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LTL thread 1~repeated on Rishtey WU 117~p.148 (Page 140)

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by twinkle-star

Hi HammieHug ohhh wowie well done for the song twinks.. superrrClapStar
Awee Awesome update dear..Heart..Enjoyed it soo much.Heart...Awee What a lovely update & superb point of views dear.Heart..Totally amazing..HeartHug..Twinky totally speechless..HeartDay Dreaming..Your great analysis has changed my mind too dearHeart...Before,I totally omitted Dutta bhau's training session Embarrassed ..But after reading your update , I love that scene now.HeartDay Dreaming...Aweee Different point of viewHeartThumbs Up..Aweee Intimacy &necking .Heart
Angry baaaby  you too innocent to watch  the scenes through my eyes.. YOU SHUT YOUR EYES NOW! naughty girl..
...Awee Hammmieee...Hug.. Great lion are always amazingHug...Loved Anna's entry & Dutta-Anna's phone convo.Heart..
actually the next wu with phone convo is just out of this world.. dutta/mishal is classic ..  too good.
I think its my fav..episode..  content wise..
.Enjoyed it to the core..Heart.But the best part is Dutta's close proximity with Naku.HeartHeart...Like Don's angered revengeful love.Heart...Loved your wonderful analysis to the core dearHeart...Hats off to Hammie lionHug...Sooo sweet of you dear...Hug..Eagerly waiting for the next update Day Dreaming...Big tight hug from Twinky baby.Hug..Hammieee Hug!! Sorry for the heavy loaded comment & page dear.Blushing..I usually make 14 or 13  fav shots.Embarrassed..This time also I only made shots for Anna's entry & Anna-Dutta's phone convoEmbarrassed..But After reading your update Twinky baby loved Dutta-Naku's session also& made shots of their revengeful love...Blushing..Forgive me for the trouble my dearest  lion...Blushing..Take care..Hug..

all the shots are brilliant.. you did well  in adding all including dutta's  touchy feely session with naku.. she didn't know what to do poor girl.. glad you added  Anna.. he was the star attraction.. he is a movie star too.. murli sharma.. i like him..loved him as anna.. twinky thanks for the shots they make every body happy. much love and thanks  hammie

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2011
Posts: 22253

Posted: 30 January 2014 at 4:13am | IP Logged

                                       LTL Written Update

                                              Episode~ 111

                                             7th June 2010


                                                 Dutta /Anna

 Dutta mockingly reminds Anna, look around you .. you sure you're not the one caught by me? Anna runs to check the fishy haul just caught. His  men , some hench men , others fishermen sit around the net  of the catch. Phone pressed against his ear he looks at the catch.. Mani stares at his boss puzzled. Anna bends and picks up a gold biscuit, studies it carefully...then holds the phone between his  ear and shoulder, and  takes the  gold biscuit in his fingers.. presses and it breaks in half!.. his eyes flash and eyebrows arch up! one of his men points out, Anna all the gold is fake!  Anna goes, pardon?  and the guy repeats all the gold is  fake.. Anna stares at the man, looks at the halved biscuit in his palm and then gives one big forceful kick  to the man who gets hurled up in the air and finally lands with a splash in the sea. The others on board see what happens .. it's obvious their boss has been taken for a ride!. wide eyed Anna looks, on with the phone pressed  against his ear.

Dutta sits on the rocks, his gun faces downwards.. full of attitude , he calls out.. Anna ! it's the fisherman who  rules the sea! not the fish! he gibes. Anna , defeated replies, oyee Dutta! ok! you win the first round! but you must have heard the saying, every day is not a Sunday!..till now Maalishanna is  alive! we'll balance the score! two plus two is equal to four! will surely happen!   Dutta listens  , as he stand up and bends one of his legs on the rocks , and replies, oyee let me finish first , as to why I set up the trap! Anna ! Anna!  Annaaa, he groans... you are such a cheap man! who sent you to the sea ? who gave you the information  about the consignment? one of my men?.. , yes! and Dutta repeats, my man! here Dutta is  telling  Anna that this information that he was out looking for a haul on the seas by pakya who was Dutta's man, but Anna trusted him.. and he is the one who squealed about his whereabouts. He continues,  soo there you were on the seas, and I was in your home! I was in your den!.. Anna is alerted.. and Dutta  continues, in your place!  ahhh.. yes! I went alone, unaccompanied! annnd, I only killed  just ten of your men!  Anna is not amused.. Dutta , mocking voice resounds in his ear and brain.

