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Celestial'SCG#2 : Janmashtami Special Update Page 20

-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

Namonamaha Ardhanarishwarah

Welcome, Swagatam Namastey,Assalamualaikum,Hello,Wadakam,Namashkar To Everyone. All of you know me very well. Well , I am Riti and a member here since 2008. Started my shop in October 2012. Though I am here since 5 years I was unable to be active since 2009 to 2012 because of my studies of B.Tech. And Now I have completed my B.Tech So I am Addicted to IF as I am sitting jobless now days from 2 months . So After a long time around 8-9 months My Shop could be completed any how LOL.



I am Riti , people call me Reeti/Riti. Well I am a bit kind of Spiritual girl. A god lover. I am not religious as I don't believe there is a bigger religion rather than humanity. I feel and see that supernatural power in everywhere and every stuffs. Starting from a simple plant to a large huge tree, this sky, water, animals , insects and more than all these Lord is inside us. Devotion is nothing but to love everyone, to love people and every other ones who has a life. And Each and every religion just makes us learn one thing that is patience when we have that we can get God very easily.

When I Joined I-F in 2008 , I didn't even how to upload pictures LOL, though I could make very childish siggies I couldn't upload so at that time I met to Sana(SanaBMW) , My best friend yeah I met her in IF but now she has became a part of my life , we are best friends since 5 years. I met her because of I-F so IF means a lot to me.Sana you are the reason why I came here repeatedly then now IF has become a life to me . Actually she made me learn everything about IF.Though she is not active now here in .

In 2012 I started creating again and then was kinda active in DKDM forum. So many friends suggested me to open up a Gallery but I had no time still managed to open. And Any how managed to give one update Then I suggested one of my very close friend Nehaa- to go on with the gallery with me., I met her in DKDM forum , when I didn't know to make avis she only made me learn it.So Neha agreed and we decided to move this gallery together . So we started updating together. But Nehu could only make it for 1 update and after that she was unable to as She got busy with her works. And She couldn't make to come anymore. So I was kind of left updating it.

Then after around 3 months one of another IF close friends Anu ( anu93) suggested me to re-update and I thought Yaar how could I give an update alone so she said yeah I can do that alone so then I decided to re-updated it. Thanks for that Anu.


I really can't take a single name by whom I am inspired.There are almost all creators whom I have seen in IF I am inspired by them. All the creators are severely amazing here . They are too fast even. Lots of creators I have seen in several forums. So I get inspired by all of them . I simply believe when a siggie maker starts making it then actually he creates because he/she is inspired from any creator so I am too inspired like that.Many friends and creators have helped me through out my journey. So I wanna Thank all of you creators. I am really overwhelmed for your support. So thank you.

My Fav Shows/Stars

Well I am immense lover for Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 1 &2 That Means Both Sati & Parvati Era. I am Mad to make DKDM Stuffs. I love Sonarika & Mohit A lot.:P:P so love to make of Them. Rather Than that I am again an madly lover of Left Right Left Season 1 . I am mad for the whole Season One. Despite of the Above shows.. I am not restricted to make stuffs I can make anything and everything that have a good quality in Photographs and Videos. As I am a core lover of Photoshop. So I also Love Making ARHI [IPKKND] Stuffs, Asya[Qubool Hai Stuffs], JA[Jodha Akbar Stuffs] . So I mentioned in a general in the forums where I am active. Hehe.

So Above were of Telywood. So rather than Telly Dunia I am mad for my BEBO I am Mad for her. Mwaaah for her. Despite of her I like, Anushka and Sonam.. And sometimes Deeps also. So I love making of them. I liked Abhishek Bachan hehe.. and now .. I dun like him much but still .. haha.. then I love Kunal Kapoor ( RDB guy ) He's So Hot. Hehe. Then I like a bit Ranbir too.  Actually in bolywood I am an Art Picture Lover like , Barfi, Black and ETC in old ones I am mad for Shabana Jee, then Rekha,Inspite of these I am in love with Nashiruddin Shah.. Ah I am Talking a lot..lets stop here hehe..

Please Don't Copy My  Banners /Deviders/Or Write-ups

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-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

Shop Status

Open(till next week)

Copy Rights


 What I can Make

  1. Signatures-(Animated,Non-Animated)
  2. Avtaars & Icons ( Animated 'Non Animated)
  3. Banners
  4. Blingies and Glitter Graphics(Animated ' Non Animated)
  5. Besides the above I prefer to make Non-Animated ones

A note : I met many people here and made many friends around me. Thanks for being there always.


