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thursday ,,,, August 1st

hoping akka will be back in time to rescue me Day Dreaming
illathi leavu letter taan to sumi ku ROFL

Migan escape...ratna escape and asusual bali aadu no-1

present missDead

Update Episode - 833

Epi starts with oppari...This time opapri by...P's dad and mom...They decides to stop the marraige...MM and his wife overhears this and comes to P's parents and says he will help him in niruthufying this marraige...How r u going to handle prasad and convince him for this?..P's parents confused..MM says he will take care of prasad..Dont talk to prasad about this...We all will go to kutralam and let prasad come there and anga vachu we will inform our decision to prasad...All mandai aatings...

Nelli uncle saami kumbidings..he is very sad and super pathos BGM playing and there comes his dharampatni ... lola ,gives coffe to her purushar...and says all becoz of me..Nelli says ramesh kettu ponadhu becoz of his bad friends circle..nelli consoles her...and tells her to call ramesh...

Inside..Paramu gives coffee to nalla paiyan ramesh and lola comes and says appa calling...vaada maganae...(daaaiii...rameshuu...mothalla...nethi la ulla pattaiya azhi...over scene udambukku aagadhu...engala sonnenAngry)...Nelli says he is very happy to see ramesh in such mangalagaramana avatar...(really nelli??innum manjal poosi...kungumama vachu vaayila karpooram pottenganna ...nalla mangala kaaarama irukkumAngry)...Moorthy comes there...Lola tells ramesh abt his kudimagan avatar yesterday and ramesh gives Shocked expression Dead ...Lola goes on talking...(ufff...this lady is talking too much yaarDeadi want my DHAMAAL lola back not this softy softy leelavathy).....

Lola brings ramesh's wedding album and tells him to see...She says look at paramu maganae...eppadi irundha paramu ippadi aayitta...u are responsible for that...and begs ramesh to stop kudi...and moorthy joins advicing camp...Ramesh vachufying oppari and says yes...Moorthys ays dont go out...veetlayae iru..Ramesh says yes...(Mudiyalada ennala...sathiyama solren...pesiyae kolreenga ellarumAngry)...

back to P's house...p leaving for job and MM and co packs all their stuffs and leaves for kutralam...

Nelli's house...Paramu calls her ennanga ramesh and ramesh missing...kudumbathoda theding...paramu says kudikka poitaro??...Lola says not possible...paramu's oppari time...Ramesh comes out from washroom..(rofl..ada paavigala avana oru velaiyum panna vida maatengalaLOL)....Ramesh promises  he will not drink again...

P's family oora gaali pannikittu running...there comes pushpa...MM and co starts running and sam and pirai vandhu stops them...says aternoon virundhu irukku..pls come...ok sollittu they leaves...

Ragini's workplace...Guha comes there to meet rags and her owner tells guha that rags is not interested in dont disturb her...give some time...guha says i'll wait for her for my whole lifetime...Guha come sto aprlour and rags is nnoyed to see him there...Rags shouts at him and says if u want ..pls go and talk to my parents...illainna i'll...Guha says ok..stop..iam leaving..LOLand leave sthe place...

Prasad walking and la...Building construction work is going on...mela irundhu long long,thick thick marakattais vandhu vizhudhu...pakki prasad adhu kooda theiryama walking and talking...doyying nnu oru kattai falls on prasad's legs and aaa nnu shouts and prasad falls down...

Oru amma poi informs maha and maha comes running like heroine...prasad crying and maha takes her handkerchief and ies it around his legs (aiyyae...maha paappa..saree pallu ellam kizhikka maatengala..enna ponga...LOLLOL).... prasad says nee pakathula irundhalae adhuvae podhum...maha Cry (idhellam rombha over uu aama...kattaiya mandai la potrukanumLOL)....and she takes him to hospital

Prasad's family still walking..(kutrala thukku nadandhe poranga polaLOL...escape aaravanga auto,call taxi la escape aaganum...ippadi podi nadaiya nadandha ennaikku poradhuAngry)....P's sis asking CID questions and MM kadupaduchufying...Sokku vararu andha pakkam and MM and co thiru thiruLOLLOL


