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Hi SCians!

 SaMud Confession-e-Romance OS Contest Voting Round 

Thanks To all Those who took part in OS ContestHug
Hope that the best entry wins ..

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  • After adding all marks each and every entry gets,the entry which gets maximum marks will be announced as winning Entry..

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  • Last Date of voting 20th September 2013

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        Check next post for entries Big smile

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Entry # 1

" Reunion In The Rain "

Kumud stood shivering in the temple.Though her eyes were closed tears rolled over her cheeks.


"God,why are you punishing me like this?Why I have only pain these days?"


She opened her eyes only to get shocked to see Saras.


"Saras!How come you are here?".


"I did'nt come here to disturb you Kumud.I just came to pray".


"God hears only good-hearted people's prayers".


It pained Saras' heart.


Kumud noticed the dark sky.


"I think it's going to rain now.I need to go back before it starts raining".


Saras remembered Kumud dancing in rain when she felt being loved by Saras.


"Earlier you used to love being in love.Then now why are you going away from rain?"


"That time rain was the symbol of happiness.But now the rain appears to be tears".


Saras felt upset as it was because of him that Kumud finds pain in rain.


He said in his mind,


"Even in rain I can see only your tears which are caused by me.But I will wipe your tears Kumud".


Saras put one step forward,but his leg got slipped due to the wet slippery floor and he fell down.


"Saras!"Kumud ran towards him and helped him to get up.She saw his hand bleeding.Without second thoughts she tore her saree's pallu and tied it over her hand.


Cool breeze of love touched them.Saras could'nt help himself from pampering her face with his eyes.Kumud who looked up saw his eyes being fixed on her.She came back to her senses and moved backward.


She thought,


"Why do I still care for the man who cheated me?"


"Kumud!"He called her.She looked at him.He was looking at her with painful eyes.


"I am sorry Kumud".


Kumud's eyes got teary.Suddenly she managed herself not to become weak.


"After wounding my heart you don't deserve my pardon Saras".


His heart was scattered into various pieces.


"You don't have a heart.Then how will you understand what a woman undergoes when her man does'nt come to the wedding place?"


"I had come there Kumud".


Automatically he said so.


Kumud was shocked.


"But the Inspector who cheated Kumari attacked me with his goons.I fell unconscious".


Kumud could'nt believe it.


"No.You are lying".


"I know that you can't believe me.But this is the truth.When I came to know that my mother's suicide was due to my father's extra marital affair withmy step mother whom I respected I just lost my control Kumud".


Kumud was really shocked.


Kumud was reminded of the payal she got from the entrance.She remembered how she felt being called by Saras while travelling in the car to her husband's house.


She saw his tears flowing down.


"I said that I can't marry you.But did you think that I can stop loving you?"


Kumud lost herself in his tears.




She forgot her current status and ran to him.He circled his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

It started raining.That moment both of them could'nt find any trace of pain in the rain.They could see only pure love in the rain.


She started shivering when rain drops fell all over her.Her wet saree which was hugging her sensitive skin made her shiver with cold.


He saw it.He wiped the rain drops from her her forehead,her cheeks,her nice and then her lips.When he touched her tender lips she moved away from her.But he held her hand brought her close to him.They both looked at each other's eyes deeply.


He removed his coat and covered her with it.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

"Saras,you will feel cold without the coat".


"No Kumud.If you are alright why would I feel uncomfortable?We both had already become one body Kumud".

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kumud remembered that they had melted into one pool of love long ago.


His fingers fell on her wet head.


"Kumud,by folding your hair you are folding your happiness and beautiful dreams of love.When I am near you I won't let that happen".


He removed her bun and let her hair open.Her long tresses started glowing as if rain drops decorated it like small diamond stars decorate the sky of fairy land.His fingers pampered her lovely hair.She closed her eyes only to forget her recent pain and get immersed in this blissful moment with her man.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Saras cupped her face in his hands.


"Kumud,open your eyes.Let me see your beautiful eyes".


Slowly she opened her eyes.Rain drops fell on her eyes.Her eye lashes fluttered.


"Saras,why do you want to see my eyes?"


"To see your feelings for me",he replied.


"You don't know how I feel for you?"She asked.


"I know.But I want to know whether your grief had vanished from the eyes.If so that means you have forgiven me".


"Saras,look at my eyes and tell me what you feel now".


He looked at her eyes deeply.


He smiled emotionally.


She smiled with tears in her eyes.


"Yes Saras,I have forgiven you".


They both became so emotional that they shed tears.

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


He lifted her up in his arms and walked in the rain.They kept looking at each other.


He sat under a tree keeping his beloved on his lap.


He caressed her face.


"Kumud,now you understand me.I understand your marital life's truth also.Then why should we suffer like this Kumud?Why can't we forget everything and move on?"

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera

Kumud's heart beat fast and she got up from his lap.


"No Saras.I am married.I can't cheat anyone.And I can't break my parents' faith in me".


"Kumudyou are married only for name sake.Your husband is an animal.If your inlaws and parents know the truth they themselves will tell you to leave Pramad".


Kumud was in dilemma.

"No Saras!That's a sin".

She walked forward.He pulled her close to him staring at her eyes.


"I won't let you go Kumud.Because if you go back it's the hell of thorns which is waiting for you there.When I am alive I won't allow anything to hurt you.I hurt you.I can't let you suffer anymore".

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Kumud burst into tears.

"Kumud,I love you.I can't live without you",Saras confessed.
Kumud became so emotional that she did'nt know how to react.

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

His tears fell down.He wiped her tears.
"Don't cry Kumud.This is not a moment to cry.This is a beautiful momentI got my Kumud back after a painful separation.Though the separation was short it felt very long."


She wept ,"And I got my Saras back".


He smiled emotionally.She smiled after a long time forgetting the tear drops which irritated her eyes.


She buried herself in his chest.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

The rain drops poured upon themselves marking a new beginning of love which was hidden for sometime.

Kumud removed the coat and held it above like an umbrella for both of them.They smiled at each other with a sweet flour ...A reunion of love under the umbrella.

Entry #2

"Rainy Confession"

Saras sat directly across from Kumud at the dining table while Pramad sat next to her, with his usual grumpy look, checking his phone and eating without a word.

Kumud felt trapped. Why did Saras have to sit across from her? It was torturous to have him looking at her all the time and right now he looked as if he had sensed something.

Suddenly the pallu on her head fell revealing a deep purple bruise on the upper part on her right arm. She immediately covered her arm with her pallu but Saras has seen it and her mother in law also.

-        Kumud beta! What did you do to your arm?

Stuttering kumud replied:

-        Ii..bumped ituh   last night. I was going to the bathroom

-        You should be careful beta, came the reply from the mother in law

Kumud gave a small embarrassing smile to the family and a quick glance at Saras with fear stricken face. He was looking at her, his eyes scrutinizing her face which was giving away her lie and Saras knew what happened.

