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Poems by Deepiika 






The Recalcitrant Tresses of Abhijeet

Our officer Abhijeet is a stylish man

One of the reasons I became his fan

But his hairstyle always kept changing

From severe to tousled it kept ranging

 Initially we saw a style with no out of place hair strand

With his serious sleuth look however, it did blend

He made me look upon him as the hardcore cop

In his findings and investigations he never did flopBig smile

 Then came the severely oiled and partitioned kept hair

This style too had its own share of impeccable flair

Though the partition reminded me of a thoroughfare(road)LOL

But even then on seeing him I became mesmerized

That I was blind for him, I then surmised

 Then came the style that was the most flamboyant

Seeing his tresses fly made every female's heart become buoyant

When a lock of hair upon his forehead fell in a manner disheveled

Every damsel went into a swoon and for days seeing it reveled

Ah! The vulnerability mixed with virility upon our hearts wreaked havoc

All our emotions became haywire and our conduct began running amokBlushing


Though anger is an emotion not so alluring
but Abhijeet you in anger make it worth admiring
when you exude a stormy wrath
causing my heart with desires to swath
smoldered am i by your eyes like spitfires
sucked am i in a whirlpool of desires
your heaving chest and blazing eyes leave me stupefied
for never have i seen virility so aptly personified
when you catch the ones who are unscrupulous
they vow never to commit an act so hideous
the full blast of your anger leaves them in a state so pitiable
shaken are left they by your persona so formidable
you see red when an innocent life is at stake
with a hard stare only you make miscreants quake
Never have I seen a man so imposing
abhijeet, even your anger I find easily condoning
when he walks in with a mood so wrathful
rendered are all miscreants lives fearful
the anger exuding from his form is like a blazing fire
in his presence no one against an innocent can conspire
the clenched jaw and the molten anger spewing from his form
even the hardest of hard of criminals will be forced with him to conform
none can be spared from the brunt of his fiery wrath
trembling are left all evil souls causing their hearts with guilt to swath
when in anger he bellows aloud
any aficionado of his he will make proud
for such is the effect of his wrathful demeanour
that boundless passion the admirer's heart shall harbour


