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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 30)

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

ArshiH...the collages i think are abt 1200x800 or so...thts why so big

Indi aww thts so sweet...thank you Hug

boogie.gifEpisode 170

i hope the titles did justice to the episode Embarrassed but such amazing episode...such a change in Arnav towards Khushi...not lettin her lose publicly even if it means he loses the betDay Dreaming!!!!

Teri Meri dance edits Big smile


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Originally posted by indi52

teri meri meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil...
do lafzon mein yeh bayan na kar paye.

what if words were never needed... and wasn't it always a dance?

episode 170

exactly when did sensuous become sublime? or was it that from the moment a beam of spotlight picked up a lithe man in blue black, standing still as though in prayer.

have seen this dance again and again... every time it has held me spell bound. a stylised version of the tango it seems to be. the body language is all about that gaze unflinching and a very close embrace. even when they are apart, the eyes never let the other go. you are here, with me, always, now, forever.

i'll be back early morning to finish the story... had promised myself i'd start this today... till then, some edits and my heart is still pounding at their connection, wondering what what exactly did i see.

loved it...the edits are mind blasting
i can't wait for your actual are right this dance is just spell binding no matter how many times you see it.

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Originally posted by indi52

hi everyone,

a very happy rakhi to all those celebrating. i have been caught up in some sort of hectic social whirl lately, feels like an alien attack, an element of x files here... every evening almost... and all i want to do is sit and write... especially 170, especially today.

i hope this evening's hello hi won't mean writing bye bye... teri meri is calling me and i have to don manorama mami ishtylewa and do ek thumka idharwa and one more udharwa... Confused

i wonder where the boy is having fun tonight, hope there's beer and no mango cake.

Same to you Indi...have no brother so don't know the exact feeling of it...but wish you all the happiness and love attached with it...SmileHeart

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After Khushi's spectacular performance she got full marks what increased the score board of Guptas to 14. She is exulting her victory and showing Arnav thumps down. Arnav also is happy for her, but is not showing his delight. The whole family is highly applauding her performance. Akash says her that her jiji tera jethji deewane made him deewane. Nk is just so bedazzled by her rocking performance. Khushi excuses herself and goes to her dad and takes his blessings as well, who also is feeling proud of her daughter. Amma scolds her for teasing Arnav. Bua also is proud of her titliya for her wondeful performance. Payal asks her why her friend Sarita didn't come yet for her next performance. Khushi is worried as her phone is not reachable. Payal tells her to use the room beside the poolside as the dancers are using the other room. Khushi goes there to get her costume.


Shyam is still vehemently rummaging for the scorpion. He is now in the room where Khushi's wardrobe trunk was kept.


When Khushi touched the door knob to open the door, another hand holds the handle as well. It's Arnav. He seems  can't get her out of his sight. He came to jeer her,

"Not bad KKG, your performance was quite well. But here also you needed me. mere bina to tumhari koi baath bantei nahi. you can't do anything without me. If you wouldn't have mocked me there was not that much of fun in your performance."

Her eyes flashes in a surprising show of defiance,
"chalo, you agreed that it was fun to watch. So you can see your defeat. You must remember the challenge that you'll have to do whatever I'll ask you to do."

"you already said enough."

He moves towards her prowlingly, makes her pin on the door. He is burning her with his smoldering gaze. she cringes inwardly.

"woh kya tha, laptopse."

(what was that, with laptop?)

Khushi completes the line looking at his fervent eyes.

"laptop se unki tum kar do sagai"

(get him engaged with the laptop)

"ato peher dil pe hai taale."

(his heart is locked for 24/7)

He repeats it again with gritted teeth. Khushi says the next line,

"kya kare ye hasna bhi na jane."

(what to do he doesn't know to laugh.)

"kafi bate notice kya hai tumne mere."

(you noticed so many things of mine)

He moves more close to her and looks at her with passionate darting eyes, what makes her frisson.

"mujhe nahi pat tha kit um mujhe itna kareeb se observe karti ho"

(I didn't know that you observe me co keenly)

He says more huskily with a seduction laden voice.

"nahi. No"

All her boldness evaporates in a jiffy and crimson returns to her cheek.

Khushi starts to stammer when he caught her weakness red handed.

"Agar karti ho to mere acting tum kar leti. Kiyu nahi kya, dar gayi?"

(if you observe me so closely, then why didn't you do my acting? Were you scared?)

