Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

-:: Nautanki Times # 57 - BAAL BAAL Dekho GAAL ::-

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Nautanki Times #57

Shivu - Yun ke... who is this.. making the NL in my absence Angry

Tanu - Woh.. Woh .. Aur kaun..Geek

Shivu - Woh kaun? Confused

Tanu - Aare.. woh ..woh . RK ke bagal wale lock up ke qaidi ko pakadne wale Inspector Joshi ke chachere behen ke chote bhai ke sasural Indore me rehne wale door ke rishtedar ke behnoi ke bete ke dost ki behan ..aur kaun!!

ShivuConfused Confused Sleepy chaddo ji.. ek mahine se RK ke gaal ke baal ki pareshani kum thi.. Silly ke aab ye sab..D'oh

Tanu - Oh dunchya worry.. wahan RK ke gaal se baal chatte... aur Dimple dikhe.. yahan apne NL ka naya edition nikla! Wink LOL

So folks..READ ON ..!! Embarrassed



Heads: -Dimple- & .BadtameezDil.

Headers: .BadtameezDil.
Newsletter Banner.BadtameezDil.
Award Signatures : MarshP
Introduction : Armu4eva
Summary of the Week: -sweetgal19-
Ishqian Moment of the Week : M.Hurr
Punchline of the Week : Armu4eva
Stupidest Moment of the Week : Armu4eva 
Bakra of the week : Armu4eva 
Dialogue of the week : -Dimple- 
Picture of the Week : Armu4eva 
Superstar of the Week : M.Hurr
Icon of the Week [ANIMATED] : Sunshine Girl
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Fashion Sense that needs to be trashed- chiknichameli07
Nailed it Scene of the Week : Mayu

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Monday, 12th August

The episode starts with Madhu acting like she hates RK and RK is utterly confused with her behaviour. RK asks Madhu whether she will be with RK for life time and he asks  her to promise but Madhu doesn't promise him,remembering Sultan's words. Madhu tells that she will not be in RK's life and gives the divorce papers  to RK so RK gets shocked. RK tells Madhu that she should not act with him and he asks her the real reason for wanting a divorce. Madhu tells that Sultan only told her to do this and lies that she actually loves Sultan. RK tells that Madhu is lying and he gets angry with Madhu and after that Madhu feels bad.Episode ends with both of them feeling bad for each other. 


Tuesday, 13th August

The episode starts with Madhu trying to kill Sultan with knife but it only wounds him. Sultan threatens that he would kill RK if she doesnt get the divorce quicklty. Sultan tries to go out from Madhu's home and Bittuji is there so Sultan is unable to escape.However  Deepali helps Sultan to escape from that place,unknown to everyone else. Bittuji tells Madhu that RK wants to talk with her but Madhu tells that she will not talk to him. Bittuji asks what happened between RK and Madhu and Bittuji shows the divorce paper to RK. Bittuji speaks bad of RK to see if Madhu gets affected and she does get affected which is clear when she slaps Bittuji.


Wednesday, 14th August

The episode starts with Madhu slapping Bittuji and orders him not to interfere in their personal matters. Madhu asks Bittuji to get out from her room but feels very bad for Biituji. Radha searches for Madhu and she tells Deepali that she is packing her bag so Deepali is very happy about Sultan's plan. RK and Madhu divorce issues is published in news and Radha hears that so she gets shocked. Deepali appreciates Madhu and Radha asks RK about this divorce issue and Madhu  tells her that she cant stand RK anymore. Sultan appreciates Madhu because she gets divorced from RK and he says that he only published the news in the media. Sultan asks Madhu to forget RK as soon as possible. Madhu comes home so Radha and Bittuji is happy but Deepali is not happy.


Thursday, 15th August

The episode starts with Madhu asking RK if he will return the papers. RK says he will not return them and they fight. RK tells Madhu why she married him, why she suffered for him when he was in jail. But Madhu maintains that she wants a divorce. RK finally says done. Radha asks Madhu why she is packing and Madhu says she is leaving. and that she cannot stay with RK like this. She pretends to be angry and says she wants a divorce and will leave immediately.On a parting note she adds that she does not love RK anymore and that the wedding day is over. Radha tries to stop Madhu.


Friday, 16th August

The episode starts with Radha asking Madhu the reason for her to divorce RK but Madhu is unable to tell the reason. Madhu thinks about Radha's words and Deepali's words and she falls down on the steps, RK catches her. Deepali serves food for RK and Radha tells her that she should give food for her husband Sikki instead. Radha tells Madhu to serve food for RK and RK asks why Madhu gives divorce to him and he asks the reason to Madhu. Madhu does not tell any reason for which RK tells that she is very adamant. Deepali hears Madhu and RK's conversation but they are unaware. RK comes out from his room and he finds Deepali hiding in there but she tells an excuse and leaves.


