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Hello Friends!! Big smile Today (Friday 13th September 2013) is a very special day for every CID fan and every actor in CID! ConfusedEmbarrassed Any guesses?!! LOL

The show which...

Is the longest running crime show in India and completed 16 successful years. Clap
Has an ultimate Guinness World Book Record of a 111 minutes single shot episode. Clap
Is the Number 1 crime show in India. Clap
Has its own Gallantry awards/Veerta awards to honour the acts of bravery in India. Clap
Is Fireworks Productions top show. Clap
Has promoted a large number of successful Hindi movies. Clap

Today completes 1000 golden episodes of...
  • Glory Star
  •  Success Star
  • & Entertainment Star

Yes friends!! Smile That's right!! Wink CID the longest running crime show has yet again got another golden title. Approve Today our show hits the 1000 episodes mark which not every crime show hits especially weekend (and Friday) crime shows!! Cool Now that is what you call E.P.I.C! Thumbs Up

The Police Procedural show which began in January,1998 is still going strong, unbeatable and firm to reach its goals!! Star It completed 16 years, now 1000 episodes, broke records so now what??!!! Shocked Well that's what is special about our show that it continues to break records endlessly!! Clap The name CID comes out of every Indians mouth, every child, every adult...whether you watch it or cannot ignore it!! Tongue That clearly shows how popular the show is in India and why just India...It is popular worldwide...CID teaches us the reality of crime, important advise and of course how to work as a team! Heart A wonderful example is the 'CID Chote Heroes' series which was launched in February 2013 for young children teaching them how to face crime portraying interesting cases of children helping the CID team! Thumbs Up

The show is very loyal to different age groups...they always aim to portray every case suitable for the audience with tons of twists and turns!! Clap Kids can watch it... adults can watch it!! Cool Every weekend at 10.30pm we sit in front of our TV screens counting seconds for our show to air and to watch a brand new case/episode every time!! Approve

This is truly a unique achievement and it will surely be celebrated with grandeur!Party

Congratulations CID!!!

CID - An Inevitable Part Of Our Life

A day so special as this,
Our hearts know what it is,
Of episodes CID completes a thousand,
Now our happiness knows no end
CID lives in our every breath,
CID will be a part of our life till death.
After 16 years of success and glory, 
And giving its viewers wondrous story,
Our hearts are filled with words of praise,
To overcome a trial it gave us several ways
It justified the truth of friendship,
It showed the power of leadership
It voiced out the cries of the multitude
Who plod on against the riches' attitude
It taught us to stand up for the world
And also withstand the darts that are hurled
To CID we are attached wholly,
These lines,  dedicate to it solely.
By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

By Ravi/DemonStar

The Crime Investigation Department abbreviated to CID began its journey in all our lives on Jan 21, 1998 and is still a living part of our lives. It is a blessing or rather a boon to the loyal fans of the show. It is a moment of pride and joy for us CID fans that 'our CID' is completing 1000 episodes- an extraordinary milestone which no other TV show in India has ever achieved. Today the 6th of September is a day to celebrate and rejoice for us. The show, through its captivating and inspiring stories, its justification  of the word 'FRIENDSHIP' through Abhijeet and Daya whom we dearly call as DUO, its awareness creating episodes on Women Empowerment, against ruthless kidnapping, smuggling and many other things has enthralled millions of viewers not only in India but around the globe. Every weekend the clock strikes 10 and the SONY Channel is what that runs on our TV sets. CID was, is and will forever be a part of our lives no matter what. Nothing can ever take it from our lives because CID is our another half and lives in our every breath.

The very reason behind the achievement of this remarkable feat is the magnanimous writers who spend most of their time in writing and giving us some of the best stories, the tireless wor of the directors and the crew members, the indefatigable and dedicated actors and actresses who always perform on screen  to the best of their abilities and the loyal and true followers of CID who stand an inevitable reason behind this feat. It is indeed an honor for us to call ourselves 'CID fans' and today is the day to celebrate. So let us join together and pray that our show completes another millennium of episodes in the long run. We love CID and will always do!! Long live CID..!
By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

It's been running nonstop successfully for the last decade and a half. Longevity is not necessarily the primary characteristic of TV soaps in modern times, but our favorite show CID has transcended all boundaries. It has smashed all national records and left an indelible impression on the international framework with a grand entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for shooting a 111 minute episode in one take. As we have heard ACP Pradyuman say in various ranging interviews, the show has got God's own attention. Even God stays up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights to catch up on the most happening commodity on Indian Television today! For 15 years, there have been envious glances cast, more than a few eyebrows raised and a fair few important feathers rustled. But BP Singh and his band of magicians have been laughing their way to the proverbial bank for the last 15 years. 

One wouldn't have to cross too many bridges to understand the main strengths of the show. The actors and actresses in the show, comprising the whole CID team of ACP Pradyuman, Senior Inspector Abhijeet, Senior Inspector Day, Senior Inspector Rajat, Inspector Fredericks, Inspector Sachin and the sub inspectors Purvi, Shreya and Nikhil and the forensic experts, Dr Salunkhe and Dr Tarika , are absolutely topnotch. The way they emote every scene out to the audience, not only with the necessary unflinching determination of a CID officer but also with a humane touch is exceptional. The cops are not like the general namby-pamby, wishy- washy nonsense that we generally get to see in most TV soaps. They are battle hardened, tough people who have experienced the crests and troughs of life. A second reason for the popularity of the show is the practicality of the stories. The show does not depict the outside world as being simply hunky dory full of bishops and priests as some would have us believe. The brutal truth is that there are sick, demented, sadistic wolves out there, lurking in the murky depths of the world, waiting for their next victims to quench their disgusting thirst. The show portrays the world as it is. Brothers do kill each other nowadays for property; perceived friends do butcher each other without batting an eyelid. Of course, for those criticizing the show for certain heroic and seemingly impossible stunts that the officers perform, they have to remember that there is such a thing as cinematic license. CID has been enthralling us for 15 years now and therefore it needs a seamless blend of reality and drama. The important thing is that the level of reality remains higher than the level of drama. A third reason for this would have to be the general camaraderie within the entire team. Everyone from Sub Inspector Purvi to ACP Pradyuman cares the world for the other officers. There is a genuine concern harboured by each team member for his/her teammates. We also have to specially mention the bond between Sr Inspector Daya and Sr Inspector Abhijit who are as good as brothers in both their real and reel lives. They have taught us that even in this modern era of competition and subsequently jealousy, two completely unrelated people can transcend the realms of friendship and take it to another level. There have been some absolutely jaw dropping scenes featuring the two stalwarts  and they have not only a perfect chemistry but also a perfect  Maths, geography and everything else  one can think of. This bonding between all the members is only possible because the actors themselves are like family in real life. They spend the lion's share of their time in each other's company and thus there doesn't exist a cold professional relationship but rather an informal, warm and friendly bond.

CID has featured some of the most memorable episodes on Indian Television and some that instantly spring to mind would have to be: Behrupiya , Aakhri Chunauti , Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahasya, The Inheritance and a whole host of others. As devoted fans of the show, we can only pray and wish the show all the best for times to come. Apparently all good things must come to an end but may CID be an exception to this rule. We hope that BP Singh keeps making this awesome show and the likes of Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty , Ansha Sayed, Narendra Gupta keep coming to our screens every weekend and bringing a smile to our faces.

By Swagatam/swagatamghosh94

Why is CID so special for us?

That depends on who you ask. You're going to get a most diverse set of answers from every person who replies to that question, for that is one of the many beauties of our show. Whatever you think of it, there's no denying that CID is the most influential crime show of the past decade, which truly revolutionized the genre in our country. It is neither the first nor the last of its kind on Indian Television, but it's certainly the one which had a most profound impact on the audience from day one, thanks to the flawless direction by B.P Singh and the now legendary character of ACP Pradyuman, who was soon joined by the incomparable Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya.

These characters are household names now and regardless of their views on the show, there probably is no person in India who hasn't at least heard about them. Any veteran viewer of the show will tell you about its glory from day one and its incredible balance of thrilling and logical investigation and action with amazing character development and exploration. I'm one of those viewers who was lucky enough to witness the emergence of a revolutionary show more or less from the start, without being burdened by others' opinions about what the show was like. When we first laid eyes on those early episodes of CID, we never knew that we'd be hooked to the show for life, that it would mean so much to us, that it would continue on an incredible run of 16 years that has, with blessings from above, not stopped even now.

Several fan's exciting journeys, including my own, began with the old "CID Files" re-runs that used to air at 7:00 PM every weekend on Sony. It was a revolution. Many had never been interested in crime shows, always considering them violent and depressing, but this was a completely different experience. Each of the cops was very human and identifiable, and also intelligent and sharp. Not a stone was left unturned. They obtained clues from the smallest and most unlikely of places, tracked down culprits with the wildest deductions and gave the viewers a hint of what dangers lie outside and how much real-life cops do for us. Each story was unique and at least subtly different from the rest. Everything was portrayed in a realistic and gripping manner without showing explicitly disturbing, graphic or offensive content. It had me and even my family enamoured, and we are to this day.

From mundane thefts to threats at national level, we've seen it all in CID. Murders, kidnappings, robberies, carjacking, drug smuggling, abuse of women and children, alcoholism, terrorism, vandalism, sabotage, bombings, sheer pathological sadism... it's all there. In today's crime-ravaged world, awareness and avoidance of crime is extremely necessary, as is an understanding of police, forensic and judicial procedures, and CID has done that in a fantastic manner without resorting to bloody or gory content. It's appreciably done it effectively while still being fit for all age groups, as evidenced by the vast diversity in the ages of its fans even today. It highlighted the power of truth and justice and one's duty to do what is right rather than what is easy. The credit to the entire cast and crew of CID and FireWorks for this cannot be stated enough. They've done a truly magnificent job.

Before we knew it, the characters became like our second family. ACP Pradyuman taught us about dedication to duty and what is right, about the will of the human spirit as he solved extraordinary cases despite being blinded, about sacrifice and obligation to the country as he slew his own son for the good of the society. Abhijeet sir taught us about the power of the present, learning to put behind the past and accept the good we are blessed with in life. We deeply admired Daya sir's valour and stature along with his golden and compassionate heart; he helped us see through the stereotype of strong warriors being stoic, harsh and emotionless killing machines. The legendary friendship and bond between Abhijeet and Daya left all of us millions of fans in awe. It is beyond the scope of this humble write-up and best known only by experience. It has taught all of us so much and changed our views about life, fraternity and fellowship for the better, forever.

