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Episode 354 Discussion: 19th August 2013 (Page 2)

Kenno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _charu_

 she's intelligent enuf to kick out RK from her life but not fight with Sultan? She trusts Sultan that he will not harm RK but doesn't trust RK tht he will never let any harm come on them ? will she not try to save her marriage? ridiculous ! what next? after divorce, Madhu will agree to marry Sultan as he will threaten to kill him again? what lesson was she planning to teach Sultan and how? 

i even have the same question in my mind..sultan cant harm RK until she came to him..simple logic Stern Smile

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Kenno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by river123

The Precap: Radhaji and a drinking RK.  Wonder what she came to tell him this time.

Note:  CVs  better have RK's figuring things out fairly quickly, dragging this war of roses bit out is going to damage the show further.  Today's scene was good from a dramatic shocking perspective, but much more of that is not going to fly.

I wonder why she came again..brain wash him?? Dead
exactly this track will be tolerable only to some extent..if its more then the show is lost..its high time they finish off the track

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
@Soundarya, plz don't feel sorry for the rant..

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:20am | IP Logged
@ Sounds: Everyone is rejoicing because finally there seems to be some movement in the storyline.

As for RK- He is in character as much as he can be with this insane track. I mean look at all this from his perspective. The guy is accused of a murder, his wife claims that Sultan lives...he trusts her however all the efforts come to naught. He assumes his kind-hearted wife is having nightmares and hallucinations. He has no reason to believe that she might be right...everyone around him is discrediting her story and Madhu is foolish enough not gather proofs but cry, cry and cry a little more...she attempts to take no one in confidence...she not  even once attempts to put Sultan on speakerphone even when she is sitting with the family.  He tries to support her by trying to help her forget the incident and moving forward. One nice day his wife wants a divorce and despite all his efforts is not ready to share her mindset. She claims to love Sultan bringing all RK's insecurities and fears to surface once again. Ironically Bittuji seems to have seen those papers in hospital but he never questioned Madhu about it. Now everyone wants RK to stop Madhu but they are citing his dependency on her as reason and not that there seems to be something fishy about all of this.

I was actually thinking just last week...that old RK would never divorce Madhu for the reason she has given...he will actually hold her hostage and torture her for a lifetime for breaking his heart. Which is exactly what he is doing so I am pleased.

My point Madhu brought this on herself...she has been very very stupid through all of this and I have very little sympathy for her since this is not the usual "sacrifice myself for you" situation...the CVs have failed to justify Madhu's take.

As for Madhu- This a character that has been completely butchered. My only advice to CVs is stop making it worse by justifying her. Just stop making her do stupid things and get abused by the goon. Let her be and let RK repair the damage to characters by being super observant and smart now.

It will actually allow CVs to transition to next track smoothly- Everyone has to deal with guilt and resentment when the Sultan track ends ...from RK to Sikky and this explains the growth in characters and changing equations between the family members.

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leelaa9 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
The only thing endurable in this entire episode was RK's dialogue and performance.
Was too appalled by Madhu's unbelievably idiotic 'sacrificial' understanding and intent to care about any of the content or story in this episode. At this rate, forget about my hopes of seeing her resurrected as a sherni, she looks unlikely to requalify even as a non-jungli billi.Ouch
But RK-charisma will not be enough to salvage this track if RK now at some point *starts* to realize what has been going on.
The twist needs to be that he *already* knew all this while, to make the episodes until now retroactively worth anything at all.
MEIEJ needs to stop prioritizing 'twists' at the cost of an entire track's sense and worth. They are deplorably poor at any twist.
Majority-audience hear of a 'twist' in MEIEJ and braces for disappointment and revulsion, not anticipation.

If RK is going to be shown as having been unaware all this while and *now* beginning to realize what is going on, it effectively means that this track is as much lost in terms of repeat-value as the previous tracks of the past several months, which have all had one thing in common - total disinterest of the majority-audience.
Showing the lead couple as helpless for a few episodes works to garner sympathy for them.
Showing them as supposedly having been actually unaware and helpless for weeks does not.

I'm still not sure how RK went from being convinced by Madhu's claim that Sultan was alive, to - a few hours of unconsciousness later - being convinced Sultan was dead.

