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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 112)

wiwy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by wiwy

So many stray thoughts...some of which i share with my Blaster friends as I read their posts
Not watching IPK episodes for dearth of time. That can be killing at times...for everyone. But the endearing analyses and the edits keep you going. Eternity!

IPK 2 out there.Uggh! So many serials copying our IPK. Our Ipk copied from others? But who can copy our Barunand Sanaya?! Bolo to!

Ages ago... Yes the doordarshan was ten times better than Star Plus. How many serials did we list? Humlog, Buniyaad, khandan, nukkad, Bharat ek khoj, yeh jo hai zindagi, fauji, dhoop kinare...

IPK. I come back to it. Yes I had a great time with barun in Pattaya! I went parasailing too. But not this time. Last time. Then walked on barun bed too! That was some experience! Sometimes i just love the thrill of being alone. Enjoying something just my way. Looking back in time there are many such moments I can think of. Issk, is having a serene time in Goa. Wish I was there too, with her but alone. 

AD, say 'No' if need be. Best wishes.

Cyn, its important to know what you want, really want, does not matter who thinks what!

I am talking s##t. Time to write the next chapter of my story I think!LOL

Wiwy the Wicked! Loved your Pattaya shots, particularly the shades of blue in the second one... wish you could come and hang in Goa man! I've lived here off and on...apney aap, on my own. Best way to get in touch with self at times Smile
Sharing a shot i took at dinner some hours ago...just...

And the crosses and tulsi-s you talk of, outside homes...not together...depending on whether it's a hindu village or a christian one, you see the predominance of one or the other. But there's one or the other outside a home. But the communities two, they co habit rather's special actually.

Loving the chats that have been on here todayStarStar All the DD shows you're reminding me were the days of good television. Seriously.

See ya later... Story update comin up? Arre wah!

Oh! Hats off to you meri Issk! What a pic! Reminded me of Arnav's room...the pattern formed on the wall by the light reflected from the pool ! Mine ones were taken by my son. So credit not mine. Posted them coz Durgey wanted to see. She too is away for a marriage, me thinks. 
Goa on your own to know yourself better! Wah ka scene hai! Wasn't that on doordarshan too?
Hey thanks for quenching my  question on tulsi and cross.
Yep just fnshed writing another chappy. Most likely to change draft in a few hours. I usually do!LOL
Enjoy your time with youself, Issk meri !Big smile

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by hd75

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by cinthiann1758

While reading this I had a mixture of emotions.  While being raised in the west to an Italian American family, my youngest sibling is male.  I am the middle child, my parents eldest was also female.  My brother was god especially to my mom.  We still to this day call him the messiah.  He could never do any wrong and he walked on water according to mom.  Still, I never felt inferior, in a matter of fact I would fight for my rights to do things but I do remember me not being allowed to go away to college.  I am not sure if it was that my parents couldn't afford it (which I very much doubt) or girls just didn't leave the house until they were married.
Anyway I got married at 20 to a hateful, abusive man- maybe I just wanted to escape.  Needless to say you all know my story and I found my John because of 32 years later!
What disappoints me is when I read the FF and all the girls write about someone biting them during lovemaking.  This disturbs me, for I have heard of love nips but not the description of actual biting.  Without going to deeply into this I "assume" (hate doing that), that this is an amorous part of the culture or is it the man's dominance over a woman?  I know that when lions mate, the male bites the neck/shoulder of the female showing his dominance until she submits.  Is not love suppose to be a sharing of each other in a beautiful way?  So like I said it disturbs me and I apologize for bringing this matter up especially to our youngsters they do not need to hear this.
In IPK what disturbed me, was how attracted I was to the ASR character, whom I in my POV, was very abusive to Khushi in the beginning.  He degraded her, physically man handled her and kept putting her "in her place".  Why was I so attracted to this terrible man?  But deep in my heart I knew he was hurt and his reactions were because of this.  I still feel terribly guilty when I am attracted to the alpha, dominant male.  I play the role of the lowly female/ lion awaiting domination.  
I was watching a show called Jodha Akbar and I am ashamed to say I love it.  There must be something deep in my core that calls out for the dominant male and I probably was raised not knowing that a woman does not have to be dominated.  
Until we raise our daughters, (which unfortunately have none), with the belief that we are equals to men in all rights and aspects of this world, nothing will change.  When G-d created us, the story in my Bible states that we came from the rib of man, formed so he would not walk this earth alone.  People take that literally.  A woman gave birth to the G-d, he would never exist without a woman!  Men should remember this!  LOL
AND finally I hated the Khushi of the last few episodes.  I remember calling ArshiH and screaming about the Miss India contest.  Just like Miss America, Miss World, Miss Universe what's the point?  A woman's talent and beauty does not have to be judged at all.  The CV's could have had Khushi run the tilffin business or join AR Designs to prove that point.  Ughhh, absolutely hated it.
Our zany, cray girl was one to be admired.  I never felt that she was not worthy of greatness and love.  BTW of love the culture of the extended family and everyone living together.  The mother-in-law in charge and all the women helping to run the household and caring for the family.  This is a beautiful!  But if a woman wants to be educated and go out to work why not?  Some love to take care of family while others want to enter the business world, either way neither is wrong unless imposed and forced on someone.
Okay, my idle chatter and rant is done.  I love and respect all you wonderful women of this thread and we know no matter what we are stronger than anyone thinks!

