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Posted: 13 August 2006 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Shows I-F Members Rating(0-4) Points from Hits (0-4) Points from comments(0-2) Total Rating for this week(1-10) Last Week's Rating (1-10) Weekly Synopsis
Aisa Des Hai Mera 4 2 2 8 8 Linda and Rusty find out that Randhir has named Rusty in his will. Therefore, to get the money right now, they plan to kill him.
Akela 4 2 2 8 7 Ranvir finds out that Vikram uses spirits as his guinea pigs to retrieve money and with the help of Meghna, burns the ropes and the spirits kill Vikram.
Boogie Woogie 4 1 2 7 7 It was a children's special. One girl got voted off. The guest judge was Amrita Arora.
CID 4 1 2 7 7 A great story, but with an abrupt ending. Abhijeet's past life comes forward as he finds out that his good friend has died 3 years ago. They solve the case.
Ek Ladki Anjaani Si 3 2 2 7 7 Veer accepts the fact that Nikhil and Anu are in love, unites them. Arrangements for Nikhil and Anu's wedding are on, when Tulika kidnaps Anu. Veer saves Anu from Tulika, also manages to get the divorce papers signed for Nikhil. Veer celebrates this with a party for Nikhil and Anu. But there is someone who keeps blackmailing Anu that this marriage will spell only disaster. A road-side astrologer tells Anu that something is going to happen on 17th, which will change her life forever. Veer decorates a room in Nikhil's house for the expected kid of Anu. But when Anu comes to see, she is shocked to see the same warning written to her on the wall in blood.
India Calling 4 1 1.5 6.5 6 This week there is lots of hungama going on in india calling. all the preparations for adi and chandni's wedding is going on. tara is regularly trying to create probs for the wedding but till now she is unsuccessful in doing so. Next week something big is going to happen as adi and chandini are getting married and tara thinking of another plan to stop the wedding.
Jabb Love Hua 3 4 1 8 9 Raghu is in the hospital and aanya + Rahul are also there. Raghu in unconcious and remember lakhan hitting him on the head. Aanya gets worried for raghu and he turns out well. RAhul proposes to aanya, and aanya asks for raghu's opinion. On the other hand, esha is jealous of rahul proposing to aanya, and she wants to budge in. Bhola is disappointed, and he tells raghu to confess his feeligns for aanya, which raghu disagrees on. Rahul asks raghu to help him writing a letter for aanya. At the devri nadi, lakhan is not happy with sarpanji for fixing gehna's marriage with raghu, and tell sarpanji that he won't let it happen!
Jodee Kamal Ki 4 3 2 9 9 It was Rakshabandhan Special with Rupali Ganguli (Dr. Simran of Sanjivni) and brother Vijay Ganjuli, Shama Sikander (Pooja from Yeh Meri Life Hai) with brother Rizwan Sikander and Shweta (Prerna from Kasuti Zindagi Ki) with brother Nidhan.
Kabhie To Nazar Milao 2 1 2 5 7 Sunaina finally admits her love for Karun when she thinks she will lose him. The two spend time together whenever they can, and Soman sees this, but she is helpless. Pratap announces that Leher and Karun will be engaged in a week and the wedding date will be announced then. We meet Demant's wife, Divyani, but they are not divorced. Divyani refuses to divorce Demant without getting something out of it. Kunj has also made an alliance with Divyani and uses his knowledge of Demant's wife as blackmail against Demant. Rakshet also spends time with Saloni. Karun finally convinces Sunaina to tell Demant about them. Sunaina does so and Demant gets violent.
Kahin To Hoga 0 2 1.5 3.5 2 Mehak believes to what Rishi says and leaves the house.When the arrangement of Gayatri's wedding (wid Sujal) was going on, Kashish informs the Ahluwalias that she won't allow Gayatri to marry Sujal at any cost.. and reveals the secret to them that Gayatri is also a part of the Ahluwalia family.. she is the daughter of Mr.Ahluwalia.
Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai 4 2 2 8 8 Kripa and Angad confess their love to each other but Kripa hesitates to come back to Angad. Then Angad will warn her about the truth about Prateek. Kanan came to know about Prateek and Nishanth plans to adopt Prateek.
Kasamh Se 3 4 1 8 9 Puskar finds out about Pia working with jai walia and is pissed. He also finds out about pia getting an abortion, and in a drunken state, kicks pia out of the house. Bani goes to get pia from walia house, where she is currently residing. Pia refuses!Some one has sent divorce papers from bani's behalf asking for divorce and 50% alumni. Jai is furious and doesn't believe bani could do that. Jigyasa has organized a teej party in the house for anu, raashi, and of course rano!
