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FF: The Future Of The Voice #3 Thread 3

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The Future Of The Voice Thread 3

Party Yay... Congratulations and Celebrations ! Party

The Future Of The Voice finally reached the 3rd thread !! Thanks to all my Loyal Readers for Your Continuous Supports and Love For Me and FOV !! Heart

Love You All Lotzz... Heart

Need That Supports, Love and Motivation Till The End !! Embarrassed

Errmm... Spoiler Of The THREAD ! Embarrassed


The Name Which Fits, ONLY In My Heart ,
I Don't Know What Exactly I Like About You ,
BUT You're Always In My Mind, Day and Night...

Hmm.. Maybe The Way You Look ,
So Sexy That I Can't Get Enough , Embarrassed
Or How You 'Torture' Me When You Come Around , Embarrassed
My Mr. Dangerous, That Time I Instantly Forgot All Other Stuff.

Maybe It's The Way You Say My Name ,
Or Maybe It's The Way You Smile,
Or Or.. Maybe It's The Way You RomanceEmbarrassed 
Or It Could Be The Way You Push and Pull Me For Your Badmaashi... Embarrassed

Then Again It Might Just Be Everything ,
Getting To Know You Seems Worth My While ,
I've Fallen In Love ,
Fallen In Love With YOU, Yash Scindia

Adapted From Secret Admirer by Mandy @familyfriendpoems.com

At First, I Wasn't Looking For Love ,
I Wanted To Be Alone, For The Rest Of My Life ,
Because I Had Nothing To Do With LOVE,
All I Wanted To Do, If CAN, Was, Be My Self ...

The Day We've Met Was The DayEmbarrassed
I've Found Another Reason To Live and LoveEmbarrassed
Though My World Is Gloom Full With Sadness ,
Finding You Was Like Finding My Strength To Go On... Embarrassed

I Don't Know What The Reason ,
For Falling Too Fast For You , Embarrassed
But I'm So Glad That I Was Meant For You ,
I LOVE YOUMrs. Aarti Yash Scindia... Heart

Adapted From I'm So Glad I've Met You By David Yearwood @ lovelifepoems.net
I <3 U, and I'm Glad You're In My Life By Viejay04 @ originalpoetry.com

Yash and Aarti Forever and For Always ! Heart


Errmm.. That was it ! LOL Embarrassed

Need to mention this... I've adapted this from several websites as I'm really sucks in writing such poem ! LOL Anyway, I've edited it and given credit to the poet.. Star

Thanks a lot to each of my reader especially those who really helped me by responding and replying on my story ! From that, I've found out my weaknesses and mistakes I did and on my way to improve ! Big smile Thank You ! Hug Heart

Thank You All !

--- Hug Heart Hug ---

~ Isya ~ Blushing LOL


P. s : //

As usual, there are links to FOV's previous thread and FOV's following chapters in the next post ! Big smile

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Continuation Of The Future Of The Voice 
In The 4th Thread : -

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Hiyaa dearies !! Hug Me so thankful for having such wonderful readers like all of you !! Heart I'm loving your supports and love + hugs for me ! LOL Embarrassed

My personal request to all of you, dear readers... Please click Like on the main post of this thread so that it will be easy for me to send PMs as well as detecting my new readers !! Embarrassed Please do click Like on that post in any manner.. LOL Don't forget ! Its very very important for me.. Hope you understand !! Big smile

This part is major on Yash-Aarti at the end.. Embarrassed Basically, yes, their romance ! I really love their romance in this part.. And so I hope all of you like it too ! LOL And there's slight change somewhere regarding Shobha and Aarti's truth.. I decided not to bring another twist which will be quite boring.. Let us continue with the masti !! LOL Wink

Part 22

Shobha felt two strong yet gentle hands were gripping her shoulders. She moved her head up and learned that it was Yash who is around three of them, ready to console them even though she could spot his teary eyes which clearly indicate that he's in pain as well.

Yash separated Ansh from Shobha and gave him a peck on his forehead. He requested him to go and wait for him in the kids room. He will be right there after talking to Shobha ma. Ansh, however refused to back off. He crossed his arms on his chest and look away angrily. Yash explained to him that he had the answers to the entire questions he asked to Shobha. Ansh looked at him and sort of started to trust Yash. 
The poor innocent soul finally marched towards the room and settled on his bed. Just after a few minutes, suddenly, he had Aarti in his mind and craving to be in her embrace. He felt like Aarti is calling him to be near her.. He doesn't know what to do and so, he slowly exit from the kids room, leaving sleeping PayPal behind.

