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We want update dr...plzzz do it soon na...

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Where is the update dear?
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There is no update...where it is gone...?? Confused

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And yes, this is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long update. Actually, I was not sure ki next part kab post kar paoongi, so please bear... Embarrassed
But lot of suspense thriller waiting for you...Big smile

kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se milaa de,
aasoon tere saare, meri palkon pe saja de...

Arjun found himself broken seeing Riya crying. Her tears shattered him but undoubtedly, it was he, who was the reason for the tears in her eyes. How much strong Arjun would have appeared, how hard he had tried to control his emotions, how much he had tried to push Riya away from him, all his efforts were in vain. The only reason being that he had fallen for Riya.
HOW? WHY? WHEN? WHERE? he could not answer. 

Riya, on the other hand, had no such feelings for Arjun. She respected him as a senior, cared for him as a colleague, made fun of him as a junior. She did not even had the slightest idea about Arjun's feelings.She did not even knew much about Arjun. He always remained a mystery for her. In fact she helped Arjun in his motive of killing Sikandar without knowing anything of him. 
The day she heard  the name ''SIKANDAR'' from the mouth of all the four male members of his team, she was too inquisitive. She wanted to know who actually Sikandar is but much to her surprise Shree and Chottu, as per Rathod's instructions, did not tell her anything . Also they made sure that she does not asks this question to Arjun as well. So the only option left was Rathod. 
Rathod made Riya sat in front of him when she asked the same question to him, and very politely said,
"Riya, tumhare sare sawalon ke jawab main tumhe doonga. But baby have patience. Tum janna  chahti ho Arjun k baare mein, uske rude behaviour ke baare mein, uske past k baare me, sikandar ke baare me, main bataoonga tumhe, I promise. Par wakt aane par. Badle me u promise me that u will never ask about him from anyone else. Promise me."

Since that day Riya never ever asked about Arjun and Sikandar and waited for the day to come when Rathod would himself tell the truth to Riya.

AT present, Riya weeps bitterly. Arjun's words echo in her ears.She is filled with rage. How could he call her characterless. Its her life and it would be she who would decide how to live her life. She somehow managed herself, controlled her emotions, stood up and straight away went into Arjun's cabin.
Arjun came near her to console her and ask for explanation. He himself wanted Riya to clear all his doubts, her relation with Sushant, with Shree, or with any and every other man who crossed Riya's path.But before he could react, Riya stopped his hand from touching her. She immediately bursted out with tears and said,
"Aap samajhte kya hain apne aap ko. How dare you call me ''characterless''. This is my life. It is my right to do and decide whatever I feel like doing. Whatever I may feel for Sushant, Shree or for any other boy in my life is my concern. Who are you to interfere? We don't even share any relation.
It is you who pushes me away from yourself ,I don't know as if I do  something wrong with you. When you don't want me to even interfere in your life, why should I allow you to do so. Are you jealous of me? How could you say,
"Tumhari life mein to khushiyan hi hain, kabhi dukh se saamna nahi hua. But everyone is not blessed like you. So, don't you dare give this condolence to anyone else. Is that clear, Miss..Mukherjee...". 
Am I at fault ki meri life mein pareshaniyan nahi hain? Am I at fault ki luckily, meri life mein sab perfect hai ? 

