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ARHI FF : ||Falling In Love #4|| Season 2 : Pg21

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Credit To Maria [-Mema-]

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Hi Everyone Hug

I would like to start with a BIG thank you to all my readers, silent, interactive, inactive, everyone who took their time to read what I had to offer. Thank you so much. This FF has been very special to me. I made new friends because of this FF. It even brought me closer to my older friends. Hug

I would like to mention a few specific readers :

*Komi [Ms. Stalker] : This update is especially for you! Hug I am so happy that your plaster comes off today! (That's why I kept asking you when your plaster's coming off Tongue )I have missed you so much on this thread. Embarrassed Thank you for always encouraging me and being such a cool friend. Hope your hand is perfect and may god bless you with everything you wish for. 

*Pooja [Ms. Spammer] : Thank you so much for always commenting and encouraging me. You have been a very eager reader and a great friend. Hug You have always supported me and also gotten angry so many times! <3 

*Tasneem : Thank you so much for sharing your POV. It was great to know that you actually understood that characters and felt for shyam! LOL It's so great to have such amazing readers. I loved those Motion pictures you posted and the lovely, heart warming comments of yours.

*Tabz : Thank you so much! You have been like an elder sister to me ( I wanted to say mother LOLWink ) You are a busy woman I know, but you still took out time to scrap me and read my updates. 

*Nicky : Your comments are always encouraging and you understood the characters so well. You are such a sweet person and a great writer Embarrassed Just believe in yourself. Star All the best! Thank you so much! 

And finally, how could I forget -

**Aashi : Thank you so much for reading my FF and loving it LOL You are the most AMAZING person I have met on IF and I love you Aashiii Hug I can't say anymore. I just love talking to you about everything. You have been through everything with me. Even though we barely talk now I know you will always be there! LOVE YOUU! 

**Richa : Thank you so much for reading my FF. I know we barely get to talk nowadays but you are one of the sweetest people I know here and its always so much fun speaking with you! We talk after so long and you realise that I like ArHi and I even write an FF! LOL Thank you for being there always! Hug

And finally all those who commented regularly. I know what every reader thinks ( those who comment ) I don't know your names so I am not mentioning them but I love how you guys share your point of views. I love all of youu Hug Hug


When IPK had started I remember telling my friends that I hated the show because there was so much drama and rubbish! it was not half as nice as MJHTLOL ( I had followed that show all through ). None of us could forget MoNaya/ SaJan. It was only recently, around Feb/March that I sat and saw the whole show. And I loved it. I still found it too dramatic but ArHi were great. Through everything, they stood strongEmbarrassedStar. Their chemistry sizzled right through, those stares, those small touches, the anger, the passion everything. That is something that made me write this FF. So here end's my first ArHi FF. EmbarrassedBig smile

This FF means a lot to me and I hope you guys aren't disappointed. I have had a great time writing for you eager readers Big smile 

In this last update, I have tried to sum up the FF and give a strong platform for the next season which is now confirmed. Embarrassed I hope you will read that too.

Thanks a ton, EVERYONE Star

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Chapter 24 : Last One Standing


"Good morning," Khushi said kissing Arnav. "Good morning" He said wrapping his arms around his wife and holding her close against him. As the memories of last night dawned in on them, they flushed turning pink. It was the best night of their lives. They were in love, they had vented out all their passion in just one night. They were one. They belonged to each other. No one could change that. "What time do we need to check out?" Khushi asked resting her head on his bare chest lazily. "at noon." He mumbled. "Shouldn't we pack?" Khushi asked reluctantly. "We should." Arnav said still holding on to Khushi. "Arnav, move, get up." She said. "I said we should, not that we would." He said kissing her neck again.




Desperate times call for desperate measures. But he couldn't do anything. He was helpless and powerless. "It's over," he muttered, speaking to the four walls in the small room. "It has been for awhile now." He told himself. "I kept believing what I wanted to." He was unsteady, overwhelmed with emotions he couldn't envisage. He was wounded and defeated. Life had ruthlessly thrown him into a corner, all alone with no one by his side. Shyam Oberoi sat in a small room, he rented in Mumbai, all alone. He had been abandoned by everyone he loved, by everyone who he ever cared about. What did he have left in this world? Just a few things to do before he could end it all.