Aarti who was slowly trying to remove the first bangle from her hand, suddenly has some old pictures of she and Ansh having fun in her mind... She decided not to take an exit from the pictures and continued 'watching' it in her mind. Tears streamed down her face automatically, hair started to bristle as she struggles to recognize those pictures playing in her mind. "It's really true" that is all she could utter. 

"Mumma..." Ansh's single word caused Aarti to snap out of the pictures. Aarti gave him a fake smile. Ansh walked towards her and hugged her tightly. Sweating Aarti tried to hug him in equal favour. In a blink of eye, the pictures enters back her mind, causing her to turned weaker and restless. Ansh broke the hug and told Aarti, "Mumma.. I love you so much !! And I know nothing can make us apart.. We are always together mumma.. bass don't give much such cold reactions... Always talk to me... love me like you used to do ! Mumma... are you listening?? Mumma..." Ansh cupped Aarti's face. 

Aarti held her head as she was experiencing too much pain and ache in her head due to the flashbacks. She felt like her head was spinning and gonna explode at the very next second. She tried to utters Yash name.. Before she completely fell backward on the bed, Yash who just came in, held her from falling and began to call out Aarti's name. But it seems she had fainted. Yash panicked when he failed to wake her up. He called Gayathri for quick help in which Gayathri quickly ran to Aarti and sprinkles some drops of water on Aarti's face while pronouncing God's name. 

Ansh stepped backward and started to fear looking at his mom's condition. He couldn't help but to ran away from AarYa's room. 
Yash was relieved once Aarti was conscious. Aarti's eyes searched for her Yash when she woke up. She smiled to him in which Yash smile in return. After a few moments, her forehead wrinkled thinking of the captured flashbacks pictures in her brainbox. She extends her hand, signaling Yash to come near her so that she could talk to him. Yash comprehended her signals and sat near her, joining his hands with hers. 

Gayathri said she should leave them alone and let Aarti had enough rest. Yash stopped her, "Maa... Can you please look after Aarti for a while ?? I'll be right back after looking at the kids !" Yash smiled to her and Gayathri understood that he wants to talk to Ansh as he knew PayPal had already slept.

Aarti was not ready to let Yash go away from her and so, she tightened her grip on his hand. Yash caressed her hairs and gave her a peck on her forehead. "I'll be right back ! I know you have lots of questions to be ask... You can ask them after a while, right? " Yash whispered to her and Aarti replied with a positive nod. With sort of heavy heart, Aarti loosened the grip on his hand and Yash left her with Gayathri ma. 

Seated on the bed, he looked at Aarti's photo which he held in his hand and continue staring it with love and care in his eyes. Tears poured against his soft and dry cheeks as he complained to 'Aarti' about her reduced love and care for him by looking at the photo. He also admitted that he's convinced that Aarti is not well as he saw her fainting just now in her room. He felt bad as no one informed to him on what had actually happened to her. 

He felt pity and remorsed for the little boy's state. He went closer and settled himself beside Ansh. He removed Aarti's photo from Ansh's hand, "Ooh.. so it's your mumma who disturbs you so much nowadays... Tell me what she did ?? And what you feel about her ?? " Yash asked calmly.

"I don't want to talk to you !" Ansh crossed his arms on his chest, turning his body to his right side, facing PayPal who are sleeping on another bed beside him. 
"Okay then.. You won't be able to know about your mother's secret then" Yash said, slightly moving off from the bed.
"About mumma's secret ?? Mumma ko kya hogaya hai, papa ??" Ansh draws him closer to Yash. PayPal suddenly awake from their sleep and joined their dad and brother's conversation after finding out they were talking about Aarti.

Yash took them in his arms and embraced them, " Your mumma is okay, beta ! There's nothing wrong with her.. But yes, she doesn't remember her past... Matlab, she doesn't remember anyone and anything happened to her in her life." Yash started to explain while slightly sobbed. 

"How could that happen, papa ?? Mumma never forgets me.. She loves me a lot ! She keeps lots of love for me that she couldn't keep for anyone, papa ! Then how ??" Ansh asked, weeping too. 

