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Thursday Public Holiday

Independence Day so no serial ... sumi you essu this week!!

btw super song remix on kannakullae ROFL

@meenu akka rombha aasai taan for u.. advance independence day Shocked why this kolla veri re ROFLROFL

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Vellik kizhami - Varalakshmi  pooja -  Dir. sir , wu wu , vasavu , dishum dishum strictly PROHIBITED

Friday 16.08.2013

Pushpa – Meenu kathi sandai poding – vaayaal kathi kathi sandai poding.[ Meenu's 5.5 kattai shruti pierced the powerful ear plug & srima's ear drum naan enna ezhudhareno you have to believe & accept it . OK friends?] Puspa accuses Meenu , you bad mouthed  about my darling daughter.  Sambandhis last seen leaving from your house & going  directly to Kutralam [ pavamga avangalukku karaikudi veyil yhangalayam ].  Meenu jumps up & down . How dare you say this , I consider Maha as my daughter. Who vathi vachufied ? Pushpa says , the news directly from horse's mouth – Malarthan andha horse. Meenu's BP peaks. Oho my dear naathi you believe that paNakkara horse & not me. Ungalukkaga so many days naan  naaya peya uzhaithadhu ella sutha waste , must give myself  chappaladi [ madam please please use high heel slippers , appothan adi nalla vizhum]. Meenu leaves vowing to see Malar  two hand.

Kutralam . Suppu's ammatha pesing their parambarai veeram – Adei suppu  unga thatha Madurai veeradhi veran sooradhi sooranda  [ sumi andha sooradhi soorana kandupidikka vendiya velai ungaludhu]– avarudaya perandi  nee ippadi payithyaadiya adi vaagi sitting -Shame shame puppy shame.  Ammatha 8 kattai apaswaram eduthu plakkanam paading -  TM's Friday special.  Appane Thirumuruga [Idhu God TM] unnudaya indha avathara TM kitterundhu engalukkellam eppo vimochanampa?.

Sokku , Pirai , Gopi arrive at Prasad's house. Suppu thaya thaka .. Sokku apologises for Gopi's kai neeting kariyam. Gopi too apologises. Pirai pleads , mapillaikaga kozhi rasam panni vachen , unga ellorukkagavum virundhu ready panni vachen , you all  sollamal kollamal joot vitting.  Why  why this sudden decision ?,                   What is the reason. Please pardon us if we have done any mistake. Wedding is just few days away , all preparation in full swing including invitation distribution. No reaction from Prasath's side. Ammatha opens her thiruvai & says they do not like the kannadi kari , she is raasi illadhava , the wedding is cancelled , vacate the place. Sokku party shocked , Pirai shattered , poor fellow pleads pathetically . All thru Prasad standing & sleeping. Gopi suspects something amiss  somewhere-  raasiless can't be the reason – wants Prasad to talk to Maha & convey that he too believes her as raasiless girl. Shattered Pirai  kaalila vizhadha kuraiya pleads with samandhi. Gopi gets angry & shouts at Prasad  - you came & asked for Maha's hand, you convinced her when she herself told you that she is a raasiless girl – now aasai kaati mosam seying – Gopi prods Prasad to speak out the truth – real reason for cancellation – Prasad's father says they are not interested in their sambandham. Gopi says he wants to hear it from Prasad's mouth . Prasad opens the mouth & says , my parents & their words are vedha vaaku for me [ adi shoevala]. Frustrated Gopi   retorts – thank god we realised your true nature before marriage – thanks to you Maha is going to earn  the name Raasi illadhava.   Suppu's wife unnecessarily mooku nozhachufies & kuzhapping the kuttai – fight ensues between Gopi  & Madhavi. Prasad's father asks them to leave. Pirai once again pleads with Prasad – says his daughter will not be able to stand this shock might even end her life. No effect on Prasad's party. Sokku party  walk out sadly.