Asha was a role model for strong and empowered women, while Dr. Salunkhe proved to be even more influential by inspiring many to take up careers in medicine. From Fredericks we learned about the importance of the innocence in our hearts which sadly so many try to suppress, and also the vitality of humour even in a job so grim. Daksh's was a dark and riveting story ending in on a sad note of treachery, which rings true with many case in real life. Dr. Niyati's deliciously sarcastic and sharp character was yet another treat to watch. The impressive figures of Aditi and Muskaan made their mark with their powerful display of loyalty and bravery in the face of great dangers. Then came newer officers like Vivek, Tasha and Purvi, each of whom have made a lasting impression on us in their own way.

Despite some questionable developments regarding the story department in the recent years, the heart of CID has always been maintained by its splendid characters. The incomparable core five veterans of CID - Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis and Narendra Gupta - along with a host of deserving members have kept the magic alive to this day as CID accomplishes the monumental feat of completing 1000 episodes. We offer our heartiest congratulations to the entire cast and crew of CID and FireWorks productions, to every person who has ever contributed positively to our show, for making it what it is today. We sincerely pray our journey never stops and our show continues to achieve new heights of glory every year, for not just our entertainment but the improvement of the society and the battle against crime in its own way.

By Ravi/DemonStar

Well CID doesn't really have a ' proper story' as the crime show brings a new case every episode!! Big smile It is produced by BP Singh and Fireworks Production. The first episode was aired on 21st January 1998. CID airs every Friday and Saturday from now on at 10.30pm on Sony TV. Star The show revolves around 10 officers and 2 forensic experts currently who are: ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet, Daya, Rajat, Freddy, Sachin, Purvi, Nikhil, Shreya and Pankaj and Dr Salunkhe and Dr Tarika. Thumbs Up Every episode these hardworking officers solve a crime case from kidnapping to murders! The show is filled with twists and turns so sometimes we get a dose of officer kidnapping and criminals taking revenge from officers types of episodes too. Smile The DUO (Abhijeet and Daya) are the heartbeat of the show as they represent true friendship!! Day Dreaming The TRIO (ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet and Daya) are the actual hearts of the show!! TongueHeart The five pillars who have kept CID alive no matter what are ACP Pradyuman, Freddy, Abhijeet, Daya and Dr Salunkhe!! Star CID revolves all these officers every episode as they investigate each and every evidence to give justice and end crime! Cool As the team works together and digs evidence through forensic Science and crime investigation...they bring out a lot of suspense and courageous acts in every case keeping the viewers entertained endlessly.

The show portrays friendship, care and concern and bravery all in one which makes it the most phenomenal, successful and longest running show in India! Clap Famous dialogues like 'Daya darwaza tod doh' and 'Kuch toh gadbad hain' are the most loved dialogues. Tongue Every episode a criminal gets slapped at the end and they confess...with a CID officer giving the phansi dialogue along with justice to the victim. Big smile CID is a crime show full of action, reality and entertainment so you will never be disappointed! Wink

By PP/pinkpearl5

The characters/officers are the main part of the show!! Without them its like having a cake with no sweetness in it!! Wink How can we forget them?! Embarrassed The officers who have been the 'jigsaw pieces of CID to make the whole show complete' are the main characters who investigate flawlessly, intelligently and of course smartly to dig out a criminal even from underground! Tongue No matter how many years have past, how difficult the case is...CID will find the criminal from the smallest clue possible!! Clap So here we appreciate our present lovely officers for their tremendous work in CID! Thank you officers for your amazing work in CID!! We love you! HeartHug

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Swagatam/swagatamghosh94

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Swagatam/swagatamghosh94

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Swagatam/swagatamghosh94

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Reshma/Raaz_sweet

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By KS_Shreya

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Swagatam/swagatamghosh94

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Apoorva/nsapo

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Apoorva/nsapo

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Apoorva/nsapo

Icon By Shreya/KS_Shreya & Description By Apoorva/nsapo

DCP Chitrole is also a present part of CID but shown rarely only in a a serious case or officer centric case mostly. He is a strict, mature and important part of CID! He is known to be rough outside but very kind inside. He is often shown to be planning the CID teams destruction, easily getting angry at them but always proves to be a plan or interesting reason. Portrayed by BP Singh himself, the producer of the show also plays DCP Chitrole! 

Description By PP/pinkpearl5

Officers came and went from CID...some stayed for a little while and some stayed for a long while. Big smile However, how can we forget to mention them, appreciate them and remember them on this joyful day?! Shocked They too have contributed to the successful completion of 1000 episodes! Clap Moreover, these are the officers/characters who have been a wonderful part of CID in the past years and left behind their magic in CID! Heart We miss you officers!! Hug Thank you for helping CID reach where it is today!! Cool

ACP Ajatshatru
ACP Prithviraj
ACP Digvijay

DIG Samsher Singh

Senior Inspector Virendra

Inspector Jayant
Inspector Daksh

Sub Inspector Sudhakar
Sub Inspector Vivek
Sub Inspector Suraj

Inspector Asha
Inspector Aditi

Sub Inspector Mridula
Sub Inspector Priyanka
Sub Inspector Anuska
Sub Inspector Muskan
Sub Inspector Divyana
Sub Inspector Lavyana
Sub Inspector Kaveri
Sub Inspector Tasha
Sub Inspector Kajal

Sub Inspector Roma (Only entered for one case)

Dr Vrinda Wagle
Dr Anjalika Deshmukh
Dr Niyati Pradhan
Dr Alka
Dr Nyla Rajyadhaksha
Dr Sonali Barwe

List By Debasree/debasree04

Well done to each and every actor who make the characters who they are! Without them the character is nothing! Amazing portrayal by every actor! Star Special thanks and hats off to the actors like Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dhinesh Phadnis and Narendra Gupta who have been a lovely part of CID for the past 16 years!! These days we see actors easily getting bored of their same acting within 2-3 years but our CID actors didn't!! They stayed dedicated and hard working for the number one crime show.  ClapClapClap

[More information on the show, episodes and characters can be looked up on this page: CID]

There have been many amazing episodes in CID out of 1000 but the top 50 ones which many CID fans chose as their favourite one should surely be recognized!! Star Yes...these are the 50 episodes that were full of action, had good investigation and of course a lot of entertainment!! ClapThe top 50 are the most loved episodes...but we all know that every CID episode is best for us despite the flaws! Wink Thank you to those who contributed!! Big smile Here we go...

1.The Case Of The Injured Witness Part 1 - 3rd November 1999

2.The Case Of The Injured Witness Part 2 - 10th November 1999

3.The Case Of The Impossible Murder Part 1 - 31st August 2001

4.The Case Of The Impossible Murder Part 2 - 7th September 2001

5.The Case Of The Stolen Dynamite Part 1 - 21st July 1999

6.The Case Of The Stolen Dynamite Part 2 - 28th July 1999

7.The Case Of The Blind Witness Part 1 - 5th April 2008

8.The Case Of The Blind Witness Part 2 - 12th April 2008

9.The Case Of The Flashing Light  Part 1 - 27th September 2002

10.The Case Of The Flashing Light  Part 2 - 4th October 2002

11.Beherupiya - 14th August 2009

12.Manali Murder - 26th March 2010

13.Khatre Mein Daya - 12th April 2013

14.The Case Of The Missing Bullet - 1998/1999

 15.The Secret Of Scorpions - 13th October 2006

16.Secret Of Code No. 571 E 1115 - 19th May 2006

17.Yeh Phool Chaman Mein Kaisa Khila - 31st March 2006 

18.The Case Of The Healthy Patients - 31st January 2001

19.The Case Of The Father's Revenge - 1st March 2002

20.The Case Of The Invisible Killer - 9th February 2000

21.The Case Of The Clinching Evidence - 7th June 2002

22.Abhijit Ka Inteqaam - 12th October 2012

23.Abhijit Ka Inteqaam Part 2 - 13th October 2012

24.The Inheritance/ C.I.D. 111 - 7th November 2004

25.The Case Of The Killer Eyes - 29th September 2006 

26.The Case Of The Invisible Bullet - 16 Aug 2002    

27.The Case Of The Deadly Betrayal - 29th October 2004

28.The Case Of Inspector Daya's Abduction - 7th September 2007

29.Abhijeet In Coma -11th June 2010

30.Flashback - 15th December 2006

31.Case Of The Mysterious Parcel - 1998

32.Commando - 7th April 2013

33.The Case Of Dangerous Lady - 9th March 2007

34.Nanhi Gavah - 2nd October 2009

35.Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka - 7th October 2011

36.Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka - 8th October 2011

37.The Case Of The Stolen Gun - 21st October 1998

38.Khatra Chemical Bomb Ka - 28th May 2010

39.The Case Of The Dishonest Cop - 5th July 2002

40.Kolkatta Mein Target - Daya - 29th October 2011

41.Room No 303 - 29th October 2012

42.Murder In Matheran - 2nd August 2013

43.Kissa Daya Aur Lapata Bacche Ka - 20th January 2012

44.Kissa Daya Aur Lapata Bacche Ka Part 2 - 21st January 2012

45.CID Mission Goa - Part 2 - 3rd September 2011

46.CID Mein Gaddar - 23rd June 2012

47.Trail in London - Part 1 - 18th November 2005

48.The Mysterious Gift - 4th August 2006

49.Ganga Series - "Haridwar Mein Khoon - Part 2 - 8th June 2013

50.Code Name Banjara - 1st July 2005

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Our team shares a loving, caring and a very sweet bond!! Star When one is in danger the other goes restless!! Day Dreaming They fight for their nation day and night...they overcome death...those dangerous weapons...the deadly bomb blasts...frightening gun shots...they survive everything with the love and support of each other. Clap

Even us fans share the same loving bond between our CID team!! Approve We adore them, love them and respect them for the hardwork they do to make CID what it is today!! Day Dreaming The actors who bring the characters to life so effortlessly are the gems of the show!! Big smile Without them, we are incomplete!! Smile CID holds a truly special place in our hearts and these creations simply say it all!! Dancing

Words fall short to describe their epicness, their lovely efforts and loving bond amongst the team!! Embarrassed However, these siggies, poems and avis and of course the whole thread still clearly expresses our love for them in every possible way!! Blushing The good times, the emotional times, the funny times everything...CID portrays with perfection!! Wink We love you CID!! Heart

By Debasree/debasree04

I sit in front of the tv and stare,
At the screen like its never been there,
Just to see the team together,
To see what crime they will discover.

