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I hate that armann, zoya's past seriously made me sooo depressed I hope as ad is always like this to zoya n I hope zoya accepts as ad's love soon plz continue soon
P.s u r a great writer love your descriptions

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"Its a shame..a shame bloody !" a senior chief officer spatted

a large number of cops from evry level and district were called for this meeting..it been 6th time Malik got escape from their claws.

"looks like we are good for nothing people..that malik..how can he always fool us untill we dont have any their man between us." he paused as he looked at the crowd

"No no...i can trust anyone of you more.." he said while he tab his fingers on a table where a man sitting clear his throat in nervousness..

"now i have to take this matter in my hands...if you all cant catch him..i will have to get a new man on this project." the moment he says a young well built man enters the conference room with a knock..every heads turns to him..

he walks straight to the DIG and shake his hand..

"As i said i need to get a new officer for this work and m sure no one will be better than him for this work.
meet my student and one of the best officer of this nation..Mr Akram s. k!

evryone stood up as their eyes glued to his bright shiny face.he was too young to submit such a sensitive case to him.there were objection against him but then all were put to silence as he walked in the room as a lion and darted his eye over someone who looked a bit defensive amongst all.
he caught his collar and dragged him to the centre.

"sir ,lets start the mission!" he said as DIG smiled

he pulled his cellphone out and dialled a number ...

after three rings someone spoke on phone..


and here the grin spread on his face while rest jaws were hanging down on floor...

"ya allah ...tere samne maine sajda kre khada hua..maine agar puri zindagi me koi bhi acha kaam kiya ho..to uske badle mere molla mujhe meri zindagi dede..meri dua de..meri zoya ada kar..main janta hu ke ye mera imtehaan hai...tere faislo per mujhe pura yakeen hai..bus mujhe ya allah un faislo per chalne ki takat farma,,..mujhe shayad dozak me bhi jagah na mile..per mujhe koi gum nai..bus tu us masoom ko meri gunaho ki saza se bacha..use baksh de..use theek ker... ye faisla sahi sabit ho..uski zindagi me main khushiya bhar saku itni rehmat ada kar..."
Asad took both hands together in the form of prayer and whispered few lines before spreading the hands over face..he opens his eyes and greet to noone in particular"asalam walaikum" as he is about to stand up and pick up jaan-namaaz he found zoya sitting beside him and smiling..

a sweet smile spread on his lips as he see his life in front of his eyes..after all his janat was right in front of him..
"asalaam walaikum" he greets her again. and fold up the jaan namaz .he kisses it as he walks to the closet..

he turns around to see zoya who has still those beautiful lips turned in curve..he walks to her and maker her sit with him on bed...
"tum janti ho na ,main tumse kitna pyaar karta hu.." he says as he stroke his hair..

zoya keeps silence just blink her eyes once..asad smiles and kisses her on her forhead..

"or ap ye bhi janti hai ke main aisa kuch nai karunga jo apke liye sahi na ho.." he says as his one hand reaches to her chin while other is still on her h

he feels her slight movement of head in yes..he leans again to kiss her on her hair..

"jaan u trust me right.." he again found himself whispering those line to her...

as he waited for her to answer the door flew open and comes khala with few other ladies..

"asad ...chalna hoga..waqt ho gaya hai.."

 ladies took asad with them while khala stays back caressing zoya lightly as she gets up pick up a bag and walks to her ..she sit beside and kissed her forehead..
"ya mere malik...jo kismat hai ...use qubool karne ki himmat dena."khala's eyes blinked in happiness as she takes out a read lehenga from that bag and takes zoya to the bathroom...

few days had passed asad and zoya took shelter in that village..zoya's condition was improving slowly..coz of medicines and may also because of the biggest gift by god..LOVE!
there was not even a second where asad left her side ..he took care of her everyminute..he everyday showered evn the last drop of his love on zoya..everything was getting normal until one day..

"zoya ,...zoya kya hua.." hassena bi said as she rubbed zoya's back..

everyone was worried about her she looked pale..hasseena bi was feeding her fish when she brought everything out of her system..