Let me tell you something Mr. Raute. No one in this world is blessed with a perfect life. Kisne kaha ki meri zindagi mein pareshaniyan nahi hain? The difference between my life and your life is that, aap apni zindagi kaat te ho aur main jeeti hoon... Main kya karoon ki mere andar abhi bhi bachpana hai? 
And let me clear your doubts first. That day Sushant was misbehaving with me and you  blamed me. Is it my fault if people gaze at me. You think that it is my short dress that attracts people. But that day I was wearing lehenga, then why did he look at me like that??? Was it me who was at fault. In the hostage case, was I at fault? Am  I at fault when people gaze at me. I never knew you had such a sick mentality. How can you judge people on their clothes??? I never ever tried to interfere in your life, I never did that. I never tried to hurt you intentionally.Yesterday, I wanted to leave a message for you, so I wrote your name on the drawing such that when you would return back you can read on. But before I could write up everything, Chhotu called me and said that you are already at the crime scene. But you misunderstood me. And lastly, I never ever tried to take 
Bhai's sister's place. I know I cannot be her. I just tried to bring back happiness in his life. That's all."
And she bursted out in tears and ran from the office, picking up her things, leaving a stunned Arjun. 
Arjun there motionless. He could not believe his ears that he misunderstood  Riya. She was so pure by  heart and he blamed her for the turbulence of his feelings. He immediately came out of his cabin to look for Riya and apologise. But he could not find her as she had already left. He immediately raced his SUV to her house.

On the way, his feelings were:
Jab Jab Tere Paas Main Aaya, Ik Sukoon Mila
Jise Main Tha Bhoolta Aaya, Wo Wajood Mila
Jab Aaye Mausam Gham Ke, Tujhe Yaad Kiya
Jab Sehme Tanhapan Se, Tujhe Yaad Kiya
( he was almost crying...)

Dil.. Sambhal Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Dil.. Yahin Ruk Jaa Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Aisa Kyunkar Hua Janoon Naa
Main Janoon Naa

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Dil Yahin Ruk Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu

Jis Raah Pe, Hai Ghar Tera
Aksar Wahan Se, Haan Main Hoon Guzra
Shayad Yahi Dil Mein Raha
Tu Mujh Ko Mil Jaye, Kya Pata...
Kya Hai Yeh Silsila
Janoon Na, Main Janun Na

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Dil Yahin Ruk Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu

Kuch Bhi Nahi Jab Darmayaan
Phir Kyun Hai Dil, Tere Hi Khwaab Bunta
Chaaha Ki De, Tujhko Bhula
Par Yeh Bhi Mumkin Ho Na Sakaa..
Kya Hai Yeh Maamla, Janun Na
Main Janoon Naa

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Dil Yahin Ruk Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu
Dil Sambhal Ja Zara
Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu

On the other hand, Rathod was waiting for Riya outside her house as she had not reached home yet. He was too concerned. He was constantly trying her phone but it  was switched off. Riya could not bear it any longer. 

She had never been talked to like that. Unable to bear the pain anymore, she wanted to reach home, so she took an auto. As she reached home, she found Rathod  waiting for her, on her door as her landlady was not in town and he did not had the key for Riya's house.  She immediately ran to him, hugged him tightly and began weeping. Rathod had got the idea that something has happened in his absence. He asked Riya to move inside the house as it was already too late. 

Rathod (as he brought Riya inside the house, made her sit on the couch): "Babu, don't cry. CALM DOWN. Ye paani pio and stop crying. You are my brave sister, na."
Riya looked towards him and took the glass of water. She took a sip from it and put it on the table next to the couch.
Rathod: Mujhe bata Riyu ki kya hua?
Riya (in between her tears): Bhai, kuch nahi. I'm fine. Aap ghar jao, bhabhi must be waiting for you. It's already too late.
Rathod's eyes moistened listening to how much Riya cared for all. But he also cared for Arjun, who was his brother-in-law and his best friend. Also he had got an idea of the fact that definitely she was crying because of Arjun. Arjun had already insulted her a lot and now it was unbearable for her.
Rathod: Riya, tell me the truth. Tu mujhe to bata hi sakti hai na? Tell me kya Arjun ne kuch kaha tujhse?
As soon as Riya heard Arjun's name, she could hear his harsh words echoing in her ears. She again had tears in her eyes.

