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@ viv , @ Indi, @ Horizon, @ Issk, @Cynthia, @ wiwy and all 

Just finished reading all of your interesting chat...You all are agreeing at one point and that is...Portrayal of woman through our media is not changing over time and how this image of Achi...Good daughter, sister, wife, whatever has been molested in such a way that the blazing hate emerges within you when such comments fall on your ears...

OK I can accept that for instant that don't provoke sex and it's appeal through media because certain things feel or good beyond exposure...just like teri meri dance ... yet they can't convince me that for the name of sacrifice a woman can't have or express or even think about it.AGAINST Law of nature...

In the name of sacrification ,women are being dragged into mess...Sorry if I offended anyone...just got angry..

Totally agreed with all of you...after farmhouse night ...a lot of pieces are wiwy said they wanted us to roam around this thingy...hehehe...we are no fools...are we may be...All paagals at one place  

Horizon I can see what you are seeing ,feeling and expressing about after pool side emotive display...yet I feel that was the character of Khushi..."Action without thinking"...which we are seeing in Maha...and Arnav tries to explain.Love the point of classes of women within women...That's how I see it..No one ever damaged women the most but women."women are women's enemy"...Nice analytical approach ,very political as they want us remain busy in this and that's why media is still showing all Sab Bahu crap...I read some where once on IF ,let this whole two generation passed away then new one is gone nail em...I don't agree with it as Cold viruses change their shapes and DNA and not  a single meds can finish em yet they have tendency to change and replicate...and that's what this whole fiasco is...not going to finish, may be emerged with different shape...

Yes wiwy a common person acts with logics...why the heck you let him play with you while he is committed to his gf but this show is "iss pyar ko kya naam doon' which we have and everything from illogical eye seems an aww momento and that was one of em...LOGIC and IPK...Which world you live in...Indi already warned me once when I tried to use it...What about you LOGIC and Wiwy's Riddles...My brain can't get that either...bolo jawab do...

Issk Love your Box analogy...indeed if they have some rules in their hands we all be breathing in their way but what way...just like Akash...Finalize the deal but what what deal do they have keeping us in that BOX...just to run their lives without interruption..MEN's world

BUT I have a question...for all of you...

Do you think Western World exempts from this?

My answer is no...the shape is different with different labels...commodity is same...

Achi my foot...I am good with Bad label...

arshi, for that in pink, taaliyan, Clap...

there is no culture on the face of this beleaguered planet that has not done crazy things to women. or so i think. why? some reasons seem clear, the others i have no idea of.

about women being women's worst enemy... up to a point. it is men who put us in our corrals, and then clutches of women, having seen the results of protesting perhaps, decide to give in and become "guards" of this way. simplistic, my picture is... but i know you'll add in the complex, deeper tones. 

No I have a same tone yet experience screams different...For me THIS IS ALL A GAME FOR POWER...and it just satisfies em so be it but women also are contributing in's undeniable..

generations go by and everyone stops questioning. 

in fact where i come from, this is even portrayed as wonderful for us girls. till one day something terrible happens, or you read of roop kanwar (beyond terrible that) an 18 year old in rajasthan, or something... or you see your beautiful grandmother giving away all her sarees with a dash of colour in them and wearing a pure white than (saree) because she's just lost her husband, all jewellery gone from her body, never to eat fish which she loves again... at some point you start asking, why.

and where it leads you is not a good place. Read it and yet it's not pleasant at are forgetting the worse...shaving hair and joining the league of women of same traits ...Ashram

i don't wish to blame gender a or b beyond a point. what has happened has happened. but this is my world too. i am here. what i choose to do matters. or so i would like to believe. a bit of empirical, initial thinking regarding humans, men and women, needs to be done again i feel at times... i try to in my own way... will it make a huge diff? no, certainly not... but at least i did what i thought i should... guess i'll just leave it at that.
It's not a blame game ,it's analyzing facts and raising a question WHY? Why on earth is is being pictured through our media and gripping roots in our culture...very deep

the conditioning is so deep, sometimes i too will repeat meaningless things without realising... but try i will. maybe because of nothing else, just the most fantastic set of parents, who never ever thought a girl was less... 

i do believe if mass media continues to show women the way they do, especially on indian tv (which has a humongous impact as it is watched widely and constantly across india and the subcontinent even)... it will only harm girls more. not only in terms of rape and other heinous things... but even in the everyday, the day to day doing of life... that is where this discrimination, this making use of a whole gender, this shutting her up with talk of tradition and "achhi" hurts all the time. 