The track now may be trying to drum up sympathy for Madhu as a sacrificing devoted wife, but are instead presenting her as a woman who is impugning and sacrificing her own virtue and her husband's life and/or pride through sheer idiocy.
If the choice is between her honour and her husband's life, she is expected to let her husband die, and then kill herself if she chooses to.
Going to another man - even in platonic capacity - is not an option to be even remotely considered.
Otherwise it implies that any man in future need only threaten to kill RK, and he would gain Madhu as his companion in exchange for not killing RK.
It is an abominably repugnant concept.

Madhu should have been willing to kill Sultan much earlier.
As a virtuous wife in a Hindi serial, it is expected of her.
Instead she is shown helpless and giving in to his threats, thereby first endangering her husband, and now causing him public discomfiture supposedly to save his life.
If she is to be portrayed as sacrificing, it has to be she who is perceived as the only person in torment, or at least the person in greater torment.

Here, RK has ended up hospitalized after almost getting killed, and now publicly discomfited in a divorce mess by a wife who apparently seeks divorce while he is under trial for killing her alleged lover.
And Madhu shown talking of killing herself if Sultan kills RK, implying she will go to Sultan after the divorce, is far more insulting for her character than anything RK can be shown saying to her.Ouch
No matter how idiotically noble her reason, she is publicly divorcing a husband who is on trial for killing her alleged lover - which makes the allegation look valid.

This situation does not translate as Madhu sacrificing herself, regardless of the actual intent of the CVs.
Rather, it looks like she is sacrificing her husband's dignity and her own virtue in a senseless and foolish manner.

Madhu's love for RK and her naivete are absolute, but they do not get her behaviour condoned by mass-audience if she transgresses certain conservative norms.
Instead, it gives leeway to RK to react in any manner he considers appropriate, with passive support and only muted disapproval from the mass-audience.
As the past several months of unsuccessful attempts to make RK look the villain have proven, it is he rather than Madhu who retains support of mass-audience - and this time perhaps more so than even previously.
Right now, even unaware, RK is dealing with a wife who is pretending to love another man, that too one he loathes. And the audience is being treated to the repeated spectacle of Madhu's non-lethal behaviour with that man.Ouch

If Madhu had killed Sultan with determination rather than play helpless prey, she would not have had to worry about RK getting killed.
After that, regardless of whether RK or she ended up jailed for killing Sultan, at least RK's life and her virtue would *both* be safe.
It would not have been an 'either-or' option.

And her being shown stating that she would kill herself if RK were killed, implying she will stay alive after divorcing RK, and thereby available as companion in whatever manner may turn out to another man, is atrocious misjudgement by the track-decisionmakers.
Madhu herself killing RK would be preferable to what she is doing, which is in effect blithely humiliating and crippling him.
He is the sacrifice here - his life, his wellbeing. Not she.
Sultan killing RK, or Madhu destroying RK to supposedly save his life equals the same thing - RK might as well be dead.
What the heck are the channel and the CVs trying to do?
Last time, she was shown laughing with the other guy and his kid, and when RK saw the interaction and reacted aggressively to get her back in his life and his home, the TRP-audience reacted with passive support and acceptance of his actions because her behaviour was unacceptable by conservative standards.
This time looks likely to be an even more excruciatingly miscalculated debacle, with the sacrificing wife making an unheard-of sacrifice - her virtuous reputation, her marriage, and her husband's pride.
And all this with no actual certainty that the husband she is making this bizarre sacrifice for wouldn't get killed even after all this.Ouch

