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Hey guys...Tongue
I know that I do not even deserve to be forgiven for making you wait for such a long time, but still I seek FORGIVENESS.Ouch
Without making you wait any longer, here I present the next part of ARIYA FF: JINHE KABHI NAA MILNA THA. This is a very-very-very long part.  Right now I am posting the first episode of this part.Hope after reading you could forgive me. So read and enjoy, and do not forget to comment.


In a dimly lit room stood a guy in his mid-twenties. His teary eyes reflected the pain of loneliness, the pain of separation and the pain of staying away from a loved one. Yet his face had a slight smile, a smile that ensured him that he is strong enough to bear the pain and also, that his pain would soon end and she would soon return. He always smiled in her memory. But today, his pain was unbearable. He felt as if he would die today itself, waiting for her love. Unable to bear the pain anymore, he went towards his study table and opened the right-most drawer. From there he took out a book. The book had a printed note,
                                               "CHERISH YOUR SWEETEST MEMORIES FOREVER WITHIN"

Yes, it was a photo album.He opened the first page and looked at the first photo. It was a photo of a girl in her early twenties and a boy of around the same age. The girl with her one arm around the boy's waist, was flashing her dimples looking at the camera, while the boy was so mesmerised by her, did not even want to waste a fraction of the moment looking at the "useless-flashing-box" that would click the photo in a second's time and thereafter, they both would have to separate. He was looking at her and she at the camera when the picture was clicked. But today he thanks that "useless-flashing-box" for giving him such a prized possession that he would cherish till she returns.Today, this is one of her only sweetest memory he is left with because she is right now very far from him. He just prays that she returns soon. With a smile on his face and the photo album in his hand, he comes and sits on the couch. He kisses her photo nearly a hundred times and says,
"Yaar, kab wapis aaegi tu. Itna wait koi karata hai kya kisi ko? PLEASE COME BACK. PLEASE. I'M WAITING FOR YOU."

                                                                    Meri hi khatir bana hai tu
                                                                    Mujhko jo haasil duaa hai tu
                                                                   Tu rasta tu rehguzar Mere ishq ka hai pata
                                                                   Tu justaju tu aarzoo Dil de raha hai sada
                                                                   Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan
                                                                                                           Aa bhi ja na reh juda
                                                                   Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan
                                                                                                            Aa bhi ja na reh juda
                                                                                          Aa bhi jaa..


                                                                  Be-intehaan yun chaahun tujhe main
                                                                  Jo toot ke tu bikhre yahaan
                                                                  Khatm naa hogi aisi mohabbat
                                                                 Karne laga hoon main bepanaah
                                                                 Qatra bhi tera mile jo rag rag me meri basaaun
                                                                Tere pyar ko, deedar ko dil de raha hai sada
                                                                 Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan
                                                                                                         Aa bhi ja na reh juda
                                                                 Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan
                                                                                                         Aa bhi ja na reh juda
                                                                                          Aa bhi jaa...


                                                                          Aagosh mein yun bhar ke tujhe main
                                                                          Saare jahaan se kar doon juda
                                                                          Hai aks tera mere liye hi
                                                                         Tera nishaan bhi mujhse judda
                                                                         Yeh bekhudi kaise thaamun
                                                                         Mit.ta chala jaa raha hun
                                                                         Ek pal tere deedar ko dil de raha hai sada
                                                                         Aa bhi ja mere meherman
                                                                                                               Aa bhi ja na reh juda
                                                                         Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan
                                                                                                               Aa bhi ja mere mehermaan

                                                                                  Mehermaan mere mehermaan..
                                                                                  Na reh juda mere mehermaan..


At Vrindavan, in front of the idol of Lord Krishna, Sonali and Sameer were sitting with their hands crossed and heads bowed in prayer. As soon as they finished their prayer, they walked out of the temple and sat on the stairs next to each other.

Sameer (with a sigh of relief): Chalo achcha hai bhagwan ne hamari sun li.

Sonali: Kaise nahi sunte. Ham ne sachche man se mannat mangi thi aur bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai par andher nahi.

Sameer: Kuch bhi ho isse khushi ki baat kya ho sakti hai ki Arjun ne apni zindagi mein aage badhne ka faisla kar liya. Aaj sach mein Roshni bohot khush hogi (he looked towards the sky).Kash aaj vo zinda hoti, kash aaj vo hamare saath hoti. (he began to weep)

Sonali: Shh... Sam. Abhi khud pooja karke hamne Roshni ki buri yaadon ko aazad kiya na. Yaad hai Riya ne kya kaha tha, Roshni hamare dil mein ek achchi yaad bankar rehni chahiye. Aur Sam, Roshni bhi to yahi chahti hogi ki vo ham sab ke dilon mein ek achchi yaad bankar rahe aur hum usko yaad kar muskurayein.