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Friday 02.08.2013

Prasad's parents' pada yatra to Kutralam in progress. The youngest daughter not amused with this sudden decision. Bak bak all the way . Maapu Subbu shuts her up. Sokku meets them on the way & asks where kudumbathoda kelambing?. Maapu  nakkala comments - padayatra to Pazhani  - thanks giving for getting wonderful samandhi. Sokku reads between the lines &  realises  nakkal  . Tells mappu  - Ummachi kariyam , Samy kaNNa kuthum  not to nakkaladikkafy . Just wanted to help then since they are new to the place. Prasad dad manages to kazhati vidufy him. The group continue their  paada yatra.Ammatha noi noinu disturbing. All get irritated. Subbu asks her to go back to her place. Ammatha agrees , pora pokila drops a bomb shell – porathukku munnadi will go & inform Prasad & leave. Subbu kap chup kara boondhi.  Dadaal surrender .Neeye en Deivam ammatha. Will never ask you to go. OKva.

Nelli house. Lunch ready. Paramu goes to call Ramesh. Ramu again missing. This time Paramu makes no mistake – straight to the rest room in his search. AaL missing there too. Labo dibo – mama athai again he has gone  for thertha yatra. Nelli finds money missing from his shirt pocket. The doubt confirmed. Operation search begins.

Prasad in a clinic along with Maha.  Dressing for the injured feet in progress. Prasad papa valiyil kathing- aiyo , amma , appa , valikkudhe. Maha holding his hand & aarudhal solling. Doctor says the wound is deep , 6 stitches , all he needs is good rest , less work to the feet . Asks him to be careful till the stitches heal. Both manadaya aating & leave.

Ramesu walking thru the gullies of Karaikudi  in search of his friend Chandra. Meets him & asks for his 10lakhs . Chandra tries to evade the question, then tries to convince how that 10lakhs will yield kutty mel kutty. Ramesu stands firm. But Chandra had the trump card to kavukkafy him – Bar. Kudimagan floored.

Prasad family back in Kutralam. Mom usual wick wick. Maapu morachifies – tells them to decode magan or Maha. Parents vote for Magan. So mappu outlays his plan. All switch off cell phone. Only mine will be operative. So when Parasd calls I will do the talking & bring him here.

Prasad – Maha reach home from the clinic. Sam  receives them .One lady gives the key & tells Prasad's party left the house in the morning. Sam also confirms the news . Prasad perplexed , why this sudden exit? Prasad asks Maha to accompany him. Maha refuses to go along with Prasad into the house. Says indha oor kaNNu romba polladhadhu  [ oor kanN kadhellam eppadi irukkum?? come on friends thattufy your karapanai horse - Karaikudi mouth to resemble mahsu, meenu. KaNN , kadhu, mooku who????]. Maha says  am scared .

 Prasad calls his parents.  Switched off message. Finally Sam asks him to call Subbu. The line goes thru. Subbu takes the call & curtly asks Prasad to come to Kutralam . Prasad informs about the kaal adi. Maapu is not ready to buy that story. Asks him to come to Kutralam asap & cuts the phone. Prasad baffled & worried.

Prasad  sends Sam away to get him tea. Prasad over emotional Shedding tears  [Sokku veetu sothu ].Starts packing his bag to go to Kutralam. Pushpa & pirai comes . Some how manages to drive them also out. Then Prasad takes his bag & leaves for Kutralam leaving behind streaks of blood on the floor. Camera focuses on the blood  kolam [Thodarum].

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Monday 5th aug 2013 

Original Song : "Unnai ondru ketpen" from the movie "pudhiya paravai" 


Dyraducker(director) Thirumurugar,

(tune:unnai ondru)

Unnai ondru ketpen
correct aa answer sollu
thappu thappa sonna
pottu thalliruvom unnai

(tune:nilavila vaanam)

mokkai aaana sokku,paadu paduthum kelavis
pesadha malaru,pesi kollum mahesu,
earplugs kondu moodiyum..blood varardhu nikkala
serial edukka sonnal...ippudi kolriyae paavi


Nelli's elder son comes to meet kaamu and her newborn and...kaamu and deivu welcomes him..he gives some new clothes for the baby and deivu says new clothes poda kku othukadhu...(unnai kolla poren naan...sathiyama unnai kolla porenAngry)i've asked for mahesu's baby's dress...ashudhaan podanum...NA's son says mahesu's son dress..that mahesu becoz of whom my thambi..ur maappu now amega kudikaran?he goes on talking bad abt mahesu and meenakshi...Deivu tells him not talk bad abt mahesu and meenakshi... deivu says ur petchu sariyillai...stop...dont talk abgt that periya manushi(puriayalaya makka...periya manushai nna inga meenaksi sokkalingamDead)....

