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||DABH- Celebrating 2 Years of Magic||

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Let's party emoticon (New Year Emoticons)Partying emoticon (New Year Emoticons)New year party emoticon (New Year Emoticons)

Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Aur lee hai thodhi booze,
Let's party on my mind

Yun karte party-sharty.. Ye o aa ae
Masti ki kholo khidki.. Ye o aa ae
Jaise parwaah na kal ki.. Ye o aa ae
Aankhein do band karlo.. Ye o aa ae

Why why??? Day DreamingBecause our show has successfully completed 2 years of journey.Clap.Star.Clap.

Let's see what's going on famous Hanuman Gali. Too much hungama going onShocked. Lagat hain maAmiji and Phati sadi visiting H.Gali.. Let's see what they're up to..Day Dreaming.

(Conversation by JAMy)



Chchora opened the door. Hello hai bay bay.Cool.

Chchora (exclaims)- maAMI ji aap? Andar aayiye na! Aur aap akeli, woh bhi iss waqt?Shocked

maAMI ji- No. No. Hum alone naahi hai. Phati-saadee bhi toh hai. Out standing. Kono baat karat hai apne hasband se phunuwa mein!LOL

Phati-saadi comes in- namaste Sooraj ji, maaf kijiyega woh main thoda baat kar rahi thi apne swami se. Sandhya ji kahan hai?? Kahin bahar gayi hai kya?Day Dreaming

Chchora- Nahi. Woh idhar hi thi. Sandhya, sandhya, dekho kaun aaye hai! Jaldi aap chaay lekar aayiye!Confused

Chchora- Aur bataayiye aap dono kyon chale ayi yahan? Koi khaas baat hai kya?Day Dreaming

Beendini enters with chaay in tumbler.

maAMI ji- yesh. Wo ka hai na ki humri phorum mein conphushaniyaan hai tum donon ke rishta leke.Ermm

Beendini (astonished)- Hum donon ke?Confused

Phatee saadi- Haan. Hum aap ko samjha dete hain. Woh kya hai na ki...Wink

maAMI ji- Hello hai bay bay...Phatee saadi, jab headwaa ihaan prejent hai to tailwa no moving. Samjhi! Wo kaa hai na ki Sheebz ammachis paagal ho gayi, yaani maad!  Brain-phever! TnJ chali gayi! Dishappeared! Raami bani haraami. Laami gayab. Ihaan tak ki Main jo amma hai woh ghajini avatar leke yahan wahan ghoomti rehti hai. Bas only roaming- no outgoing, no incoming.ROFL

SoorYa (together) - Par kyon?Confused

maAMI ji- Saare logan ko ek hi doubt hai.Confused

Soorya- Kya?Confused

maAMI ji- Ki aakhir tum dono ki rishta kya hai? Humra matlab hai bhat eej your relation?Confused

Phatee saadi- Maami ji, yeh aap kya bol...Shocked

maAMI ji- Phati sadi, you no teach me. Hum ka pata lage hai ki kahan ka bole jaawat hai.Angry

Sandy- Par maami ji, hum toh pati-patni hai.Shocked

Phatee saadi- Devi maiya, hum yeh kya sun rahe hai? Sandhya ji, hum bhi patni hai. Aur...Shocked

maAMI ji- Kaahe matlab hai tumri phatee saadi, bhat you mean? Hum vidhwa yaani window hai kaa?Confused

Phatee saadi- Humara wo matlab...Ouch

maAMIji- I eej know. To sun Beendini ji, hume ihaan isliye sent kiya gaya hai ki hum tumra eskaaminashion kare aur confirm kare ki who are you phor each other yaani hum aap ke hai kaun?Shocked

Sandy- Toh bataayiye na maAMI ji, Hume iss pratiyogita ke liye kya karna padega?Day Dreaming

maAMI ji- Beri simple. Hum jo koshtyan pooche jawat hai, sirf uska jawab diyo.Embarrassed

Sandy- Theek hai.Big smile

maAMI ji- Istart the game phati saadi.Geek

Phatee Saadi- Toh humara sabse pehla sawaal hai Sandhya ji se. Sandhya ji, aap yeh bataayiye ki aap ko apne pati sab se zyaada HOT kab lagta hai?Day Dreaming