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Update by Ratna (Hopper)StarStar
Monday Updates Aug.19th
Episode 844

On behalf of Sumi .. Ungalaku ennodhu anbu gift DOING PP UPDATESLOL for your anniversary. Edhoo ennala mudinjadhu ROFL ... so you enjoy okay vaa Wink

Mangatha Dance ... Cry

Mangatha flies into the house in full anger and starts spitting fire on Malar. She ask Malar what did she tell Gopi. Malar is confused but finally says she told Gopi that Prasad parents were here last and their face was not good. Mangatha disyum disyum gives Malar and ask her how can she assume this is what Mangatha would have said? Malar just don't like her living in this house and thus doing all this. Malar tries to reason out but mangatha is not willing to hear. She packs her cloths and tells Malar to be the queen in this house and leaves. Malar tries to beg Mangatha not to go but mangatha tupparan more poison words and leaves. Malar is confused (ama unnodhu mandai lae nothing got Angry)

Guhan comes to visit Mahesu .. and gives her cream for her face (kodumae da samy D'oh) ask if selvarangam has came back .. mahesu says later nu and he leaves promising to come back once Selvarangam returns. He leaves and Ragini comes. She gives some food to magesu saying mother send nu. Magesu ask about malar in sarcastic tone .. Ragini gives her nicely for that. Malar calls  Ragini and tells her about Mangatha leaving the house and she is worried. Ragini ask her not to worry as definitely mother will hea to magesu house and cuts the line. Magesu ask what is going on and starts her mouth but Ragini cuts her short and ask her to advice their mother if she comes here.

Gayu gives tea to Prasad but he just ignores it. She goes to her elder sister and polambufies about Prasad. She is curious why her parents all sudden decide against this wedding. Mottai comes there and chases her away. He too tells his wife his having the same doubt on why her parents suddenly cancel this wedding.

Maha calls prasad.. after long ringing he finally answers the call and cries to Maha for doing such big drogam to her. Maha calmly tells Prasad she heard everything from her father. She does not feel bad for his parents to curse her rasi illadhava as she herself told this to Prasad before. But he had force and change her life and now she only wants this marriage to happen not for her but for her father sake. She ask one final time to Prasad if he can do something to make this wedding happen. Prasad cries and says no he cant do anything and cuts the line. Throws his mobile. 



Tuesday - August 20

Sema twist today... Clap

Malar pathrufies, wonders where Atahi there. 
She calls Gopi and tells him what happened and Malar is tensed. Gopi convinces she should be there in Mahesh house. He says we are leaving ask ragini or Geetha to go check in Magesu house.

Maha comes crying, and control herself. She comes inside and tells her mom that prasad called and said wedding off as a matter of fact. Pushpa cries. But Maha comforts them saying with that my life is not over. Be strong and we have to convince appa when he comes. All cry.

Next SR comes back and sees water can and Mahesu tells it is the Thambi and SR gets mad and tells her not to get any oosi stuff as it might land us in trouble.

Malar comes to Mahesu house looing for Mankatha. Then she gets it from Mahesu (What can we call her???), but SR controls and looks at the house and tells Mankatha not here and if she comes he will call.

Ramesh walking kutti potta poonai in the house. Paramu complains leg pain and Leela comes and Paramu tells medicine is over. They are upset they cannot send Ramesh outside to buy medicine and polambufies about Ramesh.  Paramu says let me go get medicine but Leela says I will go myself. paramu melts and says thank you. When Leela leaving, Ramesh says I will go out for what ever reason. Leela says no I want to go meet some one didn't say to get medicine. 

Ramesh acts as if massaging pramu feet. He asks for money to her but Paramu says no. he gets mad and searches everywhere. She asks why you need money. He takes undiyal kasu, she tries to stop him but stupid guy pushes her, and she gets hurt on the door(Yengennu terila) and falls down fainting, Ramesh runs away with the money with out noticing her.

Prasad house, father, motehr return, enquire about Prasad. Gayu says he did not eat any thing. They send her away. They polambufies that they could not face son. Mother says no we need our son so have to behave like that.

Then the twist comes 
calling Amma, Prasad enters our very own Mankatha...(for those who don't know Meenakshi) ClapClapClap

Both Prasad parents Shocko shock Wink

Now laksh will continue the twist but I like it... 

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Wednesday  Aug.21st- enna oru guess laksWinkWinkWink meens kutttralam landing & correcting Ramesh mission started.

Meens landing n calling Prasad, Mr & mrs Librarian welcomes, meens chides n tells i taught u would be chase me out..good to hear ur welcoming..did u said to people that becoz of me only this marriage is dropped did i badmouthed maha nu kekuranga.. Mr& Mrs ore blinking..subbu takes the lead of chasing her out..but meens this is my son's home, i will not go from here without seeing my son nu sollitu sits in the corner Mr & Mrs Lib vaithula puli karachingsOuch..pirai n Sr.pp Coming home in Karaikudi..Sr..pp consoles pirai to be maha is bold girl to face the reality nu sollitu takes him in..puspa is wiping off her tears.. maha comes n welcomes both.. ..pirai is menu mulikingings..maha tells that prasad called n has informed about the reason.. she adds that am confident i will soon get married to someone whose chose by pirai n will live good life nu solli makes them n get ready for dinner..all elders are proud of her attitude towards the issue.Sr.pp tells all to wipe this as it may bring down maha confidence nu solluraru.

