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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 132)

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Originally posted by salooni

Originally posted by Katelyn

Hi all lovely Blasters and Boasters!  Sorry for posting a bit late!   I would like to share some off-screen segments with you!  Enjoy
KHUSHi KA DEEWANA ARNAV (Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon) 1st February 2012, Episode 179


IPKKND - SBB 1st February 2012 (Ishq Ka Virus & Khushi Ke Joote Huye Change), Episode 179


Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 1st February 2012 SBS Segment : Stars pe chadha Agneepath ka bukhar


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1st Feb SBS Segment : Arnav brings Bangles for Khushi, Episode 179


credit goes to uploaders

love this every muchBig smile

These are awesome!

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Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Physical abuse should n't be tolerated becos it is coming from a smoking hot (i fall down dead) wealthy guy. But ASR comes as a package, a unique one and his abuse, if one wishes to call it as, comes with his all other wonderful traits, love, respect and responsibility for his family as we talk about. That is why ASR doesn't come under the otherwise manhandler's section of women abusers.. becos he is simply NOT! ClapClapClap
And, from where I see, there are two very distinct phases of ASR, the one before and the one after Guest house! Arshi, agree with you that Dori pulling was indeed abusive, so were a few other in the office. Khushi put up with them for a while. Then she reached her threshold,  and stood up for herself.. rightly so... Clapthrew that resingation on his face and walked away! That is why that resingation scene was so very powerful/ gratifying (altho I don't think for all the guilt he felt he didn't deserve all her anger at that point, but that is a matter for another discussion).
Wiwy, I agree with the reel and real distinction. But surprisingly, ASR is the ONLY ONE who came closest to being real there among all the other too sweet to believe Telly characters!! As we often discuss, there is an ASR in all of us, with all the anger, irritation, love, passion everything deep with in.. at least in me!
But after the guest house, he clearly showed his intense passion and been a savior for this girl many a times, she understood that as well. So that hiding did make some sense. I don't think there is any unhealthy women abuse depicted in IPK just becos it is reel.


absolutely agree, exactly my feelings. but first a big hello hi hug for the "smokin' hot." that's the word for ze man. wish i could say it with a sexy amriki drawl.

and those are the reasons he is not a manhandler.

yes he did a couple of things he should not have... dori, drop from office, drag up mandir steps and force a wedding without asking a thing... but that and his other mistakes make him human. what makes him breathtaking is his clear absolute no condition apolgising... his conscience. and also his ability to understand that he does things at times without thought, only to regret it later.


my husband said, of course he manhandled her, i said, when. he sited temple wedding. i said, yeah, but which one of us has had this sweet quiet wonderful marriage without any rage rave spot of violence, when two people are in love and have this thing for each other all sorts of things happen he said, i know... the way we used to fight. i said, used to? just the other day, right here, we were so bad that we had to finally start laughing because it would have gone to the stratosphere or the cop station otherwise. he tried not to remember.

i too felt her anger during resignation was a bit extreme, she was accusing him of something he hadn't done, ie sent her to a dangerous place knowingly. but while i felt for him i also realised it was his anger, his abrupt banishing of her that had skewed her judgment, you couldn't blame her for thinking the worst of him. how he suffered and then in typical style got furious about that. a zany understanding of character there.

even more lovely, her saying "hum theek nahin hain," after giving yelling at him to her heart's content.

nice writing.

oh asr's contours are the most believable of all. there's plenty of him in me and those around me. even the good fortunately.

i do wish he hadn't snapped her dori, or dropped her, or dragged her... but he did... he was who he was and he never tried to justify it. his anger was a huge issue. he was often in its thrall... this would have been great to explore, but with his interpretation i think barun conveyed it... his helplessness before this thing, his remorse, and that's why it was impossible for me to judge him.

most people have a minus side... how they deal with it matters.

cynthia: i see you up there. will disagree, sir Hug. he pulled and dragged her... not others. this was a crazy attraction thing between the two, made both do all sorts of things. not right, not laudable, but there it was, and khsuhi sort of got it... when he gripped her hard, it wasn't to hurt her, it was usually because he was anguished, couldn't guage his strength, always regretted those marks he left behind... and she did bruise easily...

he would get angry and slap people... both times, men. with women, always quite gentle and respectful... oh the opening scene with la. only once a huge screaming session with la.

Hello! Just read this...i love the man but cannot agree. Abuse is abuse. He probably hurled verbal much more than physical...but still. A lot of women i know who go through abuse try and justify it to themselves for the longest time citing the fact that the man at heart is a good one. It's classic victim behavior...till it hits the wall... We value ASR, of course we do, we know who he really is, and love him for that. But sometimes i felt the character was in the wrong...especially pre guest house...and post forced marriage. It doesn't matter that he was doing it ONLY to her. Most men do it only to their wives or girlfriends. They seem perfectly nice to all other women.
I for one do not think Khushi's anger during resignation was extreme. All that talk of "aukaat" for instance, i found unacceptable to say the least. I was mighty pleased actually that she felt the anger and expressed it. So glad they didn't make her apologize to him for it later...