He held his glass so tight that it almost shattered. He stared at Pramad, his eyes all red but then darted them back to kumud whose face was taut with anxiety. She was uncomfortable and her eyes were pleading him

He has lost appetite and if he stayed a minute more around that man, he may

 He stood up as everybody looked up. He said:

-        Excuse me. I am not feeling well. I am going to bed.

Without waiting for any response, he was gone.




Kumud was unable to sleep. Pramad was out as usual. She was worried about Saras. She had to talk to him and decided to go to his room. As expected he was not sleeping. He was pacing the room. Kumud walked towards him and was about to say something but Saras brought his hand up to stop her. His face was distorted by pain n his eyes were livid

kumud was taken aback. It seemed like anger was seething through him. What he said next froze the blood in her veins. His voice was dangerously calm.


-         I am bound by your promise not to hurt him but I warned you Kumud, you get hurt, I


Without completing his sentence, he turned around and walked away as Kumuds eyes followed him. Soon he was out of the house in the pouring rain.


Kumuds body was shaking and she felt tears coming from her eyes. She knew that challenging stare too well.

-        No I need to go and find him. I dont want him to hurt himself.  He is very stubborn; he can do anything when he is angry.


Without waiting for her mind to reason her and tell her that it was not appropriate for the Adhikari Bahu to leave the house at night for another man

She stormed out of the room, ran down the stairs and dashed out of the mansion and onto the road.

Thank God it was a silent night; the road was practically deserted due to the bad weather. She ran to the mandir with the hope that he would be there but he wasnt.


Where was he? What if something had happened to him? Lost and numb, Kumud was going back when she saw himno she sensed him.

 She turned her face sideways and at a distanceSaras was on the road, on his knees with his hands on them, his face facing the sky. The rain was blowing into his eyes which hurt him but he didn't care. 

ReliefAngerLoveHateHe only could bring so many emotions in her.

All she knew was her heart felt so light and heavy at the same time and she couldnt control the tears from falling out of her eyes. She walked up to him and practically yelled his name. Saras!

 He kept his back to her. She called him again.

He finally turned and replied in a paining voice: Go away Kumud. I


But he didnt complete his sentence. She gasped as she saw blood oozing from a cut on his forehead.


-        Oh my God!! You are bleeding. Yeh kaisse hua?


Instinctively she kneeled down, grabbed the end of her pallu to wipe the blood from his forehead as he gazed at her. She realized what she had done and stood up. She stepped back. Her voice was stuck in her throat but she finally managed to say:


-        Why are you doing this? Why are you making it more difficult and painful for both of us? Why Saras?


Saras stood up. He saw the tears in her eyes, the worry on her face and the pain.

And she could make out his tears even in the rain. They looked at each other without word and finally he said:

-        You know why I am doing this


Kumud stopped Saras from speaking farther. She controlled her tears and took a step back again. She needed to stop this right now. She cant afford to be vulnerable, to let go, to melt


-        This is my life and I choose how to live it. I am accepting everything coming my way as my destiny n even if it is abuse from my husband. This is my personal life, you


Saras stepped forward; she saw the pain on his face but it was immediately replaced by anger. He grabbed her arm and screamed:


-        Stop it kumud!!


Kumud tried to control her shaky self and released herself from Saras grip. She screeched:


-         I told you I done need you. I dont need your help and I can take care of myself.


Pushing him away she asked in an attempt to hurt him to dampen his resolution:


-        What do you want to prove? That you love me and cant see me in pain? YOU gave me the biggest pain in my life.


-        Enough Kumud! You can blame me all your life but I wont go away.


This time Saras didn't move towards Kumud. He simply said:


-        I don't need to prove anything. Yes I know I have given you the biggest pain. I need to be punished for it.


Looking straightly in her eyes he said:


-         And I am being punished. I have lost you. This is my lifetime punishment but I love you Kumud even if you are no longer mine and this you cant take away from me.


Kumud felt faint. The wind was blowing her hair all over her face and she could no longer see Saras' face clearly. The rain was starting to make her shiver even harder. She felt herself starting to fall down. 

He tried to hold onto her to keep her from falling but she hit his chest and distanced him. 


-        Stay away from me.


 She couldn't speak. Her head was spinning and her heart knew that he was telling the truth but the urge to deny it all was too overpowering


-        I have lost trust on you long time back Saras when you ditched me


She was about to topple. Saras wanted to go and catch her. He took a step forward but then he backed away. 

He understood Kumuds position.

With that he turned around ready to walk away. 

She started crying. Her life was slipping out of her hands. She felt an unbearable pain. It was like her heart has come crushing down on her.


As he started walking away,he felt her hand stop him. His heart skipped a beat. Was he dreaming? He turned around and they looked at each other as she clutched at his shirt finally she spoke up:


-        You promised never to let me break Saras. But I am brokenI am lostandyou are going away again


He so wanted to put his hands around her, to stroke her hair and kiss the top of her head but... this will have to wait till the storm in their life died down and he knew that together they would overcome it.

Tightening his grip on her hand instead, he said:


-        I am not going anywhere Kumud. We did a very big mistake but I will set things right. I will never let u break I promise.

Entry #3

"Safe In His Hands"

Saras ran into the Mandir to find Kumud praying solemnly. She stood stock-still, as if she was afraid even to take a deep breath.   Keeping his head high, Saras walked past Kumud. Tears welled up in his eyes as he was dying within. Days have passed with him trying to tell the truth to her, his reasoning. It was his fault. He saw streams of tears flowing over her cheeks.  He loved her; oh that much was clear to him. This woman was the only one who made a home in his heart that had permanency written on it. He knew his feelings were different from what he had felt before. This was like Niagara Falls when compared to what he felt earlier.

"Damn it!" Saras hit the pillar with his fist in frustration, cursing him for dumping her. He would let her know the truth today and he knew that it was now or never for him.  

He outstretched his hand to touch her shoulders, but remembered that she belongs to another man and he put his hand down. He fixed his gaze upon her and waited until she opens her eyes. A minute or two passed yet she remained unmoved.

"Kumud?" Sarass words made her heart pound. She wanted so badly to pretend that she had not heard him and keep on concentrating on prayers. Kumud opened her eyes slowly and saw the calmness she enjoyed a while before was now diffused into insignificance and it seemed that the tempest would take over in no time. The innocent ambience was overshadowed by that of a vile more like her life. The clouds roared one last time reminding her to hurry, but she remained there unaffected. She is already in the middle of a worse storm, so a storm like this could do no more damage. "Is there any more to tell?" She asked without even looking at him.

"Yes, and its important", he said looking at the few people who were looking at them, come with me.

