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Posted: 31 August 2013 at 5:14am | IP Logged
aur di sab thik thak!!!
once again an awesome part by one of my cutest forum di...

jaldi update karna kyunki shayad iske baad main ek mahine baad forum kholo as exams are here...

so keep updating and rocking as usual...

PS: iss baar highlight kar diya hai...phir mat bolna ki cmment nhi kiya...sry agar bura laga ho..

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"imraan ap.." ap soye nai.." nikhat said as she was shocked to see imraan standing in front of her..

"you are going somewhere niks.." he said as he slowly walked to her..

'uh..hmm..uh..haan just for a walk i guess.." she said as she smiled broadly to cover up her lies..

"imraan you wanna join me.." she asked crossing finger...

"well...you continue..i think i will prefer a nap just before the big thing..."

"big thing...what big thing??" she asked raising her eybrows..

"oh niks you forgot...you are getting discharge right!" imraan brushed her hair making her bounced instantly..

" niks baby.."imraan stared at her

nikhat smiled and looked at him in his eyes..

"dont you ever betray me..(looking into her eyes)...u know what you mean to me right!" he said as he engulfed her in a hug..

"y r u even asking this...i wont imraan ..i wont.." she said as she clutched the watch kept in under her stuff tighly..

"i wont imraan ..but m afraid that its you!" she thought as she too hugged him back,,


"bhaijaan ap kaha ja rahe hai?" humera stoped asad in between flaring her both hands in air..

"hummera..z..zoya-" asad started just to get interrupt by humera..

"bhaijaan ...i dont wanna hear anything from you..please bhaijaan just leave from here...i dont wanna say some desrespectful words for you from the tongue who always treated you as elder.."

she said as she walked cross asad..

"humera ...i know i did something so sinful that i cant change..but trust me!I-" asad was interrupted..

"bhaijaan...i think the convo have ended!" she said as she left for her bedroom..

asad stood there in silence ..tears and regrets were evident in his eyes..he so wanted to correct things but life cheated him again...

asad sat on floor curled up in ball in silence for a minute or two when he found ayaan coming running with zoya in his arms...
what the hell is happening now? he found asking himself..

"bhaijaan ...uthiye...hame ye jagah abhi chorni hogi!" ayaan sounded a bit panicked..

"no m not leaving..."asad replied with a stone face..

but y..?? ayaan asked again

"coz i deserve this!" asad said as a tears drop fell from his eye..

ayaan shook asad's shoulder and hugged him tight...no bhaijaan ..u dont deserve this..you deserve to be happy...no one is saint..no one will ever be too..but it takes a lot of courage to regret and try to fix the mistake."

"i dont know bhaijaan..you are leaving..right now.." he said in a loud voice..

asad was litterally drag by ayaan towards door where asad eyes were fix on the corner room where zoya was sleeping...

"you stay here...i will get zoya.."he said as he marched towards her room..

ayaan opened the door just to find hummy standing between hinm and zoya..

"hummy hato ..hume yaha se jana hoga.."

"nai..zoya will not go with him.."

ayaan walked a more and pushed her a litte to catch zoya by her arms..

"ayaan nai..ap aisa kuch nai karenge,...bhaijaan ke satyh zoya nai jayengi..." she said as she again blocked his way where ayaan took zoya in a bridal style..

"watch me!" he said as he again pushed her a little and reached out for asad..


asad looked at his brother who was worried but determined..then he looked at zoya who was in his arms she was sleeping may be the effect of medicine was still there and then his eyes darted on hummy who was in sweats but still had furrowed eyebrows and was running to stop them..

"bhaijaan zoya ko leke yaha se chale jaiye...abhi!" ayaan gave zoya in asad's arm and turned to hold hummy in a tight hug..

she tried to struggle from his grip but he dint let her move..he holded her till he found a smiling asad walking out of the doors with zoya..

ayaan released humera and before she could say a word he slightly traced his two fingers below her ears and next thing she knew was all black out

few minutes earlier..

"ayaan dont!" humera threatened as ayaan successfully managed to snatch the phone from her hand..

without wasting a minute he pressed the red button on it and threw it away on floor making it crack in pieces..

"what the-"

humera looked at ayaan angrily and got back on floor to pick up the dead cell..

"kyu?" she asked showing him pieces..

"kyu??? are u asking me y?? what the hell were u doing?" he asking him pacing towards her on floor..
she dint said a word but ayaan knew it that the worst was done...

ayaan walked across hummy to asad's room with out even looking at her.hummy sighed as a tear of fera escaped her eyes..


ayaan sighed as he smiled carrying an unconcious hummy with him..the first thing he saw was a black car..it dint matter which madel or which no it was he just hoped in placing hummy on the next seat beside his..

he occupied his place on driver seat ..he actually commited a crime..yes he hot wired the car and drove it away...completely forgetting about the nikhat who was suppose to meet them here ...


