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AsYa (KaBhi) TS: The Monster I Loved ||New updt part-6 page 45|| (Page 6)

grad2011 Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 12:56am | IP Logged
awesome do continue soon!!

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iansomer Groupbie

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 3:17am | IP Logged
update soon.a new but unique concept.cant wait to see where asad fits in he is the alpha rihgt??or is he on the good  side??
update soon
loved it to bits
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Ar_Asyafan Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
seems intresting...
awesome dear do continue soon...

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Posted: 22 August 2013 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
When are u updating dear? Please update soon.

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Gulaabo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 August 2013 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
luking forward for next update...

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Jasleenkaur01 Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 12:35am | IP Logged
Superb update dear...do continue soon...
Also pm me...


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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 6:40am | IP Logged
I love it... please pm me when you update...
I love stories that doesn't go the traditional way... where women are supposed to be the epitome of "purity", innocence n what was that?? Yeah morality!! I love grey shades more than the extreme black n white... I personally don't believe in the possibility of such people... yeah, I'm a bit of cynical...
Loved Zoya's character... just waiting for more...
I hope you're not offended by what I said... n it goes out for other people too...

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teddy25 Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 2:08pm | IP Logged

NOTE: The story contains violence, strong language and depicts moments of intimacy. The theme is matured and recommended for an age group of 17 or above.

Please read the prologue first for a better understanding of the characters and sequence of events.

Prologue in page-1: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3706187&PID=90303459&#90303459

                                  THE MONSTER I LOVED (PART-1)

Two months later:

It was about half past eleven, when Zoya heard three gentle knocks on the door. She promptly opened it, only to find a disheveled looking Vikrant standing at the threshold. He wore a black kurta teamed up with dhoti, had surma in his eyes and a garland of jasmine wrapped around his wrist. He could be easily passed off as a spoilt kid with questionable character belonging to some rich family.

Zoya made a salaam gesture with her hand and greeted him inside "Aaiye, aaiye janab." She quietly closed the door as soon as he entered the room.

Vikrant's eyes fell on Rajini, who was sleeping peacefully on a mattress on the ground. The love and pain in his eyes were so palpable,it moved Zoya deeply . "Dont worry. She is fine. Buss thodi der ke liye so gayi hai. Main jaga doon Rajini ko?" She smiled.

"Nahin, nahin. Uski koi zaroorat nahin. Let her sleep. She is looking so serene and peaceful in her sleep." Vikrant couldnt take his eyes off her.

"Vikrant, I really admire the way you are handling the situation. I mean, Rajini is the love of your life, still you've allowed her to participate in such a dangerous mission. From the past two months, we have been staying in this infamous red-light area, posing as prostitutes. I know how much you miss her at home, and how much it hurts you, seeing her in such a condition every day, but still you've not broken down even once in front of her." Zoya's mind drifted off to the moment, when she and Farhan had the worst showdown ever, the day she told him about her plan.

Flashback *"Zoya, tumhe pata bhi hai ke tum kya keh rahi ho? Secret mission! False identity! Are you out of your damn f*cking mind?" Farhan looked scandalous.

"Farhan, please meri baat suno". Zoya pleaded, "I promise I wont do anything foolish, or anything that might endanger my safety. Its only a matter of two months. After that we have our entire life to be together." She entwined her fingers with his. "Please, maan jao na."

"Maan jaoon!" Farhan jerked her hand off, "We have a wedding on the cards in 4 months, aur tum keh rahi ho ke maan jaoon! "He tucked his hair in frustration. "Do you f*cking realize that you are going to be Mrs. Farhan Jaffer, Hindusthan ke sabse badi Industrialist A K Jaffer ki ghar ki bahu ban ne jaa rahi ho tum, kya tumhe iss baat se koi farak nahi padhti?" He had a menacing look in his eyes, which scared Zoya.

"Farhan, I've told you before that I like to be known as Zoya Farooqui, aur main yeh chahti hoon ke log mujhe sirf Mrs. Farhan Jaffer nehi, mere apne naam se bhi jane." Zoyas voice was quivering.

