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Originally posted by maha2012

milli update kardooo plzzzCry
tumne comment nai kiya na???Ouch

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Originally posted by Saralicious

omg..its beautiful..

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Originally posted by MILII_BAKSHI

Originally posted by maha2012

milli update kardooo plzzzCry
tumne comment nai kiya na???Ouch
sorry milli have been busy with uni life! but have been reading all the updatesTongue
bas jaldi se update kardooo plzzzWink

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Before starting with the update i would clear my readers doubt as many of you dont know the meaning of daha which i wrote in last update..so here you go!




lavlina it means...

1 line}  bura jo dhundan main chala..

i am trying to search for the evil the bad thing the sinful man the awful spirit  outside the world..

2} bura na miliya koi

i tried and searched my level best ..but in the end i dint found anyone so evil and so sinful ...

3} bura jo dekha aapan main/..

when i just looked in to my soul in my heart..

3} mujhse bura na koi..

i found that no one is as evil as me..as sinful as me...as awful as me...

i hope i dint confuse you all further,...



Part 22

"what do you mean nuzhat that m as good as bhai!" rose asked in an shocked and concern tone..

nuzhat dint gave her anyresponse she just sat on floor..and stared at the calender..

rose eyes too darted on the same..

"what is it?" rose asked a bit woried

when she dint get any response again she thought to check out herself..

rose took the calender and turned few pages ..she dint get any thing..

taking calender with her she sat next to nuzat placing a gentle hand overs her petite hand..

"what is it?" she asked again calmly

nuzhat took the calender and turned pages untill her eye rest on one month...

SEPTEMBER!" rose found herself saying

"nuzhat again dint gave anyresponse she just reach towards  her studying table and grabbed the diary along with a photo..

rose took the diary from her and turned their pages to the  september..

1st september
It all messed..i messed it..she doesnt love me..y ..y she dont love me..y! i will teach her a lesson...
i will make sure she accepts me..
i have a plan!

2nd sept.

i finally made her confess that she loves me..m so happy..!!!


rose took the diary in hand and walked to nuzat who was sobbing like crazy looking at armaan's photo.

you know everything right! tell me! i need to know!" she said as she brushed nuzhats hair..

as if the touch acted as a little push so as the little nuzat could spill out her fear and all dark secrets which she has hidden from every one..

"Baji..us us din..jab  bhai...bhai ..waha gaffur uncle ke ghar se aaye the tab.." nuzat was crying badly and yet she continued saying

"bhai ..came here with zoya..she was not in good position..bhai continuously were saying to zoya that if she dont obey he will die..asad will die.." nuzhat looked at rose who repoded her in yes..

"baji she was beaten very badly..he made her nude on door itself..he was drunk a too much ..i wanted to help her but was too scared i hided myself behind these door..i kept a hand over my mouth so as bhai donot get to know that m here.."

nuzat holded rose hand tightly as she continued.." that girl was sobbing very badly..but she dint say anything..bhai pulled her to his room and then the door got banged ..i took a little courage to get out of room and as i was walking towards door to call for help i heard that girls scream..

bhai raped her ..he raped her baji...how could he...how could he baji!" nuzhat broke down as she screamed in disgust..

"baji after 4 hours i heard him again..he was on phone..to someone they were talking about the file..the blue one..they said it has a clue about the malik...and if cops gets it they would be damned...bhai said that he is ready to give all vedio clips of her and the girl with him ..on other hand he asked him to convince the girl to marry him willingly..
i was shockedto hear that..what is going on..i tried to hear more when my phone rang..when i turned back to sneek peak in hall ..i found that the girl was now dressed and bhai was feeding her..she looked angry but dint say a no..her eyes were full of tears and cheeks were red may be i saw some finger print on her.. bhai was behaving different no more animal sought off..he took care of her but she maintained giving the disgusting look..he asked her holding her in arms..that whom she will choose if he gives two option..father prestige or lovers life..
i dint understood what did he meant by that and m sure even the girl was dumbfounded..she looked at him and he asked again..bhai said he is planning to leak those clips in air ..or kill asad..but he is confsed what to do first..
the girl started crying badly and she nodded her head vigourously in NO...she pleaded as not to do that..but bhai dint lisn to her.. after a minute or so  bhai got a call..he put that thing on speaker..soemone oldie spoke from other side..
its done Asad is no more...bhai smiled and pulled her in to a kiss he said he knew what she would choose already..so he dint wait...he also added that dont worry for asad as he is told its your wish too to get him killed!..
the girl was losted..she dint move and now her body too refused to react ...bhai started to do the dirt to her again..but she dint react this time...i again hided myself in kitchen..till i could no longer hear anybreathing sound..bhai took her along with him... "

then?" rose asked nuzi still holding her hand tight..