On the other hand Arjun was driving to Riya's home. As he reached the gate of Riya's place,  he did not notice 

ETF SUV as it was in the parking, he thought to himself,
"Kya ye sahi wakt hai Riya se baat karne ka? Kahin main sab kuch bigaad na doon.
Main usse kal  subah baat karoonga. Haan, ye sahi rahega. Vaise bhi main jaanta hoon ki uska gussa zyada der nahi rehta. Uska dil jaldi pighal jata hai aur vo bahot jaldi sab ko maaf bhi kar deti hai...Par kya vo mujhe maaf karegi? I've hurt her a lot. Use hi kya maine to Rathod ko bhi bahot hurt kiya hai. Kyun na main usse jakar sorry kahoon. Shayad vo meri kuch madad bhi kar de...Haan, ye hi sahi  rahega...
And he drove to Rathod's house...

He knocked the door and Sonali opened it. She  welcomed him in.
Sonali: Arjun, tum is wakt yahan? Sab theek to hain na?
Arjun: Haan, sab theek hai.. Sameer kahan hai?
Sonali: Sameer, vo to abhi tak ghar nahi aye? Kyun, kahan hai vo? (she sounded concerned)
Arjun did not wanted to worry her any further. So he said,
"Shayad kahin kaam mein fans gaya hoga. Aaa jayega. Achha, to main chalta hoon. Haan, kuch khaas kam to nahi tha, par bas aise hi, aaj Roshni ki barsi thi naa, to maine socha ki...
Sonali came near to him and cupped his face. 
Sonali: Arjun, kabhi tumne socha hai ki Roshni tumhe upar se dekhti hogi toh kya sochti hogi? Tumhe kya lagta hai ki kya vo khush hogi tumhe is haalat mein dekhkar? Tumhe kya lagta hai ki khud ko uski maut ka zimmedar thehrana sahi hai? Kya tumne maara use? Aur ab to tumne Sikandar ko bhi maar diya na, uski maut ka badla bhi le liya na, to ab to aage badh jao. Ab to is baat ko samjho ki vo kabhi laut kar wapis nahi 
aayegi. Tum apne aaj ko accept karo, Arjun. Aur main jaanti hoon ki tumhe khush dekhkar Roshni zyada khush hogi..."
Arjun immediately hugged Sonali and began weeping as a small kid.  
Arjun: Aapko kya lagta hai Roshni mujhe kisi aur se pyaar karta dekh khush hogi? Kya vo mujhe kabhi maaf karegi?
Arjun parted from her.
Sonali: Zaroor... Tumhe khush dekh vo zaroor khush hogi, main jaanti hoon...Vaada karo mujhse aur Roshni se ke tum kabhi mud kar peechche nahi dekhoge. Vaada karo ki tum aaj uski barsi ke din un sabhi buri yaadon ko jalaa doge jo tumhari aakhon mein aasoon layengi. Vaada karo ki Roshni tumhare liye ek achchi yaad bankar tumhare saath rahegi, hamesha. VAADA KARO...
Arjun was speechless. But he did not want Roshni  to be sad ,so he said,
Arjun: Vaada...
Sonali smiled at him and wiped off his tears. Arjun immediately went off.

Rathod pulled Riya into her arms and rested her head on his lap.
Rathod: Riya bata na ki kya hua?
Riya (got up from his lap): Bhai, aap janna chahte hain na to suno.
And she narrated all that had happened some time ago between them to him. He was hell shocked and super angry as well. How could Arjun talk to her like that. 
Riya: Bhai, kya main itni buri hoon?
Rathod (pulled her back): Nahi babu. Yeh kaisi baat kar rahi hai.
Riya (again got up): Bhai, main kasam khati hoon ki maine unhe intentionally kabhi hurt nahi kiya. Main kya karoon ki mere andar abhi bhi bachpana hai? Maine kabhi unki life mein interfere nahi karna chaha? In fact jis din se  maine aapse  promise kiya, maine kuch nahi poocha kisi se. Bhai, main nahi jaanti unhe mujhse kya problem hai? I never ever tried to hurt him. I swear... Aap hi batao meri kya galti hai?(and she began crying)

