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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Great update..
Kisi ne kuch nahi khaya hai..i thought pizza ki delivery huyi hogi lekin Dilshad nikli..
One more code clue here..let me rake my brains again!!

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AsyaManic

For This Chapter

Tune phir Mere bheje ka bhurta bana diya !! Yeh story main charecters itna complicated kyun hai yr... Kon niche kon upar pata nahi chalta.
Pan sar se upar ja rahi hai meri... Jaldi se yeh paheli ko khatam kar na. Please... WARNA... Samjhi ya Samjhaun

maine kya kiyaConfused
coz ye story he complicated hainEmbarrassed
riddles khatam to story khatam..ab bol end kar du mainLOL

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -HoneyBunch-

Great update..
Kisi ne kuch nahi khaya hai..i thought pizza ki delivery huyi hogi lekin Dilshad nikli..
One more code clue here..let me rake my brains again!!

you should be happy ..coz m going to update in few minutes now..story likh di hai ...bus thansk giving ke bad updateLOL

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jazsidhu

hey tis is amazing...luv it...superb...
wonder the file tat ayaan get n saw at armaan house is it the same file tat everyone wants...
dilshad came to their hide out wonder wat will ayaan do now...
luv the concern n care tat asad is having for zoya...
wow the new idea is superb...sound very interesting...
thx fr the pm n do continue soon n do pm me...
shukriyaBig smile
ok this is the same file dearLOL
its a paheli lets see what happens nextBig smile
thanks dearHug

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Linsie

More mystery... to think no idea where it is going... but
continue updating...

Day Dreaming
shukriya Big smile

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kritz4ever

its intresting yaar 
shukriyaBig smile

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysticlover

I always love to read something from you!!
So bring the scary story onboard... :-)
Now this story became more interesting for me... Asad let go off some past memories for Zoya... Zoya should learn that... Asad is somewhere trusting her n she should give that trust back...
Ultimately, for me, this story is about blind faith people have on their relations...
shukriyaBig smile...

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 4:03am | IP Logged

sorry yar is baar sabko reply nai kar pai...yaar story likh di thi to socha post kar deti hu...please tum sab bura mankar specially pari jaan tu  bilkul nahi bura mankar comment likhna band kar dena...

i m so sorrry frenz...maine sab padha..but my hands are itching to give update...so here you go...
"dilshad aap..." he says as he feels his jaw droped ..
"haan main...itna chota kaam to nai kar paye tum...koi baat nai..do mujhe..file kaha hai?" dilshad says as she walked inside the room...
"zoya and humera are there inside...oh no!! now what will happen.." ayaan thinks as the door to asad room gets open and then the sharp sound echoed in the room before the immense silence...
 "kaha kho gaye..." dilshad asked snapping her finger near his eyes..
"ah..no..nothing...y r u here?" ayaan asked as he got broked from his thoughts.
"the file...dumb!" a male voice answered from behind dilshad..
dilshad lips curved in to smile as she walked in the house pushing ayaan aside..followed my a male presence..
"aaap..." ayaan asked horrified...
without answering the poor guy this two new guest adujted themselves on the couch...

"what the..! aap yaha kyu aaye..." ayaan stood right beside with a worried and scared expresssion..he was annoyed it was clear..
"chill..dear my son called me up..." the male voice remarked..he was strong tall and heavy footy one..his voice low calm but damgerous ..his presence give you a feel of someone familiar whom we know..
"bhaijaan ?" ayaan raised his eyebrow and looked at the door to asad room in confusion...

