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Jab se hua hai karam tera mujhpar...
mazhab koi khudara nai...
Jab se hua hai karam tera mujhpar...
mazhab koi khudara nai...
mere is dil ki na dhadkan koi jisne tujhe haan pukara nai...

because you'r the one..baby you'r the one
my destiny only you'r the one...
be with me..walk with me..
my esctasy only you'r the one...

asad woke up from his sleep just to find her sleeping beside him like a baby..her body curled up like an infant hands fixed on his chest..
he smiled at the view and He moved up to the bed platform. He sat down on the bed, hoping his weight on the bed would not disturb her. He reached out, lightly touching her hands. They were warm, soft as they'd always been. He closed his eyes, trying not to think of how easily her touch had always been able to calm him, how easily she could comfort him..He slowly  picked up her hand, noticing she'd lost weight even on her hands..drop of guilt fell from his eyes as he raised her hands to his lips kissing it gently...He felt zoya stir just a bit, but felt certain she'd fall right back asleep...He watched as her breaths became even again, she was still sleeping peacefully.

He slowly got up, and moved to the head of the bed.After all he'd done, he had no right to do this. He was selfish though, he wanted to hold her one last time. Gently, he lifted her sleeping form up, and held her against him.He sat back aganist the pillows..He knew the Doctor did not want him this close to her, were afraid she'd have another roundof attack with him around, but at that moment he cared little for what the doctor thought, and honestly last night gave him enough courage to get  her back, once he succeeds..then hopefully he would join her in death soon...He sighed softly, as she turned her head against his chest, just as she'd always use to do before...He leaned back against her pillow, closing his eyes.

"hello nikhat!" ayaan said

"yes .." nikhat said refraining a bit on words..

"is imraan next to you..?" ayaan asked again..

"hmm...' she just hummed him

"ok listen...ur life is in danger ...rashid had order to kill you...leave from ther and hide somewhere ..we will soo trasport you away from here ...meet bhaijaan before leaving.."

nikhat kept on listening while imraan was busy with cutting fruits for her..her eyes were stick on the watch..

imraan smiled as their gaze met but she dint respond intead blinked her eye once and got back to convo..

"ok...i will..." she said as she hurriedly tried to keep the phone..

"n listen nikhat.." ayaan started making nikhat place the earphone back to ear..she saw imraan with fruit  beside her and so she just picked up one while succesfully managing ti drop the plate down on floor...
"oops sorry!" nikhat pretended to be sorry

imraan looked at her and nodded his head in yes once and then kneeled down to pick up the fruits scattered..

"haan boliye..!" nikhat said as she smiled looking at her nautanki...

"thanks!" ayaan said genuinely...

nikhat thought of the bomb fiasco and smiled ..nodding her head in yes again..

and she hunged the phone...
imraan got back with other plate of fruits and she repeated the same..but this time she smartly pulled the watch out of his wrist without his consent..

tu hai meri ..main hu tera..kuch bhi or hamara nai...
tera har gum hai mere liye or...mera ek gum bhi tumhara nai...
tera sath jiyu..tere sath rahu..main banke tera saya...

kyunki tum he ho...ab tum he ho..
zindagi..ab tum he ho..
chain bhi..mera dard bhi...meri aashiqui ..ab tum he ho...

asad sighed softly, enjoying this closeness to her, this now forbidden closeness.he was not sure with her reaction later but thi moment was just total paradise for him..He was holding her again, securely just as he always had.

after a minute or two..pecking her forehead lightly he moved out of door...giving a fly kiss to her in air...

"are bhaijaan aap..aap yaha kitchen me?" humera asked crunching her eye brows..

"haan wo aj main break fast bana raha hu.." asad said as he walked to the drawers and shelf and with a hustle noises he pulled two utensils out..

"bhaijjan ap kyu takleef kar rahe hai..tell me what you want ..i m here to help.." humera looked at the kitchen once  and than towards asad who was busy with breaking eggs...

"bhaijaan ayaan ko egg nai pasand..." humera walked towards asad giving him a concerned look..