Khushi gathers some courage and retorts back

"Darengi kiyu, hume bas aap jaisa banne mei koi bhi dil chast nahi."

(why I would be scared. I  just don't wish to be like you)

"hogi bhi haise. Arnav Sing Raizda banne ke liye jo cheez chahi ye who tumhare pass nahi hai. I've told you earlier."

(how would you wish. You don't have the thing, what you need to become Arnav Sing  Raizada.)

He points his finger to her head with a slight tap.

"it's called brains."

Khushi is flummoxed at his banter and he turns to leave. But khushi retaliates him in witty repartee,

"no mr. raizada I have something due to which I can never be like you."

Arnav turns back and comes near her. She taps her finger on his heart and says,
"its called heart."

Arnav doesn't say further. Khushi's conceit sure acerbated him. He just leaves in anger.


Khushi comes back to the room to get her green saree. The scorpion now is on the saree. Shyam saw it and calls her. But Khushi doesn't listen to him and goes to the poolside room to change. I really can't find the labyrinth of RM. I guess every room is by the pool.LOL Arnav came back in his room to make some payments. Outside his room, by the poolside Shyam  follows Khushi.. When she saw him she admonishes him to stay away from her. Shyam snatches her saree and makes it fall on the ground. Khushi rankles to see his audacity. She asks him why he is following her. She impends him, if he doesn't behave she will. Shyam embitters to hear her threat, what else will you do? She resents him acrimoniously that how dare he. shyam grabs hold her upper arms vehemently and chides her that what she will do? Khushi tells him not to touch her. he infuriates more and strengthens his grip on her arms. Khushi winces in pain.

"what will you do? do you want to make fun of me? do you want to scream? Scream. You want to slap me? You want to reveal everything to rani saheba? Go ahead. If you think anybody will come  and see us like this, so let them see. You are groaning now, but your behavior makes me hurt."

Pause: how dare Shyam touched Khushi and manhandled her! I wish if I could kill that devil! She did the biggest mistakes not to reveal his secret. She is still quiet now for the sake of her sister and Anjali. But what she got in return, myriad hate from the man she loves!Unhappy


Arnav was talking on the phone in the room, but he doesn't see that Shyam is manhandling khushi. When Shyam hears the sound of the sliding door he sees that Arnav is in the room. So he extricates her hand and leaves. Khushi becomes congealed in shock, tears well up in her eyes. Shyam's blasphemy has riven asunder her heart. Arnav finally sees her near the poolside, despondent, crying


I'm loving the sweet relationship and mutual understanding of Akash and Payal. Akash comes to Payal and asks her whom she thinks will be the winner. Payal says whoever will be the winner, but it will be their victory, cause both the families belong to hers. Payal has already accepted Akash's family as her own. She is a very sensible and moralistic woman with good ethics.


Panic Anjali is searching for her husband everywhere. She is tired of her swindler husband's hide and seek game. She asks Akash whether he saw him or not. Akash says to Payal that she keeps searching her husband even if she doesn't need him. he adds,why not, after all they love each other so much. Payal agitates to hear this. She knows  how kaminey is her husband.


Arnav comes to Khushi and intends to ask her the reason of her crying. But he controls his emotions when he recollects how she pretended to cry on the other day to make him agree for the sangeet. He thinks this is her shenanigan, cause Raizada family is still ahead from them. He says scathingly,

"You again are trying to fool me Khushi Kumari gupta. You might not remember that you already did this drama before. And you are doing same again. Didn't you get any other idea? You got perfect 10, but the Raizada family is still ahead. You are crying out of fear that you will lose. What do you think,. I'll mellow down to see your tears."

Khushi can't take his flippancy any more. She says in resentment,

"Forgive me, you had to see me crying again. But I'm not crying to show you. Plz leave me alone."

She turns and he sees the bruise mark on her upper arm. He asks ruefully"khushi". He understands that somebody hurted her.

Without looking at his eyes she says ,

"you didn't leave yet. These are all drama. Curtain falls down and the Drama ended."

Her excruciating pain rises from the dark recesses of her heart. She looks at him with eyes full of pain. He embroils, tries to console her, but she doesn't let him to do so. She strides across the place with a scorching pain in her heart.

"damn it"

A sharp dart of pain runs through his heart.

Pause: my heart ached for the poor girl. Arnav and Shyam both abused her. She is really chivalrous and a girl of strong will, so that she could surmount so much agony and grief so easily.