She wanted to say no. Not again. Once was enough, twice was more than enough. But for the third time Okay she agreed.

He gently took her elbow, as if he thought she might try to escape, and led her towards the exit.

"What is it about?" she asked halting on the last step.

"It is about us, and that's my fault, I handled things badly. I want to make everything alright", to her nerves his words were like a high-pitched sequel from a public addressing system.

Its too late now, there isn't a thing you can change she looked away trying to hide the fear that ran through her body, thinking about her good-for-nothing husband.

"One last chance, please...At least listen to me!" he pleaded, holding both his together bending his head in front of her.

She had been given a jolt, hearing what he went through. She had been feeling something strange ever since he called off their marriage and she regret for not listening to her heart then. She had been a girl who had been shown a door to heaven awe inspiring before, but they had broken down before she had even knocked on them because of one wrong step she took. Why had she taken the wrong decision in a hurry? Why hadn't she waited for him for a while? If only she could turn back the clock.She wanted to tear something up, throw something but she quietly walked away, away from him, knowing that if she had stayed there she would surely have surrendered to him.

There was a moment of silence and Saras turned around to see kumud was long gone from there. Where could she go in such a bad weather? He ran out into the rain to the narrow street to find Kumud, but there was no sign of her. He ran his fingers through his hair and closed his eyes in rage and slowly started walking forward. Before he could walk a small distance he heard someones heartbreaking sobs. It was none other than Kumud, his Kumud. She was sitting right at a side of the road, crying her heart out, as though she wanted to wash away all the hurt. He ran to her and knelt down in front of her to touch her shoulders, Kumud?

She pushed him away, so hard that he nearly had a fall. He gathered himself and moved closer to her this time, his hands reaching across her shoulders as he held her closer to him. She hit his chest with her fist, crying her heart out. 

"Why? Why did this happen to me?" she asked the question he could never answer. He shook his head, held her cheeks and wiped her tears and pulled her into him almost crushing her against his chest. He knew he was wrong to hold her like that, but he could not help himself from doing so. She needed him. As he lowered his gaze to her back, he saw fresh bruises from where her sari could not cover up.  Has she being beaten by someone? Could it be her husband? Dare she tell him the truth? Dare she tell him that her husband is alcoholic?  Dare she tell him that she still want to continue her life with her husband? No. He wont let her do it. He is the one who did all the damage and only he could amend it.

"You are not going back! I'm not letting you to go!", Saras said in a harsh tone, pushing her away from him slowly and he asked her about the bruises on her back. She ignored his last question and refused his decision of her not going home. She knew to which extent her husbands family would steep to find her if she ever tried to escape and she did not want Saras to be in danger because of her.  She tried to convince him that she is happily married and now as she knew the truth she is all broken and she could never forget him. She would always love him but could not go away with him as destiny had other plans for them.

Her talks could not distract Saras. He then pulled her to him and said, "do you think you can fool me, Kumud? If you think so, then you are wrong! You can hide what you go through from others but not from this Saraswatichandra! I'm taking you with me, and thats final."

Kumud's mind befuddled the minute he had pulled her close, as though he knew it was the only way he could make her forget everything but him. She could not think straight when he was this close. Oh, he still affects her so much, and being away for a couple of months did not change her feelings. Why did he make her feel like this? Why did her body want to be close to him and when it was all coherent thought left her? She tried to reply, "Uh...I.." and Saras just stopped her from a reply by kissing her. It was a kiss to let her know that he loves her more than anything else he will walk to the end of the earth with her.

Saras sighed as the kiss deepened; the taste of her lips was like a drop of life from the Holy Grail. Tasting her sweetness with the taste of rain was magical, and he felt that when he dies he wanted the heaven like this, with her taste.  She kissed him back with frenzy, forgetting her marital status and the threatening life she had been living for the past few months.  He slid his hand on down her back till he found the curve of her waist and gently lifted her up in his arms without breaking the kiss. He walked back to the car, where he left his bag; put her in the passenger seat and gently he let her lips go, to look at her face.

Sliding next to her, he demanded in a whisper, Open your eyes Kumud feeling that she was afraid to open her eyes thinking that this was a dream. Look into my eyes, Kumud! Do they tell you how much I regret for what happened to you? Do they tell you how much you mean to me? How lost I had been without seeing you for the past few months? How lost I would be if they do not see you? I need you, Kumud he questioned her, while trying to find answers in her eyes.

Kumud looked at him unblinkingly, mesmerized by the passion she saw in his dark brown pebbles. His eyes told everything to her, how much he wanted her. He would go against the whole world for her. He would save her, free her from her captive.

Suddenly they felt a sharp light on them and they both stilled, he felt the tensing in Kumud as they broke apart and he put her down in to his lap. He covered her mouth with his hands as they heard a phone ringing.

"No sir." The man answered the phone. "There isn't a sign of anyone here. She cant be here in this weather."

Saras sighed, taking away his hand on her mouth just as the spine-tingling moment was over. He quickly got one of his jackets for her to put on as he sensed they are in danger. Without hesitating, Kumud put it over her wet sari and waited for him to start the car. He assured her that as long as he was with her no one could harm her, not even Buddhidhan or his men.

Kumud helped Saras to locate the nearest hotel as he drove hurriedly on the dark streets of Ratnagiri to find shelter for the night ahead. The receptionist studied Kumud, who covered her face with the pallu of her sari. Luckily, without much delay they were allocated a room and they both went in quickly. Just as Kumud went to dry herself up, Saras made some plans on how to reach the Desai's Haveli early in the morning as the danger still awaits for them.

Kumud felt shy to step out of the bath room wearing his shirt, but slowly she came out. She saw Saras rummaging with the logs to light a fire, turning his back to her. She inhaled trying to calm her heartbeats that threatened to run away when she laid her eyes on him. Her breathing ragged as he turned around to look at her. The harder she tried to calm her nerves, the worse it got.

As if drawn by some unknown force, he got up and walked to her, while still holding on to the last threads of his control when he saw her feet shuffling in agitation. He touched her arm, trying to turn her but found himself nestling his head against hers, breathing in the scent of her mingled hair. He closed his eyes and pulled her against his chest and lifted her in his arms.

Just as Kumud hold around his neck they heard a knock on the hotel door and someone say "room service."

.. More entries in next post ..

