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Blast from the Past Thread #16, pg 128, epi 180 (Page 101)

sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Originally posted by ..Anita..

Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

@Horizon...Kat,...Sohara...,Cynthia...Thnx for liking the Eternal Heaven gif...Smile

I am telling you ladies ...don't like the new improved IF as this doesn't take word document easily...all the hyphens,commas, everything just disappears when you post.Angry

can we complain about it?

It bothers me too Angry
We should complain...

How? Anita...even when you Quote the post ,this problem comes along with it...ANNOYING...

Yup Arshi, really annoying.
But right now I'm so busy that even can't find time to complain.
 By the way to whom I suppose to complain? 

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by wiwy

@ Sohara 171

I am amazed at the ease with which you have portrayed Arshi romanceDay Dreaming side by side with the envious glowering sly Shyam/ snake/ scorpionAngry And how the two different emotions of love and romance on one side and jealousy and murderous rage on the other, stand out without one encroaching upon the other!
Kudos to you, Sohara! Heart HugWell done!Thumbs Up Clap

She gazes at him with her breaths rags and her eyes alit with a soft glow. Aranv is starring at her, eyes shining with tenderness, gleaming with mischief, dancing with laughter, flickering with amusement. A sweet romantic note in the BG depicts the new phase of their relationship, what is nothing but love. He touches his ear to gestures her that her earring is missing. She also touches her ear to check it. No one else but sly Shyam notices the love in their eyes. He is conflagrating to see it.

Arnav is starring at her assiduously. he cant take his eyes off from her for a single moment. In the ecstatic moment of Arnav and Khushi, one man is convulsing to the core. He is no other but shyam. His nostril is flaring in rage, eyes are reddening in anger, and Im dancing in rapture.

Dhinka chika, dhinka chika. Dancing

Me dancing too!DancingLOL

BTW Fantastic gifs! StarClap

 thank you so much reading.
 I'm glad that you liked it.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by samin6

Hi blasters. Hope everyone is well. I have two licensing exams in october and I have to prepare for them well. So that is one reason I am not as active as I used to be. So I am missing all of you. So if I am less active hope no one does mind. I am missing the time when everyone is high with ARSHI. I do read the posts when I have time but I apologize because some times I do not know what to write more. Reading the posts tend to relax me a lot so I that you all for your brilliant posts. I need that time to relax and concentrate on my subjects.
 Thanks again.
 And yes my daughter had her MRI last week. I am still waiting for the results.
All the best for your exam.
 And pray that the result of the MRI comes out good.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

@ viv , @ Indi, @ Horizon, @ Issk, @Cynthia, @ wiwy and all 

Just finished reading all of your interesting chat...You all are agreeing at one point and that is...Portrayal of woman through our media is not changing over time and how this image of Achi...Good daughter, sister, wife, whatever has been molested in such a way that the blazing hate emerges within you when such comments fall on your ears...

OK I can accept that for instant that don't provoke sex and it's appeal through media because certain things feel or good beyond exposure...just like teri meri dance ... yet they can't convince me that for the name of sacrifice a woman can't have or express or even think about it.AGAINST Law of nature...

In the name of sacrification ,women are being dragged into mess...Sorry if I offended anyone...just got angry..

Totally agreed with all of you...after farmhouse night ...a lot of pieces are wiwy said they wanted us to roam around this thingy...hehehe...we are no fools...are we may be...All paagals at one place  

Horizon I can see what you are seeing ,feeling and expressing about after pool side emotive display...yet I feel that was the character of Khushi..."Action without thinking"...which we are seeing in Maha...and Arnav tries to explain.Love the point of classes of women within women...That's how I see it..No one ever damaged women the most but women."women are women's enemy"...Nice analytical approach ,very political as they want us remain busy in this and that's why media is still showing all Sab Bahu crap...I read some where once on IF ,let this whole two generation passed away then new one is gone nail em...I don't agree with it as Cold viruses change their shapes and DNA and not  a single meds can finish em yet they have tendency to change and replicate...and that's what this whole fiasco is...not going to finish, may be emerged with different shape...

Yes wiwy a common person acts with logics...why the heck you let him play with you while he is committed to his gf but this show is "iss pyar ko kya naam doon' which we have and everything from illogical eye seems an aww momento and that was one of em...LOGIC and IPK...Which world you live in...Indi already warned me once when I tried to use it...What about you LOGIC and Wiwy's Riddles...My brain can't get that either...bolo jawab do...