And I didn't get it, why Arnav didn't try to find out who hurted Khushi. Unhappy there was evident hand mark on her arm. That means somebody tired to hurt her for sure.


Bua is trying to grab hold of mami. But she keeps eluding from her grip. Finally bua gets her. mami gets eerie to see her. bua is still maudlin, she sarcastically asks her why she wears fake flowers. She thinks mami did some mischief with her and so that she is seeing 50 nandkissore now. NK is listening from behind and gets scared as well. Bua says mami that she is responsible for her defeat. Mami suggests her to accept it. But bua is not ready to accept it. Anjali and nani join them. Nani says her that mami danced well, but Khushi retaliated her by her mind blowing performance. Bua brags that she is her niece after all. Nani tries to assuage bua that the competition is just an excuse to increase the attraction of the sangeet.


Shyam finally catches the scorpion. He puts it inside the cupboard. He mutters that the scorpion will fix everything now. khushi gotta a problem with his married status, so he will solve the problem by tomorrow by removing Anjali from his life.

Shyam sure is a nefarious psychopath.Angry


Nk understands that his aunt concocted against bua. Mami tries to prevaricate the truth. But NK sees mour (peacock) in her eyes. Mami mends him, its chor (thief). Nk rebukes her for cheating in the competion. But mami wants to justify her wrong deed, cause she thinks everything is fair in love and war. Nk still chides her for her deception.


Anjali and the devil are back on the stage. They let everybody know the scoreboard of the two families. Raizadas are still ahead, so the Guptas have to give some blasting performance to win, otherwise the groom side will take the statue of natraj. They announce khushi's performance with her friend Sarita. The spot light focuses on Khushi, but sarita didn't show up. Payal is calling her, but she is not available also. Bua is cursing mami to sabotage her performance. She is still feeling dizzy, otherwise she would show her dance now.


Khushi's dance partner didn't come. She literally slumped down in disappointment. She is cogitating, cowardice is shown in her visage. Arnav also is convulsing. Specially after seeing her woebegone by the poolside, he is still in compunction. 

credit goes to the maker

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Episode 168

Shyam is looking around the kitchen to see if his bichoo wale box is still where he left it (seriously I don't know why he leaves a mithai box in the kitchen of course a servant is going to take it put it with the other sweet boxes).  He sees the stack of boxes and starts looking for the ribbon on his box. He notices the ribbon is on the floor and starts looking one by one (this should teach him to be more careful).

Khushi is pacing around nervously when Anjali announces the dance off between the bride's sister and the groom's brother. NK comes to relax Khushi (how sweet of him). He assures her that she is talented and hardworking and can do anything. Arnav comes and says she can do anything but does nothing. NK tries to calm the tension between ArShi and says that if they lose, Khushi will be happy and when she is happy will he be too (I have a mini crush on him). Khushi starts to smile by his sweet words and Arnav notices this. Arnav warns NK that if he loses, he won't get a chance to be happy because he'll be dead. This wipes the smile of Khushi's face right off and Arnav is now satisfy (I bet Arnav is thinking only I have the right to make Khushi smile).

Shyam gets nervous that Anjali might come and looks through the boxes quickly. Mama ji comes and Shyam drops the box which has the scorpion in (ugh). This worries him further. And for Shyam and look for it Mama ji drags him back to the party.

Khushi is in the guest room getting ready for her performance. Arnav comes in and asks Khushi if she's fine because her eyes tell him that she's scared (I know he came in with the excuse of freaking her out but secretly he wanted to see her and comfort her but his ego would not allow such a thing). Khushi tells him to get his eyes checked, she accepts all challenges. Arnav leaves angrily (what does he want her to say I lose and I will do anything for you...this girl an ego just as big as him).

Mami's friends (whoa she has friends) are praising her for the amazing performance she did. Meanwhile, Payal is consoling an upset Bua ji. Garima asks her about Khushi and since she isn't around, she says that Mami danced well (way to rub salt in the wounds of your sister in law, she is lucky that she is out of it). Mami starts coughing while singing praises for herself. Payal gets water for her but she shrugs her off rudely. Garima gets upset seeing this (Mami can at least pretend to accept Payal in front of her friends and not be so rude, but she does not have that concept).