Kasauti Zindagi Ki 4 3 2 9 9 Prerna challenges Prem that she'll do her sarvanash & will get everything back thats hers.Sneha is on drugs...Prem stops sneha but she says...atleast im not deceiving my family....Nivedita is really irritated by prerna & her kids living in basu she joins hands with komolika...Anu & prerna are in Pancheshwar & prerna is all sad...she is in the middle of the road....a truck was abt to hit her...BUT mukhti saves her....they both hug... back in mumbai....prem sees mukhti and is sad.....the songs plays...prerna sees mahesh trying to save sneha from going to the police station...sneha is arrested by the police cuz shez on drugs!
Kittu…Sabb Jaanti Hai 1.5 3 1 5.5 7 Kituu has got hold of Shivani's diary, Shweta comes to know of it. Shweta gets hold of Kituu at a Club in the struggle shots Kittu due to which she is paralyzed & Shweta isn't exposed yet. Shweta pretends to sympathize towards Kituu's parents, meanwhile someone is blackmailing Shweta. When Shweta gets a chance she goes back to the hospital with a gun to threaten Kituu as she thinks that Kituu is pretending to be paralyzed.
Kkavyanjali 4 2 2 8 7 Nitya Nanda dies when she goes to save soham in the accident that Yug had planned. Nitya wants soham to burn her 'chita' when soham does that, anjali there is no relationship between me and u(soham) but still soham wants anjali to know that yug is the soham calls shaurya and tells him everything .Shaurya agrees to help find the proves against yug. Yug tells anjali that shaurya & soham r together & r upto something....anjali gets furious. shaurya,nirmala r in a kali maa pooja and soham joins in.Anjali and Yug r watching them...Yug tells anjali that he'll get the cops so they can arrest shaurya....anjali goes to soham and starts yelling at him...soham is all sad abt this....shaurya goes to yug and starts punching him...while this is happening....cops come...and arrest shurya....yug is all happy..BUT soham tells the cops that yug is the killer....yug is yelling..that he didnt do anything...but than yug's Mom come & tells yug to surrender....yug says...NO & kills himself....anjali is sad....really sad...she wants to go to shimla forever....& romila goes with her....she dreams of kavya.
Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka 4 3 2 9 9 Kunal and Nimmo declare that they want a divorce in front of all the family members. God(Siddhi ji) enters as a lawyer and declares that Kunal and Nimmo's marriage certificate is destroyed and so the divorce will take at least 6 months. Dadaji returns from haridwar and, though not happily, agrees for the divorce. The Sehgal family finds out that the deal that Kunal had invested into, was a freud, and the sehgal industries faces a loss of crores of rupees.
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 4 4 1 9 8 The trial is underway. Meera is surprised to see Vijay Saxena as the defence lawyer.Sharad Rana doesn't show up at the hearing of KT's case. Meera panics. The judge gives her time till after lunch to find her witness. KT says that she doesnt want to come between Tulsi and Mihir. Tulsi says, that now her lif revolves around KT, as things aren't as they used to be 20 years ago. It is found out that Vijay has evidence against Sharad. Meera, not knowing what to do, takes the case back on behalf of Mihir. KT asks Tulsi why she never told her of her past, Tulsi replies by saying "beacause i found you". KT tells Tulsi that Mihir is marrying Mira in 3 days.Tulsi is stunned.
Left Right Left 4 2 2 8 8  
Mamta 3 1 1 5 7 Sid unites Akshay and Mamta, takes off in the car, depressed. He calls his mom, tells her that he needs to speak to her. But tagedy strikes as he meets with an accident and he dies on the spot. Mamta and Akshay are stunned to death. As Sid's last rites are done , Bulbul, Bua and Simran start to talk ill of Mamta. Akshay is helpless as Mamta is not ready to tell Vandana the truth. Mamta has to go thro' the customary rituals meant for a widow, Akshay just cannot see Mamta suffer. With vengeance and hatred in the mind of Bulbul, Simran and Bua, how will the future of Mamta shape up, can Akshay save her from this crisis?
Pyar Ke Do Naam…Ek Radha Ek Shyaam 4 1 2 7 8 Radha and Shyaam are reborn as Radhika and Krishna , into the families of Gajendra Singh Rathod and Vikrant Raj Rana, whose families have extreme hatred for each other. However, at one point both families were so close and had betrothed Radhika and Krishna when they were newly born. Twenty years later, Krishna returns from London and Radhika from the city; both are unaware of the other's existence.
