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ArHi SS : Arnav, I am Pregnant!! Season 2 Ch6 PG121 Thread Two Pg 148 (Page 26)

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Hello.. Sorry for being is the next chapter of AIP S2

Warning : This chapter may be inappropriate to read if you heart "Achaar Show" so you are warned!!!

And too lazy to proofread when I am packing my stuffsLOL

Cheeni...le..updated... Ab Khush?

Chapter Two



Best You Ever Had!!




Khushi opened the main door without making any noise and tip toed inside her room. She threw her bag onto the bed and switched on the lights. A gasp left Khushi's mouth as she found her father sitting on one of her chairs, staring directly at her. she smiled smugly and then reached for her Dad's sides. Sasi looked at her apologetic face as she wrapped her arms around Sasi's neck from behind.


"Dad... Why are not you on the bed?" She said kissing his cheeks soundly while Sasi pulled her infront of him. he knew she was trying to change the topic and hiding behind the chair was something she never forget to do. Sasi thought shaking his head.


"Why are you so late?" Sasi asked keeping the seriousness in his tone and his face as hard as possible, so Khushi could not get away from this time.


"Dad.. I am sorry.. I had to submit the reports for the breakfast news...and you know how busy I am these days because of the protests...?" She said kneeling down infront of him. Sasi raised one eyebrow at her and then pressed the play button on the remote.


" seemed really" He said gesturing towards the television where Khushi was staring at Arnav Singh Raizada who had this huge smirk on his face. His hands holding her wrist while she fumed at him. Khushi covered her face in her palms and peeked a glance at her Dad's face who was staring at her with a poker face.


Devi Maiyya... Iss Arnav Singh Raizada ka kuch to karna padega! I am fed up of this guy. Its been 3days almost... since he's hitting on me...and I am doing nothing about it. If I was not busy with this protests n all.. I would have shown him that , no one gets away after messing with Khushi Gupta! Khushi warned looking upwards while Devi Maiyya blew onto her manicured fingernails.


Lets see! Devi Maiyya threw her a challenging look while Khushi made an "O"face immediately and stomped inside the washroom.


"See.. no matter how different this storyline is from Season 1... O faces will never change..." Bhagwan ji giggled and stopped instantly as he found Devi Maiyya glaring at him.







Anjali waited at the living area for her brother to return to the house. It was almost 11pm and there was no sign of her beloved brother. She was too excited to share something with him, if only he came before she drifts into sleep. She thought yawning loudly.


"Memsaab...shall I heat the dinner..." Sheetal... the housekeeper asked politely. Anjali sighed and sat on the couch comfortably.


" are over your working hours... why don't you go and take some rest?" Anjali said averting hs gaze from Shhetal. She was wearing this namesake skirt and barely there tee. She could not get the girl's dressing sense. Anjali had never seen her fully dressed nor she likes to wear aprons over her dress. Although Anjali had tried firing her from the work, but Arnav was adamant to keep her as the house help.


Surely..,,, Looks does matters!! She thought staring at those photos of their living area. where Arnav was posing with his girlfriends. Oops hot-ex-girlfriends!! Anjali corrected herself.  Well the butter they bought every week lasted longer than his one girlfriend did.


She grinned looking at the last photograph in the row. It was Shreya, the one n only sensible girl he had dated so far. Other's were just plastics or the word starts from "WH" which I am not obliged to take because My Devi Maiyya wont appreciate such language from her favorite devotee. Anjali said looking upwards while Devi Maiyya showed a thumbs up signal to her.


How badly she wanted Arnav to make up with that girl after their huge fight. But her brother, the thick headed flirt wont admit his fault. He was wrong about her from the start. He thought she will be like any other girl and let him do whatever he wants with her. Well...the thick head Raizada needs a lesson or two about girls. anjali thought checking the time once again.


"11:30pm?" She asked to herself. She had not ate anything from morning because it was her fast that day.  She touched her empty stomach and then dialed his number which went to voicemail immediately.