Dutta now reclines back in the front seat of his black jeep..and Dutta continues tersely,  one should never trust a person who betrays his own kind..  he advises and turns his head and eyes to  Naku 's profile on the side of his jeep.. what did you think that I am married, I've become a weakling ?the more I break, the stronger I become! my strength is much more than any web of trickery , if you wanted to know more about me than you should've come straight to me! not back stabbed me like an imbecile! now tell me when? and where do you want to meet? Hey! don't be scared Anna! I just want to meet you only.. Anna listens patiently, but inside fumes and replies to Dutta's cockiness, in all of Hyderabad , one thing is well know that don't let Anna  sweat! for if he does he gets thirsty ,blood thirsty!.. he threatens Dutta...who jumps up from his reclining position on his jeep's seat, and strolls  replying  to Anna, I am giving you another chance Anna, go back! otherwise I'll feed your pieces to the fishes! Anna 's face clouds up at Dutta's command!  but Dutta strolls in the jungle after make his point clear to Anna , that he's not wanted here! but Anna replies, don't try to  become a hero Dutta! as in films too heroes die a death! here in the middle of the sea I'll  cremate  your body! otherwise my name is not Malleshwar Ramalingaya! just make sure Anna doesn't perspire. Dutta narrow's his eyes, smiles as he manages to arouse Anna's anger.  But next he asks defiantly, so you'll kill me? and phone to his ear he turns to face a wide eyed  Naku.. and tells Anna  ,ok from today I lay down all my weapons! I won't touch any weapons till you are alive.Naku and  Baji look perturbed.. as Dutta yells I'll roam around without weapons, or my body guards.. now if you have the guts then come and face me! challenges Dutta  with a devil may care look on his face. Anna listens , as both  Baji and  Naku are shocked to hear what Dutta says. Anna wipes his neck with his yellow towel ,as he says , now if this is a challenge ? then  it is a good one. Dutta replies calmly , consider it a challenge then!  I'll be there.. and Anna replies , I'll  come too. and yes Mallesh Anna liked your challenge, you gave me such a great  welcome but watch I'll give you a better farewell!    

Dutta smiles mischievously and replies, you like listening to Hyderabadi songs, isn't it? here listen to my song then!  and he turns back his head to catch sight of  Naku  and with his phone raised up in  live camera mode in one hand and the other hand  finger on trigger points at pakya he  fires shots at the man hanging upside  from a tree.. Naku looks in horror and screams, as he fires shots and sends the picture plus  pakya's screaming  to Anna who frowns as he hears ..Dutta checks to see Naku's reaction,.. and she covers her ears , frightened, turns her face the other way. He  takes pleasure in showing her  his  real  self! finally he shoots at the rope that dangled pakya and his body drops on the ground . ,Baji looks  in disgust and in derision,  and  says, double crosser! Dutta rolls his eyes to the side with his phone on camera. Anna hears , pakya's  deathly scream and  sees the  shots sent by Dutta..  and looks anxious and sweating..  he  thinks aloud,  I've been  using bullets  long time before you Dutta! since a long time ago..his  hand with gold rings shakes in anger as he grips the railing of the launch ..he peers around and then looks at the fake gold  slabs from the upper deck.. he licks his lips in anger, comes down to the lower deck.. looks at the heap of the slabs , muses, looks at the sea.. and kicks them up in the air and slowly they land in the water, floating on the service. He burns with fury and hums  a tune to release  his rage..  looks around .. and  shouts out to the sea..Dutttaaa      !


