Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

Oct31~Epi50~NA Tai:Sadhu or shaitan?Battle btw mind-ego vs heart?Pg146 (Page 7)

radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Myra.nelly

Prem, i think the DIL is exagerating a bit in her fear of her mil , that unless she is treated even more violently than what we saw..
and. true the drivers reaction remembered me of jab we met..
Yeah, have to be honest about JWM and the song. Both my abs favs and hence the comparison. But then even the 1st epi showing the wealth thru red ferrari and shahid's chauffeur driven car, is yet another similarity. And then sastha ending up and jhagda wagda in the train just like the movie too, not to mention the TC ghapla in both too. Already way too many similarities.
Also shahid's estranged relationship with his mother and shlok's odd and angry relationship with his mother. Also both have past GFs and both will have new GFs, gradually. Also similarity btw geet and astha, both happy go lucky and chulbuli bubbly. However, one thing is NOT similar. Hurray! Aditya (shahid) not an angryman. If anything he is quite cool throughout. And i wouldn't be surprised if shlok mellows down too down the road.
Just 2c!

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Free To Use


Shiva big time softy for avis ... luv these and instantly gussa khafa wale songs come to mind.
 And this one is a deep one ...
the sad side of shlok .. haan diwana hoon main (2)
gham ka mara hua ik begana hoon main
haan deewana hoon main - 2
gam ka maara hua
ik begaana hoon main
haan deewana hoon main
maangi khushiyaan magar gam mila pyaar mein
dard hi bhar diya dil ke har taar mein
aaj koi nahi mera sansaar mein
chhod kar chal diye mujhko majhadhaar mein
haay teer-e-nazar ka nishana hoon main
haan deewana hoon main ...

main kisika nahi koi mera nahi
is jahaan mein kaheen bhi basera nahi
mere dil ka kaheen bhi andhera nahi
mere is shaam ka hai savera nahi
hay bhula hua ik fasana hoon main
haan deewana hoon main ...


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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged
that songs fits the scene for sureBig smile

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Well, we see few maneuverings at Agnihotri mansion, few dealings back and forth and keeping appearances, forgiveness exchanges, because Niranjan Agnihotri is Avdhoot Kirloskar's (AK) client, AK being Astha's dad.
But before that introductions take place. Shlok is being introduced by proud father to AK ... to astha.  That leads to shlok informing dad that the reason for his delay for the pooja was "that girl". Explanations ensue leading to dad's nice and wise gesture to end the blames as long as nothing untoward happened.
Anyhoo, the two dads continue with their business discussions while astha chats with her GF and in the process ends up in shlok's room because of network problem. Of course shlok is given another chance to show his anger at her yet again.
During these scenarios, shlok's mom continues examining astha and her "behavior", while audience is given to understand that behind the door meeting is going on between the dads.
Towards the end of the serial, while Astha and dad are heading home, Shlok's mom as usual has already formed negative opinion about astha. The two dads come out and shlok's dad notices astha and her good manners and has silently and invisibly made the decision of his fav son's future.
And in keeping with everything transpiring superfast, avdhoot gives wife kalindi the news of marriage proposal. Mom is elated while astha is shocked.
And so me going superfast too and these future romantic tracks occur!LOLBig smile
*~* Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada, pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga hoon *~*
FANtastic video ... OMG 
Big smile When we first met ... Jab we met !! Big smile
Tum se hi ... JWM

Song: Tum Se Hi (Full Song)
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Movie: Jab We Met (2007)
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor
LYRICS (+ Translation)
na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai
it isn't a gain, but it also isn't a loss either

tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai
you are not here, but still i am feeling that you are here

tum se hi din hota hai
my day starts with you

surmaiyee shaam aati hai, tum se hi
the melodius night comes with you, only with you

tum se hi
because of you

har ghadi saans aati hai
i take each breath

zindagi kehlaati hai
i live this life

tum se hi
because of you

tum se hi...
na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai
tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai

aankhon mein aankhein teri
in my eyes there are your (i am seeing this world with your eyes)

baahon mein baahein teri,
in my arms there are your arms (i am touching with your hands)

mera na mujh mein kuchh raha, hua kya?
nothing is left in me as mine (everything is ur's ), what is this happened to me?

