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ARSHI OS: I Trust You Arnav, Make Me Your's (18+)

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Posted: 31 August 2013 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

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Hello everyone!

I am back with an OS again.Embarrassed
Hope you all like it..
This one is specially dedicated to LoveARR   [Happy Birthday baby..PartyHug and also to asthagarwal [ thanks for the title diHug].
I Trust You Arnav, Make Me Your's

Arnav and Khushi, the couple which every people envied.. Their love, care and trust for each other was something which every people awed at.. In short they were the one couple like whom every other couple desired to be. Arnav and Khushi were in love with each other since childhood, in fact they are in love with each other since the time they understood what love was.. Their love was pure and eternal and even after the 12 long years of relationship they had not crossed any limits.. With both Arnav and Khushi being an orphan and staying in the same orphanage, they had known each other well and fell in love but later as Arnav was 18 he moved out to his bungalow, with Khushi still being there at the orphanage itself.. Arnav's parents were rich and had already named everything in Arnav's name before their death but as Arnav was a kid back then he could look not for this things so his maternal uncle did those things but when Arnav reached 18 he was eligible to be handed with these responsibilities so his uncle did the same and retired to spend the little of his life left with his family.. Arnav had asked Khushi to move in with him many a times but she never listened to it fearing what the society would say and that was the only thing about Khushi that irked Arnav. Khushi feared of being bad mouthed by the society. That society which would just bite them at their mistakes but would never do anything when they were helpless and that irritated Arnav.. He always made Khushi understand to not give much importance to what people said and live her life the way she wanted to but she never listened.. And with this their discussion on this matter always came to an end..


Arnav was not somebody who was in favor of the cultures and tradition.. In fact he didn't believe in this institution at all so it was fixed that they'd not be doing the marriage following all the ritual but would be going for a court marriage. Short, simple and legal.. Khushi did feel bad for this but she knew how much Arnav hated the people who were blinded by the cultures and traditions so she had decided to remain quite and go with what she was happy.. He was already irked with her decision of not moving to his place for all these years so she didn't want to make him more mad. So it was fixed that they'll be going for a court marriage and that too in September and now all they waited for was the time to pass quickly and they could get married soon.

It was mid July and the monsoon had already started.. One fine day Arnav had to go to Pune to attend some meetings and Khushi was adamant in going with him. He had to be there in Pune for five days and she knew when he is away he doesn't care about his health at all and all he cared about was his works. So not wanting him to be careless and worsen his health she had insisted on going with him too. Arnav had opted to drive than to fly there as there wasn't much to drive and he could get to spend time with Khushi during the journey as once he reaches there, he'd be all busy and couldn't give her anytime at all.. Chatting and joking they went all the way and as said Arnav was really busy during their stay at Pune. As they were staying at two different room, Khushi hardly saw him in these five days.. Either he would leave even before she woke up leaving her a message saying he was going or he would come back to the hotel late at night and would message her at 9 saying she needn't wait for him as he'd be late. It was hardly four times they met each other during their stay there at Pune and this made them miss each other as hell..


Arnav had bagged the deal for which they had been there and was hell tired when he returned back to the hotel.. All these four days he didn't know when he slept or when he woke up and now as his work was done he thought of relaxing that day and starting back to Delhi the other day.. That night he had finally got to spend some quality time with his love and they both were happy to get that few moments together.. The next day they did a little sightseeing as per Khushi's request and after having their lunch they had left from there to be back home.. They didn't have to hurry to reach there so Arnav was driving slowly and enjoying the drizzle and Khushi's childish antics and talks. Suddenly it started raining heavily and due to the poor visibility, Arnav couldn't drive at all. Parking the car at the side of the road they waited for sometimes for the rainfall to stop but even after waiting for an hour it seemed as it would not stop anytime soon.. So driving a little ahead, they found a motel and thought of spending the night there as they couldn't take the risk of driving to Delhi in that poor visibility.


Parking the car, they headed to the motel and finally got in after getting totally drenched.. It was raining heavily and all they wished was that heavy rainfall doesn't do any destruction due to which the roads would get blocked. There was a small reception there so asking Khushi to stand there at the side he went to the reception.. Reaching there he asked for two rooms but got a disappointing reply from the receptionist. As it was raining heavily outside, many of the people who were driving by had stayed there at the motel and only one room was left now.. Arnav knew Khushi wouldn't be comfortable in sharing a room but they had no option so he asked Khushi if she was okay and she nodded her head agreeing. No matter if she was comfortable with it or not, but she couldn't let Arnav drive in such downpour, could she? Taking the keys and direction from the receptionist they finally moved in to their room.. The room was surely not too good but it was somewhat nice and tidy and that was all that they needed at the moment. There was a small fireplace too so Arnav straight away headed there and with the matchstick kept there lighted fire. Turning back he saw Khushi drying her hair with the towel and seeing her wet dress that was sticking to her body as a second skin, showing her perfect curves, some desires roused in his body.