Rathod (pulled back Riya again on to his lap): Riyu, teri koi galti nahi hai. Par galti Arjun ki bhi nahi hai. Yaad hai maine us din tujhse promise kiya tha, ki wakt aane par main tujhe Arjun ke baare mein sab kuch  bataoonga, to sun wakt aa gaya hai.
Riya forgot all her tears and crying and enthusiastically said,
"Sachchi, aap vo wala secret khol rahe ho. Jaldi batao na, itne din mein wait karte karte main sookh kar kaanta ho gayi hoon. Itne din pet mein WAIT rakhna is nearly impossible for a girl... Jaldi batao
Rathod laughed out loudly and said,
"Par meri 1 sharte hai. Mujhe pata hai ki tujhe manzoor hogi...
Shart ye hai ki tujhe Zara chup chap meri godi mein sar rakh kar baithna hoga. Har do- do minute baad to tu koodna shuru kar deti hai.

Riya apologised like an offended small child and very quickly kept her head on Rathod's lap.
Rathod began speaking and Riya listened very carefully.
Rathod: Riya, Arjun dil ka bahot achcha tha. Kabhi gussa nahi karta tha. Par ek incident ne uski zindagi badal di. Aur vo thi ROSHNI KI MAUT.
Riya: ROSHNI...Vo toh aapki aur meri behen hai na. Uska aur Arjun Sir ka kya connection...I mean relation...
Rathod: Riya, Roshni meri behen hone ke...
Riya: Meri bhi...
Rathod: Haan, Roshni teri aur meri behen hone ke saath saath Arjun ki patni bhi thi.
Riya was stunned.
Rathod continued,
"Arjun Roshni se bahot pyaar karta tha. Main aur Arjun best friends the. Roshni aur Arjun ki shaadi ke baad hum sab ki life perfect ho gayi thi. Main aur Sona khush the aur Arjun aur Roshni bhi. Main aur Arjun police force mein saath job karte the. Ek baar Arjun ko Sikandar ko pakadne ka case diya gaya. Sikandar underworld ka DON hai. Drug dealing, human trafficking se lekar murder, rape tak ke cases the uske against. Main already ek undercover par tha toh use ye kaam akele hi karna pada. Usne is case mein apna dil aur jaan laga diya. Vo Sikandar ko to nahi pakad paya par uske sabhi aadmiyon ko usne khatam kar diya. Sikandar ko jab yeh baat pata chali ki Arjun ne uske sabhi aadmiyon ko maar dala vo usne Arjun se badla lene ka faisla kiya.Par vo janta tha ki vo Arjun ko nuksaan nahi pahuncha sakta isliye usne Rohni ko maar dala. Uski berahmi se jaan leli Roshni ki. Vo bechari to yeh tak nahi jaanti thi ki use kisne aur kyun maara. 
Aur us din ke baad Arjun toot gaya. Uski zindagi ka maksad hi badla ho gaya.Us din maine sirf apni behan Roshni ko hi nahi apne dost Arjun ko bhi kho diya.
His eyes were flooded with tears.He then realized that Riya, who could not sit quiet for a minute, had not spoken a word and was listening to him for the last 5 minutes. Had she fallen asleep? Was she alright? He checked Riya who was lying on his lap, crying. As Rathod raised her head, she immediately hugged him and began weeping.Rathod knew it was to happen as Riya was too sensitive by heart and she could not bear anyone's pain at all. Rathod tried to condole her,
Rathod: Riya, babu don't cry. Roshni hame dekh rahi hogi to kya soch rahi hogi. Aur vaise bhi tumne subah hi to uska shraad kiya na. 
Riya: Bhai, main kitni buri hoon. Main Arjun sir ke dard ko kabhi samajh hi nahi paayi.Maine na jaane aaj unhe kya kya keh diya. U nhe kitna bura laga hoga. I'm so bad. How could I hurt his emotions like that. But trust me, agar mujhe pata hota ye sab to main kabji unhe kuch nahi kehti. Bhai, vo mujhe maaf to kar denge na...
Rathod: Shshshs... Riya isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai. Jo hona tha vo ho gaya. Main chahta hoon ki tum use maaf kar do. Usne tumse jo bhi kaha vo sab bhool jao. Tum jaanti ho, tum to ham sab ki ANGEL ho. Tumhare aane se hum sab ki life khushiyon se bhar gayi, main chahta hoon ki tum thodi khushiyan Arjun ko bhi do. Yaad hai, maine tum se kaha tha ki usse door raho, ab main chahta hoon ki tum usse normally behave karo, ek friend jaise. Main chahta hoon ki tum use wapis smile karna sikhado, apne jaise.Afterall, vo tumhara 
senior hai aur uski smile important hai...Hai na? 

