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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 34)

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Originally posted by indi52

about sanaya's bday thread, please do send in whatever you want to latest by 23 august... we need a couple of days to put it together and send it off... hopefully they are still accepting... if not, we'll just post it ourselves... yes?

i know i am damn late but still posting here 
if it it open send it 
and only if looking good 
this edit are those which are liked by all 
so do i send or thread is lose pleas reply fast

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Originally posted by sohara



After Khushi's spectacular performance she got full marks what increased the score board of Guptas to 14. She is exulting her victory and showing Arnav thumps down. Arnav also is happy for her, but is not showing his delight. The whole family is highly applauding her performance. Akash says her that her jiji tera jethji deewane made him deewane. Nk is just so bedazzled by her rocking performance. Khushi excuses herself and goes to her dad and takes his blessings as well, who also is feeling proud of her daughter. Amma scolds her for teasing Arnav. Bua also is proud of her titliya for her wondeful performance. Payal asks her why her friend Sarita didn't come yet for her next performance. Khushi is worried as her phone is not reachable. Payal tells her to use the room beside the poolside as the dancers are using the other room. Khushi goes there to get her costume.


Shyam is still vehemently rummaging for the scorpion. He is now in the room where Khushi's wardrobe trunk was kept.


When Khushi touched the door knob to open the door, another hand holds the handle as well. It's Arnav. He seems  can't get her out of his sight. He came to jeer her,

"Not bad KKG, your performance was quite well. But here also you needed me. mere bina to tumhari koi baath bantei nahi. you can't do anything without me. If you wouldn't have mocked me there was not that much of fun in your performance."

Her eyes flashes in a surprising show of defiance,
"chalo, you agreed that it was fun to watch. So you can see your defeat. You must remember the challenge that you'll have to do whatever I'll ask you to do."

"you already said enough."

He moves towards her prowlingly, makes her pin on the door. He is burning her with his smoldering gaze. she cringes inwardly.

"woh kya tha, laptopse."

(what was that, with laptop?)

Khushi completes the line looking at his fervent eyes.

"laptop se unki tum kar do sagai"

(get him engaged with the laptop)

"ato peher dil pe hai taale."

(his heart is locked for 24/7)

He repeats it again with gritted teeth. Khushi says the next line,

"kya kare ye hasna bhi na jane."

(what to do he doesn't know to laugh.)

"kafi bate notice kya hai tumne mere."

(you noticed so many things of mine)

He moves more close to her and looks at her with passionate darting eyes, what makes her frisson.

"mujhe nahi pat tha kit um mujhe itna kareeb se observe karti ho"

(I didn't know that you observe me co keenly)

He says more huskily with a seduction laden voice.

"nahi. No"

All her boldness evaporates in a jiffy and crimson returns to her cheek.

Khushi starts to stammer when he caught her weakness red handed.

"Agar karti ho to mere acting tum kar leti. Kiyu nahi kya, dar gayi?"

(if you observe me so closely, then why didn't you do my acting? Were you scared?)

Khushi gathers some courage and retorts back

"Darengi kiyu, hume bas aap jaisa banne mei koi bhi dil chast nahi."

(why I would be scared. I  just don't wish to be like you)

"hogi bhi haise. Arnav Sing Raizda banne ke liye jo cheez chahi ye who tumhare pass nahi hai. I've told you earlier."

(how would you wish. You don't have the thing, what you need to become Arnav Sing  Raizada.)

He points his finger to her head with a slight tap.

"it's called brains."

Khushi is flummoxed at his banter and he turns to leave. But khushi retaliates him in witty repartee,

"no mr. raizada I have something due to which I can never be like you."

Arnav turns back and comes near her. She taps her finger on his heart and says,
"its called heart."

Arnav doesn't say further. Khushi's conceit sure acerbated him. He just leaves in anger.


Khushi comes back to the room to get her green saree. The scorpion now is on the saree. Shyam saw it and calls her. But Khushi doesn't listen to him and goes to the poolside room to change. I really can't find the labyrinth of RM. I guess every room is by the pool.LOL Arnav came back in his room to make some payments. Outside his room, by the poolside Shyam  follows Khushi.. When she saw him she admonishes him to stay away from her. Shyam snatches her saree and makes it fall on the ground. Khushi rankles to see his audacity. She asks him why he is following her. She impends him, if he doesn't behave she will. Shyam embitters to hear her threat, what else will you do? She resents him acrimoniously that how dare he. shyam grabs hold her upper arms vehemently and chides her that what she will do? Khushi tells him not to touch her. he infuriates more and strengthens his grip on her arms. Khushi winces in pain.