baato mein baate teri
my talks includes ur talks (i am speaking ur language)

raate saugaate teri
my nights are your gifts to me (i am seeing these nights because of you only, otherwise i would not be alive.)

kyun tera sab yah ho gayaa, hua kya?
why did everything become yours, what happened?

main kahin bhi jaataa huun
wherever i go,

tum se hi mil jaataa huun tum se hi tum se hi
it is only you whom i meet, only you...

tum se hi...
because of you...

shor mein khaamoshi hai
there is silence in the noise

thodi si behoshi hai tum se hi tum se hi
there is slight unconsciousness that is b'z of you

tum se hi...
because of you...

aadhaa saa waadaa kabhi
sometimes half a promise

aadhe se zayadaa kabhi
sometimes more than a half

ji chaahe kar luun is tarah wafaa kaa
this is how i want to make with you

chhode na chhuute kabhi,
even if i want to leave, i can't leave you

tode na tuute kabhi
even if i try to break it, it is not breaking

jo dhaagaa tum se judd gayaa vafaa ka...
the bond of faith that is made with you

main tera sarmaaya huun,
i have prosperred because of you

jo bhi main bann paaya huun,
what ever i have become now

tum se hi,
is because of you

tum se hi...
because of you

raaste mil jaate hain
i find the roads

manzilein mil jaati hain
i find the destinations

tum se hi
because of you (with you)

tum se hi...

na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai
tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai


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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
You are really something . you breath music .

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Neerjaa

You are really something . you breath music .
You said it because it's as if i cant breath w/o it. Interestingly as we know, singing (ie music in vocal form) cannot happen w/o breathing. Confused? Good!Wink
The above statements of course remind us of the ultimate song ..
"Breathless" ... By Shankar Mahadevan ..
/|\ OMG ... phew /|\
Friends, these are truest treats ... CryCry (khushi ke)
Sreeram and Shankar M on Indian Idol
June 2010
Breathless lyrics:-
Koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha
jaise meri saari duniya main geeton ki rut
aur rangon ki barkha hai khushbu ki aakdhi hai
mahki hui si ab saari fizaayen hain
bahki hui si ab saari hawaayen hain
khoyi hui si ab saari dishaayen hain
badli hui se ab saari adaayen hain
jaagi ummengein hain, dhadak raha ahi dil
saason main toofaan hain, hoton pe nagme hain
aakhon main sapne hain, sapnon main beete hue saare vo lamhe hain
jab koi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha
dil main samaya tha, kaise main bataun tumhe
kaise use paaya tha, pyaare se chehre pe bikhri jo julphen
to aisa lagta tha jaise kohre ke peechhe
ek os main dhula hua phool khila hai jaise
badal main ik chaand chhupa hai
aur jhaank raha hai jaise raat ke parde main
ek savera hai roshan roshan aakhon main
sapnon ka saagar jismain prem sitaron ki chaadar
jaise jhalak rahi hai
lahron lahron baat kare to jaise moti barse
jaise kahin chandi ki payal goonjey
jaise kahin sheeshe main jaam girey
aur chhann se tootey jaise koi chhip ke sitaar bajaye
jaise koi chaandni raat main gaye
jaise koi hole se paas bulaye
kaisi meethi baatain thee
vo kaisi mulakaatein thee
vo jab maine jaana tha
nazron se kaise pighalte hain dil
aur aarzoo paati hai kaise manzil
aur kaise utarta hai chaand jameen par
kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai
to bas hai yahin par
usne banaya mujhe, aur samjhaya mujhe
hum jo mile hain, hamain aise hi milna tha
gul jo khile hain, unhe aise hi khilna tha
janmo ke bandhan, janmo ke rishtey hain
jab bhi hum janme to hum yahin milte hain
kaanon main mere jaise, shahed sa ghulne lage
khwaabon ke dar jaise aakhon main khulne lage
khwaabon ki duniya bhi kitni haseen aur
kaisi rangeen thee khwaabon ki duniya
jo kahne ko thee par kahin bhi nahi thee
khwaab jo toote mere, aakh jo khuli meri
hosh jo aaya mujhe
maine dekha maine jaana
vo jo kabhi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha
dil main samaya tha, ja bhi chuka hai
aur dil mera ab hai tanha tanha
na to koi armaan hai, na koi tamanna hai
aur na koi sapna hai
ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri ratain hain
unmain sirf aansoon hain
unmain seif dard ki ranj ki batain hain
aur pharyaadein hain
mera ab bhi koi nahi main hoon aur khoye
hue pyaar ki yaadein hain (3)