"baji i knew he was in love with the girl but never thought it was the same girl whom he raped..that day during his engagement party i saw her on stage..i was shocked to know that she was ready to marry him..y? ...i met her sister..Hummy..few days after engagement i called her up ..by her phone was taken by a male ..i requested him to give the phone to hummy but he said she is sleeping..and this continued almost everytime i called her..oneday i finally heard something..it was hummy's voice..she was talking to someone may be the same fellow on phone..she called him ayaan.."

"ayaan!" rose asked again..
how can ayaan be with hummy...?? was he working for siddique..but he is son of dilshad..i mean having his own firm y he worked for his rival..?? rose found herself asking

"ayaan! yes baji ayaan...the one who later i found was stayng with bhai..sharing one apartment.." nuzat said confused

"i also spotted one bald oldie  near our house after the rape incident..and one day..bhai came running..he packed by stuff and aked me to stay with nmy aunt..where he is going out for weeks..as we were locking the house he got a call and he was too shocked to hear the voice..."

whose voice it was..what had happened that day? tell me more!" rose asked again

"i dont know baji...all i know that he got a call and after that i dint see him ..." nuzat said as a matter of fact..

rose tried to put 2+ 2  together when the clock showed 4...

"time to go!" she whispered as she wiped nuzhat's tears and she made a walk to her wardrobe.



"hummy stop laughing,.." ayaan said grumpily

"what?"hummy asked innocently

it was the third time this two liner convo took place in the presence of thier new guest mr..singham..

"y is he here?" ayaan asked hummy

"coz u know he was in need of help..poor guy!" hummy said in teasing tone..

as they were talking ayaan felt a shadow overhead..he looked up just to see their new guest Mr hile dule singham staring and listening to their covo..

"ayo hum apko pareshan kiya..humko acha nai lagaji..per ap madad kiya..bahoot touchy laga ji.." he said and ayaan felt his hand wondering on his arms..

"uughhh...mr..hile dule singham..please go back to your seat.." ayaan torted

and the rest journey was history atleast for ayaan it seems so!!ROFL

 sunright hit his face and he found himself sleeping under a tree...God! he slept out the whole night!

he was too lost in guilt and thoughht that he dint even realised when sleep took over him...'

"asad.." a sweet old voice rang in his ears..

"haan.." he answered as he got up just to see khala standing there..

"zoya needs you now.." she said in a low voice..

asad immediately got up and walked inside the house with khala,he found zoya cuddled into ball and sobing loudly..

asad walked towards her and tried to talk..

"zoya!" he said as he stroked her hair.
zoya looked at him and then with a force she pushed him away..but asad just pulled her into hug ..a tight one! as she kept on hitting him with her hand..

"khala..ap thodi der ke liye .-" asad stopped as before he completes khala moved out of door..

"sshh..jaan kya hua..? dont get scared baby..m here!..baby..look at me..m here.." he said as he cupped her face in hands..

zoya looked at him as tears of fear dint bother to stop..

he caressed her cheek with one hand and kissed her lightly on forhead..after a lot more efforts she finally calmed down..asad made her drink water and called out for khala...khala came as she got medicine for her,,

"waqt lagega asad!" asad heard khala saying as he was lost in his own puddle of guilt..

"but she will be ok soon!" she assured him further..
these are new clothes for you two ..get bath and wear them..