"what will you do? do you want to make fun of me? do you want to scream? Scream. You want to slap me? You want to reveal everything to rani saheba? Go ahead. If you think anybody will come  and see us like this, so let them see. You are groaning now, but your behavior makes me hurt."

Pause: how dare Shyam touched Khushi and manhandled her! I wish if I could kill that devil! She did the biggest mistakes not to reveal his secret. She is still quiet now for the sake of her sister and Anjali. But what she got in return, myriad hate from the man she loves!UnhappyStar


Arnav was talking on the phone in the room, but he doesn't see that Shyam is manhandling khushi. When Shyam hears the sound of the sliding door he sees that Arnav is in the room. So he extricates her hand and leaves. Khushi becomes congealed in shock, tears well up in her eyes. Shyam's blasphemy has riven asunder her heart. Arnav finally sees her near the poolside, despondent, crying


I'm loving the sweet relationship and mutual understanding of Akash and Payal. Akash comes to Payal and asks her whom she thinks will be the winner. Payal says whoever will be the winner, but it will be their victory, cause both the families belong to hers. Payal has already accepted Akash's family as her own. She is a very sensible and moralistic woman with good ethics.Clap


Panic Anjali is searching for her husband everywhere. She is tired of her swindler husband's hide and seek game. She asks Akash whether he saw him or not. Akash says to Payal that she keeps searching her husband even if she doesn't need him. he adds,why not, after all they love each other so much. Payal agitates to hear this. She knows  how kaminey is her husband.


Arnav comes to Khushi and intends to ask her the reason of her crying. But he controls his emotions when he recollects how she pretended to cry on the other day to make him agree for the sangeet. He thinks this is her shenanigan, cause Raizada family is still ahead from them. He says scathingly,

"You again are trying to fool me Khushi Kumari gupta. You might not remember that you already did this drama before. And you are doing same again. Didn't you get any other idea? You got perfect 10, but the Raizada family is still ahead. You are crying out of fear that you will lose. What do you think,. I'll mellow down to see your tears."

Khushi can't take his flippancy any more. She says in resentment,

"Forgive me, you had to see me crying again. But I'm not crying to show you. Plz leave me alone."

She turns and he sees the bruise mark on her upper arm. He asks ruefully"khushi". He understands that somebody hurted her.

Without looking at his eyes she says ,

"you didn't leave yet. These are all drama. Curtain falls down and the Drama ended."

Her excruciating pain rises from the dark recesses of her heart. She looks at him with eyes full of pain. He embroils, tries to console her, but she doesn't let him to do so. She strides across the place with a scorching pain in her heart.StarClap

"damn it"

A sharp dart of pain runs through his heart.

Pause: my heart ached for the poor girl. Arnav and Shyam both abused her. She is really chivalrous and a girl of strong will, so that she could surmount so much agony and grief so easily.Star

And I didn't get it, why Arnav didn't try to find out who hurted Khushi. Unhappy there was evident hand mark on her arm. That means somebody tired to hurt her for sure.


Bua is trying to grab hold of mami. But she keeps eluding from her grip. Finally bua gets her. mami gets eerie to see her. bua is still maudlin, she sarcastically asks her why she wears fake flowers. She thinks mami did some mischief with her and so that she is seeing 50 nandkissore now. NK is listening from behind and gets scared as well. Bua says mami that she is responsible for her defeat. Mami suggests her to accept it. But bua is not ready to accept it. Anjali and nani join them. Nani says her that mami danced well, but Khushi retaliated her by her mind blowing performance. Bua brags that she is her niece after all. Nani tries to assuage bua that the competition is just an excuse to increase the attraction of the sangeet.


Shyam finally catches the scorpion. He puts it inside the cupboard. He mutters that the scorpion will fix everything now. khushi gotta a problem with his married status, so he will solve the problem by tomorrow by removing Anjali from his life.

Shyam sure is a nefarious psychopath.Angry


Nk understands that his aunt concocted against bua. Mami tries to prevaricate the truth. But NK sees mour (peacock) in her eyes. Mami mends him, its chor (thief). Nk rebukes her for cheating in the competion. But mami wants to justify her wrong deed, cause she thinks everything is fair in love and war. Nk still chides her for her deception.