"Hey there...You have reached ASR...leave your message...after the beep...and I will make sure you will never ever forget my name..yes its .A-for Arnav. S-for Singh. R-for Raizada"


Anjali rolled her eyes and ended the call. The main door got opened and Arnav emerged inside, his shirt buttons almost open revealing his bare chest and his belt hanging from the sides of his pants. He walked inside humming some weird song while Anjali made an "O" face looking at him.


Bhagwan ji nudged Devi Maiyya and earned a slap from her.


"I know right.." She mumbled and busied herself in the FF she was following these days. "A Late Spring" by IPK007. Such a wonderful love story it is. even Devi Maiyya could not keep away from IF just because of this beautiful Fan Fictions. She sighed and kept dreaming about Mr. Arnav Foster, leaving AIP's badass cop Arnav for few minutes.


Bhagwan ji tried to have a look onto her laptop screen but she ran away from there holding the same in her hands.


"I am taking few minutes I have to read missed chapters of the FF. If only Anjali spared me everyday.." She thought and then got lost in "ALS"



"Di...aap soyi nahi?" Arnav asked slumping onto the couch right next Anjali. He threw his wallet and cap onto the couch and looked at his sister's sleepy face. She was opening some small box and Arnav already knew as what it was.


"Ye lo Chottey...Devi Maiyya ka prashad.." She said extending a huge laddoo towards him and Arnav frowned.


"Itna bada laddoo? Mera mooh itna khulta bhi nahi.." He said sulking a bit while Anjali took a small piece from the same and fed him. already knowing his tantrums. He flashed a smile at her and then got up from there to leave for his room. anjali caught hold of his hand and he stopped.


"Good Night...di.. I did not forget... I am just coming down after changing into something comfortable.." He said kissing her forehead. She smiled and left his hands to leave for the kitchen to heat the food. Sheetal has already left to sleep and Anjali did not felt like waking her up, because it will only distract Arnav from having his dinner. He will start eating up her instead of the food. Anjali thought as she arranged the dishes onto the table.






Arnav was almost done with the dinner and was about to leave for his room, when Anjali's questioning glance stopped him. he sat back onto the chair, all set to hear her rants about "Importance of marriage in one's life" ofcourse. Anjali's face grew serious as she put her plates aside and looked at her Chottey with concern.


"Were you fighting with someone at the protest today? Anjali said cupping Arnav's cheeks with her free hand. Arnav flashed a weak smile at his sister and then down casted his eyes. He did not know how his sister manages to get all the news, when she barely watched any television. And if she watched it was always either Spiritual Channel or Daily Soaps.

"Di... kisne bataya? Were you watching news channels today?" he asked surprise evident on his face while Anjali pulled his cheeks affectionately clearly knowing the hidden humour in his words.


"Lavanya my satsang partner told me that she saw you in the morning news having a fight with a beautiful girl at the ground..." She said winking at Arnav and Arnav's mind occupied with some scandalous thoughts about the certain Gupta who seemed to invade his personal space now a days. what a girl?! He grinned remembering her feistiness in the morning and the way she had stomped onto his feet, intentionally.


The way her eyes spat fire at him and the way trailed away as he recalled the way her heaving chest caught his attention in the morning. She is gorgeous in everyway.


"Hello...there..back to earth"


Anjali's voice snapped him out of his trance and he looked at his sister with a crooked smile plastered on his cute face. Anajli watched the change in his expressions and waited for some good news. what if he likes this girl? Her heart skipped a beat at the thought and she crossed her fingers to hear something similar from her Chottey's mouth.


"Di...she is a journalist and a part of the was nothing but a normal clash that always happens between Police officers and protestors now  a days..." He said casually ruffling his hair while Anjali's face fell instantly hearing the negative response from him. but somewhere she knew that her brother was affected by this girl high time. And we she pushed the matter little further, she could really get a positive response from him without any delay. If only, he was serious about this girl.


"Okay di... I am too sleepy...good night...and no more Pooja's till morning..." He warned her as he kissed her good night and left for his room. anjali frowned looking at her Devi Maiyya's idol and left for her room to get some sleep. Devi Maiyya felt extremely happy hearing Arnav's warning and she thought of giving him a nicetime the next day, with Khushi Gupta ofcourse. His new found enthusiasm.