"pata hai.." asad answered happily..

"to fir ye kyu?" humera aked taking egg shelf in hand showing to asad by moving them in circle in front of him..

"its not for us hummy its for our your api.." ayaan appeared from no where all clumsy as if he had just woked up from sleep..

"but aapi only have juice in breakfast.." hummy said looking at the two bro together..

"well she is done with those tasteless foods..i m going to feed her this...she will eat it..meri guarantee.." asad said as he mistakely reached a haldi wala hand ti his collar to pull it...

ayaan actually was on floor the next ten minutes coz of laughing..he finally broke from laugh when he again heard bhaijaan from hummy rosy lips...
one death glare was enuf to shut her..

asad smirked at the kiddos..n got back to work again...

exactly killing 3 eggs he finally succeded with the forth...with a victorious smile he hugged hummy and ayaan .he got those eating plates in a tray and moved to his princess room..
he stoped as he saw zoya still in her sleep..

"Zoya..."he said softly ...placing the dish beside on the table..brushing her hair with smooth touches..

"as..asad." zoya said hoarsely. she had screamed so much last night, it seemed she was unable to raise her voice above whisper.

He stiffened for a moment."she remember my name." he whispered softly."umm..how are you feeling today!"
zoya opened her eyes and found him leaning over a bit as his whispers were bruising her ears...

"as..asad!" she literally jumped of again with wide eyes but asad just caught her on time,.
he pulled her gently and made her sit on his lap..zoya was still half sleepy somewhere...she really dint understood how fast all went and now she was on him well almost...

Tujhme raha...tujhme pala main...
tere liye..he jala main..
de hosla hai tune churaya..
main kya hu tune bataya..
sab tera he hai..mera jo bhi hai wo..haq mujhpe tera pehla...

because you'r the one..baby you'r the one
my destiny only you'r the one...
be with me..walk with me..
my esctasy only you'r the one...

"feeling better!" asad asked as he took her hand close to his lips placing butterfly kisses on her hand..he realized that zoya dint jerk her hand this time..she was infact was quite comfortable with him around atleast this time!
asad quickly kissed her hair as he turned around a bit just to pick the plate with food..

he took the glass of water first and brought close to her lips ..at first she dint drank but than slowly she opened her lips taking a sip and soon she finished it all ...asad kept brushing her hair with one hand while holding the glass for her as she drank..

after she finished asad kept the glass aside and made zoya tilt her head a bit...he wiped her face by his hand and gave a healthy sweet smile to her...

ayaan and humera who were standing outside of door hidden watching everything got tears in their eyes...ayaan dint bother to wipe her tear coz he knew that this one was for happiness..he took her in warm embraced and walked over to their bedroom..

asad heard some footsteps near by walking away..he was too not bother for now to leave zoya anyhow ..so he  got back to work what he has left incomplete that is feeding zoya..zoya was only on liquid diet from the day she went in shock and that too she would have it by hummy around ..stictly no asad!

asad was happy about the improvement and so he took other step..he took the plate in one hand and used other hand to feed her ...zoya was encircled between his arms ..asad placed first bite close to lips ...which she strictly denied to eat..

he kept the plate back to bed and snaked her hand around her waist ..keeping it there for a moment ..he kissed her shoulder once..repeating please a couple of time..
zoya felt sudden warmth around him and she slowly opened her mouth to take the first bite...asad smile as she opened her mouth more than the food he holded in fingers..she almost tasted his finger too..but asad just dint mind that...he was happy ..a way too much!!!

soon one by one asad made sure that she had everything from the plate ..he removed the hand over her waist and placed the hair other side of her shoulder..he turned behind. and picked up the other glass of water and brought to her lips ...zoya placed her both hands over his as she drank water from the glass...asad had a beautiful smile thru out...

