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ArHi SS : Arnav, I am Pregnant!! Season 2 Ch6 PG121 Thread Two Pg 148 (Page 72)


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nice teaser.continue asap

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Banner : LaxshalovesARSHI

This chapter is very long its, 3500+words.. and dont ask me if I counted all these words.. automatically shows in MSWORD!!Tongue

Dedicating this "ahem" chapter to "Akorshi" , "SaRun_Pooja" ,and "sincereme" for their beautiful comments every time Hug


Chapter Five



Chastity Home



Sheetal was busy inside the kitchen but her eyes were only on the closed door of Arnav's study. She was desperate to know as what was happening inside. and she had enviously looked at that beautiful girl, who seemed very comfortable in front of Arnav while other people normally shivered in front of him.


The wait was killing her so she made an excuse to walk inside the room., as she made two cups of coffee for them both.


Khushi looked at his stiffened back as he stared at nothing in particular, but she knew he was literally avoiding meeting her eyes. She cleared her throat several times but there was no response from his side.


"Mr. Raizada..."


Arnav turned around and looked at her pale face.


"Listen, Ms. Gupta..if you are here to apologize... I have already forgave you... you can just leave now..."


He said with a stern voice while Khushi seemed unaffected by his words. She smiled at him, looking at the red hot bruise on his right cheek and he once again avoided her eyes.


"Is it hurting?"


She asked reaching for his sides while he side stepped avoiding her hands which he was sure going to touch his right cheek, over the bruise.


"No, I am good... thanks for asking.."


"Why are you being so formal to me?


"And why are being so generous to me?" He asked with a mocking voice while Khushi's face fell instantly.


There was a hesitant knock on the door and Arnav opened the door to reveal Sheetal standing there, holding a tray in her hands. arnav cocked an eyebrow at her while she flashed a smile at him.




"Put it there.." He said gesturing towards the table while she had eyes only for Khushi who was standing at the corner of the room, her eyes glued to a random magazine.


Sheetal looked at him hesitantly while she waited at the door. Arnav reached for the same to lock it after she left, but she was standing there like a statue too lost in her own thoughts.




He almost barked and she jumped in the air her eyes widening instantly.


"Erm...what do you want for the dinner Sir?" She asked down casting her eyes. Because she was damn sure that his eyes might be spitting fire at her.


"Nothing... you can leave... Well I think you should take an off tonight..." He said rubbing his forehead with his thumb while Sheetal's face fell in a huge O. she hesitantly walked away from there, her mind full of weird questions and images of Arnav and Khushi in an intimate position.




She groaned and walked inside her room to retrieve her things to leave for her house. Her mind went blank as she heard him closing the door with a loud bang.


"Looks like, sir did not find me cute anymore..." She sighed sadly before walking out of the house, holding onto her small bag.


"She is pathetic..." Bhagwan ji said rolling his eyes. While Devi Maiyya grinned widely.


"She is... she was even worse in the know fans used to call her "Shitall" instead... cool not it?" Devi Maiyya said leaning back onto the couch while Bhagwan ji winked at her.


"Now, stop distracting me.." Bhagwan ji said turning towards Arnav's study. While Devi Maiyya threw a pillow at him, which he caught in the mid air.


"What the? How do you know? Do you have eyes on the back of your head as well?"


"In case you have forgotten,  I am the God.."






Arnav hesitantly lifted the cup and extended the same towards her. she willingly took it from him and started sipping the same with her eyes closed in delight. Arnav watched her amused as she sat on one of the chairs and stretched her legs in front of him. he sat on the edge of the table sipping onto his coffee enjoying her presence.


She opened her eyes only to clash with his molten brown ones. He was staring at her from the past few minutes, she knew it as he quickly looked away placing the cup back onto the tray he walked back to the open window of his study.


"So you love reading..." She said walking towards his shelves which had all genre's of books stuffed inside. he smiled at her and accompanied her describing about his taste of literature and his favorite writers.



"What in the hell these two are doing?" Devi Maiyya groaned leaving her diwan cot while Bhagwan ji yawned showing his displeasure.


