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well thanks for such lovely response and here is the real installment, hope you all like it and enjoy itLOLWink
Bet many girls would want to be in Sakshi's place in this OS, i did anywayLOLLOLEmbarrassed

so without wasting more time, here it is:

Sakshi was damn shocked and ashamed.  Though she felt it was wrong and she should just run away, but somehow her eyes couldn't stop themselves from going up and down his lean and well maintained body.  Her eyes caressed each muscle as if it wasn't her eyes but her hands.  For one instance she was so lost in admiring his perfect body, that she forgot that any other girl would have excused herself and ran away. Somehow her eyes and body couldn't move at all.  She kept staring at him for minutes and minutes.

Arjun on his side, was getting embarrassed with each minute, he didnt know why Sakshi came here and why the hell was she looking at him, as if he was a teddy bear or a candy and she was suddenly very hungry.

And when he saw her looking at his chest and muscles, he could almost feel as if her hands were caressing him instead of her eyes. He was getting self-conscious with time and he felt his honour was at stake... He almost smiled when he thought about this, ACP Arjun actually scared of a girl.  Impossible, and woh bhi Sakshi se, kabhi nahin ho sakta, he thought.  But still he was just a mere normal man, and even he couldn't bear the way Sakshi was staring at him lecherously. He looked around for his shirt, but it was still in his bag, and his bag was lying on a table behind Sakshi.  He eyed Sakshi measuring the distance and his option of getting to it, but tried to walk towards it, but he never expected Sakshi to actually stop him.

Sakshi was busy drooling on Arjun when she felt him moving. Suddenly she felt as if someone was taking her candy away. Without realising it, she moved to block Arjun from going anywhere.

"Sakshi, yeh kya kar rahi ho?" Arjun asked slowly.  But Sakshi was back again to drooling mode, she was busy admiring Arjun's chest and muscles.  But somehow looking was no longer enough for her, she had a sudden urge to also touch to know how those muscles would feel.  She took one step nearer to him, but Arjun took one backwards.

Sakshi glanced angrily at Arjun, asking him through her eyes why he was moving away and all.  But she was the great Sakshi Anand, and no one could prevent her from getting something she once had her eyes on.  And right now she wanted nothing but to feel his skin under her hands. She took one more step towards him and still Arjun took one more step backwards.

"Sakshi hosh mein awo? Kya kar rahi ho tum?" Arjun said worried now, it almost felt as if Sakshi had bad intentions towards him. But Sakshi was still under Arjun's spell, so much that sh didnt even realise what she was doing.  She approached him drooling over his body, till finally Arjun's back hit the wall behind him. He could feel the coldness of the wall on his bare back, but nothing could compare to the hotness of Sakshi's way of looking at him.

Arjun decided that he had enough, if Sakshi continued to watch at him like this, then he wouldn't be able to control anymore.  He was already getting stimulated by her, and before he did something wrong, he had to run away.  He forced himself to remember how he hated her and how she was nothing but a colleague.  So he tried to push her lightly to go on her right, but Sakshi put her right hand on the wall blocking him.  He again tried to go the left side, but there also Sakshi put her left hand and blocked him.

Arjun couldn't believe the situation he found himself in, Sakshi had actually blocked him completely, he was within a cage made by Sakshi, her hands and the wall.

Finally when Arjun was imprisoned within the circles of her hands, Sakshi slowly lifted her hand and gently and touched his chest, watching the way he stiffened. His hands caught her, but she trailed her fingers slowly down his body and his hold weakened. His body trembled and jerked.

"Sakshi stop this?" Arjun said huskily.  He couldn't believe he was getting seduced in his office and that too by Sakshi.  He grabbed her hands and pushed her away from him.  He moved a few steps and started to take deep breaths.  He was too shocked, and in his heart for one instance he had actually desired Sakshi. He was desperately trying to get his breaths back steady when he felt a soft touch on his shoulder and he was pulled back.

Sakshi had just touched his skin, and wow it felt so smooth and yet hard to him. But before she could do more, Arjun had grabbed her hands and pushed her away.  She stared at Arjun's back, and felt that she hadn't even had enough.  She needed to touch him more so that she could saved it in her mind forever. She was completely drugged byArjun's aura, and that was telling her to come and claim Arjun.  She raised her hand and putting it on his shoulder, she dragged him back and pinned him back to the wall.

Arjun froze completely then. But he lost all control of himself when suddenly Sakshi touched his lower lip, and as if startled by its softness and warmth, she was now no longer looking at his chest but at his lips. She couldn't drag her eyes away from there.  As she watched him, his lips parted and his breath lingered and mingled with hers.