"haan plate lai tum...andar rakh do.." asad said as he was walking out of room in hurry, pressing few buttons on her phone he signed humy to feed her he will be back..
hummy turned to answer but he disappeared before that...
she looked at zoya who was still pale..she shook her a little and called her name "aapa..utho...have something to eat...then take medicine ..haan!" she said as she shook her again..
because of the cold water patti on zoya's forehead placed by asad  ..zoya had now managed to get her little senses back..she looked around and saw humera sitting beside her caressing her hair and calling her name..
"asad..." zoya asked humera opening her eyes a bit ..the last time she got her sense was when asad tears were rolling down over her face..she looked at him once and then dozed off again...
"aapi...wo bahar hai.." humera smile as she answered...
humera helped zoya to get up and sit on the bed comforatbly , her back supporting the headboard of the bed..hummy placed a pillow on her lap and served the food..
" good work beta..m proud of you!" zoya was about to take her first bite when she heard someone saying this so loudly..
"this voice..." zoya shivered as she kept the plate with the pilow beside her and walked to the hall followed by hummy who was constantly asking her to rest and dont move..
zoya was about to open the door when she heard someone say again..
"I dont see why you both dont just move on ahead."the male voice remarked again..
"she is pregnant with my child, i cant leave her.." zoya heard ayaan saying...
not only this old lady dilshad was pissing both brothers off but this new gueest were irking them to no extent..
"dont be stupid...you wanted to calm your itching with her..you did! story ends!!...you dont need her anymore..."the male answered
"listen you want the file we have them ..take it and leave from here.." ayaan hissed bitterly
"oh boy ...looks like our kiddo has now grown up..." the male looked at him smirking.."but well u know...just droping your seed in some douche bag,..doesnt make you bigger than your daddy..."he said as he laughed ..
"ENOUGH!!" came a sharp command of Asad..."Not a WORD!"zoya heard asad voice in anger and rage...which definately burned more curiosity in her..she opened the door to take a quick look all the time humera supporting her form behind while zoya peeped outside..

Dilshad truned around to stare asd, seemingly missing the two girls standing behind the door.."cALM down. i'm sure they are good wh*re." the male winked at ayaan and then at asad sitting back on the couch he added.." give us the file...!"
"FILE...!!" zoya heard herself repeating it...she pulled her head inside and looked at humera..."do you know anything about file..!" zoya asked worried and panicked..
seeing her sister just made humera freak out..she chose to nod her head in yes...
"sh*t" zoya murmured beneath the breath..
"do you know where it is.?" zoya asked raising one eye brow..
"aha.."humera noded softly..."good ..get that file here to me...!!" zoya said looking at dot blank spot..
"but it doesnt have anything inside..its just a bundle of blank pages.." humera said genuinely..
zoya stood with a dumbfounded expressionon her face." i will get you out from here ..n you get that file to me now..before these two bro comes back to us...ok?
ok!" humera answered as zoya went to reach the broken window..she used her hand to break the small pieces off completely..the glass fell down to her feet which already had the blood stain of last night and few fresh drops added...
"careful.." zoya said as humera successfully managed to jump of the window as they were in ground floor and the hieght of the window was not much..
she turned her ear back to the door to listn to them more carefully..
"Mr.Rashid Ahmed khan...be in your limits.." she heard a sharp voice of angry asad..he sounded as if he would burst on rashid any minute..
"rashid? hubby of dilshad...dilshad works owner.." zoya found herself saying as her hands reach to cover her mouth and tears of unbelieve surfaced her eyes..
"you wanted that file ayaan will get you..you can burn all proofs to ashes..and then dilshad works will stand to first ..unbeatably..ayaan go get the file..." he said as he walked around the hall circling rashid and gesture ayaan to move out..
ayaan quickly moved out to the car to get the file while asad and rashid stood there alone..
"y dint you do what i asked to you?" asked rashid
"i will not do.."asad said lowering his eyes and then with a sharp gaze giving rashid a killer look..
"she is not at fault..." asad added..looking on floor again..
"doesnt matter...she is our enemy..story ends...kill her!" rashid orders..
"she is not our enemy..it gaffur who is our rival..m not gonna kill her and will not let any one do any wrong to her..you saved me ..i will always owe you..but i wont accept this order.." he said as her turned his back to rashid who was fuming in anger like anything..
Rgar was enough to set  zoya on the edge.betrayal of ayaan was something she could bear but this was beyond her expectance her imagination...zoya got unsettled between new level of disturbing...
"does that mean ,...he was here only for that file...!" zoya  broke from her thought as she saw ayaan and humera standing face to face and dilshad with the file through window..
"allah ...itna bada dhoka!" wo mission ...wo qubani..sari fake thi..." no ..no ..no!" zoya banged her head on the wall...she start to bleed and her head started to spin..
with that zoya collapsed on floor...

