

Suchi got panic n tried to almost over but cudnt due to don's angry mood!Ouch

Don- khusi...Stern Smile

Khusi- u want popcorn...le le...achhi hai..n beth jaaBig smile

Don has lost it...- tujhe pop corn ki pari hai abhi...NL is still pending...Angry

Khusi- gussa kyun horahi hai...main kaamchor..kaam nai karungi...suchi ko bolCool

Suchi - areey don..khusi did help a almost...

Before she cud complete the sentence she realized khusi n don are busy in their fighting...

She chose to keep mum...went back to her seat n announced...

Here is our BV newsletter...anniversary special

BalikaVadhu Times # 13

Complex web of relationships...


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 (by Payali09)

WEEK 1 : August 1ST to 3RD:   It's all about the Babies!


Anandi and Shiv return home to Udaipur and whilst Anandi is busy thinking about Ganga and her baby, Shiv on the other hand is more occupied with thoughts of their future babies instead.


Mahi and Ashima get busy in some baby-making of their own with the requisite hormones rampaging and morning-after guilt (the things kids do for fun these days!).


Ganga grapples with her newfound independence/lack of support system while trying to keep up with her study, work and baby Mannu commitments.


Sanchi pretends not to be a baby by trying to learn how to be the perfect haveli's beendni from the original perfect haveli beendni herself.


Jagya thankfully escaped all the baby chaos to deal with a medical emergency elsewhere although he does start rethinking his rishtaa with the Shekhar's baby.  Perhaps one balika vadhu (wait two) was more than enough...


Spoke too soon...Gehna's baby decides to make her grand entrance and all is well' due to Ganga, Jagya, a laptop, a mobile and some birthing videos.  Wait, doesn't this sound familiar??



WEEK 2 : August 5th to 10th:  Everyone's Looking, Hardly Anyone is Seeing...


All the Singhs are super excited about their new baby girl (does she know the craziness she has been born into?).  Ganga and Mannu plays hide-and-seek with the Singhs in the hospital with assistance from Jagya, Gehna, Basant and the other staff members.


Ashima decides the best way to deal with the situation is by running away and hiding under a rock somewhere in London.  This leaves poor Mahi heartbroken with no one to play with.


Sanchi and Sumitra have some phone coochie-coo moments of their own with Sumitra pining for some attention and telling Sanchi about Ganga's departure from the haveli.  Sanchi pulls her victory face which unfortunately none of her forever-at-home family members manages to witness.


Anandi does some seeking of her own with her hubby as sidekick after realising that their ironing lady, Chanda, might be having some problems with her husband.


Ganga's divorce notice is delivered to the haveli but poor Jagya is the one summoned to family court presided over by his currently cranky mother.  He goes to battle trying to get his mother to see reason but unfortunately her light bulb remains off.  Dadisaa has to referee the match and calls time out.  Sumi goes off to complain to Devi Maiya who is not a listening mood either because Ganga and Mannu both end up in front of Sumi.


Jagya consoles Ganga, Dadisa consoles Sumitra and Anandi lectures Chanda, Chanda's husband and anyone else in hearing distance.


Anandi (finally) decides to set-up and NGO and assures her clucky husband that he will always be her first priority (do men have biological clocks as well?  Because fairly sure that ticking noise is all from Shiv).


Ganga faces up to Ratan in court with the support of Jagya and acknowledges how much that support has meant to her in her struggle to gain freedom.


Sumi, Ira and Sanchi (the musketeers of gloom) decide that right now would be a good time for Jagya and Sanchi to get engaged.  Jagya wants to drop Ganga off in Mangalore on the 16th which is problematic because new baby-related rituals are on the same day.  Sumi sees this as a serious error in prioritization and informs Sanchi who in turn convinces' the family pundit to schedule the engagement on the 16th as well.  After all, who wouldn't want to share their engagement alongside a baby's first milestones...



WEEK 3 : August 12th to 17th:  So what's on the 16th again?


Anandi shares news of her NGO with others in Chanda's basti and somehow ends up at bar with the other wives.  Drunk husbands, rude bartenders and active policemen are also involved.


Mostly everyone other than Jagya knows the engagement is scheduled for the 16th but all they do is talk amongst themselves for a good few hours about what Jagya will or will not do.  Maybe try asking him instead?