"It's all happened due to the dark incident in her life, beta ! But not to worry, doctor had told us that your mumma has a bright chance to recover very soon ! It just that she shouldn't be further stressed about anything.. Do tell her nothing except that you love her ! Think deeply about this beta, she had loved you since you came in the world and now, since for everyone, she's like a baby who is very new to this world, why don't you shower your love towards her ? Who knows that will helped her in regaining her memory ?? And same to  both of you PayPal, isn't Aarti mumma loves you both a lot ?? Why don't all three of you helped us in helping your mother to recover ?? And I promise, you'll get back your Old Mumma back !" Three of them nodded and grinned towards Yash. Yash once again hugged them tightly and drift all of them to sleep. 

Yash finally felt allay as he had explained to the kids properly to Aarti and he is sure that Tomorrow Is The Starter Of The New Day in Aarti's life ! The kids gonna work hard for sure !


"Oho Aarti... I have spend whole time talking to you until I have forgotten to change your saree into your kurtas. " Gayathri slammed her forehead while Aarti smiled at her gesture.

"Maa... It's really late at night.. You will have to leave ! All the work will be done slowly later !" Yash entered the room, crossing his arms on his chest and staring at both of his queens of his heart. LOL Embarrassed

Gayathri shook her head and hit Yash on his shoulder for his badmaashi. LOL "Don't disturb her for too long.. Let her rest properly" Gayathri hissed near Yash ears and Yash replied to her with a wink. Gayathri left after closing the door and Yash went to locked the door. LOL

Yash's act of locking the door while staring at her sexily from the door has sent a tingle up her spine and she felt millions to trillions butterflies occupying her stomach. She couldn't sit comfortably on the bed and started to shifts herself to her right and left when Yash paced towards her. Yash plays with her again in order to bring back her smiles and 'complains'. As usual, Yash unbuttoned his shirt while he's on his way to the bed. Shocked Embarrassed

Aarti was dumbfounded at the very next seconds when Yash throws his shirt and singlet away and looked at her like a predator that naturally planning to attack the prey. LOL It seems it was hard for them to look at the other direction, both were lost seeing each other. Aarti reversed a bit on the bed when Yash jumps on the bed gently. He brought himself closer to her by encircling her waist with his strong arm. They shared an intense eye lock, Yash and Aarti began to lost in their own world of romance. He gently lied her on the bed and glued his body on her. He stared at her pink rosy lips and began to brushed it with his fingers. He brought his lips near to her lips that caused Aarti to shuts her eyes as quick as possible. Yash shook his head and brought his lips on her forehead, "Heyy... how are you now ?" Yash asked her after kissing her. Embarrassed

Aarti slightly rise up and immediately hugged him as tight as she can and began to cry silently. However, Yash could sensed something was wrong with her and he began to whisper, "Angel.. what happened ??" Confused

"Yash... If there is anything wrong with my health apart from my back pain, please do tell me ! I'm clueless about myself and I can't even remember what Shobha told me last few weeks in the hospital. Please.. Am I having memory loss problem ?? Like I can't remember anything or.. Please tell me.. don't be quiet ! I can only rely on you for the answers... I trust you, Yash !" that three words "I trust you" were enough for him to grasp her in his arms much more tightly as he is reminded of what Shobha told him after the dinner just now, when they were about to leave their daughter's own house. 

"Beta... I know she will ask me one day when she had began to feel restless about her health ! That is enough to prove to me that all of you are really loving her till she showed such improvements in her health that she could come over and ask me what happened to her. I know she had started loving you and your family ! Nevertheless, the kids' would love her more than anything ! Beta... That day in the hospital, I have told her the entire truth but it seems that time she would have thought that she has nothing to do with the truth. Again and again I have informed her about her health state but still she won't react much ! I think like the doctor said, she might forget some facts in her life if she's not reminded for most of the time. I must say that she had forgot that she is suffering memory loss problem. And now, I'm scared if she knew everything, she would act differently or by deep explanation, she might be stressed and tensed about her health state ! After all, she's getting well from days to days" Shobha explained to Yash.

Yash smiled and replied to her, "Don't worry Shobha ma ! Aarti won't know anything much about her health condition for now ! Even I didn't want her to suffer in more pain if she knew about the fact that she had lost her memory ! Well, we didn't know much but as the doctor said, we should wait for a right time to let Aarti know about it ! And with that, I'm sure that no one will be allowed to talk about her health in front of her. No one !" Yash assured her. 