"I am going to make some jalebi... do you want some?" She asked tying her hair in a messy bun while Bhagwan ji shook his head smiling widely at her.


"And hot milk too..." he said stretching his legs in the front.







"I think you should leave now.. its getting late.. do you want me to drop you home?" Arnav asked reaching for the door while Khushi opened her mouth to say something, but it died instantly in her throat as he turned around to look at her.


"I will just ask Mohan to drop you home... that's a better option... Neither I have to drop you, nor will I get slapped for kissing you silly..." He said crossing his arms over his chest while Khushi's eyes rounded at his words.


"Listen Mr. Raizada.. I was not prepared for that kiss.. its all new to me..all this butterflies and dhak dhaks.. you don't understand a thing... this is totally getting into my nerves.. I don't like losing my control over something I have never experienced... Besides I was not expecting you to kiss me on my lips.. I was... I was scared and confused... And tell you what...I had seriously enjoyed your closeness.. that night...if only you would have taken it little slowly... you should have considered me as Khushi Gupta... not one of your experienced girlfriends..." She finished fuming badly while Arnav had his jaw dropped to the floor.



"I am sorry for scaring you and taking advantage of you on one of your helpless situations. Trust me, it was out of my were urm..okay just don't stretch on this matter further.. its getting more tangled..  wait how do you know about my girlfriends by the way? And I have never seen you with that kind of eyes..i..i really like you..." He stammered looking everywhere except her face. "And that unexpected slap... I was not expecting that from you.. I thought you were equally affected as I was... but may be I was wrong..."


"No.. you were not wrong.. I told you I was just..."


"Its fine.. I should really leave..."


Khushi cut him off her eyes lingering onto his face more than needed.


"I know I was wrong.. but you can arrest me for hitting an officer on duty.. is not it law?"


Khushi asked sitting on one of his chairs as she huffed while he stood looking out of the window.


"It is law, but I don't want to arrest you, besides I am not on duty right now.."


He said avoiding her gaze. Khushi took time to look at his perfect figure. He was wearing a sleeveless tee, showing off his perfect biceps to her eyes. And when he had his back to her, Khushi could not help but ogle at his perfection and the ripple of muscles which stretched across the tee.


"Then take me as a house arrest.."


He heard her whisper into his ears. When did she come so close to him? She was just sitting there...on that chair...!! He turned around only to find her standing right in front of him, just an inch apart. Her breathing was ragged as she stood the ground looking into his eyes.


"Th...this is my has to be your house when I take you in your house arrest.." He stammered. And he did not had any idea as why the hell he was stammering in front of her. while she seemed all comfortable with him.


"Then take me in "Your" house arrest.." She said rolling her tongue as he touched his bruised cheek with her hand. Caressing it lightly she placed a kiss on the same. his eyes closed instantly at the mere touch of her lips. It was soothing n hot at the same time.


Khushi cupped his cheeks standing on tip toes while her eyes were glued to his perfect lips..which was slightly parted. She did not know as how to initiate a kiss. it was her first time and Arnav was being a gentleman as he controlled the urge to kiss her as he removed her hands from his face and turned around.


"What are you trying to do?"


"It's the way I am trying to apologize for my childish behavior last night.."


She said leaning onto his form, their lips inches apart.


"So, you want me to slap you when you try to kiss me on my lips..?" He asked slyly his hands reaching for her petite waist as she encircled her arms around his neck, pressing her heaving form onto his hard chest.


"It's up to you Mr. Raizada, whether you want to kiss me back or slap me instead..." She rolled her tongue and found his hands grabbing onto her waist hardly, aligning her form to his as he pushed her onto the wall. She gasped and found his body glued to her form, from tip to toe.


He slowly leaned forward, his lips inches apart from her quivering ones. But it never came, what she was been expecting.. he slowly rubbed his nose onto her already reddened cheeks and reached for her ear. She was breathing heavily as his hot breaths fanned on her sensitive spot.