In Pp Palace.. Sr.pp is upset abt meens,subbu calls n informs abt meens arrival to prasad home n tells she is doing darna here.Sr.pp tells him to give phone to her.. she says she will not speak as they will ask her to come back to karaikudi n neglects the call. Mr. Lib vantu tells him that he will send her safely home by tomorrow morning nu solluraru..pp gets relieved n puts down call n inform on it.Hear Mr& Mrs make meens to have dinner n tells that prasad is asleep due to medicine.

In NA home murthy n NA comes n see home locked ..both ladies comes in auto n gets into home n lets know the happenings..
murthy is furious to beat ramesh.. lola tells that lets call off kamu n sends paramu to thier home so that it will not be burden to mayil family nu solluranga.. NA agrees n tells i have some other plans for him dont let him in till u hear my word nu solluraru.. worried ladies agrees n goes in.

Morning in Kutralam, all family is outside where meens is having sound sleep inside subbu comes outside n ask prasad to talk to her n send her once for all.. prasad morachufies him n leaves..n goes n wake up meens.. meens gets up n checks if his health is ok..subbu interepts n tells u are not for that.. meens checks with prasad if he neglects maha for her raasi..dumbstuck prasad is looking at her n his parents..

Screen freezes

Prasad oru FB otti may tell that i have to be truth ful to my step parents nu olariduvanoDay Dreaming over to ratsWink

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Thursday Updates
episode 847

Indriyae episode OPPARI special.. oppari oppari and more oppari D'oh

Mangatha takes Prasad hand and puts on her head asking him to tell the truth now.. Is Maha unlucky girl aa nu? Everyone shock. Prasad takes off his hand and tells Mangatha that he is the one not the suitable person for Maha. He has lost all rights to marry Maha. Prasad ask mangatha not to bring this up again. Mangatha wipes her tears and takes her bag to leave. Prasad ask where is she going and to stay have lunch and then can leave. But she tells him there is nothing here anymore for her. But one thing is for sure, prasad will never marry anyone except for Maha. That day will come. Mangatha tells Prasad to give her a call when he realize this and leaves. Both Prasad parents suffered while she was there and after she left they gave a relief look. Prasad cries inside him Confused

That girl gayu i was thinking why she looking so familiar.. lolz she is acting in Deiva Thandhu Veedhu Tongue There she look so beautiful and modern and she is a doctor.

Mayil walking back when he sees his mapillai drunk laying by the side of the road Sleepy He keeps asking for water and Mayil runs and gets water for him. He faces his face and then take out small bottle from his pocket and drinks. Mayil is shock.  Aiyoo same old story Sleepy Ramesh starts insulting Paramu and Mayil.. Mayil tries to force to take him back but Ramesh goes on and on insulting his wife. Ramesh tries to hit mayil and Guhan who happens to come there rushes and stops Ramesh. Guhan tries to take Mayil away saying his fully drunk but Mayil loosu don't want to leave his mapillai. Ramesh pushes him more and Guhan forcefully takes Mayil in his bike and goes away. Ramesh continues to shout.

Ragini at Deivana house telling her the story of mangatha. Guhan brings him back. Mayil is all in tears and everyone tries to ask what happen. Guhan tells them their mapillai was fighting with him in the middle of the road. Mayil starts his oppari and tells what happen D'oh Deivana also starts Sleepy her opparis. Guhan ask them not to cry. They should not entertain man like this.. this guy of person should be thought a lesson. Deivana invites him in for coffee. Ragini does not say a word to him and goes in. Guhan drooling LOL

Sokku house. Malar opparis D'oh says this time its her mistake and she will accept what every mangatha scolds her. Ragini is very sure mother is going to come back furious and blast everyone especially Malar. Sokku says that is very sure as this time the mistake was not on mangatha. But no matter what he talks.. he does not want anyone to talk back. Sokku ask Gopi also not to say a word. Malar cries and says sorry. Sokku ask her not to worry and he will deal with mangatha today when she is back.