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Entry #4
 *Chaye wala Love!!*

The darkness was so profound...the noise of the rain clattering on the glass window of the car.Driving back from her Office party Kumud lost her way due to dark in the city cause of rain..
Kumud:"What the hell..Ek to mujhe shimla mein aaye hue kuch hi months hue hein..upar se yeh terhe merhe raastey..Kahan se jaana tha..Oh God..Meri flight miss hogae to Maa bohat naraz hogi..."
She was continuesly muttering while she had to reach airport asap. She could not see properly what was on the road due to the heavily poured down.Today was a special day and she had to get back soon.Some special guests had come from abroad nd this time no excuses..
 What a pathetic situation for her...! Lost in her helpless thoughts of him..and to find the way back she didn't even realize and <BAM> she hit a car.
Kumud got scared..She was hell shock..Omg.. Without even thinking she ran out into the rain to apologize to the owner of the car.Yes she had to do so cause she also wanna know the way to airport by him. 
Kumud" I'm realy very sorry'..He opened the window and Kumud without even looking his face started apologizing to him.He got out of the car and gt drenched standing in the rain.He whispered her name Kumud. She was shocked and she looked up to see his handsome face. It was her Saras...who have just returned back from U.A.E today after establishing his buisness..
It had been whole year since he had left.
 Coming...!! Kumud manage to brought the tray of tea cups..
Ofcourse it was wedding house so she has to take care of every guest..Because soon her Lovely Sister was getting married.
She turned but was about to bump someone hard but luckily he held her hands nd ofcourse tray..His touch was so different but familiar to her..That froze her..They were lost in eachother..Her immense beauty always captured on everyone's heart so how he could escape from it.
 Kumud came out from sorcery of his almondanic eyes when he blinked nd turned when someone called him..
Saras looked at her again..nd unwillingly left the place.
Kumud regained her senses,nd served tea to everyone in the hall.
Their eyes met again nd again continuesly while he was chating wd others nd she was serving..She passed by without serving him..
Saras came behind following her to the kitchen..But Kumari blocked his way..Kuch chahie?
Kumud's heart skipped a bit when she saw him there..
Saras"Ek cup chaye..!"
Kumari served him the last cup remaining on the tray nd he left sipping nd giving kumud a smirk..
Kumud was confused who was he?She had never seen him before..She tried to ask about him from everyone but all in vain..
 Green girl was ready,Her opened hairs was making her more adorable..Ofcourse it was her sis kusum's Mehandi function..Doesnt matter if she was not agree for the proposal nd luckily sunny choosed kusum for him.
Kumari handed Kumud camera and requested to capture ceremony's pictures.
  Mehandi get started of kusum nd all girls were standing in circle around stage.. giggles nd laughters were echoing in the hall..Not even a single person was giving her way inside to capture the precious moments..Suddenly she saw an empty space..nd ya great panorama for her was ready beside cameraman..Couples were coming for doing rasam on the stage..And she was capturing every couple doing rasam.A couple sat on a stage taking a long time nd was even not taking a name to leave.
Kumud angrily mumbled "What's wrong?Why they sticked there?
 Beyond even her imagination...The person was shooting Video for ceremony said Aloud "NEXT PLEASE"
 The couple left instantly nd other couple came for rasam..
Kumud was still froze noticing closeness between them..She looked at him..Saras turned while lifting his heavy VideoCamera nd asked polietly with his sexiest smile"Ab theek hai?"
 Kumud looked at him in embarrasment..Their lips were inch aparted..Her heart started hammering inside her bossom,Countless knots in her stomach made her instantly lef the place..

 Kumud was breathing so heavily.. None ever wins her heart but his little act impressed her..No doubt he is handsome,attractive too but it never matters to her..Why his every actions pinched her heart..She blushed..
Kumud did the rasam..She took time but atlast threw a kind look to his camera..He thanked her when she left that made her lips stretched into a beautiful smile that stole his heart..So it was not a big deal for her smile to make him admire her beauty..
Kumari said wearing bangles."Didi bas kardo kitna tayaar hogi. . ?Kal tak to apko force krna par raha tha ke thora tayar hojao or aaj..!Shadi kusum ki hai di..!
Kumud throw an angry glare on her nd she slightly left..Its 3rd time kumud sprayed lavender around her neck..
   Her silky hairs were dancing on her shoulders..Her maang tika was making her more attractive nd jhumke was making her adorable..Her fitted choli was exposing her beautiful figure but was clearly showing that her heavy lehenga was loose nd hard for her to carry..
Frustrated kumud tried to manage with her lehenga behind stairs when he arrived nd cleared his throat..She instantly left her lehnga pretended to be normal..His presence made her Eyes twinkled..she gulped down her feelings for him nd tried to manage her heart beat that was racing inside.. but she knew it was clearly hearable for him.
Saras"I'm sure u dont need help."
Kumud shook her head nd was about to leave when ouch...!
Her lehnga got stuck in something nd slightly pulled down little by it..She got embarras now,how she'll be manage to go to her room in the presence of this much guests..
Saras pulled her hand under stairs more inside..She felt weak on her knees..His touch,his auburn ocean of eyes always made her heart sank in it..He pulled out pin from her hairs nd bent down on his knees..She closed hr eyes when his gentle fingers touched her soft waist..he wrapped her lehnga in fawl style nd pined it on the place to settled..His hands shivered looking at her tightly closed fists which was informing her 'reaction' on his 'actions'...
After many attetmpts when it dznt get fixed Saras used his teeth to fix the pin..
Omg..she moaned when his soft lips which were little moist creased her stomach unintentionally..
Saras couldn't survive under his carving emotions for that gorgeous nd se** lady,He pressed his lips on her stomach.
Though lehenga was already fixed..She turned to left the place when he held her hand nd pulled her back,her back was colliding with his chest..He hanged her hair strands behind her ear which was messed by removing pin..
Saras whispered in her hair"Ur looking so beautiful today..Any special reason?..."
She freed her hand nd escaped from there hiding her wide smile coming directly from her heart..
At phere times..His continues stare distracting her..
Kumud signaled him to stop but he winked at her..
whenever she looked,found him looking at her..that made her more blush..
Kusum bid adiue by the house...all the family members including kumud were sad..
But she was more sad because she knew it that saras will leave soon as wedding functions has ended.
 Saras came to the kitchen aware of kumud's presence there but found kumari too..
Kumud looked at him..both had unknown sadness in their eyes..Without having any comitments between their hearts got exchange ..They didnt know..Kumari asked saras "Kuch chahie..?"
Saras blinked"haan..Chaye milegi,Ek cup chaye..?"
Kumud handed him cup of tea nd he left..
 Next morning Kumud came out of her room.. it was like earth got slipped under her foot when he listened about his departure.
She reached her balcony nd ya found him about to sit in the car..Maricley he looked up to her sadly..
She could only tried to stop him by her hand but he had to  left. They both didnt come to know when they fell for eachother..Yes their emotions nd pain inside alarmed them "Yes,Its Love..!" 
Kumud regreat herself for not talking to him once.."Najane wo kya kehne aaya tha..Kal kitchen mein mujhse milne aaya tha...?"
Kumud started weeping "Kya mujhe tumse mohabbat hogai hai..Kya ek pal hi kafi tha..Meine to tumhein paaya bhi nahi..phir bhi aisa lagta hai jaise kho diya..Kash mein tumhein rok leti..kash.." Silent tears escaped from her eyes.. 
  After few months,Kumud applied nd get transfered from delhi to shimla branch by her Office..
 She was getting countless marriage offers but she turned down every single of them.Her parents's forcing was the reason for taking such step.she was waiting for someone who went for never to come back... And now he was here..!
 She was all wet in rain..Saras asked the driver to take kumud's car her hostle and made her sit in his car.
 Saras could feel her slight shivers nd listen her heavy breaths..His eyes were scanning her through rare view mirror that was fixed on her..Her white transparent saree was slinging to her wet body..Rain drops on her body seemed to be dew drops on rose.The noise her classic few bangles made skipped his heart a bit.The moment was so heart warming when their eyes met through mirror..but withdrew back soon.