Saturday, 17th August

The episode starts with RK drinking. Radha asks RK not leave Madhu and that if he leaves Madhu he will lose all happiness in his life. RK tells Radha that she is acts like an actress. Radha fells very bad for Madhu and Rk. Deepali drinks. Sikki and Deepali have romantic dance with each other. Sikki attends Sultan's call. Deepali tells Sultan that Madhu has told RK that Madhu loves Sultan. When Sikki asks Deepali who was she talking to Deepali says it's a secret. Sultan asks Madhu to cooperate with the lawer when he comes to talk to her. When lawer asks RK and Madhu to sign the divorce paper. RK denies to sign the paper as he needs some more time to make the maaiage work Judge postpones the judgement.

17th Aug:

Madhu coming down from the stairs all lost in Dipali's words about her taking place in RK's bad and upset madhu is about to slip when RK comes and holds her in his arms and they share a very intense eyelock mixed with the feelings of pain and love.(symbolism madhu is about to slip but RK gets her in timeWink)

The scene that made
it to the segment is expectedly the confrontation between RK and Madhu! The way
he directly confronted Madhu on reaching home about the divorce papers was
amazing! That shows that RK is madly, deeply and truly in love with Madhu! Just
the day before she yelled her lungs out about how she loved Sultan and how she
was tired about living life like this, under these circumstances. The way he
questions her about every time when she could have merrily left him to die at
his own mercy. Every question he asked, she shivered and her expressions told
only one thing, it was a lie! Till the last moment he had hope that he would
decipher the truth, but seeing Madhu care more about the divorce papers his
hope was down the drain! The Right Kameena was back with his brains and Madhu was
dying inside to lie to the very man she loves! It was indeed the return of the
Passionate RishBala!


The next scene that makes it to my list is another confrontation scene of RishBala! The scene is
powerful for the very fact that both are trying to convince to each other that
staying with each other or away, they will always love each other. Madhu wants
to leave him so Sultan won't kill RK and RK wants to stay with Madhu so he
doesn't die. So ironic, in both cases, either she leaves him or not, he is
going to die. He will always remember this as a Dhoka! But the last scene was
the icing on the cake when she shouts saying she loves Sultan, RK blocks her
against a wall and demands to know the truth. That was missing from the show,
Junoon bhara RK- Madhubala! So Welcome back PASSIONTE RishBala!

Despo Dipali.. ... Ouch  Hadd kar dali ...Angry

Be it eavesdropping every single conversation of Rishbala.. or giving running commentary watching Radha-Madhu ..or cooking for RK... or literally lying down on the bed of Rishbala Angry Dips would stoop to all low get what she wants..!! D'oh Sachchi mein.. Hayyo Rabba.. hi hai.. this woman! 

Radha ji and RK,RK for keep entertaining us with his punchlines no matter what the situation is and Radha ji for showing RK the mirror the reality which he will face when madhu will leave him forever and that happened in today's(18th August Episode) RK in no mood to give divorce to madhu. Way to go Radha ji,maa beta jodi roxxxClapClapClapmy stars of the week.

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Haiyo rabba.. omg omg ..Dancing look who is back... yes ..yes..

Sadda.. Munda.. Rishabh Kundra.. without the baalo ki bahar on his gora gora GAAL..! Embarrassed LOL 

And with this.. begins my entry for the Kodak Moments of the Week... 

Baho mein chale aao..

Well no matter the season . .no matter the reason...! Biwi ka pair fisla..aur ye lo.. RK ne CATCH lapka Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed what awesome timing Rishbala have Day Dreaming


Sare paper SWAHA ...

Oye balle .. balle ..te shava shava.. RK boy .. dil jeet liya... love loved the way RK said.. to Madhu ..tumhare Sulagte Surprise ko thoda aur Sulga raha hun and set the divorce papers on fire..!! Clap LOL


Panga na le.. varna Danga ho jaega..

Woot Woot Madhu ..three cheers Clap Clap Clap the way she reacted when RKs life was threatened..literally putting the knife on Sultans neck... ! Intense moment of Madhu-Sultan.. a surefire treat..! Sultans glare and Madhus dare..!


 RK: "How Dare You Madhubala?? Tumnein Aisa Soch Bhi Kaisa liya ki RK itna bada bewakuf hai!!  Jo Iss Bakwass Pe Yakin Kar Lega!! 