Arnav's Point Of View


We walked through the airport holding hands and all I could think of was - the first time, when we had walked around Victoria Memorial, and how my hands had itched to hold hers. How my arms wished they could just brush against hers once. She was so beautiful, her voice was like music to my ears and all I wanted to do was marry her. My heart had been beating so fast almost making her answers inaudible. I laughed as I remembered how I was trying to calm myself by saying that this girl, is NEVER going to say yes! Arnav Singh Raizada, you're just not good enough for her. So don't be nervous. I am just doing this for Mamiji. I was so stupid. "Arnav, why are you laughing?" Khushi asked me as we proceeded for security check. "Nothing Khushi, just thinking of something." I replied shaking my head. I was so stupid then. I just went to see Khushi for Mamiji. Who knew I would fall so madly in love with her. The unthinkable happened. As we proceeded towards the flight, I felt so much more confident about myself. I felt happier about me. Unlike the first night, I was so confused. I didn't know what to say or do. I didn't know her that well either, everything had happened very fast.



But when I lay in bed beside her. My hands went out of control and then she stopped me. I was so embarrassed that day. I had promised that I would never go close to her again. I never intended to make her feel uncomfortable, but I had lost control of myself and I was so embarrassed. I always wondered why she had stopped me. I was upset actually, maybe even a little angry but when I thought about it I realized that she had barely known me for 4 days then! I couldn't expect her to be so comfortable so fast. But my heart, it just wanted to see her smile. It still does and now I actually see that smile on her face. She held my arm as we got on the flight and I saw that sweet smile on her face. The one I always wanted to see.



 "Things have changed so much." I commented, reflecting my thoughts. "Hmm, but why are you saying this all of a sudden?" she asked. "Was just thinking about our past." I said smiling. "Oh. No wonder you were laughing. Were you laughing at me?" she asked as she scowled. "Haha, No. I wasn't. I was laughing at myself. I was so nervous the day I had come to meet you!" "(in awe) really? YOU were nervous? Before I thought you were a calm and composed person, but you know what? Now I realize I was SO wrong. You get super nervous super fast!" she said shaking her head laughing. "I am actually never confident enough." "You are confident, just not about yourself!" she said pulling my cheeks. "Don't pull my cheeks!" I said. She purposely pulled them again. She rested her head on my shoulders as the flight took off. It was just the two of us in the flight. So peaceful. So Quiet. Just the way I liked it. I let my thoughts flood my mind again.




*Knock Knock* Shyam knocked at the familiar door. She opened the door. She was about to slam it shut when he stopped her. Entering without her offering he took a seat. She didn't have anything to say to him. They were done for good and he knew that. "Shyam, how many times do I have to kick you out?" Anita scolded. She knew he was suffering and he knew that she was still upset. "Just this last time," he said. "What the he--"Just once hear me out and I will leave, I will leave forever." Anita's heart sank but she didn't show it. She stood there listening. "I am sorry," he said calmly. She crossed her hands over her chest. "I wronged you. You were true to me, you loved me and I wronged you. I know how it feels to be betrayed. I shouldn't have done that with you Annie." He said apologetically. She could see the truth in his eyes. He was completely broken, this time no one could pull him together. "I never respected what we had and that's what I am paying for now. What I had I didn't value and I ran after something I couldn't get." He uttered mocking himself. Scowling at himself for the things he did. "I don't doubt that she loves me but I know that she won't come back to me. She's angry, she's furious because of the way I behaved. I have known for long now. I should have told you the truth but my heart was turbulent and I could no longer feel the pain around me. I could just feel the one pain inside me." He admitted. A tear escaped his eyes. "You are an angel Anita and any man would be lucky to have you in his life. I was lucky but I destroyed it with my own hands so I can't even blame you or anyone. I just wanted to say sorry, one last time. Maybe you could forgive me. Just this one time." He said. Anita looked him in the eye. "It's okay Shyam. I forgive you. But that's all I can give you. Nothing more." She said. "That's all I ask for." He said getting up to leave. As he inched to the door she stopped him, "Take this, it was your mother's ring, you gave it to me." She said handing him a diamond ring. He accepted it, smiled and left.