Sameer agreed and said,"Haan, aaj mera ek bohot bada boj kam ho gaya hai. Aaj maine apni Roshni ko aazad kar diya aur Arjun ko aage badhte hue dekha. Par..."

Sonali: Par, var kuch nahi. Abhi bhi tumhare sir par bohot sari zimmedariyaan hain.

Sameer: AB KON SI????

Sonali: Off..oh! Sam, ETF OFFICER ki, Desh ki raksha karne ki, Apne bechare team members ko bewajah daantne ki, ORDER par Order dene ki, Apni Pyaari si behen RIYU ki shaadi karwane ki, Arj..."

Sameer (cutting him short): Haan, ye shayad sabse badi zimmedari hai, RIYA KI SHAADI...

Sonali burst out into laughter reemembering something.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ FLASHBACK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Riya's family had till now become very close to them. And Riya's father had once said over a web chat,

"Sammer aur Sona, ab to tum Riyu ke bhai-bhabhi ho, to chalo hum ek zimmedari se to bach gaye, Riyu ki shaadi ki."

Riya: Dad... shaadi koi discussion aur chinta karne ka topic hai? God, its disgusting.

When suddenly Reyansh (Rey), Riya's younger bro, coughed to gain every one's attention and said,

"Chinta kaise na karen. Bhai, itne serious matter par to chinta karni padegi na, kyon Ron??

To which Ron (Rohan), Riya's second brother very sweetly said,
"Sahi baat hai bhai, par mujhe to zyaada chinta is baat ki hai ki is JHALLI se koi shaadi karega bhi ya nahi"...

Everybody burst out in laughter and Riya was too angry. She shouted,

"Badtameezon, don't forget I'm ur elder sister, ur DII... At least show some respect..."

Sona (with extreme surprise): KYA? RIYA...BADI BEHEN... DII.?????

This made Riya's family laugh till they had stomach aches.

Rohan: Dekh...Jo sunega vo aise hi confused expressions dega yeh sunkar.

Reyansh: Dekh liya...DII(in a teasing manner)...mujhe toh lagta hai Pihu bhi tujh se zyada mature harkatein karti hai...

Sonali: Par Riya...?..?..?..?

Riya immediately dragged Riya into one corner of the room and said,
"BHABHI!!!!!!!! Ye aap kya keh rahi ho.aap kiski team me ho...MERI ya un LANGOORON ki??????

Sonali (still confused): LANGOO...OH! I mean ofcourse teri...

Riya:That's like my sweet bhabhi...

After so long, that day, Sameer and Sonali came to know that Riya was an elder sister of two brothers whom they supposed to be the younger sister of the two.


At present, Riya and Arjun were in their SUV, driving towards their destination of the day. Arjun was thinking about all those difficulties that were definitely coming their, rather his way today.
First of all, just covering the minor distance from the Rathod mansion to their parking area, Riya had nearly fallen thrice. Once on the stairs, then on the threshold and then while entering the SUV. How many more times would Riya fall now and how would he protect her every time?????????

Secondly, Riya was looking so-beautiful, OH! she could take anyone's breath away by her looks always. And today, her saree, her ear-danglings, her filled parting, her mangalsutra, her bracelet, her hair flowing with the wind and playing with her face, and the cherry on the cake, her  INFECTIOUS SMILE... In almost every case that ETF solved, one certain thing happened. One or the other guy would fall for Riya, and this always resulted in some menace. Because of this only, Arjun once designated Riya as the "PROBLEM-ATTRACTING-MAGNET". And now, today that she was looking much more beautiful than all the other days, what if some guy again tried to look at Riya like that? How would he stop himself changing the map of that guy's face today, when he is her HUSBAND. Even thinking of himself as RIYA's husband sent shivers of excitement down his spine.

His chain of thoughts were broken by the beeping horn and he was brought back to reality. He bent a little towards Riya to see what she was doing on her phone, all the while when he was busy in his thoughts. He was surprised to see that she was shopping online.
"Oh God! this girl is so complicated... Har baat par ise brands ke naam soojhte hain. Par kya main...
Par kya main ise vo har khushi de paunga jiski ye haqdar hai, vo saari khushi jo main Roshni ko nahi de paaya. Kya sach mein Riya mujhse pyaar karti hogi ? Kab main apne pyaar ka izhaar usse karoonga, aakhir kab? Kab bata paunga use ki main use kitna chahta hoon? Ki main uske bina ab ek pal nahi reh sakta...Aakhir kab...Par agar Riya kisi aur...matlab kahin vo Shree se pyaar karti hogi...nahi ...aisa nahi ho sakta.vo aur... Shree...not possible... "

To divert his mind from any such further FALTU thoughts, he switched on the stereo. 