Deivu says unga veetla no baby ...adhaan i asked mahesu...Nelli's son starts shouting...appo..u r telling a malattu payal??LOLDeivu and kaamu says aiyo naan appadi sollala...Nelli's son leave sthe kovama the place and kaamu scolds her mom for her muttalthanamDead

Guhan jollu vitting ragini...Ashok come sthere and asks who he is...wy sight adichufying enga veettu ponnu?...Guha says iam thanni podravanLOLLOL..ashok asks what?thanni podravna?LOL(nalla solrangayya detailuu)...guha says no no...iam supplying wtaer cans to her workplace...Ashok warns him to stay away from ragini and guha says ok sir...ashok leaves and guha wonders sho this new villain is

Pirai...verattufying pushpa to make kozhi rasam for his aanapatta oorla illadha maappillai...Sam coems and dog maadhiri moppam pidichutte coming...aah..aah...chicken soup...give me some...pirai says odipoiru...i'll oothufy hot water on your face..(aiyo..pirai..already cooker la avchu vega vacha madhiri dhaan irukku un magan moonji...idhula again hot water abhishekam...nahiiiCry)....sam asks soup..pirai says no...finally pirai wons chicken soup debate and sam boy sogama walks out...his sis says neeyum maappu aana u will also get special attention like this...LOLLOL

Sam super happy and again again asks kalyanam panna kozhi rasam kedakkuma...His sis says kozhi rasam enna kozhi rasam..dinosour rasam ae vachu tharuvanga..(ROFLdinosour rasamaa??give me the recipe pls..adhula end la or 5 kg coriander leaves potta podhuma??)...Sam dreams starts...he is married to gayu and he goes to her house ater marraige for maru veedu fn...

Sam kku sapadu podranga...and he complains abt the size of the leaf he says no spearate palte for gayu...she is in diet...Sam asks for entertainment...and ammatha starts singing...(ammatha paada...sam family um vaayila E poradhu kkoda pogama parka...kan kolla katchiDead)....Sam tells MM to visurfy and MM visisring...LOLLOLsam dreams ends and pirai comes there with chicken soup and sam aadikitte thalli vittaru...pirai slaps hima nd shouts at him...talks like a psycho ..says u r a thandasoru...what do know abt my maappu...??maha life la vandha tubelight avaru...sam orey feelings kottings..( sam is cryingOuch..U..U..U..U..piraiAngryAngry)...Pirai goes on thatting chingu chakka ..prasad...appadi..prasad ippadi Dead...Sam asks sorry and appa magan patch up...

pirai tells pushpa to prepare kozhi rasam again and this time neraiya prepare pannu for my kids also...sam happy..all happy...DeadDead

R.I.P kozhisLOLLOL

oru kozhi ya vachu oru episode ottitaru directorat wits' endenakku chicken...migan kku nalaikku muttonDay Dreaming



Tuesday August 06

Migankku Mutton Illai - Migane Mutton with Meenakshi Thiruvilayadal... 

Deivanai goes to meenakshi house and asks forused clothesfor baby Malar gives unneeded mahesu baby clothes. After theivanai leaves meenaki scolds Malar for giving away as Mahesu needs them. She says let mahesu come we will see one hand. malar cries.

Guru decide to bring 7 and half at his place too. He comes and complain to his mother that they told me pillai illathavan they are bad, nasamana kudumbam etc, Moorthy try to support them and both start fighting. Leela stops them send moorthy away and console Guru and ask him to take care of malliga. After he leaves she scolds to Paramu tell your mother to keepin ceck otherwise leela wii become old self. Paramu crying.