Anjali and the devil are back on the stage. They let everybody know the scoreboard of the two families. Raizadas are still ahead, so the Guptas have to give some blasting performance to win, otherwise the groom side will take the statue of natraj. They announce khushi's performance with her friend Sarita. The spot light focuses on Khushi, but sarita didn't show up. Payal is calling her, but she is not available also. Bua is cursing mami to sabotage her performance. She is still feeling dizzy, otherwise she would show her dance now.


Khushi's dance partner didn't come. She literally slumped down in disappointment. She is cogitating, cowardice is shown in her visage. Arnav also is convulsing. Specially after seeing her woebegone by the poolside, he is still in compunction. 

credit goes to the maker

song is my fav
i listen it in one or two days frequently
eye catching words and pic 
great job

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Our Teri Meri celebration continues...  Monkey Icon Cici  Monkey WinksMonkey Winks
arnav&khushi | teri meri by khushix
ArShi Dance VM: Teri Meri by noorier

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Originally posted by Katelyn

Sorry for the delays Blasters!  SBS and TB segments for you to enjoy!
[SBS] Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon - 24th January 2012 (from the set of IPKKND), Episode 172
[TB] 24th Jan 2012: Sanaya & Karan (NK's gate-crash for Payal's Mehndi), Episode 172
credit goes to uploaders

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi



- Lovely StarClap



A night when two people shared the most intimate moment by pouring their longing and yearning desires at each other ,forgetting their surroundings'...yet one got distracted because of his tempting and ambiguous feelings which had no meaning for him and had no place in his life.Thumbs Up

Those scared feelings shook one innocent soul that night who just got acquaintance with these new rising desires without knowing the name of em and the very next moment she had been told to suppress em for her own good' these had no meaning for someone'...someone who she thought is her strength, who she can look up to call her own'...Trust was shattered that night brutally and needs to be amended tonight to move forward'- too goodClap

The same soul is standing alone tonight and ready to give in against her will yet her voice is not only heard by DM but also by someone else who is ready to take her in his strong embrace securely and safely' distracting all the ambiguity in her'...- aww Big smile


Khushi is standing without her Partner in deep convulsion and thought of relinquishing the contest against Mighty ASR was demeaning against Shyam's brutality.She closes her eyes with the pain he caused her on her body and soul and only one name she remember to recall HER mother Devi Mayya..Anjali's concerns, NK's disappointed words and guests provocation makes ASR to step forward for his Love as ASR can never stand to see his Khushi defeated or crippled and above all in tears.Lights turns off while NK misses Nanav and Anjali leaves Khushi alone.Khushi all alone, cut off from all is in total darkness, moving away, defeated and desolated when suddenly her dark world is illuminated by bright light , totally unaware of who  brought light into her world as he is in shadow..when suddenly spotlight brings him on the surface and everyone looks at the stage with open mouth'.. Arnav comes from darkness to light ' acknowledge her love for rescue her from losing'..Indeed she is his pride'..his Maharani'Star..- Amazing Clap the highlighted bit wonderfully saidClap

Khushi looks at him obliviously and uncertainly while he looks at her lovingly..They both share a moment before her Maharaj,her Rajkumar appears in between lights towards her with determined proposal"Tumhara akhri performance hai Khushi'.. 'Pause..while Khushi looks down in confusion'..and he continues with a winning smile because he is asking permission to dance with her,"pura nahin karogi'.." This is interesting part..Khushi does not make a move, It is Arnav who walks towards her..softly  tells her to complete her  performance  ..Khushi looks at him astoundingly'..and so do the others..with "O" face..funkydance.gif


Appropriate song for depicting their inner The Music begins and the dance starts ...Khushi turns and seems she is ready to leave but Arnav holds on to her hand not letting her go with determination and anger and she responds her turning her face"teri meri ,meri teri yeh kahani hai mushkil"...He makes her twirl into his arms wants her to lean on him... .."ek ladka aur ek ladki ki yeh kahani hai naye'do lafzoon mein yeh bayan na ho paye"...Khushi follows and a small smile seeps on his face...Khushi avoids him and his desires and tries to move away...ClapClap


While Arnav is determined, continuingly expresses his state of mind openly pouring his yearning desires at her by caressing her bare body and holding her in his arms securely trying to awake her trust in him and she does put her hand on him"sara din beet jaye..sari raat jagaye..bas khiyal tumhara lamha lamha tadpaye..Yeh Tadap keh rahi hai mit jaye fasle mere tere darmiyan jo hain sare." His yearnins and longiness since from the beginning made him restless and today he can't stop expressing emweee.gif. - lovely Clap