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ FLASHBACK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

The first day Riya had sit in the SUV and finding no stereo, she made a remark, "No music player, yeh to world ki sabse boring car hai..."
And then very soon, when Arjun and Riya had a very serious fight, when Arjun suspected that Riya was trying to interfere in his personal life, which was actually not the truth, Rathod made sure that Arjun and Riya never cross each other's path, especially, while going to the crime scene. So, he made sure that Shree and Riya, go by one SUV and Arjun by another. During this time only, Shree and Riya had downloaded new songs.


Now, the song began playing.

                                                                        Jeene laga hoon
                                                                        Pehle se zyada
                                                                        Pehle se zyaada 
                                                                       Tumpe marne laga hoon...

Arjun immediately raised his hand to switch it off, afterall he did not like such songs, but was instantly stopped by Riya,
"SIR, SIR, Please don't switch it off, it's such a beautiful song...please, please, please..."

Arjun had no choice so he did not turn it off.

                                                                       Main mera dil aur tum ho yahan
                                                                        Phir kyon ho palke jhukaye wahan
                                                                        Tum sa haseen pehle dekha nahi
                                                                        Tum isse pehle the jaane kahan
                                                                        Jeene laga hoon
                                                                        Pehle se zyada
                                                                        Pehle se zyaada 
                                                                       Tumpe marne laga...

He then suddenly felt as if the song was picturized on him and his poor state. The day Riya had entered his life, he had begun to live more. Since the day Roshni had left him, he  was no more than a non-living human. But Riya's entry into his life really brought back him, back to him. Suddenly a smile spread on his face remembering something.

########################### FLASHBACK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

TIME-10:00 a.m.

Rathod was called up by the Commissioner and hence Chhotu, Shree, Riya and Arjun were in the office. Arjun was in his cabin sipping his cutting chai and engrossed in some case file. Since the day Riya had entered the ETF, all the responsibilities of making reports and maintaining files fell on her shoulder, after all she was the Research Specialist of the Emergency Task Force.  But Riya's work was commendable. Arjun tried his best to spot errors in the reports she had prepared, and hence, with full concentration, he would read them in his free time.

The trio was in the Conference Room, with Riya preparing reports of the last case, Chhotu helping her while Shree disturbing her.
Shree: Riya...

Riya: Shree chup ho jaa. Mujhe pata hai tu Arjun sir ki team mein hai. Tu chahta hai ki main reports mein galti karoon, aur jab vo  MR.AKDOO un files ko ghus-ghus kar padhe, to meri solid wali watt lagaye. I know your intentions very well Shree, so GET LOST..

Chhotu started laughing hearing that.

Chhotu (after some time): Riya, tujhe kabhi kisi se pyaar hua hai, kya?

Shree: Haan, bata naa...

Arjun who was listening to the conversation secretly, did not knew why, but also wanted to hear Riya's reply.

Riya: Guys, yehi toh problem hai. Agar pyaar hua bhi hoga naa, to mujhe pata nahi chala hoga ki mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai. Vaise batao mujhe kaise pata chalega ki mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai..

Arjun (under his breath): Yeh ladki zindagi mein koi kaam dhang se nahi kar sakti.
Shree: O Bhondu! jab raaton ki neendein ud jaye...

Chhotu: Jab hawaein chalne lage...

Shree: Jab kuch achcha naa lage...

Chhotu: Jab sab kuch achcha lage...

Shree: Jab lage ki Hollywood aur Bollywood ke sabhi gaane tumpar hi banaye gaye hain...

Chhotu: Jab kuch bhi khaane-peene ka mann na kare...
Riya and Shree started laughing. Even Arjun smiled hearing Chhotu say all that.

Chhotu: I'm serious...

Shree: Aage sun...Jab sir par bukhar chadha rahe... pyaar ka...

Chhotu: Jab heart beats bohot tez tez chale...nahi bhaage...
Shree: Jab tummy mein ajeeb sa dard ho...

Chhotu: Jab seene mein alag si bechaini ho...

Now Riya could not control herself,
"Guys, tumhe immediately Doctor ke paas jana chahiye... Chalo, abhi chalte hain..."

Shree: Jhalli...pyaar ka koi doctor nahi hota re...!!!!!