"uh..khala..ap kisiko keh dijiye zoya ke liye..main nai.." asad tried to find a correct word when khala interrupted

"tumhi khayal rakhoge uska..jo kiya hai..use sudharo.." she said as she walked away leaving asad with zoya..

asad walked to her as he saw all ladies left the house..
he gently touched her hand and made her stand up..she dint rebel she just stood there..he took her to washroom where Haseena bi (new headache) had kept warm water for them.

he holded her tight and closed the bathroom door from behind..the washroom was too small so he adjusted her body close to him ..he saw two buckets of warm water..he holded her tight with one hand as he turned her to face him..he took her hair and tied up above hers and locked it with hair clip..
he slowly snaked his hand around her waist and brought his face near her shoulder..he kissed her lightly..

"I love you jaan!" he whispered slowly as he twirl his tongue around her shoulder lightly..he found zoya claslping her hand on his shirt..

he kissed a bit more as his hands searched for the zip on her dress..when he finally got it he turned to look at her..

he smiled at her making her confortable..he kissed her on cheeks..and then on her lips..he started with a broken one and then the kissing went into long and deep one..

his hands worked on her dress and as he broke form kisses ,,he had removed her clothes successfully..

zoya's eyes were closed as her hands still were on his shirt..zoya felt something wet falling on her which made her eyes get wide open..yes asad was pouring water on her with one hand while he firmly holded her in place with other..

asad guage the tension in her eyes and so he quickly wrapped her in his arms and soothed her by brushing her back and placing few kissis on neck..

he was wet now coz of the sudden embrace..he kept her close as he found a weak rebel from her side ..he bent his knees and kneeled down on floor making her too get kneel down..he dint broke hug even for a second..as he tilted a bit and filled a jug with water and slowly he poured the water on him.. which slipped from him  and brushed her body ..
he felt zoya snuggling a bit more and so  he droped the jug down and holded her face at a distance..he smiled at her and kissed her nose as he again reached for the jug..as he took her back in hug..he again pour water on him which indirectly went on her as their body was too close...he soaped her slowly making sure her wounds dont get worse more..

as he finished soaping he again repeated the same ..he dint leave her body even for a micro secong she was clinge in him totally..

as he finshed her bathing he made her stand and reached for towel..he wrap her in it and got out of bathroom..as he stepped out he realised he was soaked with his  clothes on  from top to bottom and that to soap everywhere on him..he made her sit on the cot for a while..till than he rushed to washroom to quickly get out of his dress as he needed her to change in fresh one..

a minute later when he finally came out ..he was in towel only..he stepped towards cot and found that his beautiful angel was snoaring on cot still on towel..he quickly put some cloth on him as he was not sure.. about anyone's surprise visit ..which wont be pleasant for sure..

he changed and again got back to her..he stopped mid way as he saw his princess in cute little baby kind off sleep..
he smiled at his sight and sat beside her..he took a new dress and made her seat..obviously her sleep got broke and before she could react he gave a most sweet smile and she was calm in a second..

he slowly made her wear the dress as he reached out for the clip on her head..he remove it gently making her hair fall on her shoulder..

he saw a comb near window..he reached out for it...he took it and went back to zoya who was just staring at asad blankly..

he sat behind her and brushed the comb in her hair..all i can say he just managed to put her hair to fit in that clasp..hair clip..coz this job was not his cup of tea!

he pulled her close to him as her back was touching his chest..he pulled her with him to the wall so he could rest his back comfortably..
she was sitting between his legs ..he took her hand in his and played with her finger as he talked to her in whisper..the most words from his lips were.." ilove you..i really do!"

he pulled her little more as now she was on his lap ..he swing his lap to up and down ..as he started humming a beautiful lines..in her ears..

"haan har ghadi ..har safar ..har disha main tum ho..main dekhta hu jidhar..
main muskurake tumhe jaan bhi ye de du..tum maang lo jo agar.."

he stoped in between as he felt zoya's body getting a little loose..may be his princess wa off to sleep again..he pulled her head gently and placed a loving kiss on her hair..as he did ..a silent tear who was afraid to fell.. roll down from his eyes...unbeknownst of the fact that he was not alone..there was one more tear, who dropped its existence in silence as asad kissed her..and it was none other than ZOYA..

 PART 23

Ok m done with this chapter ...


shukriya for all ur comments and liking..m very lucky to have loyal readers with me ..who leave their presence with leaving my post..

shukriya ..