Sandy- Jab Sooraj ji ko bukhaar hai.Dead

maAMI ji- Hello hai bay bay! Kahin humra chchora ko aag na lag jaaye!Sleepy

Phatee Saadi- Toh sooraj ji, agla sawaal aap se. Soch samajhkar jawaab dena. Aisa kya cheez hai jo Vikram ji Meenudi ko shaadi ke baad, Mohit Emelie ko shaadi ke pehle, Dilip ji Chavi ko dene ki koshish tak na ki, aur aap Sandhya ji ko dene ki koshish karte karte haar gaye???Day Dreaming

Chchora (shy) - Woh woh woh mein kaise kahun?Wacko
Sandy- Iss mein sharmaane ki kya baat hai Sooraj ji? Very simple. Gulaab.Embarrassed
maAMI ji- Wah. Wah. Wah. Wanderphool...Big smile

Phatee Saadi- Sandhya ji, kya aap apne pati ko pasand karti hai? Jaise main aur mere swami hai!Day Dreaming

Sandy- Haan. Bilkul.Approve

Phatee Saadi- Par mera sawaal woh nahin hai. Yeh hai agla sawaal. Aap ko hume yeh bataana padega ki aap ki zindagi mein shaadi ke pehle aur shaadi ke baad kya kya farak hai??Day Dreaming

Sandy-  Kuch zyaada toh nahin.Sleepy
Shaadi ke pehle mujhe Maa thi- shaadi ke baad Bhabho.
Pehle bhaiyya, ab Vikram bhaiya.
Pehle bhabhi- ab Meenakshi.
Pehle Preeti- ab Emelie.
Pehle baap- ab Sooraj ji.

maAMI ji- Kyaaa? Yeh hum kya sun rahe hai, bhat I eej hearing. Toh tumra pati kaun? Who eej your hasband? Kamaan. Tells us.Confused

Phatee Saadi- Haan. Aap yeh kya keh rahi hai Sandhya ji?Day Dreaming

Sandy- Woh toh mujhe shadi ke pehle bhi koi husband nahin tha, aur ab bhi nahin!Geek

maAMI ji- Phati bitiya, do you know bhat devi maiyya is hearing?Shocked

Phatee Saadi- Haan maAMI ji. Par Sandhya ji, toh phir Sooraj ji kaun hai?Confused

Sandy- aao ji jaao ji dil se dil milaao ji. Aa gaya hai dekho BODYGUARD...!!!LOL

Phati saadi (shocked)- Kyaaa??? Toh aap se ek aur sawaal poochti hoon.Wink

Sandy- of course. I love sawaals...Proceed!Approve

Phatee saadi- Aap sochiye, sochiye ki jab aap nahane bathroom jaa rahi hai, tab aap ke pati dev nahate bahar aa raha hai, woh bhi sirf ek towel pehenkar, hattha-katta, lamba, sabse handsome, geele badan, hothon pe muskaan aur aankhon mein nasha.
Woh toh sapnon ke raajkumar jaise dikhte hain, Prince in a Towel, standing like a tower.. Aur agar aap ko uss waqt ek gana gaane ka mann kiya, jaise 'raat ka nasha abhi' ya phir mere aur mere swami ke 'jaadoo hai nasha hai'...toh aap kaun sa gana gaayegi???Day Dreaming

Sandy- This is so simple Phati jee. Yeh hai woh gana.Dancing

Parde mein rehne do, Parda na uthao,
Parde mein rehne do, Parda na uthao,
Parda jo uth gaya toh bhed khul jaayega.
Allah meri tauba, allah meri tauba...

maAMI ji- Arrey oh Sooraj bituaa, hum ka dar hai ki jalebi ke aatta ghis ghis ke tumri poori jindagi ghis jaayegi... Hello hai bay bay bay. Bhat did I heard? Bhaag phatee-saadi, bhaag... Kahin yeh sunkar meri tiraak suit bhi na phat jaaye. Agar aisa huyi gawa, toh log hum ka majak uda deve hain ki woh dekho phatee-saadi ki phatee-track maami.Big smile.

.ROFL.ShockedAnd they ran & disappeared in Hanumaan Gali...Shocked.ROFL

43||In Your Eyes||43
(by Tacker_holic)
When I look into your eyes, I am nothing but amazed,
My own dreams are reflected and I see a lifetime with you,
I see a love that is growing firmly into our lives.

I see a warmth and truth filled with a caring heart.
In your pearl
like smile you have gifted me such joy.
In your eyes the whole world opens up,

Like the sea in your eyes .
Giant waterfalls surge like gigantic waves.
I see flowers as they bloom in your eyes like a fresh spring .
The stars and the moon are consumed in your eyes.

