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TS: Irreversible Mistake, Part 3.2 (Alt End) Pg. 13 (Page 13)

Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by love.abhay

nice update bt i wud rather love a sad ending in nxt will be RK killing himself coz i don't think after all dis any couple can live in love wud be better if RK dies in love after proving madhu how much he really loved her.!

Awww! I know with what I have written so far, chance of redemption is nil. But the alternate is and will be a different twist as the name implies. Big smile

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Originally posted by NehaVdian

I want rk to die prooving his love to madhu even if madhu forgive him he wont be able to forgive himself soo plss kill him in his love that will be ok

Aww! I am afraid writing that bit WOULD KILL ME! Cry But have no fear. I will have the alternate ending up on on Monday. And you won't feel the need for RK to die to prove his love!!! And RK, of all people, understands suicide is not the answer to any problem. All it would do is make his loved ones more hurt and miserable.
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Originally posted by priyachand

you made a hero out of bittuji n RK became a wimpy hero!!! why? just becos he committed adultery!!! it does not look the same as other parts. bt d scene bet madhu n rk ws painful n very powerful too. your forte is tragic writing. you excel in it.

bt i wish you gave some action for our hero. now i am eager to see the alternative ending. eager to see how it goes.

interesting idea!! hats off to you!!!

Lol. Bittuji had a dream that one day he will be a hero! Big smile That being said, adultery is a huge deal. I won't be able to forgive such a mistake. Don't worry... RK is plenty hero like in my other stories. Smile

Tragedy as my forte? Wow. Here I thought it was humor. Thank you! Embarrassed I guess I should try my hand in it more often. Even though it kills me to write about my Rishbala suffering. Cry

Thanks for reading!
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Originally posted by asyaarshilover


wow, red all parts in one go, it was amazing, aww feeling bad for rk
plz continue it and give us a happy ending
and if u can so plz pm me

Thank you! Embarrassed Hopefully, I will get around to writing the next part today. Smile
Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mimibm

It was disheartening...but your writing is superb...we always want a happy ending, but this is true to life.. won't say I enjoyed this update, but would say appreciated it a lot..

Thank you! Embarrassed Like you, all I want is a happy ending. But it was impossible with this scenario. But let's see what miracle my alternate ending brings. Smile
Tainar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by susan7

sad ending...Cry
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Waiting for next...</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">thanx 4 d pm...</font>

Thank you! Embarrassed I'll try to not make the next part sad. Smile
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Chapter 3.2 - Alternate Ending

The girl finally got the message.  She quickly got dressed and runs out of the room.  As she runs past Bittuji, he gives her a look of utter disgust and enters RKs room.  He looks at his Chief defeated stance and immediately feels concern.

Bittuji (softly):  Chief?

He turns his back on Bittuji in shame.  RK doesnt want him to knowto seethat he is slowly dying inside.

RK (snaps defensively):  Not now Bittuji.

Bittuji (still concerned):  But Chief, you need to hear what

RK (yells):  Bittuji!  I said not now!  Understand?  Now door is over there and exit left.  If you interrupt me again, then I will have you PACKED UP!

Bittuji (exasperated):  Chief you dont want to know how you have been duped?

RK turns around, stalks toward Bittuji and towers over him menacingly.

RK (dangerously):  What do you mean by that Bittuji?  I want straight, clear answers!

Bittuji (sighs):  First you have to promise to listen with an open mind and not do anything irrational in rage.

RK (growls):  Bittuji!

Bittuji (stands his grounds boldly):  First your promise Chief.

RK (annoyed):  Bittuji I will do my best to listen to everything you say.  NOW SPEAK!

Bittuji knows this is the best he can get out of his Chief.  Best to give his Chief all the information or his neck will be twisted.

Bittuji (starts):  Bhabiji didnt ask for divorce because she stopped loving you.  But she asked for it TO PROTECT YOU FROM SULTANS DEATH THREATS!  He demanded that she end all relations with you in exchange for your life.

RK (confused):  What nonsense Bittuji?  Sultan is dead!  He died in front of my eyes.  I shot him!

Bittuji:  That was all as set up by Sultan, his rather surprisingly clever plan.  (Sadly) We should have never doubted bhabijis words that he is well, alive and playing games.  After she requested the divorce, I followed her to the chawl.  I wanted, no needed to ask her WHY shes asking for divorce when she obviously loves you.  As soon as I arrived, I saw her with that SULTAN!  (Angrily) He was harassing bhabiji, invading her personal space, touching her.

RK (clenches his fists):  Why didnt you call me Bittuji?  I would have finished him right then and there for touching and harassing my Madhu!

Bittuji (gives RK a withering stare):  Because Chief the solution to this problem required a cool brain, not fists.  (Resumes his narration) I got as close as possible without alerting them and recorded their conversation.  Sultan demaned that bhabiji divorce you and be with him in exchange for your freedom and safety.  Chief she didnt tell any of us because Sultan had eyes and ears trained especially on you.  He even had you beaten up in prison just to prove a point to bhabiji that he can easily have you killed.

RK (grits his teeth and clenches his fists in anger):  How dare he?!?  How dare he threaten my Biwi?  How dare he TOUCH my Biwi?  How dare he even BREATHE on my Madhu?  I am going to kill him Bittuji.  I am going to KILL HIM!  TEAR HIM FROM LIMB TO LIMB!

Bittuji (exasperated):  That wouldnt be necessary Chief.  Sultan is quite dead and his partners in crime are about to be arrested as well.

RK (surprised):  How?