Nelli brings back Ramesh who is fully drink .. More opparis from Lelavathy and Paramu. All of them are sad and Lela continues to cry and polambaran. Paramu tells Nelli few days back Ramesh went to her house and insulted her parents and Kamu. Nelli is confused as he too don't know what else they can do. Moorty comes in angry and tells father someone told him what Ramesh did to Mayil today. Everyone is more upset. Moorty tells father Ramesh situation is getting worst day by day. They have to put him in rehabilitation center. Nelli hesitating but Lela says that is the only way to save their son. Nelli agrees. Moorty says he has already made the arrangements. He tells Paramu to give Ramesh food once his awake.. while he will go out and buy more drinks for Ramesh. They can only take him to the center when his drunk. Moorty goes.


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Monday 26th aug 2013 udpate

Update by RR..aka...Rockstar RatnaLOL
Thank u sooo much ratnaHug

Monday Updates
Episode 849

Mangatha comes straight to Mageshu house and sits there. Mageshu and mother gossips about Malar and this time mangatha vows she will not go back to that house unless everyone teaches her a lesson. Mageshu then ask her mother where will she stay LOL Mother ask enna loosu tanama talking of course her at Mageshu house. Can't she stay here? Mageshu mind voice worried about her husband as he already warn her none of her family members should be here with problems and fights. Mageshu quickly smiles and tell her mother of course she can stay here and send her to wash up.

Mageshu goes out and calls Sokku and tells him that mother  is here and for him to come and talk to her. Sokku informs Gopi and malar and tells them his going to go and bring her here. For time being its better to try to make mangatha happy. He ask Gopi to send Malar to her parents house for some time. Gopi ask what reason should they give her parents.. Sokku thinks and says tell them she is staying over to help on Rohini marriage. Sokku puts plan saying when he brings back mangatha, before she opens her mouth sokku will shout at Malar and ask her to get out. All Gopi and Malar has to do is quickly without arguing take the bag and leave the house. Gopi says there is only problem only. Sokku ask enna nu. Gopi says how he and malar going to control laugh when Sokku does his act? sokku ask kindala and leaves. 

Sokku arrives at mageshu house and his surprise to see such a big warm welcome from Mageshu LOL who actually cant wait to send her mother off. Sokku comes in and ask mangatha to follow him back home. Mangatha say cannot. Sokku the pretends like his angry with Malar and what she did is wrong and mangatha should come back so he can question her. If she continues to stay here malar will win. Mangatha curious hubby change suddenly nu, Mageshu vera tudichufying waiting to send off her parents before hubby comes and shout at her. She pushes her mother and finally mangatha agrees to go and see what sokku going to do nu.

Gayu calls maha and ask her to wait and not to decide anything yet. She feels her parents are trying to cover for something and she will find out what is the reason soon. 

Gayu Prasad and parents. Prasad tells them he knows why they don't want the wedding. Its not cause of Maha's bad luck but its cause they are afraid he will settle there permanently and not back here to his family. Prasad ask how can they think of him like that nu. Has he never gave them the impression that he will not leave them? Mother says nothing like that and who gave me that thought nu.. Prasad looks at his sister. (appo she did not hear properly aa what her father mother was talking last week Shocked suttam D'oh) Father scolds them saying she heard wrongly and he then starts throwing tantrums Angry shouting and screaming and ask Prasad to get married to Maha while they will go somewhere. Prasad pulls father and begs him and says sorry Ouch and he will never bring this topic up again. Parents goes off.

Prasad is sad and tells his sister from now on he will never bring this topic and will hide his sorrow.


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Tuesday PP ooda vandeen...August 27

Episide - 850

Ramesh wakes up and all upside down including my head. Sorry - he wakes up and screams and feels bad for what he did previous night. Neela and Paramu angry. ramesh tells he wants to change. Moorthy tells if you want to change then you have to go to rehabilitation center. Ramesh agrees says will stay for how ever long  it takes to get corrected.

Sokku and Mankatha reach base kottai, there Gopi, Malar and Rags standing outside. Even before M opens her "Theruvai" Mr Sokku opens and starts shouting at Malar saying what she did was wrong and I am so angry, you need to give respect to you Meeemiyar. Gopi Malar try to apologize, But Sokku says punishment  and asks Gopi and Malar to pack a bag and drop her in her house. Manaktha further speechless. Gopi agrees and picks up the bag that kept there already packed and leave. Mankatha says I have a question, Sokku says no question but M says how come they have teh bag ready already and took it. Sokku could not control but he sends M inside to get freshen up.

Once she goes in ragini laughs and M says is it funny that me being angry? and adds I am glad both Gopi and Malar didn't laugh. He says my heart hurts just for shouting one day don't know how she does it constantly.