Brother brother think alike asad too hot wired a car near by and drove with zoya as far as he could.. he was still driving when he felt zoya moving in her sleep..OH GOD! she must be getting wake!
he crossed his fingers  and prayed to lord to dont make things worse for him..but ALAS! she woked up..

asad tried to hide himself but the car was too small to play hide and seek here..

so he just calmed down and looked at her smilingly.

zoya was staring at him blankly as if she dont know him..and then all of sudden here comes a scream this time repeated name echoing of humera..

asad tried to calm down her but she dint stop..he tried to brush her tears but it only made her scream even more..she looked here and there and dint found anyone..

asad knew she was searching for hummy so he played a trick..

"shhh..baby..listen to me ..ok shh just listen to me.." he said while again trying to calm her down but she dint..

"you wanna meet hummy right?' he said in a straight tone..and witnessed a magic as zoya screams began to get lowered..she looked at him blankly..

"i m taking you to her..ok jaan! please calm down ok!! just calm down baby!" he said as he reach his hand to stoke her hair lovingly but she flinched..

she sobbed where asad literally had banged his head against the steering wheel thrice..

he asked her to stop crying but she dint..her hiccups were getting more powerful second by second..he offered her water..but she jerked his hand away dripping the water all over the car..

it was an hour when asad saw a group of cops and traffic police in mid of road..may be checking was going on..
he saw zoya who deffo dint look good..he knew if they found her this way they would be in problem..so he again requested zoya to stop crying but she dint listen..

asad right before the checking thing took a turn to left and halted his car between trees..
he pulled zoya close and made her seat on his lap while he still was on driver seat..she was facing him..her voice appeared to raise as he quickly with a force smacked her lips he continiued to kiss her while slowly her body gave up and her screams got suprressed..he kissed for a minute holding her waist lightly and placing her properly on him so as her legs dont come in between the gear..

he lifted her bottom a little and pulled her more and now she was right there on him!
he quickly turned car gear from neutral to  nd then 3 simultneously pressing the clutch nd the accelerator he drove his car quickly..he saw another huge truck between the road and the cops seems to be more interested in that truck rather than other 4 wheelers on road so he picked up a good speed and passed by them...

he dint let her leave him even for a second...when he found they were safe now ..he slowly parted his lips from her..he saw her breathing heavily with closed eyes..she looked the most adorable thing to him..

she opened her eye gently and then looked at him..he had a bigger and happy smile on his face..somewhat that made zoya forget about hummy for a while..

asad smiled her as he tried to place her back on the seat beside him..but found that it was too late as she has just passed out...her deep even breathe were more soothing than her screams..he smiled on his own thought..

2 hours has passed still they could not find a satisfiying good spot to hide out..he tried every turns and alley and now he was here out of town somewhere between bush driving in no particular direction..

few jerk in the car and the car refuse to move a step...what the -" asad screamed mentally...he saw zoya who was still leaning over him and her face burried in his neck...
he gently picked her up and managed to make her sit on seat beside him and he open to diagnose the car as if he was a doctor..stupid asad!

after operaating car for 30 minutes more..finally he whispered.."i think car hs broke down!"

he looked here aand there and found a dim of lights sprkling at a distance...he thought to better seek for help rather sit here nd wit for their deth s the climate was very chilly...

he quickly stepped bck to his car lifter zoya in his arm and walked in the direction of the lights...

 Thank god! it was a small village there and some celebration waas going on...he walked towards it ...the music which was playing from  distance suddenly halted..

every one was looking at a distance to zoya and then asad..

he took few more step then someone like chota bull kind off bumped on him..

"hey who r you?" he found her asking

"wo ..main ..main wo...salaam m asad ahmed khan.." he said rubbing his collar..kind of nervous..

"haseena bi...choro bacho ko..dekho lagta hai bechara pareshan hai..uski aurat bhi kuch bimaar lag rahi hai..."

whole village gather to  help asad and took them to their hakim the eldest person amongst them..

"khala...ye in bacho ki madad karo.." a elder man spoke as he took her hand and devotionally rubbed both eyes agianst the back of her hand and then kissed as purety..

khala turned to see  familiar face asad..


"abu..ap mujhe kyu nai samjhte..."a girl in her 16 spoke as she looked up high in sky and closed her eyes, letting the drops of tears fall from her eyes..

"abu...y dont you ever listen to me.."the girl fell on floor as her legs could no longer take her wieght..the bottle in her hand slipped and broke into hundred pieces..
she looked at the bottle again blinking her eyes once and then twice..she tried to lift her body on her own as no one was there around to help her...yes she was walking on deserted road..totally drunk!

she was there for a long time when a hard light slap over her face making her go blind for a minute..the other second she knew she was getting pulled by someone in the car ..she was too drunk to notice who was the man and where was she going..