Bittuji (explains):  I have a friend in the army and he is an Intelligence Officer and owed me a favor.  Police force already proved that they are incompetent in dealing with Sultan.  So I called in my favor.  Turns out they were starting to look into Sultans activities in connection to an arms deal that took place a week ago.  They made a careful plan.  First scoped out his men, wire tapped this whole house because he was certain someone from within was feeding Sultan with information.  Turns out he was right.  With a little bit of work, he and his team were able to trace Sultans location.  (Tactfully) Errwhile you were otherwise occupied, they performed a simultaneous raid on Sultan and all his men, including the ones who were keeping an eye on you and the rest of the family members.

RK:  So its all over?  Damn!  (Runs hand through his hair in frustration) I still wish Madhu had told me!

Bittuji:  Just one more piece to be bagged and then it will be all over.

RK:  Meaning?

Bittuji:  The insider who was feeding Sultan information is none other than your dear bhabi, Dipali. 

RK:  I am going to kill that b**ch!

Bittuji:  No need.  At this very moment, Dipali is being arrested on aiding and abetting a criminal and host of other charges.  She will be in jail for a VERY VERY long time. 

RK (hesitatingly):  Bittujiwheres Madhu?  I need to talk to herimmediately!

Bittuji:  Shes downstairs with auntyji.  But before you rush down theretheres another piece of vital information that I need to share with you.

RK (striding to the door): It can wait Bittuji.  I need to get to Madhu now.  I have to make her understand and forgive my blunder.

Bittuji (exasperated once again):  Chief what I have to say pertains to bhabiji and what you think occurred in this room.

RK (stops in his trail, turns and faces Bittuji):  Whatwhat do you mean Bittuji?  What I THINK occurred in this room?

Bittuji (nods his head):  As I said, my friend kept close tabs on Sultan before the arrest and also wire tapped the house.  So you have been tricked Chief.

RK (runs hand through his hair in frustration and warns):  Bittuji!

Bittuji:  Dipali informed Sultan that you are going to the bar and one of his men followed you there.  The girl that just ran out of the room, she was hired by Sultan.  She slipped a small dose of GHB drug in your drink.  You were under-influence when you brought her home.  Well she brought you Chief, since you couldnt drive.  (Slightly embarrassed) Ummsowhen you came into the room, you actually became unconscious.  You didntermPERFORM.   We captured her conversation with Sultan.  He instructed her to play a recording of two people (waves his hand in the direction of the bed) well you knowmake it sound like they are having...doing it!

RK (grabs Bittujis shoulders in elation):  Truly Bittuji?  You mean I didnt betray biwi, my Madhu? 

Bittuji:  Yes Chief.  Sultan wanted to create a misunderstanding between you and bhabiji so she would be more amenable to the divorce.  Sultan thought if bhabiji hated you for betraying her then she would be more willing to go to him. 

RK (lets of Bittuji):  Damn the bast**d!  If he wasnt already dead, I would have ripped his head off his shoulders!  Is there anything else you need to tell me Bittuji?

Bittuji shakes his head in the negative.  RK runs out of the room followed.  He has to get to his to Madhu and make everything right as soon as possible.  She has to listen to him, understand and give their relationship another chance.  The alternate is too painful to consider.  RK rushes down but halts at the base of the stair, when he see his beloved biwi sitting lifelessly beside his maa.  To an outsider, she would look completely normal.  But RK can see the dull, dead look in her eyes.  And he is TERRIFIED!

RK (rushes to Madhu and kneels down next to her):  Madhu?  (Pleads her to look at him) Look at me please.

Radhaji (stands up and glares at RK):  Rishuhow could you do this to Madhu?!?  How could you?  Chi chi with another girl?  Chi chi!  Not even in my scariest nightmare did I ever think you would ever stoop so low.

Bittuji rushes down the stairs and joins the melee. 

Bittuji:  Auntyjiits just

Radhaji (interrupts):  No Bittuji!  Dont you dare take his side today.  What he did.what he did to my Madhu is WRONG! 

Bittuji (a little forcefully):  AuntyjiChief didnt do ANYTHING!  He was drugged!

As Bittuji explains everything, RK continues to stare at Madhu and squeezes her hands to infuse her with some of his warmth.

Finally Bittujis words registers in Madhus head.  She looks at RK for confirmation and at his slight nod, tears start rolling down her eyes.

RK (pulls her into a hug and kisses the top of her head):  Its over Madhu, its all over.  (Wipes away her tears)  No oneNO ONEcan separate us ever again! 

Madhu (sobs into his chest):  I thoughtI thoughtRKthat

RK (lifts up her chin with his forefinger and looks deep into her eyes):  I would never cheat on you Madhu.  NO ONENOTHING can ever induce me to betray my biwi.  (Cups her face) You trust me dont you Madhu?  You have faith in mein my lovein our love?

Madhu (smiles with love shining in her eyes):  Yes my dearest patiI trust you and I have full faith in our love.  I love you!

RK (leans in for a kiss):  And I love you biwi.

Radhaji and Bittuji smile at the two lovebirds and walk away to give them more privacy.  RK and Madhu kiss each other in a promise to love each other for all of eternity.


Hi all.  Hope you enjoyed the ALTERNATE ENDING. Big smile It's a HAPPY ENDING for our crazies.  You all must be wondering why I started from the 2nd update. That's because of the slight changes I made and then the addition about RK being drugged.  Please hit like and comment. Embarrassed THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Hug

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first to comment

thankyou for giving a beautifull ending dea!

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