As I lean towards your lips
For your heavenly kiss
I can see it will be.
Just me and you, in your eyes.

Let me into your life and I'll show you the way.
Like an endless dream I'll always be there.
Forget about the past and look into the future, 
Just wanted to let you know that I'll always be with you.

How "Diya aur Baati Hum" changed my life or rather say Every DABH-Ian's life?Day Dreaming

When I watched first episode 2 years ago @9PM,
I fell in love so quickly, I knew cognized then
This show turn into integral part of my life.

It's Every DABH-Ian's Light'Sun, Moon, Star.
SurYa taught me what real LOVE is all about
Today I'm celebrating my love for DABH n cherish it in every way.

This show given me desire, aspiration and trueness
When gravid storms have come my way
SurYa blissful adventure chemistry helped me to survive.

The felicitousness and gladdeny DABH brought to me,
Angelic memories--the laughter and the tears,
Eternal love of SurYa shown so profusely.

DABH is the most salutary, earnest thing happen into my life,
Like an angel from out of the sky.
And I know one thing sure: It'll be costlier still,As time goes by.

PartyHAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY to Diya Aur Baati Hum!Party

novo36||Waves of our Love||novo36
(by Tacker_Holic)
We followed the moon along the shore
ankle deep in the climbing surf.
The peaceful effect was impossible to ignore
as we shared smiles for all we were worth.

Your hand was securely in mine,
our connection had never been better.
Two sets of footprints were left behind,
washed away just a few seconds later by the flowing waves.

We spoke softly of the joy we were feeling
as the night air drew in.
This atmosphere was so appealing,
accented by the calls of seagulls.

I notice how your hair shines in the moonlight.
The moon glow had me lost in your eyes.
The circular flow of our love was so perfect
that it lit up more stars in the night sky.

Moments like these are treasures to be kept
within our loving hearts.
As we walk through every wave,
a new level of love is rekindled in our lives.

--Malika of His Hands--
(by Padbear)
This is a surprise to me. I closed my eyes and thought...what is going to inspire me about SurYa at the 500 episode mark. Guess what thought came to me - hands.

Yes,yes throw camels, throw bananas. Paddy is a nutter. I have also made a 180 degree turn like Sandy (it's the fashion these days) and now I present The Hands.

So being the new romantic that I am, I thought about the very first hand hold. Know when? It was when Sandy noticed that Suraj had a wound on his hand (after he had put ointment on her bruised back). She reached out for his hand and then gently started the hand holding tradition. Back then, it needed an excuse like burns and scratches and maybe even paper cuts. Next, she was still very much in love with his hands and bought those famous sky blue oven mitts to protect her Diya's hands from burns in the MKD. She went there and even put them on his hands, one by one while all of Hanuman Gali passed by and Bhabo looked through the window (wild guess).  Those were the days when Sandy was glowing. No doubt about the love then.

On August 29th, it was the hands that really told me that SurYa were a couple. Her hands in his? No. His hands in hers, very briefly. Maybe the only time ever that she said with her hands that he was hers, she was going to look after him, didn't he know? She let him embrace, she waited and gave him free reign of where his hands wanted to go,her hands cradling his. Bringing him into a tighter cuddle. All those messages were conveyed. Never mind what else happened/didn't happen. I look at the hands, and they tell me what Sandy has never been able to express by any other means. 

Then the storeroom. Not as if Suraj can't just get what's on top of the cupboard. But he lifts Sandy and then they all fall down neatly on the sack of moong dal. And what happens? Sandy's hand searches for a resting place and finds its way into his hand. This time she was looking for a hand cuddle. I mean there was absolutely no need for it. It didn't help the balancing or in the getting up. So conclusion - her hands haven't forgotten that long days before, after some very tough times, they reached out to connect. That touch communicated an instinct to always protect and also be protected. 

Sandy is the Malika of Suraj's hands. Mind it!


Now let's see what sirprise Christmas gift emoticon (Christmas Emoticons) SoorYa give to our few beloved senior ladies of the forum... Eysh! Kahan se to begin karein?Day Dreaming.. Oh yeah i got it.Dancing

Deebz:- We've bought 922.22miles long bandhani saree only for you. You can now shed unlimited  pure water flowing from your eyes into this river.ROFL.

