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~~Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami!!~~

Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Krishna Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is believed to have been born about five thousand years ago in Mathura in 'Dwapar Yuga'. Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami and sometimes simply as Janmashtami. It is essentially a Hindu festival. The festival is generally observed on Ashtami tithi, the eighth day of the dark half or Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada in the Hindu calendar, when the Rohini Nakshatra is ascendant. This is usually in the months of August and September in the Gregorian calendar. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor by Hindus all over India and abroad. People observe fast the whole day, sing hymns and conduct prayers at midnight to rejoice the birth of Lord. Ras lila, dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna, are a special feature that is showcased in every part of the country, as it re-creates the flirtatious aspects of Krishna's youthful days. Another interesting aspect of Krishna Janmashtami is the practice of Dahi-Handi. This game portrays the playful and mischievous side of Krishna, where teams of young men form human pyramids to reach a high-hanging pot of butter and break it. 
According to the Puranas Krishna took birth on the 8th lunar day (Ashtami) of the waning moon of the month of Smvana at midnight, upon the moon's entrance into Rohini asterism. This day is marked as Janmashtami. Krishna is one of the most worshipped Gods in India and belongs to the Hindu Trinity. He is believed to be one of the eight incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The story of birth of Krishna is an intriguing one. The story goes like this: One day Mother Earth was appalled by the number of sins that were being committed on her surface. She went to Brahma that God of the Gods and appealed to him for help. Brahma, after listening to her, appealed to Lord Vishnu who said that He would take birth on earth and His avatar will destroy every kind of sin that was being committed on earth then. 

During that time, Mathura was in miserable state as Kansa, brother of Devki, had put his father, King Ugrasen in prison and declared himself the new king. To put an end to his evil rule, Lord Vishnu decided to take birth in the human form. As such, at the wedding ceremony of Devki and Vasudev, there was a divine prophecy which proclaimed that Vasudeva's eighth son would kill Kansa. To protect himself, Kansa rushed to kill his sister but gave up the idea of killing after being assured by Vasudev that he will hand over all his children to Kansa. Kansa put his brother-in-law and sister in prison. Kansa killed all the six infants as soon as they were born. The seventh child (Balram) was saved due to divine intervention, when he was transferred from Devki's womb to that of Rohini's (other wife of Vasudev). 

As Devki conceived the eighth child, everything around was imbued with benevolence and majestic beauty. Lord Krishna was born in the divine form with lotus like eyes, his palms bearing the signs of a lotus, while his sole has a swastika sign. He was adorned with jewels and was wearing a crown. Just as he was born at midnight, a chain of events astonished Vasudev, when he saw the gates of the cell flow open and all the guards fast asleep. He immediately thought of Nand, his close friend in Gokul and decided to hand over his child to him in order to save him from the clutch of Kansa. Crossing the River Yamuna, Vasudev reached Nand's residence and exchanged his son with Nand's daughter. Upon reaching the prison, the door got locked behind him and he was chained again as if nothing happened in between. The guards also woke up and after hearing the cry of the baby, informed Kansa about the birth of the eighth child. Just as Kansa rushed to kill the baby, it slipped out of his hand and flew towards the sky, proclaiming that the annihilator of Kansa was born and was safe. 

                                                                Popular places

Janmashtami is one such festival that is celebrated equally in North and South India. Preparations for the same start weeks in advance. Different parts of the country celebrate the festival differently. In South India, the celebrations are most prevalent in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In both the places, the idol of Lord Krishna is placed in a decorated mantapa. Bhakshanam (snacks and sweets in Sanskrit), are specially prepared for the festival, and offered to Lord Krishna. Along with it, fruits that are his favorites are also offered. In some parts of Karnataka, chakli, avalakki and bellada panaka are prepared especially for the festival. In North India, celebrations are no less than being called extravagant and splendid. While Gokul and Vridnavan (Lord's birth and growing up place) witness flocks of visitors coming to the place to celebrate the festival at Krishna janamabhoomi, the other parts organize different events and practice different rituals to mark the occasion. In the cities of Mumbai and Pune, dahi-handi is organized wherein a group of men form human pyramid to reach a high-hanging pot of butter and break it. In the city of Dwarka in Gujarat and the eastern states of Orissa and West Bengal, people celebrate it with fasting and doing puja at midnight. Though the rituals practiced vary from one region to the other, the spirit and devotion to the Lord is same everywhere.