Things have changed so much, first we had to make so much of an effort to talk or even look at each other. Especially, After I saw her-- her-- with Shyam. It was painful even to remember that day. My eyes becomes moist every time I think about it and once again I had those tears in my eyes. My heart had sunk totally, when I saw them so close. Khushi screaming and Shyam hurting her. They hadn't even realized I was there. That day was outrageous. I was so furious. I still remember how I had yelled at my employees and I hadn't even spoken to Khushi. My eyes were red that day. I wasn't in the state to say a word. Emotions failed to express how I felt that time. The girl I loved so much, more than I had ever loved anyone, had been lying to me all along? That night tons of questions were flooded my mind. Why did she marry me? Why didn't she tell me before marriage that she loved someone else.. Why? But when I came to know the answers. I was shocked and refrained from asking any more questions. Khushi was crying and I needed to be there to calm her. My pain could wait. She was more important. I shut my eyes and rested my head against hers. She had been so broken that time. I tried not to care, I tried avoiding her but I couldn't. She was so sorry about what she had done but I that time all I could think of was that would she have told me if I hadn't seen them together? At the end of the day she moved on. Thinking about that incident made my heart heavy. My hold on Khushi grew firm and her head jerked up. "What happened?" she asked. "Arnav? Tell me? You look so tensed." Khushi said, her expressions changing vigorously from a smile to a look of astonishment and worry. How can I tell her what I was thinking about? That would make her sad and just ruin the mood. Think of something fast. A joke. Or anything! "Khushi, nothing! Was just thinking-- umm-- about something!" "Arnav! You have to tell me about this something. You were laughing then and now your almost in tears. What happened? Can't you tell me?" she asked, making an innocent face. "Nothing Khushi, just thought about my parents. That's why I am a little emotional. Its okay. I am fine!" I made up. I would need sometime to forget all of this. This phase in life hasn't been very easy. "No you're not alright. And why are you sad thinking about your parents? God has given you such a loving mother. Could you get anyone better than Mamiji? A person who loves you so much?" she said. I shook my head. I knew that. Mamiji was an angel, God had pitied me and sent her to help me. Khushi went back to sleep and I got back to my thoughts -- I had to help her with her pain, didn't I? I had promised to keep her happy, always. How could I do this to her? Maybe she was never meant for me, I had thought. Anyway she is just too good for me.


Those nights were difficult, but they passed away, and a new sun shone in the sky and smiled upon us. "Arnav, how long will it take?" she said in a moaning tone. "Just another 2 hours." I said surprised myself. She looked up at me. "Has it sunk in yet? You got the tender?" she asked happily. I smiled. She knew exactly how to make me happy. "Not really. I think when I start working on it..." "No more late nights." She declared. I had never given her quality time and now it was time to change that. "As you wish, madam." I said. Her face lightened up and a smile spread on her face and she looked perfect again. I always thank god for giving me such a perfect wife. I am so lucky. Sometimes I actually feel, do I deserve her? Do I really deserve her? She is so loving, extravagant, beautiful and I don't even give her enough time and she still adjusts with me. What would I even do without her?




Shyam stopped by a go down. A few men smoking cigars sat there talking. " Main paise le aya.(I have the money)." Shyam said recognizing someone, a man with a moustache chewing paan. He looked at Shyam. "Mujhe apna package do. (I want the package I had asked for.)" He said. The man handed Shyam the package. "Paisa dikha pehle. (Show me the money)" The man asked. Shyam handed him the ring. "2-3 dine ke liye kaafi hai? (Enough for a few days?)" he asked. "thik, Agar wapis nahi laya na toh tujhe issi se ura dalunga! (If you don't get it back, I'll blow your head with this itself)" The man threatened. Shyam smirked. He knew what he had to do. They would only be able to kill him if there was something left to kill. Shyam looked inside the package. He took out the revolver and checked it. "Thank you." He said waving the revolver at the man.