Shehjar:- We've decided to gift you "Elephant tooth".. Kyon ki kya hain na ki unke chew and showing teeth are different.Geek.

:- WE AINT ELIGIBLE YET TO GIFT HER SOMETHING. Bas only request karte hain ki instead of "die-hard", she should become a "live-soft" romantic.Wink.

Fatima:- No First of all, No second of all, No you know what, No cola overdose.Evil Smile. Only "Pure Local Mohabbat" means "Shuddh Desi romance".. Loads of love Dil se..

Bharathi Aunty(Evil Smile):- Yeh "Ruby on Rails" ki maala exlusively created for you. "Rahu, Ketu, Shani" ki nazar na laage aapko.ROFL.

RamaDi and HemaDi:- Both are vibrant ladies of the DABH-ily.. Therefore, "Jhadu ki Jhappis" without "Muwaah - Chumma"..Hug.

Ideas:- ramasuresh, jhema, Deebz, shehjar, -Amlu-.
:- surya4ever, ramasuresh, jhema.
Picture collection:- surya4ever, ramasuresh,jhema.
Poems:- Tacker_Holic, Amlu.
Decoration:ramasuresh, jhema, Amlu.


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(All the siggies by - surya4ever)

(by iluvsuraj)


You know the colors of love I've feel them on our heart,
So take that brush once again and press it to the canvas and paint them on my heart,
Paint them also to all that you know and love,
For love is not meant to be an aloof thing you stand back and paint from farther,
No dive into the colors head first abide by feet and all,
Swim inside love's colors then paint them on my heart,


1) The Famous Hanuman Gali Rumal Game(Orange + Blue) :-
  • Orange represents energy,youth,enthusiasm and flamboyance. SoorYa are energetic enough to accept every challenge and emerge victorious! They have a sense of freshness in their relationship that is clearly visible in their scenes. Props or no props, they make sure our hearts flutter every time!
  • Blue represents trust,truth,empathy and friendship. These two trust each other than themselves. They never lie to anyone. They feel for each other and empathize with others...and yes! Like we all know they are best friends too,sometimes much to our annoyance!LOL! They know they have each other when they need the most,and make sure the other one is happy!
2) Sandhya's Birthday Scene(Red + Green) :-
  • Red stands for attention,speed,strength,and vibrancy. They both have eyes only for each other(expect when bhabho is there). They make the saddest of the sad days memorable in their own way and try to bring a smile on the other's face. Sooraj considers Sandhya his strength and vice-versa. 
  • Green represents compassion,calm,self control,hope and safety. Both of them are extremely calm and seldom get angry! The most important word in their dictionary as we all know is 'HOPE'. This is what keeps both us the viewers and SoorYa going! They keep hope for a better tomorrow and make each other happy in their own ways. There is an immense level of security in their relationship which is the root of their bond.

3)The Epic Notes Falling Scene(Yellow + Blue ):
  • Yellow symbolizes optimism,idealism,joy and creativity. SoorYa have incredible levels of optimism and love to think positively about everything! They a such pure souls! They are immensely happy with the way their relationship is shaping up and with what they have achieved so far. SoorYa are very ideal(?) and are too good to be true at times!
  • Blue already mentioned.Embarrassed.
4) Gangaur Puja Scene(Pink + Blue):-
  • Pink stands for love,affection,innocence,charm and everything that is SurYa. If you want to describe SoorYa in one color it has to be PINK!
  • Blue already mentioned.Embarrassed.


You can tell the one whove held that brush theyre the ones with all the cicatrices,
But to love full and cryptic again paying no attention to the queers one more time again,
is to reach out to the stars, you may pull back just a handful or one that surpasses them all,
But for sure youll be lonely unless you grab that brush once more and dip into the eternal well called your heart, Savior every color love has to give and paint them on my heart.


Breathe me with your caring touch because without it my wounds would never heal. For without it, my ache would hurt too much. For without it, Id never again learn to feel.Heart.


Breathe me with your cryptic eyes so you'll feel what's inside my heart, You'll see that there are no lies, So you'll know that I loved you from the begin.Heart.



Breathe me with your sweetest smile as your smile can uplift a thousand souls,as your smile decodes me senseless like a kid, As your smile keeps me smiling a thousand fold.Heart.

Breathe me with your soft kiss to taste the condemnation of my love for you, To taste the delight of my soul in bliss, To keep me there inside of you.Heart.