That is the point...what is the definition of ACHI...a person [forget gender] who can dance on other's tunes since from her childhood without having her own individuality as a human...

in the west, if i am not way off the mark, the film makers of the fifties or was it the forties, went into the whole achhi buri fiasco re women and there were complex women characters portrayed who fit neither category, they were real, though sometimes not so "good" and the viewer felt empathy. 

in our films too we've had more progressive stories and portrayals of women... khamoshi comes to mind instantly. but the main issue here i suppose is most movies are really about the male character..he is the protagonist... she a mere support. once this idea is fixed... her character and its nuances autiomatically mean less and have less impact. when i look at khushi this is the sadness i feel. she strated out with so much possibility... and trust me, she could have gone all the way to being a tycoon, if she so desired, but what they did to her... barun himself has once said in barun sort of words that it happens in most stories... the man in the main guy.. not fair, but that's how it is.

i was just looking up "the three faces of eve" a movie my mother used to speak of and like (i think there is movie with nargis in the lead which is the hindi remake, i am pretty sure actually, the name escapes me). wiki tells me, 

The Three Faces of Eve also became the first film to win the Best Actress award without getting nominated in another category, and the last for nearly 31 years until Jodie Foster won the award for The Accused the film's sole nomination."

seems the west equally denies a place to the girl in a narrative. butmy heart doesn't yearn to be given a higher status than men, just an understanding of us as people... with all the desires, proclivities, drawbacks, everything that makes us human.  

I don't know why it comes to the table that we want to show the superiority over men...My point is just listen and considerate us as a human being ...see and feel our presence...we are not toys...

i thank the west though for the whole women's lib movement, however controversial some things in it. somewhere i do believe i am here today because they were there at some point.

sorry i go on. but really, someone should write about the two from that marriage onward... we might find a real khushi who is as beautiful, flawed, strong, undeniable, human as asr.

sorry achhi bahu, me no wanna be you. there is a reason many of us identify with your laad gov, it's not because we want to be a man, it's because he feels real. he is both man, alpha male, and utterly human beyond just gender specifics. i hope some day you too can be seen as a person and not just a girl in a world made by men.
me and achi bahu or wife...LOL...YES I am a achi mother and that I care 
and have to add, when i read sohara, anita, soni's thoughts, i feel a sense of we are going to get there surely some day. i feel proud... yes, ladies, keep them brackets and the my sexy boys and the visuals and defiance and big heart and feelings coming. 

I love them and REALLY WISH THE BEST FOR THEM...Smile

Just a little thought.
In small ways we can make a difference in the lives of women around us. Are we doing it? If we are then we are on the right track and have the right to hope for a better society.

While reading this I had a mixture of emotions.  While being raised in the west to an Italian American family, my youngest sibling is male.  I am the middle child, my parents eldest was also female.  My brother was god especially to my mom.  We still to this day call him the messiah.  He could never do any wrong and he walked on water according to mom.  Still, I never felt inferior, in a matter of fact I would fight for my rights to do things but I do remember me not being allowed to go away to college.  I am not sure if it was that my parents couldn't afford it (which I very much doubt) or girls just didn't leave the house until they were married.
Anyway I got married at 20 to a hateful, abusive man- maybe I just wanted to escape.  Needless to say you all know my story and I found my John because of 32 years later!
What disappoints me is when I read the FF and all the girls write about someone biting them during lovemaking.  This disturbs me, for I have heard of love nips but not the description of actual biting.  Without going to deeply into this I "assume" (hate doing that), that this is an amorous part of the culture or is it the man's dominance over a woman?  I know that when lions mate, the male bites the neck/shoulder of the female showing his dominance until she submits.  Is not love suppose to be a sharing of each other in a beautiful way?  So like I said it disturbs me and I apologize for bringing this matter up especially to our youngsters they do not need to hear this.
In IPK what disturbed me, was how attracted I was to the ASR character, whom I in my POV, was very abusive to Khushi in the beginning.  He degraded her, physically man handled her and kept putting her "in her place".  Why was I so attracted to this terrible man?  But deep in my heart I knew he was hurt and his reactions were because of this.  I still feel terribly guilty when I am attracted to the alpha, dominant male.  I play the role of the lowly female/ lion awaiting domination.  
I was watching a show called Jodha Akbar and I am ashamed to say I love it.  There must be something deep in my core that calls out for the dominant male and I probably was raised not knowing that a woman does not have to be dominated.  
Until we raise our daughters, (which unfortunately have none), with the belief that we are equals to men in all rights and aspects of this world, nothing will change.  When G-d created us, the story in my Bible states that we came from the rib of man, formed so he would not walk this earth alone.  People take that literally.  A woman gave birth to the G-d, he would never exist without a woman!  Men should remember this!  LOL
AND finally I hated the Khushi of the last few episodes.  I remember calling ArshiH and screaming about the Miss India contest.  Just like Miss America, Miss World, Miss Universe what's the point?  A woman's talent and beauty does not have to be judged at all.  The CV's could have had Khushi run the tilffin business or join AR Designs to prove that point.  Ughhh, absolutely hated it.
Our zany, cray girl was one to be admired.  I never felt that she was not worthy of greatness and love.  BTW of love the culture of the extended family and everyone living together.  The mother-in-law in charge and all the women helping to run the household and caring for the family.  This is a beautiful!  But if a woman wants to be educated and go out to work why not?  Some love to take care of family while others want to enter the business world, either way neither is wrong unless imposed and forced on someone.
Okay, my idle chatter and rant is done.  I love and respect all you wonderful women of this thread and we know no matter what we are stronger than anyone thinks!