ACP stands facing the screen,
He's out of the dilemma he's been,
And gives a witty order to all his comrades,
His technique perfect and afeared his raids.

Abhijeet gives a smart think and a nod,
While I stare at him open jawed,
His eyes narrow down to hunt the criminal,
And then at the evidence which is seminal.

Daya stands cool while pondering,
Whether the villian deserves his thrashing,
His one strike collapses them,
Stunts and bravery his emblem.

But Freddy stands confused at what they said,
At why the victim stands there dead,
He makes a comment that bursts our sides,
Irrespective of the situation the story provides.

Dr. Salunkhe mixes concoctions,
Analyzes them to find poisons,
Informs our team in time critical,
Cause the result could be fatal.

For years together the loyal family played,
Undivided by time and their efforts paid,
For our serials completed a millenium,
To us our pento are more valuable than platinum. LOL
By Apoorva/nsapo
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

When the roses bloom to a lovely colour,
When the sun rises to a lovely colour,
I am reminded of the CID valour,
For all the times the stood up and struggled,
Against crime and terrorism to quell,
For patriotism and honesty they instill,
They taught us that relationships were precious,
And some people are disruptive , envious,
To be impartial and just forever,
To go ahead with duty with great endeavour,
To tread the sands of time and be a support,
And to build with your colleagues great rapport,
For me its been more than a show a world,
Of magic woven and where my imagination curled,
Like wisps of smoke to give great fantasies,
Those people I love beyond the seven seas,
But one of them my favourite and invaluable,
For sharp and smart and very able,
With his voice my heart guides and treads,
For when he stops so does my head,
For when i meet you i shall fall dead,
Abhijeet you're the man who makes me blush red. :D
By Apoorva/nsapo
By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28
By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28
By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28
By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

By Shreya/KS_Shreya
By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

There come some times when words fall short,

For sufficient expression,

All I present is a tribute of sort,

A mere heartfelt confession.


Sixteen years it has been,

Of glory with no bound,

A miracle rarely ever seen,

A sensation profound.


A show that gripped the country wide,

And won glory and fame,

Not just nationally but outside,

A triumph it became.


It needs no introduction,

For its splendor speaks itself,

And still, I'd do a reconstruction,

Of those memories myself.


Twelve years ago as I lay,

In front of the television,

For cartoons at the end of day,

I caught sight of precision.


A show it was most unique,

Like what I'd never seen,

A group of sleuths with cool technique,

Seeing what a crime scene had been.


I found myself deeply immersed,

In that enthralling procedure,

When the cops at last triumphant emerged,

Praise on them I did confer.


It wasn't long until I got hooked,

Along with family,

Our weekend evenings were all booked,

For the CID family.


The ACP was most impressive,

Imposing yet gentle,

His countenance ever expressive,

Mind sharp and monumental.


Abhijeet won me over instantly,

With his story emotionally dark,

With a performance splendid truly,

He left an indelible mark.


For Daya, I simply had no words,

That hero with a golden heart,

His strength more than galloping herds,

Compassionate and smart.


Asha, a lady most perfect,

In no way less than men,

Dr. Salunkhe earned my respect,

I became a fan again.


Viren, another figure profound,

Sharp and quick in conflicts,

Effective without making a sound,

Were Sudhakar and Fredericks.


So many wonders I did see,

With this golden team so pure,

I sat struck with delight and glee,

To every ill they found a cure,


From murders to abduction,

Every case was handled tight,

All precise and cool was their inspection,

Not a clue escaped their sight.


So many tales of heroic daring,

Left us gaping in awe,

No matter what threat was rearing,

Only their goal they saw.


Like a family they were in bond,

Altruistic and caring,

Its importance on me they dawned,

Even in conditions despairing.


Abhijeet and Daya, what can I say,

Their friendship had me enthralled,

For that reason, to this day,

A legendary duo they're called.


Time flew by and the years just passed,

The glory ever rising,

Every story left our eyes so glassed,

The thrill truly surprising.


There came Daksh's intriguing tale,

A thrilling plot device,

Aditi and Nakul's were like a gale,

Touched hearts with sacrifice.


Exotic shoots, many a world record,

Were aptly accomplished,

Left audiences simply floored,

What else could we have wished?


There may have arisen a snag or two,

In this journey most amazing,

Yet, in the long run it's true,

The positives are much more appraising.


To this day, there is that flair,

Which is from that era golden,

Our veterans and new members share,

A legend rarely beholden.


On this occasion I express,

My congrats most heartfelt,

My joy I simply can't suppress,

This glory lithe and svelte.


A thousand episodes our show has reached,

A victory most stunning,

Every limit of triumph breached,

Sixteen years and still running.


To every member of the team,

We offer congrats most deserved,

May CID continue to gleam,

Until eternity preserved.

  By Ravi/DemonStar By Deepika/DreamyDeepz28

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Many times in life we want to express something through words but we find it difficult because what we see cannot be described by can only see it and feel it...only see it and understand it. Embarrassed Just like the bonding of our duo, trio, the whole team and their team work!! Thumbs Up That is indefinable;despite my posts and the lovely work by our volunteers we understand the bond in words but somewhere a part of that understanding is missing. Ermm That's because we haven't seen it...or known it in this thread in this celebration. Big smile How can we complete the true feel of these 1000 episodes along with the sweet words?! Confused Yes pictures...that's the key to cherish memories and precious moments again! DancingHow can we forget the golden smiling faces, the sweet moments, the love for each other and the affection in the team?! Heart Therefore, we present to you the exclusive pictures of the brilliant journey of 1000 episodes! Day Dreaming

Pictures By Snehal/snehal. & PP

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So friends I am here with the results of the contest we held for the 1000 episodes was called 'Express Yourself Contest!' Big smile Remember?! Tongue Here it is...Express Yourself Contest 
The rule was simple to express your feelings about CID in 1000 words no more no less. Wink It was a contest was supposed to be between a group of different entries by a group of different people and then go in for voting. Thumbs Up Unfortunately, this contest did not go as it was planned. Ouch We didn't get any more than one entry. Shocked Therefore, no voting. Embarrassed It was sad and shocking but its alright! Smile I understand many of us may have been busy in our personal lives etc. Approve Anyways why waste time on appreciating and congratulating our winner and proud participant?!! Wink

 To be honest, even if there were more entries and voting happened...I think they deserved to win as it was absolutely breathtaking! Clap The entry is flawless! C'mon!! Cool See it yourself then...Tongue

It's been running nonstop successfully for the last decade and a half. Longevity is not necessarily the primary characteristic of TV soaps in modern times, but my favorite show CID has breached all the perceived realms of possibilities and has been bringing a broad smile to my face for about 7 years now. It is a show that has reached the summit of Everest and shows no signs of wanting to come down from its lofty perch.  I spend almost my entire week pondering over the many "problems" and "insecurities" that a teenager these days faces and ultimately validating the famous saying, "Whether it's Mathematics or life, the final result is always zero". But come Friday evening, everything is shrugged off and I dust myself down and I let the gradually increasing tinglings of excitement take over. I genuinely cannot wait for 10 PM on Friday night. CID is one of those shows which help me to detach myself from the lingering uncertainties of life and embrace its little joys. 3 hours of CID and my weekly dose of my beloved Red Devils are sufficient to remove the apathy and stress that is inevitable in life.

I love the show for a number of reasons but the main one has to be the mindboggling acting and the incredibly practical plots. The show paints a vivid picture of the sadistic and sickening happenings of the world around us. It does not strive to promote the feel-good factor so prevalent among modern day soaps. The plots are really addictive, spine-chilling and outright interesting. I have found myself, on more than a couple of occasions, barely repressing a shudder while the CID team makes one of its deadly forays into dark, desolate places looking for the criminal and merely finding a blood stained, rotten dead body. There have been stories about terrorist organizations, cyber crimes, domestic violence and a whole host of other topics very much concerning modern India. The show not only aims to elevate its TRP but also tries to spread very important messages. We have seen campaigns against sickening issues like human trafficking, crimes against women, child labor, drug use, drinking etc. The people behind the show realize that there are still sick, misogynistic and fiendish people out there, lying in wait in the murkiest of places, waiting for an unfortunate soul to quench their barbaric thirst and CID strives to spread awareness in the society to the best of their ability. We have even seen more than passing references to environmental problems like the steady deterioration of the river Ganga.

Another reason why I love the show is the actors and actresses, who are absolutely top notch. Each of the officers has a magnanimous personality which immediately endears him/her to the viewers. Everyone starting from the brilliant ACP Pradyuman(Shivaji Satam) to the angelic Purvi(Ansha Sayed) put smiles to so many faces week in and week out. The leader of the pack is of course ACP Pradyuman or Pradyu-Man as some people like to call him, and he is blessed with the debonair looks of Michael Fassbender and the charisma of Walter White. His personality may sometimes come across as rather abrasive but that is just to mask the delicate and exceedingly caring nature of the man. He is the leader and Godfather of CID and has been the main draw for 15 years now. Then there are of course, two of his most trusted officers, Abhijeet and Daya, arguably two of the most popular characters in CID. They have depicted the bond of being best friends fabulously well over the last 15 years and continue to do so. They are two of the best CID officers and have a personality to match their popularity and ability. Abhijeet is the brain of CID and Daya is the brawn of CID. They complement each other to perfection and  have almost a telepathic understanding coupled with an immovable trust. It is quite like the meeting of the irresistible force with the immovable object.  Then we have the capable, diligent and dedicated supporting officers like the tough-as-nails Rajat, the funny Fredericks, the loyal Nikhil, the obedient Shreya and of course the spunky and gorgeous Purvi.  