my nineteen year old niece and i just finished a conversation about why we liked the screaming shouting manhandling mr raizada. and our feeling... a) we knew he was in pain himself, and b) somehow barun could sense and portray the tender beauty clean noble side of the man, even amid that chaos.

still, while many people felt there was no need for him to apologise, i did feel there was and i loved the way he chose to make a trip in the middle of the night to do it. i however did not feel the need for a major redemption thing and see how wrong you were asr track.

life. this happens that happens, no one's perfect, as long as there's love and respect finally, and an understanding, good enough.

everywhere, women are asked in various ways to be less, to curb, to hold back... this is the one thing i tell my daughter... never accept any situation where you are asked to be less. today i made her read the wiki entry on "misogyny," after five lines she said, her stomach felt queasy.

i love the mills and boon type, or at least the idea of him, but over the years, clear to me, i am not into being dominated. i liked the fact khushi always fought back... that sense of equal. you shut up (or that very sexy "shaat up" as hd75 says) and she replies after a few bouts of this, "aap shut up," nice. his equal. i always believed that is one of the reasons he fell for her, her guts, her indomitable trait, like him, he sensed she was like him... also that friction was exciting... no one spoke to him like that.

they made khushi into a what i have no idea. what the h was that mrs india thing... yes catering business anyday or even math tuition... but this?

love your post. i called my brother whom the mother doted on but pretended to be mad at... the blind spot. but then my dad had a thing for me i think, so it never really bothered me.

adam's rib, ah thesis can be written on that. or the song sung to the wife every sabbath in an observant jewish home... or the whole place of "bahu" in an idian home and the exalted position of "damad" the son in law... we need characters like asr in this world... for that rready to put up with some nastiness... woman enough to handle it.

biting? while hard kisses feel sort of exciting... uh huh to serious biting and things.

Some very interesting discussions going on here. 

Never thought ASR manhandled Khushi, I always felt it was his way of showing his intense love and pain, there was something pure in it, of course Barun made it just perfect. 

I remember people were disappointed there was no redemption, redemption for what? As ASR himself said "iss pyaar mein sahi, galat nahi hota" is just love, being nasty, hurting the one you love - all part and parcel of those crazy feelings ! As you so rightly say, what matters is that the love, respect and trust remains intact.

Barun always maintained he could play ASR so well only because of the writing, well, if you want to know how ASR would have been if Barun was not playing him, watch the other shows which also have such angry young men and see the difference. ASR may be been brilliantly written but if it wasn't for Barun, I don't think people would have felt so much for the character. I mean who else can say "shaat up" or "oh really" like that?