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(by ramasuresh)

Diya aur baati hum is the only show which has the seven ( may be even more) wonders here goes the list:

the castdabh casting is the best ever, for a show to be well acclamined, the casting should be apt, from the ever expressive kanha to the mindblowing Maasa, each and every actor is perfect in his or her  acting , which is one of the main reasons for dabh to be always on top, moreover there is a good rapport offscreen between them which indirectly contributes to the success of this show.

the crew;  dabh has the best team of CVs and directors( Sumeet Mittal and  Rohit Raj Goyal), they have kept the viewers hooked to the show,  the technicians including the cameraman (gave us somebreath taking scenes like the well scene  and kajri rope walk scene during IR track)  , the costume designer (has to be mentioned here, though we have seen suraj in the same kurtha but the colours of his kurtha has some effect on the scene and deepika's sarees are very rarely repeated,) make up has been very mild and descent (except chaturi's lipstickLOL)

the set: the aangan, the kitchen, the GG room, MKD,the HG we have been watchig this for almost 2 years and it seems as though its our own home, we have seen numerous episodes with the same set but still it looks new in every episode, no lavishing lightings or furnitures , curtains or interiors, a simple house of a halwai which is the haweli for us as well as RP, Clap
the trackswe have seen the  best( many) and the worst(only the IR) tracks, dabh never ceased to entertain us , even during the sluggish tracks it was on top , innovative tracks have been introduced only in dabh, like the IR track( which many hesitate to ), terrorist track etc ,each track is well scripted to keep the viewers hooked to the show, one more uniqueness of dabh tracks are that the cvs never change or modify the story according to public demand, they give it in their predecided way , which is the best part of dabh, or else the story and script may go haywireClap
the storya unique story, in fact a true story which is the USP of the show. never has this type of story : a husband fighting all odds to fulfil his wife's dreams has been made.
a simple story scripted very well. every character in story can be related to our own relatives
the saas, sasur, nanandh, dever, devrani, , they depict like  real life characters : the relationships  and their pros and cons are a mirror image of what is  happening  in every house, to put it simple its natural and never seems like its a show, as they say ghar ghar ki kahaniThumbs Up

social messages: this has not been handled in any other show that is the speciality of dabh, various social messages have been included which goes hand in hand with the story, it never seemed to be  imposed, every SM went well with the audience. many bold SMs have been included in dabh(as i said earlier IR), this show has educated many people in villages through its SMs, the show didnt get confined to just entertainment but  created awarness among public which  is something to be apprecaited. Kudos to dabhClap

the trp:  shows are made to get a good recognition from the viewers, and that is decided by the trps,even the most hyped show with top actors can go without notice if people dont accept the show, but dabh has some MAGIC, or else a show with everything simple in it cant become the king of trp and  stay on top  for months together  and is still continuing to be  on top,  it went on  to rule the  trp charts within a couple of months after its launch,people have given the best ever award to dabhThumbs Up

wonders of dabh are not restricted to just 7 
there are many more wonders of dabh , like all the three king khans appeared  only in this show , this show has won the maximum awards , there is always something good  to learn from this show and so on. last but not the least i have to mention this. the title song it has to be included in the top of this list , it is a treat for the ears and one of the wonders of dabh.

may this show go on to create history in the world of tv shows and break all the records


(by jhema)


Their hug has some magic,
It always warms their heart.
It gives warms and Charms
No words can replace it.
As they look into their eyes,
Everything freezes for a second,
Forget about the surroundings
Their  world pause for a tiny span of time.
A curve in their face,
Which sets everything straight in their life.
A light smile gives them the spirit,
To move further in their life.
They hold their hands for a Shortwhile,
But hold their hearts  forever
When they join their hands,
It passes the warmth of their hands to the heart.
 Too many times they hesitate to say
What is in their heart,
There is lot of things to say
But they don't know where to start
While playing game,only one wins finally,
While playing love,they  both win
As they are playing it from the heart.
They trick their brain
To play some sweet nothings
These  tricks makes them to  enjoy their life.
And to increase their love burning inside

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*Journey of Sandhya Kothari to Sandhya Rathi*

(by shrutiravi; Siggies - ramasuresh)

P.S:- Sandhya K = Sandhya Kothari; Sandhya R = Sandhya Rathi.