 Everyone has his share of flair

But not all have it in them to dare

To shine in all zones with equal alacrity

But one man has proved to be the epitome of versatility

With his magical touch he adds an intriguing twist

He is none other than Aditya-the incomparable artist

 In CID as Senior Inspector Abhijeet

He continues to portray an unmatched feat

As the second in command he is acknowledged unequivocally

To ACP he has dedicated his deference and services unconditionally

His portrayal of friendship is exemplary

Hailed as brothers are he and Daya of times contemporary

 In disguises he is a pastmaster

In entertaining he is a master blaster

Be it a tattered clothes clad ragamuffin lad

Or a drunkard whose eyes are mad

That we are his admirers, he shall forever make us feel glad

Time and again by appearing as the guileless Champaklal

His fans, he will continue to enthrall

As the newly-wed commoner Meet

Looking for a shelter concrete

He softened everyone with his simpering

And all were left in a state of daydreaming

Even when dressed as a convict who is dangerous

He leaves no doubt of the fact that he is portentous

As a sinewy and sly looking drug pedlar

Or as a congenially smiling doctor

He is a man who at everything is adept

Versatility seems to be his style patent

 It would be an injustice if his eyes are not spoken of

They speak volumes which none can dare scoff

Like mirrors are they to his magnanimous heart

When those eyes come alive, their charm none can thwart

When in anger, there is fire in his glare

To continue plundering, no miscreant does dare

When love lights up his eyes with pleasure

It is a sight that all his admirers forever treasure

When in grief, his eyes are like a tide of sorrow

When in jest, they have a naughty glow

Never have I seen such soul searching eyes

Seeing them light up, my heart with joy cries

He is the greatest performer ever

He is the most evergreen forever

As the flamboyant protagonist, each day he wins our heart

His charm and demeanour making all sorrows to depart

When he chooses, he is the epitome of benevolence

With a lonely bereft little girl, he showed his heart's magnificence

With a woman in need of refuge and protection

He showed his heart's chivalry and benediction

As a friend to Daya he is forever like a brother

Protecting him from harm, come what so ever

For ACP, he may be a prodigal son

But there can be like him only one

But when he chooses to be maniacal and diabolical

Leaves those who love him feeling fearful

 Such is Aditya-the powerhouse of talent

That he is ever dreary, no one can lament

Each moment he lives and breathes

Continually some new wonder he unsheathes

Even outside CID, his performance is par excellence

His skills seem to be an act of providence

Be it a lawyer who is evil or savvy

Or a nefarious human trafficker in "Highway" who is scary

He will forever keep us gaping with wonder

Not appreciating him will be the biggest blunder

 Aditya Sir, may you forever shine like a star

May your success story go even far

There is none other like you that is the gist

For you are an incomparable artist


 There was once a cynical girl

Who never let her desires unfurl

Then she set her eyes upon a man so dashing

Which left her gushing and blushing

His name Abhijeet was for her the best melody

Unfathomable to her was her cynical heart's perfidy

 His eyes filled with emotions left her wondering

His husky voice leaving her heartbeats thundering

When his recalcitrant locks upon his countenance fell

Caused her heart and soul with joy to yell

Ah the windblown look of his upon her heart wrecked havoc

She was left awestruck and her emotions running amok

 When she saw his dear facing beaming with delight

Discovering feelings anew within she was harrowed with fright

His anger too she found alluring

Every flaw of his too she found adoring

 Alone at night she would lie awake reminiscing

Every delightful stance of his she would find fascinating

Her friends and family would tease her for her soppiness

She would be disconcerted yet not stop admiring due to duress

 Violins and piano strains she would hear in her mind

On seeing him for everything else she would become blind

In her lonely hours she would feel his presence

On screen she would lament his absence

 "Te amo Abhijeet" her heart would say

Nothing ever would let her ardour for him sway

For it was him who led her heart to be awakened

Clearing all clouds that had her life darkened

 Te Amo Abhijeet'..Te Amo Abhijeet

For every girl you are forever a treat


I asked my heart so incapacitated
what is it that has left it so fascinated

it said abhi sir has caused it to harbour a passionate regard
seeing him makes it go tipsy like a drunkard

i further asked what all about him it adores
it said there is nothing about him it abhors

now i allow my heart to relate its account
for me the heart's desires are paramount

To Abhi sir my heart says...

"when your smile lights up your countenance'
dispelled are all thoughts of askance
that your handsomeness is unrivalled
nothing about you can be left unmarvelled

when about you a fiery anger swarms
even to that my heart warms
for then i am floored by your feral charms
in saying this i have no qualms

when grief flows from your eyes
everything inside me cries
my heart gets painfully wrung
my soul gets chokingly stung

when love makes you look virile
i am left dumbstruck & immobile
my heart beats go on an overdrive
my emotions are rendered haywire"

Poems by nsapo

The Enchanter

A snake dances to the tunes of a charmer

Bowing its head to his supremacy

Just as we bow to our supreme disarmer

Who with a mere sigh enthralls millions

I feel with him, my heart dances in mere pleasure

Yet his modesty wins me over

I have nothing to say, his eyes say it all

My feelings are contained within a jewelled box,delicate

Next time,I will present it to you

Maybe you have millions of these

It 's an admirer's heart.

to AS <3

 The Castle of Everlasting bliss...

There exists a dreamland, an island

Surrounded by sapphire blue sea

Studded with rubies are the pillars

The doors coated with Gold...

Adorned by riches, a beautiful setting for a romantic evening..

 Every morning a silence surrounds me 

Reminding how lonely I am

God surrounded with riches to please me

Yet the day you left, my heart sinks

Closer to the brim of disappearing

My doors are open for you,I regret

I realize money is not everything

Trapped within you eyes is an immortal fire I live to see

Your grace is royal,  not my worldly possessions

 One morning as I stagger out of a nightmare

The doors creak with meaning and purpose

I see you standing in the doorway,a handsome figure

I run to reach you,hoping you're not imaginary.

I admire the calmness and protectiveness

The warmth and flow of affection for me

I knew you would come back for me

Coz we just need each other to live

i knew you would come back, Aditya Shrivastav!!

 The dark ,tall and handsome man

His eyes glowing with a fire profound

And we like insects to a fire are attracted to him

He welcomes us with open arms...But where is he?

Yet undiscovered in the depths of our heart

With intense acting that will tear us apart

I know him without any acquaintance

The rhythmic beats of the heart are not a coincidence

I'm in Love, I feel it inside

Did you feel it too My man?Or did you not?

You snatched my beloved 

You caught him in your trap

Now he's in it you don't know how to react

Had he loved me instead...

I would have given him a palace of my dreams

Filled with joy happiness and innocence

With the chirping birds and gurgling stream

The water sweetened by love

What did you give him?

An expressionless, indifferent look

Next time I'll get him by hook or crook...

