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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 81)

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arshi di and sohan papdi thanks for pm 
i will read tomorrow 
very tired and little unconcious 
so cannt retain properly 
so kal paaka
before my update i will read it 

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@ Cyn 170

This translation is so melodious and meaningful! It seems to have a dhak dhak of its own! You are a magician Cyn! In my POV your translation is better than the original song. 

Yours and mine, mine and yours love story is difficult.  It cannot be described in two words.?This is a new story of a boy and a girl.?It cannot be described in two words.

When I gave my heart to you, I conquered a place?Which I never thought I would, because it was at a distance of many miles?Oh God why did you show me such dreams??When in fact it was to be broken?

In one second we both were together, though it was meant only for one second.?Yours and mine, mine and yours love story is difficult?It cannot be described in two words

Every second of our conversation was the most colorful of all.?It cannot be described in two words?In every feeling you are there, in every memory I desire for you.?It cannot be described in two words

Every day has gone by, every night spent awake.?Because of my care for you, every second I am suffering?I am suffering, let the distance?and all the other things standing between us vanish.

In one second we both were together, though it was meant only for one second?Every second of our conversation made me unaware of the surroundings?It cannot be described in two words?In every feeling you are there, in every memory I desire for you. It cannot be described in two words.



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Originally posted by indi52

love sonnet xi

i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
silent and starving, i prowl through the streets.
bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
i hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.

i hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the colour of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
i want to eat your skin like a whole almond.

i want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
i want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,