Phase 1- Sandhya K marries Sooraj Rathi

  • Sandhya K a young ambitious girl is orphaned at a young age of 19 and her brother in his greed to migrate to US decides to marry her off. The girl who is under severe trauma of her parents unexpected death goes through the painful thing of losing her dream of becoming an IPS officer during her marriage. If that was not enough more trauma awaited her in the knowledge that her husband is actually only school educated and is a sweet maker. Her brother has not only lied to her , but also to her in laws about her educational qualifications. Her frustration aggravates when her MIL asks her to forsake everything she has and sacrifice the rest of her life only and only for her husbands  family in addition to providing a heir within a year. Sandhya K is battered and bruised emotionally and she takes all her frustrations on her husband thus ending a phase with a disastrous SR.

Phase 2- Sandhya K falls in love with Sooraj Rathi

  • Slowly  Sandhya realizes that her husband is good at heart. Irrespective of his mothers tantrums he tries to help her in every possible way. Sandhya K starts respecting him. Her respect for him grows when he stops her from being thrown out of RP by sharing the blame with her. She takes the 15 day test laid out by her MIL with his help. But at the end of it when she hears her MIL again taunting her sanskaars and calling her a liar she loses all control and again shows all her frustrations on her husband. This combined with divorce papers he saw make Sooraj take the decision of liberating Sandhya K from the suffocating marriage. But actually the divorce papers given by her friend had made Sandhya K think about the relationship status with her husband and she had decided to start loving him. Whereas she tries to tell her feelings he tries to throw her out and finally after the bus accident the lovers unite involuntarily expressing their feelings for each other. This phase of their lives culminate in Singapore when both profess they love each other. But even at that point Sandhya K is a girl who is enjoying all the attention Sooraj is showering on her, but still not yet ready to take their relationship to next level. We can say she is happy being Soorajs GF  but would not prefer to be a wife yet.

Phase 3 " Sooraj Rathi decides to support Sandhya K dream

  • Now Sooraj knows about Sandhya K dreams and decide to support it. As far as Sandhya is concerned at this point Sooraj is actually doing a favour to her parents by deciding to support their dream. Hence Bhabos disapproval creates a problem for her. Sandhya K wants to prove herself to be a good bahu so that Bhabo never questions her parents Sanskaar. Hence she goes on trying to impress Bhabo. Even when Sooraj says he will shut his shop if she doesnt  join night college she waits for Bhabo to ask her to go and stop him. Then comes the matka challenge. Sandhya K feels that if she wins the challenge then Bhabo will also be happy in supporting  her dream. So she runs around taking challenge after challenge . Though Sooraj is supporting her we can see that it is she who is trying to prove herself in front of Bhabo. This running around continues till she knows LC and understands that Matka challenge is a farce. Her MIL does not want her to be IPS and whatever she does she will not get Bhabos approval for IPS. Sandhya K is tired and defeated running after this. She does not want to continue and decides to give up her dream for being an ideal Bahu.

Phase 4- Sandhya K becomes Sandhya R

  • When  Sandhya K decides to throw away her dream she had expected it will be impacting her only. But after 2nd MP the husband she sees in the ghat brings to her a new realization. She sees Sooraj shattered for the first time. She hears him pleading to her to have faith and try to save the last matka as it has become his dream to make her IPS. He wants to be known as the husband of Sandhya Sooraj Rathi IPS. After this Sandhya K sees a rejuvanted Sooraj arguing for her rights in front of his mother. When he gives the last matka as guarantee to Bhabo telling that it is a husbands trust on his wife she realizes for the first time that her dream has another stakeholder and she no longer can take decision about it alone. For the first time we Sandhya R when she goes for SBC. More than her abilities she keeps her trust on him. Slowly but steadily she allows him to carry her. Now again when Bhabo does EA before the finals Sandhya K takes charge and she decide to go in sacrifice mode. But when again Sooraj asks her to keep her trust on him and to concentrate on the competition she becomes Sandhya R again and Sandhya R for the first time wins over Sandhya K.
  • Now her expectation of what Sooraj will do was that he will pacify Bhabo. Instead he decides to walk out of home. Sandhya K pokes her head again asking what he is doing.Again we saw her father asking her to believe in Sooraj ie become Sandhya R and again Sandhya R will win over. We will see in this 15 days many situations where Sandhya K the ideal bahu will fight will Sandhya R the ideal wife and each time the final victory will go to Sandhya R. After some time only Sandhya R Soorajs shadow will remain completely overriding Sandhya K.
  • It will not take Sandhya R long time to be a wife to Sooraj in every sense and in due time she will become a mother too. It is not because Bhabo wants a heir , but because she wants to give happiness to Sooraj.
  • Oh yes she will become Sandhya Sooraj Rathi IPS. But just like the identity of Twilight or Sandhya  as a separate identity is an illusion the separate identity of Sandhya Sooraj Rathi IPS will also be an illusion. She will be just an expression of Sooraj Rathi. All her actions will have the stamp of life lessons he has imparted her. She will go up, up as she sees pride and love in his eyes for her. She in every sense will become Soorajs shadow even while being an IPS officer. Just like his love and support to her is unconditional, her surrender to him also will be unconditional