my nineteen year old niece and i just finished a conversation about why we liked the screaming shouting manhandling mr raizada. and our feeling... a) we knew he was in pain himself, and b) somehow barun could sense and portray the tender beauty clean noble side of the man, even amid that chaos.

still, while many people felt there was no need for him to apologise, i did feel there was and i loved the way he chose to make a trip in the middle of the night to do it. i however did not feel the need for a major redemption thing and see how wrong you were asr track.

life. this happens that happens, no one's perfect, as long as there's love and respect finally, and an understanding, good enough. 

everywhere, women are asked in various ways to be less, to curb, to hold back... this is the one thing i tell my daughter... never accept any situation where you are asked to be less. today i made her read the wiki entry on "misogyny," after five lines she said, her stomach felt queasy. 

i love the mills and boon type, or at least the idea of him, but over the years, clear to me, i am not into being dominated. i liked the fact khushi always fought back... that sense of equal. you shut up (or that very sexy "shaat up" as hd75 says) and she replies after a few bouts of this, "aap shut up," nice. his equal. i always believed that is one of the reasons he fell for her, her guts, her indomitable trait, like him, he sensed she was like him... also that friction was exciting... no one spoke to him like that.

they made khushi into a what i have no idea. what the h was that mrs india thing... yes catering business anyday or even math tuition... but this?

love your post. i called my brother whom the mother doted on but pretended to be mad at... the blind spot. but then my dad had a thing for me i think, so it never really bothered me. 

adam's rib, ah thesis can be written on that. or the song sung to the wife every sabbath in an observant jewish home... or the whole place of "bahu" in an idian home and the exalted position of "damad" the son in law... we need characters like asr in this world... for that rready to put up with some nastiness... woman enough to handle it.

biting? while hard kisses feel sort of exciting... uh huh to serious biting and things. 

Some very interesting discussions going on here. 

Never thought ASR manhandled Khushi, I always felt it was his way of showing his intense love and pain, there was something pure in it, of course Barun made it just perfect. 

I remember people were disappointed there was no redemption, redemption for what? As ASR himself said "iss pyaar mein sahi, galat nahi hota" is just love, being nasty, hurting the one you love - all part and parcel of those crazy feelings ! As you so rightly say, what matters is that the love, respect and trust remains intact.

Barun always maintained he could play ASR so well only because of the writing, well, if you want to know how ASR would have been if Barun was not playing him, watch the other shows which also have such angry young men and see the difference. ASR may be been brilliantly written but if it wasn't for Barun, I don't think people would have felt so much for the character. I mean who else can say "shaat up" or "oh really" like that?

Was just thinking about Khushi, what an endearing character ! Even today, I simply adore her and I also know what you mean when you say you have no idea what they did to that character. Sad because Khushi was so different from the usual soap heroines, she had her values, alright but she also came with her own flaws, in many ways she was like ASR. 