Was just thinking about Khushi, what an endearing character ! Even today, I simply adore her and I also know what you mean when you say you have no idea what they did to that character. Sad because Khushi was so different from the usual soap heroines, she had her values, alright but she also came with her own flaws, in many ways she was like ASR. 

Towards the end and even after the fiasco, I think it was Sanaya who made Khushi likeable. If I could forgive that suicide attempt and peon disguise and still love Khushi, a lot of it is because of the actress ! Wish they had made her as real as ASR, she was real for a long time until something went wrong everywhere in IPK. ASR alone survived, even at the peak of the mess, this character alone remained untouched, minus the gussa though. Guess the writers too were in love with ASR ! 

By the time it came to Mrs.India, I knew it was all over and was waiting for the show to end rather than watching it go down day by day. I was seriously hoping they would let her get back to the dabba service but no, she had to be Mrs.India ! But, try as they might, they can never erase the memory of Khushi Kumar Gupta in those gaudy coloured salwar-kameez complete with pompoms, side plait and a funny looking bag !

Can't believe I am up at 1 AM and writing this, got a long day ahead tomorrow...will I ever get over discussing IPK?

hi harichandana,

i was up till 3 am last night doing what i can't fathom. welcome to the cusckoo club.

thanks for lovely post.

in pink. barun as asr. who else could shaat up, oh really, get out and tum theek ho quite like that? i often wonder what would happen to asr with any other actor. all i can muster up is a faint shudder. no one at home or here will believe that it was barun's acting that finally stayed on in me... immense potential... i have rarely seen this level of interpretation. there are great actors... but to do 398 episodes back to back and that too without too many words most times, or repeating similar things again and again, and create a difficult character while conveying every nuance and feeling of it... i wonder who else could have done it.

oh i know what you mean about other shows and angry young men... no subtlety, no calibration, no idea what's in the heart and sinew of character.

my niece and i also argued and raved about certain things which we felt were not asr. funny how, the personality has become so real we can actually say what is and isn't asr.

from the very first moment that he took off his shades and looked with inert yet searing gaze at sheesh mahal, you could feel the complexity and the possibility of the man. which other actor? so yeah, nice that people tell themselves character is king, the actor is not indispensable, etc... but i am sorry, no can do. maybe after years will come an actor who can do asr, as with mr bond, but really as things stand?...

about sanaya and khushi. again it was the actress who made her. would any other actress look as weird and cool as she did with her khushi clothes? and do we have any other actress with that sense for comedy? again, a fine interpretation. i must say i also feel she was a casting coup. the lissome, fair, tall, city bred metro girl from an upper middle class back ground added a twist to the small town girl which a more predictable choice might never have... a bit like the ultra sophisticated, completely palace worthy audrey hepburn doing eliza... that contrast and that intelligence did something to the whole thing. for me at least. we have more "small town" "middle class" looking actresses, who might do the affronted righteous young woman thing with a certain flair. but who could do the cookiness of khushi, the intensity, the passion. you are right, if we can still talk of her with affection despite peon and suicide... it's only because of sanaya.

we got so lucky. hmmm.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by indi52

love sonnet xi

i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
silent and starving, i prowl through the streets.
bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
i hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.

i hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the colour of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
i want to eat your skin like a whole almond.

i want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
i want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,

