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Laagi Tujhse Lagan

LTL thread 1~repeated on Rishtey WU 117~p.148

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged


         Laagi Thujhse Lagaan ~ repeat

            Once again ...


Dear friends,

A while ago, Yuvika gave us the news that our popular show would be repeated on Rhistey channel that is headed up by Colors.Unfortunately, this channel is only avialable to UK, veiwers... on SKY 831

So to cut a long story short as I told you before, I am lucky for I will get to watch the serial from the first episode on my telly.

Recently I shared this information in a pm conversation with, Alex1, a longstanding Laagi forum member.Alex expressed that she would appreciate if we had daily written update for the intial episodes of LTL1. She asked if it was a possibility  that I did it.

The idea seems daunting as I already have my finger in other pies on the forum for the minute.

However I did visit the LTL archives and noticed that WU, are needed for the intial  episodes.Ok, shall I say, I am willing to give it a go.To be honest, I have never yet attempted, to write a WU, so at the moment still toying with the idea..but I am tempted, hoping against hope that I do not make a botch of the episodes..

I reckon its imperative here that a token of appreciation yet again be put forth for all the previous WUpdaters..the recent one person is Swati.. dibya.. who has recently returned to the Laagi forum, as a FF writer.

Now the most important information is that LTL commences on Monday 26th August during prime time, UK, 8.30~ 9.00pm slot. Monday~Friday.

Regarding the speedy post of the daily WU, I myself cannot say presently how fast that would be ,till I dont get the hang of it and incorporate the watching and write up in my daily routine..

Up until then friends , all I can say is watch this space.

This post is for all Laagi lovers..both previous and new members.. but most of all for Alex1 who came up with the suggestion..gosh, I hope I dont regret this labour of love..

Hamlet53 ~25.8.13..hammie.

original WU links.


Episode 1~ 28th December 2009.p.2

Episode 2~ 29th December 2009. p.3

Episode 3~ 30th December 2009. p.5

Episode 4~ 31st December 2009.p.6

Episode 5~ 1st January 2010 p.7

Episode 6~ 4th January 2010 p.8

Episode 7~ 5th January  2010 p.9

Episode 8~ 6th January 2010 p.10

Episode 9~7th January 2010 p.11

Episode10~ 8th January 2010 p.12

Episode 11~11th January 2010 p.14

Episode 12~12th January 2010 p.14

Episode 13~ 13th January 2010 p.16

Episode 14 ~14th January 2010 p.16

Episode 15~ 15th January 2010 p.17

Episode 16~ 18th January 2010 p.18

Episode 17 ~19th January 2010 p.19

Episode 18 ~   20th January  2010 p.20

Episode 19 ~ 21st January 2010 p.21

Episode 20~ 22nd January 2010 p.22

Episode 21~ 25th January 2010 p.23.