Anjali smiled to herself as she was so excited for next day. Because she was going to attend this new group of satsang at Chandni Chowk. Devi Maiyya face-palmed while Bhagwan ji rested on his diwan cot with a sly smile on his face.






Day 3 "

Venue- Parliament House


Jyothi Priya rushed through the crowd holding Khushi's hands and reached right infront of the minister who was trying to escape from there before any protestors could reach. The minister looked at her with pure loath and got inside his car only to be stopped by feisty Gupta.


The minister frowned and tried to close the door of his car, while the other protestors blocked the front road. Khushi grinned as the minister wiped the sweat beads off from his forehead and passed a weak smile at her.


Arnav and other officer's reached the vehicle as they pushed the students away from the path. He waited for the minister to speak something but he was abnormally silent other than his loud behavior few days ago. Arnav knew he was the one at fault and protestors were doing nothing but supporting the right side. Minister looked at him pleading eyes while he crossed his arms over his chest, avoiding the looks he was throwing at him for help.





Arnav closed his eyes dramatically as Khushi's voice boomed inside his head, making his eardrums burst into million pieces at once. He threw an incredulous look at her for that she smiled at him brightly. He was mesmerized by that look in her eyes. And he had never seen her smile like that. And that too at him? ohh Never.!! He grinned and looked at her while she rolled her eyes and looked away.


He had totally forgot to check her out all the day, because he had duty inside the PH. He leisurely looked at her side. She was wearing this pink salwar kameez. Which was complimenting her fair complexion completely. And don't even ask about her hair. He thought looking at her open hair, which sway in the air as she moved her head here and there.


His eyes darted down and quickly looked away as he found her penetrating gaze upon him. what the hell Raizada? You are afraid of getting caught by a silly girl? Only because you were checking her out? Get a grip damn it! He chided himself and looked into her direction. She was busy tying her dupatta onto one side because it was getting onto her front blocking her view.


He without any warning reached for her side and tied the dupatta for her. she rounded her eyes and then looked at his hands which was holding her dupatta so closely, that his hands were already in contact with her tiny waist. She gulped hard and snatched the same away from his hands. her fingers brushed against his rough and larger digits, sending shivers down her spine. Her breathing came ragged and she lost the track of time. Arnav was staring at her with so much need in his eyes, while she could not find any reason to look away. She was smitten by the look in his eyes. No other men had dared to look at her like that, and when the man she was trying to hate was making it difficult for her.


She smoothed the fabric of her dupatta and then her eyes fell onto his hands which was on her shoulders. She heard some loud noises from the side of the car but she was too busy to look at them as her eyes got glued to his chiseled face. He was not looking at her this time. So she took her time to study his hard arrogant face. Gorgeous!! That was the word rang inside her head as she took in the beautiful form of his face. Those penetrating , soulful eyes, that perfect nose. And the stubble which gave him that bad boy type's looks and finally those lips. Those delectable, curvy, sinful lips. She swooned at his form and started making patterns on the ground with her toe nails.


"Khushi...the minister is leaving... why did you left the door..." Jyothi Priya's voice boomed through her ears and she looked at her horrified.


"WHAT? HE LEFT?" Khushi almost shouted and then looked at the car which was slowly moving towards the main gate. She did not wait for a second as she gathered some courage and pushed through the crowd of protestors. Students followed her to the car as they blocked the front of the car once again. arnav smelled trouble as he found police men nearing the protestors their sticks on check.


He tried to push Khushi away from there, but she was too strong for him. she pushed his hands off and banged her hands onto the glass pane of the window. constables made their way towards the crowd and started beating them up. Students panicked and started running here and there, holding their heads with their books as the police men rained on them with their huge service sticks. :P


Students ran here and there hiding from the beating of the police men. Khushi was adamant to move away from there and her head was already bleeding from a heavy hit on her forehead. She wiped the same with her dupatta and shouted non-stop along with Jyothi Priya and few other student leaders.


The crowd was almost gone so the police officers. Arnav stood there totally stumped by Khushi's Gupta's courage and the way she faced those police men. Girl,.. you drive me crazy..! he said inwardly walking towards her. it was the time to arrest her as all other's were already been arrested and send to the nearest police station.