Issk Love your Box analogy...indeed if they have some rules in their hands we all be breathing in their way but what way...just like Akash...Finalize the deal but what what deal do they have keeping us in that BOX...just to run their lives without interruption..MEN's world

BUT I have a question...for all of you...

Do you think Western World exempts from this?

My answer is no...the shape is different with different labels...commodity is same...

Achi my foot...I am good with Bad label...

arshi, for that in pink, taaliyan, Clap...

there is no culture on the face of this beleaguered planet that has not done crazy things to women. or so i think. why? some reasons seem clear, the others i have no idea of.

about women being women's worst enemy... up to a point. it is men who put us in our corrals, and then clutches of women, having seen the results of protesting perhaps, decide to give in and become "guards" of this way. simplistic, my picture is... but i know you'll add in the complex, deeper tones.

generations go by and everyone stops questioning.

in fact where i come from, this is even portrayed as wonderful for us girls. till one day something terrible happens, or you read of roop kanwar (beyond terrible that) an 18 year old in rajasthan, or something... or you see your beautiful grandmother giving away all her sarees with a dash of colour in them and wearing a pure white than (saree) because she's just lost her husband, all jewellery gone from her body, never to eat fish which she loves again... at some point you start asking, why.

and where it leads you is not a good place.

i don't wish to blame gender a or b beyond a point. what has happened has happened. but this is my world too. i am here. what i choose to do matters. or so i would like to believe. a bit of empirical, initial thinking regarding humans, men and women, needs to be done again i feel at times... i try to in my own way... will it make a huge diff? no, certainly not... but at least i did what i thought i should... guess i'll just leave it at that.

the conditioning is so deep, sometimes i too will repeat meaningless things without realising... but try i will. maybe because of nothing else, just the most fantastic set of parents, who never ever thought a girl was less...

i do believe if mass media continues to show women the way they do, especially on indian tv (which has a humongous impact as it is watched widely and constantly across india and the subcontinent even)... it will only harm girls more. not only in terms of rape and other heinous things... but even in the everyday, the day to day doing of life... that is where this discrimination, this making use of a whole gender, this shutting her up with talk of tradition and "achhi" hurts all the time.

in the west, if i am not way off the mark, the film makers of the fifties or was it the forties, went into the whole achhi buri fiasco re women and there were complex women characters portrayed who fit neither category, they were real, though sometimes not so "good" and the viewer felt empathy.

in our films too we've had more progressive stories and portrayals of women... khamoshi comes to mind instantly. but the main issue here i suppose is most movies are really about the male character... he is the protagonist... she a mere support. once this idea is fixed... her character and its nuances autiomatically mean less and have less impact. when i look at khushi this is the sadness i feel. she strated out with so much possibility... and trust me, she could have gone all the way to being a tycoon, if she so desired, but what they did to her... barun himself has once said in barun sort of words that it happens in most stories... the man in the main guy.. not fair, but that's how it is.

i was just looking up "the three faces of eve" a movie my mother used to speak of and like (i think there is movie with nargis in the lead which is the hindi remake, i am pretty sure actually, the name escapes me). wiki tells me,

The Three Faces of Eve also became the first film to win the Best Actress award without getting nominated in another category, and the last for nearly 31 years until Jodie Foster won the award for The Accused the film's sole nomination."

seems the west equally denies a place to the girl in a narrative. but my heart doesn't yearn to be given a higher status than men, just an understanding of us as people... with all the desires, proclivities, drawbacks, everything that makes us human. 

i thank the west though for the whole women's lib movement, however controversial some things in it. somewhere i do believe i am here today because they were there at some point.

sorry i go on. but really, someone should write about the two from that marriage onward... we might find a real khushi who is as beautiful, flawed, strong, undeniable, human as asr.

sorry achhi bahu, me no wanna be you. there is a reason many of us identify with your laad gov, it's not because we want to be a man, it's because he feels real. he is both man, alpha male, and utterly human beyond just gender specifics. i hope some day you too can be seen as a person and not just a girl in a world made by men.

and have to add, when i read sohara, anita, soni's thoughts, i feel a sense of we are going to get there surely some day. i feel proud... yes, ladies, keep them brackets and the my sexy boys and the visuals and defiance and big heart and feelings coming.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
Thanks for reading
killing me with the gifs.
Big smile

ha ha super romantic people on your thread detected.
yeah yeah, you are the love guru and I'm the novice.

lovely take... and about that soliloquy.

yes, it is that. is it the first one to him? so shakespearean, huh... juliet. and it will be in another haunting soliloquy she will admit her love for this man that grew amid hatred. loved your choice of word... triggered stuff.

very well said. as you mentioned Romeo and Juliet. i would love to see Barun and Sanaya in the Shakespeare classic as Romeo and Juliet.