This show also offers me my weekly dose of adrenaline rush, thrill and excitement. The enviable fight sequences and the acrobatic and daring stunts leave me speechless and further enhance my admiration for the CID team.  Of course, we have Daya's hulky kicks and rasping slaps which have become the toast of the entire nation. Even the most passionate hater of CID must love the way Daya slaps the taste out of the criminal's mouth in the middle of nowhere and the guy lands up in a chair in the CID bureau. I must admit that even I have tried my hand or should I say, tried my feet at Daya's kicks and all that happened was that I ended with a painfully bruised and swollen big toe. Every city, town and village waits with bated breath and infectious anticipation for Friday night. That is the kind of overwhelming popularity that CID enjoys and will continue to enjoy for years to come.

I sincerely hope for the best for the show and pray that it continues for times immemorial. All good things come to an end but not CID.  The show has the blessings of the Almighty and rightly so. One can sense the pride that the CID team members feel to be associated with the hottest commodity on Indian television today and this has been so for the last 15 years. There have been a few troughs here and there but they have been swatted away by the frequent crests. Indeed there have been so many wonderful episodes it is hard to keep track, my personal favorite being Behroopiya. The show is on the cusp of making history and it deserves it too having carved out the most special niche in our minds. Happy 1000th to CID.

And this was written by...

None other than...

Star Swagatam/swagatamghosh94 Star

Congratulations Swagatam!! Hug You are truly the winner of the for participating and making myself and yourself proud, keeping the contest alive and two for actually sending in a well written, effective and interesting entry! Heart The entry has everything we needed for the winner...1000 words exactly, a appealing entry and of course a entry which only expresses throughout with detailed points. Big smile You had it all!! Clap

Here is your reward...a siggy I made for you dear...go boy flaunt your siggy!! Wink

Well done!! Hug
I don't have words to praise your dedication and hard work! Thumbs Up

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*on the stage*

Shreya: Welcome everyone! Welcome to the 1000th episode celebration of CID! Aaj ki sham CID ke naam! Aur ab main welcome karti hoon aapne pehle saathi ko! Put your hands together for the one and the only Harshad Chopra!

*amidst claps Harshad makes his entry*

Shreya (blushing): Welcome Harshad. Kaise ho?

Harshad (smiling): Main bhadiya hoon. Show shuru karen?

Shreya (clears throat): Right. Umm...okay. Aaj hum yahan pe ek aise celebration ke liye aaye hain jahan pe koi awards nahi hain. Sirf pyaar hi pyaar hai aur woh bhi behshoomar hai. *pauses* Wah! Wah! Kya baat hai!

*Harshad gives a weirdo look at Shreya*

Harshad: Aaj ki raat hum sab ko pata hai ke kya hoga. Aaj saare CID fans aur CID actors, directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors, and on, and on, and on mil kar ek saath ek pyaar bhari raat beeteyenge.

Shreya: Aaj Bollywood ke sitare nahi hain. Tellywood ke behshoomar actors nahi hain. Aaj sirf CID hi CID hai aur haan mere kuch hosts hain.

Harshad: Waise mere eliva aur kaun kaun hai?

Shreya (blushing): Woh ek surprise hai.

Someone from audience (dushman) (yelling): Haan! Haan! Sab ko pata hai ke Hasan, Romit, Ronit sir, Varun, aur Salman ke eliva koi ho hi nahi sakta!

Shreya: Shut up! Kaun bola yeh? Kaun?!!

*absolute silence*

Harshad: Right. Toh aaj sab gayenge, nachenge, aur ek ek karke aapne pyaar ke messages denge. Toh kya sab tyar hain?

*scattered applause and cheering*

Shreya: I can't hear you! Are you ready to rock and roll to the beat of the dhol?

*loud cheering*

Harshad: Toh put it together for the CID actors of the past!

*amidst loud claps and cheers, Ashutosh Gowariker, Ashwini Kalsekar, Tushar Dalvi, Dhananjay Mandrekar, Manav Gohil, Smita Bansal, Sai Deodhar, Kavita Kaushik, Vivek V. Mashru, Alka Verma, Amar Upadhyay, Megha Gupta, Jimmy Kunal, Parinita Seth, Vaishnavi Dhanraj, Jasvir Kaur, Vineet Kumar, Manini Mishra, Shweta Kawatra, Mona Ambegaonkar, Rajeev Khandelwal, Ankur Chachra, Vindu Dara Singh, Priya Wal, and Sanjay Shemkalyanee make their entry*

Shreya: Okay, okay. Settle down. Kyun ki abhi aane wale hain hamare CID Special Bureau ke actors!

*again amidst the loud claps and cheers, Anup Soni, Salil Ankola, Nimai Bali, Sushmita Daan, Mansi Verma, Amita Chandekar, Sharad Kelkar, Mahee, Sachin Sharma, Kushal Punjabi, Mughda Godbole, Sudhanshu Pandey, Hrishikesh Pandey, and Ravindra Mankani make their entry*

Harshad: And now...put it together...for the one...the only...the current CID actors!

*loud hooting and people standing up in their chairs and on the tables as Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis, Narendra Gupta, Shraddha Musale, Vikas Kumar, Hrishikesh Pandey (who just stands up in his seat), Abhay Shukla, Ansha Sayed, Janvi Chheda, KK Goswami, and Ajay Nagrath make their entry*

Shreya: Okay, okay, settle down people.

*everyone settles down*

Harshad: Aur ab aane wale hain CID ke mahaan...mahaan se bhi mahaan...sab se zada mahaan...

Shreya: Oh get on with it already.

Harshad: Right...mahaan writers!!!

*some booing with some clapping as Sriram Raghvan, Shridhar Raghvan, Rajat Aroraa, Virendra Shahaney, Aparna Shahaney, Christabelle D'Souza, Shilpa Choubey, Susheel Choubey, Santosh Shetty, Abhishek Garg, Ajay Singh, Ajay Kumar, Abir Sengupta, Nitika Kanwar, Naila Chogle, Pakhi Kartik, Pronati Sengupta, Kankana Maitra, Gopal Kulkarni, Ishwar Singh, Tanway Singh, Aparna Nadig, Anand Goradiya, and Swati Goradiya make their entry*

Shreya: Okay, okay. Calm down people. The welcoming is soon to end. But for now put your hands together again for the cinematographers and editors of this mahaan show!!!

*scattered clapping for Kedar Gotage, Bhakti Mayaloo, Shachindra Vats, Raakesh Sarang, Siba Mishra, Dhananjay Kulkarni, Rajesh Diwaker, Sushil Sharma, R.P. Singh, and Rajendra Prasad*

Harshad: And can put your hands together one last time for the directors of this show!

*some clapping and some booing for Raakesh Sarang (who stands up at his seat), Rajan Waghdhare, Siba Mishra (who also stands up), Nandu Kale, Santosh Shetty (who also stands up), Salil Singh (who also stands up), and Nitin Choudhary*

Shreya: Oh sorry. We lied. There is one last person to introduce. Welcoming the brains behind CID, the actor, the writer, and the director: B.P. Singh!!!

*general clapping*

Harshad: Okay. Okay. Ab aaj ki pehli performance ke taraf chalte hain. Welcome Vivek and Hrishikesh on the stage!

Shreya: Welcome back after that awesome performance! Aur ab main aapne agle saathi ko introduce karne jaa rahi hoon. Toh...put your hands together for...Hasan Zaidi!

*clapping as Hasan enters the stage*

Dushman (yelling): Dekha! Hum sahi the!

Shreya: Teri toh!

*picks up a mike to throw, but Hasan stops*

Hasan: Calm, calm, calm. Shreya itna gussa acha nahi hai.

Shreya: I don't care! Woh insaan phir se bola aur main usko yahan se niklawa doongi!

Hasan: As you wish. Lekin hum ab aage bhaare? Fans ko bulayein?

Shreya: Haan chalo bulate hain.

Hasan: Toh aaj ka hamara pehla fan hai...Visrom!!!

*Visrom comes up to the stage*

Visrom: Okay main yahan pe aayi hoon for the awesome 5 of CID...that is Satam sir, Daya sir, Aditya sir, Narendra sir, and Dinesh sir. You are the only 5 people who have worked on a TV show for 16 (14 in Aditya sir's case) years! This is a tremendous achievement for any show and any actor. Your dedication is an inspiration to many of the present generation where people get bored of their jobs within a few months. You are the reason I watch your show despite its present standards. If you can hang on as actors, I can hang on as a viewer. You have become my regular drawing room visitors every weekend, like family members or close friends. Just as we can't desert our friends when they are in difficulty, I cannot quit your show. I will keep watching, criticizing bad episodes, enjoying the occasional glimpses of friendship and camaraderie you show"as characters and as actors. Wishing you all the best"in your career as well as personal life. And keep visiting my drawing room every weekend for many more years.

*loud claps burst out as Visrom walks off stage*

Shreya: Oh my god di! You are so inspirational as well!

Hasan: She is. Mere aankhon main toh khushi ke aanson bhar aaye. Khash main bhi kisi 1000 episode celebration ka hissa ban sakta.

Shreya: Umm...I think you're forgetting. Hum yahan pe 1000 episodes ke celebration hi kar rahe hain.

Hasan: Oh right. Bhool gaya tha.

Shreya (sarcastically): Haan woh toh pata chalta hai.

Hasan: Dude. Agar tumhe saat khoon maaf hote toh tum toh aapni baaton se logon ko maar dalti.

Shreya (modestly): Thank you.

Hasan (rolling eyes): Seriously. You need to get a doctor to check your brain. Check karwa ke tere paas brain hai bhi yah nahi.

Shreya (putting hands on hips): Oh my god. You are so rude! Like totally! Obviously brain hai. Warna itna mast idea kya padosi ke dimak main aaya?

Hasan (hiding a laugh): That's what I'm thinking right now.

Shreya (yelling): I need a break!!!

Hasan: Then let's take another message. Phir ek performance and then you take your break.

Shreya: Fine. Here's calling on the one and the only Debasree!!!

*Debasree comes up to the stage*

Debasree: Pehle toh I want to say I love all of you! CID always inspires me a lot. Whenever I feel low CID gives me the ray of hope. It becomes strength of me. I know sir, it changes a lot, and I don't like all the recent changes, it hurts me but one thing never ever be changed that's my love for CID. God bless all of you for making us happy through the years.

*loud claps burst out as Debasree walks off stage*

Hasan: Ah short and sweet. That's what I like. Ab chalte hain"

Shreya (elbowing Hasan out of the way): Ab chalte hain agle performance ki taraf. Put your hands together for Harshad Chopra!