Towards the end and even after the fiasco, I think it was Sanaya who made Khushi likeable. If I could forgive that suicide attempt and peon disguise and still love Khushi, a lot of it is because of the actress ! Wish they had made her as real as ASR, she was real for a long time until something went wrong everywhere in IPK. ASR alone survived, even at the peak of the mess, this character alone remained untouched, minus the gussa though. Guess the writers too were in love with ASR ! 

By the time it came to Mrs.India, I knew it was all over and was waiting for the show to end rather than watching it go down day by day. I was seriously hoping they would let her get back to the dabba service but no, she had to be Mrs.India ! But, try as they might, they can never erase the memory of Khushi Kumar Gupta in those gaudy coloured salwar-kameez complete with pompoms, side plait and a funny looking bag !

Can't believe I am up at 1 AM and writing this, got a long day ahead tomorrow...will I ever get over discussing IPK?

@Indi, I am so happy that you had your daughter read the definition and encourage her to stand up for what she feels is right.  Bravo!  Tell her not to stop, ever.
@hd, you really don't think he manhandled Khushi in the beginning, breaking the pearl dori, in the guesthouse, all the times he grabbed her arm?  I agree love and hate very intense emotions.
Loved Sanaya as Khushi, she was as amazing as Barun was as Arnav.  He made him an absolute mush in the end though and she they just destroyed but thank G-d for our actors who were fabulous and they didn't let them kill them entirely!
and NO we will never get over discussing IPK!!!!Wink
Cynth, read your first post about women, ASR at 800AM yesterday and wanted to respond but couldn't with time constraints, and this discussion has gone all breath and length.. thanks to Indi and hd.
I am in sync with hd that even for me, all his intial pull, pushes didn't come across as manhandling. Yes, a dictionary definition would fit them into that category, but it looked only a figurative reflection to what he felt for her, an intense emotion that he is hitherto unaware of, and a force that he is fighting with in himself to resist this so called chit of a girl.. becos as we know he is NOT gender biased, has held all women with high regard including Khushi's own sister! And importantly, altho physically hurt, Khushi didn't seem to mind, otherwise, she wouldn't have hesitated telling him NOT to touch her again! On contrary, she hid his "marks" away from the world as a personal possession like after the character dheela. Not that he is right, but unknowingly she could see/ feel his struggle with himself!
Agree with Indi, Khushi's "aap shut up" was much gratifying. or even her "bhad me gaye aap, bhad me gaye aap ki naukari".. your and your job go to hell.. I don't give a damn.. you go girl...where did that Khushi vanish.. I kept searching...
I have to add this, it pricks to see comments like "Shyam is the right guy for Khushi than ASR" just becos one supposedly manhandles her, and the other drips in sugar coated adulation and affection. But, the day Khushi was left middle of the road all gagged up fighting for life, the story perhaps was on its way to running its course, but it only reinforced "looks can be deceptive"!

For me too ASR's pulls and pushes did not come across as manhandling ! But that's maybe because ASR looked so hot and sexy when angry! Day Dreaming This is a soap after my own heart but then its a soap after all!
 In real life, I would have given him a tight slap, however hot and sexy he looked! 
I agree with Arshi :

wiwy yes if we are making a difference in wonen's life around us...we are doing what we supposed to be doing...but how many of us are doing it...that is a question itself.

Indi...hd...Horizon...even if a man has a cruel past ,still has no right to handle any woman like that in the name of love...Hate me for that...yet he was wrong in his actions and that's why he always wanted to redeem it until the next one...Broken bruises on her arm is screaming for that...

Cynthia in my view he was manhandeling her as until you've gone through that hell you have no idea how does it feel...

Arnav is a character we adore but real life Arnav is way different than this .It's not a joke.You die and born  everyday with it...

Unless it happens to you it is difficult to understand what toll physical abuse of the smallest kind can take. Khushi hid her marks because she knew he was actually hurting himself while hurting her. In real life, you could go on hiding your marks and he could go on hurting without repenting like ASR! That is why reel life is reel life. And we seek refuge in it. 

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credit goes to tumblr



I'm very sad cause, just gotta glimpse of Arnav today.Cry 

The episode was about mami's rancor and disparagement towards Payal and Khushi's restlessness for Arnav.

Mami's mindless competition with her young daughter in law was shallow, frivolous and childish. I think it was a bit exaggeration too. It was really annoying how she treats Payal so irreverently. But payal's prudence was plausible. She showed her patience and maturity to handle her MIL's haughtiness. She already won the heart of the Raizadas, I wish by her patiece and goodness she will win her mean mother in law's heart soon.