Rishton Ki Dorr 4 3 1 8 7 Tara and Noyonika have a confrontation about Rahul and Noyonika gets slapped by Tara ... Suhas's uncle inform him that his dad is alive... Rahul goes to look around for Tara but finds her no where... Suhas gets a call from a lady who informs him that his mother didn't die of a heart attack but comitted suicide... Rahul warns Noyonika to stay away from him and anyone he knows.
Saarthi 3 1 1.5 5.5 7 As soon as Vishaka returns from New Zealand , she creates problems at home. She is furious at Ghanu Kaka for touching her things without permission and tries to accuse him of theft but fails as Bhoomi discovers her plan. The family celebrates Jagraan and are preparing for Janmashtami.
Saath Phere 3 4 2 9 10 Tara is still sad and asks Brijesh for a child. Urvashi keeps taunting Tara that Saloni will be the real owner of this house since she can become a mother. It's rakshanbandhan and everyone is happy. Aditi, Nahar & Brijesh have a cute time.
Sharaarat 4 0 2 6 - Rani Devi finally gives Nani the "Jadoo" to bug "Bhoots" in their house. Yamraj too gives "Bhoot" power to bug "Pariyan" (Nani/Jiya/Radha)
Sindoor Tere Naam Ka 4 1 1 6 6 Ayush cannot believe that Vedika would have leaked info, he finally manages to get to the truth and fires Bhandari. Ayush is about to propose to Vedika in the chawl function when he gets to know that Vedika is married. He is shattered. Dhruv is desperate to get a job, as he is being haunted by words that he is living on his wife's earnings. Dhruv gets a waiter's job in a hotel, which he takes up. Ayush is more and more impressed with Vedika's work, gives her a raise as well as a mobile. The gossip of people and Vedika's constant praise for Ayush sow the seed of suspicion in Dhruv, their relationship looks to be on the rocks.
Thodi Khushi Thode Gham 3 3 2 8 9.5 Women have started the OG(operation gents) and on the day of the guests arrival, they all disappear except for daya. Daya makes the men do all the kitchen work and they get fed up. The chef they hired run away as to being mistreated. At the nick of time, the women come home, with food cooked just for the guests. Men are happy and daya gives lecture to men. Women are also planning to find out about the mystery behind August 10th, and where bapuji goes on this very day. Karan is stressed over his marriage with sapna, and bapuji tells him that he won't visit sapna's father before August 10th. DAya follows bapuji's car to see where he goes on August 10th.
Vaidehi…Ek Aur Agni Pareeksha 2 3 2 7 8 Neel is confused about Vaidehi's relationship and Aryan's behaviour towards her. Aryan tells everyone in the Karva Chauth Pooja that Vaidehi is pregnant and Vaidehi taunts him how he is going to handle this. Yash is back to his selfish routine, he's again having an affair with some other girl.
Yes Boss 4 0 2 6 - This week a social problem was raised in yes Boss- flooding in Mumbai, everyone is soaked becuase of the rains. Football worldcup was another episode where Mohan and Verma try to disable Goldie from winning the race and going to Dubai but in vain as he has some plans for them in store. Mohan tries to act like a DON as a police officer tells him to fake his identity until they get hold of the remote the actual DON had hid somewhere. Verma tries his very best to put Mohan behind the bars but in the end ends up in Jail himself. 

* Our Chaska Meter list for this week only covers the top 28-29 shows. For other shows please check out the respective sections at India-Forums. These are the only serials on the list who have had a chaska meter poll running their respective sections.

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Thanxs 4 sharin yaar Tongue
A r y a n IF-Sizzlerz
A r y a n
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Thank you Vijay Smile ELAS is doing alright Tongue

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thanks sooooo much das a nice way to put it Clap Clap Clap
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thanks vijay Smile
goo kavyanjali Tongue Thumbs Up
we done betta than last week..yayyy..

Tina xx
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Thanks Thumbs Up
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thankoo vj!!! Tongue interesting ...none of the shows got a 10 this week Ermm

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