"Arnav! Thank you." She said. I was surprised at the suddenness of the 'thank you'. "Umm.. For?" I asked. "For being there, for loving me. I would be lost in life if it weren't for you. You gave me a second chance. You loved me so much. I just so sor--"Oh please Khushi" I said immediately. I loved her and what was past was over. I didn't have the hitch to talk to her anymore. "I am more than happy to be on this flight with you. I wouldn't be with anyone else. I just want to spend my life with you." I said looking at her. Khushi smiled at me. I was never very good at expressing myself. I was always silent, whatever happened. But today I feel that I need to express that I am happy being here. "Khushi, all these years, I have stayed alone, I never thought of taking a break." I began slowly. She listened. "Well, what break would I take? Where would I go? I never had many friends, and the few I had made in college-- huh-- I have no idea where they are now. What break would I take. So now, when I have such a beautiful wife why wouldn't I want to spend all my time with her? I promise we will go for a long vacations soon." I said looking the other side. "Oh great! Where are we going?" she asked making me smile. "Khushi" I laughed, "You decide" I said. "Paris? I don't even mind visiting London again? Properly. Or maybe the US?" she said excited. Arnav smiled. "I will take you all around the world Khushi Singh Raizada," he said. "Yay!" she said.



"So Arnav, tell me more about college, Anjali?" she asked. I was silent. "Anjali was my best friend. Anjali was smart, vivacious and very talkative. We would talk for hours non-stop and she would tell me how great I was and the amount of potential I had. She always said that I would be the best in whatever I did. She always told me that I was made for greatness." I said remembering Anjali. Suddenly a part of me wished she was here. Obviously as a friend. "I had another friend Aditya Modi. Three of us were always together. Now I really don't know where they are. After college we just lost touch." I said. "Any other girlfriends I should know about?" Khushi asked. I laughed. "No. Anjali was my first and last serious girlfriend. And who do you think would like a guy like me?" "I do." She said smiling. "That's because your Buaji forced you to marry me, you had no other option but to be with me!" I said. "Excuse me?" she said completely shocked. "So Mr. Raizada thinks that I am with him only because Buaji told me to?" she said giving me a sly look. "Um-- no -- I-- I was just saying initially--" I shook my head. "Bunk, lets talk about something else." I said. "NO. Now we are going to talk about this first!" she said. "Khushi, I was just saying generally. Don't read to much into it." I said trying to change the topic. "NO. Why do you think I wouldn't be with you if Buaji hadn't forced me to marry you?" I sighed. "Well, you asked for it, truthfully, tell me, would you have married me if you weren't forced? Even if you weren't in love with Shyam, would you want to spend your whole life with a guy like me?" I asked. I knew the answer. This debate was just useless, Khushi wouldn't have never chosen me as her life partner if not for Buaji. "Umm-- maybe-- If I would have got to know you! And any girl who knows the real you, will madly fall in love with you!" she said. "But now its too late. You're already taken." She said kissing me. I laughed. She was so adorable. She knew how to twist and turn things so well. "Arnav? You are so loving and caring. I am actually glad Buaji forced me. I don't know what I would do without you? Its scary even to think about it! I couldn't have got a better husband." she said. I couldn't think of my life without her either. I loved her so much. "I was wondering, Did you love me when-- I mean-- when you came to know about me and--Shyam?" she asked. I looked into her eyes. I nodded. "Seriously? That's why you didn't kick me out of your house!" She said. "So?" "No, nothing. I always wondered why you didn't divorce me when you came to know that I was in love with someone else." she said. Quietness filled the atmosphere. But then she quickly said something again, "You must have felt so bad. I am really sorry. I have given you so much trouble!" "Khushi now please stop this. We are going home so just cheer up and smile. Everything is fine now. That time has gone. Now there is no Shyam between us. SO be happy!" I said. So much had happened between us. But yet, at the end she is with me. How can I ever thank god for this.? In these 6 months we spent together, atleast I must have thought a hundred times that "Gosh. This time I have lost her!" But no. She is still here. and now I am never going to lose her. NEVER. She nodded and lightened the mood. "By the way, Did you ever feel like killing Shyam?" she asked with a slight smile. Was this a Joke? "What? Kill?" l exclaimed. This girl has LOST it! "Why are you getting so hyper? I am not asking you to kill someone! Just asking if you thought of it? Like Robin thought of killing Nora when Barney was in love with her" Oh God! Not again! Khushi is crazy about this stupid show which I hate! Whenever I see it I feel sleepy and grossed out after a while. Anyway, I'll be bearing that the rest of my life now. "Umm.. Did you want me to kill him?" I asked being sarcastic ofcourse. "Oh please. I know you didn't even feel like doing that for a second." She said confidently. "Actually, at a point I did. I felt like blasting into your room and strangling him. I really did." I said looking away. "Maybe more than once," I said thinking. "Every time I saw him look at you I felt like killing him." Khushi burst out laughing! I frowned but joined in the laughter.