Shobha felt relieved and asked Yash to take care of Aarti properly. She will come and visit her when time permits. Dubey ji was consoled by Yash through Yash's magical jappi. Yash assured Dubey ji to smile always and not to worry much about her daughter and grandson. Everything will be well. 

"Why are you silent?? I am.." Aarti broke the hug and looked at him but the way he stared at her make her stop uttering any words. Tongue

Yash gazed lovingly at her to make her mute and still. "There's nothing happened to you, my love ! Eat your medicine on time and you'll be fine... But.. hmm.. do be drowned in our love, especially mine ! And about your memory loss, hmm.. do you really lost your memory ?? I don't think so ! (He looked at her up to down twice) Ekk minute..." Tongue

Aarti examined Yash's act and gesture. In his right hand, it seems he was holding a piece of paper and a pen. Aarti sits on the bed and looked at him. He was writing or scribbing something on the paper. He came and sit beside her. "There are 5 jodis' names in this paper... Remember it and tell me what are their names ! You time starts now ! Only 1 minute is given to you to remember them !" Yash set the condition lastly. Tongue

"Yash !!!" Aarti shouted. Shocked

"Aarti.. 45 seconds left !" Yash replied, causing Aarti to quickly reads all the names and remember them. Shocked

"Times up !" Yash snatched the paper from her. Shocked

"Yash... I'm not done! Give me back the paper..!" Aarti said, officially getting involved in the game. Ouch

"Trust me.. You can tell me all the names ! Come on !" Yash replied, motivating her. Smile

"Really ?? " Aarti asked, gulping her saliva. Yash nodded his head and waits for her to mention all the names. 

"Ppprem- Nisha... Aammmir- Juhii... Rahul-Anjali.. I can't remember what's next ! Errmm.. (Long Silence).. Haan ! Raj- Simran.. YASH-AARTI ! Embarrassed Right ?? (She raised her eyebrows) Huh ?? What ?? LOL (Realizing Yash-Aarti finally) This is cheating Yash !!! " Aarti pushed him away from her but her wrist was gripped by Yash and Yash pull her back gently, causing her to collapse on the bed. Embarrassed

Yash is on top of Aarti. He slowly nuzzled her ear and kissed her earlobe. "Everything is fair in love, my love ! Now I will have to do what maa asked me to do... So please don't disturb me !" Yash whispered near her ear, sort of warning her teasingly. Embarrassed

Yash turned her to unface him and carefully placed her hair which is covering her back away. He thought of not removing her blouse and will let her wear this blouse but not the saree. He took her strawberry pink saree and began to slowly loosened her dori's knot so that her entire wounds are exposed to the air and it can heal soon. Aarti tried not to create any sounds from her mouth although she couldn't stop trembling and shiver due to Yash's touches. Yash gently wakes her up and removed the saree that is tucked to her body. She felt embarrassed whenever Yash looked at her with his pair of killing eyes. Although she's not fully naked but still Yash is able to look every corner of her body. Embarrassed

In a few minutes, Aarti was dressed in her night saree and was helped by Yash to lie on the bed. Aarti smiled to him and said, "Thank you!" Yash felt there's weirdness happened to Aarti and that she had maybe started to look at him in different angle. "Sleep now before I do something else" Yash replied in which Aarti abruptly turned to the other side and closed her eyes. Yash removed his shirt off and went to the bathroom to keep Aarti's saree so that it could be hand-wash tomorrow. He came back and lied on the bed. He shift himself near to Aarti and keep an eye on Aarti. She was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. He kissed her cheek and sleep beside her. Embarrassed



Aarti expeditiously woke up and rolled her eyes when she found out her Mr.Dangerous is accurately sleeping an inch beside her. LOL She moved off from her bed deliberately so that Yash won't know she had woke up or else he'll continue with his morning mission to romance with her. Aarti wore her red churidhar suit and she felt relieved as she didn't have any dori to tied as she has to only zipped her dress. 