Riya flashed her dimple smile listening to that and then suddenly asked,
"Unhe sach mein muskurana aata bhi hai ya nahi. Din bhar to mooh chadakar rehte hain aise.
And she made a serious face like Arjun seeing which both bursted out laughing.
Rathod then bid Riya farewell and went back home. 


After Rathod left, Riya changed to her night wear. She washed her face and comb her hair as this was her daily routine. She suddenly found a bunch of her hair got struck to the comb. He immediately pulled the comb and much to her surprise found that the strands of hair got detached from her scalp and came along the comb. 
She was horrified. Then she thought,
"Lagta hai meri tabiyat theek nahi hai. Weakness bhi lag rahi hai kafi dino se. Isliye shayad zyada hairfall ho raha hai."She ignored it, tied her hair into a pony tail and decided to eat biscuits as her dinner and went to sleep.
Riya was thinking  about Arjun while lying on her bed and also hoe she would apologize to him tomorrow, when suddenly, she felt a strong ache in her stomach. Firstly, she tried to ignore the pain, but it seemed to increase every passing second. Unable to bear the pain any more, she immediately went to her washrom. But suddenly, she felt something wrong and she began coughing. She coughed and coughed and then spit into the washbasin. She almost lost her senses seeing the sight infront of her.


Arjun reached his cottage. Today he could feel himself lighter. Even he didn't knew what was so different today. He went to th portrait of Roshni and said,
"Roshni, maine Sikandar ko maar diya. Maine use uske karmon ki saza de di. Kya ab tum khush ho.Par Sonali ne to kaha ki tum tab khush hogi jab main zindagi mein aage badhoonga. Par main apni zindagi mein tumhari jagah kisi ko nahi de sakta, kisi ko nahi, kabhi nahi. Par...Roshni aaj yeh meri zindagi ka sawal hai, tumhe jawab dena hoga.Kya tum sach mein chahti ho ki main zindagi mein aage badhun. Kya tum sach mein chahti ho ki main Riya... He stopped in middle and realized what he had just said. He just looked towards Roshni's Photo and was surprised to see an unusual smile on Roshni's face. 
This was the answer to him. Yes, Roshni wanted him to move ahead in his life.
Arjun was too happy. He immediately hugged Roshni's photo. He then went to sleep. It was after so long that he could sense sleep in his eyes. Since the day Riya had entered his life, he used to fall into naps sometimes. He made up his mind that he would soon confess his feelings to Riya but was also tensed if Riya would forgive him for his rude behaviour of today .As he closed his eyes he saw Riya smiling face and he smiled to himself.He said to himself,
"Arjun Raute is on high heels love with Riya, interesting". He dozed into a peaceful sleep, holding his and Roshni's photo and dreaming about Riya.