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okk milllu  frst of ol il put up my views then il add my bandars...LOL coz I really loved the update n don want to any part...Embarrassed

frst of ol thaaanx 4 d translation of d Doha...EmbarrassedLOL it was realll a good 1...ClapClapClap
finally sm1s thr to open up her eyes... rose's eyes which r open but I guesss not open enogh to see wt should be seen...
weelll  picturized d whole update hence according to tht nuzhat's acting was bang on...
she reacted xaaactly d way any 1 else would react at tht situation
y does evry1 get evil wid the poor girl zoya widout evn thinking 1nc???
vn nuzhat is in this much pain while narrating the incident ... then thinking of zoya's condition at tht time is sending down shivers to me...
but 1 thing is crystal clear tht wteva wrong armaan tht was out of lust , hunger to  make zoya his... , this way or that just make her his...
besides that he had also in mind tht she betrayed him n was hurt n angry at d time...
n obvio it is a fact tht vneva v r angry olmost ool are actions r RUTHLESS WIDOUT A THOUGHT...
n d lil bit sense tht was left in him was damn... taken over by alchohol...
he feeding her nicely I think is more than enogh to know tht d devil in him last n8 was bcoz he was ANGRY + DRUNK d biggest SENSE EATERS...!!!!!
coming to zoya she realllyy sacrificed a lot 4 her love ALOT REAAALLYY MUCH MOOORE THAN NEEDED...
frst she is betrayed by her own father, had to save her love, go through soo much, then again tortured by HER love of life (olthough he wasn't at mistake bt still) n then finally ol set to b killed by d evils who just use her as a prawn of their game...
felt reallly reaaalllyyy bad for her... hope her misery will be lessend by asad' love n care wch she no doubt HIGHLY DESERVES...
but y did armaan lie to her tht asad is dead??
hummy n ayaan was cute ...
millu tu niii sudhregii naaa...LOL itne serious part m bhiii tujhe masti soojh ri haiii...LOL
pooor ayaan...LOLROFL 
uughhh...mr..hile dule singham..please go back to your seat.." ayaan torted

and the rest journey was history atleast for ayaan it seems so!!ROFLROFL

tu paaagal hai..LOL ROFL 
HIS  KHALA is really a wise lady!!! nii??
she knows everything on her own ?? or thr is something wch u r going to mention up next...??
loved the way he comforted her...
ohhh man he giving her bath ufff im dead...
milllu I tell it was THE MOST CUTEST ADORABLE BATHROOM scene eva eva eva..Embarrassed.
haseena bi??LOL
I reaallly love the way u describe how asad admires zoya...
d lines u use are ecstatic... reallly beautiful ... I want to quote them but 4 tht I have to quote the WHOLE OF ASYA SCENE..EmbarrassedClapClapClap
D BSET 1 FROM THIS UPDATE (olthough this was d mooost difficult task to choose from ol d other wonderful lines but stilll)
his princess in cute little baby kind off sleep
over ol a mind blowing update milluClapClapClap

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mast update...bilkul badhiya wala

oh my god...my poor Zoya...damn!!! she has suffered a lot

i hate Arman

so now..wbt rose..what she will do...is she is still planning to kill zoya..i think she will help her now                                                     

Mr. Hile dule Singham

And for the asya part..i dun hav words..just wanna say ki it was beyond imagination,,,amazing millu...i really really really loved it...

u know milli u hav a great talent in writing romantic stories..and it was outstanding...i was in la  la land

This time she was so comfortable wid him                             

millu tu apne bachhoke sath bahut achhi lag rahi hai but baki 499 kaha hai ROFL

chal update soon                             

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Very nice update. My God Zoya's past is so scaring. I m Cry . She suffer so much both in past and future. Now hope her future is good. Hey dont make any more torture on my poor princess. I felt that arman is not good. But i dont he is this kind of guy. When i read that part where he torture zoya and rape her. My heart beat skipped. Pls i request u dont show any more torture on zoya in your next updates. I think ayan is also cheating her and helped arman. I hope arman was not dead because i want zoya take her revenge on him. If possible i feel that i burn arman first in acid later crusiefied him and then burnt him alive sath me uska puri body me needles ghusa kar rakh deta Angry . How could he done this to my princess. Asad is so caring. Hope he redem himself and win zoya's full trust again. Ok enough bakwas. Hope u dont get bore when u reading my comments. Update next part soon. And thanks for pm.

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