 Saras pulled over the car to what looked like a beach. He opened kumuds door.Kumud was puzzled but didnt asked him what was he upto. He just closed her eyes and told her to walk with him. He took her beside the water. The rain was droping directly into it which was creating so beautiful sight..
 He removed his hands from Kumuds eyes. All she could say with tears choking her was that it was beautiful..even more beautiful to that ring that shined in his hand as he sat on his knee.
Kumuds wide smile but teary eyes were giving him her answer.. She slipped her hand in his..His touch cause butterflies in her stomach.Ring was shining in her finger adorning her hand even more.. Saras cupped her face..Before she could speak,he kept his finger and said ' Kumud,I have loved from the first day I saw u.You don't know how hard it was for me to leave u behind..For whole year i survived pain of sepration..But i couldnt ask ur parents for u at that time when i was common Cameraman..I worked hard whole year nd Now m one of indrustrial from dubai..i can ask ur parents for u.Now when i can read in ur eyes that you also love me..I cant even express my feelings to u..Kumud u loved me when i was nothing.You waited for me for whole year..I want to spend my life taking care of u, making up to all the time we have lost.Will u marry me?'
 Kumud hugged him, that described her feelings..
" U don't know how much. Day and night I would always think about u, waiting for this day to come."
With tear filled eyes she nodded in a yes and his lips landed on hers.Their each suck was making them more crazy for eachother..
Samud shared great moments nd "Ek cup chaye,together..!"
 Kumud got so amuzed to know that the family arrived from abroad was saras's family nd they sent saras to bring kumud with him.They got married in a month nd now happily married with their two angels..

Entry #5
*Beyond Dominant Desires*

. . . Following desire of his almond eyes ,she arched her back.Grip of his sexy fingers around her silky shoulders guided her to lay back on black silk sheet of grand comfortable bed.His passionate eyes admiring every inch of her . . her heart refused to beat as he came on top of her. .She moan helplessly as his warm lips creased her jaw bone seductively. . .She slipped her perfect delicate fingers in his silky hairs. .her action spoking her desire.He slowly brought his lips near her,her lips trembled feeling his hot breath. She closed her eyes . .her heart was bouncing . .his lips were just a inch away. .just a sec left to . .' bang ' . .she fell down on hard floor from her idiot couch. "oouch" her eyes open wide. .she stood up dead shocked looked around her . .no bed ,no he. just an old couch where she fall asleep working last night,papers & files mess scatterd around her ,irritating sun rays peeping through every glass of her room.She fall on couch disappointly, drank water to calm her parched throat. It was not happened for the 1st time , in last Two months she had made love with him almost in every angle , almost in every corner of her room, almost in every country of the world ; ofcourse in her DREAMS.clock struck 9:00 . .means no breakfast today also' grabbing her towel she rush to washroom.
She felt herself sleepy even under shower..thn she herself shook her head on her stupidty . but what stupidty ? . . "aesa hi hota hai "when ur one & only boss used to call u in midnights . .no...nothing like that.."only for giving u 'his so called' little assignments. .jinhe complete krne men subha k 5 baj jate hen,she sighed. 'why she didnt said No?' She wanted to ! but she cudnt able to say No hearing his sexy voice dripping with honey... 
She dried herself,put moistuers in the speed of machine.She was not doing any kind of over time , not her boss was sadu , akdu , monster .Then who is he? He is Mr.SaraswatiChandra Vyas. . . . The only man she always dream of . . .the only man whom she love. .
She peeped through glass window of her cabin from where she could easily have his glimps while he was busy in meeting with clinds. He was too workaholic,he usualy stayed until midnights to meet his deadlines. Since she had been hired,after finishing her work she too stayed wid him. .smtime he asked . . .sometime she herself.
Kumud made face nd turned to go "Palak is right,He dont feel anything about me.What difference it makes that m his father's Bestfriend's daughter.But if its true so why i feel something unsaid about me by him.."
Lost in her thoughts she bumped into Sunny.
Sunny shook his head" your Dad send you here bcoz he thinks that he wouldnt found any secure place for you on the earth more than this office to let you complete your craze of doing internship in any other company leaving your father's own established company..But m sure uncle doesnt knw that her daughter has lost her heart nd its so harmful for her.."
Kumud annoyed"Shut up sunny!"
Sunny"Kab tak tum Boss ke cabin ke bahar kharey reh kar unka intezaar karogi..?Aur tumhari waje se mein intezaar krunga..Please kumud maan jao na..Mein kal he apne parents ko tumhare ghar rishte ki baat krne ke lie bhej raha hun"...Kumud tried to explain but he kept his finger on her lips nd added "No means no..U knw i cant wait..U cant be selfish yar..Mera dil to mat toro..Think about my love..Tumne apni marzi kar ke dekh li naa..Ab meri baat manni hogi.. thats final"
Kumud smiled nd agreed.
Kumud chocked while drinking water"Kya???"
Palak informed"Han yar..Meine khud apne kano se suna hai,he was talking to his mom "Ok mom,as u wish.It'll be off tomorrow..Ya..your choice is my choice..Mujhe larki pasand hai,hum kal hi apki 'would be bahu' dekhne jayenge.."
Kumud fell on her hips on her chair..started weeping "Only son of Mr.Vyas,Handsome,illegable bachelor ko kon mana karega.."
Palak consoles"I understand yar..But .."
Kumud got up nd stepped out of her cabin wiping her tears..
When his seductive Voice stopped her on way"Miss.Desai.."
She turned nd peeped in her almondanic ocean of eyes..When he added "I need u.."
 She was looking at him like a school girl..His seductive words add more fibre:'I Want ur time' she totaly dazed under his influence,nd replied still under the charm of his sorcery"Its always yours" Her goodness she back to the world on his raised brow nd instantly cleared her throat . ."i mean i have finished my work. .i can help you. Looking at her, he passed a very differnt smile . . .so pure,so real.Her heart beat fast the though, 'did he know? No,its not possible..He is going to marry someone else soon..'his voice brought her to reality"can u plz check accounts of that green Hotel?She nodded, walked gracefuly towards her cabin. .wid a wish "he did know"