God is weaving a fine web to unite these two soul mates. So that Arnav's name is automatically written on Khushi's palm. it's definitely heralding another marriage which will take place between Arnav and Khushi. They gradually are fulfilling all the rituals of a perfect marriage. Apparently It's started on the day of teez when the sindoor splattered on Khushi by Arnav. After that Arnav broke Khushi's fast, then Arnav's favorite  saree was given to Khushi  by Anjali as shagun and Anjali put the engagement ring on Khushi's finger. They completed their symbolic engagement in the mandir on the auspicious moment as well. And today God etched his name on her hand by mehendi as well..


Nk and and Akash got caught red handed. They couldn't escape from nani's prosecution. When she asked them whose idea it was to gate crash women's function, Nk puts the blame on Arnav. Oh Gosh NK is such a liar! Khushi says in ambiguity, "Arnavji ka" Right then the mehndiwali asked Khushi whose name she supposes to write on her palm. When she heard Arnav's name from Khushi's mouth SHE think she told HER to write Arnav's name. So SHE wrote A on her palm. Arnav's name was already embedded in her heart, now it's etched on her palm with the radiant color of mehndi


Nani admonishes both NK and Akash not to do any more mischief. NK tells about bua's mischief that she was talking to marry him and all. All laughed at his innocent candor. Nani says him that she was praising you, but she wants chotey there right now.  Khushi's heartbeat starts to pound erratically in anticipation. She is accusing DM not to listen to her plea.


Anjali is getting incredulous, what happened to chotey that he has been acting wayward nowadays. Nk comes back, he couldn't find Arnav any where. Anjali gets panicked to hear this. But Khushi gets happy as she doesn't have to confront him now. She mutters,

He shouldn't be found

Hp tells them that Arnav went outside. Anajli convulses to hear this, chotey went out without letting her know. She has been trying his phone, but can't reach him either. When the door bell rings, she thinks it's him. but, it's smita who is a mehendiwali who came to put henna on Payal.


The mehendiwali didn't have any problem to recognize the beautiful bride. She goes there to put mehndi on her. But mami again created a hue on this issue. She is telling her to apply mehndi on her first. Nani tells her that Smita only applies mehndi on dulhan's palm. But mami is impervious, she is no less, cause she is dulha's mom. Nani tries to make her understand that her design is specially for brides only. Mami thinks she is special, so she should apply the special design, not the ordinary design. When nani snubs her mami admonishes her not to scold her like a newly wed, she is going to be a mother in law soon.

Pause: Mami herself gave her the answer. Being a mother in law, she wants the treatment of a newly wed bride.LOL

Payal tells Smita to apply mehndi on her MIL's palm first. She is even ready to apply the mehndi  last, she has to keep it for the whole night, so it's not a matter. Khushi gives her an assuring nod. These two sisters upbringing is really plausible. They finally had to surrender to mami's highhandedness. But Nani makes her jealous more when she wishes to give a special saree to Payal.


Nani and Anjali show Payal the special saree and it's her favorite color. When Payal asked her how cum she knows her favorite color, Anjali teases Payal that  Akash told her about it. Khushi also thinks this saree is beautiful. Nani adds, it will look more beautiful on Payal. Khushi drags Payal in front of the mirror and Anjali follows her. They put the saree on Payal. She is looking beautiful. Anjali tells her if she wants she can wear this saree on her reception. Really? Mami's jealousy pulsates to see the saree. She thinks to concoct something. Is Mami planning to make phatti saree parat-2?LOL

Pause: I think this saree is a bit simple to wear on a reception. By the way their reception never happened. I guess the stingy SP saved money. We all know how step motherly treatment they used to give to IPK. When they saw the havoc during the time of Barun's quitting fiasco and they saw the overwhelming response of international viewers in SPL, they realized how popular their not so good TRP gainer show was. So now after playing all dirty games they are using IPK as their franchise to earn money.Angry


In the ambiance of felicity Anajli still is perturbing for her brother. I wish if she would be worried for her husband that much! Her husband keeps vanishing every now and then, but she doesn't even bother. It's good, otherwise after the kidnapping track I forgot that Anjali loves her younger brother. Anyway she has been trying his phone incessantly but he is not answering her call. Khushi also is panicking along with her. she even can't enjoy the scrumptious moment of her sister mehndi. Bua suggests Anjali to SMS him. Anjali already kept three messages. Nani tells her to call Aman. Anajli thinks it's a good idea. So she goes out from the room to call him. khushi also follows her.


