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ArHi SS : Arnav, I am Pregnant!! Season 2 Ch6 PG121 Thread Two Pg 148 (Page 55)

Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Titaliya1234

Nice update fried ji!!!
After receiving a kiss on cheek she slapped him on his cheek!!!

the last line rhymes babyWink

cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by asthagarwal

Originally posted by cheesemad

Are we going to get an update??

Over 2 u CCji... I'm off... Mk my res... Wink
just now WA u to make my off to
Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by aquagal

I hate you like I love you!!!
Aisa bhi koi karta hai!!!
Teasing trailer ke baad paani to phera armaano pe and then made Khushi slap Arnav - just like that!!! Kiss ka maza le woh bhi and thappad khaaye Arnav - Yeh to bahut badi naainsaafi hai..
I want blood - I mean revenge - I mean some romance in lieu of this drama...
Aur jo hum kehte hain woh bas hum hi kehte hain...
Now she misses him - what was she thinking he'll be here to get slapped by her again? Huh...
Hum Khushi Kumari Gupta se bahut naraaz hain and Arnavji ko hamari taraf se ek pyaari si sound effects wali puppy and ek jadu ki jhappi. Embarrassed

But I want to know why did she slap him? She stood there as if waiting for kiss and Devi Maiyya knows what more!!!!

PS: Would Khushi get actually pregnant in this SS or you'll do Ramanchi like you did with the teaser? Angry

Ohmigod.. Janu is furious.. *hides behind DM*
Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cheesemad

1 update ki kimat tum kya jano Jiji babu..!!
lol...Jiji babuROFL


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Friedriceji IF-Rockerz

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Banner : LaxshalovesARSHI

This Chapter is dedicated to "arshi_sush" , "aksuji", "Apoorvarani" & Titaliya1234 for their awesome comments everytime!

@Cheeni : Thanks for all the drama'sTongue


Chapter Four



About Last Night!




Khushi smiled at the constable, whose name was Happy Singh, he was enjoying his tea and samosa at a stall while Khushi reached him in lightening speed.


"Hello...Happy Sir.. can I ask you one thing?" She whispered into his ears while he placed the glass onto the counter his eyes widening.


"Sure ji... anything..."


"Where is your superior officer Mr. Raizada?"


"He is on a leave ji.."


"Do you have got his number?"




"Can you please give it to me.. its really urgent.."



"Thank you so much Happpy ji.."


"Mention not ji"


Khushi left from there all happy and excited to talk to him when she got his number.


She did not waste anymore time and dialed the number, the phone pressing onto her ears closely to hear his husky voice.


"Hello...You have reached Delhi Highway Police... for English press one, hindi ke liye 2 dabaayein, for assistance on any other language press 3, if you are in trouble press 4..."


Khushi's jaw dropped to the floor as she looked at Happy Singh who was helping himself with another dozen Samosa's.  she was totally nuts to ask him for the same.


Devi Maiyya rolled on the floor laughing while Bhagwan ji shot her a stern look. She stuck her tongue out and left for her room she had to get ready for the aarti.





Aman stood the ground listening to Jyothi's speech after their successful completion of the protest. He could not take his eyes off her as she finished with her addressing and thanks. She climbed down the stage and her friends once again surrounded her as they  planned a success party at one of the hotels.


He stood near the jeep his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes never leaving hers for a second. She was aware of his eyes upon her from the start and she was trying really hard to concentrate on her friend's talks while her eyes faltered towards him every second.


He grinned in response as she walked towards him, excusing herself from the group of students.


"Congrats.. you did it..." Aman said extending his hand forward while Jyothi hesitantly took the same and shook her hands smiling at him nervously.


"Thank you sir... it has to be because...we were fighting for the justice..." She said down casting her eyes and he looked at her all mesmerized by her beauty and brain.


"Umm... We are arranging a success party at one of our friend's farmhouse... if you don't mind, you are welcome to join us... it'd an honor to have you.." Jyothi said clasping and unclasping her hands nervously while Aman grew thoughtful at her request.


Suddenly, Jyothi's phone started ringing and she excused herself from him. it was Khushi and Jyothi was little confused as why she was calling her, when they both were at the same place.


"Hello...Khushi... where are you?"


She asked searching around but did not quite have a glimpse of her anywhere.


"I am on the way to the police station... I want your help...I saw you talking to Mr. Aman Mathur... the commissioner of police... is he friendly towards you?" Khushi asked biting her lips while Jyothi looked at Aman's face who was staring at her intently.