                      HAPPY JANMASHTAMI TO ONE AND ALL!Hug



                            Everyone invited!!!Please share your wishes in this thread!!Hug


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Angel_Luv IF-Stunnerz

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          Birth-Story of Lord Krishna

Krishna took birth at midnight on the ashtamior the 8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan (August-September) eight days after Raksha Bandhan. This auspicious day is calledJanmashtami. It was the rainy season in India and Krishna was born at midnight, in the prison of Kansa, during the middle of a perilous rain and storm. Thus goes the story of Krishna's birth. 

Kansa, a despot, was then the king of Mathura. He had imprisoned his father in order to become the king. Devaki was Kansa's sister and was married to a noble man Vasudeva. Kansa one day heard a heavenly voice, saying, " Kansa, your days of tyranny will soon be over, you will be killed by the eighth child of Devaki." Kansa got frightened. He immediately imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva. He did not want to take any chance and killed at birth each and every child of Devaki, until the time came for the delivery of the eighth child. To feel more secured, Kansa increased the number of prison guards, kept strict vigilance and put Vasudeva in chains. But God planned otherwise. 

At midnight when the eighth child was born, the guards fell fast asleep and Vasudeva's chain fell off his hands and feet. Wasting no time, Vasudeva picked up the newborn baby, and carrying it in a basket, he started towards Gokul. Gokul was a village of cowherds, located across the Yamuna river, where his friend Nanda lived. It was a dark stormy night with blinding rain continuously pouring from the sky. When Vasudeva reached the bank of river Yamuna, the river was in spate. The wind and storm were blowing wild, and Vasudeva was in a fix. 

" Lord, what should I do," said Vasudeva in a hopeless voice. Suddenly a miracle happened, the river parted and Vasudeva walked over the river bed. Throughout the way Vasudeva and the baby were protected from rain by the hood of the great eternal snake, Vasuki. Finally, Vasudeva reached Nanda's house.

Upon reaching Nanda's house Vasudeva found the mother, Yashoda, and her newborn baby girl in deep sleep. He had no time to think. He quickly exchanged the babies and returned to the prison with the infant girl, while the guards were still asleep. 

As soon as Vasudeva entered the prison cell, the door got locked behind him and he was chained again as if nothing happened in between. The guards woke up and heard the cry of the baby. Kansa was immediately informed and he came running to kill the child. But to his utter surprise he found it to be a girl and not a boy, as he expected. Devaki begged for the newborn baby's life from her brother. 

" What can a girl do to you Kansa ? Spare her life, please ! " appealed Devaki, lying at the feet of her brother. The inhuman Kansa did not pay attention to the appeal. As he was ready to kill the baby by smashing its head on a big boulder, the child slipped out of his hand and flew towards the sky.

At that moment, a heavenly voice was heard, " Kansa, the one who shall destroy you still lives. He is growing in Gokul. " Next morning, Nanda and his wife Yashoda discovered the boy, left by Vasudeva, lying in the crib. They were a little puzzled but did not want to fuss about it because they might loose the baby. The baby was of dark complexion, so he was named Krishna.
Indian as well as Western scholars have now accepted the period between 3200 and 3100 BC as the period in which Lord Krishna lived on earth. 

Aarti for Janmashtami

Jai shri Krishna hare, prabhu jai jai Girdhari,
Danav-dal balihari, Go dwij hitkari.

Jai Govind dayanidhi, Govardhan dhari,
Vanshidhar banvari, braj jan priyakari.

Ganika godh ajamil, gajpati bhayhari,
Arat-arti hari, jai mangalkari.

Gopalak gopeshwar, draupadi dukhdari,
Shabar suta sukhkari, Gautam tiya tari.

Jan prahlad pramodak, narhari tanu dhari,
jan man ranjankari, diti sut sanhari.

Tidwish-sut sanrakshak, rakshak manjhari,
Pandu suvan shubhkari, kaurav madhari.

Manmath-manmath mohan, murli rav kari,
Vrindavipin bihari, yamuna tat chari.

Agh bak baki udharak, trinavarta tari,
bidhi surpati madhari, kansa muktikari.

Shesh mahesh saraswati, gun gavat hari,
Kal kirti vistari, bhakt bheeti hari.

Narayan sharnagat, ati agh aghhari,
Pad-raj pawankari, chahat hitkari.

