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AsYa (KaBhi) TS: The Monster I Loved ||New updt part-6 page 45|| (Page 27)

teddy25 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2013 at 12:49pm | IP Logged


Asad and Zoya are the first TV couple I'd fallen in love with. When I started writing my stories on AsYa, I never imagined I would get so much love from you all. 

 With the news of Karan no longer being a part of the show, I have decided to put all my AsYa stories on hold. For me, there is only one Asad Ahmed Khan, i.e Karan Singh Grover and there is only one Zoya; Surbhi Jyoti. Unfortunately, my story telling gets horribly affected if my vision of the actor/ actress changes. I am afraid I'll not be able to bring out the AsYa chemistry and cuteness in my stories anymore.


Here's Teddy bidding good bye to all friends in my QH forum. I may visit the forum occasionally...and I am still in dual mind whether to give a proper closure to my stories or just stop here. If I decide something, I will let you guys know (those who are interested). Till then, stay blessed and keep smiling always, kyon ki...

 Zindagi ki yehi reet hai

Haar ke baad hi jeet hai

Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi

Teddy Heart

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Aye12345 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2013 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
Okay Dear... take your time. I understand. There has been a big cafuffle on the forum regarding this matter, and many people are in the same situation as you. But whatever your decision is... i totally understand and support you. I'll miss you and your stories lots.xxx

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Posted: 26 December 2013 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
i knew it..this would come.baby.u know where to find me right.m always there.n i m in suport with ur decision coz i m doing same to my ff.

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EuphoricDamsel. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2013 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

i knew it..this would come.baby.u know where to find me right.m always there.n i m in suport with ur decision coz i m doing same to my ff.

no u wont i m warning u !!

complete the story in 3 updates only but ...

do it or else i''ll kill myself !

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Komal_gill Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2014 at 7:41am | IP Logged
wow this is mindblowing
i loved the whole story
want to know what does ASYA's past holds
it is really a very-very interesting and captivating story
please buddy me...sent request already
update soon and don't forget to pm pleaseBig smile

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teddy25 Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2014 at 5:20am | IP Logged
After ages, I felt like penning down a chapter. Here goes Chapter-4.

NOTE: The story contains violence, strong language and depicts moments of intimacy. The theme is matured and recommended for an age group of 17 or above.

Previously: Zoya defeats Asad in the kickboxing match by cheating. Later she regrets her action and tries to make up with him. Asad remains defiant and refuses to shake hand with her. Part-3 Page-24


Who said I'd lost?'

Zoya gingerly toyed with those words, playing them over and over in her mind. Those haunting eyes flashed in front of her eyes, accompanied by the rather disturbing image of his blood spattered shirt and bruised lips. The casual arrogance hidden in his deep voice kept mocking her as she started to feel more and more disconnected from the festivities surrounding her with each passing minute. The uneasiness reached such a high point that she finally excused herself and took refuge in the washroom.

"I must do something. I have to do something." Zoya murmured, even though she had absolutely no idea what is was; and why did it bother herself so much in the first place.

She just knew she had to find him again.

Find him and apologize to him.  

Zoya realized with a sudden jolt that she had never said 'sorry' to anyone in her life. Not even to her parents. Somehow, the idea of saying sorry to this man...this Asad Ahmed Khan...seemed scary to her, as if she could already foresee his reactions. Those unfathomable brown eyes boring deep into her soul, the sculpted lips twisting into a wicked smirk, mirroring his heart's joy in relishing another opportunity to insult Zoya Farooqui in front of the entire college!

Oh, those lips...

For a moment, Zoya found herself reliving the moment again. Her mouth went dry as she let herself getting carried away by the waves of sweet pain that was whirling inside her, born at the moment when she first felt his lips brushing against hers.

"Looks like it's me who has lost it!" Zoya resigned with a sigh.


It was not long before she could find him again. It was the 'Karaoke night', a wrap up party of sorts that marked the end of the college sports events. Every year, Zoya and her gang of friends looked forward to the 'Karaoke night' with much enthusiasm after the end of yet another victorious session. However, this year her friends' excitement didn't really rub off on Zoya. She seemed to have withdrawn herself in a cocoon and tactfully avoided being questioned by her clueless friends.

"MashAllah! Kya party hai yaar." Tanveer whispered in Zoya's ears. "Look at those rainbow cocktails. Makes me feel thirsty...Mmm." She happily ignored Zoya's glare and licked her lips.