and i pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the b
arrens of quitratue.

~~~ pablo neruda~~~Clap


the cinnamon peelers wife

if i were a cinnamon peeler
i would ride your bed
and leave the yellow bark dust
on your pillow.

your breasts and shoulders would reek
you could never walk through markets
without the profession of my fingers
floating over you. the blind would
stumble certain of whom they approached
though you might bathe
under rain gutters, monsoon.


when we swam once
i touched you in water
and our bodies remained free,
you could hold me and be blind of smell.
you climbed the bank and said

this is how you touch other women
the grasscutters wife, the lime burners daughter.
and you searched your arms
for the missing perfume.
and knew
what good is it
to be the lime burners daughter
left with no trace
as if not spoken to in an act of love
as if wounded without the pleasure of scar.

you touched
your belly to my hands
in the dry air and said
i am the cinnamon
peelers wife. smell me.

Clap~~~michael ondaatje~~~

episode 171

"pata nahin yeh sab kaise hua jiji, hume pata nahin tha ki woh... woh laad governor aise..." i don't know how this happened, jiji, i didn't know that... that laad gov... 

change of tone, a gentle breeze seems to waft through the words that come after this, a feeling escaping strictly imposed bounds?

"aise humare saath naachenge..." would dance with me like that.

the beauty of it is he hears that.

before her quick recovery, and, "pata nahin samajhte hain kya woh apne aap ko... hume faraq nahin padta..." don't know who he thinks he is, makes no difference to me. ah the protest on a higher note, who is she trying to convince. he knows otherwise.

"unhe shayad..." perhaps he...

and stop.
I love her here...she's been going through so many over whelmed emotions and  consuming desires and this is her vent system just blabber...without making any sense to her and my my this Predator of hers is on his mission to just kill her with extra pumping blood to her heart and blushing system...poor Khushi.Sanaya did  portrayed this so well an innocent young gal role...Love both of em in this sceneClap

a gust of wind, then music pours in... a rhythm in it, a knowledge. we are looking at a state of mind. hers. his. she may say whatever she likes but that she can't resist is pretty clear. the direction in many of these scenes was instinctive and lovely... just as you'd see it in your mind.

and he? two poems, both sensual to an ecstatic point, both about extreme love, came to mind. i have quoted them many times, and in both i find asr and khushi. tonight he was here to mark her it seemed to me. to be predator, to hunt. to make her his own, and no lingering doubts about that.

I just said up there,he is a hawking predatorSmilepreying on her

on the dark night of diwali, he had felt a desire he could neither understand, nor accept. but tonight it's different, he has made a journey, he still may not understand, but accept he does. he submits in that dance of his... reminds me so of spiritual submission, faith, religion, god. to give in first without "knowing," then should understanding come, wonderful, if not, one believes anyway. i think the gut reacts often before the heart and brain, instinct before emotion and intellect...

Beautifully said here...Clap
so he danced.

if the desire expressed in teri meri took us to a spiritual plane almost, no matter how sensuous their undulating bodies, now it was time for the flesh and its desire... equally beautiful, powerful, pure, animal, tactile.

he was here to claim his woman, he was here because he so wanted to see her as she looked affected by him, still in the afterglow of their intense lovemaking before all. oh he knew what her state of mind would be... arnav singh raizada is no novice when it comes to women... and he can guage what effect he might have had on her. the difference this time, he's equally shaken, craving...

i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair...Smile

That;s what I explained in mine ,it's an urge very compelling one after lovemaking ,he wants to cover her with his attire,attire of Love and sensuous belonging which is making him restless as well as her

have you seen how terrific that asymmetry of his lips looks in a mirrorClap...Big smile cuts into the mind. funny how the mirror can see what we can't. right through this hold your breath sequence we kept seeing him in reflection. layers of images at times. wonder why... his inner self is here... and hers? both naked, unmasked? he willingly, she haltingly?

"koi faraq nahin padta toh ruk kyun gayi..." if it makes no difference, why did you stop. confident, male, victorious. a magnificent maleness to asr in this episode... alpha male i think it's called... unabashedly man.

He is a winner all eyes...He doesn't care what is right or wrong ...He loves her and now he is embracing that fact and now he wants to proceeds with that...That's all...The very same he will do that stormy night...His love for her never let her go...and what he does ...he marries her but didn't he marry her with her beliefs...manglasutre, that moment just out of anger ...the 6 months came but do you think he would ever let her go after 6 way ...he would have another clause in that contract for "WHOLE LIFE"  one...