"I like your perfume... Stop me if I am going too far...just don't slap you did last hurts, physically NO. But mentally it's a big YES..." He finished as he dropped a butterfly kiss on her ear lobe and moved away from her face.


"It's an Arab Attar "Chastity Home" that's the name..." She grinned finishing those words and Arnav found it hard to look away from her face. She was so stunning when she smiled like that, showing her whole teeth, and her lips curved upwards.


"Then, Chastity is home already..In front of me..." He found her darkening at his words, mirroring his inner thoughts.. As they, both stared into each other's eyes. She took the time to study his face, his perfect and aristocratic nose, those coffee brown eyes, his hard jaw slightly sprinkled with stubble and then his luscious lips. Which had her full attention on them!! How it will feel against mine? How soft it would be? How perfect it would be when our lips will finally meet?


She trailed away staring onto his lips while he pushed those wayward locks behind her ear, his fingers caressing her cheeks all the way. She felt a shudder ran through her being as his rough and hard fingers brushed against her soft cheeks. It was sensational!!



"You had me from the first day of the protest... I just showed up on the ground just to see you..when I had duties elsewhere.." He finally confessed his feelings while she was looking at him incredulously.


"I hated you from the first day, the way you used to stare at me...I did not know that, the look was just reserved for me...until last night..." She whispered her hands brushing against his stubble, and she felt goose bumps all over her body at the sensations.



"So, last night has to be the turning point in our lives... and were just driving me insane..." he groaned leaning towards her form while she clutched onto his tee with trembling fingers.


"Finally, he is going to kiss her..." Bhagwan ji said taking the remote to switch on the TV, while Devi Maiyya blushed crimson as she looked away from Arnav and Khushi's intimate position,  instantly.



"It's time for Devon Ke Dev Mahadev..."



Bhagwan ji announced as he put on the channel LifeOK!!







Khushi had her eyes closed in submission, her breasts heaved challenging him, she was a hot mess...her eyes squeezed shut, her lips parted..her rosy cheeks and her ragged breathing. He groaned inwardly and slanted his lips on hers. She was little taken aback but soon got control as she raked her fingers through his thick locks, feeling the softness.


His lips were gentle on hers, as he took his own sweet time to explore her sweet mouth. She moaned into his mouth while his tongue caressed the seam of her lips, begging for entry. She willingly opened her mouth and felt her stomach doing weird flip flaps when his tongue finally met hers.


Her knees went weak, if it was not for Arnav who was holding her upright, she would have fell onto the ground long back.


Khushi's phone started ringing non stop while Arnav was not willing to leave her lips yet. She cupped his cheeks and withdrew her lips from his hold. Her eyes widened as she looked at the caller id.


"These phone's you it Aman?" Devi Maiyya asked combing her hair. She was getting ready for bed, while Bhagwan ji seemed to lost in Arnav Khushi's love story on youtube. He was re-watching the old episodes, because after reading few FF's on India Forums, he was feeling too nostalgic and just wanted to refresh his memories.


"Aman, he was the one who ruined the Diwali Almost Kiss.. dang! Did you see the views of that video on YT? It has crossed 1,80 million hits.." He grinned widely while Devi Maiyya rolled her eyes. Here she was asking about AIP's ArHi and her husband was busy on YT and the hits.


She stomped away from the living room, muttering a "Disturbance Of India" on her way.


"What? I did not do anything...she always behaves like that.." Bhagwan ji frowned at Arnav who was giving him those killer looks.


"Bhagwan ji we had enough interruptions and disturbances last season... ab iss season mein bhi? Don't you have any kind of "Daya" on us.. let us romance without some interruptions..and ask you musicians to play the "Rub Away's" as people says that they are missing it these days..."



"Fine...its not in my hands ask your fried rice ji..." Bhagwan ji sulked and switched off the camera's he had in Arnav's study.



"Kya pyar karne waalon ki prayer sun ne ke liye yahaan koi bhagwan ji nahi hai..?" He asked looking at the side table where fried rice ji was sitting, typing away on her laptop with a huge grin on her face.