Everyone's clapping as NK starts his performance on Desi Boyz sung by KK from the movie Desi Boyz (the movie was not even funny even though it was a comedy). 

 credit to the maker

Khushi gets nervous seeing NK performing so well while the Raizada are thrilled and enjoying the performance. Arnav is satisfied that no one can win this round now and keeps looking at Khushi to gauge her reaction (I think it was just to ogle at her but whatever). Some business associate who is sitting with Arnav was praising him that he organized a great function (I am pretty sure his family did and he just gave the is proven again that people enjoy desi parties). Shyam is the tensed as well even though he technically belongs to the currently winning side (he wants his Khushi ji to win but he is tense about the poisonous scorpion on the loose). Everyone hoots and claps as NK's performance comes to an end and he gets thrilled seeing this and he is like I am a Rockstar (he is adorable). Arnav goes to khusi and taunts her by saying  "I told you that I will leave no stones unturned to make you lose Khushi Kumari Gupta. I was right and I am right. Money can buy anything." Khushi just leaves from there disgusted. Arnav is left behind looking victorious (so when he said money can buy anything...what did he buy to win, I know he did not pay his family to dance guess is the judges...but idk). Meanwhile, people are demanding for an encore performance. The judges gave NK 9 points (I agree with this score). With this, the Raizada Have to 23 points while The Guptas are still at 4 points (still unfair, the Raizadas gave 3 performances while the Guptas gave 1, so of course the Raizadas are going to be way ahead). Anjali is about to announce the next performance when NK begs her to let him perform again. NK said it is the question of GHANDAKI (probably did not spell that right). Anjali quickly covers the mike and corrects him by saying ZINDAGI. To make NK quiet she said that the audience might throw eggs and tomatoes at him. NK was not buying it but Anjali ignores him and calls for Khushi on stage.

Khushi's performance starts on Hawa Hawaii sung by Kavita Krishamurty from the movie Mr. India. Everyone seems to be enjoying and Shashi's face seemed that of a proud father. 

   credit to the maker

 credit to the maker

Anjali says Khushi is looking very pretty. Shyam says she always does. Anjali looks at him suspiciously but he covers up by saying she always looks good because she is such a good person (you can't argue with that). Khushi starts her next performance which was on Ek Do Teen sung by Alka Yagnik from the movie Tezaab. Everyone is hooting and cheering for her as well. Arnav just can't take his eyes off her during the whole performance; he did not care about winning or losing he was just happy that she is enjoying herself and nothing else matter at that moment. While she was dancing to Ek Do Teen, some guy came up to talk to Arnav. Arnav was so lost in the performance that he forgot his name but the other guy told him he was Mr. Das. Arnav apologizes for his forgetful moment and asked if he is enjoying the party. 

  credit goes to the maker

 credit to maker

  credit to the maker

At that moment Khushi goes Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and flings a flower at his face. Arnav's face says "What the."


  credit to the maker

Khushi starts dancing to the improvised version of Did Tera Devar Deewana sung by Lata Mangeshkar and SP Balasubrahmanyan from the movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Khushi's version was Jiji Tera Jeth ji Deewaana. The business guy was like that is...but arnav finishes his sentence and said just like me. Arnav looks furious. And everyone is like Arnav is going to be pissed but secretly they were enjoying it. Nani and Mama were really enjoying it. Garima was surprised and asked if anyone knew about this. Anjali and Akash looks at Arnav worried and Anjali said that Arnav's temper but be up to the skies now. At that moment Arnav's face was down and covered and he brought his face up and GASP he is actually laughing (my heart was doing Dhak Dhak). Anjali and Akash (I will call them AnAsh, very lame) are relieved and go to Arnav. Anjali tells him that this is the second time Khushi made you laugh. Arnav realizes what he was doing and stops and looks at Khushi as she finished with a faint smile on his face. (That guy judge's face looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his face...How did khushi prepare for all those outfits she literally had 24 hours) 


   credit to the maker

 credit to the maker

Now Arnav's Laughter!!!!Day Dreaming

   credit to the maker

Will Khushi be able to catch up????

Links to songs performed during the sangeet (original videos)

Desi Boyz:

Hawa Hawai:

Ek Do Teen:

Didi Tera Devar Deewana:

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Originally posted by supriya.arshi

ArshiH...the collages i think are abt 1200x800 or so...thts why so big

Indi aww thts so sweet...thank you Hug

boogie.gifEpisode 170

i hope the titles did justice to the episode Embarrassed but such amazing episode...such a change in Arnav towards Khushi...not lettin her lose publicly even if it means he loses the betDay Dreaming!!!!