"He is kind of...but why do you ask?" Jyothi asked smiling shyly


"Nothing.. I just want Arnav's mobile number.. can you please ask the same to him and message me asap?"


"What? But who Arnav?"


"Umm... I meant ACP Raizada's number."


Jyothi frowned looking at her phone screen, as if checking it was indeed Khushi who was asking for Raizada's number. And damn she knows his first name too. Jyothi stood there lost in thoughts while Khushi kept yelling at her from the other side.


"Jyo...your friend is asking for something..." Aman said tapping his fingers on Jyothi's shoulders and she gasped aloud finding him so close to her form. She gulped hard and looked at his hand resting on her shoulder and then at his face, cuteness!!


Her mind cried in delight, while Khushi yelled once again.


"What did you call me..?"


Jyothi asked breathlessly while Aman raised an eyebrow at her so sexily that she felt she would faint any time.




"Yes Jyo...I like it when someone calls me Jyo...but everyone seems to love calling me JP..." She said sadly while Aman's face fell looking at her sad face. Khushi rolled her eyes from the other side, here she was dying to have his number, standing in the middle of the crowded road, in the heat of the mid day and there she was coochy cooing with the commissioner of the police.


"Jyothi...listen to me damn it..." Khushi yelled once again...and Jyothi missed her first ever Rub Away.


The heavenly musicians dropped their instruments and started chewing onto their masala popcorns. None of the couples was doing any Rub Aways these days, and whenever they were so close...there was always and interruption.


"Umm... my friend Khushi...she wants Mr. Raizada's personal telephone number..." Jyothi said hesitantly while Aman's eyes rounded. So Raizada, already on work eh? Aman thought going through his contacts for Raizada's number.


Khushi felt relieved after getting Arnav's number.. she really hoped that this time it did not went straight to Highway Police or any other police assistance which she really did not want to.


She waited for the person to respond from the other side, and finally someone picked the call.


"Hello...who is this?"


Khushi frowned looking at the phone screen. Not again damn it! She thought having this weird feeling that it was also a wrong number. The woman from the other side repeated the question and Khushi cleared her throat.


"Is not this Mr. Raizada's number?"


"Yes it is... I am his sister...Anjali...and you are?" Anjali leaned back onto the couch holding the phone close while Khushi chewed onto her lips nervously. What excuse should she make now? She just wanted to apologize to him for her wild behavior the other night, but it seemed too impossible as Mr. Raizada was too busy to even attend a call on his mobile.


Anjali could not hear any reply from the other end and thought it might be one of his million girl friend's. she disconnected the call and looked at the closed door of her brother's room.


He was not awake yet? Anjali thought walking towards his room as the time read, 1:00pm. Her frown deepened as she knocked onto his door non stop and there was no response from inside.


"Chottey... open up.." She shouted and heard shuffling sound from inside the room. a tired Arnav opened the door and looked at his di's worried face.


"Ohmigod Chotttey, who did this to you?"


She asked panicking as Arnav felt she would faint any minute.


Arnav did not understand as why his di was being all dramatic early morning, oh well it was in her blood right? He thought grinning widely while Devi Maiyya gave him a thumbs up sign.


"What di? let me sleep..pleasee..." He said walking back to his bed while Anjali caught his wrist and turned him towards her.


She dragged him towards the huge mirror and asked him to look at his reflection. He opened his sleepy eyes with difficulty and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes almost bulged out as he looked at the blue/red handprints on his right cheek.


What the f**k?


He swiftly turned to the other side and ran inside the bathroom leaving a confused Anjali behind.


"Chottey I will be back with an ice pack.. just wait... and don't panic..di is here..."


She said as she made her way towards the kitchen.





Khushi stood infront of the huge house, which had this beautiful wooden carved board in the front.


Raizada Mansion


Her nervousness reached into new heights as she looked at the security officers who stood infront of the house, holding huge rifles in their hands. she gulped hard and stepped inside the gate only to be stopped by one of them.


"Who are you Madam?" Kamlesh Khabri the taller one asked checking her out from top to bottom.


"And do you have got the permission letter or appointment to meet Mr. Raizada.." Ramesh Khabri with normal height asked to Khushi.


"I am Khushi Gupta and I don't have any permission letter or appointment... can you please let me in.. I am one of his friend..." Khushi said flashing her infectious smile at them both and they smiled back at her with awww..