The next morning...

the girl woke up on a bed.. her head pounded , musled ached and all she could see was darkness. she was sure that if she opened her eyes she was sure that her head would hurt even more. what happened last night? was i having another episode ? she turned to other side and found no one beside her.she sighed in relief
she touched herself there! 'No of course not, it wasn't sore enough.' she thought again
she thought for a minute ,scrunching her eyes closed . she tried to recall her memory of last night but got nothing ..
she had this feeling; it was the one she tried to avoid at all cost.HANGOVER!

she looked for her phone but found it no where..she searched for her teddy bag but still found nothing.

she tried hard to keep her eyes open and the bright light of sunlight hit her face again..she quickly closed them back..

"OH GOD!!" she screamed taking her face between hand

"Humera.." a very calm voice echoed in the room making her freeze for a moment.

humera felt the bed shift and she stayed as still as possible. was someone in  bed? she really dont want to open eyes to check, her head sore.
she felt something wrap itslef around her waist...she did the only thing she could think off she screamed. Keeping her eyes still close.
"humera!" ayaan's voice silenced her instantly.

her eyes sprung open to see him lying beside her. sleep in the corners of his eyes as he rubbed it away with the back of his hand." what's wrong?" his sleepy voice possibly the sexiest sound she had ever heard..

Back to the point." why are y u in my bed?" she screeched, sitting up , putting the covers up to her chest.

"Correction, you're in my bed." he said with a smug look on his face.

what exactly happened?

Do you really want the answer to that question? The little voice taunted.
Oh. My. God.
"dont tell me i did it with you this time..."she said as she raised her eyebrow..

"what?"ayaan asked confused
"you too took advantage of me like others..haan!"she said pointing finger at him..
"may be you should get the whole story before you jump to conclusions. I dint sleep with you last night.If anything i should get a medal for having , strenght to resist." He got out the bed, only wearing boxers. Even his back looked good
"what?" she hissed. standing on the bed now.
"it was YOU that tried to sleep with ME . But I REFUSED. put you to bed and then got into my own." He explained , still not looking at her.

she looked down for a while and said in hesitate tone..
"ayaan ..did you call abu?" she looked into her eyes

"what do you think?" he said with a smirk..

" i think you dint.." she said as she got up from bad and quickly moved towards bathroom whispering a sorry before him...

"humera..." she heard her name calling...

she turned to see ayaan on driver seat and she almost lying on pssenger seat...
 where are we...ouch that hurts!" she said as she touched her neck nd rubbed it lightly...

"baby...HIDE ND SEEK!" he chuckled

she understood..what exactly might have happened and so she in frustrtion looked at ayaan only to get a wink by him and a fying kiss...

irritating her ,more...!!

the rest journey was silent well almost untill ayaan found some one dancing classical between road...

"he stopeed the car just to here some amusing tone and a line.." IDLI KI KASAM"

the next thing he know humera died laughing

rose made a deal with gafoor for zoya's life..no doubt she had treated her as a sister..but the truth is she was no where in blood ..so no hopes!

she turned around just to see nuzat leaning on door her hands over knobs and her eyes with tears..

whats wrong?  rose found herself asking..

"i heard that..how could you do that to her.." she said as she ran towards hall followed by rose..

"nuzi what did i do?"
"you are as good as bhai..."

"what do you mean by that..." she said nothing but just ran out of door throwing a vase on her way...

"GO Away!" rose heard her screaming as she passed through door..

what wrong ? rose again thought..bhai? what did armaan do? rose took a quick big steps and reached for the diary she kept in her room..she sat on studying table and opened few pagges which she trailed of..

asad knew khala she was the one who had saved them that time when gaaffur was behind their life..the moment he saw her he cried as he looked at zoya...
khala immediately took care of zoya with the help of assistance..

aan hour later he was sitting under a banyan tree when he heard khala'S VOICe from behind..she dint ask anything..dint even said anything to him in particular..she just walked crossed him saying something which shooked him completely...





i know its bda wala update...so m ready if i hear snoring.../

breeze nd mysticlover this updte is dedicated to you too..i hope you liked it..




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Originally posted by AMMY12

nice one
thanks dear

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Posted: 31 August 2013 at 10:19am | IP Logged
sorry yaar i just check that ek para cut karnaa bhul gaai...to m sorry...kal lappy se theek karungi...promise...
Linsie IF-Addictz

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love the way aayan did it... just carried zoya and passed her to asad...

all this four need answer to what happen... no more hide and seek

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Originally posted by Linsie

love the way aayan did it... just carried zoya and passed her to asad...

all this four need answer to what happen... no more hide and seek

thanks dear...yes they will know...very soon
rendezvousvin IF-Rockerz

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Gud one Milli... Do update soon...

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will read tomorrow morning...ab padhungi to pakka so jaoongi..bada wala update hai naLOLLOL

It was a really really long update Milli!!Big smile
Ayaan helped Asad to escape with Zoya!! and loved how Ayaan took care of Humz making her lose consciousnessLOLLOL
and Idli ki kasam came upROFL ROFL

What does Nuzhat mean Rose is like Armaan??ShockedConfused
Now what has Khala told Asad which shook him up??Shocked

p.s- sorry about the late unresBig smile..BTW I loved Gun's comment on this update...2 fingers on the neck...kaam tamaam ROFLROFL

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