"zoya ko ulti ho gai..asad jao khala ko bula lao.."

asad wo was hell scared with her condition ran towards the other door and called out for khala..
with in seconds khala took the control in the room sending asad out..she let hassena stay with her for any help..

after half an hour khala came out with hasseena..
khala loooked tensed while hasseena was already bouncing in air...
"kya hua!" asad asked as he felt his muscles tensed

"mubarak ho..tum abu bane wale ho.." haseena bi from no where jumped on asad and pulled him in hug..

asad was in mixed feeling of sad , shocked and surprised (happy) together...he looked at khala and could feel those same feeling on her face...

haseena bi broke from the hug and ran towards the other houses to spread the news..

"zo..zoya" asad asked hesitatingly

"haan" khala answered she took his hand and dragged him inside the house..where zoya was resting..

"asad...zoya ko 1 1/2 mahine ho gaye hai.."she says as she looked at asad in a tensed way..

the images of past trigger asad mind as he could remember all those nights of torture he cause her..oh man..she wont be happy to keep a nishani of torture in her womb..!

"asad..asad!" khala snaps her finger to break him from thoughts..

"haan!" asad answered absentmindedly..

"main janti hu..tum dono ka nikah nai hua hai..or ab ye baccha..asad tumhe yaha se jana hoga..warna ye gaav wale tumhare is pyar ko gunah ka naam dekar ..tumhe dozak se buri saza de denge.."

she says with fear in her eyes..

"per khala ..hum kaha jaye..or zoya is halat main bhi nai hai..-" asad gets interrupted as hasseena eneters the room without a knock..

"kya? tumhara nikah nai hua hai...??" haseena bi gives deadliest expression ever..

"nai wo baat nai hai..wo kya hai na..baccho ka nikah chup chap sa hua hai..or zoya ki khwaish hai ki uska nikah bhi dhoom dhaam se ho..to wahi baat kar rahe the..ki shayad is tarah nikah karne se zoya ki jeene ki khwaish jaag uthe.."
khala herself was not sure what did she said to save this kittens..

she looked at asad and nodded her head in yes..
"haan ...hum yai baat kar rahe the.." asad immendiately bounced in between..

"oh maine socha ki...jane do! to nikah karna he hai..to sochna kyu..kal badi raat hai..uske bad hum sab inka nikah padwa denge...kyu asad miya theek hai na.." haseen  bi looks at asad in suspicious way..

"haan thik hai.." khala answered quickly..

this was how this two reached this moment..it was their wedding day today ..in less than and hour they will be man and wife official..

"Hello...hello!" a very franatic voice spoke from other side..
"hello" humera replied worried..
"hummy...hummy...baji..baji...ka kuch pata nai chal raha hai...' the voice said as hummy  felt she was crying
"nuzzat tum ro kyu rahi ho..."
"baji...baji..gahr nai lauti hummy..." nuzzat said between her tears...

"bhaijaan ..bhaijaan" nazma squealed  as she pushed the door to open./
the thing she saw was unpleasant..she saw the devil..
yes she saw Mr gaffur with a women..she guessed they were having a fight..
but on what she could not figured it out..
she tried to peep more inside the room so that she could see the face of the girl..

"Rose!" she whispered the name as the girl turned with a blue thing towards the door...

a hard hit on the shoulder was all she got in response and the next thing she knew she was caged..

"where m i?" she thought as she tried to figured it out..

"bhaijaan..bhaijaan..."nikhat screamed as she felt two strong hand encircling her from behind...

shocked she turned to see behind..

"akram"!! her eyes hit the socket as she was horrified with his presence..the last person she ever wished to meet was standing right in front of her...

"yes it me ...Ms siddique" he answered with a grin...


"khala..ek minute.." asad signalled khala to come to him..
khala and asad both walks to a corner before asad breaks..

"khala ye galat hai...wo hosh main nai hai..." he says as water beguns to surface in his eyes..

"nai sab sahi hai..kyunki agar galat hota to ye nai hota..uski raza ke bagair kuch nai hota..." she points towards sky as she speaks..

"ab sab usper chordo asad..." khala took his hand in hers and walks towards the stage where 100 of villagers were waiting for them..

while zoya was sitting inside the room with haseena and other ladies..

after 20 minutes asad finds qazi coming towards him..he stood up in respect..a chair in given to qazi saheb to sit..
qazi starts with the wedding cceremony..
after going through few lines he asked asad ...
"kya apko zoya farooki apne sharike hyaat ki taur per qubool hai?"

only three words registered in asad's mind..as he was too lost in those moments he spended with her..
he could see those things again happening in front of his eyes in those span of moment..
his first meeting..
their first kiss..
their first making love..
their promises..
those chill nights with her in the park with coffee..
those years of waiting for her..
his crave to see her back..
she with him again...
the torture ..
the pain..
the lifeless body of zoya...
the trauma..
the pregnancy news..
everything he could see in front of his eyes happening again..