"Oh.. you are Sir's friend, sorry we have not seen you before that's are welcome inside..." They said in unison as they opened the door for her.


"Thank you so much bhaiyya..."


She said before entering inside and Kamlesh Khabri pointed towards Ramesh Khabri


"She addressed you as Bhaiyya.."


"No she addressed you damn it.. I don't look like her bhaiyya in any angle.. I am a bachelor... still." Ramesh Khabri said polishing his rifles while Kamlesh thought keeping his tongue in check was the best thing he could do, when he is a married man, he will just accept the bhaiyya word from her.. no hard feelings. Happy to help!!





Anjali was in a roll as she ran towards the stairs holding an ice pack in her hands when her eyes caught a vision in a red salwar kameez standing in the middle of the living area with a puzzled expression on her beautiful red face.


Anjali cleared his throat reaching her sides and Khushi almost jumped on her heels at the sound.


"I am sorry... but... I think I have seen you somewhere before?" Anjali said looking at her curiously while Khushi smiled nervously at the woman infront of her.


"Umm.. may be in the tv.. I am reporter in Kal Tak... is Mr. Raizada home?" She said smiling at the woman while Anajli asked her to have a seat.


"Yes he is... let me just take this ice pack to him... and he will be down in few minutes... May I know your good name?" She asked reaching for the stairs in hurry.


"Its Khushi Gupta..."






Arnav was out of the bathroom finally, inspecting the marks thoroughly and now he needed a lie to hide the same from his sister..


Anjali barged inside his room holding the icepack while Arnav stood rooted to the spot looking at the angry glare she was shooting at him.


"You are not going to tell me as who did this to you? Did someone slap you Chottey?" She asked stifling a laugh while Arnav grinded his teeth his jaws clenching brutally.


"Enough di, I can do it by myself... you can leave.. you are already late for your satsang..." he said snatching the icepack from her hands as he slumped back onto the bed with a frown. How his di always guessed the right reason behind everything?


He ignored her angry glare and kept touching his bruised cheeks with the icepack.


"I was leaving anyways... but there is someone at the hall to meet you..she said her name is Khushi Gupta.."


Anjali said as she reached all the way to the door and found the icepack lying on the floor.


"WHAT? WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?" He almost shouted at his di and Anjali was almost in the verge of spilling her precious tears.


He was walking briskly towards the living area while Anjali followed him almost running behind him to catch up with  his speed.






Khushi stood up instantly as she found Arnav walking towards her his eyes spitting fire but what she saw on his face just knocked the whole air out of her lungs. Was that bruise? She trailed away biting her nails in the process.


Arnav stood infront of her almost hovering over her tiny form while she moved back scared of his outburst.


"Mr. Raizada.. I was just..."


"What are you doing here? Who let you inside?"


He yelled for securities and they came running inside the house looking everywhere for some intruder who managed to trick them and entered the house.


"Mr. Raizada... I want to talk to you about last night..."


Arnav stiffened at the mention of "last night" and he felt his anger taking new heights.


"Follow me.. to the study Ms. Gupta.."


He asked Anjali to leave for her satsang while both the securities left for their duties. Sheetal was all shocked to see Arnav's angry avatar back and she dismissed herself to the kitchen to prepare everything for the dinner before sir fires her ass.







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yipeee i am firstShocked ShockedShockedShockedShocked Shocked
anyways come to the update
awesome update..ClapStar.
that slap mark is still on arnav's face..LOL
poor arnav surely eat her with his angerSleepy
waiting for next  oneWink

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OMg khushi is geting bnumber of highway policeROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
jyo n Aman having a eye lockROFL
n poor them rub away missedROFL
Is khushi want to apologie him fr last nyt or s she mising himWink Wink Wink Wink
both the khabris fighting fr bhaiyROFLROFLROFL
huahhh khushi hand print on arnav cheeksLOL LOL LOL LOL
anjali is a true sister knowing abt hs broTongue Tongue Tongue n also the reason behind the slapROFL
n there comes a hangerConfused Confused
follow me to studyEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
no oene at homeTongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
arshi aloneEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
will khushi give any medicine fr arnie's slapEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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unres... Dancing
superb part ...Wink
At last she will be pregnant i guess... Day Dreaming
Awesome update... Smile
bechara arnav itni zoor ka slap... Unhappy
khushi is really gone this time... LOL
Love it... Heart

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