Days just dragged themselves to boast about their power

I waited for the day to see you-Friday..They call it auspicious

Your presence is all that makes a dull life worth living

Your every performance truly enthralling

After long we see you with your buddy, What had surpassed  that moment?

Nothing in my life,To see you together a true delight

Life  incarnate in your friendship, immortality glowing

Where have I seen a friendship like thine?

Nowhere, but the pain that grows in seeing you apart ,

I cannot describe the sinking feeling

But why talk about that when my heart's desire has been fulfilled?

Lest one is left- to meet you in person

To feel the sweet trails of your friendship

To recollect what is deep ,love ,bonding all fulfilled

Valentine day special

The flowers bloom in eternal freshness

Wafting out a fragrance so rare and exquisite

As I sit on the stretching meadows wondering

Why all beautiful things are rare and precious

My patience tests my love for you

I sit there waiting, I see the sun blotting

Filling the skies with romantic hues

Its the 14th of February,past noon

i am waiting with a patient smile

Has my heart reached to to you

Do you not hear its desperate plea

Has my rose withered without your sight

Do i bear the brunt of uncertainity of seeing you today

I assure myself nothing is wrong

Are you stuck in a traffic jam?

Why is your cellphone engaged

Are the heart  networks busy?

Or have you gone off to meet Dr.T?

If you want to , please do it on Rakshabandhan

Ah! I can see you now walking towards me

Your hair dancing in the mellow wind

Your eyes taking the beauty around you

Your face resplendent with happiness

Poof it vanishes...the mere reality of it is

OMG...Why is it just a dream?


A girl in red blushes in memory of her beloved

She brushes her flying her hair

Back with a determination and love

A fierceness evolved in her to see 

Him dancing gaily with another

She checks her appearance in the mirror

She runs to the dias where he stands with another

Reluctant,shy,his hair dancing in wind

He gazes at her long ...bewitched

Leaves his partner in desolation

Through the echoing ohlala

He and the girl waltz in style..

The world seems crumbling under pressure of exams

More to study more to achieve to impress

Oneself, in the path of life all is about success

And money, but love is priceless,it is blind

Under your heart, the world seems wonderful

My beats are in resonance with yours,

My blood pressure's rising due to excitement

My brain is hallucinating or not?

Am I seeing u here?Have you come to rescue me?

Are your strong arms ready to embrace me 

And lift me away from this calculating world

Thank You

To AS <3

Those eyes convey a story untold

Of love and kindness and sometimes bold

I blink back the tears that fill my eyes

Why are you not responding to my cries?

Where is the friendship and warmth you two shared?

You just speak dialogues ,expression is spared

The look in your eyes' is no more the same

Is it some trivial fight or a matter of fame?

Gone are the days when you walked arm n arm

Saved each other from every harm

All is left is residual love

How could this happen ,how?

I told my friends what in an ideal pal was

Quoting your example, is that past?

Times have gone by again so have seasons..

For this cold rigidity are there reasons?

I still have my belief in your friendship

Infinite love for each other you equip

Nothing's gone wrong ,everything is fine

We will see you in future, untouched your love

As it gets older,it gets better 

Just like  fermented wine!!!

In the lores of the yesteryear , they said

They great epics contained all that were

None emotion spared in the royal househoulds

Betrayal , love, bravery and sacrifice and patience

Jealousy , ire , cunning, shock and impatience

But this time i'm just dealing with real emotions

To watch the minutes of precious ballad

Yet recounted so mystical, so hear oh all , how i possess them

Betrayal by one loved to see him side another (sigh)

Love for all but dauntless passion for one

Bravery to deal with exam stress and watch mahadrama

Sacrifice my dinner at a popular restaurant

Patience to wait until the die is cast( literally)

Jealousy at that sleek cat smiling at her husband's misfortune

Cunning to win him over to my side as an ally

Shock at how emotionless a person can be

Impatience to wait for another beautiful drama

So ends the Mahabharata of Today

But wait...dint the then Arjuna love many?

is it just coincidental that i loved arjuna the most in pandavas?

was he just as captivating?

Was a slight gestures enough to make me blush?