As the flight was landing she shut her eyes. I noticed her fist tighten and she clutched her dupatta. I placed my hand gently around her shoulders. She relaxed a little but was still scared. The temperature was moderate in Mumbai and it was windy. I held her hand as the driver drove us home.



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 The next day was the unusual. It was 9:00 am and Arnav Singh Raizada was still in bed. Khushi lay beside him shaking him. "Get up." She mumbled half asleep herself. "Arnav." She said again. Arnav moved a little. He put one arm around her. "What's the time?" he asked. "I think it's nine." Khushi said squinting at her watch. "WHAT?" Arnav sprang up. "I am usually in office by now." "Yes, go have a bath." Khushi said casually. Arnav had a quick bath and then Khushi went and freshened up. Breakfast was already cold. The cook had to re-heat everything. Arnav ate silently. "So, what time will you be back?" she asked. "9." he said biting into his toast. "WHAT?" she exclaimed. "Khushi, I always come at 9." "That was when you were working on the tender!" Khushi said. "Yes, now also I'll have to work on the tender? Who is going to finish it?" Arnav asked. "You have such a huge company, is there no one who can  do it except you? Do you have to do everything?" "Why don't you come to office today with me? Learn some work. Then you can help and we can get it done faster." He said. "No. Thank you. I have a cooking class to attend and I am just not interested. I never wanted to work anyway. You better be home by 8." She ordered. "8:30?" he bargained. "Arnav!" she said. "Khushi!" he said. "That's not done." "What's not done?" "Okay, fine. Done. 8:30, you better be at home." She said finalizing the deal.


After Arnav left for office she sat in her room reviewing the drama in her life. Later she went to her cooking class. Everything seemed different. These two-three days had changed her life, it had given her a new direction'. Cooking class had suddenly become a dreaming class. "KHUSHI!" NK screamed. I looked up to see that the dish had burnt. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he scolded. "Sorry Sir." I said trying to do some damage control. At the end of class NK asked her if everything was okay. "Ofcourse it is." She said. "You seemed so lost in class today. And sorry, I shouted." He said. "You are the teacher and teachers shout sometimes." Khushi grinned. "So how is Sahana doing?" "She's great. She has improved her grades and she listens to me now." "What? I didn't even speak--"I grounded her." NK said sighing. "Oops. I am sure she didn't take it well initially." "Yes, there was a lot of shouting involved but then it was fine. She understood I think." "Let's hope so." Khushi said.


At home, Khushi was really bored. What was she supposed to do? Usually, she would stay longer at cooking class, have lunch with NK or something and then go home around 2:30 only in time to call Arnav to make sure he ate lunch. Then she would read a book or watch TV. Then she would talk on the phone for a while and get back to the TV. She practiced what she was taught at cooking class and it would be time for Arnav to come home. But today she didn't stay back at cooking class. There was nothing that could grab her attention on TV and no book seemed appealing enough to take her mind off Arnav. She waited for it to be 2:30 so she could call him. She called at 1pm instead. "Hi!" she chirped. "Hi, how was cooking class?" he asked. "Nothing great, how was your day?" she asked. "Nothing great either. Just doing some paper work." She sighed. "had lunch?" he asked her. "Not yet, you?" "No." he said. Khushi didn't know what to say and nor did Arnav. "I miss you already." She said. "Me too." Arnav agreed. "You better take me on a vacation soon!" "How about next week?" Arnav said. "What? Really? Yay!" She sang. "Everything is settled here. We can go if you want to!" "Ofcourse I want to!" he said.