Its 8 in evening,evryone was heading toward their home bt she was sitting in her cabin,searching some URL of business site for seeking help of project details.
Saras's presence visible in her cabin suddenly,She instantly moved her eyes on computer's screen as he marched towards her.He leaned down ,closed enough that his hot breath was falling on her shoulder.His eyes glued on screen,he asked to move the cursor at left. But she remain paused,she was lost in his heavenly colonge. Her eyes grew wider as he kept his hand on her,moving the mouse according to his wish. Her body temperature was decreasing,her palms was sweating.She was girl of very strong character,smart assitant manager but infront of him god knows where her confidense flew away.
 No..she is not mad. She had her fantasies about him But before her fantasy turned in reality ,he moved away&informed her that it would be off tomorrow as he have any personal meeting at office timings..
It was 11 at night..Saras stepped out of his cabin for his car to leave for home..She instantly listens her muttering...
His eyes became narrowed..He instantly entred in her cabin where she was still working..Her words stopped in her mouth that Miss.chik chik's favourite part time.
Saras shockingly asked"What are you doing here at this moment of night?"
She almost scared handed him file like a school girl..
Saras in wonder replied"We have to submit it next week nd u finished it tonight..!"
Kumud silence made them embarrass..
Saras passed sarcastic smile reminding his instructions to her to finish tomorrow's work..While she was busy scanning his underneath skin that was peeping out through his silk grey shirt..
For her it was for the first time..He looked at her continuesly for more than 1minutes 21 seconds..Her heart started hammering inside her bossom..
  They sat inside as he drove to her home.."Ofcourse Mr.Vyas cant take risk about his father's bestfriend's daughter.."Its nothing more than this.. he dont feel,he dont know,nd now he wont able to know..A silent tear rolled down from her eye on her thoughts..At the same moment Rain drops started to hit on car's glass nd flow down..
Suddenly car stopped with a jerk...Their eyes met in wonder.nd he instantly stepped out of car to check engine..Down pour increases nd soon it was splashed all over..
Saras was totaly drenched in rain,water was dripping creasing his pencil nose..He felt shelter on his head nd found kumud standing wd umbrella"Miss.Desai u better sit in the car.."
kumud"No sir,Its ok..I cant let you soak in rain.."
He looked at her angelic face..They were so close to eachother under same umbrella for shelter...Her prince charming was looking directly into her eyes..She wanted him to read her feelings..She wanted to confess..wanted to suck every drop of rain on his face..Her dominant desires made her grip losen nd umbrella flew away by the force of air..Kumud almost shiver coming out of his sorcery nd immedietly rushed to umbrella.Saras called her to stop her taking her name by the first time ever "KUMUD rehne do,wapis aao,car men betho,i hv called,driver aa rha he. "
Her heart skipped a bit and her foot gt stopped in its way listening her name for the first time by him..Saras reached her..Heavy downpour soaked her also..She was looking at him in disbeleif..Her dupatta also flew away, , she tensed trying to grab it. . she is drenchng in rain, her skin is fully visible from her sticked on her each curve, exposing.She was trying to cover her body, his continues stare, mad her red,he kept his coat on her shoulders,They lost in eachother's eyes.
 "He was lookng so cute with his wet hairs, the faling drops of rain on his face is just like a fire, his muscular firm body is fully visible in his grey shirt, his hot breath is making her sweating even in rain..."
 "she is pure, untouched, like fairy, who every man wants to touch , and he too. drop of rains nd hr lips, realized him he was thirsty from decades. . he just wanted to taste her lips. . .how could he resist, she was. . .too. . . .the rain drop was about to slip, he hold it by pressing his lips to her. . . his soft lips and hot body, took her all senses, she only did what he want . . .

 Kumud angrily turned to mirror..yes ready to meet guests..But she could see last night glimps in her eyes..His touches. nd traces was visible on her skin for her..His kiss that was "One" but she can spend her whole for sake of this beautiful memory..Again she started crying..No she cant marry anyone else..
Kumud ran down stairs..Kumari signaled him tht future jiju is in Garden for receiving an important call..
Kumud advantage the time and reach to meet him..
It was his back..nd she without wasting a minute spoke "Dekho..I cant marry you..Better you leave.I ..Yes I love anyone else nd i cant forget him..Mein tumse kbhi pyaar nhi kr paungi..
He turned nd said "Agar jis se aap pyar krti hein wo bhi aapse pyar krta ho to..Kya aap usey accept nhi karengi..?Miss desai.."
Kumud eyes popped seeing her saras there..
Saras smiled nd came close to her nd asked "Miss Kumud desai,Would u like to be Mrs.Kumud saraswatichandra Vyas...?Because i cant resist more"
Kumud couldnt beleive nd hugged him..informing her answer..
"I Love you Sir"
Saras"Only Saras,I love u too..from the day i have seen u..but i dont have courage to understand nd express my feelings..But i cant bare u to be of anyone else kumud..I Love u so much..!"

Here Sunny nd kusum reached there having romantic conversation.
Sunny cleared her throat that made them aparted"Sir aap yahan?"
Saras"Same as ur here..! But here is no need for you now may leave"
Kusum nd kumud were looking at eachother confused.
Now the situation was cleared to kumud..She laughed nd explain "Sir,Sunny ki family to kusum ke lie aai hai.."
Now the confusion was solved but Saras was happy that this confusion made him realize his feelings when he heared kumud nd sunny talking beside meeting room..
  Both the couples get married in couple of months..Now she is no more his P.A..But his Life partner forever nd eachother lives with their first child on their way...

Entry #6
   *"Bheegi si Mohabbat.."*

 'I hate you..I hate you..I hate you.tum phir aa gai naa?Exam k time,jb mujhe zrurat hoti hai tb to tum aati nhi ho.aur ab meri music class barbad krne k liye tum aagai.""She throw out her muddy sandals & annoying wet dupatta on nearby bench.She continued to blabering'pata nhi ye driver kb aayga'""She frustated look locked coffee shop infront of her..
Kusum bhi naa jb se Sunny se mili hai pagal ho gai band kr k chali gai,uska apna logic hai"pyar krne wale baarish men kaam nhi krte"to phir kya krte hen?mujhe kya pta?mujhe konsa pyar hua hai abhi tk.""She again started fighting with rain'tum mujhe kuch krne ka chance do tb naa"..Her words stopped in her mouth as her eyes met with the pair of chocolatey ocean." Music class got over because of rain.She decided to wait for driver in nearby Kusum's coffeeshop.But her fate she found it locked.So she took shelter in old,broken cabin covered with a heavy tree infront of it.Ofcourse too busy in her own bak bak that she didnt notice his precense.