"I swear I am not gonna carry you this time when you drop drunk on the floor. You are one hell of a lousy drinker, Tanveer, and you know that!" Zoya whispered back through gritted teeth. "The fact that you are going through some weight issues doesn't help either." She added, secretly smiling at the anger on Tanveer's face.

Tanveer was about to open her mouth, probably to get even with some carefully chosen cuss words, but she stopped halfway, distracted by something behind Zoya's back. Zoya's eyes automatically followed her gaze and landed on something, rather, someone that made her skip several heartbeats altogether.

It's him.'

Behind her, about a few meters away, stood Asad Ahmed Khan. Clad in a black party shirt and fitted blue denims, he exuded a charm that could make the strongest of women go weak in their knees. His blissful nonchalance about his own charisma made him all the more desirable. Zoya could see heads turn in his direction and the occasional sharp inhales as the ladies admired him in awe.

Someone please tell him to button up, otherwise I am gonna faint." Tanveer had a glint in her eyes which was anything but virtuous. Zoya's eyes lingered on the disco lights shimmering on his chest muscles peeking through his shirt, with the top two buttons mercifully open.

Zoya swallowed hard, once again unsure of the fact whether to approach him was the best idea after all. For a moment she thought that he'd seen her too, and the shadow of a faint smirk was tugging at his lips. Zoya squirmed inwardly and cursed herself for staring like a googly-eyed teenager.

*Zoya, you must talk to him...and, oh, please try not to stare while you do so.* a voice spoke in her head. Zoya bit her lower lip nervously and started walking towards him with reluctant, small steps.

The boy standing next to Asad murmured something to him, but Asad seemed to pay no attention and kept on talking as if nothing had happened.

As Zoya raised her arm to tap on his shoulders, she felt herself being elbowed out of the way with a hard push. Zoya looked up clutching her arm, pain and disbelief writ large on her face. It was Shanaya, Shanaya Srivastava, the self-proclaimed queen of St. Augustine College, and Zoya's biggest rival.

"Hi, Asad. I am Shanaya." She didn't seem to notice Zoya, who was tending to her hurt arm and continued glowering at her.

"Hello." Asad replied politely.

"Sach kahoon, I've become your fan since my eyes fell on you in today's match." Shanaya's voice was laced with honey. "May I have the pleasure of dancing with you?" her light grey, cat-like eyes were inviting and teasing at the same time.

"I am afraid that a man with two left feet and a bruised lip can hardly make for a good partner...on the dance floor." Asad leaned closer and flashed his dimpled smile.

"Ah, never mind the bruised lip though. In ancient times, they said that bruise was a mark of manhood. Personally, I find it extremely...hot!" Shanaya's finger tentatively traced Asad's jaw line.

*All right that's enough.* something exploded inside Zoya. She loudly cleared her throat, taking both of them by surprise.

"xcuse me! Can I just have a word with you? Trust me it's really important." Zoya's eyes were fixated on Asad. She decided to give Shanaya a cold shoulder.

"Zoya Farooqui. Who else?" Shanaya perhaps was too bad at taking hints. She slid her hand under Asad's arms protectively and hissed at Zoya, "In case you've not noticed, he's taken already."

"What...you have imprinted on him or something?" Zoya didn't try to conceal the bitterness in her voice anymore.

"One moment, Ladies!" Asad intervened, his voice smooth like silk. "Being the bone of contention between two beautiful ladies is something that may sound fascinating to a lot of men, but sadly I am not one of them." He chuckled as Zoya's face turned crimson. "Let's handle the issue like grown-up individuals, shall we?"

He turned towards Shanaya "Let me hear what she has in store for me. I'm sure it won't take longer than our stint in the boxing rink. Then I will be all yours..." He glanced at Zoya from the corner of his eyes and added quickly "for the dancing, I mean."

Shanaya had a victorious smile on her face. She let go of his hand reluctantly "If you say so. But be back soon." She breathed on Asad's neck "I will be waiting for you."

Zoya was almost driven to tears; and worse, she didn't know why she was suddenly feeling suffocated with anger and helpless pain. She choked back the sob and spoke with a broken voice. "Let's get out of here and find someplace quiet."

Asad followed her to the end of the hall and outside the building. They walked silently towards the college playground. The winter sky was clear and a cold breeze was rustling through the leaves. Zoya felt the coolness against her skin and heaved a sigh of relief. It was refreshing and relaxing, unlike the bouts of claustrophobia she was feeling inside.

