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TS: Irreversible Mistake, Part 3.2 (Alt End) Pg. 13 (Page 8)

Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuterishabhala

It was a very touching update...
Brought tears in my was a bit too emotional..
But i really luv d way u potray d emotions..
i wish dat even m able to potray d emotions in my ss:pyaar ki anokhi dastaan as beautifully as u do & make ppl feel d luv & passion..
it was a beautiful update & continue soon..

Aww! Thank you! Embarrassed It's always good to know if I am being overly dramatic or not dramatic enough.  Sometimes I do tend to forget important details.  Smile

You write beautifully as well. I am quite enjoying your new SS.  Hope you continue soon with it. Big smile

Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by punam2712



I can't accept it either that RK cheated. Even though he was completely drunk, I still can't seem to forgive him. So why should Madhu?  Bittuji is done with RK. When it comes to his Bhabiji...he doesn't play! 

Now on to the good bit of news, I was going to really keep it a secret. But I figured...may as well give a little bit of picker upper. A little cheer. After I do the sad ending, stay tuned for an alternate ending. Yep...that's right...two different endings! Big smile

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Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyachand

omg it was so painful!!! i really hope this doesn't happen!!! i wish you made Rk make an act to make madhu suffer. i personally feel strongly abt adultery. i dont want madhu to take back RK. he might have done it in alcoholic daze, still d intention was there na.

it was too painful to read. that too d first part. i really wish you made it as a set up by RK.

but you are writing was really good, made it very painful. are u planning to continue? you shd it is good.

Aww. I am sorry. Confused If it makes you feel better, it was painful for me to write as well.  I feel really strongly about adultery too. I know I wouldn't be able to get over it so how can we expect Madhu? 

Next update will be the conclusion. But here's the catch. After I finish this...I will do another update with an Alternate Ending. Wink Hint...hint...

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Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
Error. Reposting!

Sorry. For some reason my laptop not cooperating tonight for the posting. Will do it tomorrow. Confused

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Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Part 3 -- End

RK (confused):  What nonsense Bittuji?  Sultan is dead!  He died in front of my eyes.  I shot him!

Bittuji:  That was all a set up by Sultan.  (Sadly) We should have never doubted bhabiji€™s words that he is well, alive and playing games.  After she requested the divorce, I followed her to the chawl.  I wanted, no needed to ask her WHY she€™s asking for divorce when she loves you.  As soon as I arrived, I saw her with that SULTAN!  (Angrily) He was harassing bhabiji, invading her personal space, touching her.

RK (clenches his fists):  Why didn€™t you call me Bittuji?!?  I would have finished him off right then and there for touching my Madhu!

Bittuji (gives RK a withering stare):  Because the solution to this problem required a cool brain, not fists.  (Resumes his narration) I got as close as possible without alerting them and recorded their conversation.  I had it all recorded.   Sultan demanded that bhabiji divorce you and be with him in exchange for your freedom and safety.  Wondering why she didn€™t tell you or any of us?  Because Sultan had eyes and ears trained especially on you.  He had you beaten up in prison just to prove a point to bhabiji that he can easily have you killed.

RK (grits his teeth and clenches his fists in anger):  How dare he?!?  How dare he threaten my Biwi?!?  How dare he TOUCH my Biwi?  How dare he even BREATHE on my Madhu?  I am going to kill him Bittuji.  I am going to KILL HIM!  TEAR HIM FROM LIMB TO LIMB!

Bittuji (coldly):  That wouldn€™t be necessary.  Sultan is quite dead and his partner in crime is about to be arrested. 

RK (surprised):  How?

Bittuji (explains):  I have a friend in the army and he is an Intelligence officer and owed me a favor.  Police force already proved that they are incompetent in dealing with Sultan.  So I called in a favor.  Turns out they were starting to look into Sultan€™s activities in connection to arms deal.  They made a careful plan.  First scoped out his men, wire tapped this whole house because he was certain someone from within was feeding Sultan info.  Turns out he was right.  With a little bit of work, he and his team was able to trace Sultan€™s location.  (Scornfully) You were too busy in your extracurricular activity to notice.  But they just performed a simultaneous raid on Sultan and all his men, including the ones who were keeping an eye on you and the rest of the family. 

RK:  So it€™s all over?  Damn!  (Runs hand through his hair in frustration) I still wish Madhu had told me!

Bittuji:  Just one more piece to be bagged and then it will be all over.

RK:  Meaning?

Bittuji:  The insider who was feeding Sultan information is none other than your dear bhabi, Dipali. 

RK:  I am going to kill that b**ch!

Bittuji:  No need.  At this very moment, Dipali is being arrested on aiding and abetting a criminal and host of other charges.  She will be in jail for a VERY VERY long time. 

RK (hesitatingly):  Bittuji€where€™s Madhu?  I need to talk to her€immediately!

Bittuji (coldly):  Why?  So you can hurt her some more?