It was 6:30 pm and the doorbell rang. Khushi was reading an old book in the living room when she thought she heard Arnav's voice. She got up and went outside to see Arnav loosening his tie. "Oh my god! This has to be a dream!" she said in awe. Arnav smiled a little. "I couldn't work much today. I was just thinking about you and how you would be waiting at home." He said. She took his briefcase and we walked up. Khushi could not believe her eyes. He was here so early. "I have a little surprise for you!" he said. "There's more?" Khushi's eyes widened. Arnav threw her a killer smirk. He switched on his laptop and showed her. "Oh My God!" she gasped. "Are you crazy!?" "You really wanted to go and I can take some time off so..." "But a World Tour! 2 months long! Oh My God!" Khushi was so excited. She just couldn't believe it. It was all happening so fast. "We even have our honeymoon pending," Arnav winked, "And what about Mamiji's wish?" he said. Khushi looked blankly at Arnav. "What wish?" Arnav leaned in and whispered in her ears. Khushi blushed and turned away. "Arnav!" she said widening her eyes. "First tell me, did you like the surprise?" "This is what you were doing in office?" she asked. "After you called at 1, yes. I have finalized everything and we leave next week." He said. The servant entered and gave them coffee.



Arnav had only drank a sip when a voice came, "Sir," A servant entered "Yes?" Arnav said. "Shyam Oberoi is here, he wants to meet you." The servant informed. "What?" "Yes, the guards called, they haven't let him in yet. They are waiting for your orders." The servant waited. "What does he want now?" Khushi wondered disgusted listening to his name. "I'll get rid of him." Arnav said getting up. "Atleast drink your coffee first!" Khushi said. "I'll come back and have it." He left his coffee on the side table and went downstairs.




"What do you want?" Arnav asked walking all the way to the front gate. "I wanted to see Khushi one last time. To say goodbye." He said not looking at Arnav. He hated Arnav. He didn't even pretend to respect him. It was Arnav who had snatched Khushi from him. How could he ever like the man? Khushi was Shyam's life and he just wanted to see her one last time. "She isn't coming," Arnav said bluntly. "Why? Just once." "After all the pain you've caused her she doesn't want to meet you Shyam. Can you blame her?" Shyam's heart sank. He really wanted to see her one time. He wouldn't take a no from him. "I know, I have come to apologize. I don't mean any harm. Just once--"I think you should leave, I don't trust you after what you did to her." Arnav said adamantly. Shyam clenched his fists. He had promised himself to keep his calm. Say his goodbye and sorry and then walk away. He wasn't here to fight, he was just here to see her one last time. But somehow Arnav always brought out the worst in Shyam. He kept telling himself to control. "Please ASR," he begged, "I love her." "How dare you!" Arnav raised his voice. "I will go away, just once." "There is nothing you can say that will make me trust you!" Arnav repeated. "You don't have to trust me god damnit! I just want to say sorry and leave." "I-- "You are wrong, again! She does want to see me." Shyam said looking behind Arnav. Khushi was coming behind him. A smile formed on Shyam's lips.




