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llBarun Sobti - A Reason to SMILEll {FC#12}

UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 3:35am | IP Logged

A model turned actor, Barun Sobti  is a man who has created history in  Indian television. It happened for the first time that a show was shut down due to the departure of an actor. He has managed to create a fan frenzy at a level that no other television actor has ever achieved. Yet the the man doesn't feel like a star, very humble  and down to earth. This man can make any body fall in love with him
with his charm and we cannot stop smiling at his very name!

Nicknames : Ruble (by Family),
                       Hotwa (By Fans)

Also Known as : King of Expressions, The Goof Ball

Height: 5'11"
Date of birth: 21st Aug 1984
Zodiac sign: Leo
Ethnicity : Punjab
Place of Birth : Delhi

Schooling: St.Marks School ,
                        Meera Bagh, Delhi

Profession: Actor
Earlier Profession : Operations Manager
                                    at Jindal Telecom

Marital Status : Married


  Barun Sobti started his career with STAR PLUS Venture Shraddha opposite Neha Janpnadit as the main lead.He gained recognition as Swayam Khurana, a business man and played a negative character who later on turns positive.


Blessed with good looks and dashing personality Barun Sobti was for the first time seen in a full fledged negative role in the Medical boon Dill Mill Gaye which was showcased on STAR ONE. As Dr. Raj, a medical intern and a drug addict Barun Sobti delivered a very promising performance.


In BHPH on SONY, Barun Sobti was casted as Shravan Jaiswal, a carefree and pampered  young lad whose attitude spelt doom made him a much adorable character. He essayed the role brilliantly opposite his co-star Ankita Sharma. The goofy character he played in this show is a little closer to his real life character as he seems to be very laid back and fun loving.


 Barun created history with his intense, short tempered , introvert character of a Self made Business tycoon as Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) in this star crossed love story on STAR PLUS. With his award winning performance and his sultry chemistry with his co-star played by Sanaya Irani, the show became one of the most popular TV soap world wide. This onscreen jodi gained a cult status in the Indian Television industry with many calling them a magical and ethereal couple. The Jodi won many awards and Barun became a sensation while Arnav became an iconic character. Barun also won many individual awards for his impeccable performance.

(Post Production)

Barun Sobti made a transition from the TV screen  to the silver screen with his debut Main aur Mr.Right slated to release soon. The movie stars Shenaz Treasurywalla as the female lead and the supporting cast has noted actors like Kavi Shastri, Varun Khandelwal  and Danny Saru.

(Currently Shooting)

Such is the popularity and fame this actor enjoys that even before his debut film's release Barun Sobti found himself signing another movie based on Cricket tentatively titled 22 Yards. The movie will see ex-sports journalist Mithali Ghoshal making her debit as director. Barun plays a cricket agent aka Ronajit Sen in the film


A VM  that says it all ...about all his achievements

Please Like This Post the opening post or post in the FC if you want to be the member of this Fan-club and if you agree with what I have written about the man! Wink


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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 May 2006
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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 3:35am | IP Logged

This is a special section for all his crazy fans who happen to be all the females( regardless of age, caste, looks, origin etc etc)

Nothing FORMAL about this section.Basically a DROOL ADDA

This man has that X-Factor that people can't stop noticing and praising him.

Every fan who saw him face to face just said one thing
"Camera does no justice to his looks"

Groomed or not groomed he is the BEST!

So, taking the analysis to the next level...
FASTEN your Seat belts and tie your Bips around!


  • This man can change his expressions with every second.
  • His face can portray every emotion immaculately.
  • A Natural born actor who was never trained for acting.
  • Such a Splendid actor he is that he doesn't need a dialogue to emote.
  • He captivates the audience into the soul of the character with his expressions, body language and performance!
  • Action, Comedy, Romance, Intense, Negative shades, Antagonist, Goofy, you name it and he has played all...uh uh uh,,,we are going to avoid the dance floor!Wink But he pulls through it anywaysEmbarrassed
  • His Scowling, smirking, sneering, frowning, goofing, jaw clenching, shocking etc etc etc expressions,,we have seen it all!
  • Moving on,,,Lets study the features involved in the acts stated above, about this Sublime actor Barun Sobti, who is a lot more than his Magnificent LOOKS!