"Khoon!!!!!!!".. was the first word that came out from Riya's mouth as she managed herself to react. Yes, while coughing blood oozed out along with saliva from Riya's mouth.She could not balance herself anymore and bent down on her knees.She began crying hard. She turned the knob of the shower on and allowed the water to fall on her. Today was a very dark day in Riya's life. Firstly, she misunderstood someone who was too innocent to be blamed and secondly, an undescribable pain hit  her right in her tummy so much that it has started bleeding.When her pain in the stomach reduced a bit, she got out of her thoughts. She then got up, wiped and changed and smiled to herself looking into the mirror. She condoled herself,
"Paagal hai kya? Why are you weakening. It's not so big? You can apologize to Arjun Sir tomorrow. I believe he will forgive you and such stomach pains can happen to anyone. You can visit a doctor tomorrow.
And then ur motto of life is:
She smiled to herself and went to bed. Soon she went into her dreamland and dozed off to sleep promising to herself that she will forget all that happened today...

( The new day arrives with everything new.Riya has developed  a feeling of sympathy for Arjun, but no signs of love at all. Baki Arjun ka haal to aap jante hi hain.)

Time:7:30 a.m.        Place: E.T.F Office

Shree and Chhotu are already in the office. Rathod called them to report early because of some important case. But there are no signs of Arjun or Rathod or Riya.
Chhotu: Yaar abhi to koi bhi nahi aaya. Na Mr. Khadoos na Rathod sir aur na Riyu...
Shree: Baki sab ka to mujhe nahi pata par Riya ka itna jaldi aana is somewhat impossible.
They both started laughing when suddenly Arjun entered. Both of their smiles immediately vanished seeing him.Much to their surprise as Arjun came in and the two wished him, he "SMILED"...Confused
It appeared that the sky above and the floor below has disappeared in a moment.He came in and went into his cabin. He, in his cabin was practicing how to apologize to Riya.While the two were still in shock, Arjun came out of his cabin and sat in the conference hall at around 7:55 a.m.
When it was 7:59 a.m, all the three gazed at the clock. 7:59 was the time when Riya would walk in and life would begin in ETF. The time for reporting was 8 and Riya would in a hurry, bang her head on the glass door as the door had to be pulled rather than pushed. This was everyday's routine. But she would never be late. When she banged her head,
Shree and Chhotu would laugh;
Rathod would smile;
Arjun would give a YOU-ARE-IMPOSSIBLE look...
Today, everyone was staring at the door, to see their Riya walk in. But much to their surprise, Rathod walked in. He entered but no one wished him. Everyone again fixed their eyes upon the entrance when Rathod spoke out,
"Vo nahi aayegi"
Arjun, Shree and Chhotu: "Kya?????????"
Arjun's heart almost stopped hearing this. He thought may be Riya had left ETF because of his behavior yesterday.
Rathod:I mean vo abhi nahi aayegi.
Shree: Sir, kya hua. Riya theek to hai na?
Rathod: Haan, Riya bilkul theek hai. Vo actually naye case ki wajah se. She is getting ready. Sonali is helping her out.She needs to put on a saree.
Shree: SAREEE????????
Rathod:Ya. I have some important things to tell you.
First,Main aur Sonali, ek kaam ke silsile se ek din ke liye Vrindavan jaa rahe hain. Kal hi aayenge.
Tab tak Raute tumhe lead karega.
Second, Hamare paas ek naya case aaya hai. Mumbai ke ek resort mein aaj guests ko bandi banane ki dhamki mili hai. Wahan sirf couples hi allowed hain. Isliye Raute tum aur Riya as an undercover jaoge. Shree aur Chhotu tumhe backup provide karenge.
Shree and Chhotu almost coughed listening to Rathod.
Shree( whispering to Chhotu): Riya ke liye late ane ki isse badi saza kya ho sakti hai, Arjun Sir ki wife...bechari..LOL
Arjun ke man mein to laddoo phoot rahe the.Tongue
He immediately assigned work to Shree and Chhotu and called Arjun in his office.
Rathod: Arjun mujhe tumhara ek favor chahiye. Actually, main aur Sonali dono jaa rahe hain, to main chahta hoon ki tum bas aaj ke liye Pihu ka khayal rakho. Please mana mat karna.
Aur tum akele nahi hoge, uski PUCHCHI bhi aa jayegi sham tak. She is very close to her. Then you would be able to manage easily. Abhi to Pihu school gayi hai, pick her up after the school. I hope tab tak case bhi solve ho jaayega.
Arjun could not say a no. He thought of asking Rathod who this PUCHCHI was as he had already heard this name and lot of praises from Pihu. But he just smiled and said,
Rathod was overjoyed as he could not believe his eyes and ears both.He just hugged Arjun tightly and was extremely happy that Sonali's words had an effect on Arjun and he had begun to regain his lost life.
Rathod: Raute, jao ghar jao.Chane karo and then pick up Riya from my house, she is getting ready there.
Arjun immediately drove towards his cottage with a big smile on his face. He was so excited for this case.