Hasan: Main bhi toh yehi kehne wala tha naa.

Shreya: Maine keh diya hai. Ab chalo. Stage ko clear karo nahi toh Harshad ko tere upar nachna parega.

Hasan: You are so annoying.

Shreya (takes a bow): That I am. Now move.

*pushes Hasan off stage*

Shreya: Ah maar jaavan aise performance pe.

Romit: Aur mujhe toh backstage se bhi bahut maaza aa raha tha.

Shreya (yelling): Ahhh!!!!! What are you doing here?!!

Dushman (yelling): Obviously he's your next host!

Shreya (glaring): Whoever you are just wait until this is over. Tumhe dhoond kar tumhe zameen main nahi garda toh mera naam badle dena!

Dushman (yelling): Kya rakhna hai woh bhi bata de!!!

Shreya (rolling up sleeves): That's it! Pehle tera full and final karti hoon phir aage bharenge show main! Saamne aa!

Romit (putting a hand on Shreya's shoulder): Woah! Calm down. Show main aage bhaare?

Shreya: Fine. Ab agle insaan ko bulate hain kuch bolne ke liye.

Romit: Haan aur woh agla insaan hai pinky118!

*Pinky comes up to the stage*

Pinky: Oh my god. I have...pehle koi mujhe pinch karo.

Shreya: With pleasure.

*walks over and pinches Pinky*

Pinky (yelping): Ouch! So this isn't a dream. Umm...well I must say...umm...main aapki sab se badi fan hoon Daya sir aur Aditya sir. Aap ke saath ek picture milegi?

*as everyone laughs, Daya sir and Aditya sir go on stage and take a photo with Pinky, then she walks off stage amongst claps*

Romit: Well wasn't that sweet?

Shreya (batting eyelashes): As sweet as you are.

Romit (clearing throat): Harshad and Hasan are still backstage.

Shreya: Toh? Woh backstage hain aur tum frontstage.

Romit: Aur yeh log?

Shreya: Woops! Right. Umm...where were we?

Romit: Agle message ki taraf chalen?

Shreya: Hum kyun chalen? Message hamare paas chal kar aayega.

Romit: Acha baba. Agle insaan ko yahan bulate hain.

Shreya: Aur yeh agla insaan hai...*checks paper*...right! Padmpriya!

*Padmpriya comes up to the stage*

Padmpriya: I would like to just appreciate the team for their team spirit and giving us such wonderful cases. To ACP sir, Daya sir, and Abhijeet are the pillars of CID. We love your hard work and appreciate your each and every performance in CID. Hats off to you! To Purvi...I would just say hats off to you again for being so courageous and brave and for putting so much hard efforts in each and every case! Loved your stunts, disguises, investigations, etc. Freddy, Dr. Salunkhe, Tarika, Shreya, Sachin, Nikhil, Rajat, and each and everyone was was part of CID from its start till now have a great share in this achievement. God bless you all team! Good luck! Keep going and love you all!

*loud claps burst out as Padmpriya walks off stage*

Shreya (fakes tears): Ah that was so inspirational.

Romit: Tumne kabhi acting ke baare main socha hai?

Shreya: Haan socha hai naa. Kahi baar. Kyun?

Romit: Toh kabhi try kyun nahi kiya?

Shreya: Bas mouka nahi mila.

Romit (smiling): Chalo. Acha hai. Kum se kum yeh desh toh bach gaya.

Shreya (indignantly): What do you mean by that?

Romit (quickly changes topic): Chalo. Ab hum chalte hain ek bahut hi pyaare performance ki taraf. Aur ab hum bulate hain Jasveer Kaur aur Dayanand Shetty ko!

Shreya: Oh wait! Don't change the topic Romit! What do you mean by what you just said?

Romit (pushing Shreya): Chalo. Chalo. Stage khali karo. Dancers ko aane do.

Shreya (resisting): Pehle tum yeh batao tumhara matlab kya tha?!!

Romit (stops pushing): Fine. Mera matlab tha ke tumhe acting nahi aati hai.

Shreya (shocked): Wha...what...what...

*Romit pulls Shreya off the stage*

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Shreya: And I'm back! Ab Romit toh wapas nahi aayega aur main yeh show akele bhi nahi kar sakti hoon. Isli kisi naaye insaan ko bulate hain. Toh people put your hands together for Aditya Roy Kapoor!!! Ji haan ek aur Aditya aayega aaj yahan pe.

Aditya: Hello everyone!

Shreya: Ah hello Aditya.

Aditya: Hello Shreya. Toh ab aagle insaan ko bulayein?

Shreya: Haan bilkul bulate hain.

Dushman (yelling): Thank god isne koi stupidity nahi ki abki!

Shreya (angrily): Saali tu jo bhi hai saamne aa! Bheja kharab kar diya hai tune mera!

Dushman (yelling): Usme zada nahi lagta hai. Aur main aant main saamne aayongi.

Aditya: Shreya, Shreya. Woh baad main saamne aayegi. Pehle agle insaan ko bulayo.

Shreya: Haan chalo. Ab hum nevata dete hain Anjali ko ke woh yahan aaye aur do shabd kahe.

Aditya: Err...tum thik ho naa?

Shreya: Haan woh bas main zara practice kar rahi thi. Baad main bataongi. Abhi Anjali ko aane do.

*Anjali comes up to the stage*

Anjali: Hmm...err...I'm so lost.

Shreya: Hota hai. Pinky ko huya tha ab tumhe bhi ho gaya.

Anjali: Really? Matlab main akeli nahi hoon?

Aditya: Bilkul nahi. Chalo kuch bolo.

Anjali: Err...main yeh jana chahti thi ke aap sab ki inspiration kaun hai? Aur woh jo hum TV pe dekhte hain duo bonding woh kaise shuru huyi? Aur aap ka sab se memorable day kaun sa tha set pe? Aur"

*Aditya sir and Daya sir are looking amused*

Shreya: Anjali beta...oh Anjali beta. Yeh koi interview nahi chal rahi hai. Yahan pe koi message dena parta hai.

Anjali: Toh mera message bas itna hai ke main aap dono se bahut pyaar karti hoon. Aur aap se bhi Satam sir. Aur aap se bhi Dinesh sir"

Shreya: Basically tum sab ko pyaar karti hoon.

Anjali: Sab bole toh bas paanch pillars se.

*loud claps burst out as Anjali walks off stage*

Aditya (confused): Is giving a message so hard?

Shreya: Tum nahi samjhoge. Tum kya...yahan koi nahi samjhega.

Aditya: Haan mujhe bhi kuch aisa hi lagta hai. Lekin ab aage kya karenge?

Shreya: Chalo kisi aur ko bulate hain. Jald se jald yeh sab khatam ho phir mujhe kisi ko phodna hai.

*looks threateningly out at the audience*

Dushman (yelling): Tu mera kuch nahi bigar sakti hai!

Shreya (threateningly): Tu saamne aa ek baar. Phir batati hoon ke tera main kya bigar sakti hoon.

Aditya (interrupts): Aur ab agle insaan ko bulate hain. Please welcome on stage Twinkles!

*Twinkles comes up to the stage*

Twinkles: Wow! CID is about to reach a milestone of 1000 episodes, but I always used to feel it has been more than 1000 episodes already. Maybe I feel so because I'm growing up along with CID!!! This reminds me how long I've been associated with the show and the unmatchable team of awesome fivesome...that is, Satam sir, Aditya sir, Daya sir, Dinesh sir, and Narendra sir...can't forget BP Singh sir for making it through! They've become a part of my life through the show! I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the grand success. May God bless you all and I convey my best wishes to the show, cast, and everyone related to it.

*loud claps burst out as Twinkles walks off stage*

Shreya: Wah! Kya baat hai!

Aditya: Haan bhadiya baat hai!

Shreya: Waise Aditya maine suna hai ke tumne aapni nayi movie main se ek gana gaya tha.

Aditya: Haan maine aur Shraddha ne gaya tha ek baar ek promotional event main. Lekin tumne kya suna nahi hai jo tum aise keh rahi ho?

Shreya (laughing): Arre nahi nahi. Aise bolne main mujhe acha lagta hai.

Aditya: Oh acha. Lekin tum pooch kyun rahi ho? Kya irada hai?

Shreya (blushing): Baara nek irada hai.

Aditya: Oh oo. I don't like that tone of yours.

Shreya (confused and acting innocent): Maine kya keh diya aisa?

Aditya (guarded): Kya karne wali ho?

Shreya: Peeche dekho.

*Aditya looks behind him to see the video playing on screen*

Shreya (looking around): Hmm...Aditya bhi bhag gaya. Yani ab mujhe aapna paanchwa saathi bulana parega. Kya yaar? Yeh toh pura 7 Khoon Maaf ki taran ho gaya hai. Pehle Harshad bhag gaya. Phir Hasan. Phir Romit. Aur ab Aditya. Chalo paanchwe pati...err...I mean...saathi ko bulate hain. So people put your hands together for...oops mera matlab hai ke sab tyar ho jao kyun ki ab aare hain woh insaan jinhe chote parde ka Big B kaha gaya hai. Main baat kar rahi hoon Ronit Roy ki!

Ronit: Namaskar.

Shreya: Namaskar sir. Kaise hain aap?

Dushman (yelling): Tumhare paas aa kar sab ka hajma kharab ho jaata hai. Toh inke saath bhi yehi hoga!

Shreya (ready to throw a brick): Saali! Tu jo bhi hai saamne aa. Iss brick se nahi maara tere saar pe toh main aapna mundan karwa loongi!

Dushman (yelling): Ruk main hajam ko laati hoon!

Shreya: Haan le kar aa!

Ronit: Shaant Shreya. Shaant. Agle insaan ko bulayein?

Shreya: Haan chalo bulate hain. Warna abhi main yahan pe kisi ka saar phodne wali hoon.

Ronit: Toh sab tyar ho jao kyun ki ab jo aane wale hain unhe bahut kuch kehna hai. Hum baat kar rahe hain Gadhadada ki!

Shreya: Arre wah! GD aane wale hain! GD aa jao aur hum sab ko batao kya kehna chahte ho.