Malar comes home getting the stuff she gve away to Theivanai.She tells since you were mad I gave way these baby stuff I went got new so don't talk anymore. That's it. meenakshi thiruvai opens, telling all these are hard earned money by my son. 
She stops and tells if it is your son then it is my husband. meenakshi tells you came empty handed not even a saree to wear and  everything is bought my son. Even if they give so much no one would have married you and you. malar gets mad, you stop saying onnum illathavangga, if I call my father they will give loads of everything. If they do can you match this up to your son? meenakshi speechless and tells are you saying us onnum illathavanga? Malar says if you say that to me then yes it is. Meenakshi cries and tells let the male folks coem and I will tel lthem.

After they both leave Geetha wonders why Malar talk like this. But Ragini support Malar saying how long Anni can keep quiet so no mistake.

Pirai and Pushpa go to Prasad house notice house locked. Wonder what happen. Then they call house owner ans she tells he left in a car. They wonder what going on and call Prsad cell he did not answer.

prasad reach home and his parents seeing bandage fuss over him. Prasad shuts them and ask why call in an emergency. both parents cry no answer. mottai machan says let me tell that none of us interested in the wedding it won't happen. Prasad shocked. 


Laksh kku Prasad azhugai, Pirai azhugai kooda.

Illa she also will get Meenakshi? Day Dreaming

Yenge Dir has been missing a while? Will he come and scold Malar? Ouch

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Wednesday - 7.8.2013 Starts with prasad & Ends with him too.OuchOuchOuch

Prasad is questioning all.. valakkam pola motai machan pottu odachufies matter n tells kalyanam cancel.. becoz some kuri people told so. prasad is dumbstuck.. all are leaving prasad alone n goes off.. prasad looking at phone..there maha trying for him n gets switched off tone... pirai looksat her n comes out n take puspa to kitchen n express his fear on maha's marriage.. puspa says its jus happening casually so dont think negatively nu consoles him n leaves from there.. Resteless pirai doing praying for good.

Dad n Son coming to thier palace.. josi with paper..Sr.pp is telling kobi not to open his mouth for any of the talk done by meens..he nods ..josi is telling rag n ketu comes togather.. meens comes out.. he tells both are at sani' straight parvaiLOL..Sr.pp cuts meens n tells lets talk things inside home not infront of stupids eating waste nu solluraru.. meens agrees n comes to josi n gives him nice slap n goes in. kobi too comes near josi ..josi moves from there.
duo comes in.. panchayat starts there.. meens puts mega dance.. but no use.. valakam pola all says since she spoke so even malar replied so nu ..meens tells henceforth i dont question anything to u.. if i do so u call me "dog" n leaves from there.. malar tries to explain her situation but Sr.pp Stops her n tells how come she spoke so much.. which he didnt expect .. n ask her to keep quiet  asusual henceforth.. n makes to go in.

prasad home amatha is telling both motai n madhavi that prasad parents are feeling bad so we may need ensure this action should not change.. mottai agrees n goes inside n ask why did they stop this marriage n also ask if they are strong at thier point.. they are saying yes.. mottai asking them to do promise by offing camphor.. our prasad wakes up comes out n gets to see all in the dias..mottai changes plate n takes blessing from mom n dad n tells they prayed for baby sake...prasad comes to dias n makes all to sit n ask why they stopped marriage..mottai repeats the same. helpless & speechless prasad looking at him.

Screen Freezes..

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Friday  aug 9 2013 update

Ragini varanga...and asusual guha hiding and talking to himself...eppadiyavadhu i should to talk to ragini todayDead...Jegan uncle come sthere and talks to rags...Guha hides again...Jegs tells her to get into the car...he will drop her...rags says no mama...iam going to fridn's house...naan poikaren...Jegs leaves and guha's following ..Rags comes to her friend's house and guhs olinju olinju following...jegan uncle vandhu pachak nnu cathc pannitaru..(yay...out outLOLnice bowler...mokkai batsman)...jegs asks who r u thambhi...Guha says tells him his thenju pona record story...watercna supplier...jegs warns him and guha leaves ...

mayil's kayila irundha 1000 rs missing...ramesha dhana last kaamu says ramesh dhaan eduthuruparu...Moorthy hears this ...Mayil praises moorthy saying he is like our elder son...mayil goes on thittufying ramesh...Moorthy gets angry ...Deivu and mayil  polambing and kaamu consoles them...Moorthy kovama leaves the palce...