Khushi sat at the corner of the police station waiting for her superior officers to reach there with a bail notice. Arnav was sitting inside his cabin, his heart restless. He did not know as why her presence was affecting him so much. He had this urge to look at her every minute, to make sure that she is okay. He glanced over the window and found her sitting on one of those benches with other protestors.


Most of the students and protestors were out of the station as they got their bails on time. But Khushi and Jyothi Priya does not had any luck with the same. they waited and waited for their colleagues to come but there was no sign of them.

Arnav came outside as he found Aman Mathur his superior officer standing right infront of Ms. Jyothi Priya with a concerned look in his eyes. She was smiling at him and he was looking at her with a lost expression as if he was swimming inside the depths of her eyes.


Khushi cleared her throat and they both came back from their fairlyland. Aman asked Arnav to leave them both as the other protestors have were already out from there. Jyothi Priya thanked Aman and left from there along with Khushi who kept looking back at Arnav , because he was staring at her from the time he had stepped out of his cabin.


Aman ran behind Jyothi and stood right next to her, staring at her side profile. She opened her mouth to thank him for his generosity few minutes ago, but he cut her off and said the unexpected. He offered a lift till her house and she could not deny his proposal as he was a gentleman for his own good. Khushi waved her hands at her best friend and then waited for a taxi to reach her home. Her head was aching like anything as she touched her forehead and hissed.


"You are not going to get any taxi from here..." Arnav said parking his car right infront of Khushi. khushi looked away instantly as a blush crept across her face. She had no idea, as why the hell she was blushing at his statement nor she had the courage to look into his eyes when he was so close to her.



"Are you going to stand there all night?" He asked again and waited for her to answer. Before he could rummage through his unbelievable vocabulary and find some suitable words as " How to offer a lift?" Khushi climbed onto the passenger's seat and buckled herself properly. Arnav grinned and switched on the music player..much to his own satisfaction.


Ain't this what you came for
Don't you wish you came, oh
Girl what you're playing for
Ah, come on
Come on, let me kiss that
Ooh, I know you miss that
What's wrong, let me fix that
Twist that

Khushi's throat went dry as she listened to the lyrics of the song and the way Arnav was intentionally brushing onto her thighs while he changed the gear. She was aware of the heat emanating from his body, reaching for her. and the interior of the car felt too hot to handle as she looked sideways at him.


Baby, tonight's the night I let you know
Baby, tonight's the night we lose control
Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that
Tonight I'll be the best you ever had

I don't wanna brag, but I'll be
The best you ever had

I don't wanna brag, but I'll be
The best you ever had



He seemed comfortable and was humming the song, but Khushi was having difficulty with the hotness, the lyrics, most of all his presence. Why was he affecting her so much? She thought stealing glances at him and he looked directly at her as if read her inner thoughts.


"Kahaan rehti ho?"


He asked his voice unbelievably husky as Khushi found it really hard whether to concentrate on his words or those delectable mouth. She wriggled her dupatta on her index finger and looked at him as normally as possible.


"Paschim Vihar"


She mouthed and looked away instantly. Arnav looked at her hesitant form and then at her restless fingers which was busy tying and untying the soft fabric of her dupatta. His eyes searched for the injury on her forehead and he found his heart melting at the vision. She was hurt badly and he was having scandalized thoughts about her. heck, he was intentionally brushing his fingers on her thihgs. What a jerk you are, Arnav?! He asked to himself while Devi Maiyya looked up from her screen.


"Exactly that's what I was about to say..." She said and glued her eyes back onto the laptop screen.


"Very funny" Bhagwan ji mocked and cupped his cheeks as he watched Arnav and Khushi drove through the deserted roads of Delhi to reach their destination. Will they reach where they were headed to?


Kya Arnav aur Khushi aaj ek ho paayenge?!


The question boomed inside the heaven and Devi Maiyya covered her ears with the headphones.


"It sounded like some daily soap promo's now a days. You know, Like kya woh Achaar bana payegi ya uska beraham pati use banana nahi dega? Jaan ne ke liye dekhiye...Achaar Nibhayega Saath.."