He guides her and she glides her hand on his face as this is hard for her too...she gives in for a moment when he picks her in air and then glissades her body against his hard visage...Their cravings for each other are burning both of them Day Dreaming..- so romantic



But Khushi has been incinerated once,[Diwali] she walks away from him singing  "Ek Duje se hue Juda jab ek doje keh liye bane "..but Arnav is trying to stop her from leaving , yet amazingly Khushi does not see that  but responds back to his unsaid desires with raising she can't  walk away from the magnetized pull of true LoveEmbarrassed ..The love which keeps calling out to her,pulling her in its center...She walks back to him and holds his hand gazing attentively into his longing eyes while darkness prevails holding their yearnings only in between em away from the world,- Beautiful depiction of the scene Star


"teri meri baton ka har lamha sab se anjana..." to Arnav who has been waiting patiently with overwhelming desires for her, remembering every moment when they were in each other's proximity  ...

But the unbelievable events of past are making it hard for her dance peacefully meaning she can't follow his moves blindly...,"har ehsaas main tu hai ..har ek yaad mein tera afsana.." she is shaken, distracted, scared,concerned,and ambiguous about his feelings and her place in his life because he did hurt her this whirlpool is pulling her down way deep but he holds her hand first keeps it all the way down to pull her out of it assuring her he won't allow that as this is another sign he will never let her go..or fall..StarClap[I must say they both are awesome at this stepBig smile]

She walks away again... and He does not stop her time to decide..She is standing in dark and he is under the luminous light and is waiting for her to join her...


Lights luminous her heart and She turns back,  eyes full of questions  seeking out answers from Arnav ...from her Maharaj...with a certain RIGHT..along with Raba Ve...but this is the same  moment when Arnav steps towards her...before the dance and now she is doing the same...


Khushi was the one who had turned first to walk away from Arnav at the temple , now walks towards him and  remembers that it was he who held her unflinchingly and didn't let her fall when she tripped from the ramp and took the brunt of the fall ..She who had held out her hand with his key"key to his heart" and he who had placed his heart in her hands trustingly , only for it to be shattered but  now offers it again , This time he accepts hers and want to be accepted , twirls her, into his arms, into his life...just like the that rainy night...The hands which had let go of her is now steady as they pull her back up..Arnav's who had grabbed and pinned her not allowing any freedom, always trying to sway her about her status is now appeased to give her the freedom and respect she wants and gazes serenely while she twirls around him ... - this is amazingthumbsup2.gif StarClap wonderfully connected to everythin all the past scene


Whatever happened ,This does not mean he has forgotten her as they are still bound together while she is roaming around...Their palms held on tightly as their bond is unbreakable..meaning she can still rely on his shoulder..The very same way the night her heartbeat got entangled with his... 


The doubts, the raging uncertainties, the million questions, the pain and many sufferings that he caused her ,...her eyes seeks to find answer in him, Arnav understands her hesitation , the reason why she is pulling herself back ..He knows he has a lot to redeem and there is only one way , by apology and seeking forgiveness..He is attritional ,he looks at her with eyes of no mask ,just a tinge of genuine and sincere apology ...


He moves towards her seeking another chance .. The moment a beam of light bursts through her by dispersing all the clouds of scruple, mistrust, dubious feelings and..She remembers his kindness and tenderness and With that her passive feelings , which were ruthlessly suppressed leaps forward and catches her in the vortex of her emotions ,Khushi with complete trust ,places herself in his hands again by closing her eyes  in an absolute, complete faith and trust knowing that she can rely on him ...just as Arnav closes his eyes too for the subtle and elusive happiness. The evasive serenity that he had been seeking and longing for is finally in his arms in the form of Khushi ..Arnav has glimpsed his paradise ,his peace in Khushi as Khushi has sensed her strength, her support in him !!StarStar


This is the moment where two bodies are merging with one soul...The moment which made him to carry her to break her fast with the shunk to announce they are one is reaching to the next level...

[formation of heart in between em at both times...merging one heart ,one soul, 2 bodies ]

 Both become aware of one another's longings, neither of them let go off each other at this point . Khushi lets go as she leans down  by placing her entire trust and belief in him and Arnav does not allow her to fall this time, He gently pulls her back up..Places her hand on his shoulder as if providing her the support and gently holds her other hand as the yearning memories of Diwali Night brushes to the surface ..They share an intimate moment which is too intense and private ..A Moment all of their own !! ...Day Dreaming


But among the others around soon  as this reality hits,  Khushi steps away from Arnav to stand under the spotlight, hesitantly accepting the recognition and applauds  while her Rajkumar, her pillar of strength stands in the shadows watching silently, scintillating  in pride relishing their moment of victory as she glances back at him shyly, acknowledging and acquiesce him quietly !!