"kahiye asad beta..apko qubool hai ya nai..." a elder man amongst all approached him and shook his body a little so as to get his attention..

asad looked at him once and then the crowd who was waiting fro his answer..he could also see khala standing in the end of the crowd giving him the most assured smile..

asad looked at her once before closing his eyes again..
all he could hear was his promises given to zoya..which echoed n number of time in her ears..

"i'll be with you..always jaan...m yours..zoya..just yours..."
asad took few deep breathes before gathering courage to face the moment..this was it..it was his moment thier moment...


"Qubool hai.."he released the breath as he said openening his eyes slowly to face it..face the moment...he felt so full..so complete so relax..so complete with just two words...

and next thing he knows ..crowd heard khala's voice..after a while ..

qazi went towards the girl's room  where zoya was waiting..
after a minute or two...voice echoed in air..and he was so sure that was from khala..
"zoya ko bhi qubool hai.." and the crowd adjoined to cherish the moment...he looked up in sky and thanked god for this gift...he felt a jerk as the eldest man hugged him tight..
"mubarak ho asad ...zoya tumhari hui" and with that the last tear droped from his eyes as he looked up to sky to thanked him for this gift...

they are the best...i love them...
MILLIBig smile.

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Originally posted by jas91

hi Milli i hav been reading ur story but so far i was a silent reader nd never commented b4
but i did 2 congratulate u nd yes i wanted 2 ask u something which i hav confusion wid
well when Asad revealed 2 Zoya wht his father did wid him she didn't believed but in chapter-22 u mentioned that she was raped nd gaffur was present on that day outside Armaan's house & i also read Armaan blackmailed Zoya & agreed her 2 marry him wid Gaffur's help which is also mentioned in d chapter than why did Zoya not believed him (Asad) nd is distant from him. 
Nd yes i also wanted 2 say that i so far i really like ur story its refreshing wid lots of twist nd turns which make it even more interesting do continue d gud work u r n amazing writer.
I wanted 2 mention that plz show that how Asad nd Zoya met nd fell in luv cuz if i m not wrong i think i didn't read that till now i guess Confused
updt soon nd plz pm me 
omg..m so happy my silent readers are slowly coming out of shell..lol...
ok ...let me first welcome you ...Embarrassed
m really happy you commented...
n about your question...
well what ever gaffur did he did it in a hide out way..she was and she is still unaware of gaffur siddiques real face..it was this dirty secret between armaan and gaffur,...
and yup the thing about her trust on asad ..well what he did just shooked her brains out...she is not in a condition to add two plus two...
i hope you got the answer...
and your request ..i promise i will  put them in one update as script demands...
thanks again..
milliBig smile

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hmmm its gd 1!!
Kya zoya ku maloom h ki uska nikah hogaya? cos wo tho hosh me ni hai na..!!

Allah Miya ua story is so complicatd bt still lovd itLOL

Lovd u MilliHug

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So they married cuz Zoya is pregnant. Hmm...Najma caught (?) by Akram. What more twists are ahead for us Milli.

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aahaan new member akram...

hey ye password...password to jab gaffur was talking to sm1... either to malik I guess...
whom did he caught????n how come?
asad's prayer was very nicely written millu...ClapClapClap
koi ghapla hai kya?.or is he just scared??
y is he asking u trust me... again n again...??
pheeewww khala saved them man!!! gosh... otherwise these villagers turn into butchers at times...
nuzhat is crying!!! for her sis...
n her sis is ROSE...
ohh y is she at najma's house??
tht tooo wid gaffur... I know they had a convo before hand...but ye PORI KHICHDI HAI KYA?
ok now if im not najma got unconscious?? r88??
how does AKRAM know her?? n y is she horrified??
ek mystery clear hoti nii hai... doosri start ho jaati hai...LOL
but thts wt get us hooked ... keep it up millluu
well millu asad's feeling bfr d nikah were described BAUTIFULLLYY!!!
amaaazing update but VELYY CHOTU ONE...
aaj ki update must be long!!

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Loved the update. They are married... Finally. Continue soon.

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finally nikaah hogayaBig smile
loved it Heart

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