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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                                                      Snacks and Sweets Tongue



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Angel_Luv IF-Stunnerz

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krishna.gif krishna image by Jaaniya_ji

                                108 Names of Krishna


OM SHRI KRISHNAYA NAMAHASalutations to Lord Shri Krishna

OM KAMALA NATHAYA NAMAHATo Kamala's (Goddess Lakshmi's) spouse

OM VAASUDEVAYA NAMAHATo Vasudeva (Vasudev's son, Krishna)


OM VASUDEVAYA NAMAHATo the Son of Vasudeva

OM PUNYAYA NAMAHATo the Meritorious One

OM LILA-MANUSHA-VIGRAHAYA NAMAHATo Him who has assumed a human form to perform His pastimes

OM SHRIVATSA KAUSTHUBHA-DHARAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who wears the Shri Vatsa (representing Shri Lakshmi) and the Kaustubha gem

OM YASHODA-VATSALAYA NAMAHATo Mother Yashoda's darling child



To the Four-armed One who carries the weapons of disc, conch and club


OM SHRISAYA NAMAHATo the abode of Shri (Lakshmi)


OM YAMUNAVEGA SAMHARINE NAMAHATo the Lord who destroyed the speed of the river Yamuna

OM BALABHADRA PRIYANUJAYA NAMAHATo Balabhadra's (Balarama's) dear younger brother

OM PUTANA JIVITA HARAYA NAMAHATo the Destroyer of the demoness Putana

OM SHAKATASURA BHANJANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who destroyed the demon Sakatasura

OM NANDAVRAJA JANA NANDINE NAMAHATo the Lord who brought great happiness to Nanda and the people of Vraja

OM SACHIDANANDA VIGRAHAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who is the embodiment of Existence, Awareness and Bliss

OM NAVANITA VILIPTANGAYA NAMAHATo the Lord whose body is smeared with butter

OM NAVANITA NATAYA NAMAHATo the One who danced to get butter

OM ANAGHAYA NAMAHATo the sinless One

OM NAVANITA NAVAHARAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who invented a new form of food-butter

(because He consumed large quantities of it)

OM MUCHUKUNDA PRASADAKAYA NAMAHAto the Lord who blessed (gave salvation) to King Muchukunda

OM SHODASHA STHRI SAHASRESHAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of sixteen thousand wives

OM TRIBHANGI LALITAKRITAYE NAMAHATo the Lord who poses bent in three places

OM SUKAVAG AMRITABHDHINDAVE NAMAHATo the ocean of nectar in the form of Sukadeva's words (spoken as Srimad-Bhagavatam)

OM GOVINDAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of the cows

OM YOGINAM PATAYE NAMAHATo the Lord of the yogis

OM VATSA VATACHARAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who roamed (in Vrindavana) with the company of calves and friendly cowherd boys


OM DHENUKASURA MARDANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who killed the demon Dhenukasura

OM TRINIKRITA TRINAVARTAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who destroyed the whirlwind demon Trinavarta

OM YAMALARJUNA BHANJANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who broke the two Yamalarjuna trees

OM UTTALA TALABHETTRE NAMAHATo the Lord who broke the huge trees

OM TAMALA SHYAMALA KRITAYE NAMAHATo the Lord who is a beautiful as the dark Tamala tree

OM GOPA GOPISHVARAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of Gopas and Gopis

OM YOGINE NAMAHATo the greatest Yogi

OM KOTI SURYA SAMAPRABHAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who is as lustrous as a million suns

OM ILAPATAYE NAMAHATo the Lord of the Earth

OM PARASMAI JYOTISHE NAMAHATo the One who is the Supreme Light

OM YADAVENDRAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of the Yadavas

OM YADUDVAHAYA NAMAHATo the Leader of the Yadus

OM VANAMALINE NAMAHATo the Lord who wears a sylvan garland

OM PITA VASASE NAMAHATo the Lord who wears yellow robes

OM PARIJATAPA HARAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who removed the parijatha flower (from India's garden)

OM GOVARDHANACHALO DHARTRE NAMAHATo the Lord who lifted Govardhan Hill

OM GOPALAYA NAMAHATo the protector of cows

OM SARVA PALAKAYA NAMAHATo the protector of all beings

OM AJAYA NAMAHATo the all-victorious Lord

OM NIRANJANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who is untainted

OM KAMA JANAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who generates desires in the worldly-minded

OM KANCHA LOCHANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who has beautiful eyes

OM MADHUGHNE NAMAHATo the Lord who killed the demon Madhu

OM MATHURA NATHAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of the holy place of Mathura


OM BALINE NAMAHATo the all-powerful Lord

OM BRINDAVANANTA SANCARINE NAMAHATo the Lord who roamed around Vrindavana

OM TULASIDAMA BHUSHANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who adorns Himself with tulasi leaf garlands