The silvery moon shimmered softly in the dark blue canopy overhead. Zoya and Asad walked towards the end of the playground. Asad settled himself on one of the chairs and gestured Zoya to sit beside him, but she just shook her head and stood there.

A few moments of silence passed between them. Then Zoya stretched her arm, "Hi, I am..."

"Zoya Farooqui. I know. Not gonna forget that one easily." Asad brushed his thumb gently on the bruise.

"Look, I...I know it may sound funny that I am the one who asked for your time and...now I don't know what to say. " Zoya fumbled for words, marveling at the sheer stupidity of what she'd just said.

"Saying 'sorry' is not your thing. Point noted." Asad shrugged and was about to stand up.

"No! Wait." Zoya placed herself in front of him, blocking his path. "It might help to sort things out if you let me explain myself...and my behavior out there." She pressed her lips together as fresh tears prickled her eyes. *This one is turning out to be a nightmare.*

"Go ahead." He slumped back into the chair.

"You may have heard about my father, Mr. Ghaffur Siddique." Zoya paused and scanned Asad's face for the flash of recognition and respect that usually follows whenever her father's name was mentioned anywhere. But Asad's expression was nonchalant as before. He just nodded. "Isn't he the owner of Siddiqui Constructions?"

"Yes, he is. I'm his only daughter. My mother died while giving birth to me. I've an elder brother, Haider, who is in London and look after our overseas business." Zoya continued.

"I'm sorry to hear about your mother." Zoya couldn't tell in the darkness, but she thought Asad's voice had softened.

"When he was in his mid 40s, my father decided to marry again. Our new ammi, Razia begum, is the cleverest woman I've ever seen. She can put all the politicians to shame with her scheming and plotting." Zoya's voice was sharp as razor.

"You really should not be talking about your mother like that." The edge was back in Asad's voice too.

"You know nothing about her. All she ever wanted is my abbu's money. She was ready to get rid of us as soon as she entered our life. Pata nahi sirf abbu ko hi kyon unka asli chehra nazar nahi aaya. But Haider bhai jaan was intelligent enough to see through her lies. He told me be careful of her and even spoke to my abbu about it." Zoya paused to catch her breath and then continued. "That day bhai jaan and abbu had a major fall out...and bhai jaan left home forever." Her voice was quivering. "leaving me behind in that madhouse with the evil woman."

"Interesting family history!" Asad sounded impatient "but it's still not clear why exactly are you telling me all these?"

"You will. In a minute. Please. " Zoya said urgently. "Look, my father, Siddique sahab, never wanted a daughter. He always wanted a boy who would excel in studies and athletics and be a worthy successor of his business. Issi liye bachpan se unhone mujhe ek bete ki tarah pala, bada kiya. I've been raised like a boy, taught to be a champion in whatever I do. Little did I know that my aspiration of becoming the best would cost me my morals one day..." Zoya's voice trailed off, but she gathered herself and spoke again.

"Now-a-days, my step mom Razia is trying her best to poison my father's mind against me. She has been telling him that girls of my age belong to kitchens instead of boxing rinks. She even tried to fix me up with one of her brother's son, Akram. I begged abbu to give me some more time...to complete my studies, to fulfill my dreams." Zoya wiped her cheeks. Her voice was breathy.

"...but Abbu seemed to have become sterner now, and he's clearly told me that the only way for me to buy myself more time is to be the best in everything, be it studies or sports. It's like I have to be the top student in my class and the top athlete of my college. I just wanted to prove myself to my abbu."

"...and what exactly did you prove yourself to be?" Asad stood up from the chair. He was clearly struggling to believe her.

"Miss Farooqui, har jeet ki ek keemat hoti hai. Woh jeet badi hai, ya keemat, isska faisla sirf aap hi ko karni hai." Asad's voice was low but firm. "If there is one thing I hate more than cheaters...it's attention-seeking liars. Now if you please excuse me..." He walked off abruptly, as if in a hurry to get out of there.

Zoya's cheeks burnt as if she'd been slapped across her face. How could he be so insensitive? What on earth was she thinking when she shared her secret with him, a complete stranger?

"Go to hell! You cold-blooded MONSTER!" Zoya shouted in despair. Her words echoed in the empty stadium, mocking her in hollow imitation of her last word.

*Monster! Monster! Monster...*

P.S I am no longer writing for 'Likes'. But your comments remain the most valuable source of feedback for me till date. Hence, feel free to share your views. Thanks a lot for the love and support.

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finally u updateBig smileBig smile
awesome updateClapClap

finally zoya heart break out..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

waiting for next

update soon

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