Ironically this was what Bhabo has always wanted. Sandhya having no separate identity. It was for this she tortured, coerced and humiliated the poor girl, but the son will manage to achieve the same by his respect , love and  support for her.

I would like to conclude this analysis by telling a man decides to love, respect, support and allow a woman to be herself and in return she gives herself away to him. In the process both of them dont lose anything but gain everything. In this era of divorces on the drop of a hat and every action is viewed through the prism of male chavunism and feminism the beautiful message DABH imparts is that Sooraj and Sandhya are not ready made products available in market. They are as imperfect as anyone of us. But the effort they put to make them perfect for each other is what sets them apart and if every couple put the right effort they also can make their marriage beautiful and successful.

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(Siggies - surya4ever)

(by jhema)

(by SurajSandhyafan)
(By Shobhna)


(By Ramasuresh)

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(Couplets - By RamaSuresh)

its second anniversary of dabh, so couplet( two liner ) funny  segment.LOL.

Now that its fake baba season again 
why not a funny segment on FB
ok here it goes:-

This happens after sandy becomes an IPS officer and is on duty.

The whole RP is worried with a serious of worst events( when where they shown happy)LOL taking place in RM
They are worried, bhabho says that it must be because of the evil eyes of dhaisaLOL

Chotu enters RM saying that a powerfulLOLbaba has come to HG and bhabho says that they have to meet the baba and get his blessingsLOL( bhabho never learns from mistakes) 

They all leave and meet the baba his chailas say that baba is a gyani and will now prove that he is genuine ROFL by saying some couplets  to whoever stands before him.

Bhabho sends momily to the front, baba looks at emiy  and gives a Dead lookROFL ( i like baba solely for this expressionLOL). Baba says

   Love is a promise delivered already broken.
   Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener
   Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.
   A wife is  someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single.

Mohit is shocked , baba has spoken his heart they take his blessings and move.

Next come ViNa;

Baba is mesmerised by the beauty of meenudi , he gets lost in her eyes, vikram intervenes LOL.. Baba Says,
   A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong.
   You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.
   To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.

Vikram requests baba to accept him as one of his chailaas
he had enough of his married life, meena Angry

Suddenly chavi pulls dilip along with her and seeks the blessings of baba
baba closes his eyesLOL (  too much of make up and  it was irritating his eyes ) and says

Honesty is the key to a relationship. If you can fake that, you're in.
Love is being stupid together

Chavi was taken aback  by his first quote itselfLOL

Sudha was standing behind and watching it. She thought why cant she too take the holy LOL blessings of baba.

As soon as she comes in front baba says

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. (sudha flashback with Raaj Kumar)    
Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion ( again flashback with Dilip)

She takes his blessings and goes sobbingCry

All of a sudden chaturi comes from nowhere and touches the feet of baba , he feelsEmbarrassed, looks at her lipstick and faintsLOL, the chailas sprinkle water and he gains senses LOL and says

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one.
chathuri asks baba can she hope on dillu the invisibleLOL ,

Baba says Don't fall for someone who won't be there to catch you.LOL

Chaturi too leaves the place with tears in her eyes ( after all it was love at first sight for her with Raaj Kumar and before she could think of dillu he vanished)

Bhabhasa who was all patient till now, was excited to hear from baba about him
he pulls santos and they both bow their head , baba says to bhabhasa have you heard of the famous quotes:

In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker."
The sincerest love is the love of food.