She got too involved with the morning prayer with Gayathri maa and Vidhi babhi till she forgot about Yash and neither Gayahtri maa nor Vidhi babhi asked her about Yash. She learned how to prepare the 'Aarti ki thali' and also the morning bhajaan song. Yash had already arrived when she started to sing and he began to pray along with others. Yash hides behind the pillar when Aarti began to distribute the 'prasad'. Yash adores Aarti wide smile when she was distributing the 'prasad'. She seems to be enjoying and too happy with the first duty given to her as she's the daughter in law of the Scindia Family. Aarti frowned when she failed to find Yash there. She's worried that Yash might left for work in a hurry. Everyone especially SP couldn't stop praising Aarti as she has started to learn the 'sanskaar' of Scindia Family. Smile

"I'm very proud of you, Aarti bahu ! You have proved to all of us that you are the daughter-in-law of Scindia Family by learning and practicing our 'sanskaar'. Although this is your first time doing all this, I should say you have done it really very well ! All The Best for upcoming 'test' ! " SP said while smiling. Everyone approved SP words with smiles and equal appraisal towards Aarti. Yash observed all this behind the pillar. "Oh my god Aarti ! There are going to be many reasons from now for me and all to love you even more !" Yash thought. Everyone leaves for their respective works. Smile

When Aarti was about to leave, she's being pulled by Yash and Yash pinned her against the pillar. He leaned in, again, his gaze so full of love that Aarti easily get melted right then and there. Their eyes were locked for some time. Yash broke the eye-lock and asked her "Meri prasad ?? Where's my prasad ??" Aarti blushed and rubbed her forehead. " I'll go and take it for you" Aarti replied, marching towards the mandir to take the 'prasad'. She took his hand and placed the scooped prasad on his hand. Yash ate it and praised like how everyone praised her. Embarrassed

Aarti realized he was there when she had started to distribute the 'prasad', "Ooh.. so you were here, hun ?? Why didn't you join others ??..." Yash immediately shushed her by putting his index finger on her lips. He didn't utter anything and puller her towards him and literally drop a kiss on her forehead. He then left blushing Aarti behind. Embarrassed

Vidhi passed by the mandir and was surprised to see still Aarti smiling alone there. She shook her gently and Aarti snapped out of her daydreaming. "Oye hoye ! Someone is dreaming I see... LOL (She winked, making Aarti to turn redder) Areeyy Aarti.. We are going to shopping later... Don't you remember ?? We have to wait for our heros to come back and while waiting.. you will have a cooking lesson with me.. hehe! " Vidhi babhi said. " Okay, Babhi ! I'm right here with you.. Lets go !" Aarti replied, holding Vidhi's hand. Smile


"Helo Paridhi beta ! Where are you right now ??" Shobha questioned Paridhi on the phone.

"Maa.. I'm heading to visit Aarti didi.. Will be late a bit.. She just got married and I'm missing her so much, maa ! I am going to SM first.. and then I'll come back to home sweet home ! " Paridhi sounds excited.

Shobha began to worried as that day their phone line was cut off and all she could informed Paridhi was that Aarti has got married to Yash but she mentioned nothing about Aarti's health state ! She's scared that maybe by mistake, Paridhi could confused Aarti in any way and that would make Aarti think who is she and she will know that Aarti doesn't recognize her. And the story continues...

"Lekin beta.. We can go later na together" Shobha said to convince and satisfy her with her idea. 

"No lekin vekin... I'm going right now! If can, you please join too with bauji.. will be waiting for both of you ! Bye !" Paridhi cuts off the line.

"Paridhi... suno !" Shobha shouted but it seems her shouts have no use. Paridhi has put down the phone.

"Ab kya hoga ? I have to stop Paridhi right now ! Who can help me ??" Shobha talked to herself.


"Ji Shobha aunty... Any problem ??" Pratik answered the phone immediately after looking Shobha's name on the phone's screen.

"Haan beta... Please stop Paridhi right now !" Shobha replied to him abruptly without explaining to him clearly about the matter.

"Stop Paridhi ?? Aunty.. what happened ?? Anything wrong with Pari ?? When did she came back ?? Where is she ??" Pratik began to panicked, thinking about his lady love, Paridhi.

"Haan beta ! She's heading to SM right now ! Stop before she go and confused Aarti ! Although she doesn't know the whole truth, she has to be stopped ! Only you can do this ! If not, Aarti will ask who is she and this will breaks Pari's heart. Apart from that, Aarti will think deeply again is she having any problem with her memory and there will be many consequences.. Please do something !" Shobha tried to explain everything in short.

"Ji ji aunty.. I'm going to SM right now ! You don't worry !" Pratik told her and cuts off the line.


"Didi... Aarti didi !" Paridhi knocks on the door excitedly.

Maya ji opened the door and was surprised to see a girl in front of her. Before she could say anything, Paridhi interrupted and said she wants to meet Aarti, her sister as she just came back from Mumbai after two hectic weeks working there.  Buaji let her went in.