as she finished with drinking water she finally gave the glass back to him ..asad found few drops of water hanging near her chin and near her lips..what made him do this god knows!!
he just kept the empty glass on the table and again tilted her head a little..he rose his hand towards her face ,cupping them ..he drank the dew drops from her face with open kisses..soon he reached to her chin ..he liked it once..he could taste the food she just ate..he kissed her lightly from her chin to lips and then forehead ...he separated a bit away just to see her reaction..
he smiled again in happiness as she looked so peace and calm in his touches with a closed eyes..he looked at her for a while drinking the sight in front of him..
he again leaned to kiss her cheeks ..first the right one and then the left one..slowly without removing his lips completely he brushed her manly one all the way from her cheeks to the lips..giving in to the most passionate kiss...

zoya dint particpated in it but she dint stoped him too..she was just enjoying his touches over her..where asad had now completely hided her body  with i his torso by pulling her more and more close in a kiss...

after a while finally asad left her ..he watched her heavily breathing with a close eyes..something in him gave the feeling that now everything will be alright in true manner...
he caressed her hair while having eratic breathing himself...as she looked better asad gently holded her adn placed on the bed..he so wanted to make love to her for now..but he resisted himself coz he do not wnted to spoil things for further..

he himself laid down beside her..resting weight on one elbow ..he intensely looked at her face..where her eyes were still closed..he effortlessly pulled zoya to him and rested her head on her chest..he patted her arm a bit and brushed her back for a while when he felt a rough thing below her thin material..

he looked at zoya ..Her breaths were deep and even, and he knew she slept...he gently shifted her shoulder material off..so as to have a look at the rough thing..he closed his eyes , letting few of the tears fall..as he saw his name on her back which he has engrossed on her with a knife..every ounce of his soul again dipped in guilt...

he gently place a kiss on her side temple as a tear drop fell from his eye on her face..
"i m sorry!" he whispered softly..she moved slightly in sleep as the drop rolled down from his eyes to her's..
"shhh." he said soflty.."dont talk..just sleep"he said as he patted her forehead gently a few times
she slowly raised her hand, searching for his and he quickly clasped their hand together..she sighed very softly..snuggling in his arms a more to find comfort..
"i love you!" he whispered again.."You are mine..only mine!" he found repeating himself a couple of time more as he too closed his eyes feeling the moment...

kyunki tum he ho...ab tum he ho..
zindagi..ab tum he ho..
chain bhi..mera dard bhi...meri aashiqui ..ab tum he ho...


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honeybunch darling tera pm dekha maine...will soon reply to you...

baki sare.." I LOVE YOU ALL YAAR!"

MilliBig smile


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Razorvd ROFL

Specialy tht fire effect! :)
finally bn hi gaya LOL
those lines were a perfecctt hit to start wid... ClapClapClapThumbs Up
that was sooo beautiful ...d way u described zoya's sleeping posture...EmbarrassedClap
after regret the spirited redemption from asad is worth reading...
a biiig applaud to asad for his audacity... ClapClapClapClapClapClap
awww NIKHAT DID IT PURPOSEFULLY..Shocked ppooor girl...Cry 
RASHID is after her also ... gosh use grls se koi problem hai kya? Angry
sooo sweet he is cooking for her...Embarrassed
great going asad...Thumbs Up
loved his confidence...
haldi collar up scene was ...ROFL ROFL josh m hosh kho diye... ROFL
the way he fed her the way she responded was sooo serene SOOO BEAUTIFUL...
I was glued to it... it was really touchy filled with warmth n dhair saara love... Embarrassed
MES u are really a MALIKA ... A FANTASTIC MALIKA OF WRITING ...EmbarrassedClapClapClapClap





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this was awesome do write more and loved the way he did to her gentle yet strong enough to make her feel loved by him ...

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This was sweet!! <3:-):-)
madhvi4gurti IF-Dazzler

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That was so heart touching so see asad caring for zoya like that...feeding her...aww i cried dr!!!Cry
awesome job yaar!!! Perfect!!!Clap
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This was all about Asad caring for Zoya!! Nice update!!
reply to my pm when you can :)

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Originally posted by -HoneyBunch-

This was all about Asad caring for Zoya!! Nice update!!
reply to my pm when you can :)
answer in word word tha kya...LOL
yes i will pm you..ek minute..

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