Ira suddenly realises what it means to have an overly-involved social worker as a daughter-in-law and is none too happy about it.  Shiv consoles Anandi but she is not easily consoled knowing Ira's temperament better than her husband.


Sumi drops the engagement date bomb on Jagya and in turn goes into hysterical meltdown mode when her son pleads to the family not to force him to forgo his responsibility to Ganga.  Jagya promises to do whatever they want once he returns.  Everyone accepts his reasoning except for his mother who deems Ganga as the devil incarnate.


Sumi emotionally blackmails Dadisa to convince Jagya about the engagement date whilst Sanchi purposefully diverts her conversation with Jagya so that he is unable to tell her about his issue with the date.


Dadisa talks with Jagya about his family responsibility leaving him in a state of confusion.  The wily dadi then goes and chats with Ganga so that when Jagya speaks with her, she will say what everyone else has been saying as well; get engaged on that date with that girl.  Poor Jagya is cornered on all sides.


Shiv throws a spanner in Sanchi's engagement plans by stating that the engagement cannot happen on that date due to his job.  Sanchi throws a tantrum and manages to get her way by causing her family and the Singh's to have a logistical nightmare of planning events on the 16th.


Jagya is unhappy with his decision to stay for the engagement and is lost in thoughts of Ganga and Mannu but no one seems to be noticing...or not noticing enough to care.  The days pass and it is the 15th, Ganga prepares to shift to Mangalore and the Singhs prepare for the naamkaran and the engagement.


Sanchi and Anandi arrive at the haveli for the engagement.  Anandi notices Jagya's sad state whilst Sanchi notices all the attention Anandi receives from the family.


The ladies/baby's function begins.  Ganga goes off to Mangalore after saying farewell to Jagya...more specifically his chair.  Jagya runs off to the hospital to bid farewell face-to-face but alas has to run after the bus instead.  Mahi gets a phonecall and is off as well (please don't let my baby-making reference come true) due to having to replace an injured player in a tournament.



WEEK 4 : August 19th to 24th :  Tu Meri Laila, Main Tera Majnu


Shekhars are late and the baby gets a name.  Welcome to the crazy, Bhairavi Basant Singh!  Some family members realize that Jagya isn't at home and Jagya finds out that there has been a bus strike so no bus to Mangalore today.  He manages to catch Ganga before she goes and hands over Mannu's teddy bear.  Whilst these two are busy eye-locking, the Singhs are busy talking telepathically because the Shekhars have shown up and Jagya is nowhere to be found.


Ganga and Jagya heartbrokenly bid adieu to one another after which Jagya remembers his engagement and rocks up to the haveli before the Shekhars and his fiance get too suspicious.  Shiv and Anandi both separately and privately confront Jagya about his feelings regarding the engagement.  He assures them both but only Shiv buys into it as Anandi is left quietly questioning Jagya's resolve.


The engagement happens and everyone except Jagya looks happy about it.  He is busy mentally being Devdas to his Paro who is matching him tear for tear on the back of a truck on the way to Mangalore.  Jagya sadly acknowledges that his driving motivation is not make anyone feel ashamed of him and he has been successful in it so far.


Mahi returns still in majnu mode and thankfully with no baby news.  Both families get busy celebrating Raksha Bandan.  This is then followed by a Teej that is strictly adhered to by the Singhs and Anandi; Sanchi decides to get in on the action by fasting for Jagya as well. Jagya decides to visit Ganga in Mangalore to check she is okay which leads to Cold War 2 between his parents.  Dadisa and Gehna sneakily send gifts for Ganga via Jagya.



WEEK 5 : August 26th to 31st:  Maternal Management, Madness and Meltdowns.


Jagya and Ganga spend some quality time together in Mangalore.  Sanchi finds out Jagya is in Mangalore and in frustration eats fruits to ease her fast.  Ira finds out about as well and turns into raging mother.  Anandi barely manages to head off the storm before it hits the haveli using the excuse of Teej.  All the ladies break their Teej fasts.


Ira calls up to scold Sumi about her irresponsible son and Sumi in turn blows a fuse at the rest of the Singhs.  Shiv and Anandi continue doing social work by hosting a market/exhibition in front of Kesar Bagh but it ends badly with Sanchi getting injured. Ira reprimands Anandi again for her work whilst the other Shekhars attempt to cheer Anandi up.