 Drenched in embarrasment from head to toe she looked away.Tried to be confident she looked at him that sent shiver all inside her.He was still looking at her;handsome just like her dream boy.She felt nervous,countless knots in her stomach not because she was alone in deserted area with a young,handsome stranger but because she felt an unknown connection with him.She turned to corner suddenly feeling so exposed in her soaked white kurti.She abruptly picked her drenched dupatta & sandals but it instantly fell down as she saw him standing inches away from her.Her heart skip a beat looking his cute sorry expression.Like a gentleman he handed her his jacket which she instantly accepted."
 Only sound was of falling of rain,they both didnt utter a word.She was confused how an unknown intense gaze could reach her heart..Instead of her heart pleading she ran out to her car as driver arrived.After two days,In evening 'tu kis ke khyalon men khoi hai?Apne dream man k' His face appeard in her mind hearing her friends comment.She confused thought'kya sch men pyar hone k lye ek pal kafi hota hai?' She shook her head got up from table.She walked out with a thought'wo ek stranger hai,mujhe us ka naam tk nhi pta'Her heart pinched'aur wo kbhi dubara mile ga bhi nhi.jahan pyar hota hai wahan destiny bhi to hoti hai.kahan ho meri destiny?phir milao mujhe us se"
 She bumped with something hard.Her heart skip a beat recognizing the colonge.She looked up in disbelief to found chocolaty oceans gazing at her with intensity...He cleared his throat as she continued to stare him with an expression'pinch me'..He handed her folder "Ye kal cabin men bhool gaii thi"
She took it from him quietly.His influence made her da world famaous Miss bak bak lost of words.He left...Frustated on her stupidity she shoved her arm.She curisoly looked down at road as something dropped from her folder.She bent down & picked it.Her heart race a marthon reading "Saraswatichandra Vyas #523614932"
She lay on her stomach,weigh on her elbows.As her new routine she dialed his no. wid just a simple intention;to hear his sexy hello.""'hello..helloo..helleoo She promised herself to cut the call just after one more but seemed destiny worked behind mask of rain.A sudden loud thunder that cause her lost her balance with a cute 'ouch' too."She instantly bit her lower lip nervously.
He seductively:"oh So its u?"
She turned red from head to toe in embarrasment.Yeah she was the one who was giving him blank call each hour from last three days.But it was not her fault;it was his seductive voice which create strange desire inside her all time."
Kumud looking for words:"wo..mujhe aap ka jacket lautana hai."
How simply saras spin her world by just a word of him.""kal! Wahi jga,wahi time. Adjusting her pink dress she ran to coffee shop but found him on entrance already waiting for her.She was dumbstruck how her heart started humming in his precense.She handed his jacket..
She looked up at him surprised by his brief but deep reply."
Kumud:is men tissue tha laundary wale ne phenkh dia"
He shook his head on her too honest answer."
After a moment of awkward silence 'thanks' they both uttered at same time.Their 'welcome' followed by it instantly too at da same time.Giving him silly smile, she looked away.She quickly ran her mind to find a way to continue their convo.She didnt wanted to lose golden chance of her life.She reached on final decision'agr mere 3 tk count krne tk is ne mujhe coffee k lye nhi poucha to men khud hi puch lungi;1 2 3' & unexpectdly her cell rang."Result of her mom scolding was clearly visible on her face:bs men abhi aa rhi hun."
She explained to him:barish ka mausam hai naa to mom ko fikr ho rhi hai."
He nodded:mausam khrab hai,time pr ghar jana chahey,bye."
Annoyed on his answer,she snapped waving her hairs:bye"
She turned her back to him,walked away with a heavy heart.Each step she took away from him felt so heavy,so worst.."

 No promise,No guarntee but only a strange hope that lead her to same coffee shop next day at same time;instead of rain."As she walked inside, found da whole coffee shop empty,except two waiteress & Kusum.She greeted her warmly:hey kumud! aaj phir music class men late ho gai?agar tum 5 minute aur late ho jati to men bnd kr k chli jati."Her words reached her ears but didnt made any sense because her mind was too clouded in his thoughts. Her thoughts broke as waitress kept coffee infront of her.Before her gaze again shifted to window it frozed in way.""There he was sitting in opposite corner,few tables far but exactly infront of her.His handsome face had dreamy expressions,fist settled under his chin,glim in his chocolatey ocean dancing like naughty waves.His soft smile assured her'it is not a dream at all' that brought non stop silly grin on her face." 'Is he feeling same for her?' Just the thought started salsa of random butterflies in her stomach.Her cheeks sudden turned so warm to bear her wet cool hair strands.She could not stopped herself to lost in him.They didnt exchanged a word but felt their gaze whispering.She didnt realized for how long she stayed in his dreamland.Kusum in disbelief shook her:men yahan keh rhi hun sunny mera wait kr rha hai aur tu teesri(3rd) coffee mangg rhi hai?Ghar nahi jana kya?"
Kumud chose to remain quiet while Kusum stole a glance of saras who just received a call from some one.She continued:aur ye tumse pehle ka yahan bheta hai,uthne ka naam hi nhi le rha,shop bnd krni hai mujhe.I m sure apni girlfriend ka wait kr rha hai.""The weird look kumud gave forced her to continue.
Kusum:is U.A.E return ki mom meri mom k boutique ki regular costumer hen.last 6 months se iske lye ladki dekh rhi ko bhi bola tha dekhne k lye.jb baat pakki krne ka time aaya to isne keh dya koi aur pasand hai." 
Kumud standing on window,sound of heavy rain was just like her heart shattering.
"koi aur pasand hai?to phir mujhse milne kyun aaya tha?"Voice inside her taunted:us ne kb kaha wo tum se milne aaya tha?"She softly whispered:kya sb kuch kehna zruri hota hai?"mujhe kyun dard ho rha hai?kyun lag rha hai sb kuch kho gya.."
Her teary eyes winded,She ran downstairs hurriedly went out where he was drenched in rain head to toe."
Saras annoyed in rain:ye kesa watchman rkha hua hai tum ne? kb se khra hun andar jane hi nhi de rha tha."
She asked him to follow him to left side of lawn:watchman?shukr kro mere Dad nhi aaey.andar nahi sidha hospital puhnchate."
He instantly tensed noticing her innocent eyes moist:"tum ro rhi thi?"
She instantly looked away,annoyed:"tum ye puchne aaey ho?"
He shook his head:nhi,haan.i mean btane aaya tha.mene apni mom ko shadi k lye haan krdi hai."After a minute she answered:"Mein music classes leti hun iska ye matlb nhi men shadyon men ganne gati hun."
He shook his head:i dont mean that"
Kumud:to phir aesa kya urgent kaam tha jo tum itni baarish men yahan aa gaey.Saras After a long pause:"Is dunya men hr kisi k lye koi special bna hai,aur destiny ek chance zrur deti hai us. .jb us din baarish men tum mujhe milli."Her heart forgot to beat,her breath caught in her throat as his words sank in her.He continued to look in her eyes:"Words emotions ko describe krne k lye kafi nhi hote,aur na hi mujhe unka zyada acha use aata hai .tumhe dekh kr us pal mujhe aese laga..sch men soul mates hote hen."
 He poured his heart infront of her:"yaad tha mujhe apna jacket bhi aur tumhara folder bhi,but men chup rha...tumse dubara milne k lye.Mujhe pehli hi blank call se pta tha wo tumhara no. hai mene stole kr lya tha tumhare folder se.Agr tum mujhe call nhi krti to men khud hi kr leta.Jab tum mujhe jacket lotane aai,bina kuch kahe chli gaien to us pal mujhe lga mene sb kuch koh dya.phir bhi yakeen tha apni destiny pr..tum aai bhi aur bina baat kye chli gaii."
Kusum se tumhara adress ye pouchne aaya aese kis method,kis style se poucho jis se tumhara jawab haan ho."
She knew it was stupid but she asked:kya?
He replied:Will you marry me?
In bheega bheega December they finally became one.Moment of their wedding night was still so alive in her mind.She flushed remembering his first touch."how She looked up shyly just like a perfect bride when he hold her hand.'I love you'his these 3 words had everything in them." She didnt rememberd why she shifted from her pillow to his arm and then to his chest.But she only rememberd rhythm of his heart beat just like pure rain pouring outside.
 Kumud closed her eyes deeply listening shower of rain outside..Unable to resist the loneliness reminding old memories she went to window,sadly whisperd:Mein hun barish bhi hai pr tum nhi ho.Her eyes wided as they fall on him.She instantly ran down stairs which directly landed her to lawn from her room.He had used the back door of their home to surprise her like always..Beyond the breathtaking beauty & sensuality of her against the night,he smiled she was here for him..Without a word she extended her arms up to encircle his neck & her preety smile turned to hungery,silent passion when he draw her close.Their lips touched to reunite the taste & warmth of eachother.He carried her in arms to their room.His lips stole every drop of rain from a baaren desert.Their love making made her fell same like a delicate flower in mercy of rain...
She looked up in his eyes:itni baarish men drive kr k aane ki kya zrurt thi?kaam khtm kr k baad men aa jate."
Barish ne yaad dila dya zindagi ka koi bhi mausam ho..ek pal bhi tumhare or rimjhim bger nhi."
Saras kissed his daughter rimjhim's forehead nd Samud slept in eachother arms..