He looked at her mesmerized. "I knew you would come!" he told Khushi. "I don't care what you know. I came here to call Arnav inside." "Khushi, I am sorry, I am really sorry for everything that I did to you." Khushi looked away. She didn't know what to say. "I just wanted to see you one last time. I am going away Khushi, forever. This is the last time you'll ever see me. Atleast look at me once." He said genuinely. He stepped towards Khushi but Arnav moved in between. Khushi looked away. "Told her sorry, now leave!" he ordered. She didn't know whether she could trust him. She didn't think she could. She didn't even want to anymore. "I don't take orders from you, ASR!" Shyam said raising his voice. Arnav was getting on his nerves. "Shyam, LEAVE" Khushi said, "You have no right to speak to my husband like that!".  "You have always come in between us. If you weren't there, Khushi would have been mine. But anyway, I'll go." Shyam told Arnav. "You are wrong!" Khushi reprimanded. "I love him. I didn't love you. It was just some attraction." She said. "What? Attraction. Don't say that. Our love was so strong." He said tears forming in his eyes. His heart burned with Khushi's words. "It was a mere infatuation Shyam. Please for godsake accept it and leave! Stop showing up every now and then. In simple words, LEAVE. I tried to make you understand but you don't get it. Wherever you register stuff, remember, I do not have feelings for you! I love Arnav." Khushi said frustrated.  "You love him?" Shyam laughed cynically. "You don't let him touch you but you love him. Huh. You were forced into the marriage. You always loved me. But now you say you love him. You don't love him. You never have, you never will. You both haven't even--" Shyam hissed. "SHYAM!" Khushi yelled. "You have no right!" she screamed. "Khushi, I don't want to fight with you. I want to remember this last time I see you for all eternity." He said trying to calm down but his temper rose beyond the limit by what Khushi said next, "Good, so now leave and let me make one thing clear, I love Arnav. He is my husband and we are one by all means. In everyway." She emphasized, answering Shyam's incomplete question. "You have no right to comment on the strength of our relationship." She stated holding Arnav's hand. "NO!" he yelled. "I don't. But we both know that you don't let him even touch you. I have seen the awkwardness between the two of you. You don't love him!" Shyam roared. Arnav could see the wrath in Shyam's eyes. This was not going to end well. Arnav was suddenly alert. Shyam was losing it. "SHUT UP. You will never change. You came to apologise for Sh!t. You can go to hell because Arnav and I, we love each other and we are one by all means." She repeated. Shyam's face became pale. He didn't want to know that. He didn't want to picture it but he could see it so clearly. Arnav and Khushi in one bed, Arnav devouring Khushi. He couldn't take it anymore. His anger had risen beyond all levels. He couldn't even imagine his Khushi with another man. He had lost everything and now even his fantasy, even his obsession was gone. His own world where Khushi still loved him came crashing down and shattered into a billion pieces. There was nothing left. His fantasy was over too. He just had one more thing to lose which he lost just after his fantasy... CONTROL.




It was that moment and the next. Arnav and Khushi fell to the ground and The guards pinned Shyam to the ground.




"ARNAAAV!" Khushi yelled holding him in her arms. "NOO!" she cried in agony. "I love you!" he whispered painfully. His head covered in sweat and his eyes bloodshot. Shyam had pulled out a revolver and shot Arnav without a second thought. "If I can't have you, no one can." Shyam muttered. Khushi could barely even listen to his voice. He had bought the revolver to end his life, but ended up using it on Arnav. He lay there is pain seeing everything he loves fade away. He watched his life drain out. "No!" Khushi yelled traumatized. The guards had already called the police and the driver pulled out the car.


On the way, Khushi held onto Arnav and begged him to stay with her. She couldn't watch him die. "You cannot leave me Arnav, you promised me a vacation, we were supposed to go one a world tour together, you promised to be there always and forever. We were meant to be. You can't leave me. Not now. Not ever. Wake up. Please don't leave. You can't do this to me. I love you Arnav. Don't leave me. No. No. No. God can't do this to us. This can't be the end. It was just the beginning. It can't end." She cried. He was unconscious laying on her lap. "Driver Jaldi Karo!" She screamed and she could see the blood ooze out of his stomach. "Arnav." She shook him. "No.. You cannot die. You can't leave me alone. Arnav." He lay there still with a calm and composed face. Silence. Quietness. Warmth. Coldness. Everything at once.




Love is not who you were expecting, love is not who you can predict. Maybe love is in New York City, already asleep, and you are in California, Australia, wide awake. Maybe love is always in the wrong time zone, maybe love is not ready for you. Maybe you are not ready for love. Maybe love just isn't the marrying type. Maybe the next time you see love is twenty years after the divorce, love is older now, but just as beautiful as you remembered. Maybe love is only there for a month. Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit. Maybe love stays- maybe love can't. Maybe love shouldn't.

Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to, and love leaves exactly when love must. When love arrives, say, "Welcome. Make yourself comfortable." If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her. Turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper, "Thank you. Thank you for stopping by." -- Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye


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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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I hope you enjoyed the last update and I am surely waiting for some feedback, I want LONG comments from everyone. I want you to tell me how was your experience reading this FF. If you'll truly had a good time do tell me what you liked the best. 