Ira manages to convince' Jagya to stop by for a visit to Kesar Bagh on his way back from Mangalore.  She and Sanchi decide to spring this news on everyone else when Jagya arrives.  I guess like mother, like daughter is totally true in this case.  Jagya bids farewell to Ganga.


Jagya lands at Kesar Bagh to the surprise of all and sundry.  This is followed by the awkwardest lunch where the fact that Jagya and Anandi's relationship status is It's Complicated' is highlighted, underlined and bolded.  Meanwhile Ira decides that Jagya and Sanchi need to spend some quality alone time with one another and tells Jagya to take Sanchi out for dinner. 

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(by blushing)

Gehna before baby Bhairavi's birth.

Well Ghena is in premature labor pain due horrible incident take place in Badi Haveli. While in immense pain she asked Basant to take care of Nandu & baby if anything happen to her. Basant try to make her clam. Both are feeling helpless since not single Dr was present there in hospital that time. Entire scene made all of us emotional. But grace of god and Ganga baby & mom were fine.   


(BY Aakansha_7 )

Mr.collector gets into his room in full KKCS avtar 

MR.khurana ko told go to hell and threw the way phone travelled and landed exactly beside anandi  

suddenly MR.collector urf chaloo got a heart attack no no heart ache no no something heart thats for sure  

Mrs .patni got scared...kya hua shiv  

Mr roadside romeo giving roadside dialogs .."mujhe bas aapko pyaar karna hai anandi" ...dude saying khullam khulla about his natakk when asked from his wifey   

no name of stoping pulled his wifey with such intense bechari land up in his godi(lap) 

pati in romantic avtar biwi worrying about time 

pati in no give up mood ...maroing dialogs aftr dialog ...tod dete hai waqt ki deewar 

"Ayiye meri baahon mein ayiye" ...

biwi too chaalak escaped from going into his baahon saying daddu's name

but hero still not ready to stop want a token for his good acting...but poosy have to wait for that    ...Nautanki buoy  

Avi credits:dixie123 and khushi

For more entertainment

Scene Video link:




(by anjali_pi)

Anandi and Shiv decides to open an NGO. Shiv says now she will have more power in hand and will be able to tackle similar situations easily. Anandi is happy and enthusiastic. Shiv is happy when she says she will put all her efforts to help those women. But teasingly reminds her to save some of her energy coz she got other commitments too. Anandi wonders and asks what he is referring to, but he smiles at her. Anandi then gets up and hug him. Shiv is pleasantly surprised by her action. She assures him that her husband is everything for her. He will be her first priority and anything and everything comes only after him. She promises to give him his share of time and attention.

The scene was very much different from the other romantic scenes. A very sensible hubby-wifey discussion was shown with some good dialogues from both. Anandi was verbal about her love and took the initiative this time. Shiv was quite surprised by his naughty wifey but very very happy with that. A beautiful scene which showed the love, care, affection and support between the couple.

It was a real Sizzling Rocking Magical Romantic Moment and was brilliantly portrayed by the two leads.Lovely Acting.

Here is the link to the scene -


(by geet005)

Ganga leaving Jetsair to Mangalore for her feather studies. When a person who is very friendly with another person feels bad when they go far from each other. It was same between Ganga and Jagya.Jagya was felling very sad when Ganga was leaving to Mangalore for her further studies. He was very much pained when he could not join her and also he was in pain has Ganga was going far from him.


(by Mithi_vani )

Its Ganga's nursing course of 6 months...

Normally The duration of the Nursing training course varies from 1 year to 4 years depending upon whether the course is degree or diploma.

             But our BV have Spl Institute... which cover up the Nursing Course in just 6months...

I wish all those students who wants to become Nurse should join BV's this institute....


(BY anshurg5  )

he best dialogue of this month is one of the Anandi's dialogue while she was confronting the drunken husbands of the basti women in Jalwa Bar. When one of those men tried to rebuke them by saying that women used to be 'Ghar ki maryada' and they should be ashamed of  themselves for coming in a bar. Then Anandi replied..

                                    Wah bahut achcha, Auraton ki maryada ki baat aap logon ko sharab ke nashe main bhi yaad hai lekin ek aurat aur apne ghar ke liye mardon ke kya farz hote hain yeh aapko hosh main bhi yaad nahi hota. Toh sharm kise aani chahiye, aap mardon ko ya hum auraton ko?