"Mere bhagwan ki kasam... I think she doesn't know what happened to Aarti.. Let us see what happened further in Aarti's life !" she speak to herself. Sleepy

Pratik rushed into the house, causing Maya bua to nearly collapse. LOL Pratik ignored her and went in to get Paridhi.Tongue

Paridhi saw Aarti and hugged her from back, "Didddiii..." she said it loudly and kiss Aarti's right cheek.

Aarti turned to see who's the girl who cuddled her lovingly from the back. She stood still thinking deep about the girl. She felt like she had seen her somewhere but she forgotten. Paridhi was confused to see Aarti thinking deeply while staring at her in a different way. Confused

Before Paridhi could say anything to Aarti, Pratik pulled her and brings her away from Aarti. Aarti tried to stop them but she ignored. 

"Pratik.. what happened to you ?? Why are you and ooh.. even maa stopping me from meeting Aarti didi ! What's going on hun ??" Paridhi yelled at him. Her face turning red due to her anger. Angry

"Paridhi.. listen to me carefully !" Pratik took her hand but Paridhi jerked her hand away from Pratik. Her eyes were teary. Ouch

"Pari... Aarti babhi.. woh.." Pratik finds it hard to explain to Pari. He looked away from Pari when Pari questioned her further and asked him to tell her what's playing in his mind.

"Aarti babhi is suffering from memory loss, Pari !" Pratik finally blabbered the truth.
Pari lost her balance due to the shocking news and her hands and legs start shivering. She began to sob and weep non-stop. Cry

"Yeh sab kaise hua ?? How did all this happened ??" Paridhi questioned him. Pratik explained to her from the beginning till the end. Pratik's heart beats too fast seeing Pari breaking down like she never cry before. He couldn't help but to hugged her tightly. The SM's garden seem to be shrouded with gloominess, sobs and tears for a while. 

Paridhi wiped her tears off and braced up to meet Aarti. She went in with Pratik and meet Aarti. She calmly introduced herself to Aarti as her sister and talked to her for a while. Although Aarti felt weird and her heart was whispering something to her, she decided not to think further because she didn't want anyone to be confused or hurt due to her questions. 

Paridhi left after talking to Vidhi babhi as Vidhi knew about her relationship with Pratik. Gayathri maa had went out with SP to Mangalpur and will be only back tonight or tomorrow. She even told Pari not to worry much about Aarti and that she has to take care of her parents. It's already their responsibilities to look after Aarti and help her to recover 100%. Paridhi agreed and smiled a little. Pratik sends her to Dubey House. He hugged her once again and said "This is just for a while, Pari ! Dekhlena, everything will be alright soon!" Smile

Paridhi saw Shobha ma and runs to get her. She hugged her tightly and apologize to her for being too drastic and excited just now without getting to know what had happened. They went in and Pratik left. 


"Vidhi babhi... Am I looking great ??" Aarti asked Vidhi, expecting an answer from her. She wore a yellow net churidar kameez which is adorned with resham and patch work with contrasting red churidar and dupatta. She's absolutely looking pretty and lovely. Day Dreaming

"As usual.. My devrani is the best ! She's always beautiful in every way ! Waisey.. why are you asking ??" Vidhi raised her eyebrows. Tongue

"Babhi ! Just asking ! Kids will like na if their mom is pretty !" Aarti answered to Vidhi inquiries. Tongue

"Hmm... Kids ya Yash bhaiya ?? Haan ??" Vidhi teased her. LOL

"Babhi.. I said kids !" Aarti raised her voice emphasizing on the 'kids' Wink

"Acha ! Errm.. kids will be there right after school right ?? So, please get a pair of other clothes for them ! I'm worried if their school uniform will get dirty while playing" Vidhi told Aarti. Smile

"Ji babhi.. I'll pack the clothes right now"Aarti left to her room. Smile


Pankaj, Vidhi and Aarti arrived at the XYZ mall after half an hour of journey from SM. Aarti was shocked and amused seeing the huge and nice mall in front of her. Pankaj called Yash and informed him that they have arrived at the mall and he told Pankaj that he'll be there in 15 minutes.