she looks up, speechless, hand still stuck midair.

silvery grows the sure voice, "kya hua... ruk kyun gayi?" what happened, why did you stop?

"aa... aap?" tremulous, suddenly not so feisty.

"haan, m..m..mein,"  yes, he moves at last and advances, teasing her with sexily for her confused air, oh that almost smile on the lips, it glitters full force in his eyes. "tum itna dar kyun rahi ho?" why are you so afraid? he gets that fear in her, she fears her own feelings, just when he's decided not to fear his... she's walking backward, even before he's come anywhere near her.

"main tumhe kha toh nahin jaoonga." i am not going to eat you...

i want to eat your skin like a whole almond. i want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body...Clap

kha toh nahin jaoonga? i won't eat you? i am thinking what the. where did that come from? maybe he does wish to devour her, maybe she wants to be... oh ok it's just a turn of phrase, but here it's just so much more.WinkLOL please do devour each other you two... you have no option. this is how passionate your love is, i think neruda would have written a poem just for the two of you.Big smile

"tum hamesha peechhe kyun jaati ho," why do you always walk backward... after a quick, terribly cute, check.

"kyunki aap hamesha... aa aage...  aate hain... " because you always come forward...

she has to speak the truth.. she is totally out of her depth in this game of attraction... hamesha aage goes this man... the predator, the stalker, the puma.


"khushi," a change of tone, a seriousness suddenly.

"thanks nahin bologi mujhe?" won't you say thanks to me?

she has no idea what he's talking about, she's possibly forgotten all about the bet... everything... almost in a daze. the raw charge of male sexuality  coming at her... intoxicating, scary almost. who can think clearly amid this.

BET gaye Bhar meinLOL...who could possibly remeber brt in this kind of situation.They both have no control on what ever is going on with em

purse lips, kill the viewers, then in velvet voice, gone especially husky as though a hand just stroked the velvet the other way... "tumhare ishaaron pe na sahi... par tumhare saath toh naacha." may not have danced to your tune, but did dance with you.Smile

oh don't remind us, i'll have to rush back to previous episode pronto...

just music on the two. she looks dumbstruck and smitten. he just so loves looking at her.

director cuts for breathing break... for audience. with the mami bua story... it's face blackening time, in reply to bua ji finding out that her drink was spiked. hints of things to come? actually the night of the terrace, his judgment was spiked by shyam's venom... a world of difference between what he saw and what he thought he saw. and her reputation was ruined... blackened face as it were.LOL Love this scene

yet even in that state, somehow the dance continued.

we return to the forest of desire.

"shukriya... par..."

and he's not going to let her off the hook so easily, plus he seems to want to see her win the trophy, so...

"ab time waste karna band karo... aur jaldi neeche aa jao... sab wait kar rahe hain." stop wasting time now and come downstairs quickly... everyone is waiting for you.

he leaves.

and the heart beat is back, clutch your heart and hope to... what?

no need to ponder too long, for suddenly, without warning he's back, right before her, the mirror shows his approach... an air of purpose about him. yeah he's got an agenda. and if that smile is anything to go by, khushi ji had better get some oxygen ready.

when he comes and stops before her and his smile, his quiet dark gaze the mirror reflects back, i know i have found my most significant moment in the episode. everything that this episode wants to say seems to be here. it's the edit i've left between the two poems.

over the dhak dhak and the tender tones of music, he takes off the single pin that holds up her long silken strands and as her hair cascades down and frames her face, he looks at her enjoying the vision and quietly avers, "ab theek hai."

what an intimate gesture. he'd done the same thing in the kitchen of her home one day, but at that time possibly without thinking of how she'd look, more to save her from getting caught by hawk eyed mami ji.LOLhe'd done it with a sense of right then too, but not for his pleasure. that has changed. now, this is a deliberate gesture... to leave his mark on her. to tell her, she is his and somewhere she dresses and looks beautiful for him.Clap

this is ownership. first i submit to you, then i own you. two key aspects of love.

He completely practicing his right on her

whom would you allow that close? who would dare? well we know who would. but what will she do?

i am the cinnamon
peelers wife. smell me.

she looked demure and confused but she did not protest... and before she could come to a response, second assault... the sense of this man's timing... he knows exactly how long the opponent needs for the blow to sink in, then sweetly one more is delivered.