"Main hoon na..." she winked at him and he stomped away from there wiping away the bubble, where fried rice ji was few seconds ago.


"JP.. whats up...?"


Khushi asked panting heavily, aftermath of their mind blasting kiss few seconds ago.


Jyothi frowned and looked at the phone screen with widened eyes.


"Are you alright? Why are you panting? Were you been running or something? Wait, where are you? Sasi uncle said you have not reached home yet.. are you in some kind of trouble? Are you with Raizada?" She asked with her jaws dropping to the floor.


"JP... take a long breath and listen to me.. 1. Ask one question at a time... you sound like the typical Anjali di of season 1 who used to annoy Shyam with her non-stop questions. 2. I am fine, perfectly all right. 3. Yes, I have not reached home yet. 4. I am with Mr. Raizada. 5. Neither I am running nor am I in trouble. We were just kissing. Now don't panic and shout the same to everyone over there.."


Jyothi's phone almost fell from her hands as Khushi's straightforward answers finally registered in her mind. She was kissing that Raizada. Ohmigod.. she was been kissed by that Raizada. Jyothi had a mental war with her own self and she pressed the phone back onto her ears. It was too much she could take at a time.


"Are not you coming to the party?" She asked chewing onto her bottom lip while Aman raised his drink at her, asking her to join him with his perfectly shaped eyebrows. Were he been going to some salon to shape his eyebrows? It's just so perfect! She swooned at him form standing at the counter waiting for him.


"I am not sure.." Khushi said looking at an impatient Arnav who was standing right next to her still leaning onto the wall where she had left him unfinished.


I will call you back..." She said abruptly and cut the call. Arnav's face lit up instantly as she threw herself into his waiting arms.






"Umm.. why am I feeling so perfect when you are in my arms...?" Arnav asked as he running a hand across her shoulders, reaching for her heaving breasts. They were lying on the mattress of his study, all spent and tired after they had done reading the book "Scandalous" by Candace Camp. A sensual and thrilling ride was the book.


He smiled mischievously his index finger darting inside the neckline of her kurti, while she waited in anticipation, for his hands to travel further downwards... that was indeed scandalous..her thoughts obvisouly.


"What would you do, if you saw me all naked in front of your house...just like Priscilla in the story..?" He asked resting on his one elbow while Khushi turned to his side, removing the book from there as she inched closer to his lying form.


"What would I do? Erm..may be I will faint just looking at your perfection...or.." she trailed away as Arnav's thumb came caressing her lips, feeling the softness and she let out a throaty moan of desire at his sensual touch.


"Perfection? How do you know that I am perfect?" He asked inching little closer to her while she felt his thumb trailing downwards, reaching for the column of her throat.


"I know everything... Mr. Raizada...nothing is hidden from my eyes.. I have been watching you closely since 5days... just did not get to see you without any barriers on your body..." She winked seductively and it was his undoing. He was been restraining himself from past few hours, but this little minx was creating havoc with his already heightened senses.


He without any words removed his tee and threw it aside. Khushi's eyes popped out as she looked at his toned form. All sleek and tan. She gulped hard and found him smirking at her.


"Breathe, Khushi.." He whispered leaning forward as he took one of her hand and placed it on his wildly beating heart.


"This is what you do to me., when you are close to me... you are driving me crazy woman.." he said pulling her hard onto his form, while she came crashing onto his now bare chest.


" too are feeling all these weird dhak dhak's? just like me? I thought it was some kind of acidity I got after eating a dozen gol gappe's.." She smiled nervously feeling him under her palm. He was so smooth and hard at the same time. She looked up at him and found him staring at her, his one hand still holding onto the small of her back.


He with one swift move of his hand pushed her onto the mattress. Khushi felt the mattress sunk because of their body weights. His index finger came resting onto her lips then trailed downwards, slowly sensually while his eyes were been glued to her flustered face.


 She squirmed beneath him as his finger reached her navel, covering the whole area of her heaving breasts.