Vidhi and Aarti began to roam around at a sarees shop there. They discussed and choose a few churidhars and sarees for Aarti. Vidhi chose two ready-made saree blouse for Aarti and asked her to try on it in the ladies fitting room. Vidhi stood outside the fitting room after few moments Aarti went in to try the blouses. After a few minutes, the worker at the saree shop called her to ask her something. Vidhi was not ready to leave Aarti there alone in the fitting room as she might seek some help in fixing the hook of the blouse and even tying the dori. Just then after few seconds, Vidhi catch a glimpse of Yash and the kids near the saree shop. Vidhi decided to let Yash helps Aarti while she deal with the worker. Pankaj took care of the kids and told them they will have lots of fun later in the mall's game zone with Yash and Aarti. They were too excited and began to jump in joy. Big smile

Yash was too bored standing there and take a look at the sarees located near him. After a few minutes, he heard Aarti calling for Vidhi from the fitting room. He doesn't know what to do as Aarti had called her for a few times. Vidhi babhi seems to be too busy with the sarees. He heard the sound of Aarti opening the lock of the door signaling Vidhi to come in. Yash heart pounded in his chest and he was almost drenched in sweat as he walked towards the room Aarti is in. He doesn't know what will he see at the very next second. LOL

Seeing Aarti struggling with the hook of her blouse and untied dori, Yash immediately closed the door and locked both of them inside the fitting room. Aarti who thought that the person who peeped in the room was Vidhi, further requests to help her in fixing the blouse's hook as she found it too hard to do it by herself. Yash runs his hands on her waist and pulled her backwards gently towards his chest. Embarrassed

Aarti sensed the same touch... same touch which does not belong to Vidhi babhi.. Its Yash ! Oh my.. The dangerous man has turned up here too ! Uff.. in the fitting room.. With who ?? With me.. Aarti.. his wife !!" her mind screamed and she began to blush. She tried to free herself by loosening his grip on her waist or just by shifting to left and right, but it seems the room was fully occupied by her and Yash and there was no any space left for her to even push him. She turned more embarassed when she recognized the touch of his fingers playing and caressing her back. Her heart beats fiercely and she began to feel like her leg is turning into jelly, causing her to feel weak just only with his touches. Dead

Aarti create a step forward and lean her chest against the wall of the room. Yash realized that Aarti is shy and embarrassed with her current state. He brushed away her hairs with her fingers and put it aside. With trembling and shivering hands, he fixed the hook gently, not to hurt her wounds and cuts. He moved his fingers to tie the knot of the blouse carefully. He cuddled her from the back and brush his mouth near her ear, "Do not be scared ! You are mine and I'm yours ! I have full priority to help you in any manner and you can't stop me ! Understand ?? Anyway, I'm done ! Should I leave ??" Yash asked, giggling silently. LOL

Aarti turned to face him, forgetting about the exposed part of her body. His eyes... His eyes were one of the things that could make her turn mad and lost to the world around her. The look in his eyes always made her feel as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world although she actually owned an ugly body which is full with bruises, cuts and wounds. She didn't know that this limited space of room will make her feel different when he is with her. She felt very protected and calm. She could sense that her mind is saying something, demanding something ! All she could do is stare at his M-shaped sexy soft lips. Yash remained silent as he wanted to know what Aarti is thinking about him. She's staring at him differently like she's demanding something.. maybe a kiss ! Embarrassed

He leaned in closer, slightly pressing her on the wall, he joined his hands with hers and tried to capture his lips with hers. Just after brushing his lips on hers in two counts, she asked him to leave. Yash frowned but later on smiled when he sensed that maybe Aarti had started to build a feeling for him in her heart. Embarrassed Wink

Yash quit from the fitting room to find out Vidhi babhi, Pankaj and the kids gazing at him dangerously. He wets his lips and quickly get the kids with him. Vidhi and Pankaj laughed at Yash's dead expressions. Vidhi went in the fitting room and helped Aarti to take off the tried blouses. She didn't dare to ask anything to Aarti as most of the time Aarti was fixing her eyes on the floor, feeling too embarrassed. "Luckily no one saw both of them" Vidhi thought. LOL

Aarti came out from the fitting room, still wearing the same face just now. She was being informed by Vidhi babhi to join Yash and the kids at the mall's game zone. Aarti refused to go and said she wants to go back as she is tired. Vidhi replied to her that she gonna continue shopping with Pankaj couply and that Aarti should spend some time with her family. With heavy hearts, Aarti agreed and left. Tongue

From distance, Aarti saw Yash's gaze was fixed on her as she walked towards them. His gaze made Aarti felt uneasy and she kept touching and fixing her churidhaar properly with her hands. Tongue