Devi Maiyya mocked and Bhagwan ji sighed concentrating on the duo better than Achaar and Daily Soaps now a days.






Song : Best You Ever Had

Artist : John Legend


Okay... I am going off to Kerala to attend my cousin's engagement. So will be back on Monday.. and you will get updates from Tuesday!

Thanks for waiting and understanding..Embarrassed

Bye... Miss moiTongue


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astha didi..

U resd 4 me on d 1 place??? OMG!!!! Waise it shud b Avni's place still Luv u loads CC... Muahhh... Heart

Cumng back 2 d update... Itni Hotness???? JiJi jane se pehle sabki laptop screens damage karne ka plan tha kya?? Embarrassed

Bravo 4 Khushi 2 stand strongly 4 Justice... Clap

Sheetal is a Bai Dancing n Arnav wil eat her instead of dinner... Dead

Itni Hotness kaise handle hogi JiJi n moreover u left us wid Achar mystery...

I luvd dis lines- kya woh Achaar bana payegi ya uska beraham pati use banana nahi dega? Jaan ne ke liye dekhiye...Achaar Nibhayega Saath.."

Luks lyk u r also watching a lot of daily soaps wid Bhagwanji n Devi Maiyaa... LOL

Cum back soon JiJi... Will miss u... Hug

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de di jiji update de diLOLLOL

khushi cnfrrnting her dad abt arnav [=))} ROFL bichari khushi
Hayee jiji u hve no idea how i love dis devi maiya and bhagwanji of urs 

Bhagwanji earned a slap ROFL ROFL

What the ShockedShocked devi maiya kab se if par ana lag gyi aur ff padhne lag gyi aur humein pata v so not done jijiLOLLOL

urrggghhh dat sheetal stays in rm arnav ki choice ko kya hogya haiShockedShocked

anjali and her pooja loll

anjali and her thoughts of arnav gf lolll 

she also somethng is cooking btwn this reporter and plice inspector ROFL 

Lavnaya is satsang partner nw dats he joke of the centruy jijiLOLLOL

awesome upate jiji Heart

come back soonish Hug

Loed the update Thumbs Up

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Avni didi
wow Di such a jhakaas update...  Wink

blew onto her manicured fingernails... LOL

Sheetal is a bai... Shocked  ROFL  I like it Di... Wink

His voicemail mesg was mast...  LOL

Ohh Khushi got hurt...  Shocked Arnav should take her to hospital b4 he takes her to home...

Hatts of to her courage... Clap  Clap  Clap  Star

"Achaar Nibhayega Sath"  ROFL

Di I just love ur sense of humor...

Arshi's encounter was just sooo amazing...I couldn't stop blushing in dere entire encounter...Dr Jiji u r just rocking... Wink

So naughty and funny update...  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Star

"Kya Arnav aur Khushi aaj ek ho paayenge?!"  its hard to wait after reading this line... I wonder kya hoga???  Day Dreaming

continue soon plz...  Day Dreaming

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Khush?! Bohot bohot KhushBig smile
You do not have any idea how eagerly I was eating for you to update this. I am in LOVE with this storyEmbarrassed

Khushi is a brave girl, she stood their in spite of her injuryClap and of course Arnav's hot gazeWink

Hayee kitna chhichhora hai ye Arnav, he didn't even leave ghar ki Bai sheetalLOL

OMFG he had a lot many girl friends before and what is the scene of that girl Shreya?? 

Oh so ASR too admired our Khushi's strengthEmbarrassed
Khushi is attracted towards him. OMG somebody pinch me..!! Both of them are getting those hot wali vibesBlushing

The chemistry between these two makes me go speechless. Same question running in my mind, Kya aj Arnav aur Khushi ek ho paenge??

Devimaiyya is too obsessed with IF and lovely stories on IF, wow power of IPKKNDBig smile

Like kya woh Achaar bana payegi ya uska beraham pati use banana nahi dega? Jaan ne ke liye dekhiye...Achaar Nibhayega Saath.."ROFL

Now that you are off to Kerela, kaise pata chalega Achaar bana k nai?

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karthave first page veendum

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loved it.
lovely update.

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my cheeni did

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