I must say...The Dance setting and routines was absolutely brilliant with smooth transition and intensity to notice any flaw..A hand of applaud to the entire TEAM..ClapStar i agreeClap

Arnav and Khushi walks in between guests receiving praises while my grabber is he is cool while walking behind Khushi.Payal embraces Khushi while praising Arnav which takes Khushi's attention towards his Rajkumar who looks at her relaxed without all the burdens...


Everyone is baffled about the situation yet Naniji and Anjali smiles seeing her Chote in this avatar...while "dushman" is busy in twitching...Anjali asks someone to pinch her as this is a dreamy moment for her.. Akash is delusional about his Bhai..while his mom ,James Bond ki Nani is being astrologer for future..They all gather around Arnav with questioning eyes...and he acts so well with his eye brow lift with confidence to make em fool..."What"

Anjali answers confoundly, "What nahin'What the"...But Naniji is more interested in knowing about behind curtains, Yeh bataeye..keh who ka ka raha..."[Tell us what was it actually all about?]

Arnav is so adamant ,"there is nothing to tell.."Akash remind him of his non interestong habits of dancing and Mamiji inquires him for losing over Guptas...Anjali and NK reminds him his bet" We have to have win at any cost" Arnav leaves everyone bewildered with new challenge to cope with "waise bhi har chees haar jeet keh liye nahin hoti..."[ After all not everything is for winning or losing] I hope they all can handle new and improved Arnav...

 nice one

 Love the way they used NK, as first he acted as a catalyst in this chemical reaction who pushed Arnav into partnering Khushi evenly and , Second his Khushi fanaticism  almost deflected Shyam's suspicion away from Arnav ... but he awakes the demon within Shyam by telling him..."Nanav and Khushiji were looking too good together"...Dude the whole world knows that...

Khushi's vigorus Dhak Dhak has come back and whenever Khushi calls on DM,  her Rajkumar and his sensuous touch reels in front of her eyes to increase her heartbeat with uneven breathing by awakening her hankering desires...His open confess of how he feels about her and how she is his part is making her restless with her brimming yearning..Clap


Arnav sharp eyes and ears on to look out for Khushi and the moment he finds out her whereabouts, he rushes over there ...Arnav is Yummilicious here as he remains standing by leaning in his serene avatar with His smirk while his temptalicious is on her laad gavarnor trip in her non stop car, stating decisively that  [koi Fadak nahin padta...] , his partnering makes no difference and pauses with surprise finding him looking at her lovingly ...which melts her all delusional and distinctive thoughts...

"ek ladke aur ek ladki ki yeh kahani hai naye, do lafzon mein yeh bayan no ho paye..."

The  Journey 

-amazing StarClap

Symbolism &Connection: He is ready to sacrifice his ego,his pride,his winning for Khushi or he is taking her winning as theirs...joining their souls and hearts today...Is this the indication of future where he will be doing that...?He will be putting his ego and pride aside by sacrificing his love for his Di and will marry Khushi forcefully...

Second he will always be there for Khushi for helping directly or indirectly, in light or dark ,hate or love, doesn't matter.Yet Khushi needs time to differentiate Shaitan and Rajkumar[darkness and light]Clap

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTSHe will dance with her on their honeymoon'dilli ma Bali..He is going to dance on his Sangeet on Salman Khan's song for Khushi and later on Karva Chauth.Big smile

On mun Dikhai he stands for her...and Later in Amezing when an employee called her item'he slaps him as he can't let anyone disrespect his Khushi...

now what should i say to this 
good awesome,outstanding,5 star marveloous 
or mirror of adjecive 
my words are now ended 
from edit to connection 
to words all left me stunned
it is my plesure to read this 
i loved it more thaan before everytim e
you are truly a magicain 
love you 

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hello all i am in great trouble 
the link of episode i am remaining with to download now have this tag written on it 
open the link above 
pleas anyone can provide me 
with the episode 
that has not this mark on it 

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

ArshiH...the collages i think are abt 1200x800 or so...thts why so big

Indi aww thts so sweet...thank you Hug

boogie.gifEpisode 170

i hope the titles did justice to the episode Embarrassed but such amazing episode...such a change in Arnav towards Khushi...not lettin her lose publicly even if it means he loses the betDay Dreaming!!!!