This chat is an essential one. Glad we''re having it! Big hug to you all, by the way. Missing you like crazy!

The way I see this, if ASR did not himself think that he had manhandled Khushi, then why did he repent? Why did he give her those pearls, which he had torn on their first meeting? And hugged her and apologised? Because he knew he had done wrong. He should not have done it under any circumstances. He realized just because he had had a bad past he could not justify hurting others. Say, if a boy had an abusive past is it alright for him to abuse others? Or a boy is poor is it alright if he grows up to be a thief? We must empathize with such a character, help him to get over his past but allow him to abuse others or cheat because he had a horrid past? Why? Howcome? In fact can you even physically abuse a woman just because she is of loose morals? 
We identify with ASR coz he is so real, true.We all have our dark sides like him. But if what man seeks is nirvana, then what we all need is a DM disciple like Khushi!
As ASR's saviour she pumped out all the poison within him. It was this poison that had made him do things he regretted later by his own admittance.So by the end of the serial, ASR was not pulling, pushing, hurting Khushi. He emerged as the man he really was, kind, generous, compassionate, caring, loving and above all liberal and progressive. No more dori tearing for this man, however sexy you might find it! Sorry girls!

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Originally posted by salooni

hi all 
made a edit for next update of mine
as it is arshi marriage
so is it good 
i took a tutorial so asking Embarrassed

i dont know

credit of psd and texture to respective maker
Soni love it!  I think the word is pluck not plug.  Congrats on being a Rockerz!!!

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Thnx for reading and commenting 173-174

I think they have crossed the barrier of permonition...They both feel each other's presence and know that it's time to mingle their heartbeats as she's been hearing it loud and clear but not him...and we are there it only happens when they are away or the fear of losing each other ...does that...and then it will be permanent always


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Originally posted by viv04

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

wiwy yes if we are making a difference in wonen's life around us...we are doing what we supposed to be doing...but how many of us are doing it...that is a question itself.

Indi...hd...Horizon...even if a man has a cruel past ,still has no right to handle any woman like that in the name of love...Hate me for that...yet he was wrong in his actions and that's why he always wanted to redeem it until the next one...Broken bruises on her arm is screaming for that...

Cynthia in my view he was manhandeling her as until you've gone through that hell you have no idea how does it feel...

Arnav is a character we adore but real life Arnav is way different than this .It's not a joke.You die and born  everyday with it...

 No matter how much I loved IPK and ASR as an mature audience, I worried about the impact of manhandling scenes on young minds.  I would assume sensitive young teens not approving it and fear immature older teens being mislead by it.
In general, no matter how much couples are in love with each other and understand each other, even the tiniest  unintentional arguments or verbal abuse can affect the relationship when it comes to physical intimacy for women.  The issues need to be resolved and partner's mutual respect need to be restored on regular basis for healthy sustenance of long term relationship.
In spite of the inconsistent story, I would like to make sense of what was offered to us.  Post kidnap rescue, maybe a verbal admittance of their love by ASR was necessary for K to start afresh, instill confidence and erase the hurtful memories.  Maybe she would not have left RM for Anji's sake then.  She had forgiven him long back, they had accepted each other and she even physically seemed to be ready for intimacy. 
 There is some gradual psychological resolution for K to farm house night if I want to make sense.  She gets the answer in his teary eyes when he says, "tum ye sab hone dogi", then symbolic gifting on rakhee day, I love you dammit, apology at GH followed by visit to ma's garden and finally acknowledging her parents at farmhouse.  In summary regardless of how much couples are in love, unlike men for women, their underlying psychological state is as important as their physical need or even more for attainment of desired level of intimacy.
I find answers to many questions in La's, "tum hi ho ek jo ASr se wo kah sakti ho jo wo nahi sunna chahte".  Yes she was always drawn to him, did not want to give up on the raakshas inside him.  Her love made her poke, prick, ruffle and dig into A's facades.  His love for her compelled him to invite her to his inner chambers.  Every time he hurt her, a piece of him cried for her love.  And she would not miss to notice the tiny teary pools in his eyes that reflected his generous love for her as infinite as the ocean.
Yes there was no short cut for the broken soul ASR and this resulted in the great fiction we all love.
We are having such varied topics for discussion in all directions and I love all point of views for the joy of reading, communication and understanding.      

Beautifully written and well said!

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Originally posted by Horizon


ps: Time for Teej on TV reruns. As alwasy apologies for taqneeqi kharabein.


Excellent need to write more often as I said before...Love itSmile

Indeed that song has everything which describes all of Khushi's ad ANjali's emotions...and both for Arnav...Smile

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Hey Durga 
Welcome back... you know you've been missed a lot...your little presence has deeper impact...woh kehtain hain na door rehne se pyar padhta hai...

Good to see you...Smile

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