"Ahhh, I see! Im afraid that your maiden name will not be of much help in scoring high points in the social circuit, Zoya Farooqui. At least your father, Siddiqui Sahab was a respectable man with high reputation in our society, par tum unke naam se bhi judna nahin chahti!" Farhan grabbed Zoya's shoulders roughly and hissed in her face "Aakhir chahti kya ho tum, Zoya?"

"Farhan, you're hurting me." Angry tears pricked Zoyas eyes. "I just...just want to have my own identity." She gulped hard, trying to get a grip over herself.

"Oh come on! Tum jaise middle-class ladkiyon ka yehi problem hai. Agar tumhe asmaan ka chand bhi mil jaye na, toh bhi zameen par hi padhi rahogi...arre why don't you get one thing straight...After our marriage, you don't need to earn another dime in your lifetime." Farhan raised his eyebrows "Do you know who's going to design the wedding dress for you? It will be an Anita Dongre creation, my jaan. My sherwani will be designed by Manish Malhotra..."THE" Manish Malhotra." He let out a maniacal laugh seeing Zoya's bewildered expression "Naam to suni hogi na tumne, ya phir tumhare dimaag mein sirf serial killer aur rapists ke naam hi chalte hain...silly girl."

 He moved closer to Zoya, almost whispering in her ears now "aur nikah ke baad hum apna honeymoon Venice mein manayenge, ya phir Miami, ya phir tum jahan chaho...I can buy the whole world for you and lay it down at your feet...I can give you a life which you could've never dream of when you were sleeping in your old rags in that bloody orphanage of yours, understand?"

"FARHAN!" Zoya shouted and pushed him away from her with all her might. She couldn't believe that he could actually say what he'd just said. She had been in a relationship with this man for the past two years, and yet it felt like she'd not known him at all. This man, standing in front of her was just another member of the male species of the world, who happened to value his ego more than his girlfriend, who had known how to posses, but not how to love.* 

"Boss, kahan kho gayi aap?" Vikrant's voice brought her back to the real world again. Zoya shook her head and said with a faint smile on her face "Nothing. Just thinking about our plan."

From the beginning of the operation, Zoya wanted her plan to be immaculate and flawless. For that, they needed setting up a believable background first. Zoya had read those files about 'the shadows' numerous times, trying to find out a pattern in their activities. What caught her attention was the groups affinity towards bringing justice for the poor and underprivileged. Zoya knew she had to cash on the factor, and for that they had to create false identities for themselves, posing as part of the underprivileged in the society. Accordingly, Zoya and Rajini rented a house in Carter Road, which was a well-known hideout for criminals and a flourishing center for flesh trade in Bhopal. They had been posing as prostitute sisters Julie and Ruby, their 'special clientele' consisting of CBI agents in civil dresses. After two months of tireless vigilance by the CBI officials, finally they have managed to get a lead only last week. A man named Ali, a regular visitor in one of the girls room, was a former member of 'Allah ke Bandey' and currently working with 'Alpha'. Now all they needed was to create an event which would draw this man's attention.

"Zoya, the only reason that has kept me going is the fact that I love her and this is what she loves to do. She loves to take up new challenges, she's always been a fighter; and all I'm doing is just being there or her. Besides, its a part of our job and I'm so proud that shes doing her job well." Vikrant smiled.

"I wish every man out there could think like you." Zoya let out a small sigh.

"It's difficult for someone outside the agency to understand the kind of life we have to adopt and we can't blame our near and dear ones for loving us too much, can we?" Vikrant stroked her hands affectionately.

"I guess we can't. Anyway, lets move on to our next plan. Have you discussed our next move with Chief? Whats his opinion?"

"Chief felt the plan is bang on, if properly executed, it could bring the whole house down. So tomorrow, as per our plan, two of our guys, dressed as police officers, will drag Rajini out of your room. You'll be pleading with them, literally begging them to leave your sister alone. They will threat you for paying a large amount of money if you want to see your sister alive. I am sure this whole event will be able to capture Ali's attention and if were lucky, he might bring it to his boss's notice." Vikrant crossed his fingers "...and the rest is in the hand of the Almighty. Lets hope for the best."

"Inshallah". Zoya looked heavenwards and prayed under her breath.

"Inshallah, boss." Vikrant planted a soft kiss on Rajinis forehead, who smiled in her sleep, and then he left for the night.