Teri Meri dance edits Big smile

these are too too...great job supiClap

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Sorry for the delays Blasters!  SBS and TB segments for you to enjoy!
[SBS] Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon - 24th January 2012 (from the set of IPKKND), Episode 172
[TB] 24th Jan 2012: Sanaya & Karan (NK's gate-crash for Payal's Mehndi), Episode 172
credit goes to uploaders

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Episode 169

Anjali praises Khushis performance and judges give her a 10/10 this brings the Guptas to 14 points. Khushi gives Arnav a thumbs down like you are going down as everyone claps and cheers for her. Everyone congratulates her and Khushi thanks them all (wasn't Khushi's last dance JiJi Tera Jeth ji Deewana and she was wearing a blue in the world is she in the pink Ek Do Teen outfit...This is one big blooper and really bad editing). NK comes and makes the crowd go away. NK tells her she did an amazing job and she is going to win. Then Mama and Nani come and tell her that she did a fantastic job. Akash comes and congratulate her and tells her the JiJi Tera Jeth ji Deewana song made him deewana (I think that is the best compliment ever given). Khushi excuses herself to take the blessing of her Bau ji, Shashi. Garima scolds Khushi saying she is lucky no one took offense to her performance but Bua ji takes her side and starts congratulating her for a job well done; now they have a chance to win. Payal comes and ask Khushi where her friend, Sarita, is since she is needed for the last performance. Khushi says her phone is switched off. Payal also says that she needs to use the poolside room to change because the dancers are using the other room.

During this time Shyam was in the background looking for his scorpion (he was super suspicious). He somehow found his way to the poolside.

Khushi is about to open the door when Arnav stops her and says her performance was good but even for that she needed him. Her performance was a hit only because she made a made fun of him. Khushi says at least he admitted that she was a hit. Arnav starts reciting Khushis lyrics and she gets intimidated and nervous about their closes but completes his lines (Soharas analysis has the actual dialouges). Arnav says she has noticed quite a lot about him, he didnt know she observed him so closely (how can you not, he is an enigma plus he is smoking hot). Khushi tries to intervene but Arnav says she should have had the guts to imitate him herself. Khushi says she doesnt want to be like him and Arnav says that she doesnt have what it needs to be him and points to her head: its called a BRAIN. He is about to walk away when Khushi rebuttal and corrects him saying that she has something that will never let her be him and points to his heart: its called a HEART. Arnav does not argue back and just leaves in anger (I think he is hurt that she said that he does not have a heart because only he knows what is in it).

    credit to the maker

Khushi goes inside the room and takes her outfit for the next performance, the famous green sari (which looks oddly similar to the red on in the first Rabba Vey and the Blue one during the Desi Girl performance). The Sari now contains the Scorpion. Shyam is looking for the scorpion and notices that the clothes in the trunk are gone. Shyam calls out to her but she walks away, ignoring her. Shyam goes out to tell Khushi. Khushi is walking through the party oblivious to the fact that her sari has the scorpion. (I guess she is going to the poolside bedroomI thought all room in the RM were by the poolside).

Arnav enters him room talking on his blue tooth to make some payment (my guess is for the sangeet). Khushi passes by the poolside(still convinced the other room was by the poolside as well), outside arnavs, room wondering what happened to Saritas phone. Shyam spots her there and sees the scorpion in her sari (He has the super power of sight, I could barely see it). He tries to tell her but Khushi asks him to stay away from her. Shyam takes the sari away from her (I get he is trying to save her and that was the only way to do it is to make her mad but what happens next is ugh). Khushi is just pissed by his action. She asked why is he following her. Before he could answer, Khushi said if he misbehaves she will.Shyam is grabs her arms and said you will what Khushi tells him not to touch her and Shyam grips her more. Khushi is in pain. Shyam asked her what are you going to do??? Are you going to scream?? Do you want to slap me??? Do you want to tell RS??? Then go ahead. If anyone sees us then let them,but your behavior hurts me more. (Like seriously he has no right to manhandle her. Khushi should really reveal his raaz, Anjali can handle the truth of course it will hurt but it is better to know it early rather than when things get out of hand). Meanwhile, Arnav is busy with a call and is oblivious to the face Shyam and Khushi are outside his room arguing. Arnavcloses his cupboard and Shyam hears this and lets Khushi go and walks away. Just then, Arnav sees Khushi standing and crying. Shyam is gone by now.