I somehow find some resemblance with Barun and Sanaya with the actors who  played the role. Loved the old cast more than the new one.
and if this is love as you say twice i think, what was teri meri if not love making...LOL
definitely it is.
thanks again for reading

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IssPKaur

Originally posted by indi52

oh issk, you in the place i'm always a bit in issk with... lovely lovely shots... scorpions, and high waves and a certain un-need for rules... palm feni, my poison... xacuti, brown rice with fish curry, freshly fried seafood at a beech shack, chemist's shop and booze shop alternating, brightly lit plankton at night, you think the aliens have landed, walking on the beech in the rain... have what a fun, sir.

i must take the daughter to this crazy place. still to see the churches and the forests... best friend moved there a few years ago... sensible girl.

so glad you miss us, i am missing you too... and if you do any more edits, warn please, my old ticker is in frenzy.

thanks for goa, maybe that's where they should honeymoon.LOL

My Indus...mujhe nahi pataa tha mujhe itna miss...LOL... You have to bring your daughter here...bilkul...crazy lovely earthy Goa! I've been driving around all day...the sense of freedom is so exhilarating each time you set foot. Apna desh and yet so unique in it's mix, in it's spirit...
Still have to read your 171, 172 and you are here distracting me from the job at hand!! Go now...oh...have to tell you what i had for dinner...fiery fish curry, madam, and chicken cafreal with pav. No feni tonight just wine, of the color that the Raizada approvesLOL Photo bhejoon?LOL

i looked at my spelling of beach and shuddered and then thought, what the... this is goa.

that cafreal, gah the name was eluding me... lal jaam? hayee, was it bosca or a goan port... i remember i remember... i want to see the man who likes that colour slightly high on the stuff with his pagal biwi on the beach and the planktons coming... it's deep night. stop driving me crazy, goa visitor. yes, humara bahut hi colourfuliya desh, though local folk apparently still feel very firang. LOL so cute.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sohara

very well said. as you mentioned Romeo and Juliet. i would love to see Barun and Sanaya in the Shakespeare classic as Romeo and Juliet.

I somehow find some resemblance with Barun and Sanaya with the actors who  played the role. Loved the old cast more than the new one.

thanks for that and the thought of the two in r and j. well now maybe s can't look what was it 13 and he 17 or whatever? but a sort of take on that famous love story... yes yes yes please... and maybe they should live. i liked the old movie, never saw the new.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IssPKaur

My darling friends at Blast...

I'm in heaven, reading your yummy sizzling hot 171's in yummy monsoony Goa - a double blast to the senses i say! Will finish reading and comment as soon as can but just wanted to say Hello!... and that it hasn't been long since we first met on the threads but i miss you all terribly when not connected...Yeh tumney kya kar diya mere saath, as the Raizada would say!Heart

Sharing some moments from this morning - took a while figuring out how to post - but i think they'll go through now, hopefully! The first, a small church near Assagaon and the second, a cutie of a men's "hair saloon" in the bylanes of Chapora...both North Goa for those who don't know it already. Arnav Khushi in 171..."burning gazes" as Arshi calls them...they'd have been happy's really gorgeous...and there are scorpions around i imagine but none as devious as that twitchy creepy one crawling near Anjali...

Thank you, by the way, all of you, for liking the Rumi/Color Edit so much. I was majorly inspired by Kate's poolside Kiss Image and Indi's Arnav images from 149/150/151...and then reading Rumi half in a dream, all jet lagged and fuzzy, the image of Arnav Khushi soaked in color came blasting in to my head. So i immediately picked myself up, made and shared!Smile

See ya all soon-ish...can't stay away for too long i have to say!Hug
The top pic reminded me the valley of Switzerland. I went there with my parents when i was a little kid.
Never been in Goa. after seeing this pics feeling a urge to visit there.
Enjoy your moment

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