There at nelli's ouse...Ramesh full thannila eating...and ootufying paramu...lola sitting in one  corner and vachufying oppari..all wonders from where he got money?Moorthy comes and asks ramesh abt money..Ramesh nakkal adiching...Moorthy throws the plate from ramesh's hands  and lola slaps him...moorthy says he stole the money from my baby's hands and kudichittu vandhurukkan...All chorus opapri... fight intensifies...Moorthy says kaamu sonna...ramesh replies...oh un pondatti sonna...nee vandhu fighting with me aa??calls mayil thiruttu payal...Moorthy veluthu katting ramesh...LOLLOLRamesh escapes...lola high pitch la crying...Moorthy says andha family thappu thappu sonnanga abt my bro..adhaan kashtama irukkuSleepy

Pirai and pushpa discussing with marraige broker...all ok..pirai says ater marraige we will arrange thani kudithanam for maha and prasad...School HM comes and asks abt prasad's job..and pottu odachufying all the truth abt prasad's job..pirai and pushpa super shocked...they goes to meet sokku...

Kutralam...P's dad and mom talking abt prasad and his love towards crying..P's sis come sthere and says P saapdla iinum...Family goes to samadana paduthufy prasad..Amma ootivitting...prasad says vendam...amma over aa paasa mazhai pozhinjing..amma asks unakku what kurai?..iam here,appa is here,ur sis elalrum here...prasad finally eats and says he wants to akss something...amma and appa worried...Prasad says find some parigaram for this raasi sariyillai problem...amma says no vazhi..pls dont talk abt this again...Prasad cries..Dead

Sorry for the mistakes..

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Thursday Aug - 8

Prasad wu wu cries and asks his parents to look at his face and tell. Mottai machan tries to stop but Prasad scolds him. So MM gets mad. But Prasad parents scold him saying we are concerned with your affection towards the family we can't seem losse you. If you want to marry outside of our wishes then kill us and go. Hearing this Prasad cries wu wu and say you are important for us and no one else matters to me my life is only for you if you are not there then I won't live. I won't marry Maha don't talk like that - all hug and group oppari.

In Pirai house Pirai try and Prasad cuts the line and switces off. Next he asks Maha to try, Maha tries, Prasad picks up and says there is small problem in Kutralam he will come there and talk to her. Maha says ok and informs pirai and Pirai so happy finally.
In Kutralam Prasad throws the SIM card away tellsing his sisters he doesn't know jow to talk to Maha so has to throuw the SIM card. Gayu feels bad but both Mottai machan and his wifr happy.

A old person coems t osee Kamu baby and gives money. Ramesh comes there asking for soem thing, takes the baby aside pretending to konjufy and takes the money for himself.

In maha school, HM comes and praise Maha that she found another job for Prasad and she is smart that before weddign making Prasad start his own company. Maha shocked and find out Prasad resigned his job.

She runs to Sokku house, cries telling don't know what is going on. She says more then I am upset that the weddign takes place or not I am worried about my father. She tells Pirai can't take it if some thing happens to the wedding and more concerned about him.

Sokku asks Gopi to go to Kuralam and meet Prasad and find out what is going on. Tells Maha not to tell anything to her parents. Gop iand Kaja leave to Kutralam.


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Monday August 12 th 2013 written udpate

Original Song from singham 2

song suggestion by Ratna RLOLLOL

Un Kannukule Gunna Vechu Enna Sudaatha 
Un Kaakki Satta Collarathaan Thookividatha 
Adi Onnam Class Ponnapola Romba Pannatha 
Unnathaane Thedi Vanthen Thalli Odaatha

Remix :

Spl song dedicated to daaraducker thirumurugarDead

nee serial eduthu engalathan torture pannadhe
un mokkai dialogue solli engala kolai pannadhae
ada onnam class paiyyan pola azhudhu tholaikadhe
unnai thedi vandhu engala thaan kolla vaikadhaeAngry


i dont want prasad's wuu wuu..mangatha's blah blah,lola waaan waan,paramu's yenga ennanga,pirai's my maappu best appu etc etc

Epsiode 840 Written Update

prasad asks abt parigaram...mamma with her always overflowing eyes says no...and ootufies food...Prakash silent...oru man comes there and says he is coming from karaikudi and prakash 's malaysia owner wants him to come to karaikudi to finish all his kanakku...sending fax will not do...Mom dad shcoked and prakash says ok...Dad says now he is not well...Inform chettiyar that prasad will come soon to karaikudi to settle accounts...