The next morning, a large crowd had gathered around Zoyas room, witnessing the 'tamasha' that was going on. Zoya was begging hysterically to the police officers "Please Saab, meri behen ko chhod do Saab. Uss bechari ki koi galati nahin hai. Bhagwan ke liye aisa mat karo."

"Chup Sa**, agar ek lafz bhi aur nikali zubaan se, toh zubaan kat ke fek dunga, samjhi? Ek toh apni behen se illegal dhanda karwati hai, upar se zubaan ladati hai!" One of the police officers (CBI agent in disguise) kicked her hard, making Zoya whimper in pain. She still held on to his feet, crying out loudly "Saab, itna paisa main kahan se laoon? Akeli ladki hoon, mujh par rehem karo Saab."

"Kyon? Yahan pe jo kotha kholke rakhkhi hai do behen mil ke, woh h*r*m ka paisa kahan chupa ke rakhkhi hai? Kan khol kar sunle, agar yahan dhanda karni hai, toh hafta chukani padegi." The police officer spit on the ground "Agle hafte tak paisa leke aaja, phir apni behen ko wapas le jaana. Ab hath ja warna yehin goli chala dunga."

The guys took away Rajini, leaving an injured and tearful Zoya behind.

After a few minutes, the crowd began to disperse. Zoya somehow gathered herself and staggered inside. As soon as she closed the door, her expression changed. There were no more tears or pain in her eyes, rather a victorious smile was playing in her lips.

She picked up the mobile and dialed Vikrant's number. Vikrant picked up after one ring.

"Hello, Zoya?"

"Vikrant, lagta hai humara kam ho gaya. Today I saw the man, our man, in the crowd. A middle-aged man, with a scar mark on right cheek; he was wearing white prayer cap on head. He was keenly observing me while I cried my heart out." Zoya's voice was brimming with excitement.

"Rajini's out of there, right?" Vikrant sounded happy and excited too.

"She's out of here and currently sheltered in one of our safe houses in Bhopal. Tum fikar mat karo. The game begins now." Zoya cut the connection. She could feel the adrenalin rush in her veins after so many years; and it felt so amazing!  *Ya Allah, humari madad karna.* She closed her eyes and let the feeling settle in.


It was around midnight. Zoya sat on the floor, with her head resting on her knees. For the past few hours, her mind had been swinging between expectation and despair. Even the smallest sound was making her heart leaping to her throat. Honestly, she'd expected a quicker response from the other side. At ten past midnight, when her mind and body, both had started showing signs of a breakdown, she hard a low knock on the door. It was different from the usual knocking code (three taps on the door) the agency members followed, alarming Zoya about a stranger who'd bothered to visit her at this odd hour of night.

Zoya opened the door with slightly trembling hands, expecting to encounter a masked gunman waiting outside for her. Instead, to her relief, she found out that it was the same man she saw in the morning.

"Salaam Behen. Main Ali." The man spoke with a surprisingly gentle voice.

"Salaam, Janab. Maaf kijiyega, maine aap ko pehchana nahin." Zoya wrapped her dupatta over her head in a respectful manner.

"Main yehi ka rehne wala hoon. Aaj subah aap ke aur aap ki behen ke sath jo hua, maine sab kuch apni ankhon se dekha. Aur mujhe yeh lagta hai, ke jo kuch bhi hua, bahut na-insaafi hua aap dono ke sath." The mans piercing gaze was fixated on Zoya.

Zoya felt a surge of happiness rising through her. Finally they were inching closer to their target. However, she steeled herself, determined not to show her inner feelings in front of him. One mistake at this stage could cost them the entire operation. She wiped her eyes said with a broken voice "Allah sab kuch dekh rahe hain, Bhai jaan. Sab kuch unhi ke hath main hai."

"Allah apni marzi hum insaan ke zariye hi poora karte hai. Kya aap nahin chahti, ke un logon ko apni paapon ka saja miley? Kya aap apni behen ko wapas pana nahin chahti?" The man looked at her eagerly, as if he expected some kind of outburst from Zoya.

Zoya sensed that and acted accordingly. She grabbed his hand urgently and whispered "Haan, main chahti hoon. Allah kasam, main yehi chahti hoon. Par yeh kaise mumkeen ho sakta hai, Bhai jaan?" streams of teardrops rolled down her cheeks.