And then as if in slow motion, Arjun saw Sakshi cupping his face and then she was getting upto his level and then finally her lips settled gently on hers. Arjun knew he was gone when he felt her lips on his, and though he knew he'd probably regret it, he switched their positions and this time he was pinning her to the wall.  He claimed her lips more passionately and his arms went around Sakshi dragging her closer to him. He kept kissing her hungrily till he heard her moaning. Arjun lessened the pressure of his kiss, and he began to tease and softly probe her lips, breaking through any defences she might have, though he knew that right now she was already submitting herself to him.

Her mouth opened to his penetration. Sakshi let herself be pulled completely in his arms, and she could now almost feel all muscles on his body.  Slowly her arms moved around him and she was hugging him back and gave herself completely in the kiss.

Arjun's tongue teased lightly into her mouth and then began to quite suddenly to stab at it, producing intense sensations in her whole body.  Both had completely lost it, when suddenly they heard the ringing of a phone.

Both suddenly tensed, and finally they realised what they had almost done.

Sakshi looked up at him, blazing with needs she hadn't even known existed. Her legs almost went out from under her, her body throbbed so with unsatisfied desire. "I hate you!" she said, choking. She hit his chest, hard.

She blushed when she remembered what happened, and how she had been the one who initiated it.  "God what must he thought about me?" she said to herself and blushed even more.  She started to push at his chest and Arjun, though unwillingly, had to let it go.

"How could you? How could you do this to me? My first kiss and you took it?" Sakshi said angrily.

"What the hell??" Arjun replied angrily.  She had jumped on him, yet she was doing as if he was the one who did all the seducing.

"You started everything Miss Anand!" Arjun said and went to fetch his shirt to cover himself.

Though Sakshi knew he was right, she had behaved like a love-starved person, throwing herself on him, she was so embarrassed but her pride didnt let her lose, and she had to have the last word, "Never! If you didnt around half-naked in this office, nothing as such would have occurred!" saying this Sakshi immediately ran away from there.


 Please excuse for any mistakes didnt proofreadBig smile

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Tch tch.. Ab acchi neend aayegi mujhe!  (Yeah right! Neend gone for a toss!) Confused ROFL

1. Wall wala love.. 2, Reversed positions.. 3. Tina ki jawani special.. Phew.. Someone kill me! Cry

 That was mind-blowing Behna.. You gotta keep them coming.. Wink

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*blushing* *blushing*

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 Role reversal, now this is what I call Tina's ishstyle...I loved it Tun.

Like I said Sakshi kis khet ki muli hai, aru phi yeah toh Arjun Rawte woh bhi shirtless, kisi ki bhi niyat phisal jaye...

*Wolf whistles* at the very apt description of his body, hai...shirtless Arjunji would be worth seeing.

Bravo Behana for achieving the impossible, Arjun Rawte pinned to the wall by Sakshi Ananad, oh what I wouldn't pay to be the fly on the wall for this unusual moment.

As I said loved it, thanks for writing it.Wink

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awesome! Loved it, my poor virginal self has been ruined by this story, abh mujhe koi aisa ladka laado *blush*
I loved the role reversal, usually it's the boy who is the aggressor, lekin tumne to kamaal, dhamaal kardia... Abhi mujhe achhe achhe sapne ayege :P

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Huh...what was that????
Its scorching hot...I am still burning...
Sakshi baby...long live beta...
How desperate she was...
Arjun was feeling shy...afraid of losing his honour. . Tongue
Bloody Arjun should have thought of his honour Before...
How can one be so cruelly handsome...
So perfect inch by inch...
So manly so hot so indifferent. ..
Its all his fault. .Sakshi is right...
Arjun's honour is at stake. ..
And Tina, you really cannot help him...
What you can do is just to provide him with one shirt..isn't it???
Ok...Sakshi will spare this shirt wala Arjun...
But trust me Tina...I love all his shirts. white black blue purple orange yellow. ..all...
So wearing the shirt is not enough for him to save his honour from me atleadt. .
And i know many will agree with me...What do you think...

Tina loved this helpless Arjun...found him cute also...
Dear you are truly smart...
Park wala story me Arjun took the upper hand...
And in this one Sakshi took the upper hand...
And this one I have never imagined in my craziest dreams...
After your SYS, I can happen. ..
Banda hot jo itna hai...
Do you have any more crazy idea dear????
Waiting for your next "wala" story...
Donno whose honour will be at stake next time...
I can make mine, if you dont mind... Wink Big smile

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hi tina Hug...
what a chapter ClapClapClap...but ye kya kiyaShockedShockedShocked...
sakshi seduced arjunShockedShocked arjun ki ijjat ki wat laga di...
absolutely defining ur styleWinkWinkWink...

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omggg wow thts was tooo gud 
Arjun scared of sakshiii ROFL
the way sakshi actually tried to get on mr. ACP Wink lolz it was so funny yet hott loved it 

i was actually seeing arjun and sakshi like thiis in office 

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