RK:"Madhubala, Tum Saari Duniyaan Ko Bewkoof Bana Sakte Ho, But Mujhe Nhi"

RK:"Ye Tumhara Pati Hai, Aur Ye Apni Patni Ko Bohot Acchi Tarah Jaante Hai,Tum Mere Liye Pareshan Ho Sakti Ho, Hurt Ho Sakti Ho, But Saath Chodh Ke Janaa, Nhi"

 Way to go RKClapClap Ufff kya jaan leva Dialogues maare iss poore hafte hamare tharkey neDay DreamingEmbarrassed Is it just me or RK looked way too HOT when he said "madhubala" Gossshhh I was blushing. I think he should call her Madhubala in between sometimes. Mazzaaa aata haiLOLWink


Madhu: "Dipali mein rahon ya na rahon, Tum RK ki zindagi mein sirf pairo mein pehne waali chappal ho"

ROFLROFL LOL yeh to poori RK ho gayiROFL ROFL Love you Mrs. Rishabh Kundra you are te bestClapClap


Radhaji:"Madhu tumne talak manga hai, jab tak woh mil nahi jaata abtak tum hi uski patni ho"

ShockedShockedOMG OMG look who is talking, its non other than RadhajiShockedLOL Lage rahoLOL


RK:"Dard bhi utna hi do jitna tumhare naam par bardaash kar paun"

"Diya maine tumhe yeh haq, de sakti ho tum mujhe dard. Tum bhi kya yaad karogi ki koi aisa tha jo tumse itni mohabbat karta tha ki tumhare dhoke mein, usne mohabbat dhoondni chahi"

CryCry Awww poor RK. But I just love his dialogues specially when it comes to some dard bhare ones

RK this week Embarrassed

Is this the hippie era of 1960s, Bittuji? Your shirt screams fashion disaster! That rainbow combination of red, green, yellow and violet needs to be trashed!

Ouch Ouch Who else.. but poor Madhu ...

Bechari ka BAD Luck hai ke khatam hi nahi hota Disapprove .. if Sultans blackmailing was not enough ... she had to endure Bittu ji ke teekhe sawal .. Dips cheap antics .. Radha jis gussa and RKs anger..and frustration. and the surprise Volte face by RK in court ...! Shocked

Hai re Glycerine Gods .. give the poor gal a break D'oh

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Agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti mere dard me meri dawa. .mere dukh me ..meri dua kyun bani ?? . -- RK to Madhu

Bilkul lakh take ki baat hai.. RK Wink Madhu kitna bhi chupale.. bahane bana way is it possible that she would love anyone but RK..! Embarrassed

Well cvs you are finally listening but dont give us false hope thanks for not let RK signing the papers(for no good in the future..hell no cant take it anymore)and its obvious now he will be after the truth behind Madhu's drama.Please cant stand no more to this weak Madhu am confused now to see her what she's doing,dont spoil the actress and her talentOuch

I would rate 2.5/5 ..  Sultan Dead Madhu seriously she is pissing me off nowadays..use ur brains girl .. whatever sultan says she is blindly obeying Thumbs Down I love RK to I want diovorce what a change Stern Smile Only right thing was return of our right kameena RK Evil SmileDancing another was the scene when RK tells its hurt him so much.

RK will do various vierd kind of things to make Madhu speak the truth . According to the news RK will bring a gril directly in their bedroom . This girl must be character actress & she just must be acting as RK must have hired her . In this way Madhu will be forced to feel Jealous & she won't be able to hide her Jealousy . 

  I also feel RK will come to know that Madhu is trying to hide something from him & she is doing all this things for some reason . 

My choice for this week is - Amu4eva

I've chosen Tanu to be our addict of the week after looking at her activity she has made 54 threads for the week in the Madhubala forum alone, she contributes by writing the Live Updates for our forum as well as her fair share of written updates for the episodes as well, but apart from her responsibilities as our coolbie (thank you Smile), tanu also opens additional topics, to give you a flavour of the discussion topics she opened this week they covered a wide range of subject matter, from posting caps and her analysis of what is happening in the pictures, RK giving a shock to Madhu in the courtroom and refusing to assent to the divorce, SBB Vivah and Rishbala segments, news from the colors website, the production house interviews for Vivian Dsena, Drashti Dhami's pictures, metromasti articles, TOI articles, HT and ZA production spoilers, twitter news, Bollywood life and Ormax news. Congratulations to her and thank you once again for your contribution, your hard work is very much appreciated by us all.

Here is your Prize siggy

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Thanks congrats to winners .

But I am not surprised to see bittuji in fashion section instead of sultan in his hideous hoody avatar even though forum was abuzz with their views on that ...last week dipali ... I did not find any thing wrong about her dress too ... LOL

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Wonderful edition of the newsletter everyone.

Congratulations to all the winners. Clap

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wow awesome NL...
lovely work tanu

congratz to winners

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