*GD comes up to the stage*

GD: I wanted to give a bunch of duo, respect, inspiration, regards, wishes, hope, support, help, compliments, care, concern, and love to Fireworks Production House, a single was, is, and will be associated with them either at direction department, script/story/dialogue department, camera department, light department, sound department, costume department, set designing department, in door and out door departments, make-up department, spot boys, lower staff/peons, etc. claps for you. Ever worker working from the long way of pre-production to post-production, claps for you. Every member assisted from paper to execution processes, claps for you. The cast, crew from past to present, claps for you. The people passionately related from 1997 to 2013 claps for you. The specific 6 men which take this responsibility on their shoulder that what matters/issues/problems/conflicts/fights/difficulties comes in their journey but they all stand their with great ease, strong spirit, hand-to-hand grip, shoulder-to-shoulder support, and make a concrete barrier against it. Claps for you as well. The actors Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis, Narendra Gupta, and BP Singh maintained their characters with excellent performance with zeal from 16 years. Claps for you as well. A big salute to all of them from every viewer love, effection, happiness, and proud. Claps! A blastic round and applause of claps, praises, whistles, and joy which filled the heart of every CIDian on this auspicious achievement! A final round of claps!!! Thank you CID!!! A big hug to everyone!

*loud claps and whistles burst out as GD walks off stage*

Shreya: Wah GD! Maza aa gaya! Kitne asaani se tumne hum sab ki dil ki baat keh dali. Ek aur baar taaliyan!!!

*another round of applauses*

Ronit: Mana parega. Gadhadada ko kafi achi taran se aata hai sab kuch kehna. Lekin mujhe yahan pe sab ki baatein bahut achi lagi. Backstage khada main sun raha tha aur mujhe haar ek insaan ke baat main unka dil aur pyaar sunayi diya.

Shreya: Baat aisi hai ke sab dil se CID ko bahut pyaar karte hain. Aur aaj 1000 episode ki khushi pe sab aapne dil ko bahar rakhne ki koshish kar rahe hain.

Ronit: Dikhayi deta hai. Main yeh mauka lena chahta hoon tumhe shukriya karne ke liye Shreya.

Shreya: Mujhe kyun?

Ronit: Tum nahi hoti toh shayad aaj sab yun saath main aa nahi paate. Aur issi baat pe ek performance toh baanti hai.

Shreya: Haan banti hai. Chalo ab hum bulate hain chote nanhe se pyaare se bachon ko.

Ronit: Aur saath main aayenge Dayanand Shetty!

Shreya (shocked): Oh my god! Aap abhi bhi yahan hain!

Ronit: Haan toh kahin jana tha mujhe?

Shreya: Nahi woh sab bhagte jaa rahe the abhi tak.

Ronit: Chalo main toh nahi bhaga.

Shreya: Haan thank god for that. Chalo aagle message ki baat karen?

Ronit: Baat kya karna hai? Sidha bulate hain.

Shreya: Haan yeh bhi kar sakte hain. Kaun hai agla insaan?

Ronit: Agla nahi agli hai. Aur woh hai Apoorva!

*Apoorva comes up to the stage*

Apoorva: This is all I want to say: CID means more to me and the other fans here than it would mean to anyone else in the world. C stands for colourful, I for Industrious, D for Dhamakedar. To me you mean the world and no matter what my physical or mental state is, I park myself in front of the TV as long as you're there, even if it means just to see you. You make me forget my worries and prove that hardwork always pays off. As a team, we perceive you as a second family to each other, which I'm sure you are. Please be the same forever cause I exist to see you people and wait fervently for those light-hearted moments which make my day and dread those scuffles and death bed scenes cause it makes me insomniac. I would specially mention the loyal team which has inspired me to great heights. ACP...a loving fatherly figure both on and off screen, taught me how to stay on the right path is important. Daya...inspires me to stay fit and work out (I'll start soon) and also keep trust in relations and friendship. Abhijeet...haila, main kya kahoon? You mean so much to me that I'm at a loss to explain. Your subtle intelligence and your unequalled talent and sincerity...your ways with the world humble me and make me proud of the man I love. Freddy...a lot of sincere work goes into the acts that make us laugh. You are such a wonderful person as well. Love you all and continue to eternity cause I will live upto it.

*loud claps burst out as Apoorva walks off stage*

Shreya: Wah! Love you Apoorva!

Ronit: Lagta hai tumhe aaj sab bhi hi pyaar aa raha hai.

Shreya: Haan aa raha hai. Bas ek insaan hai jo mujhe paka raha hai.

*looks out at audience glaringly*

Ronit: Aisa karta hoon main backstage jaata hoon aur dekhta hoon ke koi dikhta hai kya cameras main.

*Ronit sir leaves*

Shreya: Nahi! Mera ek aur saathi chala gaya!!! Ab kaun host karega mere saath.

Dushman (yelling): Chal chal. Jaa aur Varun yah Salman ko bula.

Shreya: Tere toh maine moun hi nahi lagna hai. Tere ko show ke baad dekh loongi!

Dushman (yelling): Haan haan dekh liyo!

Shreya (ignoring): Chalo ab bulate hain Varun Dhawan ko!

Varun: Hey girls!

Shreya (almost fainting): Ah Varun!

Varun: Abki behosh maat huyi ho. Pichli baar ho gayi thi.

Shreya: Mujhe zara waqt lagega thik hone main.

Varun: Toh chalo aisa karte hain ke Ronit sir aur Gaurav Chopra ko bulate hain ek performance ke liye. Itni deer main tum thik ho jaana.

Shreya: Haan aisa hi karo.

Shreya: Welcome back from that awesome super performance!

Varun: Tum thik ho naa ab?

Shreya: Bilkul fit and fine.

Varun: Toh chalo aagle insaan ko bulate hain.

Shreya: Haan ab bulate hain Mano ko!

*Mano comes up to the stage*

Mano: Someone just pinch me.

Shreya: With pleasure.

*pinches Mano*

Mano: Ouch! Okay so I'm not dreaming. Umm...I really don't know what to say.

Varun: Aisa karo tell us how much you love CID.

Mano: Bahut zada! Uska koi mol nahi hai. but really I don't know what to say. Mere se pehle sab ne itni achi achi baatein ki hain ke mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha hai.

Shreya: Kya samjhna hai? Jo tumhare dil main hai woh zubaan pe liyao.

Mano: Okay. I love you all! And especially you Satam sir, Daya sir, and Aditya sir! And may you continue to rock like you have for the past 1000 episodes!

*loud claps burst out as Mano rushes off stage*

Shreya: See. It isn't so hard. It's just a matter of actually saying something.

Varun: Tum toh aise keh rahi ho jaise tum inhe mamalon main koi expert ho.

Shreya: Main koi expert nahi hoon lekin itna jaanti hoon ke there's nothing to be scared of.

Varun: Weren't you the one who was just saying that it isn't about getting scared but about expressing your love?

Shreya: Really? Was that me?

Varun: Nahi. Woh tumhara bhoot tha.

Shreya: Bhoot? Bhoot? Main koi aatma lagti hoon tumhe?

Varun: Haan! Ek bhatakti aatma.

Shreya (angrily): Tum toh aise naa the Varun!

Varun: Kya karoon? Ab ho gaya hoon.

Shreya (crying): And here I love you.

Varun (shocked): What? You love me?!!

Shreya: Haan. Tu meri dhadkne, tu mera pyaar hai. Rab se bas ek sogat maangon piya, haar janam main tera saath maangon piya.

Varun: Sachi?

Shreya: Maine haar saans pe bas tera naam likha.

Dushman (yelling): Oh can you move on already?!! We didn't come here to see you cheap romance.

Shreya: You shut up!!!

Varun: And stay out of this!!!

Shreya: Chal Varun we'll continue this backstage. Pehle Sakshi ko bulate hain ek message dene ke liye aur phir hum yeh backstage le kar jaayenge.

Varun: Okay. Sakshi please make your way on stage! It's time to have you say something!

*Sakshi comes up to the stage*

Sakshi: My message is mainly for Daya sir. I'm your biggest fan so much that I can't miss your scenes. Your smile is awesome! Please always stay a part of CID. It's incomplete without you! Always take care of your health.

*loud claps burst out as Sakshi walks off stage and Daya sir blushes*

Shreya: Aur yahan pe hum laate hain ke chota sa performance mere agle saathi ka. Itni deer main aur Varun zara backstage jaa rahe hain.

Varun: Yep so you guys enjoy Salman's performance and when Shreya's back, he'll join her! So see ya from my side!

*both go backstage*

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Shreya: Aur ab bari hai meri aakhri saathi ki. Please welcome Salman!!!

Salman: Kaise hain sab yahan pe?

Shreya (fanning herself): Sab ka toh pata nahi. Lekin mere saat saathiyon ko dekh kar mera temperature bhad chuka hai. And you just burst the temperature through the roof now.

Salman: Acha. Toh phir main chala jaata hoon. Taki tumhara temparture neeche aa jaaye.

Shreya (shouting): No! Don't go!

Salman: Arre baap re. Kaan ke parde phad diye.

Dushman (yelling): Woh aisi hi hai!

Shreya (shouting): Saali! Chup kar!

Dushman (yelling): Nahi karongi. Kya kar legi?

Shreya: Tere se main baad main niptongi! Abhi ke liye agle insaan ko bulate hain.

Salman: Toh put your hands together for...BHAVANA!

*Bhavana comes up to the stage*

Bhavana: Oh my...err...main waise pehle do baar aap sab se mil chuki hoon. Lekin haan main itna zaroor kehna chahti hoon ke thank you because today whatever CID is because of you 3! You've given us countless lovely memories and I can never be thankful enough for it!

*loud claps burst out as Bhavana walks off stage*

Shreya (sarcastically): Well isn't that nice.

Salman: Tumhe kya huya?

Shreya: Arre woh do baar sab se mil chuki hai aur mujhe dekho.

Salman: Tum bhi toh sab se mil chuki ho. Dekh main tere saamne khada hoon.

Shreya: Arre haan! Main toh bhool hi gayi! Sorry Bhav!

Salman (shaking head): Tu bhi naa. Bilkul crazy hai.

Shreya: Woh toh main hoon.

Salman: Acha aba age kya karna hai?

Shreya: Chalo ek aur insaan ko bulate hain.

Salman (jokingly): Insaan ko kyun? Fan ko kyun nahi?

Shreya (laughing): Kyun ki fan bol nahi sakta hai.

Salman: Arre right!