Entry #7
A Planned Confession!

"Didi jaao naa..." Kusum was insisting to Kumud to go and buy  something for tommorow's festival.

Kumud didn't want to go, she only wanted to be near Saras, her love, who was here, in her home.

"Kusum nahi jaana mujhe, dekho barish ka mausam bhi ho raha hai." Said an irritated Kumud.

"Then go with an umbrella" Said an amused sister.

"Yaar, Kusum, I don't want to go alone." Said an super irritated Kumud.

"Should I call Saras jiju?" A naughty idea came up in Kusum's mind.

"Shut up and dheere baat kar. If someone listens this. And what jiju? He still doesn't know what he means to me" Said a sad Kumud. 

"You just wait and watch" Screamed Kusum running from the room,

"Kusum, Kusuuum." Sigh "She is never going to listen"




"Jiju's part DONE, mom's part DONE, now Di's part is left. This is going to be a fun" thought excitedly Kusum.

"Di, maa said you have to go, it's necessary, And you have someone to be with, you won't be going alone." Saying that Kusum winked to a confused Kumud. "Achha suno, ek min apka mobile dena" She said and took Kumud's mobile dialing something.

"I'm going baba, wait wait. Btw... Yeh ab tune kya kiya?"

"You will know it soon, JUST GO NOW" Yelled Kusum.

"Okay Okay" She said forgetting to ask the two important questions.



"Saras, what are you doing here?" Said a surprised Kumud.

"Waiting for you, your Bari maa said you need something, so I thought to drive you there." Smiled Saras.

Kumud sat on the bike and they zoomed off. All the way Kumud's hands were tightly holding his shoulders, while he was enjoying it, she was blushing.

They reached the place, and Kumud bought what it was needed.

They were about to go back to the bike when it started raining.

"Wooow! It's raining, chal na chalte hai, mazaa aayega" Said a very excited Kumud.

"No Kumud, you will catch cold." Said worriedly Saras.

"No, Just come"

Kumud pulled him out and grabbed his hands, making him dance.

(You can imagine the song Tum se hi from Jab we Met) Wink

She was enjoying the rain, while he was dreaming of her.

She was enjoying the rain, while he only wanted her in his arms.

She was enjoying the rain, when she felt that someone pulled her.

She was enjoying the rain, when she found herself drowning in those dreamy eyes.

She was enjoying the rain, when she felt some lips in hers.

Finally, they were enjoying the rain, when they both realized their LOVE for each other.

"If I want something from God, I only want one thing"


"You... I love you Kumud!" Day Dreaming

"I love you too Saras" Embarrassed

They both hugged each other, forgetting the world around them. They only wanted to be in each others arms. Too lost they were till they heard Kusum screaming from the other side of the phone:

"Maa, bari maa. I want to give you some happy news!"

"Kusum?" Said a confused Kumud and picked up her phone. "Tum?" She said more confused now... and then it hit her. "OMG...You did all this?" She said screaming

"To kya? Now you know why I took your phone... and with whom you are... and who planned this?" Said Kusum giggling.

"Kusum, I won't..."

"Thankyou, Kusum. You made the best of this day. Thankyou so much." Said Saras, who was listening to their conversation.

"Your welcome JIJAJI" Said Kusum, focusing more on the last word.

Saras blushed, but laughed when he saw his soon-to-be-wife's flushed face. It was worth taking a photo, but our romantic Saras was so lost in her beauty that once again Kusum had to scream.

"Now it stopped raining, pause this romance and come home!"

"Aa rahe. Bye." Kumud cut the phone embarrassed.


"Saras" Said a proud father hugging her son "I'm so happy for you"

"Thanks Papa" Saras thanked taking his blessings. (In this OS, there's no GUMAN)

"Kumud beta, aab to khush ho jao, aab to tumhe to tumhara shezaada mil gaya" Said a naughty Kusum.

"Tujhe to main..." Screamed an embarrassed Kumud running after her sister.

All the family was enjoying, celebrating this happy moment, while two hearts were only beating, thinking, loving each other.

"True love doesn't have an happy ending. True love has no ending" 

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Ressing! :P 
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res Embarrassed
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Niz can you please reduce the font size of the entries...?

Done :)

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