"waise yeh rang tumpe..."  pause, get her tense... "utna bhi bura nahin lagta," grazing, granular huskiness. well that colour doesn't look... too bad on you either. what's the opponent to do but fall flat.

dhak dhaak dhakdhak, hold the gaze. let her feel the battle, let her grasp its intent.

and walk away.

He is a great hunter indeed...

cool. devastating. hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of quitratue.

when khushi returned, where was she headed? straight to her laad gov? khushi? payal stops her... itni der kyun laga di... beautiful tension between the two... he looks up the moment he hears her name... and then the touching of the ear... he with keen eyes has noticed one ear ring missing. always parts of her stay back to chat with him, or he leaves a key with her so she may never feel alone.

in his eyes at the end though, no sign of a game, just a desire that he has stopped fighting. letting her know that is all he wants to do.

 love that scene when they show in her hand Natraj and camera goes to him...She really has won her Natraj...Smile

the understanding of character that writers show here is wonderful. arnav singh raizada is a clever man who once he decides on something believes in going after it. not hang around waiting for things to come to him. from the very beginning this has been his way. now when he is ready to give in to khushi he will not delay anything, not sit ponder wait weigh, it will be act act act all the way.

Just said above he acts upon once make up his mind,sometimes without thinking consequences...

and in the very same vein alas, when the terrace tricks him, he will not wait to find out more... just go ahead and act.

Excellent  Indi as usualClapStar

Love the edits...and indeed our predator got what he wished for since the very first day...His longing and yearning never let him have peace with him...he was so peaceful after a long chase of his pursuit...
He fought with her ,shoved her in anger, in fear because she was winning him with every possible way and today he lets her with pride...

My comments are in between

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Originally posted by wiwy

@ Arshi 171

Star Pondering connected dot regarding Arnav's advance and Khushi's retreat !

Arnav while walking with same pace ,tum hamesha peeche kyuon jati ho..,[Why do walk backward always]Khushi,because you always come forward..

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:From Epi 1st till now he always intimated her by walking towards her and she retreats

But after kidnapping Arnav will ask her to stoptuhaim mere saath  chalna seekhna hoga[u have to learn how to walk with me from now on}

Star Oh! What lovemaking!

But before she can even inhale ,he walks back in and frees her long,silky strands from the clipHer loosen long silky hair cascades downand covers her bare skinas he is covering her after lovemaking.

With proud smirk, Ab theek hai..[Now its fine] She gives him an astounded and a disbelief look as she never saw this side of himShe looks everywhere but him He continues by looking at her first and then saree and gives her a compliment,yeh rang tum pe utna bhi bura nahin lagta.. [This color doesnt look bad on you either]just like a newly wed where he admires his bride

Star Naughty hubby!

He gently points out to her ear and she touches it in her ambivalent state to find out her missing earing .She gets flummoxed at her vulnerability but he enjoys his delightful treat by looking at his bride as he got its prey,his love ,his life right next to his heart.He intently watches her without losing her sight all the time.

Star The desires and the longing!

Symbolism and connection:While Khushi Passes cross Arnav, There are two juice glasses on the table.#2 as sensuous desires are at the peak and longing in between cant be denied either one of em at this moment.and #3 men right besides each other stamping the success of their union.At the top Khushi got her Natraj,Arnavs heart by the grace of DM .

Star Her nataraj, her protector!

The Dhak Dhak starts remind her that her Natraj, her knight was not there quixotically to save her from her insecurity all the time but is the real brave heart King ,her Maharaj, her Protector ..who she can trust  all the way.all the time and this very time is with her too in this act of Dhak Dhak,,,,

Star He too finds peace in her things!

,Arnav Singh Raizada accepted his defeat with pride as he is victorious bringing her in his orbit of Heartbeat..which he is feeling along with her...on the other side...and if that is not the sign of love, then I wonder what is ?? ...

Symbolism and connection: The earing is in between ring finger and pinky...The finger which goes straight to heart.we dont need connection for that!!!

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:He always finds peace holding her things as always her Payal,earing, and later he will deliberately take her pom Pom while being busy kidnapped instead of going to London.

Khushi will tell her about Roca and the ring iss ungli ki nus seedhe dil ko jati hai[The nerve of this finger goes straight to heart]