"Mumma.. we love you !" Paypal and Ansh shouted from far, attracting Aarti's attention towards them. Aarti grinned as Ansh who precede from PayPal came and hug her. Then, Aarti-Ansh were joined by PayPal. Yash stood there, adoring the hug of his girls and boy ! He immediately captured the moments with his phone. Big smile

Ansh pulled Aarti with him to play the mini basketball game. PayPal and Ansh start playing the game and Aarti observed how they play it. Her eyes searched for Yash and while busy finding him, Yash was actually already in front of her playing with the kids. She smiled widely seeing him and hit her head slowly for being too overact just now. Tongue

"Mumma.. you understand na the instructions and how to play this game?" Ansh asked.

Aarti nodded and PayPal said, "Okay... Mummy and two of us will team up together and you with papa as a team ! Okay ??" Wink

Ansh somehow felt sad as he can't team up with Aarti. However, he realized that there are plenty of times for him to spend time with Aarti, Yash and his sisters, so he didn't complain and agree to their words. He showed 'thumbs up or thumbs down" to Yash. Yash replied to him with "thumbs up" sign showing that he's agree ! Big smile

Which team will win the game ?? Wink

Precap: Some more AarYa with kids scenes ! Wink


Me done with the update ! Fuhh ! LOL I was shivering writing AarYa scenes and for that, I want each and everyone of you to hit LIKE here too.. LOL If not, I won't give such romance any more ! Evil Smile LOL 

Please people.. I hope you guys like my efforts ! It was kinda impossible for me to update today but I stayed till late night yesterday just to write half of the story ! Embarrassed So, I guess at least I deserved a 'LIKE' and comment from all ! Big smile

Jalebi tax wasn't possible in this update as it was too long.. next one , maybe ! Wink LOL

Those who click LIKE, don't click it again ! Embarrassed

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 1:17am | IP Logged
 for new thread isyaClap
Great spoiler of the threadClap 
Loved aarya pov's Embarrassed..Amazing poemsClap Clap
Aarya falling for each other....TongueDay Dreaming

Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR


Yash tried to explain to Ansh and Aarti to resolve their confusion about Aarti's health condition... Smile

*Another romance * LOL Embarrassed

Paridhi came back... and get to know about Aarti's health condition ! Ouch

Ermm.. LOL AarYa and the kids along with Vidhi babhi and Pankaj will be going for shopping.. That's when romance started again ! LOL I guess it's gonna be a funny yet a naughty one from Yash to Aarti ! LOL Who to be blame ?? Vidhi babhi... LOL

Kids bonding with Aarti... especially Ansh ! Big smile 

Ermm.. Jalebi Tax Romance ?? Ermm LOL The scene is still blur in my mind.. LOL Will have to think about it.. Embarrassed

Awesome and interesting spoilerClap Clap
Happy that Yash resolving aarti and ansh problemBig smile
Paridi came back...Waiting for paridi's reaction about aarti's condition
Wow...Aarya romance,shopping and jalebi tax romanceEmbarrassedTongue...AmazingDay Dreaming
Eagerly waiting for an updateDay Dreaming

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first of all congratulations and celebrations for thethird thread isyaDancingPartyDancing

hoping we will have a long way to go
many more threads to goWink

u my queen of aaryahot romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing

hailaa... i loved ur poetry re although its not ur own but u merged it with aarya s journey in FOV so nicely
i love u so much for this great poetryHugHeart

omg spoiler

so interesting and romantic EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
oh my yashu with each passing day he is becoming more and more naughtyLOLLOLWink

thanks to vidhi this time i think every thing works according to yash s mindLOLLOL
poor aarthi be careful Wink

i m eagerly waiting for aarthi -ansh bondingEmbarrassed

love u love love uHugHug

oho  eh ,maine kya kiya i forgot to reserve to comment on theupdateCryCry

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nan0102 IF-Dazzler

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congrats on the new thread..am excited for the next update..with a lot of romance,,will be waiting,,

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caller123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Congratz on your new thread!Hug Thanks a lot for this wonderful story and lovely spoiler. 
Looking forward for the update so eagerly.
Romance... Wow I love it.

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kratzyfan IF-Rockerz

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Isya, congo for the new thread dearPartyHug

very lovely spoiler...eagerly waiting for kids time n also aarya's romanceDay Dreaming

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