 Baji comes to Dutta, Bhau have you gone mad? never mind about his challenge! I am not letting you be on your own! and besides that Anna , is no baby, he just wants the chance to get  to you! he must have  done all the arrangements for your death, that's it I am not letting you be on your own! Dutta warms to his mate's concern.Naku stammers.. youuu! And Dutta glares at her with his finger raised up at her! she looks at his raised finger and shuts her mouth in his fear...  Baji too looks at her..  Naku . goes  erhhh.. and sees his finger and with knotted brow becomes silent...and he slowly lowers his finger down... and says coldly , I have  said what I had to say! and will stick by it...besides this is Dutta's war.. with himself! Baji protests, but Bhau! and Dutta looks at him pensively , you won't understand this as yet..  Baji again tries, Bhau you... and  Naku attempts to speak , please don't do this..she implores and he looks at her , vacantly.. and then when he sees her dead worried.. his mouth curls up in a nasty sneer.. good he thinks, I want you to fret over the danger that lurks around me. death that hangs over my every move.

 Naku, much afraid , lowers her eyes and  remains silent.


Anna goes to his den.. finds his men shot dead at various places of his home.. he slaps his guards for negligence of duty..  goes into his tunnel roofed den and finds more of his men shot down by Dutta .. he goes to the back yard.. his guard dogs bark in their kennels.. they are alive.. he wipes his face as he goes back into the den and sees his chair kicked on the floor .. his men straighten it up..   he walks around as he hears one man 's groans. He pulls up the mashed up face man.. and orders ,look at my face! the guy begs, forgive me Anna! I have young children..  Anna yells, hey Mani , forgive him!he is super! and he has kids! take a look how he has welcomed Dutta here, hasn't he? forgive him?.. the man begs, Dutta's a very dangerous man! we tried to stop him but we couldn't ! he said next time he'll behead us! and Anna sneers , now if he beheads you , then how will you stay alive , yes? this is a problem.. and he stands up and thinks, and then spots a cricket bat on a chair..he looks at his man on the floor and then at the solid cricket bat, picks up the bat and looks at it .. then at the man.


 Dutta walks behind her  looking at her... then moves to her other side. and gives her a sided look. She too turns her neck to her side as she get's conscious of his walk behind her.Baji is not impressed with Dutta and he tries again Bhau , listen to me!you are not going anywhere on your own , and that's final ! Dutta moves  around  Naku and he says firmly, I will not  change  my  decision Baji, and he continues, neither you, nor any of my men  will be with me.. and he  waits for  Naku's reaction..  what goes with me, is my fate.. he says with his face turned up, and.. the punishment given to me by my fate..  Nakusha! she faces him baffled. He tilts his head and gives her a sided look as she too looks into his eyes.. the man gives her a smile! , his eyes smile, his lips stretch.. and he announces, from today ,at every moment, in every place, Nakusha will be always with me.. it's like he saying my wife will accompany me everywhere...  this has to be good news for  Naku.. with her beloved Saab twenty four seven.. even on his job.. wow no wonder they are the couple in town! and full on satirically  , he asks her,  you'll be with me , won't you?  Naku looks at  Baji flabbergasted..  and Duttas much amused at her expression, and he asks  sarcastically, you'll save me from Anna won't you? you'll guard your mangalsutra? your guard your husband ?.. he challenges her with a smile, won't you?? he asks like a school boy!  Baji is annoyed, Bhau that's enough of your antics! how  will she protect you? have you forgotten that she's a born  fraudster!   Naku looks hurt at     Baji's words.But Dutta looks at her, apprehensively for her answer and defence..  Baji yells, and all this that's happened , it's all due to her! how can you trust her Bhau ?no Bhau! absolutely not!she's a cheat! Bhau I don't care I'll remain with you! Dutta faces  Naku and says, look he doubts your capability! and he turns to  Baji ! just cool your head in a tank of cold water! and  Baji defends , but Bhau she doesn't know anything ,can't even hold a gun ,let alone fire it! he protests. How will she guard you? ask her... But Dutta looks into her face anda slowly tilts his head and replies to  Baji  with an  anxious he studies her face and then calls out to  Baji, Nakusha  is a courageous girl! she'll learn how to use a gun to protect her husband!have you forgotten she can set up a bomb in a car! help people to escape!and he gives her a smile ,as she shuts her tearful eyes she'll also learn to use a gun too! you'll learn won't you? and if you falter while protecting me   then... and he taps his head with the nozzle of his gun.. she stands wide eyed  and he offers her the gun and she takes it and holds it both her palms around it.. and Dutta says, from today my life is in your hands..and she looks confused and worried into his face and he gives her another dazzling smile.. charming smile as she holds the gun enclosed in her palms looking worried.. Dutta now gives her a friendly, kind smile.. episode ends on Dutta's smiley face..Hamlet53 ~ 30.1.14.