Breathless the reprise lyrics:-

ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri raatein hain unmein sirf aasun hain unmein sirf dard ki ranj ki baatein aur faryadein hain mera ab koi nahin main hoon aur khoye hue pyaar ki yaadein
doob gaya hai dil gham ke andhare meri saari duniya hai dard ke ghere main
mere saare geet dhale aahon main
banke deewana ab yahan wahan firta hoon
thokar khata hoon un rahaon main
jahan use dekha tha jahan use chaha tha
jahan main hasa tha aur badmein roya tha
jahan use paya tha pake khoya tha
jahan kabhi fulon ke kaliyo ke saaye the
rangeen rangeen mehki rut main har ek kadam pe ras rachaye the
gulshan gulshan din main ujale the
jag mag jag mag noor tha raaton main
jhil mil jhil mil
jahan maine khabon ki dekhi thi manjil
jahan meri kashti ne paya tha sahil
jahan maine payai palkhon ke chhav
jahan meri bahon main nikhalti kisi ki mari mari bahein
jahan ek chehre se hatti nahi thi meri nigahein
jahan kal narmi narmi hi thi pyar hi payaar hi tha hathon haththe
jahan kal gaye the prem tarane
jahan kal dekhe the sapne sunahne
kisi ko sunaye the dil ke fasane
jahan kal khayi thi jeene ki marne ki kasme todi thi duniya ki saari rasmein
jahan kal barsa tha prit ka badal
jahan maine thama tha koi aachal
jahan pehli baar mein hua tha pagal ab uun rahon mein koi nahi hai ab hai woh rahe ...
dil bhi jaise hairan hairan jaane kaha gaya mera sapno ka mela
aise hoi khayalo mein khoya khoya
ghum raha tha mein kabse akela
chamka sitara jaise koi gagan mein
gunji ghata mere ghar aangan mein
kisi ne pukara mujhe mud ke jo dekha maine mil gaya khoya hua dil ka sahara mujhe jise maine chaha tha jise maine puja tha
lot ke aaya hai thoda sharminda thoda ghabraya hai
zulf pareshan kapte hout aur bheegi hui ankhen
dekh raha mujhe gum sum gum sum uski nazar jaise puch rahi hai itna toh bata do kahi khafa toh nahi tum pyaar jo dakhi phir meri nigahoon mein agle hi pal tha woh meri inn bahon mein
bhool gaya mera dil jaise har gham badal gaya jaise duniya ka mausam
jhome nazare aur jhumi fizaien aur jhome the mann aur jhumi hawaein
jaise phir gaane lagi saari dishayen
kitni hasi hai kitni suhani
hum dono ki prem kahani(3)

Enjoy guys. :-))
comments ... please.

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Thanks Siham, this is awesome!
Fantastic BG tune for our serial and Montage!
Cant wait for full tune like we had for CB "Teri har Jhalak" Clap
BTW, the constant running into and tantrums btw the leads
reminds me of this retro  .. no phenkofying tomatoesLOL
And tomorrow remains to be seen what the reaction will be when Niranjan will break the "news" to beta Shlok. And dad's relationship is so close with our handsome hunk that he will be in a soup / dilemma what to say or react, and dumbfounded like astha did.Shocked

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rajsri Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Prem ... love all the songs you have been posting ... i remember you used to do that a fair bit for cb1 .. was catching up on the john denver song you had posted a couple of days back

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