Teri Meri dance edits Big smile

Wow Supriya, what captures! So, so, so beautiful. Loved all. But the last one is too good. Day Dreaming 

Edited by DurgaS - 22 August 2013 at 5:18am

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Music player by Katelyn 

Congratulations to all on this scintillating thread full of Teri-Meri and more... Wink 
Ye yaaron ki mehfil hai, ya koi maikhana
Har panne se hai jaam chalakta, har tasveer gaaye wohi gaana
(Is this a gathering of friends or a bar
From every page the drink spills, every picture sings the same song)
For the past few days, everytime I have visited the thread, I've tried to make a post, but simply couldn't. Because, I've been dumbstruck and spellbounded by the gifs and edits everyone has been putting up. Completely at loss of words. Outstanding job everyone. Clap 
First of all, a huge thanks to everyone for loving the opening lines and welcome poem. thanks.gif . I am very happy to see that everybody loved the main page very very much. Everyone's hard work paid off. Mehnat rang laayi. Big smile smiley-gen165.gif 
Glad to know that everyone enjoyed the countdown. It was on the spur of the moment thought and I posted it right away. Like calling out everybody as come one, come all, something's coming up soon on the thread. LOL Happy to see the response to that. Embarrassed
@ Indi, a hi five to start with,  highfive.gif. There's a feeling of yes, we did it. Big smile We wanted to make this one special, but this one has surpassed our expectations. cheerleader.gif.
The breathe edit, that made the breath stop but started the flurry of teri meri edits. I see that you are already out with more of them with your 170. Looking forward to that. Embarrassed
The blast notes, a beautiful one about the two in tango and their unpractised moves. Clap 
The rules, nicely updated. Loved Rule #10. LOL So, who did you dance with? Wink 
@ Supriya, a hi five to you too, highfive.gif. So happy to have you in the team. Big smile Hope we didn't hassle you too much during the making of the thread. Embarrassed 
The capture collages and #16 banner, all are simply awesome. Smile 
@Arshi, I am so happy that you liked the main page very much. Big smile 
The banner - as always, loved it very much. All the upcoming scenes are covered.
Kyun... dar gaye - Honestly, I have yet to read it. . I am still lost in the images. Will read it soon. Monkey Emoticons 
Symbolism of #16 is achievement, yay. Eeks, there's a green frog in your post. Shocked 
@ Kate, you've become a master gif maker. Each and every gif is simply outstanding. The black and white ones are so capturing, it has become very hard to scroll down and move to the next post. Star  Brilliant job. Clap Thanks for sending the music in time. Embarrassed Monkey Emoticons 
@Ami, I am still dhak dhaking watching the poolside pics. The DC is rocking. I loved your concept of the teri-meri collages, using the song with the backdrop of all the special rabba ve scenes. Great job. Clap 
@Cynthia, Lovely description of the dance. Thanks for bringing in the lyrics and translation. Great idea to put in the pics as you describe. Clap Yet to read the addendums. Embarrassed
@IssK, do you know that you have scored a century on debut. Not only that, you went on and made a double century as well. Both your edits are brilliant. If some don't believe that these are your first ones, then please take that as a compliment. Because these are unbelievably too good. Hope to see more from you. Monkey Icon
@Saloni, love how you brighten up the posts with those various emoticons. Smile 
@Wiwy, you too brought a frog along? From Khushi's green saree to the green frog. What's the connection? Is that a clue for your new riddle? Let me think. chinscratch.gif Loved your teri-meri edit and the BS puzzle collage. Smile 
@Anita, amazing post with some lovey gifs. Sure, will wait for more of those in your reviews. Embarrassed 
@Sohara, if Kate enthralled us with the b&w gifs, you bring in the colourful ones. Must have watched them a million times by now. How do they continue to spell bind us? Loved your write up. Embarrassed 
Samin, Chalhov, Horizon, AD, Preeti and all the other blasters (hope I didn't miss out anyone), thank you for continuing to make the threads more and more beautiful and more and more difficult for me to stay away. Embarrassed 
A huge thanks to all the silent readers. Hope you are enjoying our works here. The most romantic episodes are coming up ahead. Wishing a happy, mesmerising, enchanting, dhak dhaking fortnight to everyone. Wink

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