"For that, you have to place your blind faith in me. I can lead you to the path of Allah, but youve to follow me wherever the path takes you. Bolo behen, kya tum iss ke liye taiyyar ho?"

"Main apni behen ko wapas pane ke liye kuch bhi karne ko taiyyar hoon, chahe uss ke liye mujhe jahannum tak jaan padhe, toh bhi main jaungi." Zoya eyes were blazing.

"Toh phir aap mere sath chaliye." The man held his hand out for her.

"Abhi?" Zoya looked hesitantly at her attire. She was wearing a low-cut green choli with a flashy orange ghagra. The man shook his head impatiently. "It doesnt matter. Hum aisi jagah pe jaa rahe hai, jahan aapka kapda ya profession nahin dekha jata, buss apko ek insaan hone ka adhikar dilana zaroori hai."

Zoya felt the cold, metallic touch of the transmitter beneath her corset and the small, loaded revolver strapped to her inner thigh. Both objects gave her a sense of protection and strength. She knew the transmitter would mark her locations wherever she went, so that she could be traced anywhere in the world. She picked up her mobile phone and boarded the car the man had brought. It was a white Maruti Omni, but Zoya couldnt see the number plate, as Ali's eyes were closely following her every movement. Once they settled themselves inside, with Ali in the driver's seat and Zoya sitting in the back, he took out a black scarf from the dashboard, and ordered Zoya to close her eyes. Zoya was kinda expecting this, but still she made mild protests.

"Darro mat. It's for your own safety." The man said, while blindfolding Zoya.

As the car gained speed in an almost empty road, Zoya tried to keep a track of the number of turns the car took. At first she could make a mental map of the route they were following, but soon the car started taking too many turns, and Zoya couldnt keep pace with the fast changing lanes; hence she eventually gave up the idea and sat still.

After about two hours (or maybe more? Zoya couldnt tell), the car finally came to a halt. Ali opened the back door of the car and helped her to get down. They walked a few more steps, with Zoya clutching Ali's arm for support and entered through a door (Zoya could feel the threshold beneath her feet).

"Alpha, she's here. The girl I spoke about in the morning." Ali addressed someone. Zoya could feel the hairs on her neck standing at their ends as soon as she heard the name Alpha.

"Remove the blindfold from her eyes." A deep, powerful voice resonated inside the room. Zoya could feel the pressure lifting from her eyes as Ali removed the black scarf. She blinked rapidly to adjust her eyesight to the semi darkness inside the room.

There were only a few candles burning, enhancing the darkness of the big, cavernous room rather than illuminating it. Zoya felt it must had been some kind of old storeroom, or a deserted factory. At one corner of the room, some old, dust-coated boxes were piled up. A few old, rusty chairs were scattered inside, with a table at the center. A silhouette of a man sitting across the table caught Zoya's eyes. It seemed there was nobody else in the vicinity, apart from the three of them.

A few breathless moments passed, and then the shadow spoke again "So what did you say your name was?"

Zoya wanted to tell him that she'd not introduced herself yet, but ended up saying "Julie D'souza" in a rather weak, timid voice.

"You are originally from which place?" the shadow shifted in his place a little.

"I was born and brought up in Goa, but currently I am living in Bhopal...for professional reasons." Zoya stumbled slightly on the word profession.

"And your profession is that of a sex worker?" Zoya wasn't sure whether she could hear a faint hint of amusement in his voice.

"Saab, main jaanti hoon ke sab iss dhande ke bare mein sirf bura hi sochte hai, par woh log meri behen ko utha ke le gaye, meri mehnat ki kamaai ko lootna chahte hai, yeh kaunsa insaaf hai, Saab?" Zoya spoke with the perfect mixture of sadness and helplessness, which could melt even a stone heart.

"Kahaani achchi hai. Man ni padhegi. Thode aansu. Thoda drama. Beheno ka pyaar. Akeli ladki ki majboori. I have to say it's all very interesting. Aur bataiye. I want to hear more." Zoya was certain she could hear the man chuckle. Her heartbeat accelerated abruptly. *How on earth he could possibly know? Or is it some kind of trap to detect a spy?*

Beads of cold sweats appeared on her forehead as she discovered that they were not alone. She could now see other shadows moving in the dark corners. Slowly, silently they were all advancing on Zoya, like a pack of wolves waiting for a signal from the leader of the clan, ready to pounce on the prey at any moment.