Star Gifs and pics and edits to die for!

Star  You covered all aspects of the episode so simply , so superbly, Arshi , like only you can!

Thnx wiwy...such a sweet review...I can see I didn't disappoint youWink...

They both are too much and Her Natraj is really playing games with her poor heart...

Her heart beat surely can beat the speed of Ferrari...makers won't get disappointed if they replace engine with her heart.LOL...
Thnx wiwy Heart

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by viv04

Read your exhaustive beautiful thesis on teri meri. The amount of time, effort, and passion you put in comes shinning through. Your labor of love straight from your heart. I have no words.
When I saw the crazy wildness in the top two images, two words came in my head. Stampede, may be a stampede of wild buffaloes and volcanic eruption, the smoke, the heat, the molten lava.
My goose bump moment, when he so gently lovingly holds her by the neck against her dark cascades and brings her to the lowest dip. Something in those big dark hands. He just can't get his eyes and hands off her as if the world stopped right there and she is his world, his goddess.
In pick such an adorable moment.
In red, same thought came in my head as well. That could be the most intimate glance they ever shared suggestive of mating. Diwali and photo shoot glances suggestive of courtship. it seems like they just got undone getting out of an explosion and had to be in public in rush. First K is shaken as she becomes aware of the surroundings or maybe her womanhood too. Their expressions with subtle smiles so special as if suggestive of pure bliss following the ecstasy. The gleam in his eyes speak of the mail pride and possessive instinct, I came to conquer you, you let me and I did it. Sanaya at the height of her perfection here. A visible transformation, feminine maturity, blushing, glowing and acknowledging her surrender. Arshi's 170 has the pictures for this. Anyway it was symbolic of union of soul as Arshi explains the formation of the heart frame by them as they hold and support each other. This does happen during mating of the monogamous birds swans I guess.

I wish K had the same depth in her facial expression when she gets up in bed after farm house night and later when she talks with him on the phone.
Love the last image for the contentment and serenity.

Viv, hugs for that about K after the farm house!! During the height of confusion that time of to be or not to be , I was one of those who strongly believed that it wasn't , and the biggest reason for that was K' s most shallow.. If I may say, expressions the morning after as if she is just back after buying aloo from sabji mandi!! Where is the feminity, womanhood at least a hint of that... I was reminded of K' s blatant questioning post the Diwali miss kiss... "Aur woh Jo abhi kuch der pehle hua" which also disappointed me. I was told that is what K is! Was she.. The girl whose heart races poundingly with him around not even in sight!!

horizon. that shot of the woman who surrendered waking up the morning after... botched job, i agree. i wonder, is all this coyness to do with a tv channel trying to protect us from ourselves? women and sexuality seem to be anathema to some. i wrote a lot about this on crooner, even before farm house came along, and i was mighty thrilled with the character called khushi that finally she did the right thing. firstly, marriage is not a licence to have sex only, secondly, they were married as far as i was concerned.

in fact, the entire portrayal of women on indian tv is pretty sick, regressive, and does no good for anyone anywhere. no one works, no one wants to do anything but please their mothers in law. if they speak in english, they are bad. the woman is always saviour, higher, pedestal craving, and an object really... there to keeping parivaar and parampara alive...

she is never a person with her own desires, wants, needs, her individual self. while a man has

but this not showing a woman with sexual feelings, understanding them or feeling close to her femininity... it's sad, it's practically a sin. especially in a nation where this constant unreal treatment of sex, the repression, the deep seated and never admitted misogynism, and feudalism/patriarchy has taken such an ugly turn in our times... i can't even bring myself to read about the regular rapes anymore.

women, like men, like having sex. well most of them at least. it is part of being human, in our dna, biology. it is a perfectly normal thing. no need to turn her into a channel and a repressive culture's idea of achhi. if khushi can feel her dhak dhaks, she can feel everything else too. that doesn't make her buri, makes her real. that doesn't mean now all she'll want to do is jump into bed, it only means she can level with herself and be who she is. and enjoy every aspect of herself.

she didn't buy aloo that day, she had the most exciting experience of her life maybe, thrilling, inebriating, elevating... yeah sex between two lovers can be all that and more. funny part was, her first memory was of him rolling over to cover her body... then straight to achhi ladki smile and devi maiyya... er.

