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ll Harshad Sriti / Raghav Sia Wonderland FC 2 ll

zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged

Welcome to the Wonderland


RaghaVi   aka   HarshSri

Welcome to the 2nd Fan Club for 

Harshad Chopra and Sriti Jha aka Raghav and Sia of Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyawati Bhava.

This is the place where you can unleash the craziness by gushing, drooling, longing for, discussing, analyzing or just plain fantasizing about our favorite couple.

But please keep in mind some rules that are at the bottom of this page.

So if you are fan of RaghaVi or just love the masti of Harshad and Sriti what are you waiting for? 

Hit the Like button and join in the fun!

Siggis credit: tweetie19

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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 May 2013
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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged

    RaghaVi (Raghav - Sia) ki Kahani

It was a bright, sunny morning in Gurgaon when a young runaway girl from Manali, battered, bruised and traumatized with her life so far, visited the local temple and tearfully asked God how long would she keep running from her horrific past? Was there no one out there who would protect her?

Little did she know that God had answered her prayers and had literally sent Lord Ram himself in the guise of a rugged mechanic who would soon become her saviour and a source of solace.

Though of course she wouldn't believe it at first, especially after their first meeting which is hardly the stuff of romance, we, the viewers, knew the moment their eyes locked and his blood dropped on her arm that this would be one phenomenal Jodi.
A Jodi that would be the epitome of purity and perfection, just like their names Raghav and Sia.

And hence, RaghaVi was born...

Eight months...eight months of love, pain, hope, friendship, courage, happiness, heartbreak, triumph, failure, horror, fun, action, romance and a host of various emotions, where each and every scene was so poignant and better than the last, leaving us wanting for more. Though their life together was tragically short and unbelievably rushed, Raghav and Sia managed to make a very strong place in all our hearts in such a short while with their unique love story. 

Special moments in their journey...

Raghav helps Sia cross the road

Such a small act but one which carried a lot of meaning because this was the first time Sia placed full faith in a stranger and allowed him to guide her. What made this scene all the more significant was that not much was said between them, it was only their eyes and actions that did the talking.
This was also symbolic as being the first step they took together in their relationship forward.

Raghav starts to bring Sia back to life

Sia had a traumatic past which Raghav could only guess at and the only way to bring her out of it and make her appreciate life again was by taking small steps and what better way than by taking the help of his nephew, Krish to slowly bring back her will to live and make her smile again.

Raghav compels Sia to fight her fear

Seeing Sia's fright over hearing a certain song, Raghav get frustrated and asks her how long will she let her fear rule her life and how long she'll keep on running from them. He compels her to start fighting her fear in order to move on and live her life.

Raghav starts to fall in love with Sia

From the very first moment, Raghav was affected deeply by Sia. At first it was surprise, then curiosity, and finally it gave way to an attraction so strong that all he wanted was to destroy every pain, hurt, sadness and fear in her life and just see her happy. 
However, this is the moment where his feelings almost spilled out in her presence. 

Raghav, Sia and the Punching Bag

Raghav asks Sia to look at the punching bag as a symbol of all her problems, sadness, anger and fear and makes her hit it taking out all her frustrations and hatred on it. 

Sia comes to give her statement in favour of Raghav

Raghav was falsely accused and arrested for attempt to murder. Sia comes to the police station to give her statement where the policeman behaves rudely and refuses to record her statement. Outraged, she boldly gives him a piece of her mind and threatens to complain against him leaving the cop scared and Raghav highly impressed.

Sia reveals her past to Raghav

The moment we were all waiting for. 
Sia tells all. Her pain, her torture, her fear, all that happened to her and all that she had to suffer, everything was laid bare in front of Raghav leaving him so horrified and barely restraining his rage on Viraj.

RaghaVi give a name to their relationship

Sia discovers Raghav is in love with her which saddens her as she is not able to love him in return. Raghav admits his feelings but says its his concern alone and promises her that his love would never come in the way of their friendship.

RaghaVi expose Viraj

Finally the day arrives when Viraj's truth comes out in front of the world. Raghav and Sia expose him through CCTV footage of all his evil deeds, and Sia confesses all that was done to her which leads to Viraj's arrest.

Sia falls in love with Raghav

After her divorce, Sia understands that her journey with Raghav is soon coming to an end and leaving him makes her upset which is when she realizes that he has grown to be a very important part of her life and she could not imagine a future without him.

RaghaVi decide to part

With a heavy heart, Sia plans to leave, hoping and praying that Raghav will stop her. But because of his promise to Viraj, Raghav has no choice but to let her go for the sake of his family's safety.
Probably the most beautiful and heartbreaking scene in the show Cry.

RaghaVi confess their love for each other

After seeing how close they were to losing each other Raghav and Sia finally confess their love for each other. But their happiness was short-lived as soon after Sia is stabbed by Viraj.

Raghav "marries" Sia before she goes into coma

Raghav fills Sia's maang with his blood and promises a Happy Ending or rather a Happy Beginning which would last forever. Sia is barely able to contain her happiness when she falls into a coma.

RaghaVi's wedding

After all the trials, tribulations, pain and sorrow, RaghaVi are finally married (for real) and embark on their Happy Beginning.


RaghaVi's 1st Wedding Anniversary

Probably the most hottest wedding anniversary Blushing!
After a leap of a year get a glimpse of some happy and hot moments when RaghaVi on their way to celebrate their anniversary gets stranded on the road and decides to "celebrate" in the rain Blushing

RaghaVi Dies

We never wanted their story to end the way it did but alas some things could not be helped. All we can take comfort from was the fact that they weren't separated from each other by death for long and are together in the afterlife Cry

But without a doubt they will forever be alive in our hearts
and that is enough of a Happy Ending for us. 