Akash goes to Payal and asks who she think is going to win. She says its a win-win for her since she belongs to both the families now (that is a very good answer and I love how she accepted the Raizadas, but deep down I think she wants her family to win, for Khushis sake). Anjali comes searching for Shyam, worried. She  asks PayAsh if they have seen him, they both say no. Akash tells Payal that Anjali always looks for Shyam even when she does not need him, they love each other immensely and they are a perfect couple. Payal seems tense because she knows the real Shyam.

Arnav comes outside to ask Khushi whats wrong with her but then remembers how shed faked cried to make him say yes for the sangeet. He taunts her for trying to repeat her old tricks to melt his heart, it makes no difference to him. Khushi apologizes to Arnav for having to see her cry again and asks her to leave her alone. She turns away. Arnav tries talking to her but moves away from his touch (1. Because it still hurts from what Shyam did 2. She does not want someones sympathy who just taunted her a moment ago). She says Why all this is a drama???Why are you still here? She walks away leaving Arnav shocked, regretting what he just said "Damn it". (poor khushi she got abused physically by Shyam and verbally by Arnav and yet she is so strong...i admire that quality from her. If Arnav found out who hurt her he would be blinded by rage...i wish this part was not forgotten).

   credit to the maker

Madhumati is drunk and tries figuring stuff around her. She finds Mami Ji and said that she needs to ask her a question. She asked why he wears a fake flowers on her hair. Mami ji seemed insulted because she wears nothing but real things since she is so high class. Bua ji realizes that is the wrong question and askes her if she did anything to her to make her lose the competiton because she now sees 50 NandeKishores. NK is in the back hearing all this and is freaking out (maybe he is scared that Bua ji is seeing her everywhere or that they cheated or both).Mami tells her to accept the fact that they lost. Bua ji is adamant that something was done to her. Nani and Anjali come and said that Mami danced well but Khushi gave an answer with her mind blasting dance (how did Nani hear their conversation does she have a bionic ear too and how did she not know that Bua ji seems off). Bua ji brags and said after all she is my niece. And plus this competition was for fun.

Shyam finally finds the scorpion (it is about time it took 5 episodes) and places it in his cupboard. He said the scorpion will fix everything. He said since Khushi had a problem with him being married by tomorrow he will have no wife (This plan B). (Really he thinks Khushi does not want to be with him because he is marriedthere are other reason 1.) He lied about being single 2.) He deceived her family 3.) He just man-handled her a few moments ago).

Mami is looking around when NK comes and asks her about what was happening between her and Bua ji. He also questions her and catches her red handed about cheating. NK said he sees MOUR in her eyes and Mami corrects him by saying CHOR. NK calls her a MOUR CHORLOL.Mami tries to hush him by said All is fair in love and war but NK makes it clear that what she did was unfair.

Anjali and Shyam announce the last performance of the night and say it is crucial because it will be the deciding factor about who the winner will be. Everyone is waiting but Sarita is nowhere to be seen. Payal worriedly tells Garima that she cant get through Sarita and Bua ji is afraid of losing now. She said she would dance but she is feeling dizzy (but that is a different story).

The stage is dark, Khushis name was call and a spotlight is now on her. Khushi is nervous and disappointed because her partner did not come. Khushi is alone on stage. Arnav senses something is wrong and is now worried for her after her state by the poolside. Will Sarita come at the last minute??? Will Arnav save the day???? (we all know the answer to this one)

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Author: indi52   Replies: 256   Views: 72658

indi52 256 72658 10 June 2017 at 9:09pm by indi52
Durga's Index for Blast from the past and more ...

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Author: DurgaS   Replies: 52   Views: 26606

DurgaS 52 26606 23 November 2016 at 12:05pm by DurgaS
Blast from the Past ~ Happy Birthday, ASR.

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Author: indi52   Replies: 42   Views: 4960

indi52 42 4960 24 September 2013 at 5:22am by PutijaChalhov
Blast from the Past Thread #15 Extn ~ The Practice

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Author: indi52   Replies: 1045   Views: 80720

indi52 1045 80720 19 August 2013 at 11:14pm by IssK.
Article: ASR's Past Connecting To Khushi's Past

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.Prometheus. 35 16248 15 August 2012 at 12:37am by applesauce.

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