but after diwali... hmm that anger in her, that sizzle, possibly sparked by a terrible sexual tension she'd never felt before and didn't know what to do with... that one seemed sort of crazy but real to me. post farm house... ai ai yo.

Interesting chat, you guys!

Fantastic, your comments on indi's "thesis"TongueLOL. No but seriously...your thoughts so very perceptive...getting undone..rushing to be in public..Khushi in touch with womanhood...a shared smile post ecstasy...and i came to conquer, you let me, i did. Wah!! Too exciting to read and connect withClap And that image of the mating swans...artful heartful beauty!!

viv04 and Horizon,
Completely in sync with you on that shallow morning after expression post farmhouse...anti climax diya humari khushi kumari ne...left me confused, her casualness, whether it had or had not gone the whole way. Very sad, after so many months of build up, to feel so subzi mandi-ish after reaching crescendo with the one and only!!
The only redeeming things: the night had been sensuous despite all odds of tacky conservative tellydom getting in the way...and much much more, as Indi points out too, that they made love/had sex before the so called saath phera wala atoot bandhan! In that, the show stayed true to it's grain. And i salute that. Cos even in this day and age, with reality being meelon koson door from all our so-called "sanskaars", mainstream thought and expression in apna desh is still prickly and judgmental when it comes to the subject of sex.

As for Diwali...Horizon, humara sorry yaar... cos i love it to death, her referring to it as "abhi woh jo kuchh der pehle hua". It was so volatile, so transient, so nameless, their rishta...esp those days...when the show was so self-assuredly marching onwards to a truthful soulful tune. Felt delightful to me that she didn't even know what to call that moment flaming with desire...

Fiery fab words there on the general outlook towards women and sexuality. I had a chat with a 20 year old taxi driver yesterday. Wanted to know what he felt about the recent bombay gangrape. The girl was drunk i hear, he said. Does he have a sister, i asked. Yes, older, said he, but it's different cos she's in the village. I gave him a talking to that he is unlikely to forget this lifetime...looked completely shell shocked by the end of it he did. What is it about us, i thought later, that makes them so damn shaky about themselves? What is this constant need to box us in categories on the basis of what we look like, eat, drink, wear, say, do...practically everything except breathe, though that's sometimes seen as a problem too. A young taxi driver one can deal with, and make see some sense, given his proclivity to modernity in these times...but for those bigger and more powerful...where to begin with them? Shock them, a part of me says, and they'll get used to it. But with all the "achcha" traits ingrained deep down in us, will we actually be able to pull that off?? So it is about us and our conflicting inner selves. We need to take stalk of our feelings and desires, get rid of some of those in-built guilt as open as we can, and not give in to what society and popular culture will have us believe. That's where i'm making my start...apart from making small dents chatting here and there with uninitiated unsuspecting folk! Too simplistic, more evolved minds might think. But i'll do it my way cos i see no other.

issk ji,

 completely share your anguish. Women on our TV are idealistic (acc to their parameters) to an extent of being unreal. All of them are so predictable and the entire TV world is happy to stick with only a certain monotonous portayal of all of their prime time ladies. All the "nayi soch" only restricted to the "nayi ways" they dedicate their lives to cater only and only to their families.
That farm house morning after, totally forgettable. We had a more perfect sort of "morning after" after Teri Meri that a separate analysis is written for that part!  perhaps the makers should have been shown their own portrayal of that woman having just experienced her man in that proximity for the first time! By farm house "aachi bahu" that she was made into completely hijacking a girl irrestitably in love with this man!
Issk and Indi:
I know Indi is fine with that Diwali dialogue and Issk ji glad to know you are ine same club. Khushi seemed to have connected dots for her emotions to being in love with him on her walk back home that night before Diwali.  Although loved her fire in her questioning that night of passions,  some how felt she was trying to spell out a few things that were meant to be only "felt"! Anyway,  I recall  all our discussions of that time and accept it more now than I did earlier.
About that underlined, there are supposed upper class women who get judgemnetal about other women in a certain dress or a life style, what do I expect from a  20 yr old taxi driver? The problem seems too deep rooted, and the mind set too hypocrytical that I can't help being extreme cynical about the whole issue if there ever will be a light! So IssK, total appreciation for what you do!