"Arnav, you are killing me...with all this..." She trailed away as his lips replaced his finger. He kissed her navel over the fabric and trailed upwards reaching for her assets.


"You are wonderful..." he whispered onto her lips while Khushi arched back giving him more access to her form.





 Aaja Cheeni le jaa update..

Mereko chain ke saas lene de..ab!!D'oh

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Djinka Chika Chinka ChikaDhinka Chika Dhinka Chika Re e e e e Re e e e e...Dancing
I am Phirsht !! Believe naahi howat !

Ka Updatewa Tha..
I toh full on Blushwa Karing Blushing
The best as usualwa was Bhagwan Ji and Devi Mayyia Connvos..
I was Laughing so damn hard..!!ROFL
And Arnav - Khushi , inke baare me kya kahu ?
I don't know why i was blushing so much , but at times i was literally changing the tab and lokoing at any other page just to ishtop myself from hyperventilating..!!
Lovely Ahem Chapterwa Embarrassed

Maza aa gaya ! 

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superb  updateClap

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Right from the start to the ending it was AWESOME..!!
I am so happy after reading the chapterBig smile
BhagwanJi reads FFs on IF and he too watches YouTube videos are reading them like usEmbarrassed
DeviMaiyaa is so cuteEmbarrassed I just love both of them

Now time for my ArShiWink
OMG OMG OMG these two will be death of mine someday. This update was so sexy and hot.
They made mayday by their confession. Aww I loved it when Khushi said they she was scared but she loved it too when he kissed herEmbarrassed

OMG Khushi's way to apologize was so HOT..!! She initiated the kiss herself. 
I thought she was a naive but here the hotness of ASR turned innocent into a seductress
Their intimacy increased the temperature here in my cityBlushing

What the..!! Aman nahi toh JP sahi??
I loved Khushi's answerwaa to her...Besharam ladkiEmbarrassed Loving her

Yaar you write chapters like this and then you say I am making you crazy by spamming??
Yeh kaha ka inssaf hai?!Tongue

Do din saans le lo and then I will be back..!!
I know you won't deny me, you love me, hain na?Embarrassed (New hathiyaar, emotional blackmailEvil Smile)

Love u

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astha didi

Unres by Astha

Hayeee JiJi, Maar dala aisa steamy update de k... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Itna sara ACTION 1 update mai??? Ufff!!! I'm sweating despite sitting in an AC room... Blushing

Shitall was AWESUM JiJi... Clap

Devi Maiyaa's n Bhagwanji's convo is always a cherry on d cake... Specially, I'm d GOD n YT links was jst Muahh... Clap

Dis tym u included urself 2... Smart Fried Riceji... Thumbs Up

Arnav's and Khushi's confession was another brilliance by u... Clap

D way Khushi told him tht it ws her first tym n he shud hv taken thngs slowly, cracked me up... LOL

I'm so luvng dere Ahem-2 part... I actually stopped breathing while reading it... Embarrassed

JP??? Aman nhi to uski GF??? Bhagwanji, seriously hv sum Daya on gareeb bacche lyk us... Cry

Khushi straight 4wrd answers were Mast... LOL

I jst luvd d House Arrest part n u knw it WHY, dnt u JiJi???? Wink

Luvd every bit of it JiJi... Muahhh... Heart

Continue soonwa... Wink

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well they are under house arrest
but it seems still have some major disturbances
but then thats bound to happen
gosh that was funny man
and does that mean this is it
i should hope so
wow now that was something
stupid sheetal
there arhi are trying to break the ice and here she is giving her useless suggestions
what to do with her
but hell with her
let arhi continue and soon
cheers for pm

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Mind blowing... Embarrassed
At last... ab sub ho jaye ga... Wink
seriously waiting for that impatiently... ... or woh din a gaya... Hug
Love the talks btw bhagwan ji and devi miyyan they are soo cool... Embarrassed
Fried rice ji is Awesome... Embarrassed
last night i also watch the "almost kiss" of diwali ... while reading it i just imagine u can read my mind... Wink
Love it... Heart

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