RK (pleads):  I love her Bittuji€and I need to set things right!

Bittuji:  After what you did€nothing can set it right.  You broke Bhabiji, you BROKE HER!

RK (yells):  Where is she Bittuji?!?

Bittuji (sighs):  She€™s downstairs with Auntyji. 

RK runs out the door.  He has to get to his Madhu and make everything right as soon as possible.  She has to accept his apology and forgive him.  The alternate is too painful to consider.  RK rushes down but halts at the base of the stairs, when he sees his beloved Madhu, sitting still beside his maa.  To an outsider, she would look completely normal.  But RK can see the dull, dead look in her eyes.  And he is TERRIFIED!

RK (rushes to Madhu and kneels down next to her):  Madhu?  (Pleads her to look at him) Look at me please.  I am sorry.  I am sorry Madhu.  Please look at me!

Radhaji (stands up and glares at RK):  Rishu€how could you do this to Madhu?!?  How could you?  Chi chi with another girl?  Chi chi!  Not even in my scariest nightmare did I ever think you would ever stoop so low.

RK (ashamed):  Maa.

Madhu (stands up and call for Patil and Mangesh):  Please get my luggage from my Chief€™s room.

RK stands up and tries to touch Madhu€™s hand but she steps back.

RK (desperately):  Madhu, you can€™t leave me!  Not like this, you just can€™t.  Please!  I love you and I can€™t live without you.  (Tries to touch Madhu€™s face but she pushes his hands away) I am sorry!  I made a huge, colossal mistake.  No matter how I angry I was with you and drunk, I shouldn€™t, I shouldn€™t have slept with that girl.  I am sorry Biwi!  Punish me all you want!  Scream at me, hit me but please don€™t leave!  I promise I (right hand over his heart) PROMISE I will NEVER cheat on you again.  Please forgive me and give me another chance.

Madhu (looks him dead in the eyes):  Can you turn back time€go back and undo your mistake?

RK (searching for words):  I Biwi, I wish I wish I could but

Madhu (interrupts):  Exactly. You can€™t.  You can€™t turn back time and just as you can€™t do that I can€™t forgive you.  (Angrily) Every time I will see you, I will be reminded of that girl (holding back tears) and what you did with her.  I can€™t and won€™t be able to forget EVER!  So no Mr. Rishab Kundra.  I can€™t give you another chance.  I just can€™t.  You wanted to break my heart to the point I can€™t and won€™t be able to mend it?  Well CONGRATULATIONS!  You achieved your goal.  You broke my heart, made a mockery of our love and marriage vows.  No I am done!  You and I are over€Mr. Kundra.  (To Patil and Mangesh) Please put it in the car.  (To RK)  I am going to the chawl.  Our relationship is OVER!  I€™ll see you in court.

Madhu walks away despite RK€™s numerous protests.  As she walked right of his life, RK feels as if he can€™t breathe.  Due to his stupidity, he has lost his reason for living.  He just stands staring at the door, willing Madhu to return back to him.  RK feels a pull on his arm and he turns around.  As soon as he turns, Radhaji slaps his really hard.

Radhaji (furiously points her finger at RK):  Today you proved that you are NOT my son!

RK (touches his stinging cheek):  Maa

Radhaji (angry tears rushing down her face):  Don€™t you dare call me maa.  I am not your maa!  After what you did to my Madhu?  No you and I have no relationship.  As of today, you are ONLY Mohan Kundra€™s son!  You proved today that you are your father€™s son with your careless, self-fish actions.  (She slowly walks away from him) I am not your maa€you are not my son (Sobbing) You are NOT MY SON!

She runs out of the room, leaving behind a soulless man.  RK falls on his knees, a completely broken man.  First the reason for his living walks out and now the one who gave him life.  He has nothing left to live for, nothing left to look forward to.  In one careless stroke, RK destroyed every shred of happiness in his life.  He is an abomination, completely unworthy of love.  He is his own worst enemy. 


Alternate Ending on Next Update! Big smile

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tanuja.siri Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Oh tainar that was a very painful endingCry i wish it should never happen in the show.however bittuji again stood outstanding in the update...the perfect friend Tongue.poor madhu is shattered with what all has happened in her life.rk in a fit of rage committed an irreversible blunder and shattered all relationships.all because of bhai and dips,and the fate they met with was deserving.serves them i want to read the alternative ending where i'm expecting a happy rishbala.loved the update and thanks for the pm.

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Love-Blossoms IF-Rockerz

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R u planning to kill rk in next part
If u r so do write it bcoz that will be bearable rather than rk dieing every moment of his mistake which he didn't want to do

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Tani ..this is so sad ..I'm wiping my tears at the moment :(
Can I just go and slap RK for doing this . I hate him and I love him :(

Give the happy ending wala update really fast..ok :)

Keep up the good work and thanx for the pm :)

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