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Originally posted by ..Anita..

Episode 171 

Mami takes Mama ji to other side by the food and Mama asks why she brought him here because it is not dinner time and she tells him to do an investigation because she thinks that the Gupta family would have mix something in Arnav drink (Uh Arnav has been acting out of character ever since he saw Khushi so this should not be like WOW; but only Khushi sees this side of him so I guess for them it is WHAT THE)LOL also and he says that she has gone crazy. Then the light bulb flickers in his head and he asks what does she mean by also and he asks if she mixed something in the Gupta's drinks.  She reveals that she mixed in something in Bua ji's juice and she happens to be in the background is listening to this confession (I guess hearing Mami ji is an easy thing since she talks so loud but seriously people in this drama have a bionic ear). Mama ji said how can she do that but did not bother to scold her because he knows it is a gone case LOL u r right she is impossible and that's why no one ever said anything..

.(No wonder she is the way she is, no one never stopped her from doing mean and rude things, they thing it is her nature). Bua ji goes to a corner and takes out her small bag from her lehenga (I know she does not wear a sari but idk what she wears).ROFL u r cracking me up here...

Khushi says "She does not understand what happened, she did not expect the Laad Governor to dance and that too with her. What does he think of himself? I am not affected by him."Without know who she is talking too, she says "She does not know why it happened." She turns around to see Arnav leaning against the door with his sexy smirk. She drops her lehenga. Arnav goes to her and  asks her "If you are not affected why did you stop."She says "You" and he answers her back by saying "Yes me." He further adds "Why are you scared of me, I will not eat you up."Arnav starts moving closer to her and Khushi starts moving back. As, Khushi hits the dressing table, Arnav asks her "Why are you moving back" Khushi responds by saying "Because you keep coming forward."(Arnav at this point is quite satisfied that he affects her just like she affects him).  Arnav wanting to torture Khushi more says "Are you going to say thank you because he did not dance on her instructions but he danced with her her." Khushi is in awe, she does not know what to say next. Her brain is now mush being in close proximity with him.

ClapStarClap He is so not in a mood to leave her alone...he is way too much.He knows his effect on her ,the way he is enjoying it ,it surely shows how naughty he is by nature .Only his past made him rude...

    credit to the maker

Bua ji goes to Mami and asks her what she thought about the sangeet winner. Bua ji adds that who will be capable of winning will only win and winning and losing go hand in hand. Before that they need to shake hand and both of them shake hand (that is just shocking that they were civil with each other, you know Bua ji did something to her). Bua ji tells her that there is something on her face and she touches her face with the hand she shook Bua ji's hand and a black mark appears on her face. Bua ji then tells her there is something on the other side as well, Mami touches her faces and again the other side is now black. Mami asks her if she needs to do touch up with cream and powder and Bua ji tells her that she is beautiful and she leaves. Mami says out loud that she is beautiful and  Mama comes there. Mama freaks out and tells her that there is black stuff on her face. He tells her to look at a mirror and she looks into the mirror. She screams loudly. Mama tells her to be quiet because there are guests here.

 credit to the maker

Mami leaves to fix her face. Bua ji comes and is like revenge is sweet.LOL

 credit to the maker

Khushi says "Thank you." Arnav tells hers her "Not to waste time and come down fast." He leaves and Khushi's acidity and Dhak Dhak comes back. Right at that moment Arnav comes back and opens her hair. He tells her "Now it's okay and this color does not look that bad on you." Arnav leaves the room with a micheavious smile. Khushi is just in shock, these Dhak Dhak and acidity is getting to her.Wink way too much

  credit to the maker

Payal goes to Anjali, who is very impatient lately (maybe she is hungry) and tells her that Khushi will be coming down after she changes her clothes. Khushi arrives (again she did that hair style, it was so much better before) Thumbs Upand Payal questions her if she is okay, Khushi shakes her head yeah.

 credit to the maker

Arnav is looking at her and she also looks at him nervously and he isharas that her earring is missing. Khushi touches her ears and realizes what he meant. 

   credit to the maker