Taking slow steps towards her he stopped behind her.. Khushi feeling him so close to her turn to him at once and due to the closeness became a bit nervous. She knew what Arnav's darkened eyes were asking from her and a light tinge of red flushed on her warm cheeks. Arnav saw her looking down blushing and smiled seeing her. Lifting her chin with his finger he closed the distance between their faces and Khushi closed her eyes at once anticipating his next move.. He flickered her nose with his and kissed the tip of her nose gently and Khushi opened her eyes at once.. She was thinking he was about to kiss her but seeing him doing something else she got confused and looked at his face for an answer..


"I know you are not ready for the other step Khushi and I will never force you into this. I know I had desired for it a several times but that was just because I wanted to show you how much love and care I behold for you with my actions. I know you wish to wait till our marriage and I am ready to wait. If you say, I can even wait for a lifetime. Now go and change your cloth or else you may catch cold." he said softly..


Khushi was touched with his words and concern for her. She always loved him and respected him and listening him saying all that the respect she held for him increased even more.. Flashing a sweet smile at him she made her way inside the washroom and Arnav settled in front of the fire not before taking his shirt off. After sometime he heard the door creak and saw Khushi come out of the washroom in a bathrobe which barely reached her mid thigh.. She was a bit uncomfortable in that robe as she was not used to wearing such short clothes. Feeling her discomfort, Arnav stood up from the fireplace and taking the duvet from the bed wrapped it around her shoulder so that she was covered now and doesn't feel uneasy. He was going to move back to the fireplace asking her to do the same when he felt a tug at is wrist. Turning back he saw Khushi who was looking down with a slight blush.

"I trust you Arnav and I am ready to take our relationship to the next level. Please make me your's Arnav, today I want to be claimed by you in every way. I know I feared for the taunting from the society and stopped you from doing this but today I realized I was so wrong. I should no have cared for the society but you.. You are the one with whom I have to spend my whole life so there's no reason I have to stop you doing this as we would be doing this one day or the other.. So why wait till then Arnav. I know you love me like anything and I love you too and also I trust you. Please make me yours tonight.."

"But Khushi??" he asked with confusion written all over his face to which she just blinked her eyes as if saying that she really wanted it.. Taking her hand in his he led her to the rug which he had placed before the fireplace and made her sit there and gently sat by her side. He was still confused with what Khushi had asked him so thinking about it he sat there hugging her by her waist.. Khushi saw his confused face and also knew the reason for him being reluctant but she was saying it genuinely not only because he had asked for it but she also needed it from him. So taking his other hand she pressed it lightly and insured him that she was sure about it..


Turning to face him, she cupped his face lightly and made him face her and smile a little.. Arnav did reciprocate the smile but he was unsure of what he needed to do next.. He just stared at her angelic face when he saw her nearing him. Bringing his face closer to her, she placed gentle kissed on his forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and finally pressed her lips with his. When her lips met his, they both felt a bolt of current pass their body and a rope of desire passed into his body. His hold on her waist tightened and pulling her more closer to him, he completed the kiss.. Moving their lips in sync, they both kissed each other madly and their tongues danced and fought with each other. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled out of the kiss for the much needed air and Arnav gently pecked her forehead. He saw a deep shade of red creep into her neck and cheeks and hugged her tight.. Saying her was overwhelmed would be an understatement.. Khushi was his possession and her trusting him with the most valuable thing of her life made him delighted.. He felt her roaming her tiny hands on his back and pulled out from the hug.. Kissing her once again at the lips he gently untied the knot of the robe and started placing soft butterfly kissed on her jaw line and down her throat and cleavage gently licking the places in between. Pulling the robe off her shoulders, he placed wet kisses on her nape and collar bone and bit her gently at places and Khushi let out a moan which she was holding back.