Shreya: Woh toh main hamasa hoti hoon.

Salman: Haan toh ab kis ko bulana hai?

Shreya: Chalo Snehal ko bulate hain.

Salman: Acha thik hai. Aa jao Snehal.

*Snehal comes up to the stage*

Snehal: Okay so am I dreaming. Pinch me someone.

Shreya (sighs): Why do I always have to pinch people?

*walks over and pinches Snehal*

Snehal: Oh sorry sirs. I just couldn't believe that I'm seeing all of you in person and Aditya sir in particular. *blushes* Sir I really admire you as an actor and a human being, having seen you many times in Pune, but never got opportunity to meet you. Just wanted to say I found you as a very great boss of CID team and always be there. To Daya sir, sir my mom is a great fan of yours and me of your smile.

*Daya sir smiles*

Snehal: Sir just wanted to request that please get back to your handsome avatar. We can't see you like this. The friends you and Aditya sir are makes me feel to be the best friend for everyone in my life. To Dinesh sir, sir the Fredericks of golden era was my all time favourite character. The way you play the character is very lovely, but sir tell Freddy that there are no aatmas and we love you as you are. To Ansha Sayed, ma'am after I saw you first, I just thought I like this lady cop. After Asha and Muskaan, Purvi is my favourite character. You just play it so beautifully, the intelligent, smart, and beautiful Purvi. Thank you for doing this character and please never leave the show. To Aditya sir, *starring madly and shivering a bit*...Sir, I love Abhijeet, I really do *blushes and hides face*...I guess no more comments from me apart from that.

Shreya: Arre zara zor se bol!

Snehal (taking a deep breath): Sir I really admire you. The Abhijeet you played made me watch CID. You are the inspiration for me to choose the career I have chosen and the more I get to know about you my respect manyfolds towards you. Sirf kafi baatein bolni thi par...

Shreya: Chalo koi nahi. Hota hai. Abhi aur kuch kehna hai?

Snehal: Haan! Narendra sir, you are the coolest forensic expert in CID. Dr. Salunkhe performs miracles and you act it out so convincingly that even if I know such things never exist I do believe in it momentarily. Thank you so much sir for being the part and coming back to CID cause for me there won't be any forensic expert except you

*loud claps burst out as Snehal walks off stage*

Shreya: Wah wah! Snehal bhadiya baat hai.

Salman: Ab chalo hum hamare messages ke end main aa gaye hain"

Shreya: Ek minute! Abhi bahut aur log hain. Tum kaise keh sakte ho ke hum messages ke end main aa gaye hain.

Salman: Nahi aaye hain?

Shreya: Nahi. Abhi toh bahut se aur log hain.

Salman: Lekin mera yahan pe waqt khatam ho gaya hai.

Shreya: Kya? Toh chalo phir mere aghtven saathi ko bulana parega.

Salman: Aur woh kaun hai?

Shreya: Tum jao phir usse bulaongi.

Salman: Aisa karo pehle ek performance announce kar do.

Shreya: Haan chalo bulate hain Ayushmann Khurrana aur Varun Dhawan ko!

Shreya: Chalo aapne agle saathi ko bulate hain. And put your hands together for Arjun Kapoor!

Arjun: Hello people.

Shreya: Heyyyllooo Arjun.

Arjun: Itna lamba hello?

Shreya: Main aisi hi hoon.

Arjun: Bahut pyaari hai.

Shreya: Haye. Tumhe main pyaari lagi. Aur dushman tu isme kuch maat boliyo!

Dushman (yelling): Arre wah tere ko pata tha ke main kuch bolongi?

Shreya: Pichli saat baar se tu yahi kar rahi hai.

Arjun: Yeh dushman hai kaun?

Shreya: Mujhe khud nahi pata hai.

Arjun: Toh phir usse dushman kyun bulaya hai?

Shreya: Kyun ki jab bhi main kuch bhi pyaar ki baat karti hoon woh beech main bol deti hai.

Arjun: Toh matlab uski aur tere beech chatis ka ankda hai?

Shreya: Bilkul sahi!

Arjun: chalo agle insaan ko bulate hain message dene ke liye.

Shreya: Chalo bulate hain Soni ko!

Soni: Really? Me?

Shreya: Yes you. Now come up here. We don't have all day!

Soni: You are so rude!

Shreya: That I am.

*Soni comes up to the stage*

Soni: Aaj mujhe yakeen hi nahi horaha hai aaj aapse mil rahi hoon. Seriously maine kabhi imagine bhi nahi kiya tha ke main UK se yaha tak paunchegi. Aaj meri life mein mein sabse best din hai. Aditya sir main aapki ardent aur hardcore fan se ek hoon aapke baar main aur puri team ke baare main saare jaankari rakhti hoon. Aap extremely humble hai aapki jagah meri life mein koi nahi le sakta hai. Aap iss duniya ke sabse khaas aadmi hain. Main CID 4 saal se dekhti aayi hoon. Aaj tak ek bhi episode miss nahi kiya jisme aapka central role hai. AKI, Behroopiya, aur Nanhi Gavah meri dil ke hamesha paas rahega. Aditya sir main aapse bahut...aage main kaise kahoon? Daya sir, Shivaji sir, Dinesh sir, Narendra sir, aur Vivek sir ko main kaise bhool sakti hoon. Aap paancho toh CID ke integral part hain. Aur main aap paancho ko bahut bahut zada pyaar karti hoon.

*loud claps burst out as Soni walks off stage*

Arjun: Arre yeh toh bahut pyaar karti hai Aditya sir ko.

Shreya: Yahan pe sab kisi na kisi ko pyaar karte hain.

Arjun: Aur tum?

Dushman (yelling): Yeh tum se, Harshad se, Hasan se, Varun se, Salman se, Ronit sir se, Romit se, aur Aditya se pyaar karti hai. Aur saath hi saath Narendra sir, Satam sir, Aditya sir, Daya sir, aur Dinesh sir se pyaar karti hai!

Shreya: Tu chup kar!

Arjun: Shaant Shreya. Shaant.

Shreya: Haan. Shaant hi rahongi.

Arjun: Acha hai. Ab aage kya karegi?

Shreya: Soch rahi hoon ke kisi ko bulati hoon ek performance ke liye.

Arjun: Lekin kisse? Aisa kar pehle ek aur message lete hain.

Shreya: Haan thik hai. Yehi karte hain. Chalo Reshma ko bulate hain!

*Reshma comes up to the stage*

Reshma: I'm very glad that my favourite show is to complete 1000 episodes. I'm grateful to all the FW production members like you for having given me CID and making it part of my life. Indeed CID is an indispensable part of my life. Pata nahi kyun but I feel all tension ebb out of my body when I watch the golden era cases. You have spread awareness throughout the country in each and every aspect of today's world sirs. Main aap logo ko dekh kar bohot khush hoon. And a hearty congratulations to all the cast and crew for completing 1000 episodes. Mujhe bohot garv ho raha hai ke main CID dekhnewalon main se ek hoon. I don't know what else to tell sir kyun ki main itni khush hoon ki main aapko bata nahi sakti. I pray that CID completes many more glorious years and you all be a part of it forever.

*loud claps burst out as Reshma walks off stage*

Shreya: Reshma that was lovely.

Arjun: Haan it really was lovely.

Shreya: Ab aage?

Arjun: Ek aur message len?

Shreya: Nahi. Chalo ek performance lete hain.

Arjun: Haan chalo.

Shreya: Main Harshad ko wapas bulana chahti hoon.

Arjun: Aur main Sriti ko.

Shreya: Toh chalo dono ko saath main bulate hain.

Arjun: Put your hands together for Sriti Jha and Harshad Chopra!

Shreya: Welcome back after that awesome performance! Chalo main aapne next host ko bulati hoon.

Dushman (yelling): Ab kaun sa pyaar aa raha hai tera?!!

Shreya: Just shut up! Tere ko jab dekho toh beech main bolna hota hai! Yahan pe aa kar mere saath host kar agar itna hai toh!

Dushman (yelling): Really? Main aa jaon wahan par?

Shreya: Agla tere ko hi bulaongi! Lekin abhi main Priyanka Chopra ko bulaongi!

Priyanka: Hello everyone!

Shreya: Hi Priyanka.

Priyanka: Hello Shreya. Kaisi ho?

Shreya (glaring at audience): Agar koi mujhe pareshan naa kare toh main bilkul thik hoon.

Priyanka: Oh acha. Chalo agla message sunte hain.

Shreya: Haan Deepz ko bulate hain. Yani DreamyDeepz ko!

*Deepz comes up to the stage*

Deepz: Hello, my name is Deepika. I'm from Kerala. I have always liked thriller, investigative shows on TV. Ever since I caught an eye on TV in 2006, mein aap sab ki deewani ho gayi. I just haven't been able to STOP watching CID after that. Even whenever repeats aathe hain main dekh leti hoon. It's a wonderful message CID gives to public. More than just a show it has an impact for me. It's only a few of the shows which shows crime making is not worth it. I love all the cast of CID. I feel proud of them. My favourite of all is Daya sir. My other favourite has been Alka ma'am (Muskaan), but I hate that episode jismein woh doosri officer aa jaati hain and jealousy is being showed, till that Muskaan was doing just perfect. The episodes bhi super tha. Before I could actually meet you, I used to dream of meeting all of you, so whenever I daydream I used to write it on my IF page My Dreamy World with CID. I had even thought that I would never be able to meet all of you sir and ma'am. I'm so happy meeting all of you today. I wish I could be a part of FW. Just to see all the behind the scenes. Aap sab toh itni masti karte hain. Sir par humein toh thodi thodi hi pata hain. I wish I could come again to meet all of you. Please give me an autograph to hold to my heart instead. I feel very lucky today having been able to mete all of you, get autographs, and even talk to you. Thank you so much for making my day.

*loud claps burst out as Deepz walks off stage*

Shreya: Ah you're awesome Deepz! Kitni araam se achi achi baatein keh diye.

Priyanka: Haan bhadiya tarike se kaha.

Shreya: Chalo next message len?

Priyanka: Haan lete hain.

Shreya: Chalo bulate hain Cutie ko!