                       This episode was on air on 12 August


(by AnjanaYYZ)

Its tough competition,but Sanchi the Two-faced Twit wins against Sumi and Ira.  

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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

This month was filled with the worst possible things that could happen to BV things. 

Sanchi and Jagya engagement!! OMG what could be worse?

marriage ... no no ..ok lets not go into that. We are here to talk about the best episode not the worst. Regardless , it seems that both are synonymous lately. Thankfully we were saved by a good episode on August 29th. The Sunday Bazar and the fight after.

Anandi with Shiv's idea , set up the bazar in front of her haveli and then while everything running smoothly she was hit by the unexpected storm. The goondas sent by the bar owner. 

Shiv, being the hero saved his damsel in distress. Looking absolutely dashing he saved the day and Justice was served. 

Well as we all relaxed for a bit, Ira madam hit her emotional chord and sang the song of distress after seeing her laadli daughter hurt. 

The beginning of Anandi-Ira , saas bahu saaga.. taking shape. 

While I cringed at the very thought, I was happy that we did see what we always wanted to see. Anandi and Shiv together , doing good for the society and facing the harms that was thrown on their way , hand in hand.


(By anjali_pi )

Engagement preparations of BH and KB people...Anandi and Sanchi in BH and meeting everyone...Ganga thinking abt Jagaiya and Jagiya thinking about Ganga and Mannu. The best part was Sanchi getting irritated coz Anandi is given more attention and love.

A good filler on August 16th and here is the link


(by Khusi_*)

  • Jagdeesh saanchi's anticipated engagement
  • Jagiya's increasing fondness towards ganga
  • Two balika vadhu's progress towards their study n career
  • and with the complex web of relationships

this month's rating is 3Star out of 5Star

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2013 at 6:59am | IP Logged

(by dixie123 )

Anandi Shivraj Shekar

The social reformer was back in action and it was a pure delight to watch Anandi work for the upliftment of people in need, which is what she does best now with the support, encouragement and advise of her husband.

 - She did a good job in helping Chanda and her friends by encouraging, enlightening them of ways they can secure and better their lives. She explained them of Itwari Baazar, opening bank accounts to save money.

- She gave them confidence to stand up aganist their abusive husbands (like in the bar), gave them a hope for a better life for themselves and their kids.

( by 5cents)

AHHH the picture is worth a thousand words ...but I'll explain fully and completely 

 The best pic of the month has to be this coz ...Aji journey with Shiv which started with faith and respect from her side has blossomed into love and full on PDA from her side 

AnSh have struck romantic gold now & are more satisfied with their relationship. 

Now Aji giving him chocolate se bhi meetha intazaar ka phal 

This picture shows...  how love's labor is never lost.  I don't think true love is something we find, I think it's something we create, by putting time and effort and attention into a person we chose to be with. Love ke labor ka result dekh lo 

Aji journey which started from scare of touch and willfully running away from her hubby's unconditional love in the past has today come to joyfully hugging & hogging him and willfully running into his arms. Taaliyaan & Seetiyaan 


(by 5cents)

This month we did see Anandi wearing a few new ghagra cholies but this was the BEST ...

Anandi looked   Royal, Gracefully Greenful,  Elegantly  Beautiful in an Green and Pink lehenga, highlighted with some traditional jewelry & simple maang tika.  She seemed genuinely happy for her childhood friend and companion Jagia on his engagement. 

Her color choice green seemed absolutely perfect for the occasion...

Color green is the color of mother nature and all mothers love it too   

It signifies energy, vibrancy and brightness. Last but not the least it makes our enemy turn green with envy too ...Poor Sanchi's pinkness was blushing but green completely flushed it. 