Hearing her moan he got more aroused and discarded the cotton material off her body and made her lie down.. Coming over her he kissed her once again with his hands roaming freely on her bare body covered with just her inner wears. Reaching her breast, he gently squeezed it earning a throaty moan from Khushi. Leaving her lips he trailed wet open mouth kisses down her body and finally reached her breasts. Showering it innumerable butterfly kisses he took her mound in his mouth from the bra. Suckling it and biting it he provided them all the attention to which she arched her back pushing it more into his mouth, taking a advantage of which he snaked her hand around her back and unhooked the bra. Pulling that out of her body, he looked as her body once and once again dived into her breasts, this time bare.. Feeling him circle her pert nipples with his tongue and massage the other one with his hand she felt the warmness which she never knew.. She felt liquid pool down in between her legs and squirmed under him wrapping her legs around his waist. Giving her globes all the attention required he again kissed her softly and his lips made its way south. Dipping his tongue on her navel he unwrapped her legs and moved downwards. Kissing and biting her inner thighs he finally reached to her feminine part and placed gentle kissed there and finally tore the last material off her body.. Seeing him gawk at her naked form she felt shy and squirmed to cover her body but he stopped her hands midway and placed soft kisses on her palms and lowered himself into her feminine organ.. Kissing it and licking it he teased her to the extent where she could take it no longer and he knew she was ready then.. Removing the clothes from his body, he came over her and kissed her gently one her forehead and lips and looked into her eyes seeking for the permission.. She blinked her eyes showing she was ready and without any word he positioned himself and entered her.. She shrieked at first feeling the pain but later as he started moving slowly inside, she felt the pain being erased and lost herself in the pool of pleasure. He moved inside her slowly until they reached their heights and gently pulling himself out kissed her forehead lightly and pulling her fatigued form in his arms and making her rest her head in his chest they both dosed off..


The next morning, the choiring of the birds and bright sunrays from the window woke her up and the first thing she remembered was their encounter the previous night. He blushed a deep shade of red remembering that and opened her eyes to find the room empty. Where was Arnav she thought and holding the sheet on her body tightly checked the washroom but found it open. She felt nervous and alone.. Tears threatened to fall off her eyes but she controlled as she knew her Arnav could never leave her like that, alone.. Reaching the table she took her mobile and was about to ring Arnav when she saw a message from him.


"There's a packet on the bed.. Once you up, freshen up and change into that.. Will be back to you soon. :*" the message read..

She let a sigh of relief reading that and taking the packet moved into the washroom.. When she came out wearing the red saree which was there in the packet she saw a note with a rose in the bed..

"Locking the room be down.. Waiting for you at the lobby" the note said.


Quickly grabbing all their belongings which was scattered in the room she headed down locking the room and saw him there flashing a bright smile at her. She smiled him too but blushed at the same time remembering all their activities from the night before.. She handed him the keys which he gave to the receptionist and saying a quick thank you and paying his the money they left from there.. Khushi kept on asking where they were going but he didn't say a word.. Driving for some 15 minutes he stopped by a temple and sked Khushi to get out..


" but Arnav??"


"Shh Khushi!! Just follow me.." he said.


Holding her hands he took her into the temple and seeing the arrangements there she was left speechless. Everything was set as if a marriage going to be held there. She saw Arnav and saw his smiling at her and she knew what was happening next.


"So Ms. Gupta.. Ready to be Mrs. Raizada?" he asked teasingly.


"Arnav these.. You don't believe in all these.." she asked with teary eyes.


"Shh Khushi.. I can do anything for you. You trust me don't you?"


" I do. I trust you more than I trust myself."


"Then lets go" he said and and took her inside the temple to make her his with all the rituals..Heart


So this was it..

Hope you all liked it and enjoyed reading it..Smile


Do leave in your likes and comments.Embarrassed


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Thanks for the gift Rose Hug
That's a double celebration Party

Wow the way Arnav asked for two rooms ... & Khushi realised the depth of Arnav at that point
& when Khushi felt uncomfortable how he draped her with the duvet was just superb
& Khushi telling him about her trust and her wanting for him (haha more or less indirectly she said right)

Arnav's confused frown and wasn't sure what to do and Khushi taking the initiative and kissing him first that was just unexpectedly awesome
& their hot love making amazing

The note here and there and Khushi's poles of thought before reading the first note ... Haha you actually made me think he left her

Anyways it was beautiful ... Arnav decided to marry her & Khushi's happiness was important for him.

Their 12 years of love finally found their marriage and love...
Coz of me ROFL

Thanks for the dedication Di !!

Love you dammit Hug

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the OS
Happy Birthday LoveARR

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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loved the os beautifully done loved that she trusted him and he did not break her trust loved how it was always them and no else awesome os beautifully done thanks for the pm

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zoobie-doobie IF-Dazzler

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That was extremely Beautiful ! Blushing
Loved the OS.
And the end was superb !

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It was awesome os
Just loved it

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