Chhotu: Haan yaar, pyaar toh ek la-ilaaj beemaari hai...

Riya: Pyaar...beemari...pyaar ka doctor... Pyaar???? nut bolt dheele ho gaye hain tumhare dimag ke...pyaar-vyaar nahi, tumhe malaria ho gaya hai...neend na aana, tummy mein dard, bukhar aana, seene mein baichaini, bhook na lagna, yeh sab toh malaria ke symptoms hain,aur malaria ka ilaaj available hai. Don't worry...
And she burst out into laughter.

Shree and Chhotu ran behind Riya to tickle her because tickling is her weakest point.

Shree: Ruk...aaj to teri bolti band karni hi padegi...

Chhotu: Oh! god isko handle karna toh...
Riya, in order to save herself climbed onto the table and proudly announced,
"Aisa koi insaan paida hi nahi hua jo mujhe handle kar sake, jo meri bolti band kar sake aur na hi koi aisa jis par main lattu ho jaun...Samjhe ya..."

Arjun nodded his head in disbelief and smiled inwardly,
"Iska kuch nahi ho sakta... She can never be serious..."
Shree: Paagal...Shshshsh...MR.AKDOO ne sun liya toh dekh phir...


On one hand Arjun was lost in his thoughts, Riya suddenly recieved a message.
"Howz it...njoyng????"

Riya looked at Arjun's face who was unknowingly smiling and busy with his memories.

Riya yexted back,
"Shree...u can't even imagine the scene next 2 me..."

Shree: "What??????Mr.Akdoo in saree???????"

Riya: "R u crazy or what????? Much more surprising than seeing Mr.AKDOO in a saree..."

Shree: "Don't tell me he's out 4 d mission without clothes..."

Riya: "If I was next 2 u, I'ld hv surely killd u by now 4 ur "bekaar" jokes.."

Shree: "I wish u were next 2 me..."

Riya: "Shree.will u stop flirting..." 

Shree: "No. mah sweetheart...Achcha now tell me wat's more surprising next 2 u..."

Riya: "Haan...Mr.AKDOO smiling..."

Shree: "WHAT?????????? NAHI...ARE YOU DAY DREAMING???????????"

Riya: "Got u... I've pinched myself thrice..."

Shree: "Oh! I think u don't know the good new of d day that every ETFian knows..."

Riya: "What???? Bhai out of town 4 today..."

Shree: "Dat everyone knows..."

Riya: "Then what??????...tell me..."

Shree: "What if I don't??"

Riya: "May I do the honours of bringing Mr.AKDOO out of his DREAMLAND and tell him dat u r not working...instead chatting and flirting with an innocent girl..."

Shree: " by the way who is this INNOCENT GIRL I'm flirting with.???????"

Riya: "Unfortunately, its me..."

Shree: "Blackmailing me... Shreekant Sen... Ok! let me break the news to u and take ur life and smile away..."

Riya: "You said its a good one..."

Shree: "Of course it is... but only for us not 4 u jhalli..." 

Riya: "Come on Shree...what r u waiting 4...tell me..."

Shree: "You are Arjun Sir's wife for today's case...hahahaha...this time I got u..."

Riya:" WHATTT????????????"


Riya: "NAHIII..."

But that "NAHI" was loud enough from Riya's mouth as well to bring back Arjun back to reality...

Arjun: Kuch kaha tumne Riya????

Riya (smiled to hide her nervousness): Haan...vo main keh rahi aap bohot handsome lag rahe black mein...hmmm...

Arjun smiled at the compliment and thought to himself,
"May be, she likes me as well"

Riya (to herself): Mujhe lagta hai aaj Arjun Sir ne do pack chadha rakhi hai..hmmm

Soon Arjun parked the SUV on the other side of the road in front of a huge building. Riya looked out from the window and could not control her from praising,
"MOONLIGHT COUPLES' grand...maze aayenge"

Arjun: Riya tumne kuch kaha?

Riya: Nahi bilkul nahi...

Arjun: Mujhe pata nahi aisa kyun laga ki tumne "MAZE'' jaisa kuch kaha.. I hope vo tum nahi thi.

Riya: Nahi...nahi...bilkul nahi...maine to aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha. Main koi bachchi thodi na hoon, I'm a responsible police officer. Haina...isliye main thodi na aisa kuch kahoongi...
Arjun smiled inwardly at her innocence.
"This girl will leave me dead some day."

Suddenly Arjun's phone beeped. It was Shree who was calling. Arjun picked up the phone and activated the LOUDSPEAKER MODE. 
Shree: Sir, aapne mujhe call kiya tha? I could not recieve your call, vo actually main kaam mein busy tha to...