   Overall the episode hones into the seedy world of underworld. The Dutta /Anna   telephonic interaction continues, with an amusing mix of witty phrases used by both men. The mood of the dialogue puts into place the concept that both dons are territorial  and  it's all about a typical power struggle between them, where each tries to  weaken the other 's power base. Alongside, the episode also shows the use of individual intelligence used to mentally disable the other's wits. So it seems their business is a combination of burly might of brawn plus shrewd carefully thought out moves to beat or weaken the other.

Both dons scoop out death threats to each other as part of their trade.  Both have punctured into each other's manpower. Dutta seems to have the upper hand in terms of  bravado, mental strategy and wit. Both give situational reaction , Dutta insists of meeting Anna and Anna throws him  a challenge.

Dutta  being Dutta accepts the challenge  much to  Baji and  Naku's dismay. He is  propelled by  a new anger and hate fuel called  Naku.. and  he intends to put good use of it even in the world of his business.

 But the highlight of the episode has to be Dutta's  continuing impression of "he loves her, he  hates her not". His devil may care attitude towards his own safety and life.  he  ensures that whatever he plans to do  falls into place with his initial judgement of punishing Naku. The more she squirms by his words, the more he's egged on!  In his dialogue with  Anna too, he gives acidic  puns about  Naku's betrayal.. it's like he's found an opportunity where he  combines his business and personal life.. with the  same strategy .. that of avenging himself. 

But have to say , as much as he metes out her punishment , he also ensures she's close to him.. so is this Dutta carrying out a courtship with Naku as opposed to friendship  that he built with her before.. in any case.. if this  whole situation  of appointing her as his body guard is a to create a  bizzare bonding which spear heads  Dutta's realization that he loves her .. than so be it. ohhh did any one notice the smiles and smiles he showers on her in this episode..?

 Poor Baji , already holds Naku in contempt is further irate when he finds that she's even been given the position he held! .. even though Dutta appeals to him.. you'll understand later there is method in my madness..

So now that  Baji and  Naku know about his immediate  short term strategies  he  needs to tell his family..                                      

 N.B~ many thanks for reading the previous WU: fassben, sona, bart , warda,twinky.


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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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 Episode 110
Hi hammieEmbarrassed
thanks for the awesome update ...episode seems very thrilling and by calling it an intimate one between dutta and naku you made it even more thrillingTongue
the scene between dutta and naku was bit violent was it shown without any censorship in uk bcoz earlier at the time of ltl they chopped a scene calling it violent tight ?
Dutta wanted to show naku what it actually means being a wife of dutta he managed to scare the hell out of her was his ego satisfied I wonder watching her weak ...seldom he knows to what extent she can go for him thats why he end up kind of giving up on too though he wins the show by not actually killing the man by nakus hands he to knew she would be burdened with the guilt of taking someonez life ...

Finally my favorite cameo is making an entry holding a yellow towel in his handLOL at first everything related to anna looked funny but then what a track it turned out to be. ..loved their first phone convo it had some great lines...I loved it how dutta said im born in this sea and know every fish ...great job done by writers...