Time: 6:55 a.m.    PLACE:RIYA'S HOUSE
The beeping phone interrupted the sleep of Riya. In half sleep, she picked up the phone.
Rathod: Ek case hai, emergency. Get up...
Riya: Sorry uncle, wrong number. Itni raat ko koi time hai kisi ka poppat karne ka. Chain se so jao aur mujhe bhi sone do. KOI NAHI Maine aapko maaf kiya mujhe itni raat ko disturb karne par.
And she cut the call.
Rathod was too irritated.
Sonali: Kya hua Sameer? Riya ne kya kaha?
Rathod: Ye ladki kisi din mujhe paagal  kar degi. Pata hai kya kaha usne," Sorry uncle, wrong number. Itni raat ko koi time hai kisi ka poppat karne ka. Chain se so jao aur mujhe bhi sone do. KOI NAHI Maine aapko maaf kiya mujhe itni raat ko disturb karne par."
Sonali burst out laughing.
Rathod: Main to ye soch raha hoon ki iska pati ise kaise handle karega? Koi Arjun jaisa hoga to definitely, do din mein duniya ulat-pulat kar dega.
Sonali: Yeh socho  vo toh kitna khushnaseeb hoga, itni sundar beewi kisi aise vaise ko to nahi milti.
Rathod: Abhi uske future husband ke baare mein sochne ka wakt nahi hai. Call her back.

This time Rathod called whlie phone on loudspeaker and  immediately said,
"Riya uthooo"
Riya immediately got up and said,
Rathod: RAAT? Riyu time dekh...
Riya looked at the watch and said,
"SHIT, subah hogayi. Maine ek bechare uncle ko phone par daant diya. Vo bechare to EMERGENCY hai keh rahe the, aur maine to...Main aapko wapis call back karoongi, let me call him first.
Rathod: Riya, vo bechara uncle main hi tha.
Both Riya and Sonali bursted out laughing.Big smile
Riya: Hello bhabhi, aur sab theek?????. Sorry bhai. Mujhe laga ki...
Rathod: Haan bas bas.Jaldi se fresh ho aur yahan aa ja. Ek case hai, emergency. Do not be late. I want you here within 15 minutes. This is my order...
But before that Rathod had already cut the call. Riya immediately bathed and dressed up into shorts and a top and proceeded towards Sameer's house.