Mami's drama starts again. She gets in the room with her sarees and jewelry. She throws Payal's saree aside and keeps her stuff right there. She got a red saree which is more gorgeous than Payal's. she is thinking to wear it on the reception. Competionwa with the DILwa.LOL I'm guffawing at her frivolous childish behavior.


Khushi and Anjali, two most beloved person of Arnav are embroiling in tension. khushi asks her whether she got any of his news! Anjali couldn't get him in his office either. When Khushi hears the sound of the door her face glints with a smile. But it's not Arnav, it's HP. Both the girls are in a nonplus situation now. Compunction is gnawing at khushi's heart. She told him not to see his face again.. She didn't mean it, but said it foolishly. She is convulsing whether her sarcastic talk becomes true or not.


Nani tells mami not to wear the red saree. But mami is adamant, cause she thinks this saree is more expensive and suits her really well. Anjali suggests her to wear the green saree what she selected earlier. But mami thinks as she is groom's mother, she should wear something special. She sees payal's red saree and banters her dericsively whether she will manage that expensive saree or not.  She must be used to with cotton sarees. The Gupta and Raizada ladies agitate to hear her insolence to Payal. But Bua quips her with a witty repartee. She tells her, Payal is young, so she can easily manage it, but she thinks the old people can't manage it so easily. Anjali sees that the situation is turning to a quarrel, so she deftly takes them out giving the excuse to apply mehndi on Payal.


Anjali keeps calling Arnav. Khushi is also in embroilment. Nani tries to assuage Anjali, he must be busy in some work. But nothing can pacify her now. She is complaining, is he so busy that can't give his di a little message! 

pause: Khushi is more important now Anji. He is not answering your call to test Khushi's feelings for him.

Khushi perturbs more in temerity. she thinks to call him. she herself is worried for Arnav, but she also can't see Anjali in tension, after all Anjali is Arnav's most beloved person.

Nani tries to divert her grand daughter's attention. so she asks her about their ancestral necklace what they kept for Payal. And right then Mami appears there wearing the ancestral necklace on her neck.


By the poolside Khushi is back in her soliloquy. She is ambiguous, if Arnav is not answering his di's call, will he answer her call? Or moreover if he picks the phone, what she will tell him, what the? She is cursing herself why she is worrying now, where she herself wished not to see his face. She didn't mean what she said. She is praying to DM not to fulfill her wish. She wants him to come as soon as possible. She tries his number. But no reply. Her attention diverts at nani's yell to mami.


She goes in and sees that nani is chiding mami to give the necklace to Payal. But mami is implacable, cause she thinks it belongs to her only. Nani says her tersely that it's their ancestral necklace, her MIL gave it to her, she gave it to mami and mami should give it to Payal. Finally Mami takes off the necklace unwillingly. Khushi gets happy to see that this beautiful piece is for her sister. Payal beckons her to stay quiet. Mami starts to yowl that Payal snatched everything from her, her beautiful son, her beautiful necklace. She goes away crying like a small kid. Payal tells nani acquiescently that she doesn't need it, she can give it back to mami. Nani appreciates her patience and tells her that it doesn't belong to mami or even hers, it belongs to the family. She should take it, so that she can give it to her DIL in future. On the other hand a loving sister is still in convulsion for her brother.


By the poolside Khushi is fluttering, pacing back and forth in tension. She is trying to pacify herself, why she is so tensed for Arnav! She just wants him to be safe. She tries his number again. This time his voice mail started to play. Is he deliberately avoiding answering? I guess so. He is testing Khushi. khushi thinks if he even answers what she  will tell., she will ask for forgiveness that she behaved bad and she didn't mean what she told.

I didn't mean that you go some where. I also didn't wish that you don't show me your face. Truly. You just come back. I'll apologize wholeheartedly.

She got it. That's what she wanted to say to him. She takes her phone to call again, but turns back to feel him around. He is right there standing behind her. he is looking devastatingly handsome, his eyes are icy with underlying steel in their flickering depth. To see him a frisson of excitement runs down her body.

 credit goes to Zoha

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Hi friends,
How are you all? Wow, 124 pages already? Lots to read and some interesting discussions going on. Will try to cover as much as possible and be back soon. Meanwhile, any interesting news during the past 4-5 days?