Episode 22~ 26th January 2010 p.24

Episode 23~27th January 2010 p.25

Episode 24~ 28th January 2010 p.26

Episode 25~ 29th January 2010 p.27

Episode 26~1st February 2010 p.30

Episode 27 ~2nd February 2010 p.31

Episode 28~ 3rd February 2010 p.32

Episode 29~ 4th February2010 P.33

Episode 30th ~ 5th February 2010 p.34

Episode 31st ~ 8th February 2010 p.35

Episode 32 ~9th February 2010 p.36

Episode 33 ~ 10th February 2010 p.37

Episode 34~ 11th February 2010 P.38

Episode 35~ 12 th February 2010 p.39

Episode 36~ 15th February 2010 9.40

Episode 37~ 16th February 2010 p.41

Episode38~ 17th February 2010p.42

Episode39~18th February 2010p.43

Episode 40~19th February 2010 p.44

Episode 41~22nd February 2010 p.45

Episode 42~23rd February 2010 p.46

Episode 43 ~24th February 2010 p.47

Episode 44~25th February 2010 p.48

Episode 45~26th February 2010 p.49

Episode 46~ 1st March 2010 p.51

Episodes. 47, 48, 49~ 2nd,3rd,4th, March 2010 p.52

Episode 50 ~ 5th March 2010 p.54

Episode 51~ 8th March 2010 p.55

Episode 52~9th March 2010 p.57

Episode 53~10th March 2010 p.58

Episode 54~11 March 2010 p.59

Episode 55~12 March 2010 p. 60

Episode 56~ 15th March 2010 p.61

Episode 57~ 16th March 2010p.62

Episode 58~17th March 2010 p.63

Episode 59~ 18th March 2010 p.65

Episode 60~ 19th March 2010 p.66

Episode 61 ~22nd March 2010 p 68

Episode 62~ 23rd March 2010 p.70

Episode 63 ~ 24th March 2010 p.71

Episode 64~25th March 2010p.72

Episode 65~26th March 2010 p.74

Episode 66~ 29th March2010 p.77

Episode 67~ 30th March 2010 p.79

Episode 68~ 31st March 2010 p.80

Episode 69~1st April 2010 p.82

Episode 70~2nd April 2010p.85

Episode 71~ 5th April  2010 P.87

Episode 72~ 6th April 2010 p.88

Episode 73~7th April  2010 p.91

Episode 74~ 8th April 2010 p.93

Episode 75~9thApril 2010 p.95

Episode76 ~12th April 2010 p. 97

Episode 77~13th April 2010 p.98

Episode78~14th April 2010 p.98

Episode 79 ~15th April 2010p.100

Episode 80~16th April 2010 p.103

Episode81~ 19th April 2010p.104

Episode 82 ~ 20th April 2010p.105

Episode 83~21st April 2010 p.106

Episode 84~22nd April 2010 p.107

Episode85 ~23April 2010 p.108

Episodes 86~90~27th April ~ 1st May 2010p.109

Episode 91~ 3rd May 2010 p. 112

Episode 92~ 4th May 2010 p.113

Episode93~ 5th May 2010 p.115

Episode 94~6th May p.116

Episode95~10th May 2010  p.118

Episode96 ~ 11th May 2010 p.120

Episode 97~12th May 2010 p.121

Wedding~98/ 99~13/17th May2010p.122

Episode~ 100~ 18th May 2010p.125

Episode 101~19thMay 2010 p.126

Episode 102~20th May  2010p.128

Episode 103~24th May 2010p.129

Episode 104~25th May 2010 p.130

Episode 105~ 26th May 2010 p.131

Episode 106~27th May 2010p.133

Episode 107~31st May 2010 p.134 

Episode 108~ 1st June 2010 p.136

Episode109 ~ 2nd June2010 p.137

Episode 110~ 3rd June 2010 p. 139

Episode 111~ 7th June 2010 p.140

Episode 112~ 8th June 2010 p.142

Episode 113~ 9th June 2010 p.143

Episode114~ 10th June 2010p.144

Episode 115~ 14th June 2010p.145

Episode116~15th June 2010p.147

Episode 117~16th June 2010 p.148

wu's continued on  thread two Thread 2.




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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Hammi its a great would be a treat to read your written updatesBig smile
Im so excited reading your post...plzz go ahead with this threadThumbs Up
Along with you and other uk viewers we will also have a chance to relive vintage ltl days...I just can't wait for your first written update...thankyou so much alex for sharing this idea with hammieSmile

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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Happy viewing Hammie and all other LTL viewers in UK.

Hope some channel in India comes up a repeat telecast of LTL in Hindi...Don't want to watch a dubbed version.

Kudos to Hammie for taking up the herculean task and Alex for the brilliant suggestionStar

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Hammie, i wish you the best of times viewing n writing,  im sure you will do a fantastic job as always. 

@ivy,  in India original (not dubbed) LTL is currently being aired on Dangal tv.. Its reached FR stage

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged

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ivy_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -bharti-

Hammie, i wish you the best of times viewing n writing,  im sure you will do a fantastic job as always. 

@ivy,  in India original (not dubbed) LTL is currently being aired on Dangal tv.. Its reached FR stage

Thanks, Bharti.
Too bad the don't have access to the channelOuch

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twinkle-star IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Hi HammieHug
Wow...Day DreamingDay Dreaming..I can't believe my eyes..Day DreamingDay Dreaming...What a great news & Brilliant idea dear..ClapHeartHeart...Awe.Day Dreaming...Its really a sweetest treat for all of us dear.HugHug.Thanks a lot dear.Hug..I don't have enough words to say Thank you to You dear..HugHug...Sooo sweeet of you...HugHug...We all are really lucky .HugHug..Your updates are always superb..Heart...I can't wait  now..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Thanks a lot Alex for your Brilliant idea dear..HugHug..Hats off to you...Clap..HammieHug!!!! Twinky & all friends are now eagerly waiting for the first update dear.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Thank You So Much DearHug.Hug.


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alex1 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
@Hamlet53 - Hammie, I am very sure your time is limited as you surely have many other "irons in the fire" and my intentions for asking you to do a daily WU on LTL1 from the beginning was twofold. The first because there were no WUs on the Daily WU Archive Thread from the beginning of this beloved, memorable and everlasting show and all its' other treasures, be it engaging threads; WUs; VMs; interviews; articles etc. and these will be read, viewed, discussed and especially remembered for all that know about it, for all who will be told about it and for all who will come upon it by happenstance.
The other most important reason is that whenever I have been to the LTL1 forum or other web sites, I have seen many who view and sometimes comment or like what have been said or made and I honestly believe that even if there are not many comments or likes, many are still very interested and are or will be searching, reading and viewing. 
You were the instrumental one who put forth your joy in being able to watch the show on UK TV.  Not many have an opportunity to do this and I sincerely enjoy your detailed thought-provoking analysis of the "Old is still Gold" thread whenever I have had the chance to come to the forum. So, with this in mind I am very sure many will be elated that you of all people would think of and be able to do this for them.  I am sure no one would mind if the daily WU is done whenever you have the chance to do it, just like you do the "Old is still Gold" thread, especially because the serial is no longer live.  
I can tell you this from my own experience with this show is that when one is able to read about or watch the show in hindsight, one is able to get a clearer and better understanding behind its nuances because during the first-time live serial or if it is being watched for the very first time, one of the things that the viewer/audience gathers from what is shown is that there are so many similar instances or inferences that the storyline, its' scenes and dialogues are repetitious. Not so, the characters evolved in many aspects, I can say this now. 
I will be honest to say, like many I am moving away from this show.  Good things must come to an end sometime, doesn't it. However, I will have to come to IF to answer PMs and will surely check the LTL1 forum for the amazing threads and posts LTL1 loyal fans do.
I can assure that your diligent contributions to this forum will not go unnoticed and most definitely will have added a little more happiness to many souls. Thanks again for all you do.  Alex 

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