When Riya reached there, Pihu had already left for school. Rathod was having his breakfast.
Sonali opened the door for her. She came in and hugged Sonali. Sonali kissed her on her forehead. Then Riya went towards the dining table and took a bite out of Rathod's plate after hugging him. She then shouted to Sonali who was making breakfast,
"Bhabhi, paranthe are awesome. Ek mere liye bhi."
Sonali and Sameer smiled hearing to this. Riya kabhi kisi ko paraya feel nahi karne deti thi. She would always love and care for everyone.Riya made Sonali sit next to her and have her the breakfast too.
After the breakfast, Rathod explained the plan to Riya and Riya's 1st reaction was,
Both of them laughed.LOL
Rathod then went to the office while MISSION SAREE began for Sonali and Riya. Sonali took out the best of her saree for Riya. But making Riya wear that saree was indeed a fun and unforgettable experience. Sonali said to Riya,
"RIYA,mujhe tumhara ek favor chahiye. Actually, main aur Sameer dono ek zoroori kaam se Vrindavan jaa rahe hain, to main chahti hoon ki tum bas aaj ke liye Pihu ka khayal rakho. Please mana mat karna.
Aur tum akeli nahi hogi , uska FRIEND bhi aa jayegi sham tak. He is very close to her. Then you would be able to manage easily. Abhi to Pihu school gayi hai, he will pick her up after the school. I hope tab tak tumhara case bhi solve ho jaayega. Will you please... 
Riya:Come on bhabhi, Favor.How rude! Pihu meri ...vo...kya bolte hain...bhai ki beti hai...Aur jitna haq aapka hai uspar utna mera bhi. I'll take care of her. 
Before she could ask her about the FRIEND as she had already heard this name from Pihu earlier, Sonali hugged her tight. After Riya was almost ready, the door bell rang.
Sonali went to open the door. She was happy to see it was Arjun.She welcomed him in. Arjun came in while his eyes searching for Riya.Sonali offered him water while he had seated herself on the sofa.
Arjun: Bhabhi, Riya kahan hai.
Sonali was so happy to hear BHABHI from Arjun's mouth.He had never called her so after Roshni's death. She immediately smiled and said,
"Bhai, intezaar karo aapki beewi tayyar ho rahi hain"
Sonali bit her tongue realizing what she had just said. "BIWI". May be he was hurt. But she was astonished to see Arjun blushing.She found that his gaze was fixed on Riya who descended down the stairs. He immediately stood up. She was wearing a Barbie doll pink coloured saree with long danglings in her ears, her open hair and her scent filled the room. Sonali smiled while Arjun was left speechless.
While she was descending, her feet got entwined in the plates of her saree and she lost her balance. She was about to loose her balance when Arjun rushed towards her and caught her. Statued in that position, Arjun drowned in those charcoal black eyes.While Riya was too glad to be safe. She immediately said,
"Thank you very much sir. By God, aaj to aapne mujhe bacha hi liya. Nahi to main to bina ticket ke upar pahuch jaati.Ufff..."
But Arjun did not respond. He was too mesmerized by her beauty.Riya snapped her fingers to bring Arjun to the reality. He just smiled.
Riya was too surprised to see him smiling. She immediately made a remark,
"Kya baat aapko muskurana bhi aata hai, I never knew."
Arjun said,
Riya in an irritatedtone,"Well Excuse me, kya kaha apne? Main late kara rahi hoon???/
Sonali interrupted them,
"Baad mein lad lena, abhi jao. Arjun Riya ka khayal rakhna. Make sure vo idhar-udhar saree me gire na, its her 1st experience in this attire. All the best and take care."
She hugged Riya and bid them bye.They begen moving out, when Riya almost fell on the threshold again. This time also Arjun saved her.
Riya: Thank you, once again"
Arjun smiled and said,"Ginti jao aaj kitni baar thank you bologi"
Riya: Ye akhiri baar tha... Got that?????She then went ahead and seated herself in the SUV.
Arjun looked back at Sonali and both of them smiled.
They both left. But Sonali got a bit of idea of Arjun's feelings at the moments they spent few minutes ago.

Precap: Arjun and Riya solve the case...Ariya moments
Taking care of Pihu...Ariya moments
Few new characters...TWO BIG DHAMAKAS... suspense...



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soo nice prt dr
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Uff nt this
Waiting for romantic n hot Ariya moments
Thanx for pm
Update soon

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