Gopi and Malar goes to Malar house, they welcome ehr and wonder if any fight. malar scolds don't say I only come because of a fight, I came for Rohini wedding help. She strongly support her family saying my family and husband will support me even if you fight. Jagan says I am proud my daughter support her inlaws.

They agree to stop fighting and invite Gopi for dinner he says he will try.

Ramesh/Moorthy and NA goes to Rehabilitation center, there they meet staff adn says you can drop him here and should not visit for next 3 months. While they are there they observe harsh tratments liek hittign against the person trying to drink given by wife. They scold the wife and ask her do you want your husband back or want him drink free.  She says both then they send her off saying come back - your husband will be a changed person.

They are abotu to leave ramesh tehre but NA stops them and says I am not comfortable leaving Ramesh here and that too Paramu due any time better Ramesh around. What a person cannot control their mind he says Appa mela sathiyam you should nto drink. Moorthy tries to convince and Ramesh wants to stay too but NA says lets leave. They leave with out dropping Ramesh.

In Sokku mansion, Josi singing and teasing, the girl staying next door coems, scolds him and pours water on head.

Pushpa and Pirai walk in, And he starts his teasing, but Pushpa pulls Pirai aside let him sing and they go inside. They see Sokku & Mankatha.


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Wednesday - Virundhu timeWink kobi gaaliClap

P2 Comes to PP palace n tells about new alliance.. Pirai samathana paduthufies meens ..Sr.pp Tells pirai to wait for a while as prasad family n prasad has not totally cuts off relationship with us nu solluraru.. there comes kobi telling all abt maha's call with gayathri.. n tells there is some hope is still there..lets wait for 1 more day n proceed on it nu solluran..all agrees n leaves.

dancer boy coming to SR home, SR about to hit him.. n gets to know about his relationship n keep cool n checks about his dad.. mahes ask him to disclose the matter.. but he says parents has to speak on this i will call my father nu solluran.. but he found father mobile is switched off.. he shares number to SR n tells if he is on meeting then he switch off , so u pls call him after sometime nu sollitu leaves from there..SR agrees n sends him off.. mahes is praising him ..SR says even my side also there are good people nu..mahes chides n goes in...

P2 at thier home, in confused mode.pirai says lets call subbu n find out the status..but puspa says he is the one who doesnt want this marriage why do u want to call nu, but pirai says we will call n find out about gayatri's call nu calls him.. that dumbo is having food in some hotel.. yells pirai to the core low level n puts down the phone.pirai shocked n calls off Sr.pp n tells abt this n tells he would like to proceed with new alliance.. Sr.pp says ok u proceed with the new one but dont close the door for prasad nu solluraru..both cuts call.. Kobi coming in n telling dad they malar family has arranged an virunthu for Roh's they wish him to be he says am going for night dinner nu says ok good n with thirutu parvai leaves from there.. all these are overheard by meens ..she sense their plan..

Kobi coming out after getting ready.. gets to see meens making adai aviyal..meens tells that she is making only for him as he like so much ..kobi says abt malar family virunthu.. she immetly shoos him says ok u have one small bit n leave nu solluraru..kobi sits meens keeps all the adais to him n ask him to eat with cunning look.. he was blinking n finish off all again she keep more n more n finally he says he is done n run off.. kobi is checking with sr.pp how will he eat that virunthu ..Sr.pp says him to vomit this n go ..meens moraching at both ..kobi runs off from there..kobi arrives to malar gets to big leaf for him.. kobi takes malar inside n tells abt adai kalatta.. there comes ashok who misunderstand them doing romance..both laughs n malar tells either u go n tell my dad ort accept my family's pasam nu sollura.. kobi blinking n comes to pandhi n sits..MIL comes n tells ur very weak pls have more food nu solli dumbs rice in his leaf.. FIL is asking him to kuli vetting to have kolambuROFL..Next ashok wife comes n tells morning i spoke bad i will get that correct by taking care of you well now nu solli keeps more chicken n fish n goes .. there comes next our rohs tells if i goes to my home i might not able to take care of my mama so well so here goes nu keep egg omlets n boiled eggs.. kobi is nodding his head n looking at malar.. malar laughing non stop.. there comes rasu  ask kobi to keep everything aside ..kobi happily moves everything aside ..rasu keeps chicken briyani ..his wife tells him to keep all chicken piece as he may like it.. kobi again blinks n start to have bit by bit.. rasu is teaching how to eat.. makes him to do that..kobi muli velivanthurum pola.. malar comes n tells she my family's love nu ..kobi looking at her n makes her to eat it..

Screen freezes..

thanks kadavulae.. it was good ending with good laugh

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