Guhan chases selvarangam's car and starts fighting with him...SR poruthadhu podhum endru pongi ezhudnhu slaps guha...asusual guha vaangi kattittu leaves...
Guha's appa calls and appa asks how r u da?...Guha says sariyana rowdy ooru ppa...Guha's appa says rags oru vagaila namakku relative... Our relative oru boy..his name is selvarangamShockedLOLLOL(ulagam urundaaaiROFL)......Guha super happy .Appa tells him to go and meet selvarangam and introduce himself...Guha suoer happy and says thanks to his appa and goes to meet selvarangam...

Guha comes to taxi stand and makkal says SL ippodhan left the place...They gives selvarangam's house address and guha goes to SL's house...

Kudimagan ramesh comes to mayil's house and fights with kaamu..sokku anga irukaru...he calls her ennadi kaamu..Deivu tells him to give rechpet and take rechpet(idho parrra...vedam saathan odhudhu...chee... saathan vedam odhudhu)....Ramesh next targets mayil and says ivardhaan periya     senior...Sokku tells him to leave ...and ellarum ulla poitanga...Ramesh veliya ninnu vittufying saabam and poding sabadam...

Deivu starts her oppari and mayil his polambal...Sokku consles him saying namma headwriting appadithan...(head writing Censored...vayasna manushana irukeengalae parkaren...illainna edhavadhu solliraporen)....kaamu calls paramu and tells her to take care of ramesh...Paramu crying...

Mahesu va oru mini mothings..and there comes guha..and helps mahesu and mahesu invites him to her house...Guha says he wants to meet selvarangam and mahesu says vaanga ulla poi palagaram procedure ellam over and mahesu says iam dhaan mrs.selvarangam the great...Guha calls her anni  and mahesu happy...

Selvarangam calls mahesu and says he is going on a 2 day trip and mahesu tells abt guha and SL says  enna matter nnu visarichu vai...Guha says i'll talk to anna..Guha leaves...

Oppari family No-3...pirai and family doing RKO (round katti oppari)...Pirai says he is very worried abt prasad and maha's nilamai...Sokku says u ppl arethinking too much...Pirai in no mood to listen...he again talks abt chicken soupAngry...sollikama maappu...mangatha nd sokku consoles them...Sokku says such a nice makkal they r so dont worry...They will come back soon...mangatha says i know prasad very well and he will not cheat dispute problem aa irukkum..Sokku says let's wait for gopi to come back...Pushpa syas last time we met them was when they were returning from here (sokku's house)..Malar yosichinga ndlooks at meenakshi...(think malaru think...mandaiyila onnu illai...unnala mudiyadhu nnu teriyum..irundhalum thinkkkSleepy)....

Gopi and kaaja at prasad's house...MM and his wife and gopi kaaja face to face..



Basically you want no serial Sumi...
Me too me too the same...

Can they advance Indeppence day to Tuesday? Day Dreaming

Hmmn - Tuesday reserved a? Confused

Tuesday - Aug 13

Namma Hero Gopi reaches and MM and wife sitting at the entrance. Seeing Gopi Mottai goes inside and Gopi follows them. He starts talking symbolically that kandathu coming nnu, Gopi asks if Prasad there?

MM says yov - I didn't want to talk to you then Soodu Soranai illatha inga vanthuttenga. Gopi asks for the reason they left and MM says don't talk as we don't like your ooru. Gopi talks about wedding and MM says wedding won't happen. Gopi shocked, he asks for Prasad.
MM says Prasad went to Malysia he didn't want the weddign so he went there. Gopi asks for sure meanwhile some one comes drops meds bag saying prasad left it there and he says Prasad was there 10 mts before.

Gopi gets it and goes outside and sit and Mottai and wify come sit opposite and start teasing Gopi, saying no Manam rosham. He talks to wife symbolically saying if some one comes and not liking and goes away then you have to leave - otehrwise ippadi varuvangala?

They further talk ill about Maha, that she is odugali and you enjoyed her and then you try to sell her they won't find a groom even in ullur that's why they are behind us.