OM SYAMANTAKA MANER HARTRE NAMAHATo the Lord who stole the Syamantaka gem

OM NARA NARAYANATMAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who has the twin forms of Nara and Narayana


To the Lord who wore the ointment offered by Kubja, the hunchbacked lady

OM MAYINE NAMAHATo the Lord of Maya (the illusion)



To the expert wrestler who wrestled with the two demons, Mushtika and Chanura

OM SAMSARA VAIRINE NAMAHATo the enemy of Samsara (the cycle of births and deaths)

OM KAMSARAYE NAMAHATo the enemy of King Kamsa (who wanted to kill Krishna)

OM MURARAYE NAMAHATo the enemy of the demon Mura

OM NARAKANTAKAYA NAMAHATo the destroyer of the demon Naraka

OM ANADI BRAHMACHARINE NAMAHATo the beginningless Absolute

OM KRISHNA VYASANA KARSHAKAYA NAMAHATo the One who removed Draupadi's distress

OM SHISHUPALA SHIRASCETTRE NAMAHATo the Lord who removed Sisupala's head

OM DURYODHANA KULANTAKAYA NAMAHATo the destroyer of the dynasty of Durodhana

OM VIDURAKRURA VARADAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who gave boons to Vidura and Akrura

OM VISHVARUPA PRADARSHAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who revealed His Viswarupa (the Universal Form)

OM SATYAVACHE NAMAHATo the Lord who utters only truth

OM SATYA SANKALPAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of true resolve


OM JAYINE NAMAHATo the Lord who is ever victorious

OM SUBHADRA PURVAJAYA NAMAHATo the elder brother of Subhadra


OM BHISHMA MUKTI PRADAYAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who bestowed salvation on Bhishma

OM JAGADGURAVE NAMAHATo the Lord who is Guru to the whole world

OM JAGANNATHAYA NAMAHATo the Lord of the whole world

OM VENUNADA VISHARADAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who is an expert in playing flute music

OM VRISHABHASURA VIDHVAMSINE NAMAHATo the Lord who destroyed the demon Vrishaba

OM BANASURA KARANTAKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who chopped off the hands of the demon Banasura

OM YUDHISTHIRA PRATISHTHATRE NAMAHATo the Lord who established Yudhisthir (as the king)

OM BARHI BARHAVATAMSAKAYA NAMAHATo the One who is adorned with effulgent peacock feathers

OM PARTHASARATHAYE NAMAHATo Partha Sarathi, the chariot driver of Arjuna

OM AVYAKTAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who is difficult to comprehend

OM GITAMRITA MAHODADHAYE NAMAHATo the Ocean containing the nectar of the Bhagavad-gita


To the Lord whose lotus feet are adorned with the gems from the hoods of the serpent Kaliya

OM DAMODARAYA NAMAHATo the One who was tied with a grinding stone around His waist

OM YAJNABHOKTRE NAMAHATo the Lord who consumes sacrificial offerings

OM DANAVENDRA VINASHAKAYA NAMAHATo the destroyer of the Lord of Asuras



OM PANNAGASHANA VAHANAYA NAMAHATo the Lord who has a serpent (Adisesha) as His seat


To the Lord who (playfully) hid the clothes (left on the shore) of the Gopis who were engrossed in playing in the waters of the Yamuna river

OM PUNYA-SHLOKAYA NAMAHATo the Lord whose praises bestow merit

OM TIRTHAPADAYA NAMAHATo the One whose feet are holy

OM VEDAVEDYAYA NAMAHATo the source of the Vedas

OM DAYANIDHAYE NAMAHATo the Treasure of compassion

OM SARVA BHUTATMAKAYA NAMAHATo the Soul of the elements


OM PARATPARAYA NAMAHATo the One who is highest than the highest


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Guruvishva IF-Stunnerz

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TongueHappy JanmashtamiTongue

Wonderful Thread Radha Di & Poo DiTongue

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.LovelyDreamer. IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami...

What Is Your Now Was
Once Someone Else And Will
Be With Someone New Tomorrow
But The Blessings On Janmasthtami
Will Be With You Forever

May Lord Krishna
Take Your Troubles
On This Janmathtami
And Leave Only Blessings.
Happy Janmasthtami

Jai Shri Krishna !

awesome thread poo and radha... ClapClapClap

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Happy Janmashtami to All Hug

Beautiful thread Radha .. ClapClapEmbarrassed

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Happy JANMASHTAMI to all PVians.HeartHug

Beautiful and amazing post dear.Big smileClap

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