Riya coughed out loudly hearing that Shree was busy in his so called "KAAM.."

Arjun: Never mind...Shree, Chhotu kahan hai?

Shree: Sir, Chhotu yahin hai. Maine phone speaker par dala hai, now he can hear you as well.

Arjun: Good...Team- its time for action. Abhi time 10:04 a.m. ho raha hai. Hamari information ke mutabik, couples' ka check in karne ka last time 10:30 hota hai because iske baad yahan kai tarah ke programs start ho jaate hain. Iska matlab vo terrorists bhi yahan 10:30 se pehle hi check in karenge, yaa to vo check in kar chuke honge.

Riya: Mujhe kya lagta hai, vo check in kar chuke honge. Vo itna to samajh hi gaye honge ki police zaroor unke peeche hai, kyonki unhone Police Department ko itna open challenge diya hai. Aur ek aur baat, building ke bahar security check hai, iska matlab vo apne weapons at least abhi toh andar nahi lekar jaa sakte. Iska matlab unhe kisi andar ke aadmi ki mada bhi chahiye hogi weapons andar lekar jaane ke liye, aur yeh kaam karne ka best time hoga raat ko. To agar jo tukka maine bhidaya hai, vo sahi hai toh, unhone parso raat check in kiya hoga.

Shree: Parso raat hi kyon? Vo kal bhi to kar sakte the? Agar vo kal raat check in karte to unko apne hathiyar chupaane ka muka bhi mil jaata aur pakde jaane ke chances bhi kam ho jate. Sirf ek raat hi toh chupaane padte apne hathiyaar...

Riya: Are budhdhu!!!. Yahi toh unki sabse badi bewkoofi hogi... tujhe kya lagta hai ki kal raat check in karne ka idea unke dimaag mein nahi aaya hoga? Of course aaya hoga. Par yeh to sab jaante hain ki kal din mein dhamki aane ke baad har hotel ki security kitni badha di gayi hai, toh aise mein weapons ke saath kisi hotel mein ghusna, aur vo bhi ek 5 star hotel mein, I don't think its that much easy. Isliye sabse best idea yahi hai ki unhone dhamki dene se pehle hotel mein entry maar li ho.WHAT SAY?

Arjun felt proud hear Riya talk sensible. He said,
"I think Riya's right." 
Riya (patting her back): Thank you. thank you...

Arjun: Iska matlab vo already check in kar chuke honge. Chhotu, tum apne saare informers ko activate kar do. Mumbai ke kisi bhi kone mein kisi bhi tarah ki hulchul ho, tum mujhe inform karoge. Is that clear?

Chhotu: Sir.


I could write thi much only in 20 minutes. But I promise you a much longer part by Tuesday...Pakka wala promise...

Tab tak. Do read and comment...

All type of scoldings for me are allowed, because I'm at fault...

Will update soon...


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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 1:17am | IP Logged
awsome update..

Plz continue soon

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pink1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 1:43am | IP Logged
nice update cont soon

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zubiya92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Cont soon

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devildiva21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 2:24am | IP Logged
superb update yar...!!!
ahhan arjun lost in riya haan coolWink can't seem to get her out of his mind Wink
but who was the guy in the beginning???Confused and the girl in the pic? was it riya??? ab ye kon new entry hai?Shocked
sam sonali scenes were lovely...!! their talks about letting go of bad memories of rosh was very heart touching... glad they decided to remember her good memories n always be happy...!!!
and that fb.. gosh that was very funnyLOL LOL everyone teasing riya.. and woah she is the elder sis...iss baat pe mujhe bhi shock huaLOLWink usko dekh ke no one can say that she is the eldestLOLWink bechare sam sonali bhi shocked theLOL
and ariya scenes in the car.. they were beautiful...!! arjun remembering their past meets.. cool..
that office fb was too awesomeLOL LOL loved that one..!!!
aww he could totally relate himself to that song...!!!EmbarrassedHeart
aur ye riya shree ki nok jhoks abhi bhi chalu haiLOL aahan quite sgocked on learning that arjun is smiling... well shree guessed it right why he was smiling...!!!
last mai quite interesting... kya dimag lgaya hai riya ne.. even impressed arjun cool...
continue soon...!!!

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beenish248 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 2:51am | IP Logged
wow that was really long chapter...
Amazing dear

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chand91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 3:15am | IP Logged
awsm prt

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ll_megha_ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2014 at 6:00am | IP Logged
awesome update dear...
just loved it..
do continue son.
and thanx for the pm.
sorry for short main mobile se hoon

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