Best scene of the day...
Hearing this Gopi gets mad and starts beating him nalla with hand and then with kuchi. Sema adi. Nalla venum.  Sleepy

Wife runs outside and gets people and they separate them telling Gopi to come in the morning and talk. Gopi leaves with Kaja feeling bad for hitting MM. 

Gopi calls Sokku and asks him to come aside and tell him everything. Gopi tells I am going to stay here for tonight in a lodge and once we know then only I will come. Sokku says I will come with Pirai before morning.  

He goes tells Pushpa nothing and you be brave and it is just like that we want to go. Pushpa is tensed. Malar looks at Mankatha suspeciously.

Prasad and parents come and MM tells Gopi came and did ragalai, he tells he beats Gopi didn't agree he is beaten. Prasad father gets mad and he tells how can Gopi raise hand - I will call them tomorrow and talk.

MM wife scolds him for not hitting back.

Paramu putside waiting for Ramesh. neela joins her and Ramesh comes fully drunk. Comes and shouts to Paramu.He starts fighting with Paramu asks her to leave to her house. He pushes Paramu and she holds her stomach and Moorthy comes and catches her. He asks Moorthu has no right to question him brothers start fighting and NA comes and stop the fight. In anger Ramesh takes a stick to hit Moorthy but NA comes in the middle and he gets hurt. Neela gets mad. But NA tells Paramu to take him inside saying he is not in the right mind - just take him inside otherwise he will only be bad. They all go inside and NA is sad.


laksh will write Pirai azhugai/Sokku azhugai etc.

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Wednesday  Aug. 14th- why this kolaveri mr.diratectorAngryShockedDay Dreaming

Prasad coming out of home talking to someone, gets to see pirai n puspa  cursing him telling that maha hanged to death..prasad is stunned n speechless ..P2 continue their cursing. n gathers people.. in an hyped emotion pirai goes n takes an stone n thrown on him.Prasad shouts mama n gets up from dream. feeling guilty ..goes out n search the sim which he throws out n pick it n activate in mobile. gets to see 5 missed call from maha  n calls her thrice  but cuts the call in half way all the times n  looked confused. here kobi is sleepless.. kaja gets up n tells that what he did is rite.. n ask him to be like him others are also responsible for any mistake which happening around him nu sollitu ask him to keep quiet..gets call from maha , she ask him to talk to prasad n ask him to call her..he says ok n cuts call  by telling her not to worry as all is well.. door bell rangs gets to see pirai n sr. pp ..there. kobi tells pirai that he suspects all family members are stopping prasad from taking action nu solli ask him to take bath lets go to  his place nu solluran. once pirai moves off , ask Sr. PP if he needs to come to prasad home.. sr. pp tells him u need to come n apologize so that things may come down nu solluraru.. kobi says he needs to learn lot in life nu solluran..Sr.pp nods saying yes.Ouch.

ramesh gets up in NA home , comes out crying .. apologizing to each n every family member..ore RKO ..he ask everyone not to give him money..lola rightly giving bulb.. no maganae we are not giving to you..but u r taking it nu solluranga LOLLOLWink..NA n Moorthy ask if he can get admit to rehabilitation centre ramesh says he will not surely touch drinks anymore nu solluran n all samathanatha paduthufies n sends him in with paramu..Moorthy ask NA not to trust him as we can proceed with Treatment.. NA says lets give him one last chance n see what he do n then we will decide nu solluraru.

Meens packing food for puspa n co.. rags gets this news ..meens leaves with food for puspa.. malar comes there n learns that meens has gone to puspa home.she feels suspicious. calls kobi n learns about prasad family hiding him from them. Malar tells him about the Prasad parents visit to their home last n they left with hard heart from their nu sollura.. which is overheard by sam in doorstep..kobi tells her not to talk to anyone on this as it may lead big mess nu solli cuts call. malar cuts n goes inside without noticing sam.sam calls puspa n tells about this convo.rite time meens also entering the home.meens comes in n ask devs why she didnt cook in rite way.. devs telling that puspa is upset nu ..puspa raises her voice n ask wht did she said to Prasad parents they had ran away nu kekura..u tells wht i would had told nu meenu kekuranga..could be ill words on my daughter nu sollura..meens screams that how damn i can say ill words on my kid..who have told you so nu kekuranga.. puspa tells its malar who was talking to kobi on this nu sollura..Meens is full swing anger.

Screen Freezees

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