"bachha...where are you?" rose called her out from the room...
a young girl walked through the door and stood right in front of  rose..
"hmm..baji..m here..boliye kya kaam hai..or ye kya allah itni tabahi kisne machai.." nuzrat says while blankly staring at the bunch of papers who are murdered brutally...
" shoo...move out of my sight !" she said as she waved her hand..nuzrat walks away taking a piece of paper in hand...
"whats this?" she says...
"its a code.." rose responded without looking..
"no its our game... a very old one..which i and humera use to play..."
it took two seconds for rose to register the fact what just her dear sister said...its not like she was happy or sad but was like a fooled who had the key all the time hanging with him..still tortured to death...
"crap!" rose said as she stood up..she asked her sister to break the code and with in a minute it was out...
rose snatch the paper from nuzrat hand and read the lines.."sh*t i cant believe this? she found herself lost in the thought...
"humera aap ye file ke sath kya kar rahi hai..?" ayaan confronted humera..
"a- a-ayan...wo main..wo m.." humera tried to search for word where her fingers were scratching each other ...she was nervous ..he understood..
"are you trying to lie me...well DONT" he said as he pulled her close to him..he passed the file to dilshad who was standing beside him..
"fantastic.." she said as she left him to enjoy..so what she thought!

"hmm..tell me ...you here...were you trying to steal it..haan?" ayaan retorted
"n..n.no.." she said not meeting his eyes..
"ayaan holded her hand and kissed on it.."whatever m doing is for you baby...i love you dont you forget that.." he said as he slipped his hands from her palm to her wait and leaned a bit to peck her lips..
humera dint felt something right ayaan pushed her more deepering the kiss and now her body was between car and him..
he pushed her on floor with a great force rolling there down when he saw few mens relection surrounding them ata distance with a gun in hand...damn they were attacked!
dilshad came back with the file unaware of the attack which just took place...
"called nikhat off" was her line as she took her purse dug the file in it and stepped out of the house with rashid..
asad sighed in relief and locking the door after them ..he continued along his room..
the every memories of the mission mocked him till he felt obstacle behind on the floor..
he pushed a little and zoya's hand slipped a bit ...he could see her finger...what the? he thought...he pushed again this time carefully as not to hurt her again and as the door got open enough for him to enter..he picked up zoya in his arms heading towards the bed...
"zoya!" zoya!" he called her shaking her body under him...
as he turned to get her some water his eyes fell on the couple from the window who just stood there blank watching at something with fear and worry...ayaan had holded hummy's hand tight..and both had tears...
like something smell his nose and he quickly got back to zoya ...he picked her up again in carnaval style and moved toward the window..when he heard something..
"hello sir target is in front ..order to shoot.." the giant man said on walkie talkie with a gun pointing on asad and zoya..
"yes sir" the giant man again answered and slided the walkie under his pocket...he aimed asad and then the gun nose locked it over zoya in asad's arm...
asad turned to the window where now ayaan was holding hummy behind his back...and then he saw a white car brooming away not before a hand waving at him in a bye!
"rashid ahmed khan!" asad took his name in anger and disgust ..he looked at the man with whom a couple more mens had joined..
asad closed his eyes once...and then jumped on floor vertical making zoya fall with him.. they rolled to the left , behind cover."hummera!" asad heard a voice betweenin the air ..Gunfire errupted from every direction as the two couples themselves pinned to the spot by thirty or so Grinner...

ok this was it frenz..i know its quite a long update..and phir se request lar rahi hu..dont sleep on lappy on mobile while reading it...
before leaving i would like to request everyone to wish my dear frend FIMMY AND AALOO for their bday...
fimmy i know its belated one..but dear aye durust aye...

zoobi dekhle aa gaya tera mangalpur...

lavlina thanks a ton...

milliBig smile

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