"Saab, aap kya bol rahe hai, mujhe kuch samajh me nahin aa rahi?" Zoyas voice was shaking, and she wasnt faking it anymore.  A sense of fear was coiling within her, churning her inside as it surged through her veins and threatening to completely take over her.

"Humare paas aisi kahaaniyan lekar har din bahut sare log aate hai. Ab aap hi bataaiye, Julie Ji, hum kaise sab ki baaton ka yakeen kar le? Aakhir humare paas saboot kya hai, ke aap hi Julie ho, ya phir Ruby aap ki behen hai?"

The shadow stood up from its place and swaggered towards Zoya. His body language exuded the casual arrogance of a mountain lion taking a leisurely stroll around his victim, perhaps in a mood to play with the innocent lamb before slashing her throat open. Zoya inadvertently took a step backwards, her subconscious warning her to keep as much distance from his sinister presence as possible; yet at the same time she was strangely drawn towards his voice, which was deep and magnetic, and nonetheless sounded oddly familiar to her ears.

As the shadow moved closer, the ghoulish orange flames of the candles lightened up the rim of the shadow to reveal a striking figure; a tall, sturdy man clad in a grey -white checkered shirt and blue jeans. He appeared to be in his thirties, an exceptionally young and well-built fellow to be heading a revolutionary organization. The only thing that set him apart from the rest was the black woolen face mask he was wearing, which revealed only his eyes. Zoya lifted her gaze with nervous apprehension, frightened to look into a pair of vile, snakelike eyes, but what see saw took her by surprise. Those deep, brown eyes, with a hint of melancholy about them, belonged to some poet or dreamer and definitely not to a guy with an ambiguous past and obscure identity.

"Aap ko iss baat ki saboot deni padhegi, ke aap hi Julie Dsouza ho. Jiska bachpan Goa mein, aur jawani Bhopal ki Carter road wali Red-light area mein guzar rahi hai." The man was toying with a gun in his hand, with a hint of smile in his eyes. The candle light softly glimmered on his tout chest muscle, and for a moment Zoya could see something inked on his chest, perhaps a tattoo with some urdu inscriptions. Her eyes lingered there for a moment, wondering what could be the meaning of those words he'd etched on his heart, before she could come up with an answer to his question.

"Aap kisi se bhi pooch lijiye, Carter road mein koi bhi ladki se pooch lijiye...aur mere paas ration card bhi hai..." Zoya couldnt finish her sentence as a devilish, high pitched laughter interrupted her.

"This is hilarious...you cracked me up with that 'ration card' thingy, babe! Ek prostitute, oops...pardon me, ek sex-worker ki pehchan uski ration card se nahin, iss baat se pata chalti hai ke how comfortably she can carry herself and her identity...she should be bold enough to acknowledge and embrace her sensuality in front of the whole world." The man was eyeing Zoya intently. Zoya's cheeks burnt, partly from the insult he was trying to inflict upon her, but mostly due to the fact that for the first time in her career, a criminal's gaze was making her uncomfortable. Zoya has never hesitated to look into the eyes of a criminal, as she knew that most of the criminals are basically cowards at heart, but this was something new.

"Take off your cloths." The man said with such an air of nonchalance, for a moment Zoya struggled to believe that she heard it right, but one look into his eyes and she knew he was not joking. The man carefully pointed the gun at her and spoke again in a clear, unmistakably authoritarian tone "Take your f*king cloths off. Now."

*This cant be happening. This is some kind of a twisted, surreal nightmare.* Zoya chanted in her head, but the barrel of the gun inches away from her forehead and aiming straight at the spot between her eyes reminded her of the stark reality . The reality that it might as well be the last moment of her life.


Next part: "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." (by Rumi, the poet)

P.S Hey guys, please put down a few words about what you feel regarding this story. I know it is a bit unconventional, and that's why your feedback is very important. 

P.P.S No vulgarity/ violence against women shall be depicted in the story. Whatever violence/strong words have been used is for the sake of story progression. This story doesn't promote violence/abusive behaviour towards women. 

Teddy Heart

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