It holds very good for youLOL 
Bhabhasa is Dancing, at least baba spoke my heart 

Bhabho sneaks in , Baba deeply looks into bhabho and is terrified by her mota mota eyes and says

A true woman knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Bhabho is Embarrassed, sarun eyelockWink

Maasa who came to visit RP ( at least in our dabhily script) was forced by her hubby to take the ashirwad ( not the aataa) from baba

Baba (naughty eyes) says to maasa and his hubby 

  An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.
  No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying.
Maasa's hubby is allBlushing

Bhabho wanted her chora to take the blessings of baba for putra prapthiLOL as sandy was on duty ( omg i thought surya moved to next level after sandy became IPS but they are still in LKG levelShocked)

Suraj comes and joins his hands(baba who is interested only in ladies doesnt look at suraj), he says some world famous couplets on suryaLOL

  The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
   Love is like a Rubix Cube, there are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it

Suraj couldnt understand anything as he was already upset with sandy not yet giving him the TOHFALOL

Baba then says that the main reason for this is something else gives a look at bhabho Winkand says
Love is like war:  Easy to begin but hard to end.

bhabho then understands that the love she has for sandy is the great wall of china between surya

Finally we had to have a fake baba to make bhabho realise her mistakeLOL
baba looks at suraj the lubly chora and says 
Once you have loved someone, you'd do anything in the world for them...
Except love them again. 

Suraj has clearly understood now why he couldnt get back the singaporewala love backWink

Meena asks baba how does he know only love quotes 
Baba says that is what iam experienced atWink

Everyone shout " jai ho PYARelal Winkbaba ki"

Baba tells all the ladies to come to the front and says

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.  and laughs

He tries to start  his naughty tricks but before that they hear a siren, grand entry of our sandy IPS,  seeing the ferocious sandy, suraj for a minute is terrified , did i confess to the same person yearsLOL ago,   Shocked

Sandy with the help of other lady constables get hold of the fake baba, 
Baba still seems to be happy and waves the crowd as he is surrounded by ladies againWink 

quotes courtesty:

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PP on behalf of entire dabhily
i had to add the below on first page , so had to take PP

          including  this on behalf of ami

YaY! shooting emoticon! Finally, DABH is about to complete its 2 years journey..Party

Hearty congratulations to entire crew, cast and of course DABH-Ians to stick with the show during thick and thin shades of the day.

When I joined the forum I realized how madly/insanely/religiously people follow the drama.Shocked
I involved myself too much in the show because of intelligent/matured discussion take place in our forum.

The most IMP thing I learned from SoorYa is "Dream beyond reality" and accept your partner the way you're.Star.

Help me to paint butterflies in the dimness of my life, 
To fly beyond a reality and to consent it what I can't reach
Love me to the eternally and fill my heart with your love, 
Don't let this dream elude, 
Come here to live together,
This beautiful dream, and open my
heart to let my notions live in your heart forever.

@RamaDi:- ROFL
I'm die laughing by reading convo of FB and RP.Star.  
Description on 7 wonders of DABH top-notch.Star.
Siggies and decoration are Star. I learned few new tricks from you. Thanks a lot to help me out in every possible way whenever I asked it. Wo I Nee.Hug

Your 4 lines poetic description on 7 wonders of SoorYa is really outstanding.Clap.
Created Siggies and AVs are beautiful.Star. And VM is superr se upper..Star

You're one of the highly creative person I came across thru this forum.Clap. Glad to interact with you. Your siggies speaks all. Design, captions all go so with pics. Absolutely stunning.Star.

Aww! Badmaash Dil - VM really treat to watch. Beautiful work dear!

Your poems are really enchanting, divine, well crafted and most importantly simple just like SoorYa.Star.

Journey of SK to SR is simply amazing. You've indeed really good analytical skill.

@Paddy:- ROFL Mind it..In such a short span - You've written it. Iss Malikaa ko bhaa gaya.Heart.

@JAMi:- Yay! I'm Dancing Party and die ROFL by reading your starting conversation.. It's super-freaking rib-tickling.ROFL. Towel one is ROFL. I'm so happy that finally I made you contribute to the celebration thread.Big smile.
@ shobi:  your vms are  awsmClap 

All my enthusiastic, dynamic team members:
-RamaDi, HemaDi, Meera, Shrutiravi, JAMi, SuSan,Sonia, Nikita, SheEbz, Paddy, I  thank all of you from bottom of my heart to help me out to create this thread n put all pieces together.Star

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Thread is now open!
I think that's all of it!
I am really sorry if there are any mistakes from my side or Niki's side!
I just need to make it a sticky thread and then Global Announcement!

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