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wiwy IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by DurgaS

Hi friends,
How are you all? Wow, 124 pages already? Lots to read and some interesting discussions going on. Will try to cover as much as possible and be back soon. Meanwhile, any interesting news during the past 4-5 days?

You are back, Durgey!Big smile Missed you! Bhelcums bhelcums!Hug How was the marriage you attended? Trust you to target the "interesting" news category! Just news will not do, kya? Tongue

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DurgaS IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by wiwy

Originally posted by DurgaS

Hi friends,
How are you all? Wow, 124 pages already? Lots to read and some interesting discussions going on. Will try to cover as much as possible and be back soon. Meanwhile, any interesting news during the past 4-5 days?

You are back, Durgey!Big smile Missed you! Bhelcums bhelcums!Hug How was the marriage you attended? Trust you to target the "interesting" news category! Just news will not do, kya? Tongue
Hey Wiwy, thanks for the bhelcoming hug. Hug . Was missing you all a lot. Marriage was hectic, but fun. More like a family get together. Met most of them after many years.
Interesting news, regular news, unimportant news, anything will do. Just going thru here and there. Noticed both the marathon threads, 2nd Anniversary and BS birthday thread are closed. Our spammers must be feeling bored now. Wink LOL But, I think it was good fun while it lasted. Good job on those threads everyone. Clap 

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Originally posted by DurgaS

Hi friends,
How are you all? Wow, 124 pages already? Lots to read and some interesting discussions going on. Will try to cover as much as possible and be back soon. Meanwhile, any interesting news during the past 4-5 days?
 great to see you.
My news is, I'm too busy with school, can't read the takes of others and really behind in writing as well.
Hope gonna catch a bit in the weekend.

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by viv04

Originally posted by sohara

Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by sohara


Sohara, nice nice! This episode and all your takes on it are super. I love the GIFS above. Love what you say about the indirect compliment he gives don't look too bad...implying you look amazing. Flirty shlirty naughty ASR! And the unclasping of the hair you i believe too it's cos he loves her hair down...though i don't mind everyone else saying that he is possessive and wants to cover her back. Sexy thought that, only because it's the Raizada. Anybody else doing that and I'd have revolted at the narrowness of mind!

Buaji's sweet revenge...glad you introduced it AFTER completing that mesmerising moment between the predator and his catch. Too mean...and too clever, the makers interspersing the moment so our longingness is intact!

And victim saving the murderer, less said the better. The story of Anjali's life.

Good fun reading your take! Thanks!

 Thnak you so much for reading. I'm glad that you liked it.
I also thought about the covering back thing. As you said possessive Raizada might not wanted his girl to show her milky back. I also wanted to mention it even, but brushed off my thought, when I remembered their real mehndi, where Khushi was roaming around with her barely there blouse. Or I guess the character kept changing according to the CV's wish.LOL
@sohara  @issk
 I agree with you all.  He has a major thing about her hair and also her back from day one.  Its not just the red saree.  Her hair is open in their significant rabbaves, during photoshoot and Diwali.  During their major rabbave in the guest house too when she marks him with his blood,  her hair opens up magically.  He complements it during Holi and remarriage track.
In Sheeshmahal when he breaks the dori and she turns around, why I feel his unrelenting irate expression change to lust at the sight of her bare back.  Then his gaze seems to soften and follow her hair in admiration.  Maybe I see too much.   

I agreed with all of you...lovely ladies with the milky back and hair  and his obsession...

Viv ...u r so right at it ,,,just want to add in yours when NK was lusting over her back and he opened her hair ,it reminded me the Sheesh Mahal and his look at her back and then when she opens her hair ,the way he turns his eyes slowly to admiration...was the indication of his losing his control over a girl...
He always feel touching her ...and during remarriage he touches her first with hands where she gasps and then ties the dori...the same in farm house he lingers his fingers first before opening the dori...
viv and ArshiH, you are making me ecstatic.
Any guy would be aphrodisiac to see that flawless curvy creamy back.So I can't blame Arnav. and apparently he would not like if any other guy looks at her lasciviously. i loved possessive Arnav who opened her hair when NK was lusting her.
ArshiH, you must remember how he smeared haldi on her back during remarriage!Embarrassed

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hi just came back after laptop repairing still problem 
but in mission today to 
reply all page
so a very good morning from a last  time if dazzler 

a stupid edit from my side 
credit of texture and psd
to outstanding creator
love you all

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