Rules for Requesting

So here I come up with a few rules which you're gonna follow for requesting.


1-As I am a student and I have many works rather than only PSing please lemme know it atleast befor 3 days. I can take the guarantee to make it within this period of time at a minimum and if you don't have any time limits then its good enough for me.

2-Provide me pics , videos for the siggie and avi you're gonna request and HD pics and Videos will be welcomed warmly. Otherwise that is your siggie and avi which is gonna suffer for what you have provided as  it is the pic quality or video quality on the basis of which a siggie or avi come out well.

3-You request me for siggies only and only If you are a regular visitor of my shops.

Don't Does

4-Please Don't PM me for requests until It's a b'day siggie or a surprise siggie for any one.

   This is a kind  of important rule for every creator as We Put a lot of efforts to make it look good so we'll never feel    happy if some on will be claiming it as there work or copying like cropping avis and then using in their own.

5-Don't Copy my creations to Social Networking Sites without asking me. It would be good if you ask.

6-Don't Copy my banners and dividers also. those are my creations as well . So keep that in mind. Otherwise I will report against to the the mods.

Last but not a very imp one.. If I haven't put my copyrights on my Avis/sigies .. please credit. I would be happy.. Or if you don't then Fine' I  cannot run shouting behind you all :P


So That's All . I am Done.


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-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:43pm | IP Logged


Index To The Gallery


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-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged

Mahadev Parvati


Jodha Akbar


My Bebo

Qubool Hai

This much for an update this time. I had no time to make anything Embarrassed

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-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged

Arnav Khushi

Asad Zoya

Ranbir Deepika

Saras Kumud

Raghu Antara


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Aahaana-Nehaaa----Shweta---Ranjusha-Deepzz-niki_2293sweetsandhyaChoco.Butter-Anonymous11-KarunimasurprisingSindhu_ussindhupvNishajosKavyyaa-AarYaholic-...Mallu...kupkakesShayu.Moner_Radiosadffipreethisjyoti06.Mandy.pinky_blueskieslipshaaMahak SinhaOptimisticEyesMyInspirationz..Amira..prava55663-FrozenRain-GodhuliLogon_Maggie_MrToolConfuser--Ayesha--IsYaRoCHeR..vidhi..DilBanjaraBabyHimavari-PyaariBhootni-MuneebaSheikh.Sumi.-Araina--Mrinalini--Xpress--Ocean.eyes-SilverBellAmor.ruky786minuuReenatyzed.Ohana.

-Reeti- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 January 2008
Posts: 7827

Posted: 18 August 2013 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

Don't Use Unless Its Yours

Requested By Jaanki Di(JankiRaghunath) Embarrassed

Requested by Nisha ( Nisha_p_Arsha)

Requested by (Vidhi )

Requested By (HeartsFlower)

There were more of around 10 siggies from QH NL LOL but cant put it up.. I am too lazy to put it LOLLOL

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Aahaana-Nehaaa----Shweta---romi21Ranjusha-Deepzz-niki_2293sweetsandhyaNishajossindhupvKavyyaa-Anonymous11-Choco.ButterKarunimasurprisingSindhu_usPhoenixRainbow-AarYaholic-Shayu....Mallu...kupkakesMoner_Radiosadffipreethisjyoti06.Mandy.pinky_blueskiesMahak SinhaOptimisticEyesMyInspirationzanu93..Amira..prava55663rai-kishori.-FrozenRain-susan7MrToolConfuser--Ayesha--IsYaRoCHeR..vidhi.._Maggie_MuneebaSheikh-PyaariBhootni-DilBanjaraBabyHimavariTrouble..Sumi.-Araina--Xpress--Mrinalini--Ocean.eyes-ruky786minuu..RamKiJanaki..Reenatyzed.Ohana.

-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 August 2010
Posts: 28628

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Monkey Emoticons

First on your New Gallery... Monkey Emoticon

Congrats on the 2nd!!!!Party


Yayyy!!! Me First... Dancing

Monkey Winks Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

Your LOYAL PANKHA is here now!!!! Embarrassed LOL

Monkey Icons Cici

Love you loads meri LIGHT... Heart Hug

Monkey Icon

Super Gorgeous Update! Day Dreaming

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minuu IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 December 2006
Posts: 50719

Posted: 21 August 2013 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Congrats on your 2nd gallery, Riti:) Beautiful creations!

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