Shyam is seeing this silent exchange and is getting jealous (flaring nostril and twitching, if looks can kill Arnav is a goner). Then Anjali announces that the star performer is here, so it's now time to declare the winner. Anjali tells everyone to clap for her Chotey and Khushi ji. All the family members are clapping except Mami because she is mad that she lost to Khoon Baari Taang's family and tries to stop Mama ji from clapping but he does not listen. Khushi is declared the winner. Khushi goes up on stage to get the Natraj murti (I loved how as she was going up on stage he looked at Arnav the entire time, like she was silently thanking him for this win).Star Arnav is happy because of Khushi's win (I loved how Arnav forgot out winning and losing and the only thing that mattered was her happiness).Star Bua ji isharas to Mami that see it was them who won. Mami is upset. Arnav is drooling at Khushi and Khushi is looking at Arnav.


Khushi is in her room is sitting in front of devi maiyya and natraj murti (I love how she puts them side by side) and remembering the Teri Meri dance when Arnav was close to her. Payal comes and says she believed that today she will be happy and Khushi is lost in Arnav dream land (don't blame her; I am there all the time). Payal asks her what the reason if for her sudden change in behavior and asks her if there is any problem. Khushi is like why do you ask and Payal lifts her hand that is holding a jalebi. Khushi is like OH NO I am caught and makes an excuse. She said that "She did not get to thank anyone on stage." She starts thanking everyone saying "I would like to thank Payal for agreeing to Akash ji's proposal. I would like to thank Mami ji for giving permission to the married. Thank you Nani ji, Mama ji, Anjali ji, Akash ji." She pauses and thanks "Laxmi and Hari Prakash ji."Payal hold her ears and said "Sorry for interrupting but you forgot one name." (She did not thank Shyam either, you can see that she does not think highly of him. I mean how can you after knowing his truth).

The workers are cleaning up the RM and Arnav walks down to check on things. He gets a flashback of him and Khushi together (Teri Meri dance and the Earring scene). HP comes up to him and asks if he can tell the workers to leave because they finished everything. Arnav lightly shakes his head (he was so lost in Khushi land that he did not know what HP was asking. I think he just said yes to make him leave)and HP is gone. He opens his fist and looks at her earring lost in thought (how did he get her earring, wished they showed that. Now he has a new addition to his Khushi box).LOL

Payal tells Khushi that she forgot to thank Arnav and Khushi says that "She did not need his help and she does not want to thank him." (okay I love how Payal is always the first one to praise Arnav in every situation. She does not even Praise Akash as much as she Praises Arnav. She knows Arnav is a great guy and trying to tell Khushi to accept him). She tells Payal to sleep (Sometimes I forget who is older). Khushi says that she will come after she puts up the jalebi and she instead takes natraj murti leaving the jalebi on the table. In kitchen she realizes what she brought and alone she says that "She was telling a lie to Payal and if he was not there than she would not have won. She knows that there was no need of him to help her." and she says "Thanks" and soon her Dhak Dhak appears (I love how she brought the Natraj murti instead it was like she unconsciously wanted to thank Arnav holding the statue like she did for everyone else).Smile

While Anjali is fast asleep, Shyam gets up quietly, checking if Anjali does not randomly gets up. He takes out the scorpion box and puts it on the bed near Anjali.  He goes and sits on a recliner and after some time he notices there was no reaction. He walks to the bed and tries to find scorpion. He realizes that the scorpion is on his back and he starts freaking out (Karma is a *****, even Devi Maiya wants him to suffer for his deed) which wakes Anjali up and when she sees scorpion. She goes to him scared and removes the scorpion from his back and scorpion runs away from there going to the poolside leaving a scared AnjAm (seriously Anjali loves her Husband a lot she was willing to get bitten by a scorpion to protect him, he does not deserve her). Will the scorpion make another surprise appearance??? Will Shyam think of another plan to kill Anjali???

Good one AnitaClap

My fav of all and that is the summary of this epi

 (I loved how as she was going up on stage he looked at Arnav the entire time, like she was silently thanking him for this win).Star Arnav is happy because of Khushi's win (I loved how Arnav forgot out winning and losing and the only thing that mattered was her happiness).Star 

Love your analyzation of Buaji and Mamiji...It was a treat to watch em...and now I wonder what poor Buaji is wearing...LOL

Indeed What goes around comes around...Shyam indeed is leaving Scorpion or Scorpion is leaving him...hmmm...interesting..

My comments are in between...Smile

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..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the sweet comments

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soni19sweet IF-Sizzlerz

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some fav song that i keep humming now days
pls avoid my bad choice
if then sorryEmbarrassed

one of best

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