I ponder day and night and wait for a sight

Of this modern day hero who thrills me

Who stills time by all pretexts

Exams no enemy , dad no fear to watch all obstacles i shall tear

For the history repeats itself , and a dusky , handsome man 

With trails of girls enthralled , stands unmoved

Storms hailed in the core of Scotland,

The princess stared ahead distraught ,
She was hailed for her beauty and her heart 
And her whole delicate making was called an art
But none she found to suit her life
Though every prince wanted her for wife
On the nearby shore lived a archer
Whose eyes as bright as lightning and sharper
Than the arrows he wielded, His smile
Divine, majestic and true and not beguile
A tall , dark handsome man 
Who every damsel wanted for her clan

One day the princess stood on the demon rocks
Surrounded by suitors, here she had too make a decision
Though everyone tried , no one had precison
The arrows they shot were more like that of Cupid
Oh!How could dad select someone so stupid
Alas in her thoughts she was immersed! Close to edge
She stood and her foothold lipped over the ledge
Down she hurtled those rocks , unbound
There her suitors stood dumbfound
Who wade through those cursed waters?
Even if meant they were her suitors

The archer from afar saw the splash,a damsel
He thought was in distress, never did he guess it was the princess
Whoever it was, without a thought he plunged into the sea
Though his sister gave a heart rendering plea,
Dont go brother, she cried, we wish you be alive
But his rippling muscles fought the water ,to survive
He came back with the princess ,no clue he had
The princess loved the archer and told her dad
That riches came from within and status too
Do you know how those princes stood ?you have no clue
Let me have the biggest treasure of my life
Let me be an archer;s wife
An archer who can make the world swoon
And carry all ladies over the moon
But a man so humble and talented
To leave me totally enchanted!!Blushing

Poems by misha

What I say for U Sir
U R so dashing and cool Sir
CID is incomplete without U Sir
A closed eyes shooter U Sir
Sharp minder U Sir
A smart cop of our nation U Sir 
U R best in ur profession Sir
One of the best intelligent officer Sir
A very honest inspecter Sir
A tough, suave and super detective U Sir
Ur body language is just flawless Sir
Ur single smile make us happy Sir
Ur friendship is very inspirable for us Sir
It is a list for U Sir
I know it's very few Sir
But it's my message for U Sir 
Which I try to share with U Sir
My best wishes r with U Sir
Master of expression U Sir
A sharp shooter U Sir

Poems by Soni


Meri deewangi se gar wo wakif hote..

Tho hamare saanso mein apne mehak pirote..

Har lafz har alfaaz har naksh mein unka noor hota..

Itni khushiya milti ke, gham koso meel door hota..

Har savera har shaam unke naam hoti..

Aankho mein aaz, hoton ka jaam hoti'

Ab tho bas khwahishe hi reh gayi hai milan ki'

Bas faasle hi reh gaye hai dilon ki.


Dard bhi to hua, tere jaane se
par sochata hun ,kyun ho gaya ek anjaane se
aaj phir se aankhen nam si hui,
wohi shaam aur tanhai pehchane se.

tum agar ek bar aate, phir chale jaate
bewajah hi sahi kuch to kahe jaate
par umra beeti intezaar mein,
bas ek baar to jaane ke liye aate.

tasvir chupaye dil mein keh raha hoon khud se
tanhaiyon mein umre basar hogi ab ke 
saath agar ab bhi tum do,
ghum saare hi door ho jaate ab se..

Poems by Raaz_Sweet


Around the world are there fans of you

Waiting to wish you on one day

With lots of love from their hearts.

Because that is the place where you stay,

Birthday is one special day in one's life

But we your fans have two such days.

One is ours and the other is yours.

With happiness and celebration surrounding us from all sides.

Happy are those who get good friends,

And those who are appreciated,

But the happiest are those people

Who live as your fans and proudly say "I am Abhijeet's fan"

In front of your angel eyes we are mesmerized

In front of your smile we lose ourselves

In front of the same blazing eyes we get scared.

But in front of you we surrender ourselves

Joyful and happy are we to the core.

Because it's your own birthday today

Celebration is the most important part

As this day even without celebration will remain as the most unforgettable day

Each of your fan's life, your position is that

You are a very concentrated energy drink,

Giving anyone the strength to face anything.

& the devotion and determination to do any impossible task that they think

Each day of your life,

May it be filled with only happiness

May the Lord shower his abundant blessings on you.

By changing your difficulties and grief's to joy and happiness

The thing which we as your fans like to tell you

Is that we love you from the bottom of our hearts

And the last but not the least.




This man,
With his eyes he hypnotizes me
With his smile he takes me miles,
Through his suave looks, he arrests me,
With his blazing eyes, he scares me,
Through one excruciating look, he tears me apart,
With his love for Daya, he awes me,
With his vanishing acts, he upsets me,
These words too less to describe him,
This Gentleman with a pure heart,
Who else could it be?
Other than this heart stealer?
The man with whom i fell in love at first sight!
The man who is my evergreen hero

ABHIJEET- The Super Cop

Life took a turn around
When you gained entry into my heart as Abhijeet
You make my heart skip a beat,
And to my eyes you are a treat.