and i pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the b
arrens of quitratue.

~~~ pablo neruda~~~

Gasping for breath. Where is MY oxygen???? ...gone with the wind... but here is Indi bringing them back with all the vigor of her words...ClapClap
This exchange (of what?? may be all) between them in that room is more intense and passionate than any love making scene. Mirrors used to such a brillaint effect here.. it is instances like these  the execution of this love story alienated itself from any ordinary.. made a place for itself among the elite! 
Oh she most certainly forgot all about the bet... may be all about herself too.. until he called her "Khushi" that silken way...and he is so much of a man of less words.. and more of action... let his passion talk on that stage.. and that soft smile in that room... Neruda certainly wrote those lines just for these two.. thanks much for sharing them here with all the references and subtext...
great pics and that special edit.. Clapreflecting a man in complete awe with his lady..
When a man comes and does such intimate gesture.. opens your cascades as it is only HIS right and pleasure.. NO need to fill up any farq padtha hai kyon ki...
Thanks for the intoxication. My most favs in that Raizada color!

okay, i want to count those emoticons teehee. thanks so much, horizon, for liking and what you say.

yes, she likely forgot herself too...

no need whatsoever to complete the uttered word... faraq padta hai, etc.,... when the spirit has spoken and the flesh sings. such a relief they never wrote, faraq padta hai kyunki main tum se... tum se... mohabbat karta hoon.

horizon, as i wrote this i remembered the many scenes where the feelings come through, the tenderness, passion, desperation, one after another through my mind. this is torture... i miss these people. you can, i bet, cut their scenes to practically every known great love poem in the universe...

thanks so much.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Horizon

Interesting discussion. .. days of buniyaad and humlog... couldn't really understand them that time esp the first one...recall watching "Kacchi Dhoop", 3 young girls and their mom.. Bhagya Shree's first and Ashutosh Gawarikar as the lead...nukkad and ofcourse Mr SRK's shows ... many more interesting ones over the weekend.. Indi is right . Doordarshan was much more better before the invasion of Indian TV by Saas- Bahu under the pretext of "Nayi Soch".
But ofcourse, IPK is the the only one that I would be addicted to... the magic potion..Infact I heard IPK copied a lot of scenes, ideas from other shows earlier on.. including the pool side kiss...doesn't bother me a bit... as a love story is about conveying emotions, it is upto the characters/ actors who does that convincingly.. ASR and Khushi were etched with precision...and Barun and Sanaya brought such heart tugging tenderness and believability that one just can't help but fall in love.. and perhaps won't deny their extra good looks had a thing ot two to do with it too.. becos its very rare that both the male and female leads looking gorgeous and who can act a bit at that!!

ROFL, well said... act juuust a bit. hyuk. they were lookers both, are... i should say. and that thing between them... woh, as khushi asked asr after diwali, woh sab kya tha. LOL

yeah scenes from many shows, i remember later seeing bits of baat again and finding the same scenes, situations... geet fans always said a lot was identical... happens in the creative world all the time... situations are repeated, not all writers are original all the time... some things feel like stock material... but these two made everything feel fresh new never before...sift enough and we may even find "faraq nahin padta" dramas, but it was never about the words and scenarios, always about who and how.

i am missing them. ek baar phir.

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Originally posted by chalhov

Did  you see Tamas on the partuiion concept what a show it was and also Bharat ek khoj and Surbhi Am I right with the names Nukkad on the concept of street shows saw some episodes

govind nihalani's tamas... no i did not. i did see episodes of bharat ek khoj. i was never much into tv, would watch at times. humlog because it was the first maybe and the story of the three girls, each different used to talk to me... that whole ashok kumar gyan bit would have us in splits...

i used to love watching buniyad, something real about it... and the partition always interested me. lajo ji, anita kanwar was just too good... a bit different from the other jis, her husband loving her not the way the others loved their spouses... vague memories, all warm ones.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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many shots of barun out on the forum... due to some extreme takniki kharabi of mine, all i could see was this,

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Hi Blasters...Smile

My daily life is getting hectic especially new year just started...have ton of work to do... you know I can't have time to go through pages on daily basis so please...Whatever the important news ,updates, new epi analysis...or anything just drop me a PM...ONLY weekend will be able to make me go through...but as I left you at 103...its 10 pages everyday so 50 per week...
Arshi needs life till her kids are on their feet have mercy...

Plz Preety Plz


Edited by ArshiHamesha - 28 August 2013 at 7:16pm

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Originally posted by indi52

many shots of barun out on the forum... due to some extreme takniki kharabi of mine, all i could see was this,

Hey Indi ,

Is it recent one...our boy is Looking good.Smile...Thnx for sharing ...

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