(by Surabhi01)

3rd August 2013

there is positive energy in every person which create courage and patience in him/her during trouble time .with this help that come out of trouble

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>>::FOR AnSh::<<

(by khusi_*)

The winner : lipshaa

And here is the prize Clap


(by khusi_*)

The winner is : dixie123

And here is the prize Clap


(by suchi-virmanian)

The winner is : beyondsky

And here is the prize Clap


(By  surabhi01)

The Winner thread 

Name of topic sumitra kya bolti tu

Name of topic maker skepblun

Time of posting the topic 12:46 pm

Date of posting the topic 13 aug 2013

This topic has gotten 46 likes and run till 8 pages

Link of the topic

And here is the prize Clap


(by Mithi_vani)

The Winner is blushing author of

AnSh FF Nehele Pe Dehla part 2

And here is the prize Clap



>>::FOR JaGan::<<

(by Sidra08)

The Winner is:  Lipsha/IF

And HERE is your Prize  Party


The Winner is...Lipsha/IF

And HERE is your Prize  Party

Winner VM Rabta by Sushiani

DM Link-

YT link:

And HERE is your Prize  Party

JaGan FF- Heavenly Soulmates  

BY sushaini

And HERE is your Prize  Party

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(BY blushing)

Bakra of the Month

  Dr Jagdish Singh

Well his confuse state made him bakra once again. He gets engaged to Sanchi with reluctant mood. But when Shiv asked clearly about his decision he firmly told him he knows what he is doing. His past deeds still haunts him so can't took back step. Seeing Ganga & Mannu are parting away from him he gets sad. He engaged with Sanchi yet he lost in his own world. Jadeesh's own confusing state lead him as well others life trouble for sure in future.                                   


 FunCare of the Month


On Rakhi Nathu imitate Shiv & Mahi to make fool of Sanchi who is waiting for her brothers. Nathu is perfectly acted as Shiv with superb voice & great attitude like Shiv. Surely Nathu is fun to watch. 



Band Baja Barati   

Singh's along with Anandi

On day of engagement last moment Jagdeesh went to see Ganga. Entire Singh family gets scared & restless. Dadisa is extremely furious on Jadeesh's irresponsible behavior. Sumitra revealed news to Anandi who is equally get tensed. Bhiron send some in serach of him.Top it all when Shekhar family arrived on time for ceremony it make things worse for Singh's as well as Anandi.   


Glycerin of the Month 

Well this time Ganga sheds buckets of tears while departure from Jeiatsar for her further education in other city. Ganga is missing Jeaitsar Singh family sp Dr Jadeesh. Let's hope soon Ganga will stop crying & look happy with her new life in Manglore. 


  Khatra of the Month
Saas Bahu combo Sumitra Sanchi

Sumitra and Sanchi combination is turning deadly day by day. First both successfully get rid of Ganga from Jadeesh's life. Then both are dominating Jagdeesh with their antics planning screaming shouting. Sumitra is with her over protective nature & Sanchi with her all fake nature is making things worse for Jagdeesh as well as for rest of family too.    



  Murgi of the Month

Entire Shekhar Khandan

After rejecting Jadeesh Sanchi alliance now full in support of this alliance. Entire Shekahr family becomes murgi in hands of their own daughter Sanchi. Being educated cultured family they can't see Sanchi's antic fakeness all thanks to their blind love for her. After her true color reveal in front of them all of them will be in deep shock & pain.    


(by khusi_* & Don_theEvil)

The winners are





For uploading selective BV videos as per request

And here is the prize


PartyAnd here is the prize Party


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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- adi2512(back up- payali09)
Best episode of the month-Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-anjali_pi (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-blushing (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-aakansha_7 (back up -manshi )
Romantic scene of the month-anjali_pi (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-aparnauma(back up -geekee)
Blooper of the month-Manshi(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-anshrug5(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-AnjanaYYZ(back up-Don_theEvil)
Best Character of the month-dixie123(back up - payali09 )

Picture of the month-5Cents(back up -)
Best costume of the month-5Cents(back up )
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-Don_theEvil(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-adi2512(back up - Suchi-Virmanian )

Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up - blushing  )

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-manshi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-blushing(back up-don_theEvil)
Siggy of the month For jaga-monamie111(back up- )
Avi of  the month jaga -(back up - Hina13)
VM of the month-saraluvRaghaVi(back up - Sidra08)
Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Sidra08(back up-saraluvRaghaVi )

Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- khusi_* , priyamvada

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL- Don_theEvil,khusi_*

intro OS- Khusi_*

Special Editing - suchi & Khusi_*

Special thanks - BV Times Team

Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by  Don_theEvil . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteership  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* orDon_theEvil or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..


Back up needed for our nl team.. please if anyone interested... approach Don_theEvil id.. for above non mention name session and backup.. 

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