*Cutie comes up to the stage*

Cutie: Hi everyone. First of all I would like to congratulate you all because CID has completed glorious 1000 episodes. I'm a die-hard fan of your show. I never miss any episode of this show. I like almost everything of your show but I love the friendship of Daya sir and Abhijete sir most. At last I want to thank all the cast and the unit members for giving us such a lovely show like CID. I wish ki yeh show yunhi chalta rahe aur naye naye history create karte rahe. All the best to all of you. Love you!

*loud claps burst out as Cutie walks off stage*

Shreya: Waise Priyanka tum kaisi ho?

Priyanka: Main bhadiya hoon. Waise tum aisa kyun gussa ho rahe ho audience pe?

Shreya: Audience pe nahi sirf ek insaan pe hain! Woh shuru se mujhe pareshan kar rahi hai!

Priyanka: Hain kaun woh pagal ladki!

Shreya: Arre hai koi! Meri agli host dost wohi hai.

Priyanka: Chal aisa karte hain ke tera mood acha karte hain. Main tere liye aur sab ke liye ek performance karti hoon.

Shreya: Sachi?

Priyanka: Moochi.

Shreya: Haye. Really?

Priyanka (frustrated): Haan! Really!

Shreya: Okay. Chalo dekhte hain.

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Shreya: Chalo aapne agle host ko bulate hain. Aur yeh woh ladki hai jo mujhe iss show ke shurat se pareshan kar rahi hai. Isli aa jaa dushman! Aa jaa aur aapna chehra dekha!

*Dushman comes running up on stage*

Shreya: Oh my god!!! Nidz? What the hell are you doing here?

Nidz: Jahan meri Jerry wahani yeh Tom.

Shreya: Tom ki aisi ki taisi. Mere ko pareshan kyun kar rahi thi?

Nidz: Kyun ki mujhe maza aa raha tha.

Shreya: Maza aa raha tha? Itni pavan jagah pe mujhe kitna gussa kar maara hai!

Nidz: Aww...maaf kar de re!

Shreya: Nahi! Kabhi nahi karongi!

Nidz: Kar de naa. Audience please meri madat karo!

Audience: Haan kar do. Kar do isse maaf.

Shreya (grudgingly): Acha thik hai. Maaf kar diya.

Nidz: Really?

Shreya: Really.

*both hug*

Nidz: Acha cha lab agle isaan ko bulayein?

Shreya: Haan chal bulate hain. Buublly ko bulayein?

Nidz: Haan bulao.

Shreya: Buublly hazar ho.

Nidz: Abey aise kyun bol rahi hai?

Shreya: Toh phir kaise bolun?

Nidz: Araam se.

Shreya: Okay. Buublly aa jao.

*Buublly comes up to the stage*

Buublly: Kya tum dono hamasa aise hi ladai karte rehte ho?

Nidz: Haan.

Shreya: Double haan.

Buublly: Right.

Shreya: You just give your message.

Buublly: Wow! I'm so glad to be here with my favourite CID team on this big occasion. So many, many congratulations to all of you on completing 1000 episodes! I think kisi bhi show ko 15-16 years successfully chalana koi asaan kam nahi. It's really a big achievement. I must salute the spirit of your team. Waise honestly kahoon toh inhe dino episodes itne khaas nahi aa rahe but we still love the show. Actually hume iss show ki adaat si pad chuki hai. Har week Sunday ke baad hume phir se Friday ka intezaar rehta hai. You know aap sab jaise haamri life ka hissa ban gaye ho I can't imagine ki yeh show off air ho gaya toh kya hoga. We have learnt a lot from this show. Crime investigation se judi har chhoti badi baat humne iss show se seekhi hai. So thanks a lot. Saath hi iss show ke zariye jis tarah aap sab hamari new generation ko guide kar rahe ho taki woh ek responsible citizen ban sakhen, woh kabile tareef hai. I really admire your efforts and intentions. Waise toh I love everything about this show but I think it's time to bring some changes in the show and try to make it more realistic. I have one more idea, hope you like it. Kyun naa aap aapne viewers ko bhi iss show ka hissa banne ka mauka den? I mean unki bheji huyi stories ko bhi iss show main shamil karen? Anyways once again heartiest congrats to you all! Keep entertaining and inspiring us!

*loud claps burst out as Buublly walks off stage*

Nidz: Yaar Sri sab ek cheez kyun keh rahe hain?

Shreya: Kya matlab Nidz?

Nidz: Arre sab wohi ek do baatein keh rahe hain. I'm so happy to be here and keep rocking. Aur phir 1000 episodes is a big feat.

Shreya: Toh khushi ki toh baat hai! Aakhir kab mauka milta hai ke CID cast aur crew ke saamne aa kar kuch bolen.

Nidz: Really? Mauka nahi milta hai?

Shreya: Nahi.

Nidz: Chal yeh bata agla kaun hai?

Shreya: Ab hum Ravi ko bulate hain.

Nidz: Acha toh Ravi hazir ho!

Shreya: Abey maine jab aisa kaha toh mujhe tok diya aur ab khud aisa kehti hai?

Nidz: Kya karoon. Tera asaar hai.

Shreya: Haan. Haan. Chal thik se bula!

Nidz: Ravi aa jao!

*Ravi comes up to the stage*

Ravi: I cannot believe this is happening. I feel like I've been transported to another world, a world that only existed on screen for me for over 12 years now. I can't believe that all of you, whom I have admired and respected since childhood, from whom I learned so much, who hold such an exalted position in all our hearts, are in front of me here. I'm short of words. I can only offer my humble gratitude to all of you for making me who I am today. There's no other show like CID and nobody else like you all. You will always be true figures of inspiration for me and I'll always look up to you till my last breath.

*loud claps burst out as Ravi walks off stage*

Nidz: Can't believe, can't believe, can't believe keh kar patna nahi kitna kuch keh diya. And short of words? How is that short of words?

Shreya: Shut up Nidz! No making fun of my CIDians.

Nidz: Your CIDians? Aur main kaun hoon?

Shreya: Meri virtual friend.

Nidz: Really?

Shreya: Really.

Nidz: Chal jhooti.

Shreya: Tune kabhi mujhe jhoot bolte huye dekha hai?

Nidz: Haan bahut baar.

Shreya (rolling eyes): God help me!

Nidz: God kuch nahi kar sakta hai isme.

Shreya: God toh nahi kar sakta hai lekin tere se bachne ke liye main kisi aur ko toh bula hi sakti hoon.

Nidz: Kisse?

Shreya: Pinkpearl aa jao!

*Pinkpearl comes up to the stage*

Pinkpearl: Congratulations CID team! I really can't express how happy I am for this show on completing 1000 successful episodes! It's just amazing! OMG Daya sir, Abhijeet sir, and ACP sir our trio you three simply rock! You three are the pillars of this show keeping it together and we love you so much well I do! Abhijeet sir and Daya sir...our duo our idols of friendship and trust, I love you so much! You both simply enhance the value of friendship with your superb acting skills and amazing bonding in CID! Really this is commendable for the whole team to complete 1000 episodes of realistic, enjoyable, and interesting crime stories!!! I adore the whole favourite Ansha Sayed/Purvi, Freddy sir, Shreya, Sachin, Dhenchu (who I miss), Rajat sir, and everyone who has been a lovely part of these 1000 episodes! Seriously I have no words!!! Seeing you stars in front of me makes me feel on cloud nine, gives me goosebumps and makes me speechless! I just gotta say you lot are rockstars and always will be!!! CID is the best team and totally unbreakable! Congratulations and God bless you! Mwaah!

*loud claps burst out as Pinkpearl walks off stage*

Nidz: Yaar I'm bored. Chal main jaa rahi hoon.

Shreya: Abey itni jaldi bore bhi ho gayi?

Nidz: Haan ho gayi.

Shreya: Tu bhi pagal hai.

Nidz: Haan hoon. Now bye, bye.

Shreya: Fine bye. Jaa yahan se. Ab kisse bulaon? Ab kisse bulaon? Ab kisse bulaon? *starts thinking*

Sriti (from backstage): Main aaon?

Shreya: Haan! Welcome Sriti Jha!

Sriti: Thank you, thank you!

Shreya: Kaisi ho?

Sriti: Main first class hoon. Ab aage kya karenge?

Shreya: Ab bulate hain unhe logon ko jinhe ke liye humne yeh pura set up kiya tha.

Sriti: Yani CID ki team?

Shreya: Haan!

Sriti: So put your hands together for the lovely CID team!

Aditya sir: Sab kuch sun kar bahut acha laga. Aap sab ki baatein bahut achi hain. Aur pyaar bhi.

Dayanand sir: Bahut hi acha laga sun kar ke aap sab hamare itne saalon se fans hain. Bas yun hi rehna hamare fans.

Satam sir: Hazar episodes complete hone pe hum sab aap sab ko bahut bahut mubarak baad dete hain kyun ki aap sab ki wajah se hi aaj hum 1000 episodes tak paunche hain.

Narendra sir: Aur aise hi sab aapna pyaar hamare upar yunhi pyaar barsate rehna. Kyun ki aap ke pyaar ki wajah se hi hum solan saalon se chal rahe hain.

Dinesh sir: Hamari taraf se aap ko bhi dheer saara pyaar!

Shreya: Aur hum sab ki taraf se aap sab ko bhi dheer saara pyaar!

*CID team leaves stage*

Shreya: Aur aaj ka din yahani khatam hota hai. Umeed hogi ke aap sab ko bahut maza aaya.

Sriti: Aur ek baar chalo sab ko thank karne ka intezaam karte hain. Firstly a big thank you to our sponsors, India-Forums!

*loud claps*

Shreya: Aur a big thank you to all the CID cast and crew who came out today to join us in our celebrations! Maaf karna agar main sab ka naam nahi le paayi.

*loud claps*

Sriti: A big thank you to CIDians who came out here for this lovely event.

*loud claps*

Shreya: Now may I thank all my hosts. Harshad Chopra, Hasan Zaidi, Romit Raj, Aditya Roy Kapur, Ronit Roy sir, Varun Dhawan, Salman Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Sriti Jha, aur meri dushman, Nidz!

*loud claps*

Sriti: And thank you to all those jinhone message dene ke liye itne ache ache messages bheje.

*loud claps*

Shreya: And finally it is time to close this event. Toh ek baar phir hum sab ki taraf se aap sab ki taraf bahut bahut bahut bahut bahut...

Sriti (joining in): ...bahut pyaar!

[Thread Continued On Page 2]

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