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subashni Goldie

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Kudos Soundarya. My thoughts exactly.  Today's episode is the most depressing one  of this track and  this  is going to be dragged and  lead to where the CV's have planned to take it ultimately probably Divorce. As I predicted Suave R.K is back as a lollipop not the super intelligent one.Is this R.K. He is ruthless yes but also sensitive to MADHU and shrewd.  When I read the spoiler about him pulling  mangalsutra I thought he does it to find out the truth. But alas no. So he has fallen for her story. The forum was answered by Madhu's dialogue of  threatening Sultan about killing herself if anything happens to R.K.  My take. She must have by now killed herself rather than accepting the demand for divorce. Today we are also made clear of Sultan's exact demand and Madhu's consent for that. She must go to him after the divorce. As long as he does not hurt R.K. he can have her, That is what I understood. Not  a wife to be proud of.   Madhu is ready for self destruction/ sacrifice S***.. A modern woman. a superstar's wife is ready to sell her body to keep her husband alive.Shooting her husband would have been more appreciated. than going to his enemy . What prevented from killing Sultan? that would have been a sacrifice befitting a loving wife.  So the mangalsutra  sentiment did not upset me. This woman who does not want to fight  the creep who appears to be more desperate for the separation deserves that cruelty. This whole scene and Radha's advice to R.K in previous episode is to gain sympathy for Madhu. CVs know  madhu by accepting an atrocious demand. has fallen into a precarious position. Devdas R.K put off  audience. They think ruthless R.K and hate track can  make appear this stupidity   diluted and bearable.(again forum where demands for Kameena R.K were made) . And  dipali. No. she has turned out into another SULTan. Old Dipali was a jealous woman who had an eye for R.K . Her scenes with R.K were enjoyable as it was almost harmless. and comical. This track has made her incorrigible and really she has grown too far from a vamp to criminal. Depressing to watch  her with  an unsuspecting R.K who is oblivious to  whatever happens under his roof.. I hate her no less than Sultan.In  an effort to gain sympathy for Madhu and take focus away from SULtan R.K will be more weirder in upcoming episodes. Madhu will be tortured to make her appear caught  helpless between two men.Return of old days when R.K was turned into psycho to make space to somebody. Everybody in the show will blame R.K and spare madhu. A  never ending attempt to make him equal for somebody again. 15  days time is to go slow and save the TRP s  As of  now Sultan is here to stay .  Instead of making leads brainy Sultan is shown more powerful in each episode. Excuses are made to make this track work.
Pivotal points as Soundarya pointed out. 

Madhu trusts Sultan more than R.K.'s power and smartness. R.K is foolish and blind to accept MADHU at face value. RM wedding is a big joke which can be broken by anybody with slightest effort. 
I am curious to know who is smarter. Makers or Viewers. They play the game cleverly. Creating a hoopla  of Kameena R.K they have sidelined  Madhu's acceptance to go with the CREEP. I hated her explanations to Sultan as if she owes him. one  I skipped that scene. So can't write about her expressions. But it was annoying to read in the WU. One could assume they are in cahoots. I lost  the hope of this track ending in good note. I wonder if DD  is aware how her character has been portrayed and appears in the show. Even revenge plan could not have dented her image this much. No other heroine would be insulted like this.They bait with R.K's charm which they know can  get back if he is allowed to be intelligent. Will the show last by the end of this year? I doubt.

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Humble.Heart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:39am | IP Logged
My apologies in advance for this rant, I didn't know where else to write this. I am extremely disgusted by what is being shown in terms of this lecherous and sleazy man handling being inflicted. AngryDead This detestable viewing is happening on every encounter now. When its shown, I don't know if its a directional issue or the actor himself has proximity issues of where to stand because the level of proximity is outright puke worthy as he's always in her face trying to lean in, despite the context of the scene being something else.

Horrible nightmarish dialogue I heard today yet again was Madhu proclaiming If RK is killed, the villain will never get her because she will end her life. So what are the CVs trying to get her to say, let him live and I'm yours DeadDead Regardless of whether its meant that way, do these dialogue writers have any sane inkling of how such things are perceived by the audience Angry They showed Madhu yet again as a defeatist, surrendering in front of the villain but then ready to fight with her husband. Confused I really thought this commencement of RK to unravel some truth would start but it looks as though its all about inflicting suffering. Sleepy

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Hi2life Senior Member

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 11:42am | IP Logged
@charu I totally agree
Madhu just deserves that,,,,,
She is not justified in any of her actions,
Radhaji too today almost gave that look to madhu " u brought this hell on to herself "
I still don't understand madhus point of view
 - what does she plan to do after divorce?
  -walk into sulthan life with band baaja?
  -she still thinks she is sacrificing herself??  All she did was crushing Rk soul and heart! 

Of course that is sooo RK, who wouldn't let madhu divorce him!!!

How loong and how faar. They will push this?? I still don't sympathize with madhu, she dint make a single effort against Sulthan??

Constantly making sulthan contact madhu and make appearances is purely clunky and disgusting

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