I know this is sort of a cliffhanger but you will only know more about this in Season 2. So hold your breath! LOL

Thank you so much for reading,
Manjari Star

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Season 2

After reading the update, you know where S2 will start off from. There will be a leap of about 6 months. Some key points about S2 to avoid confusion and questions:

* Arnav and Khushi will be married.

*Anjali will enter in S2. 

About Anjali many of you said that you'll aren't used to seeing them as lovers. See, I would hate repeating my plot so Anjali will not be like Shyam. Yes, Arnav and Anjali will share a relation but it won't be of lovers. I know how you'll picture Anjali and there is a reason why I chose her to play Arnav's ex-girlfriend. The Girl who changed his life. So just wait for her to enter and I promise you will love her as much as you love Arnav Embarrassed

* Arnav is NOT dead. ( I think you'll know that! LOL )

* Shyam may/ may not be there. But his role as a negative character is done. I know you may not smpathise with him anymore but you will change your mind in the next season.

* The season will be packed with new twists and turns between all of which ArHi will have their first baby EmbarrassedBig smile 

* more intense, more dramatic and most important - It will still have Arnav & Khushi LOL

I will only be able to begin the next season sometime after my exams. I will need time to build on my ideas and form a plot. I will begin tentatively on the 1st of October. ( My exams end on the 26th of September. )

Until then, I will be continuing with my other FF : An Arhilicious Tale and try making that as interesting as this one! Please so read it and give your feedback.

Those who don't know about it, Link -

Thank you,

Manjari Hug

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--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved d update
thank goodness Arnav is gonna be safe Smile

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Barun_Gf IF-Sizzlerz

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Ms spammer Cool LOL
 Hug Well i m still angry girl how could you dis Angry u killed anrav Shocked u r so bad i ahte 
u killed him well not killed him shot him wid dat creepo dats y i asked u not bring dat creepo here c he destroyed dere happilly married life urrrghhh AngryAngry

wat the u didnt liked ipk Shocked

u really have the power to shock me Angry

Ahhh i so love dere mrng talk wish bus dat would cntinue like dat only [:'>]

I m really happiie dat creepo deserve to be alone only Tongue

Mnjari i love the way u penned arnav pov it was really beautiful wriitten Clap loll he was just doing for mamiji and he thinks dat khushi would never say him yess just bcz he is quite type Angry

U made me remeber dere first night how arnav was hurt bcz of khushi well dat tym khushi also wasnt rady for the relationship but still dat stopping himmhurted him too muchOuch

Lolll khushi arnav convo was awesome and arnav asking not to pull her cheeks made me remembber ipk scene wen khushi did the same and arnav said i m nt a kid anymore dnt do dis hayeee at was so cute and pretty moment for me EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

no comments for shyam part Angry i hate dat creepo AngryAngry

I reaally enjoyed arnav pov and his feeling abt khushi and towards his past finally dere was memories of arnav past of khushi whom he never shared wat he elt how he thinks and ol although dere were some feelings in the updates in the past but dis was one was something i never thought of 

Again ignoring creepo partwa AngryAngry

Loll bargaining for tym i never heard any sort of line in my entire life till now LOL

Awww khushi was so lost in arnav dat she didnt cared for her clsses hehehe and burnt her sabzi LOL well pyaar ka side effects u c EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

He came early ShockedShocked 6.30 bje hoe come raizada ko office mein koi kaam nai hai kya ShockedShocked

Ohh la la two months for world tour 

Finally u made me speak for dat creepo

Urgghhh he is so stubborn mannn cnt he see dat khushi is madly in love wid arnav and aftr hearing dat dey have beceme one still he was thinking to get her and last wat he did was expected i thought he bought the gun for arnav only but ltr wen u said datit was shyam himself shocked me . But see hua wahin wat i expected he shooted him only CryCry



No comments for season2 jab ayega tab hi mera cmnt v ayega Evil Smile

But ek request plzzz jaldi strt krna season 2

P.s i love dis ff very much and i m gonna miss it to the core

P.P.S i knw u hve shot arnav but dnt kill him or paralize him or any sort of nonsense oderwise it wont be gud for u Wink


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