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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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               Ab Harshad Aur Sriti ki Baari...
   (or What really happened behind the scenes)

Harshad Chopra and Sriti Jha - two powerhouse performers, versatile actors and virtual veterans in the field with a grand total of 14 shows between them! When two such actors come together on screen you don't expect anything less than brilliance and they lived up to our expectations. They created sheer magic from their very first scene! 

But behind the scenes when they came together, they would probably give the most naughtiest of children a serious run for their money LOL! If their offscreen segments were anything to go by, it would have been very difficult to choose the Biggest Bachcha between the 2 of them Tongue!

Before moving to their memorable masti segments a short BG on these 2 "bachche" Embarrassed:

Harshad Chopra...
Harshad Chopra started his career with the negative role of Karan in the Zee TV show, Mamta. He went on to do shows like Ambar Dhara, and Left Right Left before gaining widespread popularity as Prem in Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil. He followed up with yet another wildly successful character Anuraag in Tere Liye. Next he appeared in Dharampatni after which he entered Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagywati Bhava as Raghavendra Pratap Singh aka Raghav a rugged, mysterious mechanic who makes an unforgettable entry into Sia's life (and our hearts Blushing). Raghav was yet another feather in the cap for Harshad as it was a completely unexpected and different role from all that he had done so far.

Sriti Jha...
Sriti Jha made her debut as school girl, Malini Sharma, in the Disney show, Dhoom Machao Dhoom. After that she did shows like Jiya Jale and Shaurya Aur Suhani. But it was her role as Sudha/Devika, a girl suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder in the show, Jyoti that gained her recognition and acclaim. She followed up with another power-packed role as Sandhya/Vrinda in Rakt Sambandh. However, its the role of Jhanvi/Sia, the innocent girl who is a victim of Domestic Violence in Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyawati Bhava, that gained her instant popularity. Currently she essays the role Ganga, a Rajasthani child bride and mother of a 1 year old in the show Balika Vadhu.

And now to relive those fun moments...

Their very first scene together and they were already in Rahul and Anjali mode from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! It was a great start to more fun and hilarious segments to come.

The hilarious road crossing segment.
"Mujhe karate aata hai! Main karate kar doongi!"

The Bhaag RaghaVi Bhaag segment
"Haseena ko dekh ke paseena aagaya!"

Harshad's birthday and Sriti's Birthday song LOL
Sriti: Size dekha hai iska?
Harshad: Naa...size dekhi hai Iski?
Sriti: Saal mein ek baar mera bhi b'day aata hai toh main inse pange nahi leti

Ice-cream (or rather "ice-creams") segment
"Main buri hoon kyun ki yeh jo itne susheel hai! Mere call time se phele aata hai! Breaking news: I cannot work with Harshad Chopra!!"

Police Station Segment
"Harshad Chopda bahot smart hai! Woh aise aise chal kar aate hai taaki uske baal aise aise uchle ghode ki tarah!" ROFL

Truth or Dare segment
"Sia kaise roti hai? Wider...make the eyes pop out!"

The Watermelon segment ROFL
"Yeh hai Harshad Chopra ki Harshita Chopri!"

Sia dressed as Jhanvi segment
"Aa bel, mujhe maar!" LOL

Halwa Segment LOL
"Saara halwa yeh khagaya, kuch nahi bacha mere liye! Meri size dekhiye, mujhe khaane ki zyaada zaroorat hai!"

The Rain Romance segment
"Hum do, hamare do...abhi ho jaate hamare do, sir ne Cut bhi nahi bola!" ROFL 

Chance Pe Dance
"Kaunse...kaunse yaarana aap log nibha rahe hai ek doosre se? Chodo, haath chodo...hello!"

Sangeet Segment
Sriti: "Woh toh hamesha handsome lagte hai...jab Jhalle lagte hai tab bhi handsome lagte hai..." 
Harshad: "Isliye Jhalla bola pehle!"

RaghaVi Romance Segment
Sriti: "Breaking news: 40 saal baad Harshad Chopra ne banaya apne baal!"
Harshad: "Aaj ka din toh aitihasik hai!"

First Hug
"Lalalalalala..." LOL

Karwa Chauth Segment
"Yeh 2nd Karwa Chauth hai, last time yeh coma mein thi or vrat ke waqt maine inka drip bandh kiya tha!"

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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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Raghav - Sia / Harshad - Sriti Links


It has been almost a year since we last saw them together and without a doubt we miss them so much.
To relive all their moments, whether its the onscreen romance or the offscreen masti check out these links below.
Big thanks to Vandy, Sara and Raksha for these uploads Star
Raghav-Sia Scenes Youtube Channel
Harshad-Sriti Offscreen Segments/Performances Youtube Channels
Video Mixes on Raghav-Sia Youtube channel links 
 Raghav-Sia / Harshad-Sriti FC# 1

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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
The entrance fee into this Wonderland is nothing more than a hit on the Like button. So if you are a HarshSri fan do not delay and get clicking!

Members List


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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Rules and Regulations

This is the FC of Harshad Chopra and Sriti Jha

1. If you want to be added on the AT, then you need to hit Like on the Members List post
2. You can Discuss anything and everything about
Harshad and Sriti but you are not allowed to bash anyone here
3. No Discussions should be done about other couples or shows
4. Do NOT Do Personal Attacks at Members.
5. And Do Not Join if you are NOT a HarshSri/RaghaVi fan.

Last But Not The Least, Enjoy here and discuss all about HarshSri/RaghaVi  

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Athene Viewbie

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And I'm here first. Tongue

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zephyr29 IF-Rockerz

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Warm welcome Hug!

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