Thanks a lot hammie for this great great ud...I hope you enjoyed the episode on your big tv dutta,all over nakuWink
Thanks a lot twinky for the dailymotion link dear singing "nayak nahi khalnayak hon main" for hammie LOL

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twinkle-star IF-Rockerz

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Hi HammieHug
Uff finally Twinky baby here.Dancing..I tried more than 2 hoursShocked...IF was unavailable for meShockedConfusedCry.Anyone face the same problem??.Confused.They said ,upgrading their database server.Confused...
Aweee such an interesting update dear...Enjoyed it soo much...Aweee Loved Dutta-Anna's phone convoHeart..Its amazing & Hammie lion you've done a great jobHeartHeart...I watched the whole episode through your eyes & words dearClapHeartDay Dreaming...Mind blowing update dear.Heart...Awee Dutta & AnnaHeartHeart..What a great attitude yaar.ClapClap..Twinky again totally speechless.HeartDay Dreaming..Enjoyed fullest..Heart..Thanks a ton our dearest Hammieee lion.Hug..Awee Dutta has appointed Naku as his body guard.Day Dreaming.Loved the way he handed over the gun To NakuHeart...Awee What a smile..Heart..Its like big daddy is happily giving favourite toy to his little girl..ROFL..Yeah His words were hurtful.OuchCry..Your analysis was fabulous dearHeart...Loved it sooo much dearHeart...Our Hammie lion is such a sweet heart..Heart..Thank you Thank You Thank you our sweetest lion..Hug..We all love you sooo much.Hug.Eagerly waiting for Dutta's gun training.Day Dreaming.. Eagerly Waiting to read your different point of view dearDay DreamingHug...Awwee hammieeHug.This comment also heavy loaded oneBlushing..Twinky baby doing all naughty this monthBlushing.. Next month baby can only do less naughty.Wink(Big Relief for hammie tortures from twinky babyLOL.)Because March first week baby have semester 3 exams.Embarrassed..Thanks soo much for your lovely update dearHug...Take care..Big hug from Twinky babyHug

@ Warda
Aweee dear..HugHug.Happy to see you again my dear friendHug...Loved your comment soo much dear...HeartHugCheers mate.Dancing.Dancing...So we both singing "nayak nahi khalnayak hon main" for our  hammie lion DancingDancing...soo sweet of you dearHug...Big hug from twinky babyHug

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2014 at 8:21am | IP Logged
awsem episodes dutta torchers of gun and dhokebaaji lectures counter attack to annaoops dutta going to kill nakku with smiley gun or say evil smirk

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2014 at 8:22am | IP Logged
sorry for late comment

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Smilehi hammiee
naku pe kaise kaise atyachar...dutta was toturing her...anna role was one of best cameo...loved reading

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Episode 111:
Super awesome ud seems im also watching it on a 40 inch tv:)
Dutta and anna convo was very entertaining...the way they are trying to throw bouncers over each other was fun...ofcourse dutta has an edge over him he is the don eith brains and anna slipped at the first step he took...I remember the look on on his face and his humming too lol ...classicLOL but have to say again brilliant job done by writers carrying the scene well and ofcourse both mishal and murli are great actors.

dutta becoming a dare devil knew it would not ammuse baaji and naku but he has gone so far in giving himself pain that he is just enjoying it he knew it would hurt naku if anything happens to himOuch... all his acts of violence where he goes too much indicate that it is still the reaction of nakushas action .

Very well guessed hammie he wants naku 24/7 by his side thats why appointing her as his bodyguard yeh admi itna seedha nahi hai jitna hum samjhty hain LOL and very shocked at baajis words of calling naku a traitor never knew he would say that so openly in front of her I can imagine the hurt he has given naku by his words ...or he is jealous uski jagah naku ne jo le li haiTongue
waiting for the next episode eagerly please ud soon...
p.s ...where are you now a days beemar logoun ka kuch tu khayal karo ...dhokebaaz LOL
@twinky...I was having the same issue with IF ...they were upgrading the site thats why it wasn't working for a few hours ..loved your feedback all the shots look awesome Smile.

Edited by Warda. - 30 January 2014 at 1:36pm

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