When he raises that single brow and expresses his scoffing or bantering, we love him even more. Now are you trying to lift one? Do try, not every body can do that!Embarrassed

 I believe that perfect arch is a Natural gift to him, adding a majestic look to his perfect face and when they frown they strengthen his expressions. Notice his brows & expressions with three different emotions in stacked pictures in the above collage.

He is blessed with most expressive, intense and gorgeous eyes. The caramel eyes, extremely bewitching!  Eyes that speak volumes! Eyes that can emote all kind of emotions perfectly. Barun's eyes, one can look into his soul through them

    Who says scars are bad! This God's gift to Barun Sobti added up to his hotness,  giving him slightly rugged looks. An accident while he was playing cricket in his childhood, left this scar on his left eye lid and it has proven to be an asset for his good looks!

The most vibrant smile that can brighten any day! Barun Sobti's smile is the most beautiful curve I have seen on my television. We can't stop smiling when we see him smiling, isn't it  very contagious! I am sure you are smiling while you are reading about this. His smiles as the grumpy Arnav Singh Raizada has been celebrated many times at this forum.

He says, people used to make fun of his lopsided smirk  in his childhood days! Really! Tell them Mr.Sobti that  girls go crazy over that non symmetrical curve of yours. A signature Sobti smile it is! It's the best one!

...and when he laughs wholeheartedly, its an absolute delightful sight, plus the sound of that roaring laughter.. makes you smile wider and makes him look cuter!
May God keep him smiling and laughing! Always HAPPY!

Researchers found that women are more attracted to men with stubbly chins than those with clean shaven faces or full beards.  We all agree that stubble suits him the most, a light stubble or the heavy stubble,,,BAS! Nothing more than that! LOL
He looks PERFECT with stubble on! Adds up to his masculinity, attractiveness and Social maturity.

If this is not one of the best Natural Arts , then what is!!!
The proper placement of all the well defined features enhanced by the inner beauty of his soul with the cute naughty glint in his eyes. A face that reflects his golden heart.

WARNING: Don't stare for more than 2 secs into those eyes and dont look at where I think you all are looking at!LOL I won't be able to revive you!

Perfect side profile of the handsome face, with straight tall nose, and well defined long chin. The elegant long neck with that Adam's apple.Embarrassed..and I am going to stop here on his physical features with all due respect for the even more handsome men of our lives as I know FC comprises of many married and committed  women!LOL

Following are the VMs that show why he is HOT

Shybabe says...its in his DNA through this breathtakingly beautiful VM
Well thank you Uncle Ji & Aunty JiLOL

Puja reasons it out moreWink through this splendid HOT VM

GulumseHayata2012...shows why Sobti boy is so Addicitve!



Shelly Says he is Kukkad kamaal da through this perfectly hot Raziada VM


 Now from the Hottie Sobti to the Naughty Sobti.
Many girls are crazy about Sobti's silly antics, his goofiness and his female fans find him really cute that way.

A VM on his Goofiness...our Sweet Barfi Sobti by MeWink


A lot of us also love him becoz he is one of the most humble Human Beings, who inspite of having a crazy fandom, girls drooling over him, doesnt have that starry attitude! Barun seems to be a very down to earth person and many who met him personally have testified that! People just adore him no matter what, even with the over grown hair and beardLOL and does he care how he looks!Embarrassed. Banda Yeh Bindass hai!

Really! The Man of Epic Proportions...brilliantly presented by Puja
A must watch VM


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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 May 2006
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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 3:35am | IP Logged

 Just follow the rules and keep smiling

AHLADINI shows Why BARUN SOBTI quit the show!!
This humorous creation is a must watch (Its very FUNNY)



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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 3:36am | IP Logged

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No discussion on Barun Sobti's Personal Life
These members need to be added to the member list
FC 13 will be opened by -barunoholic- Smile
FC 14 will be opened by sharaya Smile
FC 15 will be opened by momma1128 Smile
FC 16 will be opened by aamir18 Smile
FC 17 will be opened by kittenrose Smile
FC 18 ??
Please PM me your request

This FC became active on Sep 07, 2013

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank you so much for an awesome FC Zohali.
Lub your lubs for the Sobti.  I am so glad this is how much you have moved on. ROFL

So glad for the FC and sharing it with everyone who just want to see Barun happy and successful.

And ummm, I want MAMR release date NOW.Big smile

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SpringPearl IF-Rockerz

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As always I am late un-resing my res -____- Geek

Beautiful Beautiful Thread Zoha! Well done! Heart

On the first page again Big smile

Keep the love going girls! Star

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