Your smiling face boosts me up.
Just like I had an energy syrup
The same smile, at nigh gives me a peaceful sleep,
The same smile make my love for you deep.

Your wrath makes me mute,
For thats what i saw at my debut.
Pulled was i towards you,
This occurred not to a few.

Your undying friendship leaves me still,
My elation mounts the hill,
Your love and affection, concern and care,
At unnecessary things but you, I don't care to stare.

You are a worthy role model so inspiring,
Your leadership traits are worth admiring.
Your command, bravery and courage,
Makes you a supercop and that is the adage

Your smile and friendship, wrath and leadership,
Makes you a guiding light for a lost ship
From doing your duty, nothing makes you stop.
That makes me call you 'Abhijeet-The Supercop'

Poems by Gadhadada

ABHIJEET- The Super Cop 
His aim is always set
His moves is always straight
His sigh takes a deep breath
His shoot be as Accurate;

He hardly use his built in Slap
His punches, kicks shows with a Gap
His Quick sharp orders always obeyed
He always crisps them with His gaze;

His eyes Speaks with Volumes
His tongue takes Decision fullsome
His anger merged with his mind
His justice came in a nick of time;

He is Suave, Spontaneous, Strong and Rough
He is Skillful, Determined, Talented and Tough
He is the Master of all expressions and Emotions
He is the Sharp shine without any Two Options;

He is a friend always be Desirable
He is the Man calling Himself GEM GENTLE
He is the One of the Pillar without Two notes
CID would be standing Proudly on His Boots;

It's quite Difficult to place them in any Category
He is a Person LORD send to earth very rarely
He is the whole package of love, Pride and Dignity
He is the ABHIJEET, the Super cop in Reality...

Poems by neha_dna


Aap ke har avtaar ne
Ek ahem MUDDA duniya ke saamne laaya,
SATYA ka saath dete hue
Aapne LAKSHYA ko paana sikhaya...!!

Aap ki har adaa ke hue hum deewaane,
Phir chaahe woh SAMEER ho, MURGI ya PUTTILAL;
Humaare liye toh har din Holi hai,
Jo hum pe barasta hai aap ke pyaar ka GULAAL...!!

Aap ne humein yeh ehsaas dilaya
Kitna pyaara hota hai MAA ka pyaar;
Chaahe kitna bhi negetive role ho,
Aap ko dekhte hi bikharti hai nafrat ki DEEWAR...!!

Jab Sr. Inspector ABHIJEET aatey nahi nazar,
Dil ho jaata hai bekaraar;
Badi mushkil se khud ko samjhaati hoon

HIGHWAY se guzarte hue
Yeh khayaal zaroor aata hai,
Ke chaahe koi kitna bhi bura ho
Hamesha achhai ka VIJAY hota hai...!!

Jab zindagi ki raah meinkabhi phas jaaun,
Samajh na aaye kya khona kya paana hai;
Ek baat yaad aati hai,

Aap ko dekh kar badh jaati hain dhadkane,
Dil se nikalti hai ek hi baat...
Te Amo ADITYA...
Humein bhi miley aise SATHIYA ka saath...!!

Poems by Buublly


He's someone who's very special to me
Whom I greatly admire  and always love to see.
The master of expressions, the king of verstality
A gem of acting and a dynamic personality.
He has a golden heart that makes him too modest
Extremely down to earth,so humble and too honest.
An adorable friend  and an inspirational  guide
Who  believes in to live with dignity and pride.
Does justice to all his characters,weather it's positive or negative
Despite of his simplicity,he looks so attractive.
What to say about his magnetic eyes
As deep as a sea and can make you mesmerize.
Just a glimpse of his smile make my day
Giadden  my heart and take me on his way.
In each and every mood he fascinates me dear
In laugh,in anger or even in tear.
He has the guts and charm that nobody can beat
In the viewers he's popularly known as sr. inspector Abhijit.
But he's Aditya Srivastav,a genuine gentleman
And I feel so privileged and proud to be his fan.
I wish him all the success and  bright cheer
Not just  for a  day but throughout the year.
May hope and happiness be always at his door
And may this birthday bring him all life's best and more.

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fairy1                                 26th

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Well done Apoorva
Beautiful FC 
Love the name LOL

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Howz d siggy?:P I edited